Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] [Music] good morning everyone it’s Friday already this is exciting yes our post summit live show how did that how did you think this ends it was those people were awesome I just wish they’re a little more enthusiastic I know if there were only nicer I know there’s a nicest group there was not one weird person there they’re just gung-ho kitto friendly and just it was a blast meeting a lot of you guys are watching actually and it’s really just a blast I mean the speakers they like the vendors they like the information the vendors loved the attendees the vendors were here’s an example one vendor said you know usually when I go to a summit or are to a convention Kido Kido D’Oench right the table is mopped just they’re mobbed they want to be next they want you know they’re demanding she said here we had a table we didn’t even tell them they just automatically got into this very uniform line everyone was so patient and friendly and did everything we asked very nicely she said that Kido mojo she said a hundred percent of the people tested were in ketosis 100 percent I’ve read every single that’s close to 700 surveys read everything and so I got a chance to see what people liked what they didn’t like which 99.99% of you know everything went smooth but what I liked about it Karen was just that you know I’m actually hearing I’m doing that I’ll be doing my videos today and I’m like studying all day long for these videos that I do but I never really do the video they don’t see anything that happens but now I’m able to see the chain reaction and curse from people just not just weight loss but incredible transformation just from some video I did 10 years ago it’s just mind-blowing so it’s really enjoyable to see the results of the data that we’re putting out there and I think that’s it you put out information that that when applied gets results and then people can keep going and keep doing it I mean yeah I’m gonna based on just a lot of the responses up I’m gonna create some really cool videos today will release them throughout the week now a couple things next week we’re not going to do we are not sure we’re gonna doing a show take a little break for a week and then the other thing is that anything that we say is not meant to intentionally cure anyone okay if you get cured don’t mention her name right this is for eat anything this is food for thought information do your own research entertain purposes check with your doctor before applying any of this and let’s go to Kevin who’s had waiting patiently all right Kevin you had a question about a 72-hour fast yeah good morning dr. Burchard morning hi I’ll be 37 years old next week I’m 5 foot 8 and I started my fasting journey at 265 pounds and I’m now 212 pounds 201 I jumped the 212 wow that’s incredible yeah thank you I jump started it with an early with an 11 day fast and since that fast I’ve been doing 72 hour fast with a 500 calorie refeed that consists of a can of sardines and a salad with either salmon shrimp or squid I’ve never felt better the weight does nothing off inflation has gone etcetera once these 72s have fun our calories feel taxing I will move to 48 and eventually eventually live off one meal a day so to ease my family and friend naysayers am i doing anything infernal e wrong to my body by essentially living off only around 1,500 calories a week this seems to freak many people out probably because it’s not what the foodie pharmaceutical industry this pushed on to it then Burhan so thank you good I’m gonna give you my data on that so it’s the reason why we eat food is for fuel and nutrients now you’re running off you’re a different fuel source you’re running off here Reserve so I’m not worried about your fuel the thing that we just have to make sure is your nutrient the problem with nutrients is that deficiencies don’t show up right away they’re delayed like one day all of a sudden you lose a tooth like where did I come from or you lose your hair so what I would do I would definitely be taking supplements for sure enhance it you know the fat soluble ones like specially the collet of oil and the B vitamins for sure and then definitely salt so that being said and you want to focus on nutrient-dense foods I wouldn’t if you’re doing that much fasting I probably wouldn’t try to do a low calorie type diet yet I would do nutrient-dense foods for sure I would try to get that meal with all your nutrients you know each whatever you do every other day or every third day it’s difficult because you know you don’t really know how many based on your fast you don’t know like what’s happening with recycling of nutrients so I would do the highest density nutrient foods I would that that are on this planet beef liver for sure shellfish yes selfish selfish selfish so first sort of say that up so clams shrimp most people don’t consume enough of that that will give you that trace minerals that you need also DHA so I would do that I would definitely want to get your your vitamin C from and your minerals from some huge salad you’re not going to have to worry about carbs with that because it’s going to be really low but I am gonna do a video on calorie restrictive eating which is related to longevity and animal studies so stay tuned for that data but that’s my opinion Kevin I would if you’re gonna do that lower calories you’re gonna have to enhance with a good amount of nutrition to make sure you cover all bases thanks alright hey Robert you’re from Thailand hey hi yeah I’m Rachel hi well pare it down to one questions not gonna be easy but I’ll do the best I have cardio I was in Rome in April in the next thing you know I had open-heart surgery there for two months so I’m back home now and I was told I have cardiovascular disease and I’ve done some research I just wanted to know if you really feel that it can be reversed or slowed down I’ve heard I’ve been I bought Cummings I think you know him yeah I do he spoke to sell it in yeah okay well I summit but the point is he he talked to a couple of people who Patrick cool he he reversed his cardiovascular I just want to know what to do the best way to do it no are you talking about calcified arteries are you talking about clot or plaquing anything specifically you know about your heart well all I know is that a couple years ago I I got the the calcium score and there was three 9100 okay so II know and then when I had the