Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] good morning everyone we’re back hello and we’re here to answer your questions it’s been a wonderful week sure you guys been having fun at home so lots been happening right a lot a lot of things happened you’ve seen people walking outside trying to enjoy a special time Yeah right that’s right family walks absolutely so what do we want to talk about today Karen whatever’s on your list prepared items to talk about to it there’s a couple things want to talk about of course you know you guys been hearing them some bad news so the media has been really good at giving you the bad news and I just thought we’d maybe flip it to give you there is some good news and actually Karen showed me some some really good documentation on some good news do you want to go through some of these points and you want me to do it sure okay so there is good news guys about this virus thing a couple things they’re shutting down the temporary hospitals in China that they put up to deal with this issue so because they’re having less cases I don’t I think recently they haven’t even had any new cases in the last couple days if I’m not mistaken but correct me if I’m wrong also in Korea South Korea I don’t know about North Korea but South Korea the trend is much much better things are getting improved actually becoming improved there’s even a new I guess it’s not it’s an old treatment that was used in the 40s I’m going to do a video on it chloroquine they use for malaria they’re using that and we used it in China used it in France South Korea with some other different medications and it looks very promising it and even the United States now just ordered a bunch of it and they’re starting to use it so I think that a really positive thing and I will do a video on that shortly but minimal relatively minimal side effects the other thing is like people are recovering in Maryland there were three cases they recovered to normal there was a hundred a lady that was 103 years old in China she’s a grandmother she fully recovered after six days so they also found in the Netherlands they found a and N and they discovered an antibody that can actually handle this problem that’s exciting so there’s a lot of great news happening and I think my prediction is it may be a month or so from from now it’s going to even be better so that’s very very exciting I do want to talk about what because I read the questions people want to know like what can they do to support the immune system and that I want to bring up just this one of my favorite books and it’s this one right here and it’s called the technology of war and I just want to mention this this is the book you maybe you’ve heard about the art of war that book that most people have this is the technology of war which is this guy back I don’t know how many years ago found that there is a lot of things that were lost in translation like alterations from the original text and so what he did is he learned Mandarin Chinese took him six years and basically created this masterpiece which is the kind of the exact duplication of the original text by sunsoo who wrote the art of war and he found even the name of it was altered the original name wasn’t even the art of war as the art it was the technology of war which is doesn’t leave for any type of interpretations of oil maybe can go this way or that way it’s a very specific technology and the reason I’m bringing that up is because it’s amazing book on on strategies in general and I thought it was a appropriate just to bring up because when you’re dealing with a virus you know it’s like an enemy you want to actually have a good strategy right you want to have something that works but one of the principles that sunsoo talks about is that you never want to attack an enemy from their strengths you want to attack from your weakness and this you have different things you have the strength of a virus what is the strength of the virus Steve what is the strength of a virus what is there okay yeah well let’s see it easily passes from person to person especially in this case good yeah right it the biggest strength is actually can as you have capacity to kill certain people like the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions basically people with weak immune systems right so of course they also wheat viruses have a weakness and that would be they have a hard time even in penetrating people or dealing with you or actually causing problems with people that have a strong immune system so that is the weakness so then that gives us some really good strategy let’s just strengthen the immune system in the elderly and also people with pre-existing conditions if they could start eating better and things like that that would be important but anyway this is if you wanted an interesting book this is one I would recommend I even put a link down below I I don’t get any kickbacks or anything but one thing that’s cool about this book is that you just read one paragraph you almost have to take a walk because it’s so filled with wisdom and you just have to think about it’s not like you don’t want to read the whole thing for cover to cover it’s packed with great things that you can apply nowadays but it’s one of my favorite books but as far as what you can do for your immune system right I want to talk about that you want to start cutting out of course carbs fasting is very very important zinc is probably probably the most important thing you can do and I’ll be creating a video on that vitamin D is another one the other thing that I want to mention though that a lot of people aren’t talking about Steve is a stress stress actually activates cortisol and cortisol actually creates a door or a susceptibility your immune barrier so stress lowers your immune barrier and so when you’re constantly being stressed out by watching the news 24/7 that alone can actually create a situation so anyway the point is that you want to do everything you can to extract stress off your life take the nutrition that you need and bulletproof yourself that way and that’s all I want to say Steve it’ll be wonderful in there you and Karen are so sweet to me I live without stress [Laughter] don’t worry that way