Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] [Music] good morning everyone we’re here and we’re here to answer your questions it’s another beautiful warm day and in Maryland it’s actually freezing out there if there’s anything that we say you know that gets even close to providing medical care we’re not going to do that this is just for your own educational research so that’s our disclaimer so check before your doctor before taking any of the recommendations does that sound good is that good good disclaimer there perfect good all right so hopefully everything’s going to go smoothly with the call so I’m going to jump right in and ten is on the line from Oakland California you had a question about the gallbladder go ahead Tim good morning dr. Bergin Karen good morning I want to let you know that I was at both of the summit and I am so looking forward to the one coming up and if anybody’s listening has never been to a summit you got to do it it’s an amazing experience a little plug there that’s great because we just got the video done we’re gonna be launching any day now so yeah I hope you can make it this time we’re gonna have a blast the speakers are gonna be amazing I agree with Dan one time yeah okay well let me get right into my question so you really have are an expert on the gallbladder and I have been following you and doing healthy ketosis is the end of 2016 but makes basically 16-8 been doing Oh mad for the last couple months I was having a lot of gall bladder pain which I assumed was sludge an ultrasound when I first started following your your path in 2017 said there was a tiny bit of sludge or a small polyp I’ve just been following your entire protocol my fasting insulin is to my recent a1c is five point seven a little high I do have a lot of belly fat and probably some kind of blood sugar dysregulation anyway the recent ultrasound three weeks ago after a ton of pain showed multiple gall letter polyps and a very distended liver and I just am at my wit’s end I don’t know what to do but I thought I’d ask you okay great well so a couple things I would like to mention about that it’s great that your insulin is – that’s that’s pretty loud that’s awesome as far as your a1c are you finding that you’re pretty good with your diet that may be certain times of the week where the or the month that you go off and off the program I’m a long time sugar addict who’s got it pretty much under control but occasionally I’ll do a very organic tumeric bar with coconut sugar and I’ve stopped that that’s all after I get about this and also I should mention I did just recently quit drinking I know you don’t drink I’ve been trying to stop for a long time I did quit a month ago okay awesome well I only drink on the weekends no no I don’t drink at all here’s the ques the point about that the a1c is an average of three months so if you you know kind of go off every so often your a1c will creep up a little bit even though you check on a daily basis it might be good so your blood sugars that would just measure an average so that would make sense I’m glad you came off the alcohol I think I think now your liver your gall bladder is just gonna actually gonna have to take some time to undo some of the damage as far as the polyp you know a lot of times they’re a benign they don’t do it and they just sit there but the fact that your livers distended just tells me there was stress in that area so Quito is going to be exactly what you need to do insulin resistance is I’m sorry in a minute fasting is exactly what you don’t do combined with that but the other thing that you really want to make sure is you have enough cruciferous vegetables in the diet there’s so many properties phytonutrients and cruciferous vegetables that are going to help you that you want to beef up those vegetables no pun intended but one of the bests vegetables you want to consume a lot of for the gallbladder than liver is Karen’s gonna answer it I wasn’t paying attention what’s that what’s the best vegetable for the gallbladder we covered that last week you know it you liked them Brussels sprouts close you like remember those little red things Oh beep I mean radish yeah beets are good too but radishes are the top so I don’t know if you like those Tim but I think if you start eating radishes that would be very beneficial not just for the liver but for the gallbladder so you want to start doing the big salads now and then I think you’re just gonna have to give it time go real high quality and then ride the wave do periodic prolonged fasting to give you a liver a chance to also heal and that experience the toffee J which is going to clean out some of the old damage you know proteins in the liver but I think you’re on the right track just you have to get more time stay really clean not even a little bit of coconut sugar and I hope to see you at the summit thanks for your call and Katherine your from Tampa Florida glad you’re on the air hi you had a question go ahead I do in a minute fasting as well I do have estrogen dominance to the point of actually like Mac tation and I also take your jeggings I’m wondering what should be my next plan of action yeah are you consuming any dairy at all yes my boyfriend makes these amazing keto pies but I can’t resist oh Jesus heavy cream and then it it’s organic but I do consume dairy okay and do you have any skin issues like acne at all yes I’ve been struggling with acne for like two or three years okay and are you doing any soy than your diet no no boy okay men all right I think this is gonna be really really simple are you ready for this Katherine yeah okay you’re doing the right thing the estrogen balance with Tim is something that I uh I I actually recommend for people with the sim balances with estrogen can just help maintain healthy estrogen balance but it actually comes from the cruciferous vegetables that you need to increase the cruciferous vegetables because those vegetables help to regulate estrogen a lot better than anything that I know but unfortunately I think you’re gonna have to take the dairy and put it to the side for a little bit I you’re gonna find your skin is gonna clear right up there’s just so many hormonal factors in dairy there is mint or a cow and growing a baby calf – and so it’s filled with all sorts of growth hormones and