Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] all right right all right good help you’re all ready for all those chocolate bunnies right peeps jellybeans exactly did your parents give you a lot of them baskets of sugar growing up of course it’s a lot of sugar in those baskets and I used to take it down anyway anything we say is not meant to diagnose you guys it’s just meant to help you guide your research into understanding certain things check with your doctor before applying anything that we’re going to tell you today all right that being said we’re gonna go right to Derek we have a lot of colors but we are gonna be talking about some really cool things today so don’t don’t disconnect there’s gonna be a quiz we’re gonna talk about a lot of things so we’re going to talk about your skin anti-aging we’ll talk about some interesting data about heart attacks I’m all going to talk about eating late at night is that good or bad which some of you might know but I’m going to give you some some twist on that so just stay tuned but let’s go to Derek from Queens are you there Derek hey there’s gonna be a lot of oh yeah a lot of that insulin spike going on your blood sugar well I don’t do sugar but you know what I mean dr. Burke I’m gonna try something different I’m calling in regards to I’m not myself today other people and I’m gonna shoot at you these conditions and just one by one you’ll quickly tell me the supplement or the solution for it okay hope you have a less than a hot so this way you could no no no it’s so this way my call could be only like a minute long and then you know what I mean I’m like shortening okay I am in nine thirty seconds okay all right let’s go okay so the first condition this person is taking high dose of been photo mean but they have leg circulation issues in the feet and that comes all the way up to the leg and sometimes in the hands well it could be sticky sticky blood and platelets in which case you want to really make sure that you’re doing Kido correctly pycnogenol is a really good blood thinner naturally also garlic is a really amazing one to keep the blood a little bit thinner to get more circulation to prevent clots those two are really good to reduce the risk of stroke good next question awesome next question this is gonna be an interesting one male enhancement what what would be the best supplement or I don’t really know I think I would just I would know the normal normal key to nothing special boron will increase testosterone naturally but I would just go pure an insulin low keep your estrogen low don’t okay a lot of soy and it should come where it needs to be okay okay alright [Music] anything with bone but this is Bramall Lane it’s and Bramall Lane but for that I don’t know you can answer that bromine or Bromley are you talking about the wrong lane yet yeah that’s um I tell you what I have so many questions this is going to take we kind of over it over did it with the questions because that would open up a category that was the last one okay that was the last one all right well I tell you what I’m gonna actually refer you to a video I did on that specifically because it I would be probably another three minute answer so why don’t you do a search on that and Derek it’s always a pleasure to talk to you have a good one alright Karen do we have where do we have people calling from we’re not calling but uh tuning in tuning in tuning in from Thailand the United Kingdom United States Canada Greece Madagascar Madagascar I know where’s that I was hoping Orkut it’s off Oh posted a door what we have someone from the summit coming from that Island region Island yeah they’re coming here and she’s an NGO correct Geographic savant Oh home of the Tasmanian Devil that’s I should have known that but yeah we have Spain Wow and there’s more so here’s a question someone is asking about if you have liver failure kidney failure twice what’s the best way to approach this is Quito I have good not twice or three times but twice right only kidney failure twice yeah well if you have a kidney failure and if you’re like end-stage kidney you got to be careful with your with potassium and certain vegetables so you got to check with your doctor certain things you can’t do a lot of certain minerals because the kidney is not clearing it out but what I would do I mean think about this what destroys the kidney more than anything is diabetes right so what would be the opposite about diabetes keto so I would do healthy keto and I would that’s gonna support the liver and kidney and the other thing is like you want to go quality foods you want to go quality vegetables and meats you you don’t want to do you know foods from 7-eleven on a regular basis or canned food you want to do something really quality I would consume a good amount of vegetables moderate protein isn’t fat that’s high fat yeah low carb moderate protein that’s what I would do is that sufficient does that answer good enough yes so I just want to say that the fact that we are a little suck in the Department of Geography just set us up because it’s not the home of the Tasmanian devil well someone just said it’s Tasmania well what do you think it about from that’s off the coast of Australia so maybe there’s a maybe the Tasmanian Devil doppelganger is off the coast but we’re not gonna get into that today but I do want to say that since I did a little shout out we got some more countries here and I just think it’s cool so you guys know who your comrades are here Germany Ireland Pakistan Lebanon Singapore Philippines Iceland Germany Israel I’m sure I’ve missed some here but it’s this is a worldwide these are some very cool country great now what Karen what country never shows up on my channel China that’s correct why because they don’t have social media in China well they do but it’s a different they don’t have YouTube they don’t have YouTube do they have Facebook I don’t know but there’s another there’s another country that doesn’t show up either for some reason I don’t know why that is which country France la zealot the – yeah whatever that means I’ve made up shall we friends you’d have to tell everyone I wanted to sound like I actually knew the like yeah okay so with that note we need to go to the Ruth it’s been a while since we talked to Ruth from Texas rose hey yeah I’m doing great where are you coming this year of course she is I really the price we’re out of cacti then you need the great state of Texas there right yes I’m I am working on it okay I’m doing my best okay all right but I’ve been doing great on the diet I mean everything’s