I have something to tell you after the show about that you know because you’ve been straightened out skinny what’s this pink slip right exactly I want to go to Maria she’s in Switzerland Geneva Switzerland hello Maria yes hi what’s your hello hello can you hear me yes there is a delay from the video so hello Doctor and mrs. bird from Geneva in Switzerland thank you for this meeting the keto and intermittent fasting message and saving and improving countless lives and thanks for coming the environment and stopping the hysteria with vital data thank you I’d love to go to the summit but my budget is a little bit limited since I started studying and reduced my work so I have a question about electrolytes actually two questions come the summer and the heat can I how many scoops of electrolytes can I take today okay and can i I know this may be gross for some people can I do enema four with electrolytes okay good so when you’re doing of course an enema if you lose fluid or you have diarrhea or even your vomiting yes you want to put those electrolytes in very very important or so you’re going to feel weakened the thing about my electrolytes it’s really good for the average person but let’s say for example you’re taking it during this summer when it’s hot and you’re sweating or you’re exercising either take that formula with some additional sea salt or take the new version I have coming out which is the sports drink which has a bit more sea minerals in it and it’s a perfect combination for people that are extra exercise people and people that are sweating so that would be my answer on that and yes you you can take one to two per day without any problem and I think you’ll benefit greatly from that yeah I hope answer that and I some doubt we want to visit Switzerland we’ve seen pictures it’s simply gorgeous we will check that out Sunday so thanks for your call all right Karen okay so we have some questions here well the obvious what are your biggest or best tips for someone with a virus or an illness okay so well the most important thing of course is before you start treating anything or I would get the basics in get your your diet corrected so like I’ll get these questions all the time where people go oh what should I take for this well are you doing keto and in a minute fasting that Oh No well then you need to put that in because you want to cut down your carbs that’s the most important thing also try to get as much nutrition as you can that being said for the immune system there’s three main nutrients are the most important vitamin C zinc and vitamin D there’s a lot of other ones too like selenium but those are the most important ones based on the research out there did that answer it okay is that good is that sufficient yes I mean obviously in addition to all the other precautions and just taking care of yourself and washing your hands not hanging out with people if you’re sick in other words don’t don’t sit in front of someone who’s sneezing your face that would be bad right yeah that’s right Karen okay good so there’s nothing like stay away from dairy or anything well there’s so many things you can do but I want to talk about the most important things because like you can not eat gluten well that’s not on the program dairy yes you might have some sensitivities to that but the most important thing is to honestly eat food that’s the nutrient dense stuff like what foods would have the most vitamin D of all the foods besides mushrooms I don’t know fish there you go and zinc would be the shellfish oysters oh and by the way anything that we say on the show this is not an effort to treat or diagnose or heal or cure because that is impossible of nothing that that we do this is just information for your own additional research if you have a virus or something like that of course you’re consulting with your physician and following any protocol are suggestions or opinions are just with regard to using food and nutrition to bolster your body bolster your immune system absolutely not to treat or cure any disease or diagnosis don’t forget mitigate we can’t we can’t mitigate anything if you feel any improvement by following any of our recommendations it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t us yeah so that’s out also the information that you hear on this program is anything that you can also research just so happens that dr. Berg spends his entire life researching for the truth about health and breaking it down so that you can understand it but that is the disclaimer and we say this in every show and we’ll just keep saying it so consult with your medical doctor on any illness or injury whatsoever do you have anything else to say about that I do you’re talking about food it was interesting last week I went to the grocery store to buy not the next year’s worth of food just our normal list and I found something interesting and that is that there was no meat there was no toilet paper there was no milk there were no paper towels was there canned goods I don’t know cuz I didn’t shop for canned goods but I’ll tell you what there was no shortage of fresh vegetables no hay that leave more for a fact packed packed out beautifully stocked greens so that is a reflection of the situation and you know what we should be buying and eating really are fresh vegetables tons and tons of fresh vegetables and live things of course you need to have some protein in your diet but just an observation I made yeah yeah that’s right it’s for your immune system you want to have like a lot of foods that are raw and nutrient-dense I mean that’s the bottom line right there I agree a hundred percent okay and Esther from Oklahoma she is on the line how are you Esther very good can you you yeah perfectly fine okay I have a couple of questions for you six months ago and I did my blood test my cholesterol level was 239 and three days ago my cholesterol level is 250 and my calculated listen was 191 my ratio lvl so as to be L was 3.6 should i weary or now my second question is and this will be the last one when I talked to you last time I mentioned to you about my c-reactive protein in his weight still high and I asked to do about carnivores you said fight for a short time so I was going to try