Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hey guys welcome back it’s Friday morning and we’re here to answer your questions we have Karen in the just turn off that music they’re so smooth that was good cancer that was really good you did that on purpose I did so so today we’re gonna just we’re gonna do something a little bit we can do today we’re gonna do the same thing we did last time but even better matter yeah we have some really good answers for your questions so as we figure out what they are we’ve been rehearsing them all week yeah and also just to let you know just ask like one question because I really can’t get the whole history because I don’t have know your number because there’s so many so many questions so just like a real quick question that would be wonderful your most important question or I might have to cut you off a little bit also anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you it’s just meant for you to do research with your with the help of your doctors so you can come up with your own conclusions okay alright guys so we’re gonna go right to Sean from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania are you there Sean yes sir can you guys hear me okay yeah perfect Oh excellent okay God originally bless both of you just real quick I’ll explain the situation I was on keto for a few years worked great once a week gluten everything even it’s still the weight dropped off that I was intermittent fasting keto worked wonderfully I got Hashimoto’s a couple years ago now nothing seems to work keto intermittent fasting nothing now an important note I’ve had loose floating stool for four years actually Freight around the Tamagotchi Lodo’s but no other gall bladder problems no pains etc I’ve tried your gall bladder fills just take around once I think about one while I had meals didn’t seem to help tried HCl digestive enzymes maybe didn’t do it correctly pancreas is normal-sized did look at profile nothing to be seen off what might I try next I’m trying yeah okay question I have for you how frequent is your meal like how often do you do like your in a minute fasting for I tried doing one meal a day I didn’t see any major changes on the scale though okay are you tired during the day um yeah I can D I can be okay alright so I’m just gonna give you a couple tips I have a video on this I may have a video on this I think but really what’s happening is um you can look at Hashimoto’s is um it’s not really a thyroid problem it’s an autoimmune it’s an immune problem of the whole body just happens to be attacking the thyroid and the problem with that is it’s producing a lot of what’s called hydrogen peroxide that stuff that you clean your wounds for that’s kind of dumping out there so you have this a lot of hydrogen peroxide going on the body and that acts as a major like kind of a free radical oxidant that destroys the tissues and it creates havoc so I think you should a couple things one is you should take higher amounts of vitamin b1 and and your energy will start coming up b1 actually acts as an antioxidant in the body in the mitochondria so it’ll actually start protecting the amount of Kandra from all that hydrogen peroxide damage so you want to do that but you also take nutritional yeast as the balance to make sure you get all of your your things I would I would probably take some concentrated cruciferous type foods because you want to build up your glue if we can look glutathione out glutathione to actually build up the immune system it’s really an immune problem so if we’re talking about immune system we’re looking at two things one is hardcore intermittent fasting over a long period of time make sure you have selenium make sure you have a lot of b1 but the other factor that really comes and we’re going to talk about this at the summit pretty hardcore but there is always always always always something that occurs right before you get an autoimmune there’s a stress situation it’s just something that happens that triggers the whole thing so whatever that trigger was I would focus and try to improve that if it’s still going on if it’s a stress related thing and try to undo that it could be environmental stress from another person or relationship or whatever so I would deal with that it has a really important factor and then and then there was actually one more thing that just holding completely when I was just going to tell you when it’s gone but it probably come back so I would focus on those things right now and I think with the b1 your energy will come up and oh yes the digestive system if you had loose stool that’s going to deplete a lot of electrolytes and electrolyte imbalance which could then actually keep you from getting better so I would definitely dump in more sodium salts electrolytes and try to reestablish here flora using something called effective microbes there is a something I’m going to come in coming up with probably in about two weeks you can take that or just try to research it but that’s pretty much what I would do I gave you a lot of data so go ahead and digest that and see if you could get some help thanks for your question all right Karen what do we have coming in oh my gosh it’s flooding in this morning but may is asking on YouTube she says she’s lost a hundred pounds since last October that’s awesome man that’s incredible and she’s doing keto and is and she wants to know can she start more intense workouts I would I would if I were you I think what happens you like you people that always rely on workouts like oh I’m just gonna workout you what I want they’re only gonna I see them at the gym they’re the guys that are working out they got a gut that never goes away so if you actually combine them and do keto NIF and workouts you’re gonna spike up your growth hormone to the next level and beyond so that’ll start to help toning to make sure you don’t lose your your muscles so you want to retain them especially if you’re getting to the age of 35 or older I wonder what that’s like I don’t know I don’t we don’t we don’t have a clue what that’s like I remember when I thought that was so old what were 2089 are we know I mean when when you’re little you know you’re like oh right yeah that’s a 35 oh I remember my grandfather hit like 50 it was like oh my gosh that’s like how’s her breathing right I know it’s crazy okay so that was the question that was the question okay good so now I’m going a call from Lisa in Orlando Florida this is a question are you there Lisa yes I am I’m here my question would be I’m doing animated fasting once a day now I had spoken to you about two weeks ago and I had my my blood pressure was pretty high I got it down now to 139 it was it was up in the 300s that went down to 160 now it’s when about 140 and I wanted