Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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you [Music] good morning everyone how are you morning good morning so we’re back and we’re gonna answer your questions if there’s anything that we said that’s related to like border lying on diagnosing or or anything that you know medical treatments or whatever just realized this is just information for you to do your own research we’re not trying to diagnose you check with your doctor okay all right guys thanks for tuning in there’s quite a few callers why don’t we just jump in and start answering questions and then we’ll take some questions over here and by the way I have some really good data to show you life changing so you don’t want to tips you don’t want to miss this episode you know it’s throughout the whole thing and I have even if it’s some quizzes yeah so I hope you went to the bathroom before this started because you do not wanna leave it with the computer Sarah how are you you had a question go ahead yes yes I have a friend and I noticed that when he drinks alcohol he cannot sleep once so am i it’s injustice total toll off of that wide awake and when he talks I mean you can never tell them he’s intoxicated and does hold on the office bet you know yeah I mean takes care Wow you know why okay thanks for your question well I think um alcohol can really affect your sleep one way or the other can really make you sleep more if you drink more which we don’t recommend yeah the whole thing with alcohol it’s a solvent you know people are saying well I’m gonna I’m going to drink some wine because it’s it’s keto friendly if the problem is the the actual alcohol not even the carbs in the alcohol the alcohol itself is a solvent and it can bump you out of ketosis and it can really affect the mystery of what your brain is fed and so you’re not going to be burning ketones when you drink alcohol so you lose that nice effect so I would recommend to your friend to go ahead and do an alcohol substitute and what would that be Karen okay kombucha tea have them drink kombucha tea it’s a great substitute it relaxes a person it is carbonated as the same texture like wine and beer and you can sip that you feel calm but yeah it can really mess up your sleep one of the things like I don’t drink if I did drink it would affect my sleep too so you know that’s one of the reasons why I don’t on the weekends I don’t drink on the weekends anymore only during the week right only during the weekdays Sarah thanks for your question hey John you’re from Indiana how are you doing well thank you good you had a question go ahead I am taking your supplements the electrolyte powder the wheatgrass juice powder and the nutritional yeast and I’m wondering does that knock me out of and I’m also doing intermittent fasting does that knock me out of ketosis and or does it affect the intermittent fasting got it good question the answer is no it won’t affect your fasting or your ketosis at all I’ve tested it there’s just not enough calories there’s hardly any carbs like even in the wheatgrass juice powder there is less than one gram of carb per serving and you’re allowed 20 to 50 so you can imagine is hardly anything the electrolytes it’s sugar free so it’s not gonna affect in fact it’s going to enhance your results simply because it’s going to the nutrients are going to help with insulin resistance and help your blood Sugar’s so no it’s not a problem and a lot of people are doing in an empty stomach thanks John alright let’s go to Stacey from Florida are you there yes I am I had a question go ahead yes my question is I am going to be starting diatomaceous I apologize if I mispronounce it diatomaceous earth and I was wondering is it safe to take it in conjunction with MSM yeah it’s absolutely totally fine to take it with MSM the other thing is like the only time you probably wouldn’t want to take it as actual with food but those two together are totally fine MSM is is also really good for eye problems as well there’s actually a dropper that you can get for dry eyes but really dry eyes is another completely selfie problem it’s a vitamin A deficiency but diatomaceous earth is good for all sorts of things from detoxing microbes in your body the list goes on and on so yeah not a problem at all go ahead and don’t even worry about it thanks Stacy all right should we go to Karen yes that’s good of Karen all right okay here’s the first question how do I smoothly transition off of keto onto the sad diet on to the standard American diet enough in this help I’m sick of it how does I’m healthy we’ll wait a second is that a trick question like how to smoothly transition off into what I need I need it I don’t know I I just thought it was a good question to qnet you know because it could be somebody thinks keto is just about losing weight so they they don’t have the whole picture about health and restoring cells and stuff like that so maybe they think well I’m at my ideal weight but this is a guess I have people that will always ask this question you know I heard that keto has not been researched long term so should I only do it short term or is keto only good for young people not old people or Kito’s not good for women like okay so what is your other option what do you want to do more arms like there is no reason to carbo-loading yeah I’m gonna actually do a video on carb cycling which is quite fascinating because there’s some there’s an article or a research article that goes into you know if you do the weekend and you just go off the program people love this idea I can get right back on but you actually will not get back on probably for five days four to five days so that’s your whole week I know so you’re essentially not on oh you’re not gonna be here sort of on keto then you’re not on keto at all what what you guys need to understand is that and unfortunately it’s kind of like an all-or-none thing when you jump in and do keto and go off it’s it takes a bit of time to get back on and it’s quite I mean it could be days I’m sorry we are you eating a pair of bad moves the fear of bad news is a bear but it’s for your own good bear what’s up for your own good times I am just the messenger okay okay so do we have another question yes a couple of questions came in about nursing moms can they take your supplements can they do keto Wow someone’s nursing yeah yeah there’s no um there’s no problem with with any of the supplements with nursing the only thing with nursing is and also being pregnant is you don’t want to do any type of extreme prolonged fasting or anything crazy with fasting that’s the only point I mean you can do three meals with no snacks but keto