been wonderful the only thing that I’m still working on is my fingernails for some reason I cannot grow them they just keep crack but I love drinking two quarts a day of my green drink and minimal protein the three ounces of protein healthy fats it’s all good I have noticed that on my belly there are these little red dots that look like freckles but they’re not they’re bright red and they seem to come and go they don’t really stay but I thought maybe it sounded like that would be insulin from other things that you said in the past but I don’t understand how I could still have high insulin after all this time and it’s been almost two years okay so let’s let’s uh bring it up usually that is could be liver related I’m not saying you have a liver disease but just liver related because the liver tends to cause the retention of excess estrogen so those little red dots are usually estrogen related and they call them liver spots and they can come and go so that’s usually what they are there are minor points sometimes it takes a while before they go away now the other point I want to bring up is your nails now typically if you do trace minerals your now should grow like crazy so either you’re not absorbing them for some reason maybe your stomach needs to be more acidic or you need to take a little bit more or you need some of the B vitamins to help with the protein metabolism or on a rare occasion you might need more flora so those are the things that I would look at to enhance the nail growth in your hair thanks Ruth we’ll definitely see you at the summit I know you always show up it might be last-minute you might be late you might be running in the door at lunchtime she’s dedicated she’s always never-fail she wouldn’t let us down no she wouldn’t know us now like last year there was you know five hundred people that were waiting for you yeah we’re also when you showed up what was a big deal so if you didn’t show up this year would be like well pretty much Holt will stall until she gets there right could be ours we are gonna have a life-size cutout of you yes oh by the way Australia Indonesia India Sweden Ethiopia Hong Kong wow that’s a lot of country other countries you know last year at the summit we had what was like was it almost 20 20 20 countries yeah we’re gonna have to take a road trip and just start doing mini uh you know conventions and all these many summits and all the countries yeah well that’ll be later yeah all right well you guys just come to America to our summit hey um I was thinking about something this morning a new idea and someone brought the subject up so I’m going to risk someone stealing my idea someone’s asking about your opinion on kombucha oh I had an idea I’m not gonna say to fault okay I don’t worry but there does need to be Quito kombucha oh you got a point there and I have even a better point which I’m not gonna talk about but what’s your thought on come lucha okay so that’s a hot topic so basically what my thought is I think it’s it’s really helping a lot of people because it reduces stress it it helps your flora and your gut it’s so much outside of integral because it’s acidic so it has certain microbes it’s kind of like the alternative to alcohol for people especially if they’re they want something just low alcohol but I like it I think it’s good but you have to make sure that you get the one that with like two two grams of sugar not more than that because they can go out high with sugar but since you brought up that topic there is something you can do you can make your own and basically just ferment it longer until those microbes eat more and more sugar it’ll be extremely acidic but you can dilute it it’s great you can bring it down like bring the sugars way down it’s great it’s very easy I was doing it for a while and making a lot of babies what is that those are called those fungus pods what do you call them there somebody’s gonna know you know when you making some hooch and then they reproduce every time and then you have to put them in a jar that’s like what is it called uh hotel anyway it’s kind of weird but it’s really easy really easy to make and I encourage everybody if you like kombucha to make your own kombucha I would put lemon in it and ginger white sugar well it’s a with sugar only because you gotta feed them you have to feed the bacteria and then it eats all the sugar so the longer that you let it sit the more sugar it it will eat if you like your kombucha little sweet then put in when it’s all said and done put it in a couple drops of stevia you don’t need that to have the sugar remaining it’s Rital okay now this buyer wait I’m inspired again good point now here’s a question can you take too much magnesium of course you can’t take too much of anything can you take too much it’s not to be a lock for it’s gonna be a laxative can you take too much left over loved yeah if you’re over loved oh my god there’s a lot of side effects to that um kinda like in high school someone’s like where you over loved in high school no but but the point is like let’s say for example you in high school and someone really really likes you they know us and you don’t like them and the minute they don’t like you now you like them it kind of goes back and forth why is that we’re gonna stay focused alright good can we go to Linda I wish you would Linda from Ohio you’re are you there yes I am so um good morning to both hi Karen you’re here beautiful I love your hair and you’re just nice to dr. Burke I just I only eat one meal a day and I drink black coffee in the morning and I eat my one meal usually about 3 4 o’clock how do I get 9 ounces of protein seven cups of vegetables and all that bad in yeah good question Linda I think I’m gonna answer the question then I’m gonna bring up the first topic because you just inspired me to talk about that but when you do one meal a day the requirements for nutrients go down so you don’t need nine ounces of protein you don’t even need ten cups of vegetables do what you can and until you’re sufficient to you’re you’re full and you’re good so I wouldn’t even worry about like but you just want any high quality food and try to get as much as you can but the point is like the requirements go low because your body is more efficient and when you do fasting it recycles a lot of these nutrients a lot more than if you’re eating multiple meals so that’s the first part of the question and then she had the second part right she Linda Linda yeah yes okay so you said I’m how do I get all that that food and then it was that was it just one question Oh basically