Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] hey guys welcome back we’re here okay we’re here yeah good hey guys we’re gonna get started but anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you or replace your medical care check with your doctor before following in his advice okay without being said Karen what we have going on social media Wow not much it’s not even connected yet okay you work on that yeah and today we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about several things are there gonna be quizzes there’s gonna be there’s gonna be some there’s gonna be one quiz but with two little pieces of information tips tips tips we have a lot of questions I’m gonna jump right into Sanjay from Maryland you had a question Sanjay go ahead good morning yeah I just wanna say thank you for all of all the things we do just quick update on me that I’ve been following your plan for like the last 14 months and I have lost 40 pounds yeah good job Padma brought back my even see below five point five which is five point four now and kind of reverse my pre-diabetes and also lost my stomach inches about eight inches wow that’s not bad actually it’s bad because you have to buy new clothes and that’s gonna be expiring that I I’m still buying it slowly don’t shop too much if you have any more to lose yeah exactly so like the question is not about me the question is about my brother-in-law he he has a activies and it was recently diagnosed and he has a lot of pounds to lose like 3040 pounds and he started after watching my success he started following your plan like about six weeks ago and and his weight is like 195 and six weeks of doing like two meals a day 16 hours 14 to 16 hours of fasting his latest still stuck at 195 okay and and he’s fault his taking a CV he’s doing the two meals the way he says more veggies moderate protein and high fat but it’s not working for him any suggestion you have sure so this is a common question that a lot of people want to know I’m doing it I plateaued what can I do to kind of get back into it like start losing more weight then first of all the question you want to ask your brother and I know people always ask for other people it’s not themselves I’m just kidding but when someone is not losing weight I always want to are you losing size are you experiencing other improvements with your energy are you having improvements with your health other than weight if so then it’s working give it more time but there’s there’s some things that you can always do to speed things up adjust it once you’re into hardcore ketosis you’ll know it because your cravings go away you’re not hungry anymore so we know it’s working but at this point you can start to adjust your fat intake start to maybe cut it down this forces your body to burn your own fat and instead of the dietary fat even though you’re in ketosis so you’re in ketosis but those ketones are coming from the diet not your own body so just adjust that the other thing is like are you following the principle of not eating if you’re not hungry so if you’re just routinely having two meals a day when you’re not really hungry so just stop eating until you actually get hungry and it might actually be you just need one meal a day a lot of people especially if the over the age of 18 need to do one meal a day I’m just kidding over the age of 40 they should probably do one meal a day they do better on that because the metabolism is slow so that would be the short answer and then the last thing I want to mention is be careful about the vegetables because if you’re doing too many in your loaded that can Plateau you so you want adjust the vegetables I have a lot of videos on that okay Sanjay I’ll talk to you later all right Karen I got one all right good okay good evening I’m trying to get into full quito but as soon as I try to have equal grams of fat to protein I take forever to digest my meal 12 hours I feel hungry unless I eat more protein well I don’t know where he got the idea that you need equal grams at each right I don’t now think about this when you have a steak you don’t have half of that fat and half of that protein that would be a really fatty piece of meat wouldn’t it so I I would I would consume if I were you I would consume the food in its natural state that comes in so you’re not adding more fat and just have the steak or the meat and then just consume it like that and not worry about it but if you’re craving more protein we’ll eat more protein some people need more the way that you know you have too much protein is let’s say your your urine is foaming up too much it smells like unknown you know that would be too much or for example you’re getting tired after you eat so if you feel good after you eat and you’re consuming eight ounces of protein good then that’s what you need all right Karen yeah I that’s fine okay but here’s another one okay go ahead I was hypothyroid when I started I’m assuming that means keto that means hypothyroid is a low thyroid hypo now hyper okay and says meds dropped from 120 blow of out of 25 still hyper is saying should I go off my meds we never make a recommendation on that but talk about okay so here’s the thing if you’re if you’re hypo and you’re taking medication and you do this diet it also become hyper that means you’re taking too much medication get with your doctor because too many the purpose of the medication is to raise the thyroid okay to give you more thorough in hormones it’s already hyper why would you want to take it it’s kind of like we got a fire should we add more gasoline well no we have more fire you’re gonna add it’s gonna make things worse so what do you know water so you want to get with your doctor if you’re hyper you shouldn’t be taking any medication because it’s gonna just make it worse yeah your doctor will help you with that I’ll help you okay okay good how about a call all right thank you can check okay Murray from Connecticut either I am good morning dr. Berg and good morning Karen hi good morning um you touched on my question a little bit so I just want to ask one more question on that and then I have a question so I do one meal a day I lost a bunch of weight at the beginning I have not lost any weight for about a year but I still follow the keto plan if I add exercise am I gonna need to stay with the exercise and if I ever back off I’m just gonna gain the weight back again and my second question is I have a seven-year-old son who I’ve watched your ADHD video about the B one he does not have ADHD but he’s struggling in school to stay focused he does eat carbs and I’m working on it if the b1 is not working should I give him or b1 is there a better vitamin than b1 any help would I would really