Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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back good morning we have Karen here morning good morning good morning guys today we’re gonna answer your questions and just realize that I have to always say this that if there’s we’re not trying to diagnose you or provide substitute for any medical care this is just for your information to do your own research that being said I know there’s a lot of questions there are people on social media there’s people from different areas of the state where we go there’s people from all over the world I didn’t note all that down okay morning because the GW Parkway was really kind of a busy place well I tell you what then as you’re accumulating the questions I’m gonna just jump right into it because I know you guys have a lot of questions Margaret you’re from Austin Texas you had a question about breastfeeding right yes thank you I did see you had a video and I watched it several times but I apologize I’m not done but I just didn’t get your answer if you’re saying yes you can take keto when you breastfeed or you’re saying no I feel like you’re saying yes but I wanted to confirm in the reason why I’m a little leery it’s because I have a over a hundred pounds to lose and I’ve kind of been talking about that it’s a bad idea because the sugar that you’re gonna be letting out is going into the baby and all this other information so anyways I just wanted to confirm is it a yes you can breastfeed even though you have like a lot of weight to lose into keto and then one last question I’m gonna dig in there it’s any chance you might start about information on baby well you open the can of worms Merritt Margaret no just kidding no this is a good question yes you can do healthy the healthy version that I talked about in the book which right here there’s a lot of versions of keto the version that I’m recommending is a version that provides the nutrients as well as lower in the carbs the when you lower the carb so you’re going to basically lower insulin you’re going to improve everything because there’s there’s some there’s studies out there that show that when you do high carb diets and when you’re actually pregnant it can create leading to increasing susceptibility of that infant developing type 2 diabetes so an insulin resistance so what you want to do is you do want to do healthy Kido but you’re basically providing all the nutrients and substituting with a food based multi not a synthetic based synthetics are only good short-term that long term you don’t want to take a synthetic on a maintenance base at all that creates problems the other thing is that nutritional yeast is going to be really important as you hopefully breastfeed your child as far as in a minute fasting probably not gonna recommend it because at this point you know we don’t know your nutrient levels so because you’re you’re running off your reserve and the main thing is just keeping your carbs down down providing all the nutrients and you’re gonna have a very healthy baby one little point and I do have several videos already out you can look look them up DHA is a healthy fat that only comes from animal products it does you can get it from algae but that’s a whole different topic but you get it from fatty fish fish oils mainly I would highly recommend a good high quality Collard boil or salmon oil that you start taking immediately and you’re gonna find that the H that your DHA will be high that’s a healthy fat and that way the you’ll get a maximum availability of that nutrient for brain and the retina okay of your infant alright talk to you later Margaret good question hey Marie you’re from Connecticut you had a question about the your eyes go ahead what do you want to know yes hi good morning I’m a burger not a hamburger just a burger quite a while now my mom has they’ve called it sarcoidosis but they she really doesn’t have all the markers but she has high levels of inflammation she’s been her I she can barely see out of her eyes because the inflammation and the floaties are so dense and there’s so numerous she has been doing keto for about six months she has been on Remicade infusions like every two but it’s becoming very hard on her body and I don’t know if we just wait out and just keep doing the things we see with the Kido the healthy Kido and the in a minute fasting or if there’s something else we can do and sinus infections I’ve been trying the oregano oil but I saw something you said about the Sarah kept ace I think so I was gonna crush that up and put it in my son’s um wheatgrass juice powder that I give them and it would that be okay yeah yeah sir pepper taste is a powerful enzyme it helps clear out things like that mucus and and proteins because that’s what mucus is as far as I think you said your mother sounds like it’s autoimmune in which case the most important thing right now is intermittent fasting do prolonged fasting each month what that’s gonna do it’s gonna drop inflammation it’s gonna really help her so watch those videos the other thing with the eye is that there’s a great product I don’t sell it you may be able to find it online probably on Amazon or find a practitioner that sells and it’s from standard process and it’s called ocular trophy PMG ocular trophy PMG and you take ever take one before bed on an empty stomach and it’s pretty cool because you know it’s very many theories of how it works but the way that I think it works is it acts as a decoy so your the antibodies they’re attacking the eye as creating inflammation as in the auto as an autoimmune will then go after this decoy in the stomach allowing for inflammation that drop in the eyes and to take one before bed take it it’s a long-term thing and I think that may actually help your mother all right good question all right Karen do you have any really good questions today I want the good ones the easy ones something that I can answer well I do have a ton of questions you asked where people are from so I’m gonna do the small handful of you that told me where you’re from Ohio London Singapore Malaysia Toronto Canada Buenos Aires France Virginia Bank Houston Tara Reef I think never heard of that Oregon Dubai Iraq San Paulo it goes on and on thanks everybody and these are our cities in Virginia he’s in addition to being great at the body he’s a master at geography yeah okay to the questions so here is a guy on YouTube he said he’s been doing keto and having great results but he has continually itchy eyes now this is an interesting question because I think that I’d really need to know something but I can’t probably get it because uh she was gonna take