yeah and I was going to say I sometimes can’t even eat my one meal I mean I am not hungry at all and sometimes I have to force myself to even eat my one meal a day and I’ve lost thirty pounds now in six weeks so well your body is eating a meal yeah this is the thing that that’s really important people like oh my gosh I got to keep eating but the point is like you you are eating you’re eating your fat and there’s actually believe it or not there’s some nutrients in your fat that are going into so I would go with what your body tells you maybe you want it supplement enhance your diet with certain nutrients just to make sure and just on a side note I guess turday I did a flash sale on this product veggie solution right here there’s a plane and this right here we’re extending it because a lot of people says oh I didn’t hear about it so we’re sitting in for today so you can go to the website and check it out but the the only thing I’m bringing why I’m bringing this up is because if you can’t do a lot of vegetables this is your vegetable substitute it has the fiber two scoops equals six cups of vegetables per day six cups so that’s a lot and proteins yeah and it tastes pretty good it’s a high protein green and how much how much purchase well I don’t want to get into that because that’s um then people are gonna say well what don’t I need this new that like the for example if you tell it’s not a replacement for your protein you know no it’s okay if you talk about like pea protein or soy protein that’s a concentrated extract from soy and pea protein this is not a concentrate extra gets the whole plant so if you compare it it’s higher in protein but if you compare like a concentrated protein will that’ll be that’ll be higher but this is a food base a whole food base it has omega-3 fatty acids it has the protein as the final nutrients it has a ton of lutein Jerrod said when he started taking this his vision start improving it’s probably the lutein in there but anyway you can go to the website and check that out and I just wanted to bring it up because if you needed a enhance to your diet with more vegetables that might be a good option and then the other point I want to bring up is when to eat this one meal a day if you think about the nervous system there’s two parts of the nervous system you have the flight-or-fight it’s called the sympathetics and you have the other system which is the rest and digest it’s called the parasympathetic so rest in digest what does that mean it means that there’s a system in your body that helps you well actually the system of your body that is correlated with sleeping and digesting you’re gonna digest better when you’re low stress so it it might not hurt to consume your one meal a day in the evening and I’m not even worried about you doing it like later night like even 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock that’s not a bad idea because what will happen is you’ll then go to bed and you’ll digest a lot better people think oh if I eat a heavy meal I might actually stay up you may not you probably gonna sleep a little bit better the other thing is that when you’re when you’re tired after a meal that be insulin resistance but it could also be that your body is just is kicking in this rest and digest this parasympathetic thing where you’re you wants to go to sleep because it’s feeling calm so it’s not a bad thing so something you might want to try shift to eat later at night that one meal but not snacking of course but just your one meal all right good all right Karen what do we got so we have any questions yes talk a little bit about Baker cysts what they are and okay just a tiny bit it’s totally related to a blood sugar thing like the the patient’s used to come with Baker cysts which are little cysts behind the knee and other places too they would come in and I would say you diabetic how did you know or they’re pre-diabetic so the blood sugar issue the high insulin feeds this bacteria that creates a little cyst so you just you just change their eating boom goes away one guy he was stood he was drinking not only was a diabetic but he was drinking like two bottles of wine a day I told him to cut it down to maybe Wow yeah and he actually it helped him okay good so um this person sorry I didn’t get your name Kito she’s on keto and if’ but gets an upset stomach or he may be upset stomach after the first meal what can be used if that’s going on well I would do I think you need more acid you need to Sidda fie it with either betaine hydrochloride or outside of vinegar that’s what I would do if how are you okay yep and now here is a person who is a diabetic mm-hmm and says that her doctor is saying she is bleeding behind the eyes isn’t that Mak your macular degeneration no it can be but it’s usually some it’s it’s blood vessels behind the eyes and it could be an immaculate area but macular degeneration is slightly different but why don’t you about this well it’s very simple very simple all you have to do is just you need to cut down your carbs and immediately because she has glom all sorts of plugging up the circulation and and start doing healthy Kido exactly like I talked about in my book that’s what best to do it’s it’s called the book book that my main book which is the update I’m upgrading it to a new name so that’s what I’m not actually trying to promote it but I would get the one that I have because it’s gonna be thank you very much no one lefty has you by the touchpad right here we’re changing the name with a few little upgrades not a major overhaul but just some tweaks in here okay so this is the book that you need and but it will be called the keto the healthy kita plan all right all right good all right good so we need to go to David from Utah are you there David yeah how you doing good yeah can you help me yep perfectly oh that’s great hey yeah so I’m just wanted to tell us is that I’m having I mean I’m learning I’m doing in fact but I’m losing it what’s that fat because I’m not really sad about it and the only food I could have and at keto plenty and alternatives that I live in a an assisted living so they regulate your food is a chef salad with extra I’m hammock key or cue hub of the patties with cheese sometimes you have steaks sometimes you have roasted a roast beef or sometimes you have grilled chicken with and bacon and eggs for breakfast but the main part is what can I do like what can I add like you salad or do things like that that would help me to be fat adapted good question because uh you know you don’t have the all the options there I mean it’s like