Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] good morning everyone how are you we got Karen in the house yes good morning on this beautiful spring morning with tons of pollen outside I’m glad you’re here we appreciate your questions and we appreciate you allowing us to help you but anything that we say is not really meant to diagnose you it’s just to give you things to research check with your doctor before applying any of the step that we’re going to tell you okay all right good so there is quite a few questions jumping so we’re gonna just jump right in and let’s go to Llanelli from Texas or let out one of the two are you there Lynette yes I am it’s Whannell Leno okay great what’s your question well I actually there’s a couple I hope I’m not taking up too much of your time I’ve watched all of every one of your videos so and I’m subscribed to your videos so I see every single one of them I’ve been hormone replacement therapy for a couple of years plus I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting with the with the ketosis you know doing the keto diet and I broke away from that for doing it a couple of weeks I lost nine pounds I felt great I wasn’t hungry anymore we had just a life event that happened in the family and so it made it really difficult when I was gone to stay with that but I want to get back on it because I did feel amazing but in the meantime during this time that this family thing happened I’ve also been trying to break myself off of the sea’ hormones by myself so the after researching and seeing all of the you know the height that breast cancer risk etc so I’m wondering should I wait and try to do the intermittent fasting Anki to start they keep keto diet again after I go through all of these these symptoms that I’m having trying to get off the placement therapy or should I start it out good question good question it’s gonna affect taking effect things I’m already I feel like just I feel like it’s just getting off of the hormone replacement therapy I’ve I’ve had some anxiety issues lately and things like that well let me let me give you my two cents on that okay I think you know there are so many symptoms and imbalances that are connected to insulin and insulin resistance I mean it’s like off the charts I think doing the keto healthy keto anima fasting is going to be one of the things that is going to help you reduce the internal stress to help balance these hormones think about what it does to like even women with PCOS how it increases androgens and gives in facial hair or women to become more fertile or basically you’re running the brain off of ketones which is the superior fuel source and the brain loves ketones and guess what’s in the brain you have all the master glands you got the pituitary got the hypothalamus you also have the limbic system which controls all sorts of things related to stress and another structure called the amygdala which is like the second adrenal gland in the brain so yes you need to do don’t wait to do the keto and I up it’s actually meant as a thing that you should get in first before you even deal with anything else as far as your hormones you want to come off this I can’t tell you to to do that or not do it but just do it gradually and then I’ll add a good amount of vitamin E complex with which is a combination of tocotrienols and tocopherols and how do you pronounce it detective exactly tocotrienols and fine fine a complete food base vitamin E complex that’s going to actually help you with your hormones and support the glands to give you the normal output so that’s what I would do and thank you so much for calling hope that helps all right good so now we’re going to go to quemar from I owe Columbus are you there yes that how are you this morning I’m doing great what’s your question very good actually I have a one question and I appreciate you all the videos you don’t owe us a lot of help and especially me I get a lot of help I lose 21 pounds I was 142 I’m type 1 diabetic almost 13 years I took each meal 15 unit and now I’m on keto for month I took each meal to unit only you went from 15 years to 2 years that to unit yeah Wow that is actually very very good that’s a lot of billeted Pepito I have a lot of information on my paddy things I don’t have anymore I took couple of the Supplemental I get very medieval Reilly K I got a lot of energy in the morning I’m amazing now I will just thank you thank you so much you’re welcome and the question I have is my sugar i i passed almost 20 hours in my eat my eating window is locked i eat in the morning line tear on my break and i eat my lunch 2:30 so i’m not eating dinner I’m not feeling hungry good but it’s a little bit my sure it’s like hi yeah oh I’m controlling that only okay so let me just tell you yeah you’re you’re a diabetic diabetics type 1 & 2 they have some internal damage with the whole system and so it’s gonna take quite a bit of time to bring that sugar down and I always talk about this you have the this if you have this weakness you may not be able to bring it down below hundred for a period of time maybe even yours but the fact that you’re having all these other benefits and you’re taking a lot less insulin dramatically increases your survival rate so I think I wouldn’t worry about it too much just keep doing what you’re doing the main thing is eating quality foods because the nutrients protect against the damage from that high sugar okay and as long as you’re not eating sugar you’re probably wondering like okay where’s the sugar coming from well sometimes your body’s making it the liver is making it from protein and things like that it’s not coming from your diet so yeah I wouldn’t I wouldn’t worry about it at all okay thanks for your call and Karen do we have anyone from around the world you notice yeah I don’t do this every week but this week I just have to okay so I could name all 50 states right now in the United States I’m not going to do that but we see them all from Arizona and Florida to Alaska they’re all watching but you guys also have peers in Sierra Leone the United Kingdom the Philippines Puerto Rico which is the United States right Denmark Holland India Sweden Taiwan Bangladesh Canada India again what Ghana just all over the world wow that’s pretty cool that’s really cool that’s right that’s awesome speed OIF hers all over the world at all different time zones yeah like what time is it in Ghana I hope it’s day okay anyway so I have a few questions here yeah uh Sonya wants to know she’s on Facebook yep she wants to know how she can handle rosacea okay rosacea is a symptom of you usually see in the adrenal but it’s usually a microbial bacterial imbalance I did a video on this you need to support your gut with a really good probiotic that is probably the most important thing to do okay all right great so then there’s another question about cold sores and I guess you could answer viruses in general because cold sores are are a virus right he’s simplex one yeah I just did a video on that so the best thing for that believe it or not is periodic prolong fasting because the fasting you know it decreases the toff adji right tava gee cleans up the old proteins well good talk about that cuz that was my next question i’m gonna kill two birds kill two at Apogee is a self-cleaning oven your cells go into this really interesting like thing where it’s just cleaning up all this old protein stuff but it also cleans