too long but did he have itchy eyes before or after he started Keita that was a big difference if he had itchy eyes before chances are it’s a blood sugar problem related to insulin resistance in which case doing healthy keto if’ it’s gonna handle that big time I had it guys but let’s say he actually got he developed it she eyes when he started this that could mean he needs to adjust a couple things so one thing it could be is a little bit of a beefing up the vitamin B because um it could be related to some type of deficiency there beef up to B is no pun intended and then the other thing is that it could be that some type of problem with nuts if you’re doing it like way too many nuts that can actually stir up because nuts have been enzyme inhibitors and it can actually irritate the body it can create sensitivities even possible allergies so I’m just kind of like sometimes when you do a new program you eat things you don’t normally eat and there could be a sensitivity there so we have to rule that out in which case you’re gonna have to just add one food at a time and see what is react what are you’re reacting to okay cool okay can people drink kefir I don’t recommend it on my version of healthy keto because the keeper has a bit too much sugar in some cases is up to 10 grand so per serving size so I don’t recommend Kiefer so just because it’s a little too much sugar the other thing is there’s a lot of people that I’m finding that are sensitive to Dairy in general so always I’m not saying don’t have dairy but just if you’re sensitive to it don’t do it and also if you have a prostate problem probably recommend cutting down and dairy okay good okay now Crohn’s and IB question is can it be reversed but you know we don’t cure anything here right so can it be helped supported what well if you have a history of inflammatory conditions of the bowel if you have conditions whatever’s of the digestive system and I think you probably heard this a million times right but in a minute fasting is like the most important thing because it lists you it allows your system to to finally reset and heal so in a minute fasting turns on certain genes that are reparative genes especially the colon in your colon Karen there’s just one layer of cells that actually that you innervate and then you can actually absorb absorb these nutrients it’s not like several layers so nothing can be damaged preventing absorption nutrients so when you do prolonged fasting you start increasing stem cells which actually can repair the colon even even more than just intermittent fasting so you can do prolonged fasting so that’s kind of what I would do the other thing too is is probably start cutting down your your fiber I did a video on this there’s more information there’s a lot of questions about this and I’m just going to summarize real quick the more you have digestive problems the the less fiber that you should be consuming people have this idea that oh yeah eat fiber more fiber if you’re constipated no no it’s like if you have a traffic jam like we were in today mm-hmm are you gonna cram more cars in there to try to break open the traffic jam I don’t think no we want to actually do take another route yeah we want to eliminate cars going unto the rain so we can clear it out and the same thing is like you just need to cut down your couch for a period of time it mainly the vegetable carbs because that’s what you’re doing some people can’t digest it and then work up to it because I I believe a balance is important for several reasons for nutrients does feed the microbes but you have to have somewhat of a good digestive system to digest larger quantities of vegetables okay that’ll eats me to a question so somebody’s listening and they say okay well I have irritable bowel Crohn’s some kind of itis in the intestine and I’m not supposed to eat fiber right and yet I’m on keto and I’m supposed to have seven to ten cups of vegetables a day what am I supposed to do well that was my point it’s that cut out the vegetables right now for about a month just protein protein protein is fat okay protein fat what will happen is um you’re gonna start feeling better now you know there’s other options to some people if you actually cooked the vegetables first of all it’s going to make it easier to digest because there’s gonna be less things in there that are gonna irritate you because there are a certain type of the plants don’t like to be they have anti nutrients in there so they have certain things in there for bugs if you have a strong system you can digest them easily but if you’re sensitive you’re going to have possibly some irritation with too many vegetables I’m not going to get into the details at this point but if you cook the vegetables you do enhance certain phytonutrients whether or not Wow and you do get rid of some of the anti nutrients in there not all of them but some of them and so you enhance some of the nutrition and you improve the digest I always heard the opposite that if you cook a vegetable you’re killing and who told you that they right someday I’m gonna find out who Dana’s but there are enzymes that are beneficial in some raw so if you have a combination of raw and steamed but again if you have a good system I find personally if I don’t consume a larger amount of vegetables I don’t feel quite right now some people say well you don’t need vegetables at all well you potentially could actually go without vegetables if you know what you’re doing and you start consuming organ meats you know you can do that there’s a whole thing in that but a lot of people who do this don’t understand that so they just start eating muscle meat and they were thinking of getting everything they want because they’re not really researching understanding it so but organ meats are good personally it’s hard to find quality organ meats unless you go to help the store R Us wellness yeah they have some good organ meats yeah that being said yeah let’s go to Frederick from South Carolina you had a question hi Fredrik yes what was your question okay and I understand that the micro yes so how would I feed my microbiome and what is the if you from the addressable area where they’re more gatherers and her does that make it different than what you should eat yeah I think um like here you just piggy backs on the last question relating to what type of diet you should do with autoimmune I think you should go more carnivore at least temporarily to stop the inflammation that happens because autoimmune is all about inflammation so if you cut down your carbs you’re going to reduce your inflammation greatly so that’s number one you’re gonna cutting down the fiber