Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hey everyone we’re back when you had no prompting we just jump right in here and look there we are on Facebook and welcome back so anything that we say is not meant to give you a cure or some diagnosis this is just for your information for you to do your own research sound good yes looks like on YouTube we’re still sorting everything up okay good well well Karen guess what we have this really cool little countdown we’re at almost three million subscribers so we may hit three million with the next so are watching we’re gonna need your help guys I’m gonna have I need your help this is not about views this is about subscribers so if anyone knows about 5,000 friends if you can quickly contact them and have them subscribe that would be awesome and I can see who’s subscribing right now like I can see their names so I’ll take a shout outs but anyway that’s pretty cool and so we have a lot to talk about I’m gonna be talking about hair today we’re gonna talk about what’s behind oily hair what’s behind dry hair a lot of you want to know Karen’s secret will probably won’t talk about that my secret which take wonderful hair or luxurious hair and so we’re gonna talk about that we’re also going to talk about how to get rid of cravings during someone’s administration now that’s going to be exciting what is the secret to that yes and many other things so I tell you what let’s just go right to ronita from Connecticut are you there okay so I’m hearing some background it’s just a lag she’s there oh oh that’s her okay Ronit Rowena are you there yeah ah you had a question related to yes you’re live and you had a quick question I think it related to your veins right your veins I’m sorry your penis I was gonna say Venus is this you minute yes okay and I was just wondering what can I do to help that and plus I have a little bit of lymphedema and my right foot and lower leg because I had a really bad ulcer that had gotten gangrene at one point and they they fix that with a wound clinic so they’re just saying they’re basically my veins are shot the valves not working but they don’t tell you how to heal it or anything what you really could do I had a compression stockings and I pump for now on the pumps but what else could I do yeah okay so the first thing you need to know is any type of ulcers anywhere in the body that’s a zinc deficiency so you need zinc and that will help you greatly that being said if you have an ulcer and you have this edema and venous insufficiency you need to jump right in to Quito and if’ immediately because that’s the foundation to start getting your body in a healing mode and repairing repairing mode you’re going to get rid of the excess fluid very easily because when you’re on sugar metabolism you’re going to be retaining fluid so yes it can help you the vascular system gets broken down with high levels of sugar and insulin insulin resistance because it’s very oxidative so this will help undo things so yes absolutely I think you should jump in alright I want to go to manual from Arizona you had a question on bee pollen hey there yes I go bird hi oh yes I just want to know about the bee pollen I hear it’s you know that’s a lot of a new very nutrient-dense you know what the thing here is I know has sugar does that mean excessive amounts of it I know it raised into it yeah how do you want to know what your thought okay so um bee pollen actually doesn’t have arlene sugar it’s the honey that has the sugar but bee pollen I think is is really good for your immune system it’s good for allergies it’s did it have there’s a quite a few antioxidants in there so yeah I recommend it’s a good product to take you also have royal jelly which is a little different that’s what that substance is given to the queen bee that differentiates are actually bees in general that which differentiates if that bee is going to turn into a worker bee or a the queen bee so it’s good for fertility and also hormones so that’s something you can also look at but I as far as honey goes I don’t recommend consuming honey simply because it’s very high in fructose and even though it may not initially spike your blood sugar it causes a fatty liver there are vitamins and there’s more nutrients versus refined sugar but still I don’t recommend it thanks for your question all right then we’re going to go right to Desiree from Florida are you there I can hear you yes perfectly yep okay all right my question is I’ve been doing keto and intermittent fasting since June the third and I started i’ve been diabetic and I stopped taking my medications because I found you and I found all your good stuff that I’ve been doing I’ve been having real success with numbers and everything when I started doing the long walks that you recommend I was I’m doing four miles in the morning early in the mornings but not in the intermittent pastime reading of one meal but when I started to the long ones my stomach starts to growl like I didn’t have any hunger before but when I started walking long distance but my appetite increase I wondered what that was and then the other thing is I encouraged my mother who’s 83 my daughter who is 19 to do and to do this program and I wonder are you ever too old or too young and then the whites of my eyes are whiter now what does that mean Wow good questions the first one of your questions related to are you too old or too young you actually to do Aikido and I if you have to be within a certain age