the abbot is there it’s tough when you’re either in the hospital or you’re in some other environment even kids that you know go to camp or you’re in private school and you have or college even and you’re on the Food Program and you have you know you have to eat what’s served to you whether the military guys have probably a very tough time with this too because who knows so any environment like that and truckers have a challenge but what do you want to say about that well I think that you just have to be careful at the gravy’s cuz you’re gonna have like meat patties you’ll have some cheese which you know I don’t know if I even trust that cheese and then they have you know probably chicken but it’s always in this gravy mix and all the sauces and sugars so I would try to ask the chef if they can bring it without the gravy and the sauces you can say I need the diabetic diet now that might become ultra bland yeah and then I don’t know you some dressing that is keto oh man I always add that to the mix because you get a high quality green product because you’re probably gonna get iceberg lettuce maybe spinach yeah you know I mean a lot of places even hospitals are starting to get into the green mix and things like that and then you know it’s it’s not gonna be organic and stuff like that but but yeah I would go with diabetic diet if you can ask for it even on airplanes now you can ask for that if you’re doing a long flight and then avoid the sauces have all the dressings on the side just claim you know if you have to claim diabetic claim allergy things like that deal – that sauce still a comedy I’m allergic to sugar I remember when I was actually getting my surgery in my left shoulder I’m actually elbow I was in hospital in the food that they brought me come I was like I come out of this anesthesia and all they had was just pure carbohydrate and I was literally starving it was just I’m like don’t you guys have any protein or that unfortunately none there’s yogurt that’s filled with oh yeah jello ice cream right it was this Reds Hospital yeah gravy in front of half it’s a tough one it’s a very tough one hey Paris you’re from Silicon Valley how are you hi doctor hello hello hi hello yeah hi good morning I’m just so excited having you online so I had one question but I got it too for I apologize but I’m gonna ask very fast first of all another country you don’t get phone call is from Iran which we I know a lot of Iranian and Peter but he here in America so one another one is like I had my calcium score about four years ago I was almost 15 Kristen and a monkey do for three years and I did it last one and my calcium score is 40 and my cardiologist keep saying keto diet is not good so but I’m not gonna stop that but I’m worried about it because I have family history of heart attack okay another question is I watch your video about it and you said about folic acid that’s bollocks a pH D I see I think acid I have to take which I was looking at it and it’s my calcium and you know all the minerals all of my blood I mean I was worried about that I didn’t take that one yet so another question is okay I have to win question my cholesterol is still high both of them HDL and LDL but the ratio is okay but you’ve got much better among keto for three years much better I feel good I lost a lot of weight but I’m kind of worried about that calculus let’s talk about it let’s talk about that Paris first of all the you have to realize like if it goes up to like over a thousand so if it’s 40 it’s still pretty pretty low but let’s say for example you do keto and it actually goes up to 40 and you’re just concerned about it I would just add vitamin k2 that’s what you’re missing vitamin k2 keeps the calcium out of the arteries because if you do maybe a lot of vitamin D without k2 it can build up a little bit so that’s that’s a simple solution for that and if your cholesterol is high this is what you do guys cuz I’m Logan Sneed he he ate 18 eggs a day for I think he ain’t for a week he had like 84 X roughly that many just a lot of eggs right his cholesterol went up I’m like yeah okay so he so so what you do is you you basically take your total cholesterol and you – your HDL and Yunel DL and you’ll get this figure that’s called the remnant cholesterol and we did this before and after he did this and it came out to 7:00 on before and after so that’s what you need to look at remnant cholesterol I did a video on it check it out if that’s like low like 7 or even if it’s 14 and it’s low you’re totally fine you know what’s worried about that because you’re looking at it’s looking at the leftover cholesterol and blat one less point is cholesterol really is only a problem if you’re adding sugar to the diet so yeah Thank You Paris there’s a huge importance of cholesterol to our bodies our cell membranes and I guess this brings up the first or the second little tip I’m gonna give you guys you do the first one yeah I did no you weren’t but that’s fine so Karen so here’s the first quiz okay you want to look 10 years younger right sure what vitamin is the most important for looking younger go ahead guys okay that’s the that’s the first quiz question okay in the meantime yeah uh what oh and hello from iran and poland the motherland thank you for representing and hello to our daughter ollying kiss she’s listening because you get it we’ll get some we’ll hear it if we don’t say hi hi ollie okay so what is your view on arrowroot flour because we’ve done a lot of testing arrowroot mm-hmm Tiger nut all kinds of things because it’s almond and coconut get salt yeah I think we have a recipe for bread it’s really good if we use era what we’ve been trying to try different want different things but it’s a little higher that I see McGinn Dex but the amount the quantity that we’re using is so small for the entire bread recipe and you’re not going to sit down to eat the whole bread recipe anyway you’re gonna have like a slice of it occasionally right Karen well let me ask you that question well we’re we’re just talking in general right hypothetically one would not sit down I like more than one a little I think I might have had two ones two loaves of bread no no two little slices with what you know a loaf of bread that we make it was it’s not very it’s over the top and it’s amazing with some weight olive oil and seasoning can you make that mm-hmm can you make that again but if you add butter to it it’s amazing so anyway I I think you just have to have if you’re gonna take something like arrowroot flour just take a little bit of it and I think it is is it a little