you’re going to reduce the inflammation greatly the other thing that is very very very very important for autoimmune is prolong fasting I just talked about that so I would do a combination of those two and then at some point you know you can rien do we introduce on a very small amounts and vegetables to see how much you can tolerate but that’s what I would do Frederick if you get D mile as a nation mile and Mailand if you have actually lost a mile and I can’t even say that a good supplement supplement to take would be been folk to me okay because that actually ever helps support myelin that’s the surrounding coating around the nerve good question hey Shelly you’re from Texas how are you Oh forgot I forgot to press the button I’m sorry I forgot to press the button now we can hear now I can hear you okay you got a lot of fans in Austin Texas apparently cuz I’m the boss and also I just have a question I started to Quito on August 13th I’ve lost almost 90 pounds Wow really good except just lately I’ve gone in a minute fasting I am not hungry for about seven days I mean I go that long without being actually hungry I’m keeping my order of your products keeping my electrolytes up and then wheatgrass and all kinds of stuff but my blood ketones are staying in the five and six range okay is this okay a question I have for you how much do you have anymore way too loose yeah I’m I’m at 170 right now I want to get down to 135 okay well here’s the thing if you have extra excess weight fat to live off of your body is telling you hey I’m eating my fat let’s ride the wave let’s keep going I don’t think there’s going to be a problem now you mentioned your ketones are five to six now the thing with that is that there is this this risk factor of what’s called ketoacidosis where your ph goes really high but that’s gonna happen if your if your ketones are like 9 10 11 or greater and that usually happens mostly when you’re diabetic type 1 you’re still 5 to 6 so because you’re not eating and you’re fasting so long you’re gonna have ketones that high at that level that’s normal there’s not a problem so unless it gets like nine ten then you you need to get check with your doctor in some serious hardcore fat-burning now so that’s going to be normal and I would just focus on your nutrients and ride the wave and if you’re not hungry don’t eat and as long as your Energy’s high everything else is good I think you’re you’re doing you’re great so keep going thanks Michelle and I want I want to talk to Drew Drew’s from Nova Scotia do you know that is yeah hi dr. Bergen hi how are you hi my problem is start Quito nine months ago I did it for three months between those three months I had a really acid who like what happened is that I constantly feel like it burns my anus so much like anal fissure or Henry and I feel like lightheaded at times mm-hmm all my minimalist feel like they’re gone okay and this stops when I for example if I go eat a whole bunch of carbs this will stop immediately hey this will worsen and I’ll stop and but what happens is then I a no leakage then I’ve like water like the bank who’s perfect okay so here’s what I would do here’s what I would recommend I would I would you need to increase chlorophyll to first heal that chlorophyll which is in green leafy greens but I think you might want to test it out because some of that fiber may make it worse what I would do instead of beefing up the carbs no pun intended just generally speaking I would increase the carbs with maybe certain berries right now and maybe do a little more cashews okay but don’t if it makes it worse then you’re gonna have to eliminate some of the fiber because sometimes fiber can cause bleeding you know private parts and that type of thing but I’m guessing you don’t have constipation so there’s definitely a weakness there but that’s what I would do but the the good remedy a really good remedy is chlorophyll if you get chlorophyll or wheatgrass juice powder that’s a great healer of your digestive system the fact that it’s you’re getting fizzers and you’re getting weakness probably means that you need more vitamin C as well because that’s you’re getting like a hemorrhaging of those points all right George thanks for your call and Karen we’re gonna go off to your questions I you got some good ones for me yes okay so someone here has frequent nosebleeds on keto what can be changed to handle that well there’s a couple reasons for nosebleeds one it’s the winter things are drying out so that could be an issue too if it’s day coincidence with winter you know that could be a problem well we’ll get a humidifier well it could also be one look at vitamin D levels so start taking vitamin D and vitamin C those are the the things that I would look at when you’re doing keto are you getting enough leafy greens for your vitamin C I think a good source of vitamin C would be a sauerkraut from the farmers market really good yeah or bell peppers so that’s what I would do increase the vitamin C vitamin D and that should handle it but it could because winter everyone’s like dried out I mean you know so that’s what I would do okay so really hard questions you’re being facetious no they’re they’re different questions they’re interesting they’re I haven’t been asked that before okay so well here’s another one I don’t think you’ve been asked is juicing broccoli the same as eating the broccoli well you’re you’re eliminating the fiber so there there is a certain chemical an anti nutrient and broccoli that is like it’s almost like that as an herbicide personally when I take it I can’t do fiber I haven’t tried the juice but you’re getting more concentrated nutrients if you do the juice so it might be good in certain circumstances a short-term thing like for leaving for my cancer or you just want to boost your nutrients up because there’s so many phytonutrients in broccoli it’s crazy especially broccoli sprouts but with the fiber you know you’re adding your you’re gonna feed your microbes so it’s more of a complete product because it’s a whole food well that leads me to a question here you said earlier in certain circumstances with IBS and Crohn’s and things like that that they should eliminate fiber so should they juice vegetables I think that’s that’s a great idea if you have the time and the amount of time to clean up that machine I mean personally what I do is I take my wheatgrass juice powder right because okay I put that in there and I can get a lot of juice in one setting but the carbs are really only it’s less than one gram for two it’s like for 2.5 grams of powder so yeah okay good know this is a question I don’t know what this is thoughts on potassium