up invading microbes especially viruses so basically you know you’re thinking huh you can’t kill the virus well you can actually get eliminate viruses through at Apogee your own body cleans them up and this is why when you go through an infection what’s the first thing that happens your body loses the appetite why because it’s a it’s a mechanism to help you not eat to increase the top adji and your body’s has these mechanisms so do prolonged fasting now i want to bring something up about that because there’s one thing there’s one type of fasting that i don’t agree with and it’s the five and two you know what that is well let me guess you fast for five and you eat for two thanks know hours you’re eating whatever you want for five days and you’re fasting for two days oh whatever you want yeah there’s no restrictions it’s no specific on what died you should do so basically you’re you’re eating normal normal for five days and then for two days you’re not even fasting you’re going down to 500 calories I’ve never heard of that yeah so that’s really popular yeah it’s real popular I don’t agree with it because first of all you’re destroying your body for fact it’s not going to be enough time to fully adapt to what you want to do by the time you get into some ketosis you’re you’re right back to the same plan and it’s not going to create an impact so the point is that don’t think you’re going to be able to get a Netaji from doing that five and – it’s not going to work you’re going to have to go like you know do the slowly and I talked about this gradually go into like twice two meals a day then once the today and then you know periodically you go 48 hours and then 72 hours occasionally so you can start really clean up these viruses like the herpes and in which is also behind shingles and and other other types of problems anyway okay good yeah well said and guess what Karen I have some really great quizzes for people today some exciting news and I’m going to actually bring up something very important that I talked about in the intro video and last week and I’m gonna reveal it today and it’s basically this is one ingredient that’s in 25% of the grocery store I mean you’re you’re you can’t even avoid it and it’s I’ve never done a video on this kind on this one ingredient Wow so I’m gonna talk about it and enlighten people on it okay and we’re gonna quiz we have some really interesting quizzes and we’re going to talk about some life-changing data and I’m gonna be releasing a video probably tomorrow the next day okay the secret of the keto universe finally after all these years I’m in a row well are we in it are we in it the keto universe yes we’re in the keto universe again yeah and there’s some dogs large dogs in the keto universe yes and this is one we are gonna be changing our office location but anyway I need to go to Vero she’s been waiting patiently okay are you there from Texas you’re a doctor buzz hi how are you I was listening yes I’m your hey hi can’t you go me yes yep what was your question yeah and first of all I should thank your thank you for all the detailed YouTube videos it really helps a lot and thanks to Karen for all the wonderful keto recipes oh I’m glad you liked that cake the other day yeah my question us my question is I have tyroid and menopause and i am in quito past two months and i’m fall i’m I was not four in the first month I was not following it very strictly but afterwards I started after watching all your videos I said this is what I should follow and I was following it is that migrate is very child it’s very challenging to reduce my weight I workout in the morning sometimes I go for walking in the evenings then I follow all the keto that I do the fasting I take my coffee in the morning then till 1:30 I don’t take anything and afterwards I take some eggs and some let’s use some Salieri’s with almond butter then I take a 2 avocados then I take a break then I on 4:30 you asked me to take about 7 to 10 cups of veggies right I’m a vegetarian and I don’t take any meat so I try to try to take about maximum to 7 cups of veggies because of my thyroid I thought I should not have low and nutrition soon so still I find sometimes I feel hungry after my walk I sometimes I feel hungry I start not very hungry like sometimes I feel like eating something so I take some nuts not too much about 10 macadamia or some pecans okay that’s all so that’s all I eat around 7:30 or 8:00 in the ninth that’s it and afterwards again in the morning I take my coffee would ask enough all right salami yeah I’m gonna give you some advice okay you get a couple things against you number one the thigh right when you have a thyroid weakness it’s it’s more difficult number two menopause hormonal e-everything I mean starting to kind of go against you so you have to even work harder third thing is being a vegetarian I think you said a vegetarian or a vegan one of the two that’s also difficult because it’s hard to get the carbs low low enough I think what I would do if I were you is I would take your average meal and analyze how many carbs you’re really eating how many fasts you’re really eating and try to bring the carbs down as low as possible down to 20 grams maybe a little less that’s what I would do number one if you’re hungry we need to go up with the fat and just give it more time and do it very consistent and then make sure there’s no bloating with your vegetables that’s really important and the last thing is that once you start adapting and the hunger goes away that means you’re it’s really working then you want to bring maybe bring your fat down to 75 grams per day because we want you to force your body to burn your own fat and that and you you should be losing weight on that program as a side note many of you have been asking for months like when am I going to get in this new product that that would help someone enhance their vegetables I just got it in right here BAM it’s right here so it’s called veggie solution and this is my commercial we have two versions one is plain and this is sweetened with stevia you won’t even taste the stevia but it’s pretty cool what this is is lentil it’s actually it’s a duck weed and it water lentils is called but it’s not it’s not like beans or anything like that it’s a plant it’s a smallest flower and it’s the highest protein greens that you can get it’s way higher than any other greens that you had it’s like a protein but it has also the omega-3 fatty acids and one like it you do 3 3 it says two scoops per day equals six cups of greens per day so this is the one that you might want to check out and it’s pretty high in nutrients it’s a it doesn’t have very many anti nutrients like the Ox –let’s and like spinach and things like that tastes really good you like the Karen likes the plain she just drinks it it dissolves nicely is better but I feel the same way I like the this sweetened and it’s not even really sweet it’s just like a little bit sweetened with raspberry and lemon it’s pretty good so you can check it out and to enhance your vegetable intake because people for some reason they don’t want to do ten cups it I don’t know why I don’t know but this is a really good solution we were debating whether to use the kale or spinach and this is the best and you can get it right on the website dr. Byrd calm go to shop and you’ll see a bunch of data on it I’ll be doing more videos like FAQ videos but it’s super nutrient