it for a month now I started reading online in Sicily octane don’t last more than 24 hours and I discussed 42 hours the other thing is don’t take any plant-based things except magnesium potassium and sodium which is your electronic but I have been taking forever women plant-based multi vitamin and private with probiotics so will that keep me out of carnivore I don’t all right thank you for your question let me just answer the first question and the answer would be no now you don’t have to worry there’s a really good test that you can get from your doctor that is more of an in-depth test on the LDL it measures the different patterns and the particle sizes of the LDL I would get that test because that will actually give you the data you want you’re going to find that your large buoyant LDL is going to be plentiful and your small dense LDL will be with the normal ranges so that will give you the true story I think really anyone who’s concern honestly just needs to watch all my videos on cholesterol because that’ll you need the data because you don’t want to rely even on my data you wanted to study yourself so you actually have it understand it then I try to make the videos understandable the next question is your c-reactive protein is a bit high so I would look for things that you’re eating that could be you’re allergic to one thing Karen mentioned is dairy you could be allergic to either the protein in dairy casein or it could be that on the milk sugar could be creating some reaction could be causing some type of inflammation when you’re searching out for data on fasting on the internet you’re gonna get every single possible piece of information it’s gonna conflict so you said I found this thing on the internet that said this do I like honestly that’s that’s the part of the confusion is that you just have to pick one source and follow them because you’re gonna get conflicting data someone said you shouldn’t fast for longer than this I mean it’s just like okay what’s that based on you’re going to get its like random com so I honestly I don’t spend a lot of time just getting general information so that being said I hope that answer the question all right Karen let’s get some read this out loud it’s just a person’s testimony yeah go ahead yeah of course well there’s not a name here so I can’t do a shout-out to you on YouTube but says I tested positive for Kovan 19 and over fifty years old with asthma I fought it off in three days on keto NIF that’s fantastic and the thing is like um ninety seven point seven percent of people to get this do you fight it off yeah and we do have to have perspective with it like dr. Berg said it is unhealthy people it’s immune system weakness that struggled just like the annual flu and you can google this but over sixty thousand people a year in the United States died from the annual flu and flu rated related symptoms it’s over three hundred thousand people worldwide every single year from the flu it’s a sickness that attacks bodies and sickness will compromise people with a weak immune system so it’s not to minimize any situation in any way but it is to give perspective that the most important thing now in addition to handling the current situation is to build a strong immune system and that’s the message that’s been coming from this channel for a long long time and we just hope that new we get new ears now because a lot of you guys already you’re you’re learning and you’re doing what you need to do but we hope that your friends and family now have a new interest in listening to that and getting motivated to make some changes this new this new application of an old drug is called chloroquine I’ll be doing a video on it and different countries are using it now the United States is going to start to use it and what’s interesting about this what’s the generic name for well it’s I don’t know that generic name for it I think this is the generic name for it but it’s for malaria I thought was quite No so there’s let me just tell you about what this actually does because it’s mainly for a parasite that a mosquito is carrying around for malaria so what how does it deal with a virus and that’s what that’s where it gets really interesting what it does is they found first of all that zinc can stop the copy machine from many different viruses in mice and even humans but the studies are anecdotal they’re not like I mean not the studies that just with humans they’re still doing the hardcore studies right now but they’re getting some results and they basically zinc is the thing that stops the copy machine okay so it just shuts that thing right down so that virus cannot reproduce anymore here’s the problem zinc is an ion which means it is a hard time penetrating the cell wall which is a fat layer so double fat layer and so this drug chloroquine is called Ionis it’s called a what is it called in okay I don’t I don’t know your mouth anyway I don’t actually remember the name but this is what it does it has a function of carrying that mineral across the barrier into the cell so that’s how it works it drives the zinc right in the cell so this virus can stop it’s so simple now even the FDA now is doing some research or actually working with some people that are doing research on using someone’s own plasma that where it was infected that recovered has a treatment I mean like that makes total sense as well to me so this is all good news and I think there’s enough bad news out there that we need to switch it a little bit and offset this bad news for a while and that’s all I’m saying Karen and I’m I’ll zip it okay Natalie from Bowie Maryland as in the house hi Natalie hi dr. Berg thank you for taking my call sure um I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and so I just immediately went to all your videos and um I saw that you were recommending selenium zinc and cod liver oil and the vitamin D I have the cod liver oil I have the vitamin D I’m wondering if yours you know trace minerals advanced has enough of the selenium and to think to use that or do I need to take those additionally separately got it good question and I just want to make a disclaimer any my products are they do not cure anything that’s the same so you can get zinc from anywhere