bicarbonate mm-hmm I think it’s fine I think it’s fine as a potassium supplement it’s not going to be a problem I like the potassium citrate because the saturates actually help lower risk of kidney stones and they prevent the oxalates but you can do it bicarbonate whatever you like yeah now one point about bicarbonates whether it’s or carbonates when you calcium carbonate or potassium bicarbonate you want to take those on an empty stomach don’t want to take them with food because it’s gonna alkalis the stomach acids mm-hmm so you’re gonna then take it you’re gonna neutralize the acid and then you might not have enough acid to digest your food like Tom’s that is correct and if calcium carbonate okay good one more question okay what causes keto rash well it’s it’s usually a B vitamin deficiency going into keto and then it’s manifesting because you need more B vitamins to metabolize the the fat on a ketogenic diet so it has a different pathway different metabolic pathway in the mitochondria so even if you’re deficient it’s going to show up in skin problems now the other thing too is that and this is a side note Karen I know you didn’t ask this but I’m gonna actually you know give up this information people that consume higher amounts of carbs need twice as many much vitamin b1 so the net again the need for b1 doubles as you increase your carbohydrates so all the typical average American person out there is deficient in b1 the standard American diet it is sad sad so what happens is that when you’re deficient one you get anxiety you get nerve problems you get you have all sorts of stuff with mood disorders so they don’t know it though so and they don’t even take me one and when they actually consume more sugar they’re actually depleting their b1 reserves so they end up more deficient so they get depressed in the near on Prozac so other than that they’re poor and that’s a story of America that’s a common issue if they took some be one from nutritional yeast so if you guys have friends or family members that are and have anxiety in their heart they’re hot the consume carbs lots of carbs give them some nutritional yeast and weight within about four to five minutes and then ask them how they feel it’d be like instant relief just incredible relaxation it’s pretty cool yes yeah all right so we’re gonna go to Paul he’s been waiting patiently hey Paul you there yeah so you’re from aloha scottson so you’re in superior which is probably a little cold up there right about now I would imagine oh not too bad today I was shoveling what no blogs on but we are on the tip of Lake Superior so we get the cold lake when Wow frequently probably used to yeah it was it was pretty pretty cold in this area it was it dropped down to 60 five so I’d wear a jacket oh now I’m just kidding I’m from Wisconsin so you sure whether yeah yeah right okay you had a question oh yeah I had a yeah maybe a series of questions or some advice I’m currently seven days into my first longer fast I’ve done a five-day one before and my whole goal is to I have retinitis pigmentosa and since first grade I was told there’s no cure there’s no cure and I just kind of quit going the doctors shortly after high school because they don’t want to hear that anymore I’ve just kind of been doing my own thing with my wife we’re wheeling the health and nutrition Wilma small gym so it’s got kind of all the puzzle pieces together we just need to kind of nail everything down for getting rid of inflammation and all that so basically you you have a problem with your vision right you said your vision yeah so I I don’t see well at night or in the dark like basically tunnel vision so it’s less than ten degrees the vision where most people Contino – besides totally coming back behind their head here so I have a question for you have you ever taken vitamin A I have yeah I was taking that since I was little I was kind of the only thing that they prescribed growing up they take vitamin A with pompe and that could slow the progression don’t yeah there’s two things I would do Paul and them and then I’m gonna put you on hold here for a second so I can’t hear you so night vision is definitely about emanate efficiency but there’s the problem is when you could take vitamin A a lot of times they don’t tell you it’s gonna be synthetic and you don’t you don’t want to do that you want to get your vitamin A always from food cod liver oil high-quality cod liver oil is gonna be the best if I were you I would get Virgen cod liver oil which will be plenty of vitamin A but to take it one step further get some bile salts purified bile salts and take it at the same time with your meals so you have some fat in there that will increase the absorption of the vitamin A extracting out of that kind of oil to help you the other thing that you want to do is get another product I mentioned it before it’s called ocula troph in PMG that is for kind of autoimmune issues with the eye and I would just take one of those before bed you don’t need many just take it for a long period of time I think you’re gonna actually have some great improvements from that but you definitely need the bile salts to absorb that fats I have a vitamin and any fat type of item whether it’s vitamin E k2d a taking purified bile salts will raise the absorption rates significantly all right thanks Paul appreciate it all right Karen I got distracted okay you you just fine yeah I’m gonna go to ed hey Edie from North Carolina are you there yes dr. Berg how are you I’m doing great I’m a big fan I really appreciate you taking my call oh absolutely Thanks so listen um so this past September I turned 50 in the week before it I lost 100 pounds in one year wow that’s wow that’s pretty true yeah and it’s been a life altering experience I I think my brother turned me on to keto and fasting and I took to it like a flame to a moth and within a month I was doing a seven day fast I lost 30 pounds in the first month and now more than 60 says you and the reason I’m calling is that I really respect your work a lot and I’ve been trying for a long time to get somebody of your prominence to validate what I’ve been saying and I’m actually the point now where my brother and I are actually coaching people now and it’s important for me to make sure I’m giving the right information to people you know and one of the problems that’s going on for me is that step saying I saw enough you long ago analysis is paralysis mhm and on now there’s a billion people that seem to know everything about everything and for the new people that come on it can be really daunting and so I’m pretty passionate about my posts on a lot of these Facebook pages and