range it has to be between 32 and 39 years old if you’re over younger it’s really doesn’t apply to you I’m being very very sarcastic so no any any age you is a baby you’re actually in ketosis but I think also the older you get the more important it is because of what it can do for your lifespan the whites of the eyes a reflection of liver health so you know if I noticed to my like people that like their whites of the eye if it’s yellow that’s a liver issue if it’s bloodshot that’s a liver problem so so that means you’re actually doing better the fact that when you exercise you’re getting this these symptoms of the stomach growling that is a function of you just haven’t fully adapted to ketosis 100% yet because probably the the pre-existing diabetes if you had that for a long time it’s gonna take quite a while I’m talking months and months maybe even up to a year or longer to get fully adapted to the point where your system is more efficient and you can turn turn off the sugar and turn on ketosis really fast and you can just run on that and burn fat so when you’re exercising you deplete your glycogen Reserve and if there’s nothing left you’re going to go after fat burning but your your motor might not be is cleaned up and as well as you would like it so I’m going to release the video next couple days on that one point if you’re doing in a minute fasting for example and you’re going too much you can feel weak or dizzy or even have problems with or anything so I suggest you cut it back get used to a little bit more make sure your carbs are low make sure that your you have the electrolytes B vitamins and sea salt those are some things that I would recommend the other thing you could probably do is take some MCT oil before you work out maybe about an hour before you work out just to kind of boost your ketones see if that might help good question though Karen hi over to you okay and let me just finish this one question here good so I will start with the shoutout okay okay so we’ve got France South Africa the UK China Bangladesh Dubai Mexico Marin Mar India Canada France Australia Israel and even people from the United States actually people from all over the United States Virginia Oregon Kentucky Ohio Washington all over the United well that’s pretty cool right that’s very cool okay good so first question here you were mentioning hair and somebody jumped right in and said yes please talk about hair they had chemotherapy they lost a lot of hair what would you recommend well the thing is when you do intermittent fasting with chemotherapy or after you go into this a protective no your cells become more protective and so even from the chemicals and even from the radiation so you need to get on keto and I have to immediately that will actually start strengthening your cells in your immune system but for the hair growth you’re going to have to really beef up no one pundit no pun intended did protein amino acid profile there’s a couple things with hair you need trace minerals and a lot of B vitamins very important and then just give it some time because what’s happened is your your system has been so filled with toxins that it’s just destroyed part of the immune system so you just have to reestablish that but it’s really nothing special other than doing the basic things but just adding more B’s and and trace metals go yep great now what about there’s a question about elemental calcium so I guess it’s what’s the difference between that and any other calcium but is it good was the question it’s not good elemental calcium is like calcium carbonate it’s limestone it’s like a rock it’s from the earth so these elements are in chemistry they’re bound differently than food based or plant based minerals where you’d get from your vegetables and things like that so when you do elemental any minerals it creates it’s it’s hard to absorb it so it’s like eating a rock you just don’t absorb it that well unless you chew it very thoroughly but you want to get your minerals from food and you can get it from seek help things like that but not elemental calcium for sure and where would you get elemental calcium you can get it anywhere inside you can go to the drugstore and get your minerals as calcium carbonate it’s like if you lift the bottle it’s like the vitamin bottle it’s like a paperweight is so heavy it’s like rocks and so they sell it in the store so what they sell is vitamin SLS calcium carbonate okay yeah no I know someone’s gonna say well that was in one of your products once well I we used it as a binder for I think they digest formula if I’m not mistaken it could have been another one but it was the amount we were using was like point zero zero zero zero zero micrograms and such a small amount it’s not toxic it just doesn’t get absorbed that well I’m gonna give you the benefit no but you mentioned something about someone from France okay and I want to talk about talk about that you know cuz I sometimes I’ll hear people that will say well dr. Berg people in France eat so much bread and wheat a lot more than Americans and they’re thin though can I just go with the bread route right I like the theory of that right well here’s the thing first of all not all people from France are thin right number one but typically when you go to France or Italy or any of the European countries it’s so different than Americans because if you don’t go to France to find an all-you-can-eat buffet a Chinese restaurant or something like in America you have all