Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto and IF

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[Music] [Music] good morning everyone we’re back so anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you or cure you if you happen to become cured just don’t mention our names so Karen looks like we have a lot of people logging on so we’ll give you a couple minutes before you have any questions but I just want to briefly mention that we are going to do our summit coming up at the end of August so we secured a date it’s going to be August 30 if 29th and 30th yes okay so we’re gonna do it then we have a the speaker lineup will blow you away so I’m not going to reveal that until we actually get the page done but it’s going to be an exciting event this week I’m going to be releasing some interesting videos one’s going to be on Doreen Appetit and will it cause weight gain I’m going to talk about that but there’s some interesting twists how to avoid weight gain with adrenal fatigue also I’m going to expand the remedy list for rheumatoid arthritis because that’s a have some really great evidence-based data on natural remedies for rheumatoid we’re going to talk about adaptogens what that is herbal adaptogens and also what people really really ate in the ancient paleo times this will be very interesting then we’re going to go into subclinical vitamin c data which is so common in the four main symptoms that happen that a lot of people have don’t know it but it’s just a simple vitamin C deficiency no I’ll give you one it’s those little red dots on the hair follicle so if you ever see in the back of the arm or the leg that’s a vitamin C deficiency so anyway with that being said let’s go right to Margo from Utah you had a question are you there Margo all right Margot are you are you there okay so um our goal is not there so let’s go to Lilian from Maryland right down the street Lilian are you there looks like we’re good we’re going to fix that so one of the things that and if you have any questions just let me know Kari one of the things that I wanted to mention regarding the 30 day challenge a lot of you guys we have like 40,000 people that are basically logged on and so they’re getting messages every morning if you have a problem with the message just email us at dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm and we’ll figure it out but the point is that there’s a lot of people getting some serious results I can’t wait to see the after pictures not just weight loss for cognitive benefits so the goal was to kind of educate people every every day so we see we give you a little tip on this little phone right here and also if you are new and you want to enroll we will have a link down there and then you basically get a message every day and I help you in coach you to get through this some of you are seasoned Aikido people some of you are doing fasting for five days some of you are just starting out so I try to keep it really really simple intermittent fasting is going to be like the theme the major theme of this summit but of course we’re going to talk about health Aikido but the reason why I want to really emphasize keto fat or fasting is because the powerful benefits which are very very in a way strange that you would actually create a sense of starvation and your body would adapt your brain starts growing new cells the synapse to start connecting it’s just a survival mechanism and I really want everyone to do it if you’re not doing it you have to try it those of you that are doing it are seeing the results it’s quite so simple and it’s not hard especially because the hunger goes away but the benefits are huge I love it for cognitive function but I’ll even bring up your overall mood and so it’s quite remarkable so how we doing Steve we very close doc all right Karen what do do have some really interesting comments here I see uh that’s social media what do we so here’s a question from Christina on Facebook she’s on keto and iaf fasting 20 to 24 hours she wants to be a little acts on the fact fasting on the weekends and she wants to know if it will undo the progress she’s made yeah it’s all it’s all on degrees I think if you if you you can really go off the wagon like really bad and screw it up but if you are if as a minor issue then it’s probably gonna be you know several hours so I think it really depends on how many carbs that you consume and we’re not just talking about sugar we’re talking about refined carbohydrates too for example let’s say for example you cheated with something with sugar in it okay and it was cane sugar versus cheating with something had multiple dextran what do you think it’d be worse Tara what do you think it’d be worse maltodextrin or actual sugar I was not listening okay Malta dextran to the extreme if we look at the glycemic index sugar is like 72 or 74 it might be actually 70 and then you have pure glucose as 100 but Malta dextran is about 110 so if you’re consuming anything with multi-drug straining and you’re gonna descend all that like the muscle muscle powders that they have like muscle gain powers and it’s just so so bad let’s see Margaux you’re from Utah are you on the line I’m on the line all right great we got you we logged in so you had a question go ahead hello to both of you I was at last year’s summit and can’t wait for this year’s is awesome all right pretty see me adding that stuff been doing keto spent the last summit yay I started noticing some usually with taking your veggie solution which is so exciting I’ve been fasting for two weeks now only drinking Thomas de Lauer apple cider vinegar mixes and I’m really struggling right away in the mornings and throughout the day with the strong – ‘them instead of having great results with an awesome brain I’m feeling so foggy and I feel pretty terrible until I break my fast I’ve tested with blood in the first week and I was in ketosis now I’m still only eating 20 carbs but I’m out the last two mornings I don’t know if your electrolyte powder will kick me out I really would like to drink it or if cinnamon added to the apple cider vinegar would but my biggest question is am I still in a fasting state even though I’m testing low yeah so here’s