dense I’m excited about it great alright good so now my turn your turn Karen yeah what they control you get a question there’s a lot of people here with a lot of questions are you unfortunately while you’re talking I can kind of put them all together similar ones right so speaking of fasting which you’re talking about before hmm got a lot of people asking questions about fast yeah there’s something called a an egg fast awry fast a water fast pink salt someone was saying do you know that means what so when they say egg fast or die fast you could basically eat that food with the fast only right so I never heard promote any of these other things but maybe can you just answer these peeps and tell them you’re your general thought about fast in general the benefits of a fast I mean I never heard you’re promoting an egg faster dry fast I mean drive fast sounds kind of dangerous well if you actually you know creates a little bit of a stress in your body which then your body rebounds and has some benefits I don’t recommend it because so many people are deficient and I don’t think you need to go that far I don’t think you don’t you know cut out water I mean you got three days to live but the point is that um I think is fasting in general just with water I think that’s gonna be enough for for pretty much everyone and what you you need electrolytes yeah exactly self some salt yes like that on a fast yeah now what about this egg fast yeah well you know what the there’s some good and bad to that one is that it has nearly every single nutrients so it’s it’s really kind of a perfect food it doesn’t have a lot of vitamin C though but are you fasting if you’re not eating eggs you’re going too fast correct but I really I think there you can call it probably intermittent fasting with eggs are not eating eggs all day they’re just having the eggs unlimited eggs so it’s intermittent fasting it’s not you’re not gonna get the same it’s off the G here’s the thing it’s not really defined so there’s not this like exact standard this is how you do it so it’s kind of you just have to see what people are doing and what they consider that an egg fast okay here’s another really general question about something people already always asking how much water to drink Tracy on YouTube asking this well you know they say you got eight classes today you know I’m just fantastic now you want to drink when you’re you’re thirsty but I will say this if you’re predisposed to kidney stones drink more water if you’re exercising drink more water just put some electrolytes in it there’s nothing wrong with water but when this is what I’m against when you’re forcing yourself to drink like I’m talking gallons of water I’ll give you an example I’ve had patients come in many they were told from certain people I won’t mention any names that they had to drink like one to two gallons a day of water now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna flush out all the electrolytes you’re forcing yourself you’re gonna create a severe deficiency in sodium and that can be bad for the heart that’s the only thing that I’m against right I’m not gonna mean to say anything scary but you can die from that there’s people that die with water intoxication you hope there is a name for it yes it’s called nutri Mia or hyponatremia Wow that’s right I just wanted to see if tario batting this is useful once in a while back there I want to see if you could yeah yeah so I mean you have to use judgment with all of this I mean I think if people are looking to just have this rule of thumb that they never ever changed they’re gonna be disappointed because that’s not the way it goes I don’t bother changing I I can say for myself years ago when I was really unfit and eating a different way I had different requirements and then you heal your body your body changes maybe you start working out you know your your needs change so yeah you have to listen to your body right I listen to I’m gonna listen to them and I’m lacking for sugar it wants it then you ignore a Twinkie I’m gonna give it to it or maybe those uh marshmallow peanuts oh peeps yeah I saw those that CBS I was like we used to I’m gonna do a video I’m gonna do a video on marshmallows soon so but the point is that glasses of water is not I wouldn’t say that’s excessive but here’s the thing that when you do keto you reduce the carbs when you reduce carbs you reduced insulin when you do that you basically lose more fluids that you’ve been retaining you want to put your electrolytes back in maybe drink a little more water if you if you feel like you’re dehydrated but the point is that go by your thirst you know it’s like your body will tell you and your body doesn’t confuse thirst with hunger that’s a myth hmm I never heard that oh you a lot of times you see a – people say well your body doesn’t know when it’s really hungry or thirsty so you just need to drink more water and you’ll be less hungry and like wait a second well now I’ve heard that with seniors where there’s this you know seniors are I have this what a diss to seniors right I was like seniors don’t know when they’re thirsty they need to drink a certain amount of water because they can more easily dehydrate the same with children what is your thought I have no idea but I’m gonna go to Renee because she’s been waiting patiently Oh Renee are you there hey my question hi my question is I’ve been doing keto and I’m also vegan and I read your videos on how to avoid gluten because it’s you know when it’s really high on the glycemic index so I believe pasta rice bread all of that but here’s my question as a vegan I do use tempeh and seitan for meat substitute but I use a smaller amount so that I can make sure I stay within my car my car brain so I was wondering is if I look at the carbs when I portion it right is that okay if I use it or should I avoid that altogether since HN is wheat gluten I was wondering if I could do it and do it sparingly or if I should have would at all its gluten is harmful to the intestines or tempeh or any of that basically can I do vegan keto and seitan and KP are those compatible you talk about because they’re in there because of the well because of any anything if it could be as fit as far as the glut raising my insulin if that could not be aa ketosis if it’s harmful I have IBS if it’s harmful for my my intestine if in any way could not be anarchy chose the sword or anything right the things that I would watch out for and you can just get a some keto strips and or I’ll check your blood that would be the best thing and see if it see what it does after you eat it but they have all these meat substitutes out there that are the one that I don’t like is soy protein isolates that’s definitely I don’t like that I do not like the textured protein the vegetable textured protein and the gluten yeah those those tend to be a bit toxic what you probably want to do is do a fermented organic soy you could probably do a little bit of that do some germinated seeds and nuts mushrooms vegetables high in protein mean higher in protein so you’re going to have to do that and probably going to substitute with the active like DHA omega-3 fatty acids b12 and a good mineral you can do a plant-based mineral but yeah I would be careful about what what they give you and what they even especially had restaurants and at the grocery store it’s really tough so stick was like really basic food been around for