is good for everyone and also the supplements are not an issue but if you’re pregnant or even nursing one of the key nutrients that you needed to probably take is the vitamin d3 very important because breast milk does not have a lot of vitamin d3 hmm yeah and also take the trace minerals I’m going to tell you why the trace minerals really help for the formation of bone growth and if you’re deficient in these trace minerals you can end up with flat feet scoliosis dental malformations like the list goes on so it’s like a no brainer just do the trace minerals but what really will cause a deficiency of trace minerals the refined carbohydrates I was gonna ask you a question related to that mm-hmm because you know we read a lot of this price and Pottenger mm-hmm research and their cats and things like that and also the studies of other cultures that didn’t have sugar yeah and that was a really big thing the dental formation or malformation right before sugar was ever introduced into the community and then after sugar was introduced since the community so some people like well it’s genetics you know my family has this messed up mouth or messed up teeth or whatever but in those studies that was it was a clear correlation between the malformations of the structure and introduction sugar if your parents have dental problems chances are genetically that can create a weakness within you so it does take a couple generations to kind of clean things up but the point is that you’d be surprised how much a connection between what you eat and the nutrients in your just the formation of your bones in general your how your structure is what you look like the shape of your face the shape of your upper mandible so the maxilla and the mandible down here so if there’s a lot of connection between that and it’s it’s an it’s no brainer it’s easy to solve well it also brings a point that a lot of people will maybe try keto and we’ve heard this they try keto or they’re trying to lose weight and they say well its genetic for me its genetic because my mom had it my grandma had it but also you know how they ate is passed down through the generations and it also means that if you do have a genetic tendency or propensity for something that changing your diet pick your parents more wisely make your parents smarter I think that’s uh I think that’s a very wise tip but the point is that if that is the case you can make it change by really seriously changing your diet yeah the takeaway is – the takeaway is before you become pregnant like two years and before you decide to get pregnant because everyone plans on it getting pregnant at a certain point you want to prepare your body way that you get this reserved trace minerals fat side of vitamins vital and then that way when you have the baby you’re gonna have a problem and especially when you’re pregnant I’m not into the synthetic stuff so do something food base okay I’ll do more videos on that Karen okay let’s put a Harold from New York are you there Harold yes I am hi dr. Berg hi yes my question is I have a fatty liver I’ve been doing any mini fasting for over a year and a half I exercise an average six days a week doing cardio and weight training I also I decided maybe the keto died let’s say in the last two weeks right I’m pretty much eat a plant-based diet my my fasting period is 18 hours and I eat within a six-hour window I will say that I did have a spinal cord injury where I was hospitalized for two years I’m now walking with the cane so I like my efforts now to exercise and not the same I do have limitations in my right hand and my right leg but I’m able to work out or the average from an hour and a half an hour and I was a personal trainer so but I have I have this I have this belly and I can’t seem to get rid of it yeah okay here’s some tips you ready for this yeah okay good there’s a couple things you can do to kill two birds with one stone it says on your notes that there’s a Hep C fatty liver spinal cord injury the thing about spinal cord injuries is they heal slowly the nerves heal like one millimeter a day so it takes time so you have to think long term but I’m going to tell you the benefit of a little bit longer fasting one meal a day periodic prolonged fasting maybe on the weekends or something like that that would be very very important because what happens you get is called neuro generation neuro regenerative properties when you do fasting it’s like miracle-gro for your brain and in your nervous system so you can actually facilitate improvement in your nervous system with that the other thing that would be important would be been vote to mean it’s a fat side would be one that actually goes into the nervous system and helps speed up the healing but also have to see it it’s a virus when you do fasting you go into tofu g tofu g recycles old damaged proteins but it also helps invading microbes and viruses so you can potentially help to clear out viruses and microbes that are unwanted out of the system when you do prolonged fasting with etapa G so that’s really exciting so that’s what I would do and as far as the belly goes you want to take choline with the key to keep your carbs low and do prolonged fasting that’s what you need to do Harold I think you could kill two birds with one stone thanks Harold Karen it’s time the boat are gonna have a problem with you people I know I know it’s a situation we’re not an advocate of suing any birds we love birds right so the next question I’m gonna ask you everyone else I want to know everyone your what is your favorite vegetable would you tell me your favorite vegetable people what’s your favorite vegetable I think right now my favorite vegetable is cauliflower I thought it was arugula yeah I didn’t really think of those in the same category it is a vegetable um I love arugula okay I love eggplant okay I love cauliflower alright but I think cauliflower is more versatile right yeah okay so I hate okra that out there thank you for sharing um you know I think people I think people I just want to let them know like we’re not including corn in this next water look at the broccoli broccoli yeah asparagus salad broccoli broccoli broccoli mushrooms you got a relative there in the mushroom Department zucchini is really great kale brussel sprouts we love Brussels sprouts it’s really popular these days and we’re happy about it carrots be careful they’re sweet potatoes dandelion greens watercress nice broccoli spinach cabbage and cucumbers Wow not a broccoli broccoli bell peppers asparagus cabbage cucumbers Brussels sprouts broccoli with cream cheese hmm send me that what are you doing Jenny can’t pick one paragraph of vegetables oh that’s cool there’s