the thing if you’re what what’s the what’s the hours on your fasting how many hours a day are you fasting I’ve started out with 18 who went to 20 started to go down to 16 because I was struggling even moved it down to 12 Gael struggling oh okay so in other words you’re struggling with the symptoms of a low blood sugar yes now were you doing okay initially and then you weren’t doing okay no I’ve always the the symptoms are severe I’ve always had very severe and I’ve noticed a little bit of healing with your green powder and I was able to go a little bit longer but when I jumped right into fasting it just symptoms are there I got it is it is it a dizziness fatigue or so more like hunger pains what would use bigger hunger definitely hunger definitely definitely shakey and definitely brains just dying like crazy like I can’t really think okay so there’s two things I want to tell you Margo and I think it just has to be insulin resistance so what you’re going to do is you know work on your meals making sure they’re good okay then what I want you to add to this is either MCT oil or and maybe even alternate both to see which one works better exogenous ketones are called ketone salts and basically it’ll just give you the ketones give your brain the ketones get your muscles to keep telling energy without necessarily your body puts you into ketosis to make it more comfortable and to make sure the transition is smooth and also to get rid of the hunger and the cravings so that’s one thing I would do to help you go longer and then you just have to you may have to even do three meals no snacks and just do that for a while before your body starts kind of coming back now there is something recently that I heard from a client which kind of shocked me but I want to just mention it too and I don’t know if it’s true with everyone but certain people when they start doing apple cider vinegar in their water sometimes it affects their blood Sugar’s now that’s new to me it’s supposed to improve the blood sugars so try and experiment to see how you do with it or without it generally people do good with it but so experiment with that and also the MCT oil and then just go a little slower and just ride the way because um depending on what’s going on it could just take a little more time thanks for your call all right Karen from actually from Virginia Beach Virginia you had a question on plant-based keto question what’s it what’s your question well actually no can you hear me yes I can hear you okay I was on keto from 2016 to about a year ago and then I got off I was concerned about these things and I was wasn’t moving anywhere but anyway that’s irrelevant um my concern is I got off I’m starting I started putting on weight in November so I have to choose a diet to go on and here’s the thing and I’ve heard about plant-based diets and keto diets and a lot of people are saying that keto is only safe short-term and I can’t find any sources that that tells me that it’s okay long-term my biggest concern is if I can clean up my arteries I don’t know my arteries look like I know my dad had heart surgery and heart so that’s a big concern for me so I’d like to I don’t know where to go plant-based keto or what because so many people listen to ya dr. Johnny dr. Steven country dr. Jonny Bowden you as a mastering diabetes boy Sirus something or other and and I’m looking for sources so I know the confusion just about yeah okay I think the best way to handle this Karen because you got a lot of different viewpoints out there now you could sit down there and study all the research yourself and try to figure it out which could take years or you can just split things up into two different categories try one way a couple weeks and try the other way you can see which works better for you because honestly in order for you to really understand the physiology you’d have to go back to school and take maybe a physiology class to get all the the basics just dive in but I will say this a lot of the plant-based Doc’s that that are promoting plant-based programs they’re quoting observe observational studies which are low on the list of credibility and I can I give references on that the other thing is that this whole data of like keto is only a good short-term that is an argument that they make they say well it’s good for short term but not long term because we didn’t have the studies well there’s no studies and say it’s not good long-term if it works short-term why wouldn’t it work long-term our bodies were developed way back on the lower carbohydrate now did we do plant base yes and you should watch the new video that I’m gonna do on that but I think plants are wonderful and I think you need to eat them in large quantities especially like to get your potassium and sodium so my viewpoint is that you combine the plant-based plants with some protein because if you go low on the protein it’s you may have symptoms of deficiencies I know people who’ve done vegan slightly incorrectly and end up losing your teeth in their hair so I think at the end of the day you need to go with something that provides all of your nutrients and and I would to make this very simple I think you should try both viewpoints and see what you feel better and see the results on each one okay thanks Karen all right what do we have coming through the pipeline on the interwebs okay good so there’s a question I didn’t get the name will she’s breastfeeding and she wants to do one meal a day but wants to know will it affect her breast milk yeah I think that’s something you have to kind of have supervision if you’re doing in a minute fasting breast feeding just because you know check with your doctor because a lot of times you you want to satisfy all the nutrition and sometimes it’s hard because you’re you you’d have to get a very large meal to get all of your nutrients so I probably would do two meals and make sure they’re nutrient-dense I’ve done videos on this so you can watch that but if you’re breastfeeding you need a lot of B vitamins nutritional yeast you definitely need the cod liver oil DHA and trace minerals not to mention vitamin C from all of the Greens okay good so Jen from Facebook she says she wants to do keto she doesn’t