bit of a problem but it’s not in the in the theme of thing that’s not gonna be a big issue okay that’s my point that’s your opinion on that now you know and here’s the thing too if you need to lose 200 pounds you’re not gonna be making that recipe don’t do that right you have to be super super strict all these different recipes judgement right the desserts the breads those are cool and they’re great as a transition but some people can overdo them and it could be the reason why you’re bloated all the time so I would use them as you need them but not necessarily on a regular basis yeah some people protest the the dessert recipes and stuff like that because they have experienced that they don’t eat just one occasionally or one small piece every now and then or here’s a treat or something they’re just chowing it down everyday and they’re eating it throughout the day because it’s Kido but you could you could just eat one today I can I can I can get something and have one right bite now on to my next question yes okay keto acne and I know there’s videos on the acne and the hair loss and the bowel changes and all that stuff but but just give me your tensile wow that’s a really good question that’s a really good question and question yes that we’re gonna actually answer oh look because it ties in with the quiz so let’s go to the quiz and then I’ll go into the acne how about that okay all right so I have to scroll back a little cuz people have moved on with us okay so I’m seeing so what’s the question again what was the best vitamin for to look ten years younger okay so this is what we got all over the map B D e c.o it’s pretty much those okay II mostly e here’s an A and a K okay but um a lot of C okay well here’s the thing I’m 54 I’m 83 30 she’s 83 and I would say that you look at least 10 years younger than your village and I probably look five years younger thank you for that he’s officially sucking up but I don’t mind that but it’s true right and I mean I would say I don’t know about ten but I would say that people generally think I’m younger than my age there are some people of your age that literally look like they’re ready for the nursing home let’s try actually I’m not that old I mean I can tell you I’m 56 it’s not that oh that’s the new 38 that the new 38 year old that goes into the nursing home we have gotten off topic here okay what is the vitamin and the answer is vitamin A yeah let me explain this so vitamin A controls the different layers of the skin it actually turns on genes that make collagen and your skin is combination of fat fat Seibel vitamins and protein collagen it’s not made at a carbohydrate so if your vitamin A deficient let me think about accutane that was a synthetic vitamin A I think was banned in 2009 because I’m not mistaken but it works for acne why because vitamin A shrinks the sweat glands that are enlarged because of the high androgens it’s a male hormone that we get during puberty and other like time of the month you might have this spike of this antigen and then that gland enlarges screech oil and then there’s a bacteria that starts eating that thing right and that’s why antibiotics are also given for acne it just so happens the byproduct of that oil gives you the body odor and also what I’m not listening to anything you’re saying I’m I’m reading all of these comments thank you you guys I love you so much I thought you’re responding tonight now my comments because no no these guys are being so nice to me right now that’s good and did you know about the whole age thing and I just want you to know I appreciate that even you know even if he’s a little on the low side some of the guesses but Anna maybe I don’t totally believe that you thought I was 30 years old but I am gonna take that I’m gonna put that in my hat I’m gonna tell other people that you thought that because that’s awesome thank you go ahead all right what were we talking about no now vitamin A is really it prevents it keeps your skin soft it keeps it firm and it’s anti wrinkle even more than vitamin E vitamin E isn’t as good – it’s like an antioxidant but vitamin A actually causes your your skin to grow in a certain way and if it doesn’t work if you don’t have enough vitamin A your skin gets little bumps like the chickens with a goose pimple type chicken skin and also dry there’s even a condition called corna fication where your your skin becomes really hardened like on the back of your heels for example so vitamin A is vital okay so here’s the question everybody is asking right now yeah maybe you talked about this when I was not listening probably what are the easiest best sources of vitamin A and I was hoping you didn’t ask me the question what no I’m just kidding um egg yolks egg yolk do you want the whole egg or just the egg yolk you want to have the whole egg okay unless you’re a baby like maybe you’re four months old and I just do the egg yolk not the whites lie to a year because they they don’t have the digestive system yet to really break down a lot of these types of food so you want to introduce it slowly with breast milk when we’re talking about Lucy here so she’s now almost six months off I know so we’re not gonna do the egg white until she’s one but we’re gonna do the yolk well you just said last month old with it yeah that’s at four to six months you can introduce the egg yolk oh yeah so egg yolk cod liver oil salmon other fish seafood goats cheese and now these are odd these are odd well they’re loaded with the active form of vitamin A now you have kale and greens that have the inactive version which is beta carotene but it has to convert over some people can convert it some people can’t but I would you need the active form if you want to look young how many eggs do do I consume in a day four to five lately yeah by the way we’re out of eggs someone so I’ll go so the point is that because we always tend to go the grocery store and I find out like I’m at the grocery store I check out and all this and I see her across the grocery store she’s buying the same food and we’re like did we coordinate here we have double the eggs we have 20 dozen of eggs in a week okay what are we talking about we gave them we gave the quiz that we told them vitamin A right now let’s go to Sandra she’s been waiting from El Paso Paso Texas are you there yes dr. bird will good morning miss bird how are you hi well thank you so much for all the information and all the videos I really really really appreciate it I’m a perimenopause I’m 50 years 52 years old and I’ve been in intermittent fasting thanks to your videos and all the