these fast-food places you go oh like oh let’s go let’s get Mexican tonight let’s get Chinese tonight and then what happens it’s like all just refined carbs you don’t see that in Europe so they don’t do the active so much higher quality and yes they do more wine but Americans do more beer so you have the difference because quality wine versus beer really yeah there’s the more carbs in beer but here’s the thing well also they don’t have as much stuff at least in Italy I don’t know about France but they don’t have all the preservatives in the way it’s so much more quality and they really they keep their tradition I mean more that more than Americans anyway I don’t even know Americans have a tradition of hamburgers and fries but the point is that there is one thing that I do want to mention that’s very very important and I’m gonna do a video on it it has to do with their their grains they don’t fortify like America the UK and Canada I’m talking about putting synthetic vitamins in their flour products and also especially iron iron one of the side effects of too much iron is diabetes and also liver cirrhosis and a finally liver so that’s interesting so we’re like pumping all this iron into a food supply and especially right around the 1980s when we have this spike in obesity is it exclusively iron I don’t know but it could be one contributing factor so but when you get on keto and if’ you get off the grains so instantly you avoid all this not just processing fine carbs but also the iron which probably improves your health but yeah iron is not very good if it’s in excess excessive amounts in your body it’s very bad so even grains that are gluten-free nothing to do with it no no we’re just talking about I mean I will say that people in Europe in countries when they consume grains it’s they don’t have the digestive issues that Americans do and one thing I really think yes I think it’s the GMO chemicals for sure but I think this iron has a lot to do with it and that’s just my theory Kerry it’s your theory but I know also even sauces dressings you know dressings in Italy as an example is oil and vinegar yeah if there’s a dressing olive oil that’s right not ranch and all these other drugs that are filled with sugar yeah and like I’m sorry I was gonna say sauces like tomato sauce tomato sauce is tomatoes onions garlic olive oil well it’s not sugar and you know all this other stuff that you’ll have in right sauces in America I mean even France for example has three times as much but I’m gonna consume three times on this butter and saturated well I don’t know about saturated fats but they have more than Americans but Americans are when the omega-6 fatty acid Oh sumption yes soy oil and corn oil and everything so that’s that’s another big there’s a few issues there’s a few Asian American diet there’s a few there’s quite a few yes all right yep that’s right so while you’re looking for more questions I need to go to Sylvia you’ve been waiting patiently are you there Sylvia I sure AM well hello and what’s your treasure yes perfectly well first of all thank you so much I’m 76 years old been on keto for a year ranch misses fasting lost four inches in strategic places and fifty pounds Wow okay I had a serious accident two years ago which exacerbated all of the bone spurs and the calcium that I have throughout my body basically I want to know how can I be very very aggressive with relation of celsium and I also have a news Pinocchio cyst on my l5 s1 what can I do to deal with that to avoid surgery okay so there’s a couple things that I would highly recommend especially her calcification yes you need to do k2 k2 will help to transport the calcium from the soft tissue into the bone there’s a couple other things you need to do the type of k2 you need mk7 you might even want to get mk4 as well there’s two different versions but don’t take that with calcium don’t don’t take any calcium I thought that would even do dairy at this point but just normally have you have your normal keto meal but just avoid dairy and start taking a little more d3 that is going to help the joints and help inflammation as well but you also need a good key later and what a key later is it’s a natural thing to help pull some of these the minerals that you don’t want out of your body there’s one that I recommend is called EDTA EDTA you can get it and and then you can also put the minerals back in at a different time of the day because you want to take EDTA on an empty stomach and maybe drink Stillwater for a bit but that’ll start to pull this calcium out but you don’t you just want to eliminate the dairy because we want to actually reduce that calcium but k2 would be important this borrows an ounce I would take a daily dose of about 500 micrograms of k2 and take that with your meal because it will help absorb with fat and at the same time take some vitamin D as well that’s what I would do if I were you good question hey Cindy you’re from California hey there so in Japan they have a lot of low carb bread made out of grant B are they in like an outside layer of the sweet so if the keto will be anything dumb old car thank you so much sure okay question yeah bran is a fiber and even though it is a carbohydrate it won’t spike your insulin it feeds your microbes but the challenge when you do grain a brand or actually a fiber from grain is that it’s very high in something called phytic acid and that pulls out zinc and other minerals that you need trace minerals that you need