have a colon and she wants to know if she needs to do anything differently well you need to go find and see if you can get one replaced they have them they have some spare parts down down at the local now here’s what happens when you don’t have a colon you’re going to lessen your ability to absorb certain things if they if you don’t have the small intestine versus the large intestine is two different things so I think what I would recommend if I were you I would you’re going to have to substitute some of the nutrients with maybe a liquid form of nutrients or something that your body can easily assimilate for example like the protein you might have to do like amino acids so your body can just doesn’t have to break it down it just goes right in or like a greens powder so your body doesn’t have to really work hard on that but you definitely need some five or two that’s that’s what I would do I would actually enhance your diet and do a lot of intermittent fasting that but your body will adapt to a certain degree so it’s not the end of the world but you do have to make sure that there’s certain nutrients that you spike okay okay good you want another one yes I do okay so someone’s asking where they can get information on the 30 day challenge I think if I’m not mistaken it’s down below on the page okay so check it out it’s just have to enter in either your text us or messenger and we’ll take the call and register you good and then I didn’t get the name but someone on YouTube this is interesting question you’ve apparently made a comment that carbs turn into fat yeah that’s right so if carbs turn into fat then why can’t it work on keto why can’t eat in carbs do you look as the goal of me because you eat fat on keto it’s actually an interesting question well here’s the thing in Quito you’re burning fat right you’re burning your fat if you eat carbs it’s going to be converted to fat but here’s the catch 22 not only does insulin cause you to convert carbs to fat but it also at the same time prevents the burning of fat that’s probably what they’re missing so it’s a it’s a catch-22 you can’t you’re just all storing and you can’t burn so you won’t be able to burn your fat if you’re doing carbs there you go yeah okay so now sherry on youtube she says she’s been doing keto for 18 months not sure what kind of keto okay but keto for 18 months yeah but has fluid distended stomach and wants to know what to do about that well you know fluid distended stomach it could be I mean if it’s true fluid that’s called ascites that’s a liver problem and you should probably work on the liver but typically after you ketta for that long and you’re doing the healthy version based on the book that I put out you the only way you’re gonna get a belly is if you’re sensitive to all the vegetables or maybe you’re getting bloating from all the fat that you’re not used to digesting or you’re doing all the keto bums with all the sugar alcohols sugar alcohols can definitely disrupt the tummy and crave bloating so what to evaluate that I’m kind of missing information so maybe you can clarify mmm yeah but it’s not gonna be like you’re not gonna if you do keto healthily you’re not gonna put on fat on your gut but I will say this Karen yeah you familiar with the term cortisol yes the stress for them the receptors for cortisol are in the fat around the organs but not the superficial fat so if you’re getting a belly but not really superficial fat that’s more cortisol then how do you know if it’s superficial fat or like you know the kind of a club type handles that people have midsection the little muffin top I have no idea what you’re referring to okay so there’s two types of fat just make it up making up a term there there’s that what’s it soft or what do you it subcutaneous no it’s the superficial fat that’s right Ernie the skin versus the gut okay that describe it the basketball in the stomach okay yeah keep talking okay so cortisol could mainly will cause the midsection and you won’t necessarily have like just superficial fat like the love handles and backpack that’s not cortisol cortisol is going to be the sagging belly okay this is this an extra tip okay well we’re gonna move on to another question here so Vicki on Facebook wants to know can you explain why we’re always we always heard never skip breakfast or eat five to six small meals a day just to keep your metabolism fired is this just old outdated information no this is actually someone who selling breakfast cereals or breakfast food term started this rumor and longer though and then we just kind of latched on to it and said hey yeah let’s do breakfast yeah it’s a good idea a lot of countries don’t do breakfast they might do a late breakfast but did you know Karen that you know the reason why a lot of countries have siestas we are you ever think about that you ever ponder that country’s having an eating a nap after lunch because they’re it’s a blood sugar crash yes that’s right so I mean even people in a Italy Greece Spain Vietnam Philippines Mexico South America you know it’s like they have the rice noodles the rice the potatoes the corn so when you do those carbs it literally just puts you out and I’m gonna do the video on them can and you’ll need a nap so for those of you that need a nap I want you to try and experiment for one week just cut out the noodles and the rice and the bread and the pasta just for one week and see if you’re still is tired I bet you you won’t need a nap at lunchtime that’s just my guess okay so I’m really looking at the questions right here and it looks like I am lost a little problem with the phone system at the moment so let’s take advantage of that over in social media world okay on challenge and doing clean Quito and if4 three and a half weeks got a rash on my hands only possible causes and remedies help that’s from Kathy usually the rash okay now is that person doing in a min fasting or Aikido she says keto ni f okay here’s the thing there’s two different reasons why you get a rash on keto typically you either have a vitamin b2 deficiency because you aren’t necessarily taking enough nutritional yeast or on fasting you know when you fast for a long periods of time and you don’t have the nutrient reserve