actually earlier this month I was actually thrown off one of the groups for my passionate posts so my question that I’m gonna state is am i giving the wrong information am i gettin irresponsible information when I say this and the question that appears daily that isn’t the question that infuriates me it’s the answers and if you’ve been on any of the Facebook pages every day you see does blank break a fast bone broth this and a million things sugar free gum you name it it goes on and on and on and right away the experience fasters and keto people are like lines in the bush waiting to pounce yes yes yes yes yes yes and I find the answer way more infuriating than the question because it seems to me that the responsible answer should be what are your goals if your goal is otology and the healing powers that come with it then yes everything breaks so fast but when I tell people the way I learned it my first long fast I drank bulletproof coffee every day I drank bone broth when I needed it I ate sugar free gum when I needed it when the hunger waves came and I never noticed did really breaking my stride it on me by the end of my seven days I was on fire with ketosis yeah and I responsible for people to just say yes when their answer should be what do you want to do do you want to lose weight do you want to reduce employee and you want to reduce type 2 do you want to reduce inflammation you want to feel rejuvenated then want the benefits of apoptosis then I say to them fastings personal if you want to use those things as a tool to get through that hey it’s they’re eating a meal and ultimately your goal should be to try to make your fast as clean as possible to try to get the pure water fast to try to get pure on top but apoptosis gets a bad rap because that’s still going on as far as I’m concerned yeah so then I’m feeling your pain because I have the same exact situation I have this I have this group a Facebook group and there’s like over a hundred thousand people and there’s a lot of new people coming on there they’ve never watched a video and I keep telling them it’s all in the video it’s all in a video there’s I guess and then you don’t even have the basics okay so listen I think what you’re running into is is based basically a misunderstood definition okay because people ask what was a break of fast that’s different then will this break my ketosis to different apples and oranges okay fasting is fasting if you’re doing fasting you’re not eating will it break my ketosis that’s a whole other topic so you want to define those and that’s why I create videos on it and I have people keep watching it so I can spend some time on that but just realize this that well I’m gonna just tell you one thing first because I had a lady oh yeah I heard that I don’t know what it was blueberries are gonna break are okay to eat and then I ate it in it it knocked down my ketones and I was so upset because it it knocked me out of ketosis and I was like okay did you realize that anytime you eat it your ketones just the fact that eating in general increases insulin okay regardless of what she it’s going to stimulate insulin to some degree quart carbs more but even if you have protein or even a salad it’s going to bring your insulin up your ketones are going to go down temporarily so yes your ketones are going down but you have to eat eventually so the point is that it’ll come back you it’s not gonna knock you out of out of the the program very long if you’re eating healthy but here’s the thing that you want to emphasize when you consume refined carbohydrates or sugars that has the potential to suppress fat burning for for 48 to 72 hours okay but if you’re doing like some steak and salad or vegetables that’s a very maybe an hour I mean it’s gonna knock you out an hour you’ll go right back into it and then we have fasting which is a it’s a whole definite different definition than actual ketosis so I hope that helped but I think I’m gonna have to do a video on this edge and I’ll actually post it because you just gave me a great idea just to explain all the details but we have a lot of questions we have to go to so Thank You ed alright Karen I’m ready for your question now oh I was just gonna say you know a lot of people don’t have all of the data they have pieces of data and they’re going to give even on even on YouTube and Facebook as we’re doing this show there are people on social media answering a lot of questions some are the answers that you would give some are not answers you would give right so you have people who have success in a lot of different areas but they don’t have all the data that’s why all those videos are done that you’ve been making so that you know if you want that stable dr. Berg answer then you find a video I mean you haven’t done videos on absolutely everything but you know it’s true there’s gonna be a lot of people that want to help a lot of people that have had success in certain things or that put attention on certain solutions and things like that and that’s what they’re going to talk about but I just have one I have a little I have a little advantage over a lot of people that are giving advice because I’ve been in practice and a lot of people haven’t so that’s why it’s and you’re a chronic researcher you’re researching from 5:30 in the morning until on top of that yeah but here’s the thing when you’re in practice working with people and you’re not accepting insurance they have to like in other words you’re not living off of like any type of funding or anything but you if you don’t get results they’re not going to pay you and you actually have a practice for a long period of time working with a ton of people and you’re still in business and whatever you and you’re getting good results then you you’re gonna learn you’re gonna learn from your mistakes and you’re gonna learn that what works and so I’m just taking all the stuff that did work and I’m just projecting it out there and then I’m saying you know what try it out and if it works for you wonderful I’m not saying other programs might not work but I’m gonna give you some shortcuts and strategies that you might want to try and Ed’s point on on what you’re trying to do you have done a video on which is results because a lot of people will say well I’m on keto for two months and I’m not getting any results which is impossible of course you’re getting results and your body’s healing and your tissues healing you maybe just aren’t losing weight yet at the speed you want yeah defining exactly what is your right as a result weight loss well weight loss comes after you get healthy soon then you have to understand you have to get healthy