to know I am on one meal now for the last let’s say less than a week is that continually I should just stay on it and you told me take one meal walk long I was just wondering the one male do I stay with the one meal how old are you I want oh I am 60 terrible maturity and yeah okay and question I have for you is do you feel good do you feel energetic actually I really do I’ve been feeling really good and the one meal I was really surprised I just didn’t think I was going to be able to do this because I am Italian and and I thought this is and it’s working I’m feeling energized but one strange thing that’s happening and I don’t know if it’s because I just wake up early in the morning and then by the time I eat that one mail a big salad of spinach leaves and I put a bunch of things in it and put some nuts and everything it’s a wonderful salad with balsamic and I enjoy it and after you finish feeding it with a piece of fish and it’s almost like I get a wave of being tired and it just it’s happening but today I don’t feel that way I don’t know if it’s because I was doing the intimate and fasting you know that one meal one meal a day okay so the fact that the fact that you had high blood pressure tells me you probably had some insulin resistance going on in the background but it’s getting better so the blood sugar is getting better you’re not completely 100% out of the woods but it’s happening I would give it more time listen that that one meal a day is gotten you in a good good place now you’re feeling good don’t change it it’s working keep going ride the wave believe it or not a lot of people don’t need as much food as they think especially if they’re getting over the age of 35 so thank you for your question Lisa alright good so Karen what do we have so you keep mentioning this age of 35 is that like the cutoff point and now we’re just going down being one of sarcastic type calm going downhill that’s the same that’s it as people doing it now what happens every when people get older they you know when they get into 50s older they basically don’t need to eat six meals a day anymore I mean this is like so much food because you know there’s not as active that type of thing so I was just being for that little realization isn’t it I think I’m Way more active now than I was when I was I mean it was a different kind of active you know running a business and having toddlers and all of that you’re busy in like oh my gosh where did that one go you know I need a third hand kind of busy but I mean other than maybe the last two weeks I physically been more active right in the last few years so so but the question is do you feel you need three meals a day no sometimes I want to eat because it looks good but you can get away with one meal very easily I mean you rarely are hungry I mean you are hungry but you can go along I can’t I I can’t oh and I my body loves one meal a day I like food right so I would be happy to eat twice a day and sometimes I didn’t just not have it go into your stomach I’m just that’s a whole nother conversation okay good we’ll talk about that on karyn’s corner I think yeah okay all right my new YouTube station yes I not happening no but let’s get to some questions here because we have these guys on social media and they got a lot of questions so first Karen on Facebook wants to know so you say no beans right right so what about sprouts can can you have sprouts from anything a bean or does it have to be like a broccoli sprout no you can do the sprout sprouts are really good because they they basically have this unbelievable amount of nutrient dense thing going on because the peak nutrition with phytonutrients happens right when they sprout okay what’s a phytonutrient nutrient is a plant-based chemical that has additional benefits other than the vitamins and minerals that has you know properties of antioxidants as properties of things that will improve your health Karen so Karen yes on the sprouts go for it yeah unlimited unlimited sprouts yeah put them in your salad I think they’re awesome enzymes the whole thing good now I’m sure there’s a question in here somewhere it comes up every week but since you’re talking about it yeah so what about counting these carbs on vegetables can I literally eat an unlimited amount of vegetables and not consider the carbs in the ocean I know there’s a lot of people that get fat out any too many salads but no salads or vegetables Erica our men are basically mostly fiber and nutrients that even though their carbs the fiber act is a carb and it it just it’s not going to break down the sugar salads are not sweet so we’re not going to even count them as part of your carbs they’re food for your microbes basically and the microbes thank you and then it exchanges in a friendly acid that then actually lowers insulin and everyone’s happy a change so when we’re talking about counting the carbs yeah so what about nuts are we counting those yes we’re talking yeah coming what about butter know if that butter does it’s a fat it doesn’t have any carbs okay what about well sorry talking about berries berries have carbs you gotta count those dairy you know anything that you eat like even french toast not my French yes almond flour you know like all these things peanut butter all this stuff has a little bit of carb so yeah okay so that’s so those are the cars recounting not the veggies that’s correct don’t worry about the veggies no and even yeah okay that’s all I’m gonna say no nevermind what I’m gonna go to Carla Carla’s been out from Ohio she has a question are you there Carla hi your question hi yes I am had a female problem I had to go to the gynecologist about and it’s like a acne it’s inflammation they say that was caused by a sweat gland and he told me that I’d have to be on a antibiotics for the rest of my life and I was thinking altima all along to myself oh no there’s no way I’m gonna be on an antibiotic no one should be on an antibiotic rest of their life so I was wondering what you would suggest for me to do that would help this this issue I have a question are you doing any intermittent fasting yet I just started yes started with today I think Wednesday okay so Carla I really I really think that if you do the in a minute fasting your skin is gonna look amazing it’s the best thing for acne cystic acne any type of acne I used to have really bad acne in high school if I would have known about that it would have been in save a lot of grief and stress because it’s like acne for any age is just terrible so now if you have it monthly it’s related to your menstrual cycle which in which case you want to take something called dim which is a concentrated cruciferous and you can look on my website I have some data on that more in-depth but the point is that you wanted