including estrogens so certain people are sensitive sensitive to it I do consume dairy on a regular basis I make sure that it’s of course grass-fed organic but for some people like yourself I think if you give that up you’ll see a huge change and those side effects that you have right now and I would also really add in a good amount of the cruciferous vegetables on a daily basis and I think you’re gonna be in good shape so go ahead and try that and let us know how you want how it works okay Karen what do we what do we have coming in from social media with where people located which questions you want answered is that a it’s a lot at once and it’s a lot of questions let’s go with the location first okay well so far Germany Canada Scotland Tanzania I was wondering about that that’s Singapore Saudi Arabia Romania all over the United States including the country of Texas Madagascar I know you Texans is that you that next to the Ecuador equator location okay yes and Peru is right next to mix right inside joke but let’s see Sweden Philippines and that’s all I have so far Silicon Valley now people are telling me Wisconsin that’s a nice country that is a country all in its own okay well I have some questions here yeah so Karen on Facebook mm-hmm is a 57 year old woman do you see any similarities between this person and myself do I see any similarities between Karen and Facebook whose 57 Luthor does that well same age same name and same age same name same sex and well thinning hair and plateauing she’s been on keto for a year okay right a year Karen well she’s on keto for a while so talk about thinning hair and plateauing it comes up a lot well there’s there’s some there’s two things two factors here obviously if you’re plateauing we want to we want to really just target in on that estrogen to keep the estrogen down the two big things that will bring the estrogen to a good place would be of course fasting in carbs right say it again the two things that will help bring estrogen in a good place normal fasting in carbs you said low carb no carb I suppose if you picked a different so we want to go low carb and we want to fast longer so we want to bring the carps down to maybe below 10 grams a day so that’s cutting out a lot of stuff and then also we want to do longer fasting now if we look at the two side-by-side actually this is probably a no it’s not it’s not going to be a quiz because I think I’m gonna already answer it but if we take a look at that the the benefits of both of those intermittent fasting provides you more benefits than keto now if you combine them you get a compound effect even more than them probably so because when you actually fast not only are you lowering carbs in your diet you’re actually you’re not eating so you’re not skimming letting incent because every time you eat you stimulated insulin regardless of what you eat so the combination is important so to answer that question we want to find out like what is she doing now and let’s let’s make it more the other thing more yeah like make it more intense or less carbs you know I’m talking about alright okay so we also want to look at years or her stress level we want to look at her sleep we want to look at exercise that she exercised those factors okay if there’s any health problems obviously addressed that but as far as the hair loss goes I think the most important thing is the trace minerals trace minerals are the activator activators for proteins protein growth enzymes but let’s say you’re taking the trace minerals and it’s still not working it could be because your stomach is too alkaline so you need to actually do apple cider vinegar or betaine how to chloride to acidify the stomach when you take them take them on an empty stomach boom go in there help grow your hair back you know what’s really interesting is you do compare Karen – Karen Karen has a lion’s mane worth of hair so with all the talk of you know hair loss or so on Karen obviously whatever Karen’s doing do it because their hair is full and lush and beautiful and people comment on all the time so what you are what you eat and apparently Karen’s eaten at doing healthy keto and just look at her go we were gonna do a video on what Karen eats so I think we have to do that still because people want to know how does Karen end up with that beautiful head of hair everyone oh I have a little baby hairs oh that must be wrong all right okay all right people let’s okay Karen you got a lot of data so I hope you can think with all that there are videos on the website though for thinning hair and for plateauing if you need a recap and you can just ask me the next question just say yes right now without it be quicker here’s an interesting question sherry sorry Cheryl okay on YouTube wants to know which products of yours contain vitamin C and how much yeah presently we have just the wheatgrass has a good amount of vitamin C but there isn’t one new product that we are coming up with it’s a the chewable vitamin C which is going to be released in about one week it’s a stay tuned for that we went back and forth to get the taste is right but it’s really cool because it has more than enough a more than the RDA just from one chewable and there’s no anything bad in it it’s just berries and there’s no sugar like some of the other stuff and I think people are gonna like it taste is great lead into that Cheryl thanks for that question and then Johnny from YouTube also he’s been on keto for a year mm-hmm and he’s again continuing to get pancreatitis not that you treat pancreatitis but do you know why that would happen or usually most the time from my experience the person is also on some other medication that has the side effect of pancreatitis so if there’s something else like that if you’re on medication check with your doctor that could be it but it’s very unusual that you would get inflammation of the pancreas if you are on the healthy version of keto that I recommend as well as in a min fascinating something like it’s very unusual so I would look at what you’re eating the quality food and and clean that up I do know that sometimes if there is a stone that’s stuck in your bile duct that can back up the ducts through the pancreas and create inflammation that could be a possibility in which case you need purified bile salts so these are all