so you may end up with a zinc deficiency and by the way Karen over 2 billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc isn’t that weird it’s weird something that’s stolen unlike the vitamin D epidemic which it is epidemic yeah but this is this thing thing is just like wait a second wait a second how can we have that many people deficient now either it’s from the soil problem or the glucose I think my five theories but I don’t know if I’m correct but I think it has to do with the amount of cereal and grains and people are consuming around the world that definitely pulls think right out so that’s one of the reasons why bran is not probably the best thing it’s keto friendly but it’s not friendly to healthy so what are our symptoms of a zinc deficiency oh you just opened a can of worms can zinc is involved in over 2,000 enzymes like through the body has anything from your immune system to your skin to making proteins to preventing ulcers having nice hair I mean think is one of the one of the most important trace minerals involved in repair of DNA I mean like it goes really deep well I’ll be talking about that at the summit so where could one get zinc or it you know is there supplement or should you know when would you want to be supplementing with zinc well since two billion people are deficient you probably want to be supplementing immediately like in trace mineral but one of the best foods that you you can get think from his oysters okay well I think we talked about this last week great yes so so but if you’re on if you’re taking the trace minerals you would be getting enough a zinc or if someone like this gal was asking about bran for a low carb bread substitute so if we’re being real if you do like a little brand here and there not a problem little brand that’s not going to be a problem I’m talking about like too much on a regular basis but if you’re doing for a recipe go for it it’s not going to be an issue but you can also get think from animal meets animal proteins if you’re a vegetarian that’s hard to get zinc it’s in actually you can’t I would get as a supplement it’s in actually a certain plants but if you have to eat certain ones I don’t have that data in front of me but that is one deficiency I think a lot of vegans have is the zinc deficiency it’s also one liver so the good question on that good thank you you’re welcome really good question I think we’re ready for the first quiz all right guys so this is the first quiz what vitamin deficiency causes dry hair okay more than any other deficiency what vitamin deficiency will cause dry hair faster than anything okay okay so go ahead and answer right now okay as I go to Leticia’s question are you there Leticia yes I’m here hello and what’s your question my question was about the bulletproof coffee I’m new to keto I started June 3rd and it was very familiar when I was looking online and I see this you I put like a tablespoon of butter heavy whipping cream and coconut oil but my question is is that someone says it’s gonna clog my arteries or it’s not good um is it really running smooth through my body or it will it clog my arteries very good ok this is very good question do you let me ask you a question on top of that before I answer the question are you hungry in the morning no I’m not okay and you do how many cups I’m not hungry at all how many pots I’m sorry cups of coffee do you have per day I do have one okay and how much weight you want to lose oh well I’ve lost 25 and I want to lose 17 more love it okay so I’m gonna I’m gonna put you on pause I’m gonna pause but just I’m you but I’m gonna explain about this bulletproof coffee the extra fat that you consume MCT oil coconut oil butter it’s not going to clog your arteries if you keep your carbs low okay that’s the key question you’re when you actually cut down your carbs your your body starts using that as fuel in ketones and fatty acids the whole clogging comes in with the carbohydrates because the cholesterol follows damage in the arteries to help heal it now when you’re losing weight the majority of that fat cell is stored is what’s called triglycerides and some cholesterol so when you’re burning fat you’re going to start using all that fat as energy you’re gonna burn up your triglycerides but you don’t use cholesterol as appeal you can’t burn that so that might be floating around the arteries it’s not gonna be clogging your arteries unless you’re doing carbs but to keep your carb low you’re gonna be totally fine now if you want to speed up your weight loss I would not do bulletproof coffee at this point simply because if you just do your coffee maybe there’s a little cream what will happen is that your body will then now be forced to burn your own fat and not run on the dietary fat that you’re putting in the coffee so you might just speed things up if you do that for a while but then the reason I like bulletproof coffee for certain situations is is let’s say you want to like you don’t want to lose any more weight like myself or you want to transition into intermittent fasting easier because you’re hungry in the morning things like that so in the beginning I think it’s really really important and then also in maintenance it’s also very important but thank you for your question that note okay over to you good so we’re getting a lot of D you said vitamin right yes that’s what I said okay d e a and then in the B’s it was B 112 or seven Wow these guys are pretty sharp but and just not sharp enough