I do have a part that has extra zinc and has extra selenium and it’s the advanced trace minerals I think two of those a day would give you sufficient amounts basically but it has I spiked it with some additional trace minerals in addition to the blend of trace minerals and the reason I did it because I just the challenge is that when you entertain you any time you take one specific trace mineral and not the other ones you can you can create an imbalance like zinc works with copper and so yeah so I would just just take two a day if I were you thanks Natalie and let’s see we have Michelle from Houston Texas you had a question go ahead Michelle good morning dr. Bergin Lewisburg thank you for the work that you do I started Quito and in a minute fasting on March first and I have regressed Jews and the electrolyte powder nutritional yeast and that just a formula also on March first I stopped taking the omeprazole that I’ve been taking for forever and doing well feeling well since March first except because I’m not taking that reflux medication I’m having discomfort and I’m down to one meal a day just because I don’t want to deal with the discomfort my question is what are your thoughts on ways to mitigate that while my system is healing and I do understand and I’m trying to not have fear about it but I do understand and my body is just trying to adjust and it’s going to take some time yeah I think I’m one of the best things you can do for what you have is done you want to make sure that you have foods that naturally have probiotics like sauerkraut fermented vegetables are wonderful because that gives you the prebiotic and in the probiotic together kill two birds with one stone so it feeds the microbes and it gives you the also I will give you a vitamin C as well the other thing that you can do cabbage is probably one of the got about that cabbage is like hands down the easiest seem to digest when you have any type of GERD or acid reflux it just seems to digest there’s a factor in cabbage it’s called the you factor of the cut used to call it vitamin u and it’s just good for ulcers in the small intestine ulcers in the stomach irritation acid it just it’s a good thing to digest coleslaw or just or just cabbage in your salad there’s a lot of other things you like licorice is good for that but don’t start doing like baking soda anything like that and then just give it some time and these things do take a bit of time and then you’ll find over time that will actually get better I the reason this is because of way if you if I set you up for this idea like oh it’s going to be two days now no it’s going to be time that way you’re patient and that’s why we call you a patient and you go and sit in the waiting room alright let’s get some questions on social media because I I feel like there’s a lot of questions and not enough answers okay good so I think it’s Niraj from India who’s joining us on Facebook today has been doing keto but feels some anxiety gets low I don’t know how else to say it on keto what could help with that that’s the no-brainer I like these easy questions finally I get some easy ones it’s b1 it’s B it’s b1 that’s all you need to do add some nutritional yeast that’s the best source natural don’t get the synthetic and you’re gonna find that you’re gonna feel like this wonderful relaxation calm come over you so the b1 is is needed for people when they do keto as the transition because it’s involved in the metabolism of energy what about the mitochondria supplement that has the B is that more b1 the nutritional I used the mitochondria energy which is now called also it’s called the keto energy I’d sis I just changed the name to make it because people I think don’t know termite Congress so it’s the same formula but yes what’s unique about that is I put three different types of b1 in there and one is like a really high-end expensive one because I wanted that in there but you know it’s just it’s just something I had to have in there but it’s high-quality and you know what what’s interesting about that I get zero returns on that product because people like it and it works especially the exercise I will tell you an experience I had with that mitochondria energy keto energy whatever it’s called now after the break now go ahead we’re back from the break I was lying down to go to sleep I had had kind of a stressful week not really the sleep I should have I was having which is unusual for me like dreams and thoughts and my mind was going and running and running and I took the keto energy mitochondria energy and I was lying there and like someone flipped a switch he was running running and all of a sudden boom total silence wow that’s cool total and then I immediately fell asleep but it but it was so obvious because I was aware of this thoughts running and so that was really really cool so people have that you know the day or other thoughts dreams or whatever else happening running running I would try that if I were you I tell you know like I used to have that too there was like this party going on in my head before I’m going to bed like going going and I didn’t at this this is a long time I didn’t know the connection would be one that that I was just severely deficient in being one of course I don’t know why I mean I was eating a pint of ice cream at night and a bag of Doritos and corn chips and whatever but I would I was like what is this coming from and what is the what’s up with these restless legs and this pounding in my ear and all these different things and then when I stumbled on that information it was like quiet quiet I don’t think I actually have anything going on now in my I had nothing going on it’s just quiet up there there we go there you have it hey so uh can you do keto if you have no gallbladder good question yes you can you just might be a little deficient in bile so you might need to add some to the picture you can add some purified bile salts gall bladder formula is a good one and then and then just just kind of go go easy on the fats like you wouldn’t want necessary add like a ton of like extra butter and oil just eat the fat within the normal food but sometimes if you don’t have the bile and you and you add that you might get burping belching