factors but it’s hard to evaluate that without really getting a history so it’s usually probably not going to be related to ki khel or in a minute fasting okay yeah okay okay so we’re gonna go to Oklahoma okay Esther has a question and hair loss and selenium dosage are you there yes good morning good morning mister I spoke to you two weeks ago today and I told you I’m losing my hair expressing with boiling my nails are bad and all that and you mentioned about selenium titanium copper what I did was earlier this week I ordered you Kiko essential amino and that takes care of pine oil the amino acids you know they can tell amino acid but how do I compensate for the trace minerals and if I have to buy them individually how many micro how many grams ago I guess okay oh do you have any supplements containing these trace minerals will blow the windows take you out of the body okay I’m worried okay so um I mean bone broth can take you out of ketosis because it’s a protein for sure that’s one thing that you probably want to avoid I will be doing a video today on all the things that you can consume when you’re doing fasting that won’t necessarily knock you out for too long but just one let people know these these these questions are not staged back to back like the minerals that we were just we’re finally coming out with our new upgrade of our trace minerals because the last version was liquid in it it’s just them it’s a bit too messy so this one’s in a capsule but it has all the trace minerals and the right blend it’s plant base plus it has some additional trace minerals in higher amounts that I really liked so that that’s something that you could do but if you’re asked if you just wanted to take selenium because selenium is very unique as an antioxidant you want to make sure take like roughly about 55 milligram micrograms fifty five micrograms not milligrams but selenium is a very very powerful antioxidant so it would be good to take if you have Hashimoto’s or some inflammatory condition like or like infant autoimmune conditions things like that but it’s really good to counter that and it’s also a precursor for something called glutathione which is a the main huge antioxidant in the liver so but there’s some good amount of selenium in the new trace minerals which is going to be basically it’s already arrived probably a Monday will release it so it’s stay tuned and so I’m excited to take it myself because it’s been a work in progress because the I wanted to really make it better than it was before but that was not a stage call alright thanks for your call okay Karen yeah we have some real interesting questions coming up what do we go they’re all interesting okay so I have two questions here and then I’m gonna kind of package cuz we’re getting a lot of similar questions okay that would be number three okay Sergio on Facebook wants to know if the electrolytes break fast they’re just minerals there’s no calories so no they won’t break the fast at fault that was your yes or no question thank you you’re welcome I like this now debby on Facebook she is 63 and she wants to know what she can do about minimizing wrinkles on her face now again guys this is not a stage question because I was just about to talk about that it’s gonna be on one of the videos today it’s this very interesting how these questions are very matching you what I’m gonna be talking about so so if we look at the relationship ship between Quito or intermittent fasting your skin and wrinkles there’s old there’s actually quite a bit of data on this not just in human studies but animal stage so if you have a pet mouse for example and you want down right through their skin or wrinkled their hair you want to put them on a ketogenic diet but if we actually can if we do both of those we’re gonna create some interesting effect on your skin number one normally when you age you actually have a loss of collagen so that’s going to slow down so that aging factor you can actually have more collagen in the skin when you do fasting fasting also kicks like the fasting mimics a little bit of starvation and so your body has all these amazing things that kick in there to counter that that kind of slow down the aging process so you have decreased inflammation of the skin you get you get rid of like aging little spots you you actually have more blood flow to the skin the top two layers of the skin start slowing down and aging I mean like all these really interesting things so I’m gonna I’ll do a complete video on it but the blood flow alone from the activation of certain things when you fast is going to be huge because you’re gonna see like like the elasticity it’s going to be softer skin not as rigid just healthier looking glow so that would be does she need to start taking any collagen or just no no that that actually doesn’t do much skin is a reflection of a lot of things with just good nutrients in general you would want the like the definitely the trace minerals a good amount of vitamin C that’s going to be important but you really that those don’t work unless you have the healthy version of Aikido and intamin fasting implemented so I wouldn’t actually add any supplements unless you’re doing this correctly because if you’re not doing it correctly and you’re using the supplement you’re not gonna see change it’s gonna be expensive urine go right through you okay now Karen I do have a little quiz here oh okay speaking about skin it’s out of all the things that you can consume what is the number-one thing that is the most beneficial for the health of your skin let’s see if you guys know this answer okay everything yeah Kirsten’s watching oh good alright so you let that answer and yeah we see you I tell you what Frank had a question he’s from Toronto Canada he’s listening I’m just gonna answer the question because it’s frozen here he has a large prostate and he wants to know Quito one meal a day he might be doing that one one meal a day he’s on keto and he’s doing high-intensity exercise so he probably has a question about what are those the right thing for an enlarged prostate and and the answer is absolutely because if you look at a high carb diet that creates inflammation and that creates a lot of other issues related to the anabolic effect of things like the antibiotic effective insulin having high insulin