a lot of people who have several that’s great Facebook is like people have a lot in YouTube it’s the one answer one-word answer but it’s a lot of broccoli asparagus ooh Bengie on YouTube says fennel and I tell you we have been turned on to that fennel bulb and love it love it oh okay good that a vegetable I thought that was a fruit it’s a berry no it’s good okay so here’s the thing guys this is awesome you guys are actually picking the right answers I’m just being I’m just kidding a lot of you are picking cruciferous vegetables which is and then the benefit of cruciferous is it has extra things it has stronger phytonutrients that that can protect against the macular degeneration of the eye it can protect against the damage of the oxidants going through our bodies it can actually help us with the liver so that’s awesome mushrooms are really high in this enzyme called taro Sinise which is good for collagen and it’s part of the vitamin c complex so that’s good mushrooms are beneficial there of course the broccoli is like hands down I can’t do it it’s really really good cruciferous vegetable cabbage is awesome as well especially when you’re fermented arugula I want to just talk about regular for a second because you because you like arugula is the highest nitrate vegetable now you think well you’re thinking nitrates that they’re putting in the bacon okay no we’re not talking about this I’m talking about the beneficial nitrates which turn into things that actually help us in the body especially with circulation and protect the arteries and increase oxygen oxygen through the bodies giver here of nitroglycerin you know why they get people nitroglycerin heart attacks I mean I knew I knew for what purpose but I didn’t know why that well the nitrates are kind of like a natural version of nitro so they actually give us good blood flow also nitrates prevent a fatty liver mmm well I love arugula I love you love that it’s bitter I like really bitter vegetables and bitterness you know certain people react there are anti nutrients and and vegetables for sure and because they deal you know with deal with all these pests trying to destroy them they can’t run away but certain people are sensitive to certain vegetables and I’ve done videos on this but if it doesn’t bother you you can go ahead and have some but for example spinach has a lot of oxalates so if you have a tendency to get stones avoid spinach in rhubarb and it was chard bell pepper is really good because it has a little it’s like one of the most highest vitamin c vegetables that you can possibly have but my favorite vegetable is basically just regular leafy green not spinach but just leafy green salads now what about the other day you had an interesting grilled romaine hearts I like that huge thing of romaine and it was just lightly ever-so-slightly grilled and that was like that and I also like deep fried romaine lettuce sometimes I’m wheat bread no no I don’t I don’t do that avocado hands down it’s great for kita again so I just I was just curious just curious if what everyone liked so I want to say just a curiosity means some people aren’t answering in here but we got the what’s wrong with carrots the sweet potatoes question well you know I’m not against a carrot here too it’s just not going to be it’s not gonna really bump you any ketosis simply because the amount of fiber in there is so high there’s a video you can watch on that it’s called glycemic load versus the glycemic index you can go ahead and look at that but I’m not even I don’t really talk much about carrots I’m not concerned about them as far as sweet potato yes that’s another situation it’s better than other potatoes but still it does create it’s a starch so and carrot juice would be a problem that’s really bad because that’s taking the fiber out yeah and I used to consume a lot of juice juice as a cleanse terrible hey Kari you’re from Illinois you have a question go ahead yes hi dr. Berg and Sharon it’s great speaking with you both hi um I’ve got a question about artificial sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol among others those are just my personal favorites anyhow I’m a little confused because I’ve read that while those sweeteners don’t cause a rise in blood sugar they do cause a rise in insulin and I just love to get your thoughts on that sure it’s one of those things Carrie that I always hear like I heard this and then you ask the person where did you hear that do you remember where you heard that you know I thought it was in dr. phones book the obesity code okay are you sure like 99% because when I read it I was heartbroken because I absolutely loved those wait wait wait how it’s like it just didn’t make any sense to me you know I read the – I I may have missed that chapter I didn’t see it so maybe you could email him and just see what context he’s talking about because first of all stevia and arethe wrote all zero effect on their their basically zero on the glycemic index so that means they don’t spike glucose which means they’re not going to spike insulin so to my knowledge everything they looked at I’ve never seen anything that it’s gonna spike insulin at all in fact one thing you could do just test it is test you for yourself to see because you hear all these different rumors and sometimes you hear like oh my gosh Coffee is bad for ketosis coffees good for ketosis well why don’t you just test it out yourself and that’s gonna bring up the next topic I’m not gonna talk about now but I want to mention it okay okay but I also I didn’t want to say I mean I saw a video once where someone was testing that with all these different kinds but the problem is that it was an immediate test almost immediate test so there wasn’t and it was one after another after another after yeah when you do your blood sugar testing guys you have to check like after maybe you could check a medium init’s an hour two hours three hours you have to check especially when you get into certain food testing because it has a delayed reaction just like pasta for example pasta is so dense it doesn’t get absorbed very fast so it won’t show it won’t show up on your blood glucose for two to three to four hours later hmm so you think oh yeah I can do pasta then you find out you can’t do pasta thanks for your question Carrie that’s just my opinion thanks for calling but you know what I was going to say Karen and I’m gonna I’m gonna bring this up not exactly right now because I’m waiting for the 11:30 I’m gonna talk about this okay so your your your withholding I’m withholding information I’m gonna tell you right now what I’m gonna talk about okay the dirty literacy dirty little secrets of research and science