you can actually shmatte magnify nutritional deficiencies especially like b2 and b3 so if you do the combination you’re not doing nutritional yeast why you’re fasting then the rash could could come on and you could feel weird so anytime you do prolonged in a minute fat or fasting in general if you have symptoms think nutrient deficiency not necessarily with the fat soluble vitamins but with the water ones like B vitamins about him in C so yeah vitamin C boy that you can actually get the fatigue that’s one bleeding gums there’s actually four I’m going to talk about those but but uh let’s take some more questions okay so here’s one her son has autism with sleeping issues they’ve been giving him melatonin every night saw your video about no melatonin what could she do to help him now this is a really important thing I think that there’s a couple things that I think are really important I would do either a combination of MCT oil or exogenous ketones to just fill the brain with energy that’s gonna actually help your child but also there’s another remedy and that remedy is silicon silica that’s a really good to combat certain heavy metals in the brain and then you want to do nutrient-dense steps so you want to do like a lot of nutritional yeast and trace minerals and really flood that child with some some extra nutrients the other thing that’s really beneficial is vitamin d3 but I should do a comprehensive video on that because I think you can see huge changes just think whatever’s good for an adult would be good for a child so healthy keto and then not snacking and definitely cut out the carbs right because there is no mention of following any kind of low sugar or keto type of diet so we don’t know that right it but that’s important yeah and I have a quiz for everyone so if you want to see if you guys can answer this difficult question what has more potassium is it a potato an avocado or banana okay answer us now on social media say it again what has more what is the most potassium a banana potato or an avocado okay mm-hmm so speaking of potassium someone asks can they use take cream of tartar for their potassium yeah you can you can I mean how much cream of tartar would you need to take yeah I I don’t know you’d have to look on the label but you know you just want to find a high quality source I will say it’s um if you take a thousand milligrams it’s going to taste pretty disgusting because unless you flavor it it’s just it’s hard to get down so but you can do that if you want yeah okay so let’s see we have let’s go to sue from India India laughs Indianapolis Indiana you had a question are you there yes sir um in your book and on your videos you talked about using the massage tool on the adrenal points and going to sleep that way and you say start on the left side then the right side and I want to know why left first and then could you just use the medium width as a tool and do them both the same time yeah you don’t necessarily have to do left to right I’m not sure why I told you to start that way but you can start with either one but the reason why you you don’t want to do both is because it’s too broad of a content you want to work on one side of the time especially differentiating between the left and right one side is going to be more tender and you spend more time on that area and the tight areas and just kind of work work on up through there but you’re basically taking a lot of tension out of the the facha around the abdomen where a lot of people hold their stress and it really will help your sleep dramatically but I would just do one at a time thanks for your question sue all right and then Sammy from Saudi Arabia you had a question are you there yes hi hi first thing is I’m a big fan of yours okay and and me and my wife actually we are really into keto and you’ve been doing this since I came last year March limit and so I’ve been following keto for around six hunting with Asian and so I had a break and then after coming back I fight you you know get back to keto and stuff so the first thing I have two questions the first question is after coming back to my vacation it’s been really hard for me to get back because for some reason you know I am following the same the same instruction to get into Quito but when I’m trying to test my kiito’s B is from the strip’s or by the blood it it’s never you know showing up I mean the the response swords of the you know it’s always showing it’s very small or the percentage coming from the blood test it’s like point three or point five and you know and nothing more than that okay second question is I do a lot of intimate fasting so from eighteen to twenty but what I fear is if I have your wedgie solution so if I drink that in the middle of my interview intermittent fasting would that break me out with cut me out from okay good questions Sammy let’s first start with the first one yeah this is a good point when you get off track it definitely will throw you off you’ll lose your momentum and sometimes to get back on it’s just not a matter of doing what you did before you might have to add some additional changes to kind of get your body to reset for example you might want to add a little bit more exercise you might want to change up the pattern of intamin fasting maybe go a little longer a few days of the week maybe even do one that’s a forty-eight hours once a week just to kind of give your body a jumpstart one of the best things to do after an accidental cheat day or whatever is in a minute fasting or not in a minute fast just fasting a lot longer to get your body to reset now as far as the veggie solution goes you can do it in the middle of between your the eating window not a problem but you might want to test it on yourself test it ketones because on one hand you’re feeding the gut the microbes which actually then will help your blood sugars but in other hand it is something that will break the fast a little bit and if you’re already having problems might want to just stick that veggie solution right at the meal and not in the middle just have a pure fast because yes you’re getting benefit on the fasting but you’re also getting benefit between the eating window too because it’s a combination of things