a long time like seaweed for example as high in protein who asked it so is a nutritional yeast all right thanks Rene I appreciate your question all right did I dish that question did I yes you on that just me yeah really no I just don’t have it it was on the corner cause someone is sorry about that if someone is older do they have a loss of sense of a certain perception maybe but I don’t know I mean depends if they’re in a nursing home and and they need more water I just you just you just don’t really have a comment I just have no comment on it’s a no comment I get it I get it yeah okay um first of all we have to because our daughter watches us any comments now I don’t see her today but she comments that every week she watches in Commons and we never say anything so oli if you’re watching right now and you have a question we love you keep it brief don’t ask for money just know I’m just kidding but anyway we had to give a shout out because she felt she’s probably not watching this week isn’t it her birthday coming up her birthday’s on Sunday everyone you should tell my daughter Allie happy birthday happy birthday send her a little birthday wish she’s really sweet she’s in London right now and she’s missing her family so anyway okay all right so let’s go to Heather okay from Colorado are you there Heather yes I’m here dr. Bergen Karen how are you hi how are you doing good good so my question is this the day after Christmas I started doing keto I hadn’t found you guys yet so about a month after that I found all about healthy keto and bought a bunch of your supplements and I have Celia’s disease and 45 years old and so I started eating a lot more vegetables about seven cups a day my blood sugar had been lower and then it started raising but I am ketosis what ketones show one than 1.5 a day approximately but my blood sugar after doing healthy keto now for about 10 weeks is still in 110 to 115 range and I do walk about three to four times a week and intermittent fast every day 18 to 24 hours depending on my schedule I’ve not done extended fasting or anything like that and I’m not lost zero weight okay have you had any improvement in energy yet my energy is starting to improve my celly activities really kicked my butt for a really long time with intestinal pain and issues but your electrolyte powder has pretty much stopped all of my muscle cramps which were almost debilitating for a long time okay question I have yeah quick questions I’m going to run through it really fast do you still have the hunger that you had before if it was a ten before it’s about a three or four now so a lot a lot more you know tolerable I don’t think I could fast over maybe 24 hours yet but it’s easier to the 24-hour mark is your stomach starting to shrink a little bit are your clothes a little bit looser in your midsection very very minimal okay are you you have less Cory a little bit better but not a lot do you have less cravings for carbs yeah a lot less okay do you have a pre-existing pre-diabetes or diabetes I was pre-diabetes for the last few years my fasting blood sugar at the doctor’s for the last few years was like 124 125 right in there Wow okay and what is it now fasting in the morning because I know of John effect it’s about a hundred ten hundred fifteen by the afternoon it can get into the 90 okay good Heather you know what I think you just need to just give it more time I think you’re doing everything right it’s starting to work the concept is get healthy to lose weight first right you’re in the process of getting healthy you just need to give it more time if you’re a pre-existing diabetic or pre-diabetic it just takes a little more time and probably you have to in your mind think maybe six months to even eight months even a year before things really start turning around don’t even worry about the weight the health comes first everything’s starting to come around you can always tweak things I have a ton of videos to tweak things but I think you’re right on track I do not think there’s a problem I think it’s normal for you and probably add a little ghee in there grass-fed ghee for the colon that’ll help you and you’re good so thanks for your call she just need to give it more time okay what do you got what do you got over here well first I want to say thank you to everybody for wishing Ollie happy birthday boy that’s nice yeah and there’s someone else here from London I mean Ollie you should start a London keto group she should I want to talk to her about me talk about your papito okay so here’s I have a couple questions before your question uh-oh let’s give up let’s do the first quiz okay okay alright guys okay out of all the foods all the foods that you eat what food what type of food has the most specific food but has the most magnesium what per unit okay so like I’m not talking about a category of food I’m not talking about decibels of things talk about a very small food item yeah which one thing it’s the most magnesium has the most magnesium yeah okay okay guys don’t let me down here on YouTube and Facebook okay Instagram right yeah what’s happening with that Steve I’m gonna need another phone okay all right there okay good so uh question how to minimize body hair if you find your grip I’m assuming this your men are theme woman man or woman let’s say it’s a woman because I don’t know I mean maybe like a man has issues with that too like once they’re getting older right like yeah like that but women probably learn about women talk about yeah do you know what PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome good so that’s that’s a condition we have to too much male hormone okay that’s where the hair is coming from that’s a testosterone yeah basically it’s an androgen okay so what causes that is increase insulin so all you have to do is decrease the insulin to thereby decrease antigen to help your facial hair no more hair on your body if you’re a female Wow yep that was simple yeah okay good now what oils do you approve of well I really really recommend most of the oils like we talked about cooking yeah butter coconut oil peanut oil if you do safflower sunflower just do it in smaller amounts because it gets the it is high in omega-6 so you don’t do like a massive stay away from soy corn oil things like that and avocado is fine olive oil it’s really good red palm is awesome as long as you get the eco-friendly version sustainable foods yeah okay good all right good on the oils now how much food do you recommend eating if you’re doing intermittent fasting four-and-twenty so eating for four hours fasting for 20 hours hmm there’s a question on how much food now I think you had your meals you mean uh he-she sorry doesn’t say it’s just how much what’s the quantity of food in that four hour window depends how depends like how big you are how fast your metabolism it is like if you’re like let’s say you’re female you have a thyroid problems your menopause and you’re doing two meals will stick around 1,500 calories during one meal bring it down to 1,200 maybe 1,100 calories and that depends too on a lot of you you want to lose weight right are you at your plateau weight are you also working out well there are a lot of different factors that go into that that’s not just uh like myself how many calories should I be consuming a lot um about three thousand a day how about your son Jordan but the same is it fast metabolism yeah okay good alright I didn’t