because no and the answer is [Music] vitamin A deficiency we should have had a prize I know here’s the thing vitamin A if you’re deficient will cause you not to be able to see in the dark too well so you’re driving and you’re like squinting you can’t quite see that look Sheriff all that oh no dry this is dry there is something called the sebaceous clan and it’s a gland that is in your skin it’s on your scalp and it keeps your your skin in your hair lubricated okay with an oil and vitamin A controls that so you need a certain amount you don’t need too much but you need a certain amount so the question then becomes what you do to get enough vitamin A right right and where do you get it and by the way someone that said vitamin D is correct too because vitamin D is involved so it’d be nice if you had D and a together now the question doesn’t work if you find that I mean what food has vitamin D na geez I wish we hadn’t for that well guess what we do and it is called how liver will [Music] soak olive oil has a nice balance of vitamin A and vitamin D so you take a color oil and your hair is no longer dry now a bigger question is how are you becoming deficient in vitamin A it’s usually a liver problem call that a problem or you’re doing too many refined carbs so but if you take the cod liver oil get on about the keto your hair is no longer gonna be dry so that’s definitely a step in the right direction and then with the opposite question a little bit but town what was the opposite question what makes your hair too oily you get it dry oh I just forgot hey can we take some social media questions yeah cuz I’ve got a lot of great questions today good and so succinct right yep because a lot of these need to be asked so yeah if you have malabsorption we talked about the gut a lot issues how do you know that come to the summit you’re going to find out I’m going to talk about that if you have malabsorption usually like fat or fat side vitamins you’re gonna your stool is going to flow I know I didn’t want to mention you’re not absorbing fats and that’s the cause of absorb of no no no no no not the cause of it because of you have either IBS or irritable bowel syndrome you have some type of damage in your colon from years of antibiotics you’ve eaten a lot of gluten for years and now you have celiac which is autoimmune or your cells are attacking itself and you have scar tissue in the colon or let’s say you had gastric bypass and you’re missing part of your intestine you can’t use that in which case you can’t absorb it because you have three sections of your colon that absorb nutrients and certain ones will absorb electrolytes certain ones B vitamins certain ones fats have vitamins so if you’re missing something it’s not going to go in if you don’t have a gallbladder you can’t absorb these nutrients so there’s a lot of different uses a lot of symptoms you could have yes and I’m going to cover all of them have to summit and it’s gonna be very interesting because I am pretty much ordering every single textbook on malabsorption you can possibly get and I’m going through it it’s a lot of work but I’m going to consolidate six months on one Center Wow at the summit okay you’re not going to answer this question now simple if malabsorption oh no no symptoms okay it’s basically it’s um it’s everything related to vitamin A deficiency vitamin D vitamin E vitamin k2 it’s like no you don’t know that okay so so bone pain osteoporosis fatigue can’t sleep at night poor skin a lot of skin issues anxiety depression I mean it’s like pretty much every single symptom because it kind of go from every single vitamin deficiency that you’re running into so okay yes that’s fair enough okay good that’s enough for whoever’s interested in that to come to the summit yeah okay good so what are good foods to eat if you have arthritis what could help with joint pain or arthritis well I think the biggest thing is vitamin D foods which are mushrooms that have been in the Sun for a while but it’s really hard to get enough vitamin D in your diet so you have to get Sun or take it as a supplement but vitamin D is the best thing for arthritis that I know in addition to fasting and also keeping your carbs low those things are essential good and then what’s your viewpoint on car Garcinia cambogia well I think it’s a it’s it’s a great supplement for it’s there’s a lot of antioxidants it’s good for blood sugars and believe it or not it’s also has something called hydroxycitric which is something that’s good for prevent kidney stones so that’s good but as far as stimulating metabolism like people take it I mean it’s not going to be the thing that’s going to be huge it does decrease cravings but other than that it’s not going to be the miracle thing that you maybe thought it was unless you’re using it as a like kind of a helper for you’re gonna minute fasting in your your chemo plan okay good I have more but you okay all right well we’re at two thousand nine hundred and ninety three two million two million nine hundred ninety three eight hundred and fifty-six how can I get less subscribed trying to hit our target here guys we have actually team work could you please subscribe back to that because we just lost it okay good thank you very much alright so I need every subscriber I can get hey Rob you’re from Canada Vancouver are you there yes yes so Parker burger I love your show by the way and yeah I got a question regarding glycogen yeah so the body stores about 1,700 calories worth