appreciate it okay so a couple things I want to mention Murray just let’s talk about your son a lot of times in school you know it’s not even necessarily nutrition it’s just the the tea they don’t teach how to learn the technology of learning as a side note you might want to email me at dr. Berg at dr. Berg com on that note and I’ll recommend a book on study how about that that could actually help him greatly learn and that little missing step like how do we actually learn verses memorization now as far as b1 if you’re giving him b1 and it’s still not working I think he just needs to cut down the carbs so because I’m telling you and this happens in so many people they don’t realize it when they start going in Quito they’re realizing how much more cognitive function they have but you can tell them till they’re blue in the face until they do it they will just not know so I would start giving your child keto friendly desserts alternatives keto bombs things like that keep those at around the house just get all the refined carbs out of the house and the sugar so there’s just nothing there you can’t find anything I think that oh yeah and then as far as the exercise goes I I think you should need to add the exercise and not be too concerned if you like if you are gonna then stop exercising I think everyone needs to exercise for the rest of their life to some degree I was just looking over there at their door I wasn’t even looking at you that’s okay some people need to know Karen does workout hardcore and she’s like yeah she’s pushing herself okay good [Laughter] but the yeah everyone is exercise because like you need to work bodies you need to move your body you have to counter the amount of stuff coming in on your body in a regular basis if you don’t counter that with actively aggressively exercising to to keep your fitness up you just kind of break down gravity works right so I would do that that’s gonna help you but if you plateaued and you still have a good amount of weight to lose at one meal a day I would look at your fat grams and I would probably do prolonged fasting a little bit I would I would basically eat every other day that’s what I would do if I were you especially if you’re not hungry those are some suggestions and I’m sticking to it okay good yeah good have a fun question for you okay go ahead dr. Berg I’ve been a huge fan following you for years so my question is with all the diets out nowadays how do I know which one benefits my body the best now you’ve been a fan for a long time and your guys are asking the question what type of diet I think that maybe you been a fan but you haven’t been watching any of my videos but you know what the only reason I read this one is because there’s other people watching maybe this guy it’s a guy maybe he actually knows and maybe he’s throwing the question out okay okay okay because there’s confusion about that especially fair heard very good I’m not gonna go into it but we’ve heard fitness gurus make you know blanket uneducated statements that can influence people’s decision I think I think the best way to do this is take let’s see you confuse you had all these diets I would and you don’t have necessarily maybe you don’t want to time to research everything and try to figure it out because it’s like way way too much I would go not by if someone is a certain credentials like oh yeah they are they have a certain specialty cuz that doesn’t mean anything I would go by their results go to their website how many actual real success stories do they have working with actual people long-term stable success yeah like look at their success stories like let’s say I’m not biased but myself we get massive amounts of success all over the place dramatic not just weight loss yeah health yeah and so you could see these are real pictures and they’re not you know edited photoshopped or anything like that so right there that will tell you versus someone that maybe doesn’t have any success stories and you might say well that that doesn’t mean anything but it does because people are actually doing it and you could actually read those and go well maybe I should try this and then try it if you still don’t believe it then go ahead and do do the program for three weeks and then stop do someone else’s program compare the results then you’ll know but unless you do it you’ll never know but I will say that you will get the best results with our program that I’m not being biased right I’m just being well I mean I mean the the the thing that we’ve touched on a couple of times is that the body the body heals a certain way under certain conditions the body loses weight under certain conditions I don’t care what you call the diet but I can tell you that if you’re gonna do a low-fat high-carbohydrate diet you’re gonna have certain situations and google it don’t listen to us you know and then and then find out what does ketosis mean this isn’t something that dr. Berg made up this is a this is what happens in your body a toughie gee this isn’t a phrase dr. Berg made up this is this is what happens when the body is feeling ok so good point a toughie gee this is when you go and when you start doing fasting your body starts to recycle old damaged proteins so it’s effective self-cleaning oven it’s clean cleans up things so and that’s why we recommend in a minute fasting one reason and then the other reason is Kido Kido basically is is a method of combining your foods in certain way to then make these things called ketones which is a different type of fuel your body likes ketones and it’s the byproduct of burning fat so ketosis is really fat burning so wouldn’t you want to do that if you’re trying to lose weight right you fat burning and any any diet you’re on where you are burning fat you’re in ketosis so you can have a celebrity you can have a doctor you can have anybody saying that these things don’t work but it’s an opinion it’s an asinine statement because that is what your body is doing when you’re burning fat so on that note on that just take a question hey but let me ask you question is something coming up later in the show it’s kind of coming up right now actually I’m gonna ask a question right now ok so you guys go ahead and answer me answer this question does apple cider vinegar have a lot of potassium yes or no don’t look it up though just give me your Amir yeah quick answer yeah okay let us know on the interwebs inners Eaters win so Rachel you’re from Ontario in the and where it’s really warm right now how are you are you buried under uh actually we don’t have any snow right now it’s cold but there’s no snow Wow okay so you’d a question what was it what was your question so I’ve never had allergies in my entire life