bloating underneath the right ribcage and it might shoot up to the right shoulder anything right shoulder neck up through here is gallbladder also back here in your around your scapula right here Karen right there just tell me when the stop that’s liver gallbladder just means you need tweak the diet you know sometimes like even you go to a restaurant what we’re all come home and symptoms I’ll notice like this little zinger on my right scapula and I’m like okay where do we go all we want to do there what did I eat oh I had some mysterious food or something that could have had some oil in it that doesn’t do well with my body so I can pick it up like that so there you have it yeah good so does ketogenic keto diet can it influence the fiber it in any way yeah it if you do in a minute fasting and keto sometimes you’re gonna find that your thyroid hormones go down specifically t3 and you might be concerned but you have to realize that ketones are much more efficient fuel than glucose which means your body’s going to work more efficiently your metabolism is going to work better the need for thyroid hormone will go down the way they diagnose a hypothyroid case is not from t3 they look at the hormone from the pituitary down to the thyroid it’s called the thyroid stimulating hormone and that that always stays in a normal range so unless that goes down you really don’t have anything to worry about it just keep going same thing with like blood sugars as your body adapts to ketones your blood sugars go down like sometimes even as low as 60 even lower and you’re thinking oh my gosh I have hypoglycemia but do you feel bad no I feel great well guess what you don’t you’re not running in sugar anymore so you don’t need that amount of sugar you’re running a ketone so don’t worry about it don’t worry about it Karen any other questions over there yes yeah so Lisa on Facebook she wants to know what’s the best way to recover or replace healthy bacteria if you do something that results in a clean-out of your bacteria like you know you want to you can get it from both an external source as a product or you can get it from the food like sauerkraut fermented vegetables are good but not just necessarily like when something’s pickle doesn’t mean it has all the friendly bacteria but sauerkraut usually does some kefir maybe will help you if you take probiotics of course I’m not biased but I would take mine but also over time it’s good to life rotate your your friendly bacteria to different different types of strains but it helps to create diverse diversity and diversify things interesting and you mentioned sauerkraut and I when I was at the grocery store where there was no meat and toilet paper but tons of vegetables I bought a bunch of sauerkraut that’s all that they have different you know blends of sauerkraut in the vegetable section and why did I buy a lot of sauerkraut because of vitamin C right and how much vitamin C the sauerkraut have some tests showed 700 and per cup of naturally occurring vitamin C yeah not just ascorbic acid right which is just one portion of the vitamin C right if you tons and tons and tons of ascorbic acid it’ll like you were referring to earlier it will have to pull from your body the other components of a natural but it’s like a pizza the vitamins are like a pizza and it has a good analogy and it has you know the crust and the sauce and the pepperoni and the mushrooms and whatever oh I see what you’re saying right I like where you’re going you’re like what you’re picking up what I’m throwing down so the in a vitamin C pizza ascorbic acid is only the outer crust so when you buy ascorbic acid as called vitamin C and it’s just a Scorpio so that’s what you’re eating so your body’s gonna have to pull from other places the rest of the crust and the sauce in it so it’s not the best it’s not the best right but sauerkraut is filled with vitamin C now why is that important right now because vitamin C is it actually increases your white blood cell and it actually increases the resistance to pathogens and it’s well studied and when you are infected you’re it kind of zaps up your reserve so your immune cell especially the white blood cells can’t do their job as well so it’s a really important one to beef up no pun intended your vitamin C levels yeah thank you you’re welcome and now that you brought a pizza now Steve’s hungry over there and I’m thinking about pizza I think what I’m gonna do later today is I think I’m gonna make a keto friendly pizza that would be great I think I’m gonna do that now that you’re bringing it up make a few because with all the people in our house yeah and the neighbors so yes I will do I’ll be making a few good now Terry on YouTube has been on keto and lost 100 pounds Wow congratulations okay but is bloating now with every meal gas and bloating well there’s difference between bloating and gas okay so if you’re bloating of course if you’re doing one meal a day lot of times people like try to eat a huge meal and so I wouldn’t necessarily go about calories but it’s a judgement call of eating enough food nutrient dense but not going overboard where you’re you’re too uncomfortable but a little bloating initially I think it’s okay especially if it goes away within a half hour without being said if you get gas that tells me that you’re eating something you’re not able to digest or you need more stomach acid in which case you would want to take Petain how to chloride or outside a vinegar the other thing is that you could be consuming like some sugar alcohols in there that create gas so watch out for that and some other foods that you might be allergic to so that’s just an extra freebie on that one yeah got a freebie yeah it was differ okay hey Brooke you’re from Phoenix Arizona you had a question you actually lost a lot of pal pounds how much did you actually lose total good morning dr. berry morning good morning beautiful wife and I guess my name is Brooke inclined from Phoenix Arizona I am 42 years old I used to weigh 465 pounds I lost 310 pounds which respond pain are you kidding me not Wow wait a second agates are really long so you didn’t lose a hundred pounds you lost 310 pounds three 310 pounds oh my thank you and the past year I put on 