and studies that drug companies don’t want you find out of that yeah we’re gonna talk about that really really soon and it’s quite interesting guys there’s some you know cuz if I were to ask you guys and I’ll ask you this right now when you go to get in pretty let’s say for example you have to take a drug a medical drug there’s no other way and you don’t like taking drugs but you have to take a drug what do you do to know that it’s effective and safe who do you go to let me know I want to know do you go to your doctor do you actually do research do you do what do you do I want to know okay why they’re answering the question I want to just jump right to Darcy she’s been waiting a bit from Wisconsin Sheboygan are you there Darcy hi how are you yes I am hi dr. Burke hi I’ve been doing and I have pain in my urethra yeah urinary tract I have a history of urinary tract infections which I’ve been taking cranberry for years and it seems to help and that’s always helped I haven’t had a UTI for quite a long time but I’ve been having this pain and I know it’s not a UTI but I was on a ketogenic forum and it was saying that the keto diet causes your body to be acidic and if you drink apple cider vinegar it helps it to be more alkaline but then I was watching your video apple cider vinegar and it said the key that you said the keto diet makes your body more alkaline so I guess I’m getting conflicting information from different places and I’m just not really sure yeah what’s the right answer okay I can see that I can see that let me there’s a couple reasons and it’s probably one big reason why you’re getting this certain people are sensitive to certain vegetables because of oxalates ox le’ts are like little they combine with calcium and it can create these little razor blade things and create problems through the entire the urinary tract what I would do if I were you is I would stop consuming spinach do consume any spinach at all not not really much do you do a lot of nuts I do eat pecan he comes mostly okay so the the best nut to consume and be the pistachio as the lowest oxalates okay and you can also when you consume your food the meal have a little bit of goat’s cheese or sheep cheese and I’m going to tell you why because that calcium will bind with any oxidants cuz it’s really hard to avoid these oxalates so the Ox let’s um they combine in the urinary tract with calcium and they form these little crystals and they can actually cause what you’re experiencing with certain individuals not everyone so you want to go low ox let’s I’ve done videos on this and I’ve you can download the sheet on the high oxalate foods but if you actually add the cheese in there with the meal it combines with the oxygen it goes through the digestive system doesn’t get absorbed so that’ll help you the other thing one more thing do you ever eat sugar-free chocolate not not really I guess the free stuff I do is you know like if I do a sugar-free pudding mix or something but I don’t know not like not really the actual chocolate well here’s the thing there’s like almond almond flour okay those two hi knocks let’s so I would go in that area and I think that you clear it right up as far as the pH goes if you’re doing in a minute fasting you you may tend to be more on the acidic side but it doesn’t mean we need to start alkalis you unless you have high uric acid in which case you might want to do that also I’m going to recommend potassium citrate you can do either electrolyte powder or just potassium citrate because if you’re doing in a minute fasting the other reason other than oxalates is the uric acid crystals and that could be another reason potentially so I would do those two things okay Darcy thanks for your call all right Karen okay so the vast majority of people said their doctor yes well you know there was several people said the pharmacist okay other people did their own research Google YouTube whatever or some combination but most people just said their doctor and I trust your doctor yeah here’s the thing guys in the unfortunately a lot of the doctors are not aware of this one point I want to bring up in 2005 they they passed the rule certain organizations passed a rule of transparency for drug companies that do research and what they basically said now is they have to display all of their studies in the findings in the side effects because before 2005 you could do a study and you can only cherry-pick the studies that you want people to see and admit the ones that you don’t so that was a credibility problem right because they would they would alter this data and the doctor would get this thing oh the drug safe and as you know many drugs end up being dangerous and they take them off the market what waita saying I thought it was fully researched no it wasn’t so this is the problem especially when you get into statins and also psych drugs so here’s the thing since 2005 allow these things were not transparent but the problem is now we have a so-called high compliance rate with the drug companies of uploading all of their studies all of the data all the side effects to a site called clinical it’s called clinical study comm let me just get this exact it’s called clinical and you have to release the video here clinical trials org clinical trials org okay so here’s the problem a lot of these guys are saying yeah we’re going to comply but they don’t tell you how they’re going to comply they say we’ll consider it so to date it’s still not enforced and so we still are getting cherry-pick studies that are being pushed out there media takes them up there the doctors read the journals so they’re not going to the full picture because when you actually see the whole picture you’re going to see that the studies actually didn’t show any positive benefit with your mortality it didn’t show any benefit with other things so that’s going to be important to know about well that’s important to know because you know doctors go into their field because they want to help people they want to learn how to help people and even in a pharmaceutical rep I mean you’re not having a bunch of people walking around going you know I really want to be dangerous or I really don’t want to help people or whatever they’re given the information they’re given in it and you know look at a commercial I mean if you if you look at a commercial it looks like it saves your life and and and saves the world you know this drug unless you’re listening to the side effects which now they have to put on a commercial but it’s just good to know that yeah it is into two more points I’m gonna bring it about about up up on this topic since 1946 there’s been over a million articles released on data