seasonal or otherwise I’m at about a year and a half ago I started experiencing allergies sneezing every morning about 30 times roof of my mouth swollen nose burning eyes itchy red and I don’t know why and it’s not worst one time of the year I was opposed to others it’s just all around okay so was it was there did it happen just all of a sudden pretty much yeah was there anything that was there anything that occurred right before that any change or anything you added or anything not really I’m I’ve done allergy the protest on my arm it showed that a little bit of an allergy to dust a little bit of an allergy to grass but like I said it’s wintertime know if it’s wintertime now and you still have the allergy allergy right now yeah okay so it’s all your been doing yes and I’ve been doing the keto diet um I did a couple months ago and then I kind of got out of the groove and I’m back doing it and I do feel a little bit better with my symptoms yeah I’m not sneezing as much but it’s still there like I take a really strong antihistamine every single day just to function so it’s sighs obviously don’t want to do that long-term sinus yeah darn it yeah okay all right so a couple things the first thing you need to know is adrenaline which is a hormone that your adrenal makes is really important in preventing and handling allergies I mean if you think about allergies in general they use people that have severe allergies and a phylactery shock I use EpiPen that’s epinephrine that’s adrenaline so adrenaline helps to kind of neutralize these histamines really quick and then you also have another one which is called cortisol that’s the adrenal so that’s what I was asking was your a stress event you know you need to support the adrenal one really interesting remedy for adrenaline is vitamin b3 in higher amounts just FYI that’s a side note vitamin b3 niacin now second thing I want to mention is that if you have it all year round it’s usually more of a fungus or some type of microbial thing in your sinuses in which case the intermittent fasting with keto is going to help it over time but you have to do a little bit more intermittent fasting I would also start taking garlic there’s also nasal rinse with different nasal neti pot type things you can look up online that I have a video on that will help clear that out so I think I would do garlic as the number one thing though all right Rachel thanks for your call Karen you focusing on the next question oh we have to answer the question right yes okay good give it to me you know it’s really split the yeses in the nose even gotten some explanations on both okay so then the answer to this question is does not have a lot of potassium okay so 1 tablespoon guys is 11 milligrams someone read the label I knew they reported on that yeah 1 tablespoon is 11 milligrams now think about it we need 4700 a lot of bottles if you do the math on that 11 milligrams it would be very very low amounts of potassium so the their true benefit of absolute vinegar is not in the nutrients it’s in the actual acid and just as a side note and you’ll have to watch the videos that I do on this I’m gonna release I may have released one yeah today actually no I did tomorrow but here’s the thing when you buy apple cider vinegar you want to get raw outside of vinegar why because when you heat it you kill the enzymes and the enzymes are also beneficial that’s why I like I like Bragg’s there’s other ones you can get but if you get it raw organic that’s really good and is that the floaters on the bottom yeah I guess that is single sometimes it’s called the mother it’s the mother it’s called of the absolute vinegar bucho yeah yeah it’s kind of like a residue of a the microbes and the yeast and the pectin which is little fiber in there which is not going to give you a lot of nutrient it’s not like this magical thing that’s gonna give you nutrients but it’s it just tells you it’s unfiltered that’s good okay yeah you know Karen when I was eight years old we had a crabapple tree in the backyard hmm very tart and there was a this farm that lived on the other side of the cornfield and I took a huge bushel basket of apples to him and he made apple juice for me he ground him down it was really nice so I took this juice and I put it in jugs and I left it outside for a couple days and it turned into spiked well I’ll call it apple cider did you it was some it was an alcoholic beverage it was that was the purpose yeah sort of because I knew that would it was kind of spiked my alcohol eight years old yeah how did you know about that at eight you know I I watched I was searching the internet and I was I’m only like 25 but we’re very sorry about being alcoholic but the the interesting thing is if you keep leaving this fuhrman from fermented drink longer it eventually turns into vinegar and that’s what upside of vinegar it goes from apple sugar to alcohol to vinegar oh okay Carrie just just one that I just thought you might want to know that I even know you probably already knew that so we need to go to Angela from Florida be there all right hello morning thank you for my call I was diagnosed yesterday with LPR which is the acronym and I don’t think I can pronounce it right yes reflux you got it right right and the recommendations are that I should have alkaline water with my meals which I think you do not agree with our client and also I should reduce my food intake I’ve been on keto since a year ago January I’m 76 I’ve lost 25 pounds it’s very slow I have no side way and it’s slow and it’s okay I’m happy because I my interests have gone down but now I’m kind of perplexed I don’t know what to do because I want to continue on keto and I don’t know how I do that if I have to reduce my fat intake yeah good question when they took out your thyroid did they take out your parathyroid as well do you know every everything okay so if they’re not a muscle for many years for the regular reflux and GERD and I once in a while I’d rebound and have to take 40 but I currently and for the last four years have been taking 20 milligrams of a mattress though in the ENT doctor I saw yesterday would like me and increase it but he said I don’t want you to he said I want you to try the dietary changes and first so alright here we are here’s what I’m gonna recommend when you have a spasm in your larynx or your for Franz euro area right through down through here and you have this chronic cough or this throat thing that your keep swallowing that’s really a calcium of hypocalcemia it’s a low calcium situation probably because when they took out your thyroid they took out the parathyroid and the parathyroid regulates calcium I’m guessing I don’t know for sure but if you take calcium or