everything that I’ve been learning with you guys and also being doing healthy kiddo I was diagnosed with MTHFR and I don’t know if this is related to collided but I’m trying to do the healthy kiddo without that much grease because I get bloated I really I mean I don’t tolerate I don’t break down really well the grease and broccoli and some vegetable I really really need to stay away from them yeah and and I wanted to find out if there’s something that I can eat help me with this condition yeah so here’s the thing I did a video on this you could look it up there I did two videos you got to be careful about synthetic B vitamins especially folic acid you have to be careful you need the folate version there’s certain nutrients that you can buy that are all-natural and even the nutritional yeast that’s fortify you got to be careful that the one that I have is not fortified you may want to try something like this simply because it is a low it’s a low anti-nutrient thing and people can digest it a lot better than some of the other broccolis and things like that but since you had pre-existing digestive issues you probably do better with less vegetables in general and I think with with you the key thing is fasting you have to do more fasting and just eat regular foods with the natural B vitamins so you don’t end up with a problem but watch that video thanks for your call and we will talk to you as a follow up soon all right let’s go to Margie from Pennsylvania are you there are you there Margene hi hi yes I have a really quick question I want to know whether or not I shouldn’t be taking collagen peptides if so what’s the great one to take and how I should take it and if there are any side effects well here’s the thing I can’t tell you the brand’s I’m not into just giving people brands because I haven’t done the research on what brand is better there’s some great research on collagen peptide I would make sure that the source of it is of course organic grass-fed but it can also be from fish too so yeah so I think it’s it’s good also for improving stem cells and as an anti-aging thing but I don’t have a tremendous amount of data to tell you like as far as experimenting with it testing it out talking to people so it’s it has some great properties but that’s all I know so you might want to try it and see if it helps you thanks Margie all right so let’s go to social media so I got a couple of people asking how do you call in it can we put this thing on the screen it’s eight six six five six one four two nine two it should be on the screen isn’t it it is yeah I mean I don’t see it okay but I thought it would be I thought it’d be on the actual Baroness look yep there it is keep it keep it up there I think it pops up periodically but is that the same number every week okay it’s the same number every week so write it down so that you can call we can only take so many calls especially when the questions are pretty long it’s also in the description by the way I have the number there oh it’s in the scroll down a little and you’ll see the phone number always okay good okay good uh so let’s Oh it’s busy well then there’s that I mean there’s 45 countries of people calling and watching so yeah we get a lot of cool yes yeah just keep trying keep trying okay um so in order okay this is just about a teenager growing with regard to height what is the way to get the maximum HGH a teenager and say explain what HTG human growth hormone right that’s one of the hormones involved in growing there’s other growth hormones but here’s the thing if you concerned about a child growing and we want to maximize your height there’s a couple things you need to know one is that it’s plain nutritional deficiencies will stunt your growth especially like iodine certain trace minerals to be shorter certain vitamins so you know this is another example that I want to bring up something really simple people are having questions about every part of their body what about the symptom I’m going to always go back to do you have the basic healthy keto and I F implemented yet and you go now well do that first and then come talk to me because that’s probably going to maximize your nutrient levels and your your potential for being healthy right so we have to kind of relearn I mean as I think as a society we’ve really just come to get symptoms and that’s a very you know medical approach yeah yeah the technicians you know in the medical world really specialize so if you have a little something you might be routed to someone for your skin someone for your eyeball uh someone for your your GIS someone and it’s so broken down so I think as a as a society we really have to start retraining ourselves to just think of the whole body house the whole body gonna function because a hundred percent of these questions really I mean maybe there’s there’s some like what’s a good what’s the best brand of this or what do you use for that but in terms of healing the body the body heals in a certain environment and that’s the healthy heat OIF environment a lot of lot of um treatments aren’t gonna work unless you first get your diet working so many people are just wasting their money taking a supplement because they didn’t get the basics in the other point I want to make it’s like even a lot of skin disorders you have these huge books or classic they classify skin with all these different characteristics and these names these they’re all Latin based you know you have and then they go and they’re like well if you have a popular on the postural and immaculate or nodule and assist like all these different shapes and size and colors of different skin problems but they’re pretty much using two main medications course on cream or antibiotic but there it’s like let me let me define and describe your symptoms diagnose you and treatment it’s like mental disorder so we’re not gonna get into that but there’s a billion in one if you’re human you have one and let’s do something let’s drug it that’s the same it’s the same thing your body you know these are symptoms of something and if you’re not first totally handling I mean there’s two things right as what you’re putting in your body and what kind of environment are you in and what’s fascinating is your vitamin A deficient for example guess what first of all your eyes are gonna get sticky your your mouths gonna get dry your skin is gonna get dry you’re gonna get acne you’re gonna have problems seeing it dark at night like all these different symptoms and you have to eat foods high and buy them an egg well that be more fattier food so if you’re a