about food nutrition about diet that are simply based on memory based questionnaires not actually on a really credible study so when you do a questionnaire like what did you eat in the last year in blah blah blah and that’s how they’re doing a study which is totally not credible well that’s what they’ve been using I mean very repetitive especially when you get into nutrition so we have that point and the last point I want to bring up is called a-runnin period certain drug companies can use what’s called a run-in period renin run-in period which is the period of time where they can like six weeks where they can just take the initial data out of the study based on like non-compliance okay so basically if i’m going to do a study and I’m gonna take out non-compliance for the first six weeks and then start the actual study it’s going to be flawed because if you look at the reason for the non-compliance right then listen I’m going to actually show people a copy of it most of it’s based on side effects I’m getting these bad side effects so now they can omit that carry on after six weeks and you think that that to me that is corrupt that is not okay that is like that’s not credible so anyway I’m gonna do another study on that I just want to bring up that good news and I’m being sarcastic right but it’s good to know yeah let’s take a question go ahead okay good so I have a couple quick ones and then a longer one so Kyle and YouTube is asking aloe vera juice okay not okay too alkaline no it’s totally fine aloe vera juice as long as it doesn’t have any sugar in it or sweetness or anything added it’s a great healer for the inside of the digestion and many other things is good for the lower intestinal tract I don’t have a problem with it okay good briefly somebody here asking a thousand times really wants to know how to put on 15 pounds of lean muscle mass I can’t tell you how to do that all I can say is that there’s two things that you’re gonna have to do hardcore heavy weights low reps or two your you know maximum reps as far as you know to fatigue you’re gonna have to do that and maybe hire a personal trainer and then you’re gonna have to really increase your calories big-time so you’re gonna have to eat more you can’t do this just with a small meal those two together are what I’m going to recommend you might have to increase more protein not necessarily carbs okay so here is a question from Lisa on Facebook yeah and I’m gonna not say the drug talks about so my husband has diabetes type 2 his doctor put him on weekly drug injections we’ve been doing healthy keto for 11 weeks and his blood Sugar’s normal he’s no longer having to take any of his oral meds for diabetes I told him not to take the injection drug anymore I looked up to see what action it has on the body and it’s supposed to help your body produce more of its own insulin if insulin resistance is the main cause of type 2 diabetes taking this injection makes no sense to me unless your body made no insulin you would not want to take more insulin would you see you’re thinking in logics lisa is very logical so here’s your’s thank you Lisa let me explain this when you have insulin resistance though okay your body your cells can’t absorb the insulin so we have the situation when we have a deficiency of insulin because of the resistance and that’s why they’re giving you the insulin but you have a lot of excess too because the body will start making more insulin to a certain point until it gets exhausted so the body’s making more insulin on one part and then intracellular there’s like low insulin so we have a combination of both and that’s and that I hope that answers your confusion and it’s your right though as you get better and instant gets better the need for medication should go down if you’re being logical and smart about it all right good question I need to go to Robin from Chicago you had a question go ahead hi so I am vegan and I’m trying to do vegan Kido I don’t count calories I’m also oh man so I just take I just have one meal a day and usually is these big big salads so I’m not able to exercise because of health issues so my lifestyle unfortunately is very sedentary but I want to lose weight so I remember when I first turned a keto I lost a lot a lot of weight in the beginning but i noticing that it’s kind of leveling off a little bit although i don’t weigh myself I use my quote you know gauge it so I’m wondering if how do I know basically if I’m having too much dietary fat because my salad like they’re full of kale and spinach but also like avocado and low nuts and hemp seeds and chia seeds and olives so I’m wondering how do I know if I’m but I you know don’t want to skip on the calories it’s my only meal of the day okay so basically how do I know I’m having too much dietary fat in order to lose weight okay so that being said it is more I will say it’s more challenging to do Kido when you’re vegan just because it’s hard to keep your carbs down however there is a way to do it you just have to be really strict about it and really look at things but as far as your situation and you want to see more improvement you want to know how do I control these fats you’re gonna have to bring your fats down below 75 grams per day so you can do the math calculate that as long as you’re below 75 it should it should start helping you with that the the other thing is the question that I have for you is are you always hungry before you eat that one meal a day I try to hold it off i if I’m not hungry I don’t eat okay I’ll just get a whole day I’m not hungry okay different times I feel their day okay so the fat hold very well yeah okay good yeah I think I would just start bringing your carbs down I would not go below 60 grams between 60 and 75 grams a day and that should help you I’m gonna be releasing an updated version of this video called keto on steroids stay tuned for that within one week and that will answer all your questions because I have a lot of different examples and tweaks for that and that’s a document that I can I’m going to be putting out there so anyway stay tuned Robin thanks for your call okay Karen I think you have two things I want to ask yeah go ahead cuz you have another quiz of some kind coming up I have a very exciting quiz coming up okay good but also you were saying something about next week and I just want to make sure that we don’t neglect next whatever you’re doing next something’s happening next Friday on the live show and I didn’t want us to get through this without telling people hmm yeah I knew you’re gonna ask me that I’m gonna be talking about there’s this one ingredient that I haven’t really talked much about that’s so insidious it’s like