so I would experiment on that and thanks for watching the videos and doing this this is great Sammy alright Karen let’s see what do we what do we have on this quiz well it was mostly avocado at first and then someone said it’s potato I saw his video yesterday and then a lot of people started saying potato I did a video yesterday potatoes I’m just telling you maybe it was a plant maybe it was a deception yeah okay so what do you think it is what was the question what what has how do you improve the focus and listening of okay no okay try again avocados yes yes Karen good yes avocado has 708 milligrams of potassium so but guess what can ya believe it or not potatoes do have a good amount of potassium and you can have a potato as long as it’s raw Steve just don’t cook it you can eat as many potatoes you want as long as it’s raw no no rah-rah french fries and it will not increase your blood sugar so I want to see you eat that and you can also have as much chocolate as you want as long as this baker’s chocolate Steve yeah but yeah that’s avocados that’s why I’ve acardo’s good for a lot of things all right okay so I have a Jasmine from YouTube she has a six-year-old daughter who has dark circles under her eyes we see this a lot in the kids right these dark circles and these little bitty bits and she says she’s a very picky eater what can she do yeah okay so there’s obviously nutritional deficiencies and ideally when you start out with that child you you never even show them a carbohydrate until they’re 16 years old I mean but it’s too late now so you’re gonna have to basically start with having substitutes for the things that she is eating that are borderline not good because the problem is that these kids have nutritional deficiencies so you’re gonna have to first clean the house up if any than anything that’s bad add some keto friendly things start cooking with her try to get her involved in the process of making keto friendly foods that always helps and then also I always try bribing my kids with cash to eat vegetables but that didn’t work so that would work with me that would work with you but not with kids it might actually but no it’s no it’s it’s education it’s leading by example and it’s really cleaning your house out of I can’t tell you how many people that we talked to and they’re trying to do keto and the husband’s not doing it or they’re they have to do keto but they feed the kids something different and you know what really really starts with cleaning out your own home and then you know what we do we just insist and we tell other family members you know with our granddaughter we had just have the conversation no she’s not to be fed sugar yeah and I don’t care what happens when they get older and they’re exposed this happened with our own kids they get exposed they feel like crap and then they learn and make their own decisions but you have to start them out really you have to just set the rules and clean out your house and feed them stuff and figure out you know what recipes what do they like and that’s the you know that’s the parents job and then school is gonna be another issue and you’ll have to control that best you can but it’s education and it’s starting at home yeah someone needs to actually be adamant about that and because what happens is you start going out to dinner and then it’s really hard Oh give me that pride give me the dessert like it’s really hard so you’re gonna have to just cope as well as you can till the child has the nutrition and then their chemistry gets balanced and then they’ll they’ll do much better but the bags into the eyes that’s nutritional deficiencies and you could Terry makes a good point in in debt with keto and fasting you learned your lesson so it’s different because you really feel better when you’re doing this plan and you feel worse when you don’t if you’re having three Lean Cuisines a day that’s just misery that’s never something I look forward to going back to but I always look forward to after spending my knees by breaking I want to go backwards I think I’ve gone a few times but I always want to come back as I want to return to that joy right yeah I mean though one of the biggest upsets was when you went off it and you felt sick really felt sick and you know I think of this time we went out to dinner with some friends and they had their little girl who was just as sweet as anything all through dinner and you know just lovely and then the dessert came and she ate it was that a fondue place so she was eating chocolate and marshmallows and all kinds of things and within minutes she was acting psychotic screaming running around the restaurant couldn’t sit tantruming I mean it was and I and you know you give kids a dessert with the idea that it’s a treat for them well you cannot even pretend that that state of mania is is pleasurable for a child or anyone you know it’s may be pleasant on the tongue and I understand that but but to watch a child than be in this condition where they’re clearly just out of control it was actually really disturbing it is odd they just don’t have the judgment and it’s up to the adult it’s kind of like even asking like if you took Steve for example Steve let’s say you’re hungry and you’re tired right and you ask and you ask your body what am I in the mood for you’re always gonna get the wrong answer so don’t ask that question it’s a bad question unless you’re really really adapted and then you’re gonna be hungry for I think I’m into a cheese salad I have many times been that’s true if you plan to said I’m going to eat a little bit all day there’s no way I can stay away from the stuff that my tongue desires but when I said it’s okay Steve three o’clock is coming and you can have a really full enjoyable meal you’re not going to sacrifice anything then I’m able to discipline myself enough to wait for that change that’s great and we have to get kids to kids have to eat more frequently obviously six-year-old you’re not gonna put it on one meal a day but you know they just can’t I mean obviously if child’s picky they’re not gonna eat what they don’t want to eat so your job is really to find what what can I make and what can what can they enjoy and really like eating that is