to in a minute fasting you want to cut your carbs down your skin will be amazing if you have cysts for example those will improve – also some seek help will also help if you’re like a baker cyst but I doubt if that’s what you have but just two and a minute fasting and watch how your skin just like really just clears right up Carla alright thanks for your question hey Denise you’re from Maryland right are you there Massachusetts oh okay Massachusetts okay great my question is with supplements even if their whole food supplements it was my understanding that taken through digestion through the gut only 30 to 40 percent of that vitamin or supplement is really absorbed into your bloodstream good question here’s the thing it the absorption really depends on a couple things you have you have the stomach acid if the stomach acids weak you’re not gonna absorb even that especially minerals and even it’s not gonna activate another part of your body which is releases the bile from the gallbladder if you don’t have enough bile you just shut off your absorption of vitamin A de in kay and then if your pancreas is stress you don’t have the enzymes to break down things and if you don’t have the microbes you don’t be able to recycle the bile so if you have a really good digestive system and and I have a lot of videos on that your absorption of vitamins will go sky-high and you will absorb if their food base you know close to a hundred percent you’re not wasting them your body’s very efficient with that if you’re taking synthetics it’s a whole different thing but but I’m glad that you’re focusing on food based but the real key is making sure you have enough stomach acid you know take your out soda vinegar make sure you have enough file file the diet that I recommend and maximize the bile reserve and I think you’ll be able to absorb a lot more but you need that all those systems in place if you’re coming to the summit by the way we are going to be talking about absorption of nutrients and one less point Denise if you have insulin resistance that alone it doesn’t matter how much nutrition you take that cell is not going to allow protein to go in vitamins vitamin C it’s not going to go in so there’s a lot of factors and absorption in fact you just inspired me to do a video just an absorption I think that’ll be a comprehensive I can talk about that a little bit more thanks Denise all right your turn okay I’m gonna take a lot of questions here for these guys okay okay good so first Greg is saying he’s not overweight okay would keto and I F benefit him he feels he still might be insulin resistant for some reason he didn’t say why and also if he’s not overweight would he benefit from the adrenal kit yeah if he is adrenal symptoms that’s what it’s for it’s not just for weight loss is gonna support the adrenals so that would help you but but yeah you you don’t want to just do this for weight loss there’s so many health benefits and this is this is a really big factor because if people lose weight they may or may not get healthy or feel healthy usually they’re tired I don’t even like to have people focus on weight like focus on if you have the health symptoms and that would be energy decreasing stress having glowing skin you know your hair isn’t falling out your digestion is working like all these factors like look at that so when you’re doing keto in an if’ oh my gosh like everyone should do it it’s not just for you know people that are overweight I would recommend it how about you I would okay good all right so now here’s some more oh by the way Wallace is watching he lost 30 pounds in five weeks Wow that’s incredible that’s awesome okay good now what you told me to do that I know okay this so somebody you mentioned about beans so there’s a few comments hey what’s up with beans so in the book I think you mentioned beans are okay you can eat an unlimited amount you mean string bean right verify the beans that are the thumbs down on keto string beans green beans goes down thumbs down what do all the other legumes and beans look like even the kidney beans I just don’t recommend them I know people are gonna object and go no no I need my beans but the point is that it’s not part of a keto because there’s too many carbohydrates now I know sub-q burgers say no they’re high in protein well I mean I’d like to look at the nutritional facts looking on meat carbohydrates look at much protein a protein is low I on carbs is starchy but of course they’re gonna be people who disagree with that right and the other thing is like if you go ahead and you do keto and I F and you’re eating beans are you achieving your goals this is a lot of people say oh I’m doing everything I’m doing keto and meeting a lot of vegetables but they’re eating beans I’m just gonna recommend if you if you do it and it works great if you do and it doesn’t work then I’m gonna say I told you so but I mean the only beans that I would recommend the canned beans right that you would get from the Hormel chili no that’s a college food Hormel chili I didn’t eat I ate ramen noodles on chips cheese I’d be paralyzed okay another question okay um Judy is asking her dad was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s do you have any opinions or recommendations and I know we have a really great story about that so yeah a friend farm here’s what I would research with a pup your doctor or their doctor I would definitely put him on keto an if’ hardcore prolonged fasting intent and then also the the B vitamin benfotiamine and high amounts very very important yeah the same protocol for Alzheimer’s I mean and then see what happens it’s quite amazing there is going to be Amy burgers coming to the event this summit in October which is three weeks she’s going to be doing a whole presentation with Alzheimer’s and also Parkinson’s and the brain and what you how Kito relates to it if you can come that would be great I think this is exciting your research because think about it when you do I F literally you’re it’s like mural Miracle Grow for your brain your brain starts to grow you get new brain cells and who couldn’t deal with some more brain cells right I know I mean it’s incredible like growing your brain they always say like oh no you’re stuck with it you can’t grow your brain no you can get a new brain some people need a new brain how come you look at me when you say that looking over there Karen in the distance look right at me there’s some people over there in the distance Karen okay good Bob asks can you take too much potassium yeah but it’s hard and hard to take too much protect potassium because it’s like there are 99 milligrams here’s the thing about potassium Karen potassium is not like sodium your body doesn’t retain it now I’m not talking about that person