a tape that’s a really good source of calcium for this condition you may get benefit so anytime you get this chronic cough or this throat thing think about it’s a spasm just like you’d have a charley horse calcium works really really good of course other minerals will help but I would do the calcium or a tape for that condition I would not do both fat that’s not going to really help you if you go a little fat I mean you want to go low-carb that will help and also watch some of my videos with this using this acupressure tool there’s a great technique that you can put this device in the lower part of your neck opposing wherever that sensation is in your throat and you sit back on your couch and it actually will just melt any tension in your front of your neck whether it’s a you know stiffness or a problem with a tickle and your throat or anything or any irritation if you want to find a video and then I think if you search dr. Bergin stress webinar you’ll find more data on that okay good question all right over to you there’s an interesting question about elevated red blood cells can anything regarding fasting or ketosis elevate I’m assuming beyond a normal level your red blood cells yeah I don’t have enough data to give you an opinion I don’t know I really don’t know you heard it here yeah okay all right Karen so we’re gonna go to Mike from Chicago are you there Mike yes I am all right I’ll go dogbert good let’s see what’s your question yes so I’ve been following your keto on steroid since end of November it’s been going pretty well lost about 46 pounds or so now awesome thanks I’m about 310 doing one meal a day I’m noticing I’m kind of strolling out whenever I’m doing the one meal of days up and doing the intermittent now or the prolonged fasting mmm my my couple questions are right now I’m using your macros from the video because around that as my goal weight my first question is should I be tweaking my macros because I am heavier than that now and my second question is how often and how long should I be doing those prolonged – okay good question so obviously you want to speed things up you wanna because you of course you watch the video called keto on steroids so that’s a let’s serve it was a good video here’s what you can do you can always improve your ketosis by dropping your carbohydrates okay so that’s number one now on the keto for steroids we’re dropping it down near zero but it’s not zero because I did also include I think some nuts in there so if you just get rid of the nuts and anything that has a car don’t worry about eggs eggs might have a point six grams of carbs you don’t have to worry about that it’s not even a half a carb but I’m talking about like anything that could give you carp so you dropped out the next thing you want to drop is your fat grams because you might you might be using those as ketones and not your own body fat so those are two things of course add the exercise in there that will help you greatly if you can include that every day and even like alternative like walking versus high-intensity but in the last thing of the prolonged fasting I recommend for health benefits like every month do it prolong fast like two maybe three maybe even four days as a routine thing but for those people that want a more aggressive approach you know you could pretty much like do a meal each day and then skip a day of eating a meal each day skip a day you could do that as well you will lose some serious weight but just make sure that your meal is super super nutrient dense and I think that’s a good good time Mike to bring up my first topic that I’m going to talk about Karen okay and that would be like nutrients there’s some interesting things about nutrients the function of let’s just take B be three or we can take magnesium or b1 these nutrients a lot of people don’t realize that they’re involved in kind of a helper nutrient to make your body work better to make enzymes work better I like to call coenzymes so they’re like cofactors they’re helper to allow the chemistry to occur whether it’s to make body tissue or to detoxify or to maintain a function or make fuel they’re intimately involved with that so you have all these nutrients but if let’s just take magnesium for example magnesium is involved in over 300 enzyme functions now what does that mean I mean since involved in a ton of stuff so if you have a subclinical that means that you’re not a full-blown deficiency of magnesium you just have like you have most of it but you don’t have a hundred percent of it your body on a priority system will fulfill certain functions but not others it’ll fulfill functions related to survival so it has its own hierarchy of functions that’s going to support so you may not notice the classical symptoms like let’s say about I mean see it let’s say you’re deficient of vitamin C like scurvy bleeding gums you might not notice that or beriberi which is b1 deficiency or item b3 which is peligro which is severe skin problems you just might notice that you’re tired you might notice that you’re stiff you might notice like some weird but you’re not a you don’t have a full-blown deficiency so one of the things I’m just trying to do is how people understand the magnitude of getting enough nutrients in your your food so when you go keto don’t just do a little carb like go high quality nutrient-dense like don’t just like eat some regular processed food at 7-eleven say I’m in Quito and that’s why we recommend healthy Quito which means Karen nutrient-dense satisfying all the deficiencies and high-quality nutrients so you have like grass-fed or pasteurized eggs and I think people need to like know why they’re doing that is because they might have subclinical deficiencies and one point I want to bring about that bring up about that is that in the morning I take wheatgrass juice powder every morning the unique thing about wheatgrass juice powders that it has not just the chlorophyll that’s in the green but at the source is very high-quality it’s from the farm from Utah where they and an organic farm and then also it’s a super concentrated thing where you taking a whole bunch of grass and you’re taking the the liquid out of it and then you’re freeze drying it in a low temperature thing so I’m just going to show you what that what that is that’s right here we have in the boxes right now wheatgrass juice powder this is kind of slightly sweetened and this is the regular right here and these are kind of convenient so most of you guys are probably already taking this but if you’re not you should might want to check it out one packet of this is equivalent to a tray of wheatgrass well so you’re getting super concentrated chlorophyll and then one less point Karen