operation they told me that the arteries in my by my neck the carotid arteries or have or half block okay so here’s my opinion I personally think you can do a tremendous amount of improvement with what you have I’ve heard about people having a calcium score well over a thousand and the thing about the heart is the heart does does come back it does repair as long as you put in the right thing so I would actively and aggressively get on healthy keto for sure and in a minute fasting those two in combination will start to put some repair back into the tissues you’re going to have to take food high in vitamin E for the heart you’re going to have to keep your insulin low you’re going to have to take a lot of electrolytes for the heart and then also k2 + d3 these are all things that I’ve tons of videos on and I think you can greatly improve I’m not going to say a hundred percent but I’m gonna say significantly I’ve seen people bounce back so I would jump on the wagon the keto wagon and see how much improvement can have but we don’t know unless you do it okay give it enough time to so we’re talking a couple years actually okay thanks for your call and Karen we have our first quiz oh good so what do you think is better on keto if you had to choose between a tomato and a carrot which one would you do Wow I like that one don’t you I do so let’s see what you guys have to say and then we’re gonna go to Karen for some social media yeah well I have to say I don’t know if it’s he’s still here but Ian’s watching Wow hey which I don’t know that you should be watching right but maybe you just turned it on for a second so everybody on Facebook should say hi to you in but okay so so Roger on Facebook wants to know will manganese help with his joint inflammation it’s a good it acts as an antioxidant and it’s involved in different enzymes and it’s also good for connective tissue in joints and muscle a key hey eNOS but here’s the thing I don’t know if you’re on keto or not or if you’re doing in a minute fasting that would be the first thing I would do assuming that you are doing that I think manganese would help you there’s a couple other things that I would recommend for inflammation one would be boron and also vitamin D those are two ones that are no-brainers and they seem to work but manganese is also good for connective tissue stuff especially if you have like flat feet it’s really good for that okay okay all right Karen okay so how how long do we want to immediately would we go what kind of answers are coming in okay well mostly there are some carrot but mostly it’s tomato really I’m gonna what do you think see tomato might have less sugar but a carrot has way more fiber I’m just looking at your diet and I’m gonna go with tomato I would norm I would say and the answer is tomato okay yeah so tomato if we take of equal size of each like a cup of chopped tomatoes versus a cup of shaved carrot chopped you’re going to get the difference between Tomatoes going to be about four point eight and grams of carbs and the other one’s going to be 11 so carrot has more than double the carbs now if we getting there if we – the fiber and things it has Karen has a little more fiber but when you end down to the end sugar amounts we’re talking about tomato is three and carrot is 5 so we Karen has a little more carb a little more sugar tomato but that being said guys this is a minor point I wouldn’t worry about it unless you dicing slicing it’s a minor point I’m okay with you guys doing carrots tomatoes not a problem don’t worry about it you don’t want to complicate you know but here’s the thing if you’re maybe struggling to lose weight and you’ve tried everything and you’re eating a lot of carrots okay cut them back definitely don’t juice them but the fibers are gonna buffer some of the response but tomatoes are a little bit better on keto okay well your watchers are very smart because most people said that that’s right yeah all right good so I got a couple more quizzes guys so stay tuned for more of those incredible hey Sonya you’re from Madison Alabama you had a question go ahead yes I do you can hear me yes yes okay I’ll make it quick I’m 57 106 pounds my exercise daily I don’t take any medications just supplements that you recommended watch you for long time I’m the only health issue I have is I don’t have a gallbladder which didn’t have to be taken out another story I’ve done health Aikido for over a year tons of green salads vegetables I did one to two meals a day because I went to one I lost too much weight but all of a sudden I started having really bad swollen ankles and feet so I went to my alternative medicine doctor he did blood work and he said that I have albuminuria my ratio was over 200 he thinks it’s because I’m on keto which I don’t agree but he says I’m it’s because I’m on keto he’s done a couple of chelation with some edpa and other things but I’m still waking up with swollen ankles that’s my question what do I do okay so here’s a couple suggestions that you might want to try I would lower your protein a little bit this can happen if you’re especially if you’re not breaking it down urea is the byproduct of protein so you have the protein it breaks down into things and if supposed to break down Monia and to real urea there’s a whole breakdown with nitrogen so I would cut down the protein reevaluate let’s say in a couple of weeks and see if you’re fine usually if you have protein the urine it’s going to be foamy so a lot of times people just actually just have too much there’s other reasons for this as well could be something going on with the kidney or liver but those are rare especially if you exercise that could happen the other thing that seems to be good if if there is ever any problem with the liver or the kidney even if someone is on kidney dialysis they’re usually going to be deficient in protein they’re not absorbing it and one of the new products I have it’s it’s a keto essential amino it’s pretty cool because it’s all you’re getting is straight amino acids the body doesn’t have to work at doing anything goes right in at the exact ratio and none of it turns into urea well actually I like 1% of it does don’t be a liar but most of 99% goes right into repair you it’s for people that are deficient in protein so that’s that’s really cool because the average person who’s consuming protein they’re only getting like between I don’t know 17% to maybe 36% of it