with kidney damage and kidney dialysis those people cannot do high potassium we’re not talking about those people that’s rare but the average person you your body needs like so much because it actually gets rid of a lot especially if you have stress especially if you consume sugar and carbs you dump in a lot of potassium so sodium on the other hand is retained so you need a lot more so you need a heavy amounts of potassium a little bit of sodium in relationship like 4 to 1 ratio but I wouldn’t worry about overdoing it I would worry about under doing it now when you get a test make sure they check your intracellular because most of potassium is inside the cell not in your blood so they’re not it you’re not gonna be able to get the whole picture but I do have a lot of videos in potassium okay all right was that your last question for we’re up for a little bit but we you know what else we wanted to mention I don’t know because our cleaning lady Yolanda has a fan club now Wow I don’t know if you guys knew that but she just told me this morning she lost 15 pounds we should have her own I know we will have her we should have her own yeah okay let’s go to Noreen from st. Cloud Florida you had a question are you there I’m here hi how are you good okay so my name is Noreen I’m 56 years old I have I was weighing 200 pounds I am now at 188 yes and I I want to keep going up to maybe 150 but I have been dr. Berg I really need your help I’m begging you I have been very very sick since 2013 I was hospitalized with liver almost liver failure hepatitis C was my issue there and my gallbladder took a hit and it was working 30% back then so ever since then I have changed my diet but I really was not in tune with with all what guy was all about until you know I thought that drinking organic carrot juice and organic aloe vera juice and you know coconut water and all that was going to help me and and my insulin level is went all the way really high up gained weight back then and so I started watching your shows I did went to the doctor found my insulin level was with very high cholesterol was very high vitamin D is very low so I went and got your route wheat grass juice which I loved it I got omega supercritical Omega Omega I also get me I took your apple cider vinegar you know I drink that every day I also purchased this magnesium plus which has a lot of vitamins than they also have to tack him in it and then not like a main question what was your quick question again my quick question is that I just got your all bladder formula okay because I’ve been very very bloated and I took it this morning for the first time and I feel more bloated and it’s just it goes all the way from from the from the from the one side of the gall bladder all the way to the other side where you know through the transverse column okay so let me let me kind of give you some suggestion on that it sounds like you if you had liver damage you need some bio support but I think you also have to acidify the stomach a little bit more you’re taking the episode of integrate think you said you’re taking my product is called digestive formula you want to take a lot more of that you want to take like four even five with a meal and then wait until the very end and then then take the gallbladder Formula One and you might have to build up to that to the point where you might have to work on the stomach for a while and then add the bile because he bile is alkaline so when you take bile if you don’t have an acid stomach it kind of dilutes it and you won’t get the effect so you want to get that stomach working then add at the end so you take the acid before the meal and the gallbladder after the meal very very important I think you’re gonna be on the right track on what you’re doing with what you had like hardcore in a minute fasting healthy keto adding a lot of leafy greens and just give it some time and I think you’re eventually going to come out of this really good the low vitamin D will improve after your bio Reserve starts building up don’t forget to work on your gut but yeah I think you’re in the healing mode now Noreen and I think that just give it more time and I think you’re gonna improve thanks for your call all right over 90 over yeah so throw a few at you okay good someone wants to know about keto during nursing I met Parrott menopausal keto okay anytime it was two years old yeah right I thought when you’re six years old okay so keto when you’re nursing absolutely cute healthy Quito is a good good time to do it anywhere the only thing you’ll want to do is like any hardcore in a minute fasting when you’re nursing I mean I think three men those really good meals are gonna be fine and just make sure that the milk production is good if you want to increase the milk production brewers yeast or nutritional yeast will do it you can make them in the key to friend the cookies i think i have a video on that if I don’t what create one because we need to make some of those cookie dough friendly cookies keto friendly cookies with with nutritional yeast or brewers yeast their lactation cookies Karen for Jordi we’re gonna make this I will not have those right someone someone did ask what’s the difference between those yeasts and and like baking yeast well you got Baker’s use that you make alcohol with and then you have bread yeah so we’re not going we’re not talking about that type of yeast okay yeah we’re talking about nutrition he’s a completely different and the difference between Brewers and nutrition they’re very similar but the the byproduct of making beer you Brewers use but some people are taking at it and they’re fine with it there’s higher quality brands but it’s a little different taste it’s slightly different strains but I think you can go either way okay so that handles the nursing question never see another question Harry menopausal Kido absolutely I mean you want to do it if you’re perimenopause post menopause during menopause any minute I’ll tell you yeah I’m gonna tell you tell him pretty much I’ve been eating keto for a long time not in a minute fasting it’s been more in the last couple years yeah but eating keto for a very long time I had not one symptom during menopause oh yeah Irene oh thank you I kind of didn’t even know was it happening yeah I didn’t have a single hot flash I didn’t know whatever the other symptoms are I didn’t have anything that’s right that’s quite amazing yeah so there you go there you go there are ways to minimize that experience there is okay good so Cathy is saying she’s been on keto for three months but ever since she’s been on keto she’s been having diarrhea okay so that really relates to the five and the vegetables you’re gonna I have a video on this I have several you’re gonna have to change your vegetables and