on the list instead of saying well they won’t eat anything else so I’m gonna give them you know whatever cereal and if it still doesn’t work just do what Steve did to his kids just basically and just you’re not gonna have anything to eat until you get hungry enough and then you’ll eat what I write exactly Pedro you’re from Pennsylvania you had a question go ahead yes from Pittsburgh and why in the show right now yes you are mm-hmm you’re amazing yes so first of all I wanted to ask so I’m doing keto but yesterday I was fasting for the entire day actually fast more than 24 hours I think and today I basically drunk orange juice you know the high fructose one and I think I drank a bit too much because I nearly I drank the entire bottle and I feel like all of a sudden my liver got a little bit bubbly you know like it’s a little bit school and it’s kind of strange I think I’m not used maybe to this amount of fructose I don’t know why I got so hard on it but yeah it hurts more when I you know it gets very bubbly when I sit yeah when I walk around it’s funny I got it would you so you want you have a question what do you do now what’s the question yeah don’t drink any more orange juice okay so this is a lagoon hydro yeah what happens it’s like the fructose either from the fruit or the high fructose corn syrup what happens it doesn’t go to your whole body to deal with it actually the liver is stuck having to cope with all that that that fructose and it puts a huge strain on the liver so yeah I think you learned your lesson not to do that anymore but but if you want to do something to try to clean out that sugar I would get out there and start exercising it off and that way you can burn off the sugar as much as possible but even that might not work because your muscles aren’t aren’t getting it it’s your liver that’s getting it you’re just gonna have to wait it out and do fasting petrol okay okay so I just I’m learning that no one could hear you Steve so it’s just awkward silence while we’re just staring at Steve and no one knew what he was saying he was saying really amazing things about can you hear him they were just looking over there people like you guys yes super awkward silence while Steve’s talking and today he was talking a lot because he had some really good things to say but anyway recap he said he loves keto and a half and it’s he can’t wait when he if he did cheat he felt like crap and couldn’t wait to resume okay Mary says she can hear him Greg says it’s very muffled and good Nelly said he heard Steve everything he said okay good so okay everyone’s saying he can hear him okay now they can hear him now now okay it was his finest moment sorry that you missed it if you missed it but yeah that was probably super awkward us just standing sitting here just like well appreciate your tolerance guys I’m glad you guys all have good adrenals to tolerate things like that no one is critical or fault-finding I’ve really appreciated that all right good Dubai someone’s calling from Dubai Dubai great city amazing city amazing city okay you’re on you had a question yes how are you yes I hear yes yes good good morning good morning I’m not yeah he’s good morning get yours even I got my time how are you today okay good so dr. our stock Aikido after reading your book since almost one year and a half and by the way are mostly adrenal type and I do have an asthma also I got at the beginning I got very high off uric acid and used like theoretics for two months then use your electrolytes and green powder and drink 16 ounces of water to squeeze lemon with free tables 2 spoon of apple cider vinegar every day and after that is perfect maybe it’s too much I’m not sure it’s too much for 3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar of day but usually after food so everything is ok from that time and everything your advice using natural processed food and unprocessed food sorry and use your supplement I started 110 kg might regard almost 240 pounds 242 exactly and after 8 month or each 176 pounds or 66 pounds 70 pounds was gone and I’m stable since been on my wits 170 574 since that time ok now I still have to stretch marks on my skin it’s little no much or my skin especially on let’s say on chest hips belly and little on parts ok so if your might a solution for that maybe and the second one I start going to gym first ever in my life at the age of 38 which I am right now oh ok you can advise the best possible percentage of cost working on fats for the muscle gain maybe I I do eat two meals a day one in the morning when I go to gym I eat one meal in the morning between 9:00 and 10:00 as a break fast I go to general fear o’clock after 6 hours then I take my second I come back from the gym okay I usually do high-intensity work out so I lost myself okay so let me tell you what to do are you ready for this are you sitting down okay so this is what you’re gonna do you need to go to one meal a day because you want to help that skin renew right so the more intimate fasting you do the more you get new skin and that’s all collagen that’s protein so that’s going to be very very important the other thing you want to do is get a high quality vitamin E probably a wheat germ oil and you want to be rubbing it into the skin like in the shower you could like you can take a shower and then rub it and skin for like several minutes right into where the the little red lines are and you’re going to do that for some weeks or even some months to be able to heal and to get your body to reabsorb this that scar in there but that’s what you need to do but the key is the combination of in a minute fasting and then also exercise just to really start to activate the muscles and also the tissue on top of the muscle which is your skin but your one meal a day is going to be key with you and I’m glad you’re exercising so try that and let us know how you do okay that’s an interesting question sure first I just have to give a shout out to Robin Brice who referenced one of my favorite she said Steve sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher and people can only hear you in one ear and you need a microphone and Steve’s voice is like God there’s a lot going on here about you Steve so