T lose weight okay very good Karen okay okay good so for a question I’m gonna go right to Marie let’s see it’s Marie yeah Marie from Stockholm California I think are you there mari are you there mari I’m here yeah you had a question was your question um so I’m 26 years old now I’m a female I’ve been having migraines since I was in elementary school since I was a kid like I’ve done tests and the doctors and they would tell me one time that it was because of my overbite other times it was because of my sinuses but I’ve had them like really bad like throughout my life so as I got older I did worry maybe like about things like aneurysms tumors and things like that but I did notice that like a year ago I started Kido for weight loss and I did notice that my migraines did like completely go away Wow yeah but the only thing is that like when I stopped for like a UH like a long period of time I stopped keto then I started getting them again I was wondering but my migraines be because of like a diet issue is it because sometimes I still do worry like about tumors and things like that but if it was something like that it wouldn’t away with my diet changing right well I think you’re going on you’re changing your fuel you’re changing your fuel to ketones and no longer running on the as much of the glucose as you ran before the brain does not store glucose it has to its dependent on the glucose from the blood so but your brain cells love ketones so they’re happy with ketones they’re not happy with too much glucose because I think what happens is you develop insulin resistance and you’re certain parts of the brain and that can actually starve your cells of glucose at that point so you just need to simply go back on keto and do it for the rest of your life because it’s a healthy plan and it is going to support any weaknesses with you hat and your nervous system in your brain so yeah I think I mean think about epilepsy that’s a brain problem so Aikido works great on that so I would do a healthy version of keto and keep your migraines gone of course if you go back to carbs you know then we know it’s sugar related so good question hey man to here from Atlanta you had a question how are you good how are you doing dr. Berg good good I have been a long sufferer of eczema and I basically you know popped out as a baby with eggs them all over my cheeks and I don’t have it on my cheeks now but if my hand my feet my legs it’s everywhere except my cheeks um and I was curious will keto and intermittent fasting heal my eczema well have you tried it yet have you tried keto and I have yet um no I haven’t okay I think you should try it I think it could help you the thing the other thing that you want to look at is make sure that you do it correctly like I’m showing you because you want to add in a minute fasting with the healthy Kido version because it’s derivative fasting is going to produce wonderful skin results and the other thing you want to do and we say the healthy Aikido healthy being getting the right nutrients in to the right nutrients and the right balance our omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids you need those in the right balance I did a video on that you can look it up recently I did it if you have an imbalance like most people in especially United States they’re doing heavy on the omega-6 and they’re getting low on omega-3 and those are those collectively are called essential fatty acids so if you’re not getting enough of those in the right balance you get skin problems and then one of the biggest symptoms is flakey scaly crack skin and patch patches of your skin so I would start to look at that so when you do this you actually add more of those healthy fats omega-3 especially to balance things out and I think you’re gonna have a wonderful skin if you do that all right Mandy thank you for your call and Karen yeah interesting stuff here so again the people that are helping on these social media they they may be using dr. Berg videos or they may not but we want to clarify something do you eat popcorn I do not eat popcorn anymore do I like popcorn yes but you know here’s the thing when I eat popcorn probably about a the next day I’m feeling groggy and feeling rundown so I basically um to the point where I’m like you know what I don’t need it it doesn’t make me feel better do I like it yes I like the crunchiness so but you know I guess celery is gonna have to substitute I’m gonna put some butter on my celery and salt and eat them little chunks okay all right good so another question or thing to clarify here you know you make comments like everybody’s different or do what works for you kind of thing and that really opens the door for a lot of these other ideas right if that works for you right right eat fruit fruits okay eat a bunch of fruit if it works for you so that concept of if it works for you knowing a lot of people have a lot of different body problems versus the concept of Quito an if’ and toffee G as a very consistent healing approach for anybody who has a body if you don’t have a body or you don’t have to worry about Karen I think um I’m just gonna clarify that because I I don’t think I meant or intended to say eat whatever you want and no but if it works for you but let me just clarify because you have like you got the vegans over here then you have a combination of vegetable plus meat and then you have the meat eaters carnivores over here right so you have every different version and you got over here you have you know they’re not just doing vegetables or plants they’re doing beans and grains and whole grains and whatever right and fruit you know there’s a way to do vegan healthily I think if you if you had all the nutrients you want if people are doing that and they feel great fine I don’t care I mean like they’re doing great if they’re it’s helping them I think that it’s more difficult and they have to make sure they do their DHA they’re they’re correct iron and b12 hold on and then if they’re fine great do I recommend it no but if it works for you I’m not going to tell you not to do it and then we have the combination of vegetable and healthy animal products that’s what I recommend because it seems to work for most people so then people say well I heard that bla bla and I’ll say you know what go ahead and try it and see if it works for you someone did the carnivore if they’re pushing that they’re recommending it great try it if it works for you wonderful as long as you’re not doing like things that are increasing insulin and you’re getting all your nutrients and you’re feeling better and your health is increasing your teeth it’s not pulling out and your hair’s