it makes things grow so if you actually Dookie tell you you can improve that area of your body but I would definitely Frank if I were you I would eliminate all dairy if you have the prostate issue eliminate dairy you really want to also work on your liver because that’s going to actually help the balance of testosterone so that’s going to be important and don’t be afraid to consume a good amount of cruciferous vegetables because believe it or not sometimes the excess excessive amounts of estrogen in the diet and in the body can contribute to an enlarged prostate so those are some things that I would recommend Frank all right okay the answers are pouring in what do we got so a lot of people you’re saying water okay vitamin D and then another big answer is vitamin C okay and then there’s fats and oils mm-hmm a couple of food things like cruciferous avocados or greens one person said b12 okay good water water good guesses good guesses okay so the answer is cod liver well okay ask me why why because it has four things actually yeah has four things it has two this way that’s awesome yeah so common oil doesn’t just have two the most important omega-3 fatty acid it’s like DHA and EPA but it also has vitamin D and vitamin A which is really good for the skin now it doesn’t have a lot of vitamin E and you can get that from your leafy greens but for your skin you should be consuming cod liver oil on a regular basis because it’s a powerful thing for your skin to make it look healthy and give it the fats because it has fats and your skin is fat you’ll actually provide all the precursors to building healthy skin especially if you have dry skin too so cod liver oil is the top of the food chain the things for the skin but you guys I have another very important difficult quiz question coming up so don’t click off yet okay good all right okay good so getting some similar questions here and always we have some new people joining us so let me ask you some really basic questions okay what we throw a lot of words around here you assume everybody knows okay what does keto actually mean all right what does keto me what is key to me keto is short for ketones but let me define ketones ketones are alternative fuel in your body so you can run your body on sugar or ketones and the way ketones are made is from your own fat so when your fat is burned you actually it can turn into ketones and you can use that as fuel it’s a superior fuel because your body likes it it’s good for your brain it’s good for your heart it’s good for your mood it’s good for your nervous system and so the other thing about ketones it’s like people when they will lose weight they want to burn fat right well when you think of fat burning just think of ketosis because it’s the same exact thing so when you’re burning fat you’re in ketosis when you’re in ketosis you’re burning fat the great majority of people that are trying to lose weight they’re not actually burning ketones they’re not actually using ketones they’re just they lose some water weight and then they plateau and they struggle but the average person that’s not overweight is carrying around a lot of fat like about a hundred thousand calories of fat if you take an obese person they’re taking they’re carrying a lot more so we have this huge amount of stored calories that we should be tapping into because we’re sure we should be burning fat but a lot of people don’t realize that the way to tap into that is through using ketones as your fuel and getting your body to break that down okay good so why you know you see other diets advertised and you know there’s weight loss and things like that why is this keto diet any different or how would you compare it to other dives well I think it’s it’s a lot better simply because it handles a really really really big problem that most most people have with majority of health problems are related to a condition where you have too much insulin not just diabetes but inflammatory conditions if I deliver all sorts of things heart issues and so this high insulin is behind a lot of these problems and so keeps ketones or going on a ketogenic diet handles that specific issue and when you combine it with in a minute fasting you have two powerful tools to really help to regulate this root problem behind so many health problems so the benefit of this diet is that handles a lot of health problems indirectly okay great is it hard to do well not if you do it correctly if you do it like people that you sorta Kito they sort of get on it so they don’t bring their cards down low enough they struggle they don’t get into ketosis as fast but ideal if you do it correctly like I teach people you should be able to get into ketosis within three days and you shouldn’t have any of the side effects that people say that you might have like keto fatigue or key to the flu that’s just basically you’re not doing it correctly with the right healthy nutrients so the transition could be very smooth if you know how to do it right so no it’s not hard okay and you mention the side effects it that you know there’s you said there’s things that you’ll experience if you’re not doing it correctly but what if you’re doing it correctly are there is there any drawback is there anything negative that you could experience from doing healthy keto diet the way you yeah well describe I think I’m going to be totally transparent there are some serious side effects to this year your pants will flow fall off because you lose too much weight you end up spending a lot of money on new clothes which is very expensive of course when you’re doing it fast and you’re cutting down like maybe 300 outs on your shopping bill so maybe that can compensate but you’re gonna have more energy so you’re gonna end up having to do more work around the house you know your spouse your will have you do more work as all this extra energy but I’m being very sarcastic the benefits are huge there I have not found any drawbacks the drawbacks or the side effects of being on a high carb diet are huge you know fatigue and the other big benefit of keto is like you’re hot you’re you don’t you’re not hungry anymore so you could do it long-term sustainable wow that sounds pretty good yeah I think I might try it you may want to think about it care about doing it so okay what if you’re just