we’re cutting you off this isn’t the Steve show now anyway so someone wants to know your viewpoint on lentils mm-hmm yes or no no I wouldn’t I wouldn’t recommend this okay now because you know the lentil leads to more lentils lentils okay I don’t know that that was news it’s a new predictor good so what about a coffee enema it does have a purpose it does help to purge the gall bladder does how people I mean occasionally you can do it you are getting a lot of caffeine for sure it’s going to are being right in there so yeah I mean occasionally I think it’s fine okay and there’s a fella on YouTube uses his heart rate so always between 80 and 90 how does he get it down I have no idea if he’s Jun keto or IIF or what the scene is but the best thing the best thing to bring that heart rate down is to have enough potassium and magnesium to but mainly potassium also if you’re deficient in b12 also have a higher pulse rate so combination of nutritional yeast and electrolyte powder will be good to bring that pulse rate into the right range but yeah there’s there’s other reasons but those are the two common ones good all right and then one more question again I didn’t get the name sorry about that but heartburn after lemon water and apple cider vinegar yeah this probably means that you have either gastritis or potentially an ulcer I’m not saying you do but potentially do so if you feel worse on that but really differentiate is that the lemon or the combination I would have them separately because let’s say for example you do the opposite of vinegar and it feel worse then we know there’s some some irritation or inflammation in your stomach in which case you need to add zinc you need to do chlorophyll type stuff and then just let it heal up and intermittent fasting but if it’s the lemon that means that you could just need more like petain tonic Laura because lemon does tend to even though it’s an acid it turns into an alkaline substance after a period of time so it could be alkalizing you without even knowing it so that’s what I would do okay all right Sonya you’re from Leesburg Georgia you had a question are you there can you hear me yes I can hear you fine can you hear me yep great yes I have the last two weeks I have been watching so many videos thank you and I have learned so much I have started the fasting for 19 hours I’ve been consistent with the 19 hours for the past week I’m still doing like two meals a day in that I can easily go to one I’m just scared I’ll go I’ll be decision in my mineral I’m taking supplement and I can tell that I’m insulin resistant how and I’m and I’m doing also exercise started doing it a little and doing keto so all of it trying to get it in now I’m also on Cinda and it for the last couple of months and I’m feeling that that maybe too much of the same thing if it were you and if you were just starting out 300-plus pounds and if you were insulin resistant I didn’t know that until I watched your videos but I’m very then would you continue with sex in de or would you just shoot for the the fasting and let it do the work so this is what I would do can’t tell you to not take a medication but if it was me I would try to maximize the knowledge about insulin resistance and what exactly do you have to do to make insulin work again and what do you have to do to improve this situation I have several videos on exactly you know getting your carbs really low doing in a minute fasting those two alone will be essential and then you can add some other things in there like vitamin D vitamin C nutrition high density nutrient density it’s those things with time we’ll put you in a state where the need for medication can go way way down of course with the help of your doctor but I think you’re in the right track here’s the key that when you check your blood sugars and it comes down to normal if something is normal your doctor should say well don’t take medication if it’s normal because then you’re gonna end up with hypoglycemia low blood sugar right so you want to get to a state where it’s normalized so then the need for less less less to the point where hopefully you won’t even need it anymore okay good question but you know what Karen I just realized something I can see I can see fine I can read this I’m like wow that’s amazing before I was like I needed these things right here maybe I don’t need these anymore I just looked down I’m like everything’s perfectly clear isn’t that interesting I think this in a minute fasting is really helping okay okay okay so Rita is 75 years old okay she needs to lose 20 pounds and she just wants to know at her age is it okay to do keto and intermittent fasting she’s only 75 Rita wouldn’t be five what do you think I’m gonna let you answer that today’s fifty yeah it’s the new 50 the new 50 I don’t don’t sweat it Rita so ever you have to wear a bikini in five months Rita start so when someone gets older should can they do more keto and ifr less what do you think more keto how do you do more keto warranty like be more strict on keto I think they’re gonna make things better worse I think it can only make things better good I mean obviously you don’t want to like it anybody at any age you don’t want a fast to a point of weakness or anything like that you have to do in a very smart way but I think people naturally as they get older they consume less so they tend to fast more from my observation as occupational therapist and as a person who has several parents parents I’m just I’m just excited this is amazing Rita I didn’t need those glasses after all he does value your question he’s just very excited about being able to read wow this is amazing okay Rita thank you for your question now we’re gonna go to Pam did you answer it yes we did answer the answer is yes you can do it okay hey Pam are you there Buckeye years old I am ok great ok hi how are you uh I appreciate you guys a lot I I listened to you guys um as much as I can the question I have for you is this I’ve been on keto for six months with if’ also after the first four I met my goal which was 30 pounds I wanted to lose and I did I feel great and now I just want to stay healthy but I hate cooking so you often talk about one of your meals as being the really big