not falling out you know yeah most of the comments revolve around not a whole philosophy like a vegan or a vegetarian philosophy or meat-eater philosophy carnivore philosophy it’s more like adding a little something like well you know if look a cheat day yeah or like fruits or grains these kinds of things you know everybody’s different you can have some of that right but then you have the philosophy of like you said you know keeping insulin down what actually heals the body what heals the body is that gonna be different for Mary who wants to eat three apples a day well you get you get there’s there’s there’s videos of some girl the internet says I only bananas I’m like you’re eating a mono type diet well the whole thing is if you’re not getting all the nutrients eventually gonna end up with the deficiency here’s what’s really interesting is that a lot of these deficiencies will not show up for three to six months so they’re doing them for a period of time feeling great and then having problems down the road the point is that all I’m trying to do is say hey we’ve found some things that work you might want to try them and see if it helps you if you don’t want to that’s fine but you know there’s this whole thing this kind of it gets kind of crazy out there with people like going oh yeah I know now everyone needs to be eating exactly like this because yeah but then there’s an exception and someone that can’t do ten cups of vegetables because they have IBS and they have SIBO or or they have other types of issues and they’re like okay well good then you’re cut cut that down because you can’t put everyone on exactly the same thing so I’m gonna get people the guidelines and then as far as the exact amounts you’re gonna play with those to see what works for you right but if you if you had no negative response I mean the key thing is to keep insulin down so popcorn fruit right these other kinds of things will pump the insulin up that doesn’t vary body that’s a um a body response but do that stuff you know what I’m saying yeah cuz there’s there’s people gonna there’s a couple people not to that will disagree there no it’s okay to raise insulin like there’s always gonna be insane people out there or crazy people that have a great like ideas that are so far off but those guys are usually on the internet as like trolls or their critics and they’re their whole intention is to criticize but they never tell you what to eat they don’t have diets of like yep it’s like you know I’m gonna do videos on criticizing other people and and they’ll try to shoot hole holes of theories and I’m like okay whatever district 10 those guys alright that being said I’m gonna go to Fernanda Fernandez from Tacoma Washington how are you hello hello hi yeah you know I’ve had my bouts with alcohol and I’ve I’ve taken an interest in nutrition and that’s where I’m like putting all my energy rather than poisoning my body I want to you know put what some what’s better for me and my body inside my body um but recently I have I read a study about neuropeptide Y and how it can help with stress and urges for wanting to consume alcohol and I was just wondering how how would I increase neuropeptide won it in me yeah I think the best thing that you should do is there’s there’s a lot of things you’re going to see out there for very specific nutrients to help with certain conditions I’m gonna recommend that you focus on something a little different I would focus on getting basic eating corrected first rather than even add any any single nutrient to try to boost certain type of things in your brain or in the body I would do healthy keto in a minute fasting for a prize three months and then you’re gonna find that’s gonna boost all sorts of positive things they’re going to help brain physiology especially getting all your B vitamins in order because when you’re an uncle if you drink a lot of alcohol or you’re an alcoholic you’re gonna actually deplete your b1 and other B vitamins big-time and it’s going to create a problem with all sorts of deficiencies of dopamine and other neurotransmitters so what I would do get the basics in and also increase greatly your quantities of B vitamins that would be they look the most important thing and I think that will decrease the urge or impulse to drink and but if you do the basics healthy keto and I F you’ll find that you will also that impulse will go down greatly because your blood sugars would be really really level and you know it’ll bring your mood up and you’ll have more self-control thank you for your question hey Elmo you’re from San San Francisco right or no San Diego are you there yes I am hi what was your question my question is my husband and I first hired that’s a bird good morning good morning and my husband and I was started with Tito he’s doing tremendous find mine is very slow because I have a fatty liver and thanks for your information I know that I’m gonna take more time but he says to instrumentally will he’s lost already 25 pounds but he’s he started developing very swollen is in his calls and feet they looks like abalone very painful to see it and of course he says is hurting him and he has a lot kind of start eating hmm so he asked me to ask you because he doesn’t like to go to any doctor but he trusts you because you do a lot of research about everything and I know that you have this claimer but he trusts in your judgement so to ask him ask you what – okay so when you’re doing what you what happens there’s like there’s two different things one is um like if your caps are swollen versus tender to different apples and oranges if it’s tender which it also could be a little swollen he needs vitamin b1 that’s one of the big symptoms of a b1 deficiency so he could just take a good amount of b1 try to get it from nutritional yeast or find a natural b1 and that should actually help him greatly the other thing for swollen cats is high amounts of potassium so I would just make sure that he’s doing the amount of you know foods that have high potassium to actually satisfy that and usually that’s going to be in a picados vegetables and those things he could take it as an electrolyte as well but he doesn’t want to a lot of necessarily a lot of sodium so potassium would be good okay and the last thing I was going to say is I’m I’m guessing is on keto and I F and just that alone is going to decrease the water retention in the body but if he’s been on keto and I F I’m guessing and he’s gotten good results but he still has a swollen calves I’m gonna say b1 that’s what he needs in fact a good test that anyone could do right now if you’re watching go ahead and press your caps right now squeeze