of glycogen on average and delivering muscles right now if your Kido and and deplete all your glycogen say through exercise does your liver replenish all your glycogen stores through gluconeogenesis and if so how long does it take yeah what’s interesting about that one or this is just a side note the heart is one of the glands that doesn’t store glycogen so it runs on ketones and fatty acids it loves and that’s why keto is great for any type of heart issues but when you go on keto and I F you don’t completely get rid of your glycogen reserve you always have some it’s going to be less than if you’re running on sugar but the liver is the organ that is constantly making sugar if it’s needed for certain parts of the body and so if it’s not damaged it’ll make it for you and it can make it from carbon skeletons basically it can take it from protein or fat and take the carbon in there and convert that into carbohydrates so it can make it from a lot of different things so you’re right the liver does make the sugar it’s called gluconeogenesis and but it’s not going to be as much as when you were on living on high carbs good question good question yeah so first of all someone I think this one is Facebook said keto and I F help them get rid of all their skin tags yeah which is really cool and then there was another question what apple cider vinegar help with the removal of skin tags I think the thing with skin tags they’re usually papillomaviruses and to put these viruses back under mission you want to cut out like sugar and like in a minute fasting would be very very powerful and also zinc trace minerals so any any those are the big things that will help put viruses back in remission and help skin tags but I think episode of vinegar I don’t know if that’s gonna be the big thing I mean it’s an asset but it’s not strong enough to dissolve so oh you mean topically yeah oh I don’t know that that was the question but that’s interesting you can use hydrochloric acid poured on the skin it’ll dissolve a skin tag faster than anything I know how about a scissors ouch so but but would that heat or intermittent fasting anything that handles that virus is that gonna stop the production of them are actually get rid of the skin tag itself well you can get rid of the skin tag just put that virus back in remission that’s what you want to do because it will go away yes yeah yeah but here’s that here’s the other interesting thing about potentially you could get rid of the virus if you did in a minute fasting and periodic prolonged fasting because there’s a thing called the tofu G and that actually can help clean up some of the viruses that are in the body so that’s exciting great but I can’t there’s just not enough research yet to prove that but it sounds like it’s possible can Aikido increase the quality of your ovulation in your opinion well all the years of ovulating Karen oh yes it can help the menstrual cycle greatly and help the fertility oh right here okay simply because keto the big thing about keto that helps your cycle and fertility and the ovaries mainly is it’s the there’s a hormone called pregnant pregnant alone okay and that is a the kind of the master hormone that converts into all these different hormones especially the ovary hormones and that comes from cholesterol so anything that lowers cholesterol and lowers fat kind of kind of starves off these hormones now if you go through a lot of stress in your body maybe your adrenals are sucking up all this pre hormone and it’s not getting it to the other hormones not giving an issue but typically it’s like if you have it if you want to increase fertility and improve the ovary function you have to increase your fats and that’s what sceeto is about okay good let me know can I have one more you can have one more okay good so there’s a guy on YouTube who’s saying that he used to sleep like a baby yeah now I don’t know if he’s doing cute OIF he doesn’t say right okay but he used to sleep like a baby and then he started bodybuilding yeah so now he’s really working out intensely and now he’s got insomnia yeah I think it’s just a matter of overtraining because it has to do with heart rate also his recovery might not be such that like he just might have a lot of things going on at night that could be interrupting his recovery phase like if you actually over trained a lot of things can happen with your byproducts of training like increased linked lactic acid which can affect your oxygen you can have inflammation going on so I think what I would do is I’d cut back the exercise probably take more vitamin D I would focus on more recovery and that’s going to talk about that at the summit a lot so but recovery is all about balancing the exercise with the rest and it’s also also about your nutrition taking certain trace minerals to help recovery B vitamins especially zinc is a real big one folic acid is huge and that comes from dark leafy greens so these are all things that you can do vitamin b1 is going to help your recovery and also decrease your your lactic acid but yeah Kido Kido healthy just to summarize that what I want to do Karen I want to ask one more quiz here okay and then I want to talk about the summit briefly here’s the quiz what nutrient deficiency causes excessive oil ease here excessively oily hair yeah greasy hair so it’s a deficiency right of a nutrient tramp okay people here we go here we go and then real quick guys their summit is coming up it’s gonna be at the end of August 