leafy salad and that’s where I want to stay and so I’ve been for my Oh Matt for the my one meal I’ve been doing a large romaine salad with avocado and then the meat of my choice with oil and balsamic vinegar and I also have a course my 90 seconds sugar-free cupcake that I put in the microwave and then during the day I do five to six bottles of electrolyte waters and I feel like I’m getting the right amount of water in me and I’m just also want to make sure I’m not you know doing too many electrolytes and then I do my vitamins daily and my minerals and my potassium and I take apple cider vinegar pills because I really don’t like the apple cider vinegar and then I just received your kid in the mail and I’m just starting to read your book and I found out I have a liver body so that’s kind of interesting too so anyway so the question is of course can I just exist I’m just doing a fowler today with putting other things in it without having to get to the stove yeah and thank you know what that’s pretty much what we do a lot of times to I mean have the salad add a little this we don’t do this whole production with cooking very often I mean I like to cook go and then but it’s so easy one meal a day I mean yeah we’re cut cutting this out we’re doing the salad we had some protein sometimes like that summer sausage that we have that’s really it’s sugar-free like that’s my protein I’ll do some of that I might cut some cheese I’m like BAM I cut this cheese cuz I’m from Wisconsin and I consume it with the protein I knew I did not say any you insinuated you look what I do that’s quickly fast forward I am getting questions how your eyesight eyesight thing improving with intermittent fasting has prompted some questions how long are you fasting that you saw improvement with your vision so I did an experiment recently and I went from 18 hours to 21 hours fasting consistently and that apparently is making a huge difference in my vision I heard that from someone else as well recently so I mean I’m looking down to page now and I’m going wow this is really becoming evident that I think I’m not going to need these things anymore but I was just like wow that’s I can actually read perfectly this is a miracle it’s a keto fasting works so try and experiment guys extend your fast longer and do that for a good solid cupcakes now a couple weeks and then evaluate your vision I think you know because you do you’re in a tapa gene ontology is cleaning up all this dead protein and or defective proteins in your in your tissue alright so Charles from Georgia you’d a question go ahead Charles yeah hey hello first I just wanted to thank you for all the information you provide I couldn’t believe when I stumbled on your on your videos that you had so many and they were so so in-depth all right so my question is about breaking a fast what breaks a fast specifically with respect to Auto Fuji I want to do some longer maybe two or three four day fasts and but I want to take my multi collagen spirulina chlorella and some grass juice powders and I’m just wondering because it totaled up for a dose of what I’m looking at taking it’s about sixty calories was that enough to stop on top of G or at least enter it a lot good question Charles you know has our summit coming up I have a real top expert on a toffee g that’s coming he’s wrote books about it so if you have a chance come but generally speaking if you do protein based things when you’re fasting that’s gonna mess you get more than everything and I’m talking about like branch amino acids or collagen or even some bone broth it’s gonna it’s gonna add some protein it’s going to inhibit depending on how much how many calories but if you did just amino acids in the right form you’d actually use so many of those like you knew use like 98% of it there’s hardly any four spiking sugar or waste so that might be an option for you it’s called keto essential amino but as far as the Green powders and the those will won’t really break the fast too much so I wouldn’t even worry about those you can do those periodically electrolytes are not going to be an issue teas not going to be a problem coffee it’s not going to be a problem but it’s really when you get into the protein or even even the some of the fats even the MCT oil not against it so if you really wanted to you know if you were doing MCT oil for example instead of that just do exogenous ketones in that way you’re not taking the oil you’re taking straight ketones without the fat and bail because ketones are not fat it’s a fuel from fat okay I know all right you need another call yes I do Sandra from Missouri Springfield you had a question go ahead I started Kido yes and I love the keto diet for me because I can have cheap and that’s my favorite food that I have developed a leg ulcer and it has not healed and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the keto diet I do want to let you know that I’m on 200 mt these of levothyroxine seven and a half mg modern blood dinner and Florence my 40s and my legs I have a lot of water in my bottom part and I had a staff I started it all with staph infection in my leg you know I’ve never had Sandra you’re breaking up a little bit so I’m just going to answer your question I think I I understand what’s going on you’ve done really good with this so you want to continue but you have this ulcer that’s not healing there’s some really good things that you can do and that’s has to do with topical doing zinc oxide that will speed things up but I want you to do periodic prolonged fasting like once a week go for 48 hours and fast because the fasting will also speed up the healing and there’s one last thing you could do if you find something in your area it’s called hyperbaric oxygen therapy and that’s really good for what you’re talking about I think you’ll experience huge benefits but well done keep the good work and stick to like the healthy version of ketosis all right so guys that’s a wrap and I really appreciate all your wonderful questions and then stay tuned next week for more questions we’re going to be talking more about the summit coming up so stay tuned for that as well have a wonderful week [Music] 

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