actually reduce the amount of vegetables right now and that’s going to help reestablish the flora in your gut blackberries in kefir plain if you blend it up in a shake that usually handles the diarrhea but here’s the danger with diarrhea and in a minute fasting those electrolytes that are lost through the bowel and then you do in a minute fasting you can feel very very dizzy and weak so you better start adding more sea salt no laughter my hassium and high quality but our electrolytes not like some other ones that you buy at the store like yeah nice words high quality electrolyte formula because you’re also gonna yeah because the heart needs those electrolytes so so just adjust the the vegetables and maybe have a little fermented have less reestablish it and then build it back up or lightly steamed yeah yeah another thing too that I’m thinking of is if you’re doing keto and you’re adding a lot of like MCT oil right that can also do it that’s right so if you’re doing a Mis ET go very very small nuts like maybe a half a teaspoon for like three or four days and then slowly build it up over time so you can tolerate it but the benefit of MCT oil and your coffee or something is is good to turn into fat it doesn’t work for the gallbladder or the livers I mean bypasses the whole system so it’s easier for the body to turn into energy and ketones so it’s good for the brain yeah okay alright so now we want to go to Ian from United Kingdom you had a question go ahead and hi they dr. Burke yeah I’m on one meal a day and I’ve gone from 3 million today to while actually didn’t really have three meals hours on two meals a day but I went from two meals a day and now I’m on one meal a day and they the two problems I’ve got is that I’m getting hungry in the morning which is a bit weird and also getting a bit like lightheaded I think directly after when I got the hunger pains are gone the insisted offered then I’m being like does eNOS and stuff like that and it’s only happened in the past week or so this has happened okay so here’s a couple things you need to realize in the morning exactly about 8 o’clock in the morning a.m. you have a spike of cortisol that will elevate and mess with your blood Sugar’s okay so cuz it’s gonna turn things into sugar you might actually make more sugar in your body just temporarily for that hour so you might have this like all of a sudden like at 8 o’clock the morning mark now I’m hungry and then it passes okay and then you met the stomach pains and then it kind of goes away I think what I would do as the first step is take sea salt okay because that usually will handle the dizziness if it doesn’t then you need vitamin b1 because b1 in the in the base of nutritional yeast will greatly help your autonomic nervous system and that will actually really help dizziness now there is also a situation to where when you adapt to from two meals to one you might not be ready and you might have to go into it gradually you know there’s always this confusion about when to go what pattern to do when to eat what should I do I would let your own body determine that pattern let your body’s well you know if I’m not hungry I’m gonna go as long as I can I’m hungry really hungry I’m gonna eat so don’t like think it has to be some strict thing and scram yourself into a pattern let your body tell you what to do but here’s the thing you want to define is like are you really like hungry like from each other or do you just have some rumbling in your stomach because there’s a difference between really hungry and like I got to eat versus um slightly hungry I can keep going because your body’s just getting used to it alright so that’s what I would recommend that’s what I’m saying Karen I’m sticking to it okay good alright so do you ever you want to ask a question yeah probiotics there’s an idea that some probiotics if you take them will be destroyed in a gut before they give a benefit that’s absolutely true a lot of a lot of probiotics are destroyed in a stomach acid because that’s what kills them we’re gonna bring back that original probiotic that we had because people were liking where’s it because we had a really good one it’s a liquid it’s a non-dairy and the cool thing is it’s not destroyed at the stomach level these microbes are a little bit different in that they’re not they can survive stomach acid so are a lot of our friendly bacteria do not die off with acid in fact that’s why I like even like the lactic acid that’s produced is there to kill the pathogens the unfriendly but our own host bacteria can can go hey we can survive that so that’s pretty cool yeah so but yeah so when you like when you take yogurt for example and think you’re getting any like real major benefit from probiotic very little because it gets killed in the stomach in case you wanted to know that okay good well we should have that up and running in a couple weeks okay good all right all right so I’m gonna take another question Shea from district Heights Maryland had a question go ahead Shea hi dr. Burke I Karen hi um no this is actually my first time calling what do you know your voice I love I love but what goes on between you two I just want to say that okay I listen to a channel with a dr. URI he said they stay on keto or low carbs for longer than two to three months it will completely destroy your thyroid now I’m new to this I’m doing my research I’m trying to do I’m supposed to do but I that totally threw me is that true yeah I’m gonna talk about I’m glad you brought that up because you realize this anyone can say anything about anything and it’s kind of it could be a total lie and it’s like you gotta like is that true or false listen as you listen to the show we have like hundreds of thousands of people that have been doing this for a lot more than two or three months and their thyroid czar fine the thyroid is not affected when you’re doing healthy ketosis and this is what I recommend is healthy ketosis now there’s a difference between healthy ketosis in what’s called classical ketosis and what’s classical ketosis that was developed way back for kids for epilepsy and if you look at the ingredients it’s like very low quality ingredients I’m not going to even comment on what that could do to your body but the type of diet we’re recommending is healthy ketosis getting all your nutrients there’s it’ll actually improve the endocrine system greatly so if you ever I mean if you ever wanted to just contact that doctor and say oh can you show me the studies and where that you have this information and they’re gonna give you a source which is based on classical ketosis maybe but not healthy ketosis because there is no study on that or else they won’t even find a source so guys anytime you hear anything kind of crazy like that before