catch the name here but swelling ankles what can you do you know this is another one of those things where you want to are they doing in a minute fasting healthy keto if they’re not I’m not gonna even recommend the b6 that I normally recommend or the high potassium just go right for the keto in if’ to be able to push out the excess fluid okay yep alright good alright so let’s go to the answer oh I took the quiz let me see we got what has the most magnesium as far as what food is any one answer yeah but it’s a kale spinach let me see on Facebook did you guys avvocato kale spinach avocado avocado seafood seafood s EE food seafood sorry had to tease ya on that one kale parsley avocado happy birthday ollie spinach spinach happy birthday ollie avocado avocado kale spinach okay spirulina happy birthday ollie okay that’s good alright so the answer is pumpkin seeds nobody got that well they’re close how are they expenditure that’s good now yeah it’s the it’s pumpkin seeds have like massive amounts of magnesium now so just the seed part like not the outside shell part some people eat that some people chew that some people spit it out yeah correct you’re not gonna eat these just a little seed that’s right magnesium who’da thunk now you might be saying well I disagree dr. Berg because I just think all these seeds and nuts have what’s called phytic acid or phytates which basically block the absorption of minerals right that’s what everybody’s saying are they well here’s the answer actually you’re correct in they do block calcium zinc and maybe iron but not so much magnesium or potassium so that one more time because what I wasn’t listening and I just I’m just okay I think when you when you assumed what everyone said with the I disagree dr. Berg well there’s gonna be someone that’s gonna disagree I’ll guarantee because you know I’ve had this before we’re like well wait a sec what about the phytic acid in the it’s gonna block the mineral absorption and not with magnesium or potassium that’s that’s the cool thing about it not pony cat dog rock pony cat dog rock says I feel so good when I eat pumpkin seeds that’s awesome so the magnesium is really really important in a couple things one cramps to your calf and also blood pressure heart it’s a major electrolyte of relaxation and sleep but mainly with the blood sugars I’m gonna do a video on that with if you’re a diabetic and you’re not consuming high magnesium foods you’re missing out because magnesium is intimately involved in the output of insulin you don’t want to miss out guys with those pumpkin seeds do not miss out don’t miss out well we yeah so go get some pumpkin seeds I guess is the is in summary yes in summary but there’s a lot of other foods that you came does it matter if they’re roasted or not I’m surprised we didn’t get these no I recommend that you roasted salted no I think they’re gonna be easier to digest if you arrest them or germinate them so can you soak them and dry them out hey guys I got some more quizzes more things to talk about don’t leave this channel we’re going it’s like you’re about to break for a commercial or something no I do want it I’m gonna break he was gonna say we’ll be right back out of the show I wanna show people this right here I just want to show you these right here just I’m just showing you a new product that we have this is really cool this is really cool yeah this is a fasting teeth it’s none we just made it without caffeine there’s no cat it’s naturally decaffeinated but there’s a sweet version of stevia and there’s a unsweetened version which I like better but these ingredients in here and I’m not gonna get into it too much Robbo’s tea it’s an herb and it’s um has a really interesting property of stabilizing your blood sugars and it’s gonna help go longer when you’re fasting and in fact every single ingredient targets the blood sugars to the point where you can just make it court more comfortable going longer and they come in really really cool little bags now we put them in bags and you can reuse them like a tea bag yeah the first the first batch was loose teeth yeah which a lot of people love loose tea use it all the time it isn’t as convenient yeah so you can throw these in a ziploc you know in your purse and have them with you all the time I’ll just show you Karen say show me that cute right there he’s gonna Steve’s gonna zoom in zoom what a cute tea bag but actually it’s do you mention some of the other things in there really good well it has organic ginger cinnamon so it’s really really it tastes good it’s great and then we have Garcinia cambogia which is really good for metabolism and red panax ginseng that’s I love the combination there it’s good for your blood Sugar’s if you something to help you go longer and you can take one of the bags and reuse it twice so it allows you there’s 28 bags so the last you up on a couple months if you do that so you can check it out if you’re if you if you need some help with that hey you know what Karen we need to go to mark he’s been patiently waiting Mike you’re from Charlotte North Carolina are you there yes I am can you hear me okay yeah I can I appreciate all your materials and everything that you’ve been putting out and years ago I had psoriasis and tried a bunch of different protocols to help the psoriasis about three years ago I ended up going on Humira which is a biologic and it helps with the psoriasis a lot but I had a lot of side effects mood swings one in particular was I started to develop weight gain and I’m bloating constant bloating and so amongst all the side effects and the weight gain about two years ago I found your videos and and really started to follow your ketogenic program I joined your your membership watched your videos I lost about 5 pounds I wanted to lose about 20 and I noticed that I just couldn’t lose the weight no matter how much I tweaked no matter how much I adjusted and still retaining after 2 years now of working the program my energy is so much better but I’ve got this constant belly fat bloat tightness that I’m struggling with a lot of these symptoms that I thought well maybe I just need to tweak my keto program and and and get it better and better and I’m really over the months come to the conclusion it’s really a lot of it been from the side effects of being on Humira and I’m at the point now where I’d like to get off of that medication and talk to my doctor about about getting off of it my question to you is one what tips would you recommend beyond what you’ve shared in your videos about psoriasis and what high of doctor would you recommend I could go to who would support the fact that I’m on keto and also support the thought that I’m trying to get off of this biologic really start cleaning myself out of that and and and deal with the root issues that we’re causing the psoriasis good good question I think you’re right if you’re doing everything right there’s the side effect from the medication that that drug is is probably one of the top drugs as far as what it makes an income of any drugs and there’s a lot of people taking anti-inflammatory drugs more than ever and I think you’re in the right path you’re doing all the right things but you got this one last thing that you got to make the transition as far as finding a doctor it’s difficult I wish there was one site that you can actually have all the doctors that are Pro keto the doctor that I have is not on keto but he’s