starting out and you’re you’re brand new yeah you know what’s what’s a really simple way to get started how do you know what to eat and what not to eat it can be overwhelming right well I won’t get into the details I’ll give you the big overview it’s real simply bring your carbs down between 20 and 50 grams a day so it’s low carb you want to bring but we’re not counting vegetables so bring your vegetables up to like seven at least seven cups a day ok so we do that have a moderate amount of protein you know three to three to eight ounces or three to six ounces depending on how big you are and how fast your metabolism per meal okay and then it’s high fat so high fat moderate protein low carb large most vegetables that’s the simplicity of it right there now to to get the details then you can you can go on the website and really dig in to the specific questions but that’s the simplicity of it okay okay good and you you mentioned something about how long you can do it what if your goal which I think for most people their goal is weight loss although there are so many other health benefits but what if you achieve your weight goal would you continue yeah it’s kind of funny like people like hey yeah just lost weight so I’m going to go back to what I was doing before and gain it all back I’m like no this is a long-term thing because the benefits of longevity health cardiovascular cognition are all part of it so when you do it and you feel good you’ll you’ll have that realization that you need to stick this is a long-term thing and it’s not uncomfortable at all dieting is uncomfortable because you’re hungry all the time this one is sustainable because your hunger goes away and that’s really what makes it easy to do in the long run well it must be easy to do because it’s hugely popular and not just in the United States all over the world you can read articles and see posts and things like that why do you think it’s so popular well it’s definitely popular because it works if it was if it didn’t work it probably wouldn’t be that popular something that works you’re gonna tell your friends your family it’s like life-changing that’s why it’s spreading virally right now all over the place because it simply works and so a lot of people are doing it I think it’s I know it’s not a fad it’ll be around for a long time well it’s been around for a long time it actually isn’t a new know discovery right it’s been around since like the 20s for epilepsy but what happened is like then you have the Atkins but dekins was higher amount of protein he didn’t really talk a lot about ketones at that point but even though he did a little bit and then there was an isolation of ketones and like how can we actually just have a diet that is like just targeting that and that’s when you know that’s where you see it a lot now with moderate protein high fat low carb and some people just call it low carb high fat same thing cool yeah very good questions came yeah well this is social media that’s right so let’s see if this works Laurie you’re calling from Virginia your the question go ahead yes my name is Laurie I’m coming from Virginia and I am and Arenal and I am going through menopause and I am taking your adrenal supplements and your estrogen I am getting I’ve been on your program since the 10th of this year and I’ve lost 17 pounds and but I’m dealing with I’m dealing with daily all-day dizziness Moody and I’m grumpy and diarrhea and I’ve tried to eliminate things to try to figure out what the diet riah issue is but okay I meant a lot so I have a couple quick questions just answer them very rapidly for me are you consuming anything with sugar alcohols at all like a little kiddo bombs or an English sugar alcohols like wreaths or tall xylitol mannitol all any of those I had been but that was like a couple weeks ago I stopped it in my coffee thinking it was that but it never stopped the diarrhea didn’t stop okay are you doing any MCT oil or coconut oil I haven’t done it no not all the time just smidge to add it to some of my supplements to get it to go down okay but not in all the time think anymore okay so put that here cuz that too because that can create diagraph are you doing a lot of vegetables that you’re not that you haven’t done in the past so is that like a new thing and see I stopped my kale shakes which is not a normal thing for me I stopped them Sunday thinking I could help get rid of the diarrhea I want to continue them because I’m felt better but that’s why I’m weeding out – not sure if it was that I don’t think it was okay cuz I still got it okay are you craving salt yeah okay yeah I feel like I am okay so here’s what you do Himalayan pink sea salt start increasing that in the diet because when you actually have adrenal fatigue going into keto and you do keto you lose the water the dream else need salt to recharge them so if you don’t have enough salt you’re gonna feel a little tired a little dizzy maybe a little lethargic so all you have to do is increase the sea salt you’re going to brighten up but don’t eat things like potato chips increase the sea so just have like put it on your food I like the Himalayan sea salt that would be really really good now with the diarrhea you’re gonna be losing a lot of minerals – trace minerals so you’re gonna have to put that back I think you’re going to need to do more of a like a carnivore for a month or two because there might be a little bit of a imbalance with your with the microbes and and you might have a little SIBO you can look that up and so when you’re here you adding all the fiber you know that could be an issue you I just I’m not saying to totally do it but just try it to see if that helps you watch my recent video that I didn’t area on what you need to take to stop it and to maybe you definitely need probiotic and blackberries and kefir that will help you and maybe some psyllium seed so do that Lori and and stay consistent with the out without taking the other things that I mentioned as well and let me know how you do next week okay thanks for your call all right Karen okay there’s some good questions here first of all lots of people I would say lots more than a couple are asking how much cod liver oil what form of cod liver oil want to just answer that what I would do is I would unless you can find a tablet without multiple