it’s just everywhere pervading you know in Society in our foods in the grocery store it’s almost impossible to get away from it so it’s a bad day yeah and I haven’t done a video on this yet but I’m gonna talk about it in only next Friday so you might want to show us so you’re not gonna do a video on it it’s it’s that well not until after Friday mm-hmm but it’s gonna be very interesting because you are going to literally have a whole shift of viewpoint on and if this is not going to be something like oh my gosh now I can’t eat that it’s just an awareness thing that’s very fascinating that the connections between this this one ingredient and it’s just interesting and I think it’s it’s good to know and it’s not gonna be doom and gloom or I think that but stay tuned it’s gonna be exciting okay so that’s next week yeah so then also another thing you’re gonna do a quiz but I also want to because it’s 1141 already and we haven’t mentioned the summit the summit the summit yes teen health Aikido summit dr. Berg self accuser at the end of March I’m sorry I hope not August 28th 29th it’s gonna be in September first right guys I hope we can finally meet you in person because we want to meet you and it’s a mandatory thing that you have to come so I’m just putting that out there but it’s it’s going to be great we have amazing speakers Thomas dalaras coming dr. Westman to cardiologists are coming keto friendly dr. Mercola met Megan Ramos all sorts of people are going to be coming out and I ever come inside so you don’t want to miss this it’s gonna be a life changing again and then we’re gonna watch yep and some new people that you probably haven’t heard of that you’re gonna really enjoy em yeah so if you want to find out more information you go to dr. Burke on there’s a couple buttons right on there it’s one on the keto tab and right at the very top it says summit okay 2019 click that check out the video and then hope you can come okay good now next thing yes what is that what should we do a quiz you said you want to do quit yeah let’s do a quiz okay there’s this one trace mineral guys that is hands-down the best thing you can do if you have a key joints and arthritis not just osteo but rheumatoid as well this is done by a double blinded okay it means that the people that were comparing to a placebo they didn’t know which one got which and also the person doing the research also didn’t know so it was double blinded and it was randomized and it was also randomized control study and so 71% with no side effects 71 percent improvement no side effects significant improvement with arthritis so if you want to know what this trace mineral is go ahead and guess right now no googling to see which I want to see with selenium well don’t tell me yet because I haven’t go right to UM as you’re answering I’m gonna go to Teresa from a I’m sure are you there dr. Waring hi how are you hey um I just had a question we’re going my husband and I are gonna be starting our son on solid food soon and I was wondering if you had any recommendations about what food to start with and then aside from like processed sugar and other like junk foods what kind of food should we avoid well you know funny you said that because we also have a baby in the house and Lucy and we’re gonna we’re doing a similar thing but you actually ideally want to do breast fitting for six years okay now keep doing breast feeding for a couple years for sure but as far as this question I’m gonna refer you to Western price they have a lot more data I’m gonna create a video on this shortly because there are foods you do not want to give these these children especially cow’s milk and also you don’t want to give them you know any juices so I will do a video of supper ol eNOS because this could be more of a there’s a lot more to it as far as the breastfeeding no nutritional yeast or Brewers used to be very vital to keep that into your diet as to fortify the milk but thanks for your question Teresa well I’ll get back to you on that Western price research him all right Karen what do we got for the interest Weston Price well I have a long list here okay ah selenium test magnesium phosphorus copper there’s folic acid iodine boron bromine turmeric okay these are all really good good guesses and the answer is boron boron job guys is an amazing trace mineral now trace minerals are needed in much smaller amounts but boron helps a person make cortisol cortisol is the main anti-inflammatory in the body so it helps your adrenals make all all steroid hormones including even estrogen and testosterone so if you’re menopausal and your bones are falling apart or you have aching joints when you go through menopause boran is what you need to take it actually helps the absorption of calcium magnesium it’s a really powerful antimicrobial as in borax bleach which is a natural mineral but Bowen is one of the one of the great minerals if you have any type of inflammation so that comes in capsules or they can get that size it was even there for the Borah you want to do it no you wouldn’t want to get six milligrams per day six milligrams a day that’s what you want usually it comes in three milligram tablets and you can just take two of those a day and I think you’ll be quite happy with the results men that want to increase testosterone they can take boron to born is good for bone health but mainly inflammation it’s like an anti-inflammatory okay so that’s a good tip really value up good well you know I think that that the arthritis and joint pain is challenging for a lot of people and that doesn’t come up much in our conversation that’s true that’s a true statement Karen no there is another thing I’m going to talk about as we get closer so you don’t want to click off right now guys you want to stay here don’t leave because I’m gonna talk about three very strange and weird symptoms if you have on a fat with a fatty liver strange and weird yeah like you wouldn’t you wouldn’t expect this to happen with a fatty liver so you want it you want to hear what I’m gonna say about that because if you have a fatty liver you need to know this yeah can you be thin and have a fatty liver especially because especially because it because usually thin people they don’t have a way problem so they they may have a tendency to think they can eat whatever they want and they get fatty livers Erica let’s go to you you’re from New York go ahead hi guys how are you all right um I have a good question I was talking with my cardiologist I want to get off some blood pressure pills right so I have high blood pressure and I had I have SVT and we were talking about losing weight getting awesome meds and I mentioned he don’t he told me no