actually going into their body tissue the rest is being used as fuel or waste if you wanted to take up the food that’s the probably the best as far as turning in body tissue that would be eggs so that’s what I would do and then cut down the protein and reevaluate make sure your vegetables are high at the same time as well thanks for your call all right Vicki you’re from Oregon you had a question you lost 32 pounds but you want you have that last 20 pounds right yes well it’s not just the midsection in front it’s the back that looks like I have a speck instead of I got it got it okay okay okay and I wanted to say I I just love you guys and Karen your I just love you I wish you were my next door neighbor well move to Maryland oh you need to be over here at the Brookings Oregon Coast it’s beautiful it’s long Vicki as long as it doesn’t rain too much yeah Oh a lot less than people think no one wants everyone to know that because it’ll be too crowded over here pretty soon eternal campaign we won’t tell anyone there hey Vicki so let me answer your question but I I will say that originally I wanted to move to Washington State so I go there right when I graduated I’m like this is so gorgeous thing started to rain I guess I went there in the winter and I just kind of I couldn’t take it so it was nice and green but as always raining so that wasn’t first go first vacation we ever took together though before you can hit it without the rain it is simply gorgeous that whole area yeah okay so that lasts 20 pounds the last 10 pounds the back fat it might sound easy but the body tends to it starts to get really really difficult because of your body’s fighting it it’s like a survival mechanism so you know your body doesn’t like to lose anything losing fat is a against survival so what you’re gonna have to do to lose that last little bit is go to something I called keto and steroids which is very very very strict so of course you’re not going to be doing tomatoes or carrots or any vegetables other than some leafy greens but there is a video that you can watch it’s called keto and steroids that you drop your carbs down to close to zero of course there’s a little bit of carbs in there like even from an egg you might have like point five but if you keep the carbs really really really low and then you keep your fat about 75 grams and I have videos on what that means and I show you examples that’s gonna help things so you could always speed it up add exercise more sleep keep your carbs the most important thing is carbs being low and the fats being not over 75 grams you don’t want to bring them too low either and then and then the last thing which is the icing on the cake you shouldn’t talk about that is to go longer with the intermittent fasting and I’m talking about one meal every other a day I will guarantee you will lose your midsection and once you do that then you can go to once a day the key is not eating if you’re hungry and a lot of people anything if you’re not hungry the key is not eating unless you’re hungry and don’t eat if you’re not hungry because so many people like I’m actually I’m all over here and my mouth is over here so I have to give them a try you got me that’s right so that I know it sounds strict but that will do the trick so try that thanks for your call over do you care okay good so we have Jenna on Facebook she’s she’s asking you have any suggestions to deal with hip bursitis she is on keto okay I would I would put more emphasis on in a minute fasting longer and then add more vitamin D and I’m talking about minimally 20 thousand international units per day if you’re doing 20,000 IU’s then you have to do some K to do 200 micrograms of it’s called it’s Kate k7 version or mk7 version of bottom k2 so what you can do is you can take the d3 with your first meal and that usually will knock out paying more than anything right now so the combination of intermittent fasting vitamin D is great for pain and inflammation in the hip and then watch my video on hip pain you would want to get a tennis ball and you lay on the opposite side of where you hurt now just so you guys know today a little bit later I’m doing a video on a skull massage if you stick around Oh after this yeah it’s gonna be the most incredible technique you guys got to watch this video you need someone to do this on you but astok you will literally want to get it done on a daily basis because it’s gonna feel so relaxed and I’ve never shown anyone this technique ever including waiting until this today no I haven’t shown you in it this is a wonderful you’ll feel so wonderful it should happen every day I only did in my practice I never I never revealed this secret information so stay tuned okay in the next couple days to watch this video that I will record today I’m Karen okay my skull yearns for such a massage you can watch the video and then learn from this okay more of social media cuz you’re hoggin of it okay okay so Lauren on YouTube says do nut flowers zap your minerals or vitamins she just says minerals but well um funny you asked that because there’s certain nuts that have phytic acid the worst being the Brazil nut so people are taking selenium this is another video okay do you take selenium for your thyroid and you say oh I’m gonna get it from my Brazil nut oh really it’s the highest amount of phytates or phytic acid which is gonna block selenium zinc all these other minerals too so yes they can so people eat Brazil I love Brazil nuts people eat Brazil nuts for their selenium and they soak them overnight germinate them in water and then dry them out and consume them you’re not gonna get a lot of selenium unfortunately sorry wow that’s a false advertising then it is it’s a little bit of date information is dangerous sometime can see good thing we don’t make any general statements here okay good so what was the answer to that question well yes and no depends if you germinate your nuts okay soak your nuts now the other thing about that Karen is you also have almonds which is very high in oxalates which will block calcium and magnesium so yes so but but here’s the thing you’re not gonna very few people consume raw nuts usually now sometimes they do but sometimes they get them roasted which you are gonna destroy the good amount of the phytates and the oxalates but typically you’re gonna have them you know like definitely what’s the other one now pistachios for example you’re not gonna eat