low-fat diet think about how many deficiencies you can create just from that low vitamin e k d e boom that’s all deficient and you’re treating all these symptoms over here get in the basic eating plan and you know what you probably solve the majority of your problems right there yeah that’s right you heard it here heard it on the shell hey Lisa you’re from Orlando you’re the question go ahead yes thank you good morning dr. Berger for taking my call just give me I’m gonna just ask three quick quick questions so I started chemo three weeks ago I am and I ordered a bunch of products from you guys I learned the body type I lost five pounds in the first week I did the I ordered your key to your ovary kids yeah I ordered the liver kit from my husband and then I ordered the gallbladder because I noticed I started having right shoulder pain so I said okay maybe the ball bladder so I did the gallbladder I also have problems with digestion so I started adding your digestion formal I believe it’s called and I just ordered two just came last night you a three pack probiotics okay as well so all of that in one I said I know and also I do apple cider vinegar to help the little acid I’m still having the right shoulder pain and I also have lymphatic flow lymphatic drainage problem as well okay all right so here’s the thing we said I think that it this relates to the last question like are you doing the healthy key – exactly like I’m talking about for example like your your gallbladder if you take the bile salts but let’s say you’re you’re not doing enough in a minute fascinating your your system doesn’t have a chance to really fully break down those fats you’re gonna have to cut down your fats right now and also do that massage I actually show people a technique in here how to do the massage and the gallbladder to kind of keep the thing draining a lot better so and then there’s other things too like too many knots especially on keto or too much on the flower that can irritate the gallbladder so there’s a lot of that that you could be running into and you also have the lymphatic system well what I would do if I were you I would actually focus on intermittent fasting right now because that’ll give your system a chance to reset especially the lymphatic system drain out better and you may need more potassium from the foods not just from a supplement to actually push out some of the fluid if there’s edema thanks Lisa appreciate your call all right Karen okay let’s see what’s the time 1150 Jude you have another quiz or something that we should get wrong well I have a little a little that’s not a quiz but I went over to meet I know what what were you I was gonna you know there’s a common question and I think I released the video today so but I want to clarify one little point about this you know cuz I keep getting this question should I drink water with a meal I mean it seems were a really simple question but there’s like sorry drink okay I wanna water with the meal when you look gallon or any any water okay so when you’re consuming protein because the thought is diluting the acid you know then you’re gonna not digest protein gluten out the body has so many differents buffering systems that you’ll you’ll be able to be waters gonna go through he who’s not going to dilute the acid as much as you think unless you have a lot so I wouldn’t worry about drinking water if you’re thirsty but that’s that’s the key point is are you thirsty for that like when you consume vegetables you’re gonna find that you’re gonna be more thirsty why is that because the fiber in there has to gel up and if you don’t have enough water with that you could get a little constipated so the real simple answer is it depends on if you’re thirsty or not and some people do good some people don’t do good so is that like a no answer it’s it’s it’s vague it’s beg drink when you’re thirsty but I have a question I heard and this could just be completely but I heard a long time ago a common symptom of diabetes is thirst and where did you hear that from it was on the street that’s our street okay the word on the street that’s a true statement oh so the street is a good source of information yes what you’re gonna be you’re gonna be excessively thirsty you’re gonna be peeing a lot because you’re dumping a lot of sugar and glucose to the urine and wherever the sugar goes the electrolytes go and the water goes so you’re depleting electrolytes and fluid so you end up with dehydration so so you start peeing more and you start you know getting thirsty so okay there you have it okay there you have it now I have am sorry about that just uh someone is asking needs to know can you have beef liver daily now if if you’re doing just a small amount I would say yes but you have to sometimes be careful from vitamin A toxicity in fact I will do a video on this if you have any of the symptoms it’s easy to solve because you just stop eating vitamin A vitamin A is like super concentrated in in liver so if you do too much potentially there could be a toxicity but I think you’d have to do quite a bit and especially if you’re doing bear liver or in Alaska were you’re doing this polar bear liver that would be really bad you get it it’s really toxic you can kill you Wow so it’s really low on the bear liver but if you’re doing regular cow liver of course for the rest of us you school I always think of that and you know what you may be okay but it’s just an area to just kind of observe to make sure you’re not aware of that’s good never had it now here’s another question for you could you eat tongue daily yes I understand that this is really a delicacy yeah I have never had it yeah you could cuz it’s just a protein there’s not as much vitamin A in there okay okay good and then one other question here rapid heart rate after eating a meal why and what can you do about well if there’s a couple points about that if you’re fasting and you’re breaking it fast with the meal and your pulse rate goes up that means you’re putting too many nutrients in the body too fast and there could be be an issue but the other thing is if you’re consuming if you’re if you’re low on potassium or B vitamins and you’re consuming a food that doesn’t have that that can raise the pulse rate the other point is that if there’s gall bladder congestion and you eat and you overload the gall bladder it kind of swells up it does put pressure on the heart occasionally that can raise the pulse rate so these are just different factors I think I may have done a video on this before okay yeah well you’re pausing so I’m gonna ask one