he said it would aggravate my SVT and it would see my blood pressure elevated it essentially taking me on the medication yeah okay I hear that all the time are you also on any type of diuretics yeah okay so I’m gonna give you my opinion on this and I hope to see you at the summit because you’re right down the street there’s two cardiologists that are coming that are gonna give you the truth about this the way you’re running into is that your doctor just doesn’t honestly have all the facts and I’m going to tell you if you don’t believe me just go ahead and ask him to say why why wouldn’t you recommend that and then ask them what is the ketogenic diet and you’re gonna get this huge like deer in the headlights well you know it’s uh well you know it’s so much adding too much fat like they don’t really understand it they’re just told in the medical community to you know do the American Heart Association high carb diet but here’s the thing if you do the ketogenic diet you lower the carbohydrates that are causing the fluid retention they need for a diuretic virtually goes away and I’m telling you get off your diuretic but you’re going to find you’re going to lose a lot of fluid on Kito number one so that just instantly takes the whole fluid attention out of the picture the other thing is you’re going low-carb guess what your insulin is going to go down you’re going to prove insulin resistance the stiffness and your arteries are going to soften up the calcifications they implement inflammatory conditions will get better on a keto it’s low carb it’s the carbs that create the inflammation everything your rhythm of your heart also is dependent electrolytes so yes you need to do more electrolytes and that’s really a it doesn’t really even I mean carbs deplete your minerals like potassium magnesium so I would recommend a really good electrolyte powder and low carb in a minute fasting that’s like if you go to my website even look up who’s coming those cardiologists that are coming and look at their websites and see what they’re recommending because you need you need the truth about keto a healthy version of it because when you ask someone and they don’t have experience in it it’s not a reliable person to go to they’re great with medicine but as far as diet they don’t have that data thanks Erica okay Karen I think we’re ready for a question on social media oh I think I accidentally blocked someone I didn’t mean to yeah sorry about that whoops what Barry okay okay good hey LuAnn says my cardiologist loves it I’m assuming you mean the keto diet there are great doctors out there that do more research I mean that’s the thing you guys are on it’s not a speech but like you’re on on the web you’re searching for solutions dr. Berg searches for Lucian’s there’s doctors all over the place that and health practitioners all over the place that are searching for solutions and they’re they’re up to date right other people are just listening to what they’re given and that that’s dangerous or it’s like lazy research so you’re gonna have some people who are just going to keep doing what they’re told and doing what their data they’re fed at their annual convention or whatever and you’re gonna have other doctors that are amazing and there’s a growing growing number of health care practitioners out there that realize the benefits of the ketogenic diet and all kinds of things that are coming up in the health I mean this isn’t the only subject in health these days that people are having a realization about so in the truth of the matter is this that the doctors are really been taught a certain way over many many years in the longer you are in the certain viewpoint it’s literally almost impossible to change that viewpoint people that are giving opinions they have a hard time being flexible with changing the mind about things that’s just the truth people want to change the mind because they well they can but they they have a tendency not to want to do that because people want to be right and changing a mind is very difficult it’s despite it being truthful or not because they have to maintain that rightness about their past recommendations for so many years I mean you’ll see if you take the average medical doctor yeah that’s set in their ways are they flexible in changing the mind I don’t have a lot of experience with the average medical doctor so I can you answer that question but I mean I see what you’re saying okay I do see what you’re saying but that my point was there are a lot of people out there that are recognizing a lot of other solutions and specially cardiologists – yeah they’re switching slowly-slowly can okay can some people with no gallbladder had these questions a lot today no gallbladder can you do ‘quite oh yeah you just probably want to take a little bit of bile salts there’s a there’s something I recommend called gall bladder formula you can go to dr. Byrne come and check it out but it’s it’s a combination of certain bile salts and digestive help to improve the ability of the gallbladder to work better because if you don’t have a gallbladder you just don’t have the storage of bile so when you do you’re doing like 70% fat you want to be able to extract those nutrients better and you are going to be deficient in bile if you don’t have a gall bladder the gall butter doesn’t make bile it just stores it the liver makes it can we go to Jose been waiting patiently I suppose okay hello Jose are you are you there huh yeah good what was your question hi dr. Burke so my question is regarding diabetic type 1 and keto so is it safe and more specifically if it is how do we deal with hypoglycemia in also it’s possible that we can do workouts while on keto and and ketogenic they don’t being diabetic type 1 yeah so this is a really good question I did a video on it but I’m just gonna explain it really quick there’s much more side effects with high blood sugar than low blood sugar but the concern is low blood sugar right you’re type 1 that means you don’t make insulin anymore so you have to take it you know Hosea let me ask you when you do more carbs do you require more insulin oh that’s fine yeah yeah when you take when you eat more carbs you need more insulin to lower that car that’s how it works and the goal is to keep your blood Sugar’s normal but really the other goal and the more as just as important is keep your insulin low as possible to maintain these this food the sugar balance okay so the diet for type 1 should be always keto healthy version of keto always why so we can decrease the need for excess insulin excess insulin creates a lot of side effects in your body so if we can take less amounts that would be good right so how the