31st and September 1st now here’s the thing there’s a cut-off point with signing up next Wednesday and you can still sign up after that but it’s gonna be $100 more so if you’re interested in saving $100 you might want to sign it before that we have a tremendous amount of people that are coming it’s going to be a huge event and you want to be there right you’ve said it all who’s coming I ever coming I ever cummins is he funny or what he’s he’s like Irish dry humor funny you have to really pay attention he’s hysterical yeah he he has a lot of great great data he’s gonna come with who else is coming Kathy uber Stan I mean Jacqueline Jacqueline he’s ever seen and she was voted the number one speaker last year I think she just was so relatable I mean everybody was great last year but she was so practical practical for everyone in the day-to-day living so she’s gonna be back and then we have I know all these names because I’m handling helping with all their airfare and things like that but over to you Eric Westman erequest man is coming back Duke University he’s probably been in takedo longer than anyone that I know I mean he’s he’s yeah and he’s uh he has some great data he wants to share Thomas de Lauer is gonna be here Thomas de Lauer he’s sound is a very large YouTube not as large as mine of course but it’s pretty pretty large but he basically is gonna be talking about exercise physiology and fitness so you want it you want to attend just there’s actually a lot of people on your channel that ask questions about bodybuilding and keto so for you guys come because he’s the one who puts all his attention on that and he’s a living example yeah we also have two medical doctors who are cardiologists who are coming they’re going to discuss a lot of topics I mean a lot of different areas but I wanted them to talk about LDL and cholesterol just just so people can have that data also we have NIDA peleg public pot iguana she is a naturopathic doctor she’s gonna be talking about infertility and PCOS she works with dr. Jason Jason Fung as well as Megan Ramos who’s going to be there as well she’s going to be talk about him and fasting they have some amazing research on anti-aging I mean it’s gonna blow your mind also dr. Ben Beckman Bickman he is a professor he does research on keto and anytime I have a question about something related to that I just ask him and he has the answer BAM he’s a very sharp guy logan’s need is actually going to come yeah he had brain brain tumor he’s going to talk about his experience we also have I don’t want to miss it’ll come to me dr. Mercola of course yeah he’s I really respect all the stuff that he’s done and he he’s just filled with amazing data and he’s been around for a long time and he’s going to be sharing some stuff on EMF electric like yourself on stuff you guys need to come to listen to that and it’s he’s writing a whole book on it so he just knows a lot about it so I’m getting he’s been around for a long time and has been in the game for a long time yeah yeah so definitely you guys need to come how do you find out about it go to a website yeah big banner and throw at the top of the website just click on it with the button tells you where it is when is how to get there we’re running out of rooms yes at the Gaylord you guys don’t mind you know sleeping in your car that’s fine but you might might want to get a room we got really good rates we have the best rate of the until they run out um okay so what do we got for the yes so this answers were a little sparse I think you stumped stumped so okay here’s a niacin protein choline k2d magnesium zinc a and C these are pretty much other than D individual answers there’s not a lot of people echoing the same so it’s a problem that your your sebaceous Klein is drying up and that one of the most common deficiencies is the zinc deficiency so that’s what it is however however it could also be that you’re on an extremely low fat diet and you’re not consuming enough precursor of fats to build this up so a low fat diet will cause weally hair yeah let me tell you why when you’re on a low-fat diet what stimulates bile production is fat saturated fat so if you go extremely low fat your bile dries up now you have no bile to break down these fats so it can actually back up into the skin it doesn’t digest and it creates a lot of issues so it’s just it’s a little counterintuitive but you just have to understand the mechanism interesting all right quiz number two now I get a question yes go ahead okay if someone is asking about the amount of sugar in vegetables that is okay mm-hmm I mean I think instead of worrying about an amount of sugar that is okay is just to understand what vegetables you would stay away from because it’s not like you’re gonna say okay well this much lettuce is okay only have this much lettuce or only have this much you know green bean or brussel sprout or cauliflower I think they just gave me a great idea for another new video because there is a confusing thing you’re looking at this carbohydrate this vegetable and you have the carbs and then you have the sugar okay then you have the fiber and you go to the food so what should you focus on like when you’re counting carbs when you’re on keto should you should you count triggers do you count sugars or not you know it’s like vegetables right and what why would they be different than the fruit why would they be doing you know but these are all questions that I think I need to sort out but the quick