and I’ll shut up but I just think it’s interesting because you have all the nutrients then you have the phytonutrients which are they antioxidants and so I actually hired an independent lab to source out this wheat grass with two of the top competitors I’m not going to mention their name but they’re the big guys on the promoting it way more than mine and I have the lit the results on the website I don’t have you ever seen that yeah okay so if you look on my website its dr. Berg comm and you go to the wheatgrass juice powder scroll down and I actually have the results of that study and if you look under the it’s called carotenoids like ours just like massively is way more than anything else out there I can thank you very much and also there’s a there’s AI measured three because it was like expensive it was like four thousand I didn’t tell you that but yeah yeah but I wanted to measure I mean just a couple phytonutrients and so you’ll see the results like it just smokes the competitors and what good to know yeah because you’re consuming but you know what an antioxidant is because I’m sure explain it it well let’s take let’s take an apple you cut an apple it’s gonna turn brown eventually right right that oxidizes so but if you if you took lemon juice over doesn’t why cuz lemons an antioxidant thank you very much so antioxidants actually protect against all the crap that’s hitting us oxidation the chemicals the radiation distress so if you were a diabetic for example and you got nerve problem like your feet start getting numb like b1 is a as antioxidant properties that would actually protect you against getting damaged so you might have diabetes but you don’t have the complications of diabetes so any oxidants are really important in protecting you against all the damage that occurs from diseases and mutations and all sorts of things and that’s in the wheat grass well this is why I don’t want to say this cures anything it just provides you so many nutrients so many antioxidants that you would have to consume a lot of food to get those and you would have to get them from a high quality source so this provides so I as I’m studying this stuff I’m like I need to be taking more that so I started taking more it’s morning and I’m like wow it’s just quite amazing I mix it in water drink it down and well it’s good if you have attention on is my diet really nutrient-dense or am I having am i getting enough now you mentioned something else I just want to go back to okay because you were you spit out a word called subclinical yes right so so the idea is you go to the doctor and your lab tests are all fine jose normal jose normal are your joints are stiff or you feel this or that it’s at that point i mean i think of moms i think of myself handling my own body or my children you know i don’t want my family to be uncomfortable or in pain or have symptoms right but it’s at that point where the symptom chasing starts and so you go to the doctor or you don’t have done this myself right i have certain symptom and i go and i get lab tests and the doctors like there’s absolutely nothing okay well that’s good but there is something i mean it’s a slippery slope it’s where somebody could say hey you need to take a drug because you have anxiety about your body or you know that that’s really the slippery slope in one direction but the other thing is just the symptom chasing where the drugs for symptoms or the painkillers for symptoms or the joint pills right but what what I’m saying is what you and I know this but even when you were saying that right there I thought well it is at that point where you just have to stop and go wait a second it is a symptom and I really need to look at how nutrient-dense my diet is I really have to reinforce you know the the discipline on the carbs for my kids or my family or or something like that instead of symptom chasing just come back to the basics the basics of how nutrient-dense and carb free proper carb free you know is is the diet if you if you don’t if you’re doing two meals a day you’re doing one meal a day don’t waste it on low quality food like really focus on the quality because the last thing you want to do is end up with sub clinic deficiencies and things like that so this is not just about weight loss it’s about increasing your health so I’m just saying start eating really healthy and make sure the quality is there and because we’re cutting down the types of fatigue quantity of food basically you’re the frequency of food it’s going to save you money to invest in the quality of food okay that’s all I’m saying Karen I think the whole thing could be a whole hour-long conversation but well we are gonna go to Darlene from Nevada are you there yes I am hi how are you hi I’ve been on your keto diet since five months and I’ve lost 50 pounds and I’m in a insulin-dependent type 2 I’m 72 years old I was on a hundred units a day of insulin and I’ve been able to bring it down to 20 units and I’m wondering should I keep bringing it down because I’m starting to out you starting to bottom oh oh I got it well you know what you know be interesting I mean your type-2 you’re apparently not type 1 the difference is that type 1 your cells that produce insulin just are not producing at all type 2 they are to some degree so your cells must be producing to some degree and your pancreas but you’re taking it so obviously you’re not producing enough you got two things that you’re dealing with with diabetes you the damage from the high sugar and then the days you’re probably already right and then you have the damage from the medication so since 1980 Wow well the fact that you you are decreasing the need for insulin is phenomenal that you doubt alone is gonna extend your life and and everything else so that’s gonna be awesome so as far as um to know if you should keep lowering your insulin well you just want to keep adjusting so your blood sugars that are normal it’s normal as possible well I think what my question is and I’m not might not be explaining this if the insulin and our bar causes us to retain our fat isn’t the insolent that I’m taking in my shot also causing that problem because when I do take a shot I noticed I will swell up my diet doesn’t go as good as it does and there’s some days I won’t even take a shot and that’s when I lose the weight yes that’s right it doesn’t matter if your body makes insulin or you take it injected it’s gonna create the same response so you know as long as your blood so I’ll give you an example there was a client who came to see me and she was getting I was working with her a doctor okay so the doctor was regulating the medication I was handling nutrition she was it she actually was a type too dependent