27 pounds of muscle I put and I I want to thank you for your content about not looking up bill because if I didn’t have that it would’ve join me crazy and you told me my body’s just taking care of business and repairing itself enough exactly what it was doing so thank you for that no question this morning is what is the difference between atrophy and boost in little Pipkin eventually repair it and let your opinion on reconstructive surgery yeah I think there’s a time in a place for reconstructive surgery especially after you exhausted everything that you’re doing but but here’s the thing I I recently went to the low carb Denver keto convention and I ran into this lady who showed me these before and after pictures which I’m going to put up on the website and she showed the loose skin over the months going away to the point where it was nice and firm and tight and what she said is what you have to do is you have to do consistent exercise aggressively and give it more time that’s the main thing and she does fasting as well but I was like wow that was amazing so you have the loose skin which is different than atrophy atrophy is gonna be mainly in the muscles where you’re you’re getting a loss of muscle especially after menopause so now it looks like fat that there’s less muscle there’s it’s just a loose tissue the the thing the reason why that is is relates to I guess the next topic I was going to mention is that during menopause your cortisol goes up that’s the stress hormone and cortisol / stress same thing will make you fat why because cortisol raises host your blood sugars there’s been diabetics so many times that have told me like wow I go through stress and I can just see my blood Sugar’s go straight up like that’s fascinating so why because the liver dumps sugar number one when you’re under stress also your body is making more sugar and your body is now converting protein into sugar excellent so you’re gonna get fat through that so people are talking about carbs carbs carbs right well guess what stress also can make you fat and and also destroy your muscles but other than that it’s actually totally fine it won’t even affect you but thanks Brooke I hope you come to this the summit coming up in August I hope we don’t before and after photo and if you are coming to the keto summit definitely let us know shoot an email to dr. Berg at dr. Berg – yeah dr. Berg at dr. Berg comm and send us you before-and-afters I would love to actually have a future success story because that’s like that’s something that everyone needs to know and then make sure that you’re taking action of yourself now as you’re working on your on your skin and things like I mean it’s completely up to you but but I was just doing some research on this too and and there are people that completely recover their skin skins in Oregon and it you know especially if you’re young enough and you are to to have it recover and heal that’s amazing I feel amazing and thank you dr. Berg for reminding me to ask myself that great question is how do you feel and I feel great I feel amazing I feel healthy and well and I appreciate your content baby so much awesome thanks Brooke appreciate it Wow that was incredible yeah I do want to mention we do have a new product here and this is the vitamin C and I do want to give you a disclaimer this is not meant to cure any viruses fYI it’s to support a healthy immune system let me just tell you what’s unique about this right here is that it basically what yeah cameras over there sorry I’m turning right there see that here take one these are chewable and what’s interesting about this is that they’re they’re just four different ingredients and acai berry okay it has which and then it has aa sorolla cherry which has probably one of the highest amounts of vitamin C of all the berries blueberry and strawberry that’s it just combined there’s no added flavoring or anything like that so it’s a really good product if you want about them and see we’ve been giving them to Lucy who’s just baby Lucy and she loves them so to your kids adults you just need one a day they’re awesome if you can keep them away from your kids and your grandkids yeah because I want you know huge and you have too many no but here’s the thing the I personally I like taking vitamin C and I’ve tried to find one that I like and I couldn’t find one I prefer the Tribble but there’s other good ones out there but this is the one that the tribbles always had some extra stuff in there like sweeteners or extra flavorings so I just wanted like the four top berries on the planet just squished into one tablet and you chew it we’ve been going like we’ve been working on this for like six months to get the taste just riding the texture and everything and it’s all freeze-dried and organic ingredients so it’s really good and I’m excited about it because for myself because I created it for myself it has the baby Lucy seal of approval yeah she will find them oh yeah she’ll just every day she’s like okay she loves them well I tried to run earlier and I was just waiting around hoping dr. Berg would give me another sample but he’s holding we may we may after that pink slip that severance pay a bottle Yeah right hey Tracy you’re calling from Indiana are you there yeah yeah I’m here hi dr. Burke hi Karen hi I’m doing I’m doing great thank you for all the great content you put out over the years really appreciate that my question is about angioedema particularly hereditary angioedema I don’t know if you’ve heard of that my fiancee was recently diagnosed with that I didn’t know if you had any insight on that I’m kind of wondering is this an inflammation issue is a inaudible autoimmune issue it’s not sure okay good good question I I just will say that I have had patients come in with that and you always try to help support them with different things and I will be honest I I have not been successful dealing with that I I didn’t I don’t know exactly especially with its genetic I really don’t know what to do with that situation other than put in the the note the no-brainers like the things that actually establish a really healthy eating plan like the healthy keto a minute fasting other than that I have not I can’t tell you I have some