you accept it as truth ask for the source you read it yourself see if it’s true or false but and that’s why I recommend people just do this get the results so you know and you don’t have to buy into this crap because it’s just lies but it’s great that you’re doing your research yeah awesome thanks Jay yeah all right Karen okay I started on that question you got a little you got a little bee in your bonnet exactly okay good do you have a question okay good yeah there’s so many just doesn’t know so many of these questions are answered on YouTube mm-hmm so kind of sifting through trying to see which ones we answered a hundred times no but say something interesting while I know okay good hey Maish Ali from Texas I probably totally chopped your name but you had a question I believe that me and it’s mckaela mckaela I’m sorry mckaela we’re just welcome to our world with dr. Burke it could be anything on any given day you could he’s brilliant and just kind of Smith could be Semite hey you know thinking that that’s okay yeah so I had a question I am 29 years old I had babies from the time I was 21 to the time I was 26 and I had four I was just recently diagnosed with a gallstone about 8 millimeters and I have high liver enzyme I also have a family history of gall bladder issues my mom had hers removed she had cysts and gallstone and my grandmother had a porcelain gallstone or gall bladder sorry and so I’m trying pretty much every supplement that dr. Berg sells I have the adrenal the gall bladder the nutritional yeast the cruciferous studies the digestive one actually burned and when I take apple cider vinegar I get heartburn really bad I was actually looking at getting the estrogen one to seek help and the one of the other ones the juice the wheatgrass juice next month as well to add on top of that because we also have a family history of thyroid issues and Hashimoto’s whoa I kind of want to cover all my bases yeah it’s hard to find good relatives nowadays just to have good genetics but here’s the thing that I would recommend I think you’re on the right track I can’t tell you give you any medical advice but I will say that the area through research is the deeper cause even know if there’s a genetic tendency there are some definite things that cause gall stones and it’s the number one thing it’s insulin high insulin so if you focus on lowering insulin healthy keto and in a minute fasting especially and you take a little bow so it’s over time and probably take a little choline hint in to help the liver to that will help dissolve like the cholesterol plaquing thing because these these stones are mainly cholesterol stones and they have a little calcium in them but it’s what keeps them dissolved is the by now the fact that you have irritation the stomach is a huge clue that tells me that there’s probably some you probably started out having low stomach acids and now the stomach out you have gastritis or inflammation in the stomach and that’s what the problem and so if you don’t have enough acid you can’t release the bile and so that’s what you’re running up against oh I would keep taking those things but I think what I would do is not take the episode a min ago right now instead I would take the wheatgrass juice to help heal the system for a period of probably months but now and then and then I want to have you recheck with your doctor with an ultrasound maybe in two or three months from now to see if the if it’s shrinking a very good probiotic would be very essential for you because I think what’s happening is you don’t have enough flora in the gut to help you recycle bile and so bile is recycled four to 12 times in a given day and that’s a lot and 90 to 95 percent of it is recycled so if you do it but it’s recycled by the microbes so if you don’t have the microbes you can’t recycle it you lose bile then you get Gulf stones and that’s probably that you know you probably ate what your your mommy and then your mom ate which your grandparents ate so it’s it’s probably not genetic it’s probably just you know an eating issue but I think you’re on the right track and what we were going to say that well I was first of all I was gonna say that exactly that a lot of people that say oh it runs in my family the family has a history of eating the exact same way over the generations but the other thing is actually and I don’t know she’s still on the call but are you eating keto and I f are you doing keto and I ask are you doing I’m doing low carbs I’m doing low carb and about 15 to 16 hour fast every day okay and only three meal okay so just just over time start kind of get closer and closer to what I’m recommending with the keto with all the vegetables and things and the healthy keto and then try to start pushing your intermittent fasting longer and longer as your body can handle it and just I think that’s what I would do to improve it over time a lot of times we look at this altar solution to fix the problem but sometimes these problems are fixed on a gradual basis over time because you might not be able to you know you handle one thing and then you try to improve it and eventually it’s handle over over Europe so that’s another dude mm-hmm and would you and what about glob water flushing yeah I have a really good video on that just type of gall bladder flushing that’s a manual technique we’ll be talking about that at the summit Karen so yeah so do those things okay thanks for calling okay that was a good I’ve gotten about thirty people asking about Plateau so there you go how about telling on like you know what standing in a plateau yeah I like to stand in plateaus too and look over a building and that’s fun is that what you want to do okay okay guys so plateau there’s a couple things I’m gonna release the video probably tomorrow or the next day it’s on it’s called keto on steroids extreme weight loss if you’re interested type in the comments below that you’re interested guys and also share the video and subscribe but the point is that we’re there’s a couple of things in there that I’ll mention about things to handle plateau in Quito we recommend 5% of your total calories being carbohydrates and that’s comes out to like 20 to 50 grams a lot of people don’t calculate that you should and just there’s a website and an app called chrome chroma meter with no cro– meter no it’s not that what is it I’m drawing up like that we don’t know right now row meter chrome something sponsors yeah okay that’s embarrassing because they’re gonna be at the kita subject it’s a great great app but anyway you can look it up wolf will tell you in a second as someone’s looking at for us but here’s the point the point is that you what if you want to get yourself into some hardcore fat-burning and kick this thing and hard gear on stairs what