on insulin no no she was a type 1 diabetic okay well she needed less and less and less insulin to the point where she didn’t even need any insulin and this is like this is unheard of so I don’t even know if she really was a type one that she had complete destruction maybe she was a type 2 and then she just needed insulin but the point is that your body can bounce back from things and so for someone to say don’t never will it’s just not true so keep getting checked keep playing around with it when you do intermittent fasting prolonged fasting your body will release stem cells and there’s even like research now that they’re using stem cells to actually regenerate the beta cell of the pancreas to help that insulin being produced again so it’s all just kind of a a great area right now but I think that you’re go with what your body is responding and then you know let me know what happens thanks for your call hey Bonnie you’re from Oklahoma how are you I’m doing fine and you and Karen are my heroes oh thanks I started Kido I did a lot of research last year and on the 20th of January I had you had gone to bed with me almost every night I mean I wouldn’t listen until I felt he knew it but but at the same time I’ve lost 85 pounds at 67 years Wow that’s really sad I have gotten rid of all of my arthritis I had to torn meniscus and a broken left foot when I started this and I am like 67 going on 35 now this is remodel I am having I know I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2006 I opted not to take medication and to instead start taking cinnamon I did a lot of research there again on natural stuff fish oil cinnamon went to Splenda which I know it’s not good for me I figured it out from you but from 2006 till 2009 my a1c once I’m 6.5 to 5.0 at that point they said well it looks like you’re in remission and my doctor who is a medical doctor who does did not believe in holistic medicine said I don’t feel comfortable without drawing I said I think we’re good so he said I don’t feel comfortable the following year about not drawing blood so he did a finger stick and non-fasting it was 110 so he said well you’re okay now fast forward to two weeks ago I have a cataract and I went to the DNA Miggy I Institute here in Oklahoma City which is the place to go for a lot of state I happen to draw the assistant professor as my doctor and he said he did all these testing on me and he said how long have you had diabetes and I said well I don’t I picked it he said well you’re having ocular hemorrhages which the number one cause is diabetes so I ran and got a monitor and started doing finger sticks and in the morning they were sky-high on me for me like 154 and then as they progressed it went better and two after two hours after eating was like a hundred and twenty something so he says long want you to go to a medical doctor and get you know a blood workup which I did my a one-sheet is four point nine so there is no diabetes but my body is just the opposite it’s acting like it is and I’m wondering if it’s a possibility that with keto I mean I do one meal a day for the most part on the weekends sometimes I’ll take that one meal and divide it in a couple of segments you know and eat like two times but the same amount of nutrients and I’m wondering if my doctor that I pulled on the new primary care physician is a sports medicine doctor and he says what he thinks might be going on is the IGF is kicking in because my intake of blood sugar is so low okay and I was wondering you know from your standpoint because I listen to your IGF and I listened to your diabetes skills and your videos and I’m wondering and he said the same thing he said I wonder if your blood sugar is going so low in the middle of the night that it’s spiking the IGF and making it dump sugar into your bloodstream alright so let me just kind of cover that that was a little complex but I’m just gonna try to make it really simple the fact that your a1c is like 4.9 is incredible so that’s good so your but your blood sugar is still high discussed in the first part of the day but then it kind of comes down which which could either be from the liver because your liver does make glycogen or glucose so that’s probably what’s happening and IGF is a hormone insulin like growth factor it’s a hormone that will turn your fat into sugar or fuel it can do that or just you could just cause your body to use that as fuel so your your liver could be making glucose because it needs it for certain things so I mean if it needs certain parts of your brain certain the eye and also the red blood cell needs a little bit of sugar glucose so you could be making it from that okay as a rebound effect also the adrenal could also be making some sugar probably now it’s probably more than liver so what I would I don’t know for a fact that that is the reason why your eye is doing what it’s doing it’d be really nice to do like oh you know some tests before to see if it’s improving or worsening but the but here’s the thing that I would do is I would start implementing exercise immediately because you can burn off flat extra sugar really quick if you start exercising and then I would also start loading up on phytonutrients that protect the complications from high sugar so even know you’re dealing with this high sugar like lutein xanthine all these different things that are good for the eye to protect the eye against hemorrhaging would be very very valuable right now don’t take it from a pill get it you can get into food concentrate but don’t get like a synthetic version of an antioxidant do lots of kale and parsley or concentrated chlorophyll something like that so I would do that and also take a lot of b1 benfotiamine because that also protects the eye the eye is one of the areas that the body is very sensitive to and then I would support your liver start working on your liver I don’t know what’s going on with your liver but milk thistle actually released a video on that so you can watch that so support the liver and these other things and I think that’s what I would do a monitor closely but your but I think you’re in the right direction I wouldn’t start going back to carbs so I would just do those things very interesting case body I think it’s time for a video I’m gonna have to do a video on that alright Karen what do we have well it’s a question about what kind of foods to introduce to a six-month-old baby or whatever age a baby is once they start to reach for food what would you give your baby well your grandbaby I would prefer that the child stand breastfeeding for two years yeah but at some point prior to at some point that that the child is going to just naturally reach for eating something in addition maybe