very willing to work with me to do whatever I want to do not that I’m on any drugs but I’m just saying he’s like I found the doctor who has the viewpoint of like um like whatever you want to do I’ll support it so I’m like wow that’s so nice but I think there’s some online Doc’s that you can you can contact if you come to our summit you’ll meet some Doc’s and you can work remotely with them dr. Westman especially nadir dr. Brett sure even Jason Fung he’s a medical doctor maybe you can work with some of these guys remotely to kind of work with this medication but you need kind of a substitute to take in the meantime if it’s an inflammatory condition stinging novel route is the best but you have psoriasis so when you have psoriasis I think one of the real good things to do would be to take high dosages of vitamin D with vitamin K k2 but the other thing is to find a doctor and I’ll do a video on this that not only checks for allergies to different foods but chemical sensitivities to because I’ll guarantee there’s probably some they’re not even true allergies or sensitivities that if you can clean that that might actually just resolve your problem and the need for this will go right down so I will do a video on this specifically mark so stay tuned thanks for your call all right Karen okay so let’s see it’s 11:46 isn’t there another quiz yes there is get that in right now but you know what I also want to mention what periodically on the screen people are seeing that they should sign up for the Kido summit I want to make sure we don’t forget talking about that I know you guys it’s a requirement to come out it’s a mandatory meeting and Ettore roll call yeah it’s we’re gonna have a great time you should come check it out it’s a key to summit at the end of August don’t wait to the last minute and find out that we’re booked because we’re getting a lot of people signing up and so we’re gonna have a huge event it’s really starting and we really would love to meet you in person but you’re gonna learn a lot so think about coming it’s so you can go to our websites jam-packed and you’ll see a button information we’re excited about it can you tell it’s totally jam-packed yeah yeah okay so um this thing I’m going to talk about it’s not a quiz it’s just it’s a quick answer some of you saw my video on cancer and on in a minute fasting and said well wait a second how do I get rid of my glutamine I’m taking glutamine for my gut and is that gonna cause cancer okay because cancer lives on sugar and glutamine let me explain this um glutamine is a natural amino acid that does not cause cancer okay but if you have cancer you probably want to avoid for that the promise in all these foods this is why you do in a minute fasting or prolonged fasting okay but don’t worry about avoiding it unless you have cancer consuming it in your foods is not going to give you cancer alright that being said let’s shift to one of the topic I need to talk about real quick and that is not even a quiz but the difference between chemo therapy and cruciferous vegetables for cancer okay can we talk about that well now I’m gonna I’m gonna interject the disclaimer because that impulse I mean one is a known medical treatment for answer which cruciferous is not that’s my disclaimer thank you Karen they note their note to self Jess tchen that there is any treatment happening but so so chemo you can’t take chemo to prevent cancer I see where you’re going yeah I see where you’re going thank you but here’s the thing about the effectiveness of chemo believe it or not the contribution of chemotherapy is only within a five-year survival 2.1% so in other words you’re you decrease your risk of dying within five years not after five years we don’t even talk about that within five years by 2.1 percent that’s in pretty low insignificant so what about what about cruciferous well it’s really hard to find data on how much it can bring down your risk for cancer especially with you know if you’re doing and human studies because there’s so many variables you got what what’s the person eating all these different variables okay but the point is this cruciferous has six known effects that you need to focus on and I’m gonna go through them real fast okay because this is important they detoxify things that cause cancer they call it carcinogens so they detoxify things that trigger cancer you can’t get cancer without having some carcinogen effect like radiation or smoking or chemical okay okay number one number two cruciferous increases apoptosis you know that is how would I ever know okay that’s basically your cell commits suicide it kills itself if there’s a alteration or damage with it yeah because we don’t want it growing and doing some weird thing so with the cancer cell it doesn’t die you lose the apoptosis mechanism well cruciferous will cause the cancer cell to commit suicide that’s cool so instead of no wait you lost me on that so apoptosis is where an altered cell commits suicide yeah so if a cell has cancer it will commit suicide no normally cancer cells don’t come that’s what they lose the ability to kill themselves so they live forever so that’s the problem the cancer takes over and invades the body Wow yeah so cruciferous ensures that that well it improves that knit it ensures improves supports that yeah cruciferous has tons of antioxidants to clean up free radical damage that can then trigger cancer so that’s one thing it does it’s a very powerful powerful antioxidants okay okay next thing it does it helps balance estrogen especially the bad estrogen can create cancer so it balances your ratios of different estrogens so that is cool okay also it protects the cell and this is really powerful protects the cell against mutations so in other words it protects the cell from going damaged getting damaged in the DNA that’s huge yeah okay and last thing it reduces angiogenesis do you know that yeah okay a tumor cell is fed by blood vessels so if you can shut off the blood vessel supply to the tumor it shrinks cruciferous inhibits angiogenesis the feeding of the blood flow to the tumor just two tumors yeah which not other things in a tumor you have normal cells and you do have some cancer cells as well in tumors so somehow it just shuts off the blood flow to that yeah not to other things no okay yeah so that was really cool right that is amazing your citrus to list off some cruciferous vegetables okay so you have bok choy arugula radish broccoli Brussels sprouts cauliflower kale wasabi horseradish which is I think the same thing and then you also have greens collard greens mustard greens those are all cruciferous yeah so that’s a big selection yep so consume them at a regulation if I want to if you want to decrease your risk for cancer and by the way the odds are chances are that some of you might be getting cancer eventually so to decrease that risk what you do is you periodic fast keep your Sugar’s down and do some cruciferous through the week very simple I think it’ll help Karen I’m not gonna make any claims though no claims just recommendations right okay Linda you’re from Ohio you had a question go ahead yes thank you dr. Berg and Karen I really think you’re both great I’m 73 years old I’ve been on keto for about six and a half weeks and I’ve lost 25 pounds so far well thank you thank you I have a more to lose but I have confidence that will happen I have calcium in my blood that was found when I had