you want to do is you want to bring your carbs down to zero that’s extreme in that’s on steroids yeah because what’s gonna happen that’s really is what that’s what controls you know everything’s like your your carbs bring them down to zero for a while and just kick it into high gear so you have to calculate carbs so that means really watching all these little things that you might be exposed to okay that’s one thing number two you want to go to one meal a day that’s hardcore now prolonged fasting is another topic we’re gonna talk about you can do that once a month or once every two months where you’re going like 48 or 72 hours we will be doing a video on when you do that but but it’s a it’s a real great thing that jumps start things and really kick things in high gear now the other thing you want to do is with your fats there is a sweet spot a magic number of amount of fats per gram that if you go over on an average person okay you’re not talking about like telling you the exact numbers but roughly speaking about 75 grams of fat if you calculate your 75 grams of fat and you go maybe a little under that to maybe I don’t know 60 to maybe even 50 grams of fat but keep it below 75 your body will won’t just be focus on on the dietary fats to burn those in the ketones it’ll focus on your own fat and start tapping in to your reserves and start holding those down these are just kind of hacks or strategies that you can add to bust through that keto I’m in the plateau that you’re standing on the edge alright alright so that was kind of a long answer oh chronometer you’re on a meter sorry about that guys at CRO n o meter it’s a great great app and it gives you all this data it’s awesome yeah all right Ken we’re gonna have some really cool exhibitors yeah at the summit yeah which is October 13 14 key to mojo is coming baking company yeah and you know what next Friday I will have the list of all those guys so we can give him a shout-out yeah us wellness meats is coming oh that’s the best yeah it’s there’s a lot of really cool people coming and actual people – can people come you guys around the world yeah there’s 30 or 40 people now from all different countries Singapore and Ireland those are just people out of the country we have a lot more than 300 yeah so we have 30 people coming to the summer know from other countries Isis I’m just kidding just pulling your leg okay so we also have a lot of great speakers – oh yeah really awesome incredible I’m putting some serious time into the the content as well so hope people appreciate it because I’m putting some hours in I’m sure they’ll appreciate it okay it’s gonna be it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be fun and there’s gonna be great demonstrations as well I mean the thing is like people are coming because they want information there’s gonna be a lot of stuff covered in the summit that you haven’t talked about yet about Studios I’m trying to withhold information and I don’t know should we within this hour give away a VIP ticket or not I don’t know does anybody want a ticket a free ticket would you come I don’t know I’ll leave it up to you guys yeah you’re on social media just say yeah you would come your name and your location yeah I’ll type that in yes you know if nobody’s interested we won’t get my way okay good sounds good well let me go to Michelle what people are typing in Austin Texas you two question Michelle hi how are you hi dr. Berg hi Karen I’m great I love y’all’s program thank you so much for doing this okay I’m gonna make this really quick I’m 55 years old I was a pre-diabetic on metformin and dr. Berger I saw your video on metformin and I’m so glad I’m off of that I have high chronic high blood pressure to where I mean it was like 235 over 115 where it pushed my spinal fluid up into the back of my brain it was horrible I had five DVTs and I’m Xarelto my everything came from me drinking six packs a cherry dr. pepper each day and eating nothing but cheese at crackers so yeah I’ve just been horrible but I’ve been immobile with that I’ve had five blood clots in my legs that’s why I’m on the Serato it just made me feel better my comfort food was eating that crap so anyway I have the adrenal type body I stay inside or flight mode watching your videos I am now on one meal a day I do take the cod liver oil I ordered your wheatgrass I have the cruciferous cruciferous food but you have I have the adrenal kit that you have I also have your digest formula the gall bladder formula the d3 k 2 formula and three minerals and I just ordered your yeast fortified yeast and the electrolytes because I’m taking I have like 17 bottles of pills here with like a vitamin D vitamin b5 vitamin b1 but I mean I’m taking like 17 billion vitamin and you just put them all into this this electrolyte and the yeast so I think I can replace a lot of that with that yeah my my question is is that I still stay in fight or flight no they still can’t sleep but I’ve only been on this for four weeks but I’ve gone from 238 to 204 Wow yeah I’ve been doing great this is super and it’s all I am it’s all around my middle because of the adrenal types any legs skinny arms but and I also got that plastic hand thing that you have to wear you can for relaxation look at points yeah my my question is my blood close the blood the blood me likey Tony your is going from normally I’m not I’m one one meal a day because I’m just not hungry and I think it’s because my stomach just stay kind of small because I didn’t eat big meals right and I didn’t eat all the time okay so when I’m trying to eat one meal a day it’s hard to get that down but my blood my blood close my blood meters had gone down to 78 I started out at 130 so that my my resistant my insulin resistance is getting it’s improving 100% from your videos what I’m concerned about is the blood ketone meter I’m staying at 3.6 when I’m eating like yesterday I was just not hungry I’m also doing the apple cider vinegar and I have to do it like in one shot I can’t step on it for an 8-ounce so your ketones at 105 5.6 right 5.6 yeah and I don’t know I mean let me just explain something okay so you have all these other indicators wouldn’t hurt to check with your doctor to make sure you’re not diabetic which I really don’t think you are because everything’s improving but the point is that you’re still in a good range I mean to have what guys what she’s talking about is kind of like when the ketones go too high you can develop what’s called ketoacidosis but that happens when your when your number hits ten or more not five point six you’re still in a good range I mean you’re doing some hardcore things with your body is burning ketones now and you have a lot that going a lot of them going through the system it’s five point six is just