something that can improve it but definitely put this person on the standard thing that we recommend for everyone and I also tell this as a kind of a principle before you you know try to start to go off and address any symptom get the basics in healthy keto for those of you that are new that don’t know what we’re talking about you need to go to dr. Burke calm under the blog and watch the first video it says start here and then the second one is the second video and the third I put them in order it’s um I think kind of this recent virus thing is a wake-up call for people like you know it’s time if you’ve been on the edge and you really haven’t started to get healthy it’s time to get your act in and start eating healthy immediately not just for yourself but people around you too because it’s like it’s always the guy in the plane next to you that’s Hawk hacking coughing them off so now you’re you get something so I think if we all agree that we get our health super healthy then it works and it’s not hard it’s simple but it’s time to step it up and both it’s time don’t you know this is sort of a wake-up call for people who you know I’ll eat what I want I’m gonna die of something I’m Finn oh you healthy when I get older I can’t tell you honestly the number of calls and emails we get every week from people who want to know what to do now because they just found out they have some serious illness answer cancer and you know all kinds of things happening a renal failure and all kinds of metabolic disease and and that’s just you know yeah it’s never too late to make a change and that’s a way you can because but it’s really you know sometimes it is too late and some things you can’t reverse and I think I think if some people actually just would just get the data that we have as far as information coming in and just hearing some of these stories they would be very aggressive and changing their diet compared to maybe other people that might not hear this but I mean it’s like wow it’s very important to take action right you know I just wrote a note for myself yeah and you know the other thing I think people are lost on is that okay well this’ll make me feel a rather will keep me healthier for ward off certain issues later is that when you’re jacked up on sugar as I have been for a long period in my life and now come to a point where I’m eating properly and intermittent fasting I’m experience a sense of peace each day that I didn’t know existed so it’s not just because I’m worried about what I mean I sort of share that idea I’m an older guy and I know I have a finite amount of time left but while I live it in misery I’m really feeling good on a day-by-day basis by eating well you know regardless of what I might look like physically people don’t get that and you’re looking good well thank you dear for that that’s that’s one benefit I think that I we need to emphasize is like your mood elevates on keto and especially in a minute fasting your mood comes up so that’s huge it’s huge and anxiety and the stuff aside yeah and right and look wow we live in world where there’s always something going on and thanks to the news you’re only ever gonna know about the really bad news and then you have life and you have family and you have your own work and you have I mean life can be a busy busy place with a lot of potentially stressful stuff going on but how does one guy seem to move through the news or the stressors of life and come out you know fairly unscathed and another person get a little bit of bad news and be a mess and be stressed and or get sick you know and one factor one factor is your own personal health and physical strength and immune system and ability to handle stress can your can your body handle the stress or not so sure there are other things you know people will will use and need to use and you know emotional spiritual mental whatever but absolutely the body and the strength of the immune system has a huge role in that so wouldn’t we all like to handle our day and the news of the day or whatever is going on much more easily I mean the real question is the test to know how your adrenals are functioning is and are you able to tolerate about I don’t know thirteen or fourteen young children in a room for over eight hours at a daycare center and juggle a whole bunch of other stresses how can you handle that can you handle slow drivers for more than an hour patiently as you drive around town that’s the real test and if you can you passed if you can’t you need some some serious help there you go all right so let’s go to Chris from Illinois who’s been waiting patiently hi Chris thanks for taking my call sure my big concern is my blood sugar is staying high this last night it was 172 but this morning was 198 okay i i’ve been diabetic for over 15 years i’ve been on at least nine different pills last august i started on insulin as soon as i started on insulin i started gaining weight and that’s what really worried me and make me start looking around so December 26 2019 I started intermittent fasting I started with a five-day fast and I also started a keto diet so right now my schedule is fasting Saturday Sunday Tuesday and Thursday and I eat Monday Wednesday and Friday and I generally break my fast with a couple hard-boiled eggs and bacon and then a large salad with everything in it but I guess I’ve been diabetic for so long it’s gonna take some time for my system to straighten out but what really worries me is the high blood sugar I’m afraid I’m going to have some kind of damage if I keep having such high blood sugar readings this is a really good question I have one question for you really quick I want to just know I want to ask a very simple question just to see how much you know about insulin what what tends to what’s the things that trigger insulin stress okay sugar yep eat eating good you’ve been watching good you you passed that but this is the thing that I think that you may want to tweak it’s your pattern of fasting you’re doing it you’re doing a pattern that’s a very common a lot of people do this but I would do more of a consistent intermittent fasting everyday versus the way you’re doing it where you’re eating like three days a week and then not eating the other