keto is recommended within a minute fasting and you also ask the second question on that he has two questions oh you were looking at me I what yeah go ahead hard to work out a workout yes yeah the workouts are essential essential essential just realize that if you monitor your blood Sugar’s your the need for instance going to go so you’re gonna to make adjustments to you take a less and less and less but if you don’t take left and you don’t monitor it and you’re still you’re going on keto exercising and you’re taking the same amount of insulin that’s gonna push your blood sugar so far down and that’s gonna be a problem but not if you monitor it and get help with your doctor to take the minimum amount to achieve the goal which is normal blood Sugar’s okay thanks for your question well said thank you I have one here so Lisa on YouTube says I wake up starving if I eat a late dinner yeah is it okay to eat fat like butter or cream as a snack right before bed no because anything you eat any calories is not gonna raise blood glucose but it can stimulate something in your small intestine to release a little bit of insulin but what I would recommend if I were you is try to consume your meal a little bit earlier and make sure the carbs are low and do your fat and because if you’re really hungry in the morning it tells me that you probably ate a little too late and there’s something some carbs I know that you probably shouldn’t have and I think too you need to do this for a period of time to get your body to adapt to the point where you waking up all night long they’re fasting but you’re actually burning fat you can go a lot longer without eating but to be able to the now add fat at night is just going in the opposite direction we want to get you to go longer without eating so as fat at that like maybe at your dinnertime at 6 o’clock that’s what I would recommend okay 3 minute warning ok so let’s go to bed when I first take this person’s call Rabia from Chicago are you there hi dr. Berg hi Karen hi hello how’s the Windy City Mike oh pretty windy right now so my question to you guys is that for the past seven years I’ve been taking vitamin D because my doctor said that I was whoa but never mentioned k2 or anything and just recently I have had an explosion of moles all over my body and plaquing on my teeth and my heels are hurting so my levels right now vitamin D are out of 40 and my doctor still said take vitamin D my question is do I not take vitamin D just take k2 or continue to take them both how do I fix this problem take them both take them both because you need vitamin k2 with D to prevent that problem of excess calcium that kind of deposits in certain places and shouldn’t now I’m not going to I’m not biased at my own product on that because I have one of course I’m completely neutral but the one thing that I put in my k2 d3 product is bile salts to help the absorption a little bit better so you maybe want to try that or try some other one but yeah you just need the k2 version that’s all you need and I think your problems will go away thanks for your call okay so here’s the question then I’m gonna ask everyone no I’m not gonna actually ask I’m gonna take this call and then just kind of mention it okay yeah so MK from Dallas Texas you’re in the house go ahead doctor I’m 46 and I’ve been on being perimenopause for two years I’ve been taking synthroid since I was 13 it’s been about a month and a half since I started taking your gallbladder formula in some probiotics because my gallbladder was removed when I was about 20 I’ve also added vitamin D electrode you know your electrodes trace minerals chia seeds flax seeds no dairy except a cheese here and there almost no not but I’m still constipated yeah because have you been castrated for a long time all my life but you know I fight it here in there oh and another thing I do about you know two and a half cups of vegetables and two ounces of protein per meal and about 80 ounces of water every day yeah okay so really quickly I think I would give it a little more time with what you’re doing you’re doing all the right things but if you’ve had constipation that long and you’re adding new things in there it’s going to take it’s going to take could take months before that’s improved in the meantime I would recommend taking a very good natural herb to help as a laxative because it’s more important to get things moving than to be constipated thanks for your call real quick guys I want to just mention three weird symptoms without a liver number one number one is heart pain like even like heart like heart attack symptoms liver is that because it it puts pressure on the nerve well what happens is you have that as the fatty liver and sometimes of cirrhosis that develops you the liver starts to enlarging there’s not a lot of space in there so it’s going to push it’s right next to the heart so it’s going to push on the heart and so if you actually end up sleeping on your left side it can kind of weight down the heart and cause of pain down your left arm and you’re thinking hard when it could not be out it’s not maybe necessarily hard it could be but it’s coming from the liver so just make note of that this is called the fibrous can you can go to the doctor and get it you can scan for a fatty liver and cirrhosis ask your doctor about the fibrous cam scan not scam okay number two man boobs breast tissue if you’re a male why because one of the functions of the liver is to help get rid of excess amount of estrogen it’s a buff it buffers excess estrogen okay so if there’s too much estrogen you can get enlarged breasts in a female you can get spider veins and varicose veins so wait a minute if you have more estrogen men get the boobs right right good point Karen good rip man I know I know sorry okay so our third one yeah there’s a third one your vision starts going south especially seeing in the dark why because you’re going to be deficient about him in a why because you’re losing capacity for the liver to make bile without the bile you can’t absorb vitamin A and then the other fats outside with vitamins so again you need to realize that’s it’s not taking more vitamin A it’s actually fixing the fatty liver videos on that guy’s thank you so much for your comments thanks for coming out and have a great week I hope to see you guys at the summit remember next Friday some big mystery about one ingredients is about one ingredient that is infiltrating our food chain and how it has been for years husband it’s not a husband it has been you want to find this you want it I want to know so stay tuned next week okay guys hey have a good one [Music]

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