on your calves and is it if it’s tender that’s that could be a b1 deficiency did you know that Karen no do you know what I just asked you you said if you squeeze on your calves and it’s tender it could be a b1 deficiency can multi-task you can and you can sometimes like I can even talk to you while you’re looking over there and you still listening to me that’s the awesome I appreciate that mm-hmm I can do the same thing too but so that that that’s a good question very good question so now we’re gonna go to your question from social media you probably have a good one I have a good one someone wants to know isn’t ulcer permanent the ulcer is permanent if you don’t get the right solution if it doesn’t heal right it’s permanent an ulcer really is a chronic condition it’s not something oh it’s not a little thing it means that something is like really really off the best thing to do for ulcers is to cabbage juice it has something that will help that but chlorophyll chlorophyll is – hands down the best thing to help heal the inner skin there’s other remedies for ulcers but it really boils down to your diet because if you’re doing a lot of refined carbs like for example Karen when I was in college I didn’t eat the best foods I know it’s shocking in fact I ate the worst fish they were all completely refined carbohydrate sugar starches canned foods bad fat Oh deep fried mid deep-fried night oh yeah Crisco but here’s the thing I developed authors can you believe it in college ulcers I didn’t look unhealthy on the outside but I had ulcers and then I decided to take Tom’s I would buy the mega packs and just down these like they’re candy wow that was that I had no clue it was connected to my diet no clue Wow so I don’t even know how I got rid of that but so yeah it can be can be improved I think so it’s not necessarily permanent because I don’t think so you don’t have ulcers now that’s right so ergo that’s right ulcers can go away they can okay good now another question here is what are your thoughts on caviar funny that you asked this question well Georgia recently been eating caviar my son’s wife Jordi and my son’s name is Jordan Jordan and Jordan without Lucy no baby Lucy you know perfect yeah so Lucy is a keto friendly sugar-free baby and we wonder if you’d like to keep it that way we’d like to really keep it as long as possible so we don’t want to add all this sugar because of the problems but here’s the thing actually caviar caviar has some serious amounts of healthy omega-3 fatty acids that’s going to give you a direct bioavailable DHA which is wonderful for the brain and the retina of a growing child so how about there’s been studies that show has been showing yes that – there’s been studies that show that you can increase your IQ by at least 10 points that’s could be significant right ten points Sharron and then also the retina because if you have a deficiency of DHA and you have retina problems you’re not gonna be able to see that well so we’re going to maximize the nutrition so this growing infant can just be a superbaby so you’re pro caviar totally in fact I’m consuming caviar now you might say well it’s so expensive but how much did you bother for not you can buy cheap dollars you can spend a ton of money on you here but you can also go to the giant and or Publix or whatever’s near you and go to the canned fish aisle and they will have several versions of a wild-caught well I don’t know that just okay so and it was like 9 bucks or something like that you take half a teaspoon working it well and then I’m gonna do a recipe and egg salad dip well you did it already I already did it but I mean I’m gonna do it on a video so that everyone can see and some caviar is super fishy like the really big eggs and then we just do like a quarter teaspoon and wash it down with some San Pellegrino or something because it’s super salty and super fishy some people love that now if you think it’s a dad that’s just so good for you though it’s so good for your body and your brain yeah it’s really not about yeah now some people say well I consume a lot of vegetables with or nuts whatever with high amounts of omega-3 cuz I do flax oil or chia well that has to be converted that produces a fad called ala it has to be converted to DHA and you probably get if you’re lucky five percent conversion so you’re gonna be deficient so you know you can do algae if you want but I like the caviar or fish and salmon okay all right we need to go – Reid from Toronto you had a question you there sorry yep hello yep I am following your channel from my friend from 2017 September or August I actually very very conservative on carbohydrates so I don’t take any sugar or anything but I eat a lot of rice and rice flour side so I cut down that but not not to the point the ketose but I able to do intermittent fasting easily so I did that and I lost from 175 pounds to 145 so that looks really skinny so my wife’s little bit upset so I start but still I couldn’t gain anything like I only barely on 150 pounds which is okay my question is that when I do only intermittent fasting and not going into ketosis will cause any issues for nerves or anything like because nerves doesn’t have glucose on the intermittent fasting time like between 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. in the next day not well-known in the next day and during that time it stops for energy and my body is not ketosis adapted so so what happen is it is it going to create a problem for my nerves and other cells because I am NOT in ketosis but I am doing he is so it’s just that that’s my question well here’s the thing when you when you’re doing fasting you are dropping your insulin so you are dropping your insulin your body’s living on ketones when you’re fasting now but if you’re not doing keto and you’re not fully adapted then you’re running off your glycogen Reserve you’re just you’re running off your stored sugar and then that you’re susceptible to all the blood sugar problems like low blood sugar issues and that can affect the nervous system in your brain so I highly advise you not to do fasting without doing how the keto I know people like to eat whatever but I think it’s defeating the purpose because it’s not really making you healthy I mean because the goal is to eat healthy with all the nutrients so eventually you’re going to show some deficiency signs so that’s just my my opinion I’m just the messenger and on that note Karen yeah um we’re gonna end off so guys have a wonderful weekend I really appreciate your attention this long and thanks for being on we’ll see you next week [Music] you

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