them raw you can have the roasted right right but I do want to bring up a point because this is raw peanuts No oh those are like erasers Geoffrey it are all peanut not in the last 24 hours an eraser anyway almond flour is not roasted it it’s what is it it’s it’s it’s roasted or boiled or something yeah it’s not wrong so but yeah I think people consume a lot more almond flour than they would consume almonds what’s the crux David K right so that’s just something to watch and I say that because I noticed that for myself oh that’s a good observation very good turn Sara you’re from Los Angeles you had a question go ahead ah dr. Berger I just wanted to say thank you first for your videos my husband lost 25 pounds in the last eight weeks and he’s doing great but this question is actually about my dad he had an AV rapture six years ago and then a couple years back they removed his gallbladder and to the point where he was getting fed by GI tube but hit my mom can now start feeding him like she could blend something up give it to him and he’s always hungry I figured Quito could help with that although that’s not the most important thing I’m sure it just helped his health overall but my question is what would you suggest for someone he is pretty much in bed or wheelchair most the day he does go for some therapy but someone in his situation who is pretty debilitated has a brain injury and no gallbladder what would you suggest for him right well other than the brain injury and the gallbladder and that he’s bedridden other than that is he doing pretty good now I’m just gonna know what what here’s what I would here’s what I would do here’s what every day I would do MCT oil MCT oil will bypass that mechanism the metabolism and feed his mitochondria and that will help him greatly also MCT oil doesn’t need the bile so it goes right into the bypasses that fuel so you know he’ll do much better with that the other thing is because he’s not mobile he needs to he’s not gonna have to eat a lot of calories so I would definitely do in a minute fasting as long as he could probably one meal a day to start out with and then maybe even go longer than that sir Jim in of fasting completely keto I think you can see some serious healing going on from that and then you might need some bile salts and some enhancement from the nutrition as well try that Sara can you hear me okay yes thank you appreciate it sure okay bye-bye all right Karen okay so we have pearl on facebook she’s asking does MCT oil increase cholesterol no no it doesn’t it doesn’t turn into cholesterol it’s it’s used as fuel it doesn’t turn into triglycerides it doesn’t get stored as fat and so I would not worry about that okay good and then we get this every single week but why not repeat it every week do electrolytes and wheatgrass break a fast and then also no no no one’s paying attention out there anyway and then after that do creamers and coffee break a fast okay so the first question is related to electrolytes in wheatgrass yes no no these supplements that you take are not gonna break the fast I would not worry about them at fall creamers like I talked about like just cream itself half and a half yeah have you cream Kido creamers okay it’s it’s kind of like this when you talk about breaking a fast we’re talking about sometimes it’s confusing like because the whole purpose is to lower insulin right so the question is will this product increase insulin enough to bump me out of fat-burning or bump me out of the fast and the benefits a very small amount especially when you do fat especially whole cream or or MCT oil or just fat it’s going to not spike insulin however that being said that fat does provide some calories and if you’re doing now I’m talking about MCO I’m talking about well I’m talking about CT oil you’re using it for energy your body will then burn less of your own fat so if you’re trying to lose weight you do have to watch the amount of fat but if you’re trying to stay in a ketosis then you can add the fat because you’re going to produce ketones from the MCT oil and from the fat that you’re eating that makes sense or died it can completely confuse people I stopped listening a little while back because I I was getting my next question I’m sure no problem that was crystal clear an oblique clear and everyone understood it alright thanks okay but now let’s go to Sally on Facebook she wants to know can you do keto if you have gall stones well let’s just take a look at and I’ll let you decide I’m not going to tell you what to do or what not to do but gall stones come from a cost super concentrated amount of cholesterol but that only can occur if you don’t have enough bile to break down the cholesterol so really gall stones are a deficiency of bile so now what happens when you can do keto first of all ending them in fasting you’re you’re basically you’re reducing insulin and guess what you’re gonna actually produce more bile you can have better digestion because insulin and other things can in sugar can suppress the bile production so yes you need to do keto if you have a gall bladder problems you just need to do it healthily based on this book here healthy keto plan so watch that book do it and then you may want to also take some additional things like purified bile salts and choline and I have a lot of videos on gall bladder believe me it’s not the right book yes hello you had this one you had the old one here for a while and you were saying it was the wrong but that’s the that’s the new one I wasn’t paying attention ok so are you ready for another quiz are you are you talking to me or these guys know I’m right here are you guys are you ready for the quiz I ready I think it’s coming whether I’m ready or not ok I mean that that’s the this is the story of my life all right good so 2 trace minerals okay there’s two trace minerals that were found – trace minerals walk into a bar – trace minerals were found to be normal amounts in people over a hundred years old okay they did an analysis with people over a hundred and they out of all that the minerals they found two of them that were actually in sufficient quantities compared to all the other trace minerals okay what – trace minerals did they that obviously were linked to people living over a hundred years old I know one of them okay don’t say anything okay go ahead and spit out the two Trey some of those people and see if you are correct this is the quiz