dextran that they put with it you want to get either the in the pearls or you want to get it in a liquid now the ideal one that you can get would be the virgin cod liver oil it’s a bit expensive but if you can afford it that would be the first choice however the other colorful oil that you can get on the market that is of course non-gmo and all that it’s not usually it’s not going to be a problem um it’s not like wild-caught that would be awesome you know even if it’s in liquid that you’re going to benefit from that greatly to so you can do that but try to get the virgin if you can’t just get a higher quality wild-caught and how much i would honestly you know it really depends on your situation but like a tablespoon a day would be awesome or a couple of those little pearls per day maybe three of those per day that would be good you don’t need to take more than that now the cat the the soft gels that I had were like big honker stuff right I’d – yeah that’s cool okay that’s probably not even a tablespoon in the no no okay good now here’s a really interesting question well before you answer that I’m gonna ask a quiz and then won’t go right to this question speed with an answer all right quiz and all the things you can do to improve your health out of all the things you can do what is the cheapest thing you can do to improve your health this is an easy question guys let’s see if you do the unit soon what is easy what is the cheapest way to improve your health of anything that you can do come on guys you got this all right now you can go to this okay for the college students out there pay attention can I win money too no okay so someone asked what kind of salad or what it was worded funny boat what kind of a salad gives you ten cups so and then people are saying well you have to have a wide variety of vegetables and the whole thing I mean my two cents on that you know what you eat every day and what I eat every day right and it’s just a huge bowl of salad it’s like what do you like right there’s some there’s some if you could mimic the type of vegetation that is similar to what you ate in the Paleolithic times cavemen times that would be the ideal seems I hate Brussels sprouts not even that you know like different different herbs and different like I love to go to the farmers market they have this blend of salad that’s like all over the place from all these different things that I’ve never had versus romaine lettuce so if you get a mixed greens that’s better than just one and that’s what I would do now as far as the amounts go it’s just just take a little handful you know that’s one cup and do that seven times now it’s not that hard Karen you we got to get a video this you you make salads probably ten cups it does but you chop it down so it looks like it’s three cups but you could knock that out and it tastes good and in fact you even want more but it’s not hard to do once you try it and I think people don’t know how much that is they’re they’re thinking like this huge bowl and they’re like chewing for hours like no that’s why I use the salad scissors because I don’t want to deal with that yeah and I just happen to love arugula I also love red cabbage the more purple cabbage more bitter is the better bitter is better that’s right bitter better but there is this idea and someone else posted on here Oh Elena dandelion greens yeah absolutely that’s the best that is really great if and if you like that and some arugula is very mild some arugula is so peppery it’s almost like a mustard green no one likes stanlon greens that you different health reasons but I will say that the dandelion greens are bitter and they’re hard to chew you’re like well that’s true and mix it in with other things but a point came up here you need a super wide variety of vegetables and then someone else is saying you know we live where we live we don’t have a variety like that so maybe we can’t do Quito no something is better than nothing something is better than nothing just getting that the principle of more greens and getting rid of the carbs and the sugar the grains and the sugar if you just think that like okay I’m just gonna go through my day and I’m going to make sure that I don’t have anything that’s a grain or anything that has sugar I mean you just have to start really simple and honestly when I started I really revolted against what I couldn’t have so what I did was focus on what I needed to add to my diet instead of what to avoid instead of what so later well he’s the doughnuts he just added some salad too high it might sound funny but what I focused on was getting seven cups of vegetables a day and I didn’t focus on anything else but when I told you to have something more green I didn’t mean pistachio ice cream and lime green jello I meant Sally I know sometimes I’ll have to clarify those pointy mint green tea ice cream or pistachio ice cream gelato okay that’s just not fair now I just have to just have to say so I just have to say this one thing and then I’ll zip it okay there is a new Kido dessert that we’re coming out with in these little sachets that is to die for and it’s pistachio cream and you know why why it’s so good is because it has pistachio butter in it and it’s like wow it’s gonna be really good I know people are gonna be asking when it’s going to be available so it’s gonna take a little bit because you know where to make that it just takes time but just stay tuned that’s gonna be a very very delicious treat after your meal notice the snow yes okay so here’s one more question that you followed the whole salad vegetable conversation on social media here so if I have this huge salad won’t that kick me out of Quito the thing about Quito is that you you want things that don’t stimulate insulin there’s really only two two things that won’t stimulate insulin as far as food that’s fat and fiber so vegetable is mostly fiber it’s not very sweet it’s bitter actually some of the vegetables that we’re talking about so that it’s not gonna really mess with your keto too much but we but if you’re doing fasting we’d prefer if you’re doing a big salad do it at the meal but if you’re doing a little bit of a green drink or something like that it’s not that big of a deal so good questions though yeah it does kick you out of fasting right but not ketose not necessarily