more diet soda so someone here Lorien is struggling with diet soda can it throw me off Kido so do your thing on diet soda yeah diet soda actually has the potential to increase insulin even no it’s supposedly low glycemic so it messes with your microbes and it can create issues indirectly so I would not consume it because it could potentially knock you out of keto yes it can unless you’re doing like sugar alcohols and arethe rotol that’s a good one a low loss is a good one stevia is a good one monk fruits a good one as long as you don’t get tummy trouble right okay you’re talking about beliving well bloating gas cramps intestinal gas whatever I wasn’t kind of I wasn’t really get into it that’s why I used the word tummy trouble I like that you teach it this is a PG got it okay good I like that guy that’s good all right hey Anthony you’re from Los Angeles you had a question go ahead yeah good morning dr. Burke so my questions this is after my workouts and I’m pretty regimented like so for today I did a bicep and tricep workout after my workout I’m noticing I do like the cold showers which I’ve done for a while now I’m getting blotchy and my like blotchy red in my triceps ethically where it looks like I’ve broken out from something but I you know I don’t I haven’t is it temporary does it go away right away or is it is it kind of like it stays there for a few days no it goes away in about an hour so about 45 minutes or so yeah I think what’s happening it’s not an issue at all it’s just a matter of it’s it’s you’re forcing circulation into an area if you especially if you do cold or hot too suddenly it’s not a bad thing you you it’s probably helping you it because it’s increasing circulation that’s what that redness is hmm okay it was curious thank you I appreciate it hey welcome thanks for calling all right I think we need to go to Steve yeah not this Steve but Steve from Ontario Toronto are you there I am how are you good how are you very good I’ve got a very simple question that I’m having a heck of a time getting answered every night when I go to bed I take this little xylem belt tablet I put it inside on your gum and that’s a prevent dry mouth throughout the night my problem is it is basically a hundred percent xylitol it’s 550 milligrams for each tablet so here I am thinking I’m being a great guy by doing everything correct including fasting is this little tablet at night I’m breaking my fast it really depends it’s a minor point there it’s not zero on the glycemic index it’s like thirty so it’s low so it potentially could be an issue but what you could do is you could measure your ketones in the morning and see how how you do the other point I want to bring up is that a lot of times they make even though it’s a hundred percent salat all they can make it from GMO corn FYI so you want the birch bark you want the non-gmo version that’s going to be a lot better I consume xylitol in my coffee which I have a small amount each day doesn’t seem to be a problem but will it break the fast maybe just the tiny bit but here’s here’s what I want to I want to tell you when they talk about adding things or eating things to break a fast you’re really talking about what things would in fluence insulin that can then enter slow down your fast a little bit you know like if you do like fiber for example there’s no effect on insulin fat has very little effect on insulin so that would be a better thing to consume sugar alcohols have a little effect on insulin but the donnatal might you know be a very minor effect it might not even affect you at all maybe for you know half hour and then boom you’re back into fat-burning so what really gets people is the protein and the carbs those are the two things that you want to avoid if you want to not break a fast but now I haven’t a question on top of that question why would someone need to take something every night to avoid oh good point carry dry mouth so steamed dry mouth hears we need to do its vitamin A you need more vitamin A and also if you’re on keto and you get dry mouth that means you may need more liquids in general and you want to have more sea salt with water okay try that Steve thanks for your call all right 12:02 so guys it’s been a pleasure to come to the end thank you for all your wonderful questions and your wonderful comments you guys are so great yeah we’re excited to meet all of you at the summit coming up real soon so go to the website at the top you’ll see where you can learn more about the summit where it is when it is how to get here it’s gonna be on Labor Day weekend and things I said 30th 31st of August and the 1st of September it’s a great weekend to come to DC yeah it’s an amazing hotel it’s the cheapest room rates of the year we lowered the price of the summit tickets but you can still come as VIP and platinum platinum is filling up very fast and you can see what all that’s about but it’s tons of new speakers tons of exhibitors this year there’s going to be way more exhibitors so you can check out different Quito solutions both services and foods and stuff like that samples and you can meet the bacon and avocado girls girls and Ruth will be there she I’m gonna buy her a tiara so you’re gonna know Ruth from Texas and it’s gonna be a good time so definitely make plans you can’t get your ticket right now just start figuring out your weekend bring the whole family it’s gonna be car dogs gonna be there I think our daughter Allie is gonna be there I’m gonna be there Oh Marge mm-hmm so you can meet her – Marge is gonna be there that’d be awesome and our son Jordan who handles all the music and and invented the key to fasting tea right that’s right he’s entered death he invented it all right guys have a wonderful weekend don’t need too much Halloween no Halloween what how many is again Easter mr. Easter yeah oh boy you know when my family actually did to avoid the candy as they started to give gifts instead so it became sort of a big gift giving time for us well I don’t know you know on Halloween no one shows up anymore because we’re gettin better no because our house on Halloween yeah we’ve been shunned yeah are we live in a new neighborhood so maybe they know they’re not gonna know it’s gonna be a few years before they know that we’re really non candy people so we’ll see some some kids this year anything else anyway no I think we just blabbed another two minutes away here so you guys have a life to live go live it have a great time have a great week and we’ll see you next Friday see ya [Music] you [Music]

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