number two hey Chris Chris Martin Karen is ready for a vacation Chris you should win an award for stating the most truth thank you honey thanks Chris appreciate that comment we’re gonna need to go to denise from ohio you two question didn’t he see you there yes hi I’m so happy and excited to be finally be speaking to you I’m gonna try to keep this brief but I just have to tell you that when I started Kido I didn’t know at all what I was doing and I relied on your tutorials to educate me and get me through and I have had amazing health results awesome so thank you very much for that so many wonderful questions but the one that I mentioned to your producer that I will try to focus on here is the only issue that I’m having a problem with is an acid reflux that was the condition I had prior Chiquito it went away then I started doing the intermittent fasting and I found that I had a problem with it when I had an empty stomach I just tried to ignore it and you know move ahead I had not taken any prilosec quite a long long time and just kind of toughed it out then recently I had to have any GG and colonoscopy follow-up type of things than here and the doctor said that my esophagus was a little little bit of blood in there and she took a section and sent it away it came back long story short that there’s some esophageal you know burning I guess you’d call it some some reflux things happening there and she wanted me to go back on prilosec which i do not want to do have not read good things there a long long time before I ever did cheat Oh someone had suggested glutamine and I seem to remember that helping me I’ll throw that out there and then back to this other issue I also wondered if rather than it just be general is that she thinks is the the problem here with the acidic stomach if perhaps it just got kicked out of control because for the two weeks prior to the testing being done AI went on like some people call it a beef and butter some people do egg fast and it’s kind of the same thing it coincidentally was the very reason I went on it is because of a reply you gave earlier of being within 20 pounds of my goal and being completely stuck and it did it did help by the way I did help I just wanted to underscore that but I’m going to have to do it again though because I’m stuck again yeah anyway I did that and then I fasted for three days before the EGD because I was doing I forget what it was some type of fiber supplement that she had me taking for a cleaning up well let me tell you I don’t need to give you my two cents on that okay all right call it so this is what I would recommend because I don’t think it’s an acid problem I think it’s a valve problem like in plumbing like there’s a little valve on top of the stomach that acid is getting up into the bow opening the valve is open it’s not closing and it’s getting an esophagus and that’s going to actually create irritation because that stomach acid also has enzymes and that can dissolve the stomach and come all of up to your throat even – so the valve is has sensors that are controlled by part of your nervous system I think that I think the best thing which is going to be the opposite of what you might think is to increase the amount of acid in the stomach so then the valve will be closed down and there’s something else that I did a video on recently that will help you improve that situation in spite of indeed vitamin D helps the gastric acid in your stomach be the right level and just go up with the D and that’ll actually help create the sensing and isn’t to shut off that valve a little bit closer so it’s great for guerdon things so vitamin D there’s two other things that I always recommend to is zinc in iodine for the stomach especially if you’re doing in a minute fasting because that’s when you’re not consuming food so if you have any subclinical deficiencies with the trace minerals or especially about an indie because you’re not eating very much at all that’s when things are magnified and you may have issues with certain body parts so it’s d number one then zinc and then iodine but thanks for your call what do we got Karen okay so we got a lot of different answers but I would say that one that’s coming up which I was my immediate mineral was zinc zinc and and then there’s a slew selenium Borum copper iodine magnesium chromium potassium but most of those extras were in combination with a zinc it’s a really good guess so what of all these what do you think it is because it is one of these well you know I’ve been trained to really appreciate potassium so I would lean toward potassium but then recently I’ve heard more about solving you’re on the border of the tip okay well you are correct it’s zinc that’s one of them and copper Wow okay now not a lot of people said copper well except chill bear on YouTube right now just typed and copper zinc and copper work together and anytime you take a little too much to think you better be taking copper because they work together because one can inhibit the other but what’s interesting about these two minerals is that they’re involved in so many different chemical reactions especially in the repair enzymes for the DNA so they’re are involved in longevity genes and repair so obviously if you guys just realize if you have enough zinc and copper and the right ratios you you’re gonna have more repair less DNA damage regardless of what happens now this study that I’m going to do a video on that you’ll be able to see was done on Chinese adults over the age of 100 so they’re in China and their diet was a good portion of it was seafood fish which is interesting right because ok rice well that too but they’re they’ve consumed a lot they analyzed it and they said you know you’re getting a lot of zinc from the seafood so it’s really hard to to prove this exactly it’s correct but there seems to be some associations but the best way to do it Karen is to try this out and see if you can live to be 100 check it works for us we will let you know y’all live to a hundred we know but it was maybe something else now we know we talked about this for the last few weeks zinc seafood shellfish the whole thing now what about copper if these guys want to get copper and then you said in the right proportion well how do they know what the right proportion is selfish selfish selfish selfish it’s all in in shellfish absolutely you get these you get iodine you get selenium you get zinc and copper