blood work done about two weeks ago the doctor once they had me back in about four months and checked my blood again but he was very very concerned that it’s not a good thing at all I am wondering if there’s anything I can do or anything I can take that might help that situation yeah I think what I would do is have it if you’re taking vitamin D stop taking it I would take vitamin k2 vitamin k2 drives calcium from the blood into the bone word should be vitamin k2 there’s different versions you can get the mk7 version that’s when you need em k2 i’m sorry i’m vitamin k2 okay it comes in a like usually like a hundred micrograms take like two or three pills with with your food with a little fat and it’ll go in like a rocket ship and it should start reducing the calcium in your blood that doesn’t work then take ip6 i have a video on that you can look that up but thanks Linda for your great question you know what I love about that Linda is 73 we get callers all the time in their 70s even some people in their 80s 70s is the new 50 70 is the new 50 first of all but but it seems like oh thank god no I seriously you know sometimes people have this idea they’re too old or whatever and we get calls all the time of people in their 70s and in their 80s and they’re just starting kedo and they’re losing weight and they’re feeling better and they’re hailing problems it’s awesome Thank You Linda hey Brandon you’re from Oklahoma you had a question you’re in the hospital now should you keep your gold lighter okay yeah first off I want to say thank you so much I’ve been following you for three years my first 16 months doing ketone in a minute fast and I lost 163 pounds awesome but the holidays caught up with me and I started slipping up come January in February and so I’ve gained back about 30 to 40 more pounds that caused some Gulf stones to get caught in my bile duct I’d had a procedure done last night where they removed them and I’ve had six doctors in the last six hours come in and try to talk me into removing my gallbladder but I know that if I if I get back on it I know that I’ll be fine I’ve been using your gallbladder formula and it was working fine for me you know I just like I said I flipped up over the holidays and I really want to get back on track and so my question is if I take my gallbladder out which they’re telling me I don’t need to but they’re recommending it will I still be able to go back to everything that I was doing okay so I’ve my here’s my viewpoint on it I can’t tell you to take it out or now take it out good thing that’s an extra organ that you don’t need I’m just being sarcastic the purpose of the gallbladder is not to make bile it’s to store bile and when you don’t have enough file it creates complications with your digestion absorbing fats I have a vitamin omega-3 fatty acids and things like that so it’s going to then you’re going to have to take bile so it’s not the end of the world but it’s going to create some weakness in the area if possible my viewpoint is to like to keep as long as possible and try to maybe get back with your doc in six weeks and have them reevaluate to see if things are better and maybe this will force you to stick to the right plan for longer and maybe take some choline with that just to help thin the fat on the liver if there’s any there but that’s what I would do I would keep working to improve it if possible keep all the organs that you have and have them maybe like recheck it periodically just to make sure it’s okay that you don’t develop another one but you know what causes golf downs a lack of bile but thanks for your call Brandon hey Tracy you’re from Texas go ahead you two question mid-morning dr. Burke good morning morning Carrie yeah actually it’s something like well we were talking about a while ago cancer I’m a coffee lover and well I tried to slow down to one cup of day from somebody listening to you and I was reading just two days ago in a California judge was ruling the coffee after it’s being roast the this chemical I think it named acrylamide or something in this so basically she was saying it should be labeled as a carcinogen because it causes cancer so I was just trying to see what do you think about that I think if you do an organic coffee and you do one a day okay I think you’re gonna be fine but there’s a lot of pesticides and coffee so yes pesticides do create problems with your liver so just to an organic coffee and I think we’re gonna be totally fine thanks for your call and Lacey from Alexandria Virginia hey where why aren’t you right here why aren’t you in this room um I would love to go there his brain apart I have a lot of questions you get one I just want to say anything oh thank you I want to say thank you and I second every nice thing anyone has ever said about you you’ve been amazing for me and my husband he’s lost about 30 pounds and he said he was only gonna do this for two months and he was going to be done with it it’s not gonna help them and now he’s sticking with it he’s like okay well this is working so so yeah so um I’m what doctors call a difficult case um I was recently diagnosed with pots EDS dis on anomia and I’m gonna say this wrong a sword jinger’s yeah and during my pots evaluation they said that my blood circulation is really bad even at resting it was like at 20% and during standing it actually dropped to 12% and they don’t know what’s causing it and I’ve been to four different RA doctors or three they want to send me to a fourth one and I’m just trying to figure out I guess if if there’s anything I can do besides like I already exercise i waitlist I I do cardio I’m not overweight I’m actually I was laying 93 pounds and I took me several months to get back up to 105 pounds mm-hmm and I do cardio um and I’m just trying to figure out like a natural way as to like help my blood circulation issue because it’s causing a lot of very heart symptoms got it today you seem to help it Intel did you see my video in pots I did yeah okay alright so for those of you that don’t know what pants are it’s a situation where you it’s a problem with your autonomic nervous system so you’re standing up and you almost like a little dizzy and you must pass out it’s it’s just a dysfunction with the autonomic nervous system the best thing you can do lacy is take be one I actually even develop a product to support that it’s called mitochondrial support which has the a really good versions of natural b1 which is hard to find with the magnesium that’s what you need you need a lot of it you need some benfotiamine in there as well which is a fat-soluble b1 but I would highly recommend doing the b1 that’s what I would do and also I’d watched my video on it’s called stress webinar and start doing those techniques on that support stress but you really need to support the autonomic nervous system but it’s b1 in magnesium that’s what I would recommend thanks so much for your call hey Daniel you’re from the UK how are you yes I’m okay quick and story really about my situation I got a leaky gut syndrome from eating too much wheat gluten so I’ve been suffering for about a year now I’m friendly he lit up as I took al Goodman I mean wafted in the past very few a source or Guzman with quercetin their flavonoid from you know onions and stuff and I still got to this very day and I got food intolerances now when everything I shouldn’t who’s I eat will cause severe joint pains and I know if you don’t