ketosis right unless it raises insulin better watch your dressings but if you actually these dressings are full of sugar sometimes so you really have to read the label yeah but if you if you look at the calorie aspect because the count if you have food with a bit too many calories regardless that will activate something in the small intestine something called GI P what’s your activate insulin so again you know you have to learn the different points to this but but we’re not going to count calories we’re not counting calories but I’m just saying that if you want to do a true fast just do it true fast without anything but I’ll I have some really good videos coming down the pike with that one too okay so you had asked a question and this was a while ago so I had no I have to go back and see what these guys answer I said what’s the cheapest thing you can do to increase your health let’s see if anyone got it right you find it well if Sydney is answering the question let’s see it alright you look at that Karen I need to answer a question from ya Eva you’re from New Jersey you had a question go ahead yes I have Hashimoto okay I am 55 and I have to lose another last ten pounds which ones look like I started struggling with a lot accounting hizmet I’m thinking about going one meal a day but also I am afraid because of my Hashimoto is in fact is the safe for me got to do it good question 90% of all hypothyroid conditions our Hashimoto’s it’s autoimmune there’s some really important things you need to do for that one is the selenium you want to increase your selenium a good amount there’s some hardcore research on this that will show you that because it’s an autoimmune you have a lot of free radicals going on a lot of inflammation the selenium is the key nutrient to counter a lot of that and you can even diminish hydrogen peroxide being generated and a lot of other free radicals and the in thyroid so I would take selenium okay and I did a video on this recently and you can look it up but I would for sure do Oh Matt because it’s going to reduce your inflammation just make sure that one meal a day that you eat is really nutrient-dense because the thing with low thyroid is that if you do keto with low amounts of nutrients that’s what messes with the thyroid so as long as you’re doing a good amount of nutrients and you may need to supplement you’re going to be fine but I think that would be very smart because your inflammation is going to go down your immune system is going to get better but definitely add selenium all right Karen what do we what do people answer answering I’m enjoying Facebook today you guys are awesome so so are you youtubers but there’s some funny answers over here most people both on YouTube and Facebook are saying fasting or intermittent fasting some are saying keto a couple people on Facebook are saying cook at home I like that I like that answer thank you for that answer exercise and my next favorite answer is sleep sleep although I guess that when you sleep you are also fasting so that’s a twofer the thing is that the thing is that I’m specifically mentioning cheap where shoe get healthy what’s the cheapest way to get healthy is it what about drink water you think drinking water no no fast it’s not eating yeah exactly that’s the answer so it’s a very very cheap you can save a lot of money when you don’t eat and you get a lot of health benefits but of course it’s not the healthiest thing if you do it too long if you fast for three years and that could be a problem so I’m just talking about a period of time right but it’s interesting though isn’t it just fascinating and by the way guys if you haven’t come to our some our last year two years of summits last several years of summits you need to come to this one because we’re gonna be emphasizing fasting and in a minute fasting a lot of the speakers coming you’re gonna emphasize that it’s just gonna be hot you’re gonna learn stuff that you’ve never heard before it’s going to be very valuable it’s gonna be in Maryland at the Gaylord hotel we will send out a video and a promo on it next week it’s gonna be at the end of August 29th and 30th so 20 well Rodney ate Friday but registration only starts at 1 o’clock on a Friday come early you want to come early because Saturday morning we start right at 8 o’clock it is a very early morning so most people the vast majority people show up on Friday and then they go out into National Harbor into DC and have a blast on Friday the true statement Karen it’s true all right medical room rates to Marco’s is calling from Boston Marco’s hey being down great but my question is you know I first of all Deborah I loved it your I loved your video on the coronavirus and how you know you be the flu the regular flu kills a lot more people than the coronavirus and to be mindful of that here in Massachusetts we have about dozens of people that are under observation right now but from this angle I’d like to ask you if you are diabetic and you’re not very young but you’re not very old either say you’re 50 years old what are some of the ways you can do to boost your immune system is Quito a big thing use intermittent fasting a big thing I do a 20 hours on for 4 hours off and my wife does like a semi two hour so in relation to diabetics what should you do we also take you know k2 and vitamin D awesome thanks for calling Marcos so yeah there’s a you know the people that get infected with a virus there’s certain people that data they’re like immune to it other people get infected they don’t have problems other people are getting infected they have problems the healthier you are the more you’re going to bulletproof I will be releasing a video this next week on all the sneaky little devious strategies these viruses do to hack your own immune system so you might want to watch them because they are devious a virus is not really alive and it’s not really dead it can only leech onto your your own cells and act as a copy machine if your cell membranes are weak okay so so this release relates to how can you strengthen the cell well probably starting at the top of the list as far as improvement in immune system integrity it would be fasting that’s number one number two is low low carb because the sugar makes you more susceptible to getting viruses number three hope you’re