they’re gonna continue breastfeeding but food actual food actually ready to come before two years old yeah that’s an area that I think I want to spend a little bit more time on a video but the quick answer is you want to you want to keep it you know very very healthy you want to keep it just like we’re recommending you’re gonna probably have to grind some things up but don’t do the juice don’t do just fruit do nutrient dense stuff so maybe you’re gonna do a little bit of protein from finish or something like that or egg that would be good or some you know cooked vegetables that would be good but but most people do is they do the cracker they do the pureed fruit and the baby food that’s in a jar that’s all just like pasteurized I wouldn’t go that direction make your so easy yeah make your own I think that’s a time for a video or even a book on it that would be actually very beneficial yeah Janice you had a question you’re from Florida go ahead yes my question is I’m listening to all these miracles and I’m just so impressed I knew at the the keto diet we’ve been on other plans that worked quite well but we lost the weight way too fast but so I the first year I said well I’m gonna really go the keto diet because I’ve heard so much about it so we’re new at it my husband’s handicap so he doesn’t walk and we’re in our 70s also but I got your keto for life book and we did the first week which to me was maybe too much food because now he wants to eat all the time and I’m a vegetarian so it’s kind of hard for me to mix my vegetarian diet with his meat diet on that particular plan so I was wondering if you could please help me so it’s not so confusing to me on how to continue I really like that the keto for life book because a it’s me the shopping list so I’m not buying food that I don’t use and have to throw away later so I just need your help because like I said we’re new we’re just starting we need to lose you know so help well I I think I’m glad that you called because a lot of people are new and so the best place to start is I would go to youtube okay and this is what I would do there’s a couple of videos I just released and they’re basically our key though here’s where to start okay here’s where to start video one okay and then I have a second one video two and there’s a playlist there’s a playlist on there but I think if you really want to make it even simpler which Karen just reminded me you go to my website there’s a button it says many courses and the course is basically just three videos there’s nothing no homework nothing you have to do three videos and it’s how to do keno and intermittent fasting it is so so simple and the this is not the one that I need so I’m not going to even remember so I would go with those videos get the basics down first with those three videos eventually you want to get my book but right now I would watch the videos because I keep it really really simple and then build up from there because you can have questions like how do you what kind of protein can I use if I’m a vegetarian a video son if I’m doing too much protein and then basically go from there but I have a I have a lot of intro videos and that’s what you want to read because you jump into like some advanced videos you’re gonna be like whatever you have so start there Janet stay tuned also for because I have something for vegans and vegetarians as far as a great protein source stay tuned in about a month okay crystal you’re from Canada what part from Toronto I’m doing alright I just first of all want to thank you so much for the work that you do and for the wealth of information that you put out for everybody in the whole world out there thank you so so much welcome sure okay so dr. Berg and in July of 2018 I started keto and intermittent fasting I was doing great with that I was taking her electrolyte your cruciferous and the adrenal support I got down to one meal a day and I lost from July to November I lost 60 pounds Wow thank you I felt amazing when I was in ketosis but then dr. Berg last December 10 I had to go for 9 level cervical spinal laminectomy with instrumented fusion yes from c1 to t2 I wasn’t in I know I was not in ketosis right before surgery because I know I’m in ketosis when because I’m not hungry but before surgery I wasn’t an in ketosis I slow slowly was taking carbs again and then after the surgery so now it’s just it’s just been a month and I really really really want to go back to ketosis but I’m having a hard time and I don’t know if it’s safe for me because I remember you making a video about ketosis versus ketoacidosis and one of the things that you said about ketoacidosis is you don’t do it like when you have surgery I don’t know if it’s when you like you’re gonna have surgery or after surgery so I just I don’t know how to get back to this is what I want you to do you’re not a diabetic type one so you can do keto so that’s only for diabetics types one if you type 1 if you want actually if you get surgery Keitel and imita fasting is going to be the thing that’s going to help you recover faster because it’s going to decrease your recovery time it enhances protection against stress and provides fuel for rebuilding and repair so you want to just jump right in and start immediately like with the next five minutes so start by not eating anything right now the whole day but that’s going to help you and do it nutrient-dense because you want to heal that and I would also get the acupressure tool and start working on the other areas of your spine to get if it give it some relief okay just do that and it will work hey Paul your from I think your you had some questions and you have fellow the elements yes yes mister thank you very much for taking my call it must appreciate you are very famous in you and not ill United Nation too mostly three or four diplomas falling you too I put six sectors of my intro to call you which is very hard to get your number today but thank you very much you know but we are I was recommending your name as a Nobel Prize to you know whatever you doing for the all the word you’re very popular into all the world and I must say that you should open your cleaning in all over the world the I am all the diplomats are very not a healthy is all fads you know and I was giving you tips to them and they are really impressed but some of not trusting me like how you can do that but some of you are following you and the way you doing it’s a super big great graded grade you know and you other talking my you no.2 in these days what country what country we are it doesn’t Indiana our nation and I know all the diplomats when we met there in Geneva and Switzerland you know we might call you in conference and United Nation all you