so that would be number one you want number two eggs and then beef and then liver things like that but shellfish fish eggs things like that very important in Quito if you were to add anything to Quito I think I would add some shellfish on a regular basis ok so I have this interesting question if I can read my handwriting you’re gonna hear what it is okay this and you have to explain what this is because only if you some people are gonna know does scarring alopecia have anything to do with too much protein intake subscribe okay so alopecia is autoimmune were you evolving your hair patches you’re losing your hair in different places your head and obviously people have scar that’s going to inhibit the ability to grow hair so what I’m going to recommend the best thing for that hands-down is selenium and also especially zinc together those two are very powerful antioxidants that counters Hashimoto’s which are is usually involved in that and you can also get it from lupus and other autoimmune but the point is that we keep coming back full circle Karen to the trace mineral again so Brazil nut we talked about that we did talk about that so you can soak your Brazil nut if you want overnight with water or you can do the shellfish or just take as a supplement but zinc and selenium top the list that’s the remedy and I don’t I don’t it’s not going to be too much protein that’s a whole different video which I will be doing ok good you find a good one no I have like a good I have one here so someone I didn’t get I think it was a youtuber so sometimes you don’t have the names here at said that well anyway they’re nutritionists told them that toddlers need carbs in order to be healthy and then made a comment about is there some way without pasta or toast now I don’t know did the nutritionists say carbs equals pasta and toast or our carbs different the question is is there any different need for carbs in a toddler than anyone else well there’s no there’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate that being said I mean I’m not opposed to having a small child having some sweet potato or a yam or some fruit what I’m opposed to them doing a lot of or any sugar or grains things like that so I mean kids are gonna want a little more car okay fine but that’s what I would stick with at this point and that’s all I’m saying Karen that’s all what are you saying and say I’m gonna go to Hollywood Florida with for Maria she’s been waiting patiently are you there Marie yeah that’s high hey thank you so much hi okay so I work in with in addiction recovery so I’m working with people and you know early recovery in treatment centers and I had watched your video recently and learned about amino acid therapy which led me to research that and I found some really great information online so I’m reading and it’s right in front of me and it’s talking about this ideal diet for those in recovery and it talks about it’s advisable to eat protein and complex carbohydrates every three or four hours and so like all the other information is really seems really great except that so it seems to go against everything that you talked about so I don’t know if it’s if it’s different for people in early recovery I do notice there’s a you know really high correlation between I mean most of these people are like sugar addicts and you know I have a theory about that a lot of that actually being precursors to some of these addictions there that seems to be their first drug of choice so I’m really trying to learn because this is a big missing piece in in addiction recovery so let me give you my two cents on that okay yeah are you ready for this that you’re sitting down I’m okay if you do any searches anything related to keto nutrition there’s like three websites that come up three websites but they dominate they’re dominating and if you read these websites I’m not going to mention their names but I’m like where do these things where do these websites come from just out of the blue and it’s just all information is not that quality and that’s all I’m going to say so you’re gonna get random com you’re gonna get random information that is really not based on people trying to sell where thousands of people like we’re doing on a daily basis so I’m gonna tell you that that information is incorrect because as soon as you take someone from an addiction who has a serious blood sugar issue behind insulin resistance and there have other cravings as well but what’s happening is you put them on that frequent meals now you put them right into hypoglycemia because you’re gonna keep spike in the insulin and keep the spike links it’s gonna come down blood sugar issues and it’s gonna worsen the situation you want to go do healthy keto you want to start lengthening autonomy as far as complex carbohydrates that can mean grains and that’s who’s pushing that you want to do vegetables a lot of vegetables there’s some key nutrients that you want to give these people definitely a lot of nutritional yeast with b1 and the B vitamins B 3 and B 6 vital b12 they will feel so much better with that and then also vitamin D it’s really key and then the last thing is MCT oil that will feed their brain they’ll actually have really a happy brain because it’ll bring them up and also you want to do DHA for the brain as well and then definitely just put them on the healthy keto plan within a minute fasting and just watch what happens you’ll you’ll be blown away about the results all right Karen we’re going to take do you have a question no I’m waiting for the quiz oh yeah we have another quiz this is a true or false okay okay wise or teaser F’s teaser F yeah sure true or false we can digest fiber what do you think guys true or false let’s see what you think okay while they’re working on that I’m gonna go right to Tina she’s from Thornton New Hampshire are you there Tina yes hi doctor hi I have a very quick question for acid reflux if you’re taking prilosec or zantac could that take you out of ketosis hmm good question I don’t know I really don’t know you would want to look at the side effects since in the actual details about the side effects and see if that actually in any way increases insulin or not I do know that it’s gonna take away your ability to digest and just gonna lower the acids which is going to create a whole series of other issues but as far as bumping on to ketosis I don’t know I do know that certain psych medications