sitting down for this one stress when you’re under stress you’re more susceptible to viruses back in practice I take all these cases coming in and so many a case after case viral infections you know like okay so wanted to start what happened right before that a stress event stress is a big factor so whatever you can do to minimize stress that would be good long walks you know get out of town go on vacation but all these things are very very important stop watching the news thank you Karen watch something positive because I’m telling you they’re really hyping this thing up they’re pushing this up and it’s creating more fear fear well let you know that’s just not good that’s not a healthy state to be in if you’re diabetic you may want to add more things like antioxidants like vitamin C for example a natural food based vitamin C to help your immune system it’s probably the most important one as an antiviral garlic is very very very important zinc is really important vitamin D is very important one of the things that the these viruses do to invade your body is they know that vitamin D controls the immune system so they go in there and they shut down your ability to absorb vitamin D so unless you take more year you’re more susceptible to getting this virus so that was a long answer but that’s what I would do if I were you Marco’s also watch my video I did recently on boosting your immune system okay because I cover all that all right Ken give me give me a really easy question do you have any easy ones cuz these guys are really challenging I know they do come up with really good questions here is something near and dear to me how can you support or eliminate shingles pain you don’t want to support pain but you know what I mean how can you you have shingles it is very painful I had when I was a young kid and which is unusual but it’s very painful yeah it’s very painful the it’s a viral infection and it comes out when you’re stressed there’s a couple things you can do if it doesn’t invade and break the skin and it just hurts it starting you can press on the opposite nerve which is usually it’s going to be in the back or something it’s usually on following a rib around there if you work on the opposite side it tends to actually reduce the pain intensity but there’s some things you can do the biggest thing is to take zinc really fast take zinc is very very important there’s a couple other things to alpha lipoic acid and there’s something else called NAC you can get those as supplements and take them to reduce the severity and the duration of that viral infection but really the biggest thing is just to simply and very easily avoid all stress and you’re good to go but this dress is the activator yeah yeah okay you haven’t had any outbreaks three years no I I had got shingles when I was 16 years old and it was really really bad case but I haven’t that’s the last I’ve seen of it thank goodness and then um doing keto and intermittent fasting – yeah that’s gonna be a void experiencing that again because it was terrible yeah I know and it was after stressful interesting okay Veronica she’s calling from Iowa are you there Veronica oh yeah yeah my what part of film like you’re welcome what part of aisle are you from I’m actually in mo more but I I do look down to Palmer chiropractic dynacord I know I did yes I I’ve been there that’s where I went to school a lot of great memories yep yep great place I’d be lost without a mom Talia yeah well I’m a 66 year old obviously female I’m postmenopausal um I’ve had a lot of surgeries in my life lost both shoulders both knees can still exercise fairly well in on keto for three years I do fasting I’ve been on fasting for six months that’s anywhere from 20 to 22 hours a day but you know what I do no matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of this midriff long okay what am I doing wrong so I have a question do you do keto very strictly or is it you do it most the time but you do go off a little bit while if I go off it would be possibly once a month okay okay next question when you are fasting and you’re about to eat are you really hungry for that meal or not sometimes most of the time is just okay it’s it’s it’s in the schedule time to eat and I go ahead and prepare my niolani okay and as far as your Pascoe’s you’ve had surgeries you’re postmenopausal recently and you also do you have a history of maybe doing carbs for many years and possibly having insulin resistance yeah I do that’s got in a problem yeah okay so this is I think this is what you need to do Veronica I’m gonna take the worst-case scenario and I’ve dealt with that quite a few times you have people that you know they the postmenopausal women have more estrogen men they have all these things that are countering them hormonal eli’s thyroid could be involved and now they just can’t get rid of that that mitt that stubborn wait this is what you’re gonna have to do you’re gonna have to do all mad every other day and I’ve recommended this to several people and it’s worked really really well because the principle is don’t eat unless you’re hungry so I would ride the wave and go as long as you can so have a really good meal every other day and that’s just maybe what you might need because the metabolism is too slow now and and it’s just your body is just like very efficient at holding on to that fat so you’re gonna have to kind of extend it longer and I did recommend that to some people recently and that’s the only thing that worked so it’s one meal every other day now if you happen to do that and all of a sudden you’re not hungry at the second day you may want to ride the wave and just do it a little bit longer and just go every third day and and just try it out but obviously don’t push it too much take nutrients as well but I think you’re gonna have to do that right now to lose that last bit of weight thanks for Annika on that Nell Karen on that note do save the date August 28th through the 30th plan to come to DC to the Gaylord in Maryland for dr. Burke’s healthy Aikido summit 2020 save the date cross everything off come for a long weekend have a blast here the all the promo will be coming out hopefully next week yes and have a great week have a great week we’ll see you next week [Music] [Music] 

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