days this way you could fast for a longer period of time like I don’t know on the days that you’re eating how many how many meals are you eating on the days that you’re eating well I sort of been changing that a little because with this corner virus you know my schedule has changed cuz everything’s closed down right normally I normally broke my fast around ten o’clock and then would eat a little bit at 6:00 but on the days that you’re eating on the days that you’re eating how many meals a day are you eating – okay so what I would do I would change your pattern I would eat one meal a day consistently through the whole week and then reevaluate after two weeks how you’re doing make sure that your watch my video on other things you can do to support insulin resistance because that’s the videos that you should study on my blog post you’ll find them there vs. YouTube some great data on inch insulin resistance that’s what you’re dealing with but I would do it and then what I would do is I would probably keep it in every day one meal a day and then I would try to offset maybe go a few times a week every other day just to get things stabilized because I think you just need a good reset and let your pancreas have a chance to chill out and I think that’s what you’re missing long walks exercise are going to be important too but there’s a lot of additional things you can do try that’s the Chris and let me know I just a note Ronald’s asking where to get the vitamin C dr. Burke calm yeah it’s painted and it is not ascorbic acid as a clarification all right that is synthetic vitamin C yeah that is not what you want unless there’s some pharmacologic reason that someone decides you need that in a treatment of something but if you’re looking for a whole food vitamin C that’s what we recommend its dr. Berger comm yeah and one point about that 98% of all the vitamin C that is sold comes from China and it’s GMO it’s from corn syrup and sulfuric acid so you know I have a hard time believing that that’s the same thing as a food based by them and see I have a hard time believing that but it’s in most of the products out there and you’re thinking you’re getting a good vitamin C when you’re getting some it’s interesting right that there’s somewhere along the line the vitamin C you were allowed to call just ascorbic acid vitamin C and then it became lab created from petroleum different stories or cornstarch and things like that so you want to vitamin C you want food so that’s yeah food or food based hey Jim you’re from Minnesota land of a lot of different you took a lot of lakes you have a lot of water so you said legs lakes there’s a lot of legs in Minnesota yeah hi Jim are you there I think I think Karen is right I just remember a lot of mosquitoes there when I was there in the military but go ahead okay well I started off my journey at 230 pounds right up to 230 pounds because of a lot of doctors that gave me recommendations that have you put on more weight so I simply just walked away from them and found you and now I’m down to 180 pounds Wow I want to go thank you and I want to go towards my goal of 170 and I want to you have any tips for the last ten pounds yes I do there’s a couple things you can do I’m assuming you’re doing it like I’m talking about in in my book and if not I would just follow that protocol but we want to there’s a couple of adjustments here you of course you know you can always work on your stress level bringing it down you can increase your exercise which I highly recommend I would do a full body hardcore workout twice a week probably not more than that let your body recover very very important I would also try to squeeze that a little more sleep per day maybe another half hour per day that will help you hugely also you’re a fat content and your diet what you’d want to do is bring that down to 75 grams and you’ll sign it you’ll find that your body will start burning you more of your own fat then the dietary fat so that’s important and then bring the cards down – maybe 10 grams or less there’s a good program I have that’s called keto and steroids you can you can watch that it’s online it’s a video that I just talked about the hidden carbs make sure – that there’s nothing bloating you that’s important and then the last variable which is you can play around with is just to do longer fasting and then you will hit your goal I promise I will I will guarantee you what’s on the line I will give her his money back well that’s where it’s free advice so yeah and by the way Ruth on that YouTube thanks Jim Jim she said the mosquito is Minnesota’s state bird Melissa we have mosquitoes in Wisconsin – oh and Oh getting a flurry of people saying the vitamin C is not yet on the site yeah cuz you’re the first to know nobody else in the world knows about this but you it’s a secret it will be up today will be I probably don’t truly tell people about it but you can’t keep a secret you can’t keep a secret but you guys know yeah I just keep going back to the website and you’ll be able to grab it today on that note it is 11:59 and you know what you said a month or so things will get better this is my prediction three weeks three weeks and we’re just gonna see a massive downtrend relief adjustment back you’re already starting to see in certain parts of the world this is happening that’s my prediction I’m making an okay write it down so in their town we can all have a wonderful summit well we’re gonna have a great summit and it’s like a half a year away everything is gonna be fine yeah I can’t wait to meet you guys at the summit because we I was at the Denver summit met a lot of people is this great I can’t wait for and I would just say we have to wrap up because it’s 12 o’clock right now but at the Denver summit the really cool thing is that it was completely medical doctors it’s a lot a lot okay I those all but almost all medical doctors that are using and forwarding this technology so that is a lot of good news for us in our country and on that note we’re over time have a great week see you next time guys [Music] [Music] 

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Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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