will but I’m not sure with those you’re gonna have to look those up but very good question Tina thanks for your call all right okay well the answers are pouring in especially from YouTube these youtubers are like Johnny’s on the spot now it is mixed on YouTube but a lot more false interestingly there are several people on Facebook that say true and false so and just in general fewer people answering over there so I would say that more there there there’s both but I’d say there’s more that say false okay so for those of you that just popped down now or asking people is that true or false our bodies can digest protein is that your fault I’m gonna say true okay well the answer is it’s false but what about microbes eating the fiber I’m getting to that we can’t digest fiber O our bodies you said that’s right we can’t digest fiber it’s the aliens that are living in our gut the microbes well you see I am I am all-inclusive here and my aliens are my microbes are you taking them as part of your family right okay well the microbes are some other creatures that basically inhabit all over the place and you have more of those guys than you do your own cells but the point is that it’s the microbes that will take care of the fiber of what we don’t have the enzymes to do that the microbes you know the microbes do to this fiber detect did you know what they they give us an exchange they give us gas I mean a gas thank you for sharing they don’t give us gas yeah go ahead go ahead you do it they give us a this fat that we need it’s called butyric acid it’s a fatty acid it’s a type of fat that can help our blood Sugar’s you can help give us energy yeah it does a lot so can make us satisfied so here we get in this here will give them fiber you eat it and then they give us this wonderful small chain fatty acid and then we can take this and then basically use it for our colon cells this is a nice exchange that is nice so they don’t release any gas of any kind well they do okay just I wanted to just they do make sure I wasn’t completely misled no okay good no but they also contribute to the kind of a layer like the mucosal barrier that help protect us against other things so that we really appreciate those microbes we do and while we’re talking about that because we get this question every single week – if you don’t have enough of those guys if you don’t have team team : microbes and you eat a lot of vegetables what can happen well if you if you don’t have those you don’t have them you’re gonna create maybe some unnecessary fermentation that’s out of balance and and to a situation where you’re going to like you’re gonna have a bit of undigested fibers and maybe over digested fibers and what’s that going to feel like roasting diarrhea could be diarrhea or severe bloating or gas right okay all right good so let’s go to Heather from Boston are you there Heather hi I’m here hi what was your question hi so I’m 49 years old I’ve lost 60 pounds with Quito Wow becomes very thin so I’m questioning I see a lot of your trace minerals and your hair formula what is the significant difference between the two because I see a lot of similarities and what should I do to help get my hair back to have some photos you know business back Twitter something cuz it’s just so thin now okay I think the best thing would be to take actually something else oh my hair formula because that has a combination of the vitamins the minerals and some other things to help if it’s another situation which I’m not going to get into but the hair formula probably the best bet and just a lot of people getting great results on that now the difference between the trace minerals and the seek help that I have oh you did ask that question I read that what’s the difference between the trace mineral and I thought it’s at sea kelp but it says hair formula yeah well the hair formula just has additional ingredients that go beyond just trace minerals these trace minerals are there to help you with protein and people think protein is like oh like hair nails and muscles but enzymes too and enzymes that actually help build up body tissue so and so many people are deficient in that so the trace minerals don’t have the other things in the hair formula so I would stick with the hair formula the trace minerals are good in general just to get the trace minerals because they’re not in our food the other product I have that has some good amount of trace minerals which I really like is seek help but it’s heavier on the iodine but sea kelp has amino acids in there it has B vitamins as vitamin C has a whole bunch of other things and the trace minerals and actual minerals but the trace mineral itself product is only trace minerals so that would be the difference so stick with the hair formula thanks Heather all right good okay a couple questions here what about if you say you’re talking about bran or just fiber I should say so some people consider fiber to be brand like wheat bran corn bran oat bran yeah that’s fiber so then would you say that people can eat them no because that is a loaded with phytic acid it’s gonna block your think and your selenium and your other minerals and also usually when people do bran they want to do other grains or other component parts with the with the grains and there may be some gluten in the brand but the point is that you don’t you want to get your fiber from vegetables okay good and then someone has been asking about arrowroot is it keto friendly it’s not really kita friendly but if you’re making a recipe we made the recipe and you have very small amounts I mean it’s gonna be a minus one yeah it’s heavy a minor point just realize guys when you do keto you’re allowed 20 to 50 grams of carbs so realize that and so when you add some carbs with some error or small amount you have some wiggle room there to play with so that’s my point on that everything has I mean like all those those flowers you’re gonna run into some amount of carbs even almond flour has carbs but arrowroot has a little bit more so really depends on you have a look at the whole picture and how much and I mean it’s usually just using a teaspoon maybe a tablespoon I have seen a recipe where it’s you’re you’re using a cup and a half of arrowroot to replace something else that’s different that’s different and that’s just weight and Plus you you’re using a tablespoon or a teaspoon for all the bread you’re not gonna sit down and eat the whole