heal leaky gut syndrome they can lead on to other autoimmune conditions because it’s behind autoimmune things so I’m sick of it and I want to get rid of the leaky gut syndrome I’m also taking many you know much lots of good men and Koston currently from US companies and I’m just trying to heal I’d only advice if you want to get Andrew what would you do to resolve it and would you go on a certain diet yeah I think about it I think in this situation if you have it really bad this is when I would rock men I’m basically a kind of a version of a carnivore diet and not do too much vegetable because I could irritate things because there’s all sorts of sensitivities and weaknesses with an area and do it for a month and then gradually introduce a little bit of vegetable here and there because I think the vegetables will bloat you out that’s what I would do but do combination me in a minute fasting proteins shouldn’t bother you too much but make sure that you do it healthily so you get all your nutrients there’s you want to take a food based vitamin E complex with tocotrienols and tocopherols as well as a little bit of the cod liver oil that’s going to help you but yeah you want to cut it for this situation you want to go a little bit lower on the vegetables because that could stir up a hornet’s nest with what you have and do that for a month and that should help you okay now before you go into what you’re going to go into and it’s already after 12 so thanks for hanging out everybody but we have to address the Shira who has posted her post on Facebook probably 20 times okay girl I hear you okay basically she’s doing very long fasts she can fast for a long time with no hunger but she wants to eat should she eat if she’s not hungry yes or no well if you if you’re trying to lose weight and you have extra weight to lose then ride the wave and go as long as you need to just make sure you take your electrolytes in and nutrients okay but you know your body’s burning your own fat you are eating you’re just missing the food it’s that’s understandable but your body is eating when you’re fasting it’s eating your own fat if you’re actually hit your goal weight then you can pretty much add an a meal in there but that’s what I would that’s my two cents on that I would ride away because you’re gonna keep losing weight if you fast you know it’s it’s interesting if you don’t eat you will lose weight eventually that’s profound that is profound I mean you probably to research how long it took me a long time to figure that one out you get that out so you know it’s after 12:00 we spent this whole hour talking to people and doing quizzes except you said you were gonna talk about something in the groceries oh my gosh never we’ve got God I’m gonna have to go a little bit over our time line and just jump into it right now you’re welcome okay guys so check this out there’s this hidden ingredient that is not even you don’t even have to label it okay there’s no labeling laws and unfortunately farmers are subsidized with this so they like 2.8 billion dollars a year farmers get they get paid to actually produce this crop and if you want to learn more about it you can watch the video on it’s called King corn net can you guess what vegetable it is spinach no wheat no pumpkins nope I give up corn ah now check this out I want to bet you didn’t know this but they make vinegar out of corn I did not know that baking powder vanilla extract MSG xantham gum corn chips you didn’t know that one did you no no I’m not good enough figure it out I know they make vendor they feed animals right they make vitamin C vitamin C ketchup ketchup they feed animals corn like like um 37 percent of all the corn sold is for animal feed okay and we export like 11 percent is a ton but you got you like that like breaded fish dicks I made with corn can you believe that I can you mean like corn flour or corn yeah pork and beans pork and beans where’s the corn they put it in there okay biscuit and gravy beer spaghetti sauce sodas beef I mean like you’re talking like corn starch grits margarine gravy jams marshmallows corn need some corn your DNA is actually probably corn but 25% it’s a massive amount so here’s the thing guys the problem with corn is this 93 percent gasoline yeah ethanol as well don’t drink the gasoline but here’s the thing 93 percent of all corn produced in the US is G genetically modified okay which means it has a 93 percent 93 percent of all corn grown in the United States is GMO 95% of all soy is GMO well if I figured soy but I just want to know those four percent of the corn growers that are holding yeah firm Wow my hats off to you guys yeah yeah it’s a touchy subject I can’t get into it but the point is if you go to king corn net you can watch a trailer it’s pretty interesting there’s I think it might be even be free online right now you can watch it but fatty corn-fed beef high fructose corn syrup unfortunately the farmers are paid by the government to grow corn and so we eat this corn and we’re basically funding our fast-food restaurants so try if you and what I did is I try to find a diet that is corn free if someone has an allergy to corn what you could eat it’s basically nothing because corn is so pervasive everything so also the thing is that you can have natural meats right yeah grass-fed no I mean you can in the grocery store you can see all kinds of things about natural antibiotic free hormone free it’s vegetarian it’s vegetarian feed so what is that one that is the GMO corn yeah so here’s a solution Karen the quick solution is to you need to you guys need to because you’re doing in a bit fasting you’re saving more money about you should be saving about $500 a month take that and buy it more organic food because organic the laws that you it’s non GMO at least it’s non-gmo and then when you buy food don’t get all the box stuff and the canned stuff and all this stuff with all the extra stuff get like basic that’s fed vegetables and things like that and you’re you’re probably already doing that but I just wanted to mention this amazing interesting as the amount of corn in sits corn basically as a filler I mean I was gonna say what an interesting solution I mean look corn as a nation we grew up on corn because corn is just a vegetable big deal right but now what was solution that it’s in so many things yeah why well it’s it’s it’s very profitable and it’s a filler and it’s cheap and the farmers are just buying it you know doing it because they get paid to do it but we started this whole subsidy thing in the depression but then it just kept going there’s really no need to pay farmers to produce corn because we’re not starving to death we would like to pay them to you know organic why don’t they subsidize for things like leafy greens right wouldn’t that be a solution no they’re great but the organic farmers here’s the foods that are subsidized corn wheat soy oat cotton sugar rice it’s all the refined carbohydrates boom car will start eat any cotton don’t eat cotton to minimize the cotton in your diet we’re gonna we’ll start a petition really we should have a cop out cuz we yeah we get in trouble guys have a wonderful weekend it’s been a pleasure talking to you yes or interacting with you yeah and we will see you now sir thank you and a happy birthday ollie happy birthday ollie okay hopeful hopefully she’s watching [Music] [Music]

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