a hardcore good number I don’t think it’s a dangerous thing at all you can check with your doctor for concern but you have all these other good factors the thing that I was thinking as you’re rattling off all the nutrition is though the one that I think you’re gonna like a lot for your stress and your flight-or-fight is the nutritional yeast take like a lot of those and just take like three in the morning three in the evening and you’re gonna just be like oh I feel so good that massage tool you start watching my video on the the stress webinar and start doing that on the different points that I show you with the nutritional yeast and of course it actually I think that’s gonna chill out your your body to the point where you’re gonna sleep better you’re gonna come out of the flight of fight oh then all you need to do Michelle is get it my time because you’ve you’ve created some damage you’re in the you’re in the stage of making up the damage that’s all you’re in right you’re just making up the damage and that takes time pulling yourself out of the hole but I think you’re gonna end up being really really healthy in a few a few more months okay give it more time okay good so I have someone here who says they have a lot of nervousness yeah and a lot of stomach acid how can I get rid of it now this person doesn’t say that they’re doing chemo or intermittent fasting and they also don’t know any supplements are taking so you could assume that that they’re not but maybe they’re so nervous and stomach yeah well first of all I’m thinking you have not enough acid and you’re getting it like over you’re getting a backup in the system and that comes from not enough acid which then being in Harper oh yeah it creates the whole series of issues you can’t absorb minerals and calcium and magnesium so you’re gonna be nervous that so I would add some episode of vinegar tablets or just outside the vinegar started acidifying the stomach that should help you and then take some minerals before you go to bed but I would also take vitamin b1 and nutritional yeast that’s specifically for nervousness I mean I’m you’re gonna just feel so calm when you take that that’s what I would do without review okay now there are also videos on how to use the apple cider vinegar obviously the bottle of digest says how to use those tablets but we’ve come across in the last couple of weeks a couple people who overdid it on the apple cider vinegar someone mention if your recommendation take it you don’t feel good then don’t take it because your body maybe might have gastritis and inflammation of the gut so you want to take it through James do you don’t do you yeah oh the tablets no or the apple cider vinegar yeah I take it in the morning you can take it look with meals but you just just what I thought reddit have you do is have you take it take it a few times see how you feel determine if you feel better take it more if you don’t take less but it’s one of those individual things that we don’t know how much you need so take it and see if it helps you with a straw I take mine in the morning with this with the water and electrolytes and I just like that after I have one little thing of coffee so but the outside of vinegar will definitely increase your sensitivity for insulin and so it will help lower blood sugars and it’s just really really good for you I want to go to Jake from Connecticut he’s been waiting for a bit hey Jake hey how you doing good I just had a two quick questions so the type 1 diabetic I was diagnosed in 285 pounds down to 220 yeah great thank you I do bodybuilding and powerlifting my question was I’ve been doing protein shakes and amino acid drinks to try and recover and my blood sugar has been really high at the morning yeah my question for you would be what would you suggest to avoid those high blood sugars in the morning the fasted blood sugars what could I do yeah I think I think this is a good question because um you’re trying to recover from the workout because of the exercise and the workouts that you do and you’re trying you’re breaking down muscle protein honestly I would not take anything around the workouts why because your blood sugars are a problem that means you have insulin resistance which means you have high insulin which means that the protein that you’re taking your body’s going to reject it it’s not gonna absorb it into the muscle – well it’s it’s gonna lower your ability to recover so you want to fix insulin resistance by doing a little longer fasting and then you can put some branch meno acids into the mix during the meal okay that’s really important the other thing for muscle physiology is you need potassium so that would be another good thing to have your big salads so I would focus on the quality of the meal when you’re eating but totally fast workout I mean you could take like maybe some like b1 before your workout take some B 1 & 2 nutritional yeast and then workout I think that’ll give you more energy and more recovery than anything else because that will help protect the mitochondria that energy cell but don’t consume any protein around the workouts or sweet anything because you want to lower the blood sugars that’s that’s what I would focus on Jake thanks for your call all right Karen who won okay yeah it’s 12 o’clock so there are so many people there’s two things that I want to do announce a winner I want to give a ticket on YouTube and Facebook Wow is that okay okay okay guys there’s so many and there are so many people I was overwhelmed by the responses of people that said yes they definitely would come if they got a free ticket and I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I mentioned the special program okay there’s a special program that we’re not going to talk about that you may okay one okay we got a hang up so I’m gonna pick Mario Nardo Z from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania alright great also awesome that is from YouTube Mario you are the VIP ticket winner today pay attention because after I announce the next one I’ll tell you what to do and on Facebook randomly I am picking Cynthia from Harlington Texas woo okay no Mario and Cynthia you need to email dr. Berg at dr. Berg comm and in the subject you need to put VIP ticket winner and Maria who’s going to receive that you have to tell her your contact information and she’s gonna get certain information from you verifying you are who you are and all of that stuff and she’ll arrange the free ticket for you but that’s exciting that’s awesome so we’re going to go we have to really go but stay tuned there’s gonna be other ways to get free tickets I’m just saying that that’s what I’m – thanks guys how do you Ken good to see you bye see ya [Music]

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