have is talking to you in a secretary general about your name you know so you’re doing tremendously good work you know so I am calling you last 62 days you know and I lost almost 50 pound weight in 60 incredible yeah yeah it said I am a doing it I’m sterling almost my whole life in 20 years I lost the maximum I lost college ten pounds you know I did every single thing spend thousands of dollars right did I hire all the people for me like I have all the people come to teach me nothing go away you know it’s come back and this is the first time dr. work I’ll my family all the people calling me like I’m a doctor but now you’re not teaching them how do this do this is you know yeah everybody calling me everybody all over the world I’m calling from Australia New Zealand New Zealand Saudi how you lost a 60 pound in a two month in two months can you blame it is falling III I bought everything from your website the Ross suit electrolysis sleeping aid you name it I just keep ordering everything all right all right you know so you know I spent thousands of dollar $20,000 maybe you know how you help me $2,000 you may be the help and it really helps me I call dr. Jason one he come to see me – he said you are doing absolutely great you know and I met dr. Jason funk – you know and he he met me and he likes me too but he’s made this you are you’re better than any doctor you you teach everybody all the points you know you just catch everything do this do this you know could you go to YouTube just put anything in the first sleeping aid can’t sleep doctor but how do we become oh you do not need this just put dr. bugs very famous road trip to India yeah you should open a cleaning in India there’s a lot of your patients in India all over the easier if you open in Delhi I think probably 10 of my family close family friends they are big diplomats big big businessman they said we can bring dr. Bergin India hostages we’ll start with the same but I’ll tell you what why don’t you this is very interesting part I’m amazing and so happy that you got these great residing left six messages you in your office you back can you do me a big favor sure sure okay just email me email me at dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm yeah I was definitely definitely and you should come and see me sometime then I will come to New York okay yeah I’ll introduce to the general from here too but I I don’t have a mostly any question but you’re doing excellent yeah but my but I’m 38 I’m my belt buckle all 87 but I I have only problem it’s going 105 I I right now I’m just nervous why is going higher and five you know just just cuz I was keep doing the whole my life I it is all 84 wonderful Nobel Prize no definitely you know you are you doing it nobody can do it that here I appreciate that I will talk to you soon thank you bye wow wow that was incredible that guys what’s good to know it’s good to know that people are using it well you know what’s interesting a message is getting out there and people are really using on YouTube there’s um basically India is the third country that’s actually watching the YouTube videos Wow so like 300 million views yeah they’re number three so yeah well keeping keep being dr. Berg for all your associate we need to go to India well next week hey Ricardo you’re from New Jersey you two question go ahead hello hi hi how are you hi Ida hi dr. Berg oh my god thank you very much for say for taking my car hi Karen see you too for the effort you guys are doing god bless your efforts your sweat your tears your nice of no sleep please dr. Berg thank you very much for trying to save us all your bum my name yeah my name is Ricardo just real quick how about a drink no bloody type I’m 32 years old I follow you I’m follow you I’m following you sir like like like you are a platoon leader so Audrina I’m Audrina body type I’m concerned because I have a history of tuberculosis and I was watching a video about the viruses that they’re not alive and they’re actually in remission in your body and I’m kind of concerned that that you know sickness can come back and can threaten my life one more time also I’m concerned about the liver damage that I that I probably have because of the six months of antibiotics that I had because of that and just just quick just a quick review I had a I follow you out to the teeth and I’m actually really really convinced that you will really need that Nobel price I’m not even I’m not even kidding you should you should I have a Nobel price also also parent before I go thank you very much for answering my call dr. Burke and Karen my mom and my dad need a lot of motivation like my my family it’s like your husband it’s more fuse and I’m Neal it’s a metric preference so he wake me up and my entire family still asleep and I’m trying to save my entire generation my entire family you know and I had to start with my dad and my mom and they don’t want to listen to me does she cook yeah she does she could actually I I I think I know more about cooking ketogenic than her but she cooks too but I think I think it’s just uh you know it’s my little son trying to teach me some mentality that they have that they don’t wanna you know so that’s just about it I don’t want to take more yeah thank you so much guys dr. Burke I don’t want to take more on your time please keep doing your awesome job I appreciate it thank you sir Thank You Ricardo listen I wanted to mention real quick before we go viruses TB things I mean other microbes that are going remission that can come out of remission the real the only solution is to stay super healthy bulletproof yourself with health because the these things come out of remission when you’re rundown tired and stressed okay stressed so you have to just it’s really simple just limit it all this dressed out of your life and you’ll be fine but on the other note one of the best things to keep TB in remission it would be is vitamin A and vitamin D together but not from some synthetic get it from Cobb never a high quality cod liver oil has the perfect balance of vitamin D and vitamin A and that is you know our grandmothers told us to consume that so cod liver well every day would be very beneficial highly recommend it on that now guys thank you so much for your wonderful comments and great great questions yeah oh yeah you guys are doing so great we can give the information we can give the information but you guys you guys put it to use and I’m always blown away I’m blown away by how many people are are writing in and calling in with tons of weight loss and tons of recovery of body problems it’s amazing awesome have a great weekend guys we’ll see you next week [Music]

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