loaf of bread well you might but normally you shouldn’t first I’m fascinated you said that because I was looking over there at that bread know that bread in our house doesn’t last long but it is a whole family well that the problem is you just make it too good and I can’t resist it okay now the other there are some questions I’m just gonna say here there’s questions that we’re never gonna answer and those are how to treat a diagnosis if you say how do I treat my bla bla we’re never going to take those up but there are a lot of things that you can look to the videos for but there’s another thing I want to say is sometimes questions come up like will my blahblah medication interfere with keto with this drug have some effect on my ketosis or or my diet and I think the best thing to do and then you can tell me what you think is you have to read the inserts of these meds and if it causes an insulin or a blood sugar issue then you have your answer this isn’t a secret bit of information that only dr. Berg would know and I I always say for anybody that’s gonna take any kind of medication you have to be really educated on that and sometimes you you you know you say okay I have to take this so you have to take it but you still need to be educated and the insert should give you painstaking detail on the effects and side-effects are just effects they’re just not what they’re marketed for what what can happen when you take that that drug so that’s not even a really a dr. Burke question right no I like to stick to the questions that say what is the cure for things like this disease or that those like an angel now I’m being very sarcastic no we don’t want it I’m not I’m not I don’t specialize in curing anything I just all I want to do Karen this is give people some ideas on how to get your body healthy how about that does that sound good that’s good okay – Neil from Albuquerque I think are you there yes years ago awesome yes right so I bet on keto for two and a half months I’ve lost 25 pounds and I feel like I’m ready for a cheap meal but I recently read a study that said one dose of glucose after being on a low-carb diet could cause you narrowing of the blood vessel so I want to know are there any health risks to having a cheat meal yeah I don’t think we’re gonna get a narrowing of the arteries from one meal but I will say that there’s a guy David David David his name is Jarret he came to our last summit cholesterol Dave Oh felt good yeah Feldman oh yeah he did he went off I think for a bit of time and his arteries did thicken so if you can have really strict discipline and you can just say you know I’m gonna have go off for this amount and you’ve done it for a long period of time and you’re willing to go you know have it block your fat burning’ for three or four days and not do that very frequent I don’t think it’s gonna affect your arteries at all because it’s too short term it’s all just like the quantity and where you are that being said a lot of people don’t have the luxury of that flexibility at first so I don’t recommend cheap deal meals or weeks or days or especially when we come up to the holidays but the point is if there’s a holiday or something okay fine go off for that meal get right back on but I will say some people when they go off then they stay off so if you have that problem don’t go off because then you’re gonna create things the next day so that’s all I’m gonna say thanks for your question all you’re gonna say no I’m gonna say some more but first I’m gonna ask rose you had a question you’re from Flint Michigan are you there Rose yes yes I mean great what was your question yes can you hear me yes so is it possible to have withdraws from vitamin B the synthetic form I was getting very sick after I ran out and I was going to get natural vitamin and I got this drops these drops and I looked down it after I started getting sick and feeling withdrawal that it was 50,000 percent of your daily dose of what you should take yeah and it literally has made me sick like like withdrawal symptoms it’s not nice and I you know it’s not hot but it’s not flashes or heart races it’s like you know sick to your stomach dizziness you know will real withdrawal symptoms yeah yeah those of you when you take something in very high amounts it actually can create a toxicity any of the vitamins any of the minerals can do that not every single one but most so what I would do if I were you is I would get on a long fast do it fast longer I would probably have a lot more vegetables to when you before you on the fast so you could just have a good meal and just let your body kind of reset but a lot of those synthetic vitamins create imbalances and other vitamins and yeah that’s that’s going to push you over the edge and then when you stop your fast after maybe I don’t know 48 hours then you actually take nutritional yeast get it unfortunate Ablett’s because I I know where it came from and has to be 12 and it’s in a good balance and there’s nothing synthetic the other thing is well watch my video on folate and folic acid because if you took a synthetic folic acid that could explain a lot as well but watch my recent video in folic acid or full light thanks for your call Karen guess what well it’s time it is time to wrap up and guys listen next week we’re not going to be here but the following week we will we had a blast the summit for you for you that have been watching so I will be sending out some videos on the summit like up just to kind of show you some highlights and because we had a blast it was amazing success stories anything else any last words of wisdom no much love from the support staff we loved everybody there is they’re just so kind to us and so nice I can’t believe you’ve was simple such a great group of patrons enthusiasts all right thanks to my degree and the hotel agreed and the exhibitors agreed that you guys I think it’s unique I mean I’ve never heard of someone else doing an event where they were just so blown away by the attendees and how kind and how educated and interested and and nice to each other and it was you know I was blown away last year and you know we were blown away this year we feel really really fortunate and that’s a if we dr. Berg give you anything that’s certainly an exchange back in our direction absolutely yeah thanks have a great week guys okay see ya in a couple weeks [Music]

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