answer is that the vegetables have the fiber more fiber and the fiber is deducted from the total carbohydrate so then you have the net carbs now the ones that have the higher sugar of course will spike more than others and you want to keep that low and you know if you have like a a beet for example versus celery you know you’re gonna have more sugar so what I like to do is I’d like to give you the principal and you have to think with it rather than mechanically this is the formula if you just supply like think of though it’s a little bit sweeter oh okay well you know what my metabolism pretty fast I don’t think you’re gonna gain weight on beets okay but it may slow you down why it might not is because it’s so filled with fiber so that buffers that whole response same thing with berries like comparing berries to a pear for example berries have a lot more fiber less sugar but they still are a higher carb but it’s not going to affect your blood sugar so you have to think with it I’m gonna create a video on that Karen today actually okay so like a potato or a sweet potato versus Brussels sprouts yeah that’s a the potato is just like completely starch and you just have a very high carb high sugar and it’ll just it will really spike your blood sugar now if you have a raw potato by the way what happens it’s like you haven’t broken down that potato into something that’s gonna spike your blood sugar very much so you can either you can do raw potatoes and not have a problem sweet potato any different if you want a raw sweet potato you can eat those all day long Steve so now but I like to see someone eat a raw potato maybe you sliced it super thin it still tastes terrible but you can put some salt on it people like potatoes in a form that is very thin and deep fried with salt because that spikes the blood sugars I mean well it tastes good sure so does Donuts all right so anyway I need to go to dammy or de me from Georgia hi dr. Byrd how are you hi great thanks I just wanted to let you know that you have completely changed my entire family’s life Wow through watching your videos and getting on keto I have a 15 year old daughter that the same way doesn’t need at the time 300 pounds my husband is diabetic high blood pressure high cholesterol he has gotten off of his diabetic medication and me and my daughter have lost 15 pounds already in just two weeks that’s fantastic oh you have literally literally changed our lives yes my main questioning with my husband his diabetes has gone down dramatically but he wanted to know does he still have to reach ketosis even though he does not want to lose weight he actually wants to gain weight because though that you know diabetes medications he lost a ton of weight just wanted to get away it’s like type 2 tattoo and he lost light away right yeah I know his medications he just started losing weight and losing weight and losing weight and he’s literally six foot three and he 200 pounds is he on insulin no he never did the injections or anything like that okay so this one I don’t know if it was the diabetes medication or the high cholesterol the blood pressure but one of those medications made him really really thin typically this is what happens when you’re diabetic you take that form in to help balance blood sugars you’re taking things usually you’re gonna be gaining weight unless you’re a type 1 and you start losing weight because you don’t have enough insulin and then everything kind of you start using your muscle and your fat as fuel because you don’t have the insulin you don’t have the storage so you have to take insulin so the fact that these type 2 and he’s losing weight means that he’s probably got to the point where he’s more advanced type 2 and he’s losing his insulin in which case he needs to do Aikido for sure he needs to check with this doctor on this just to make sure that his blood sugars are always good but if he wants to prevent the weight loss I would keep your carbs like at 50 grams don’t go below 50 so it’s a little higher on that carb and maybe maybe do two meals instead of one and have bigger meals that’s what I would do but I would still do everything else because the benefit for what he has is gonna be great and I have a favorite what’s that 50 grams of carbs per day I’m so 50 grams of carbs per day yes and so he doesn’t have to be in ketosis he’ll be there he’ll be in ketosis but it won’t be like his is deep as someone like add 20 grams or even 10 grams ok cuz he says he’ll eat like five times a day he says he’s always hungry so it’s probably that I’m just having carbs to it over I think I four and I get I think you know honestly I think he’s running out of insulin he should do what’s called a Homa ir test by his doctor find someone to do that I think he has very low insulin that’s what I think that’s happening so he could be having that and I would we have them doctors reevaluate what medication he needs but if he’s having that many meals to try to stay up he’s not going to ever get the benefit of in Hindman fasting so he’s gonna have to have big meals three meals a day because he’s not regulating there’s something’s not right but I have a favor to ask you could you do me a favor yeah could you subscribe to my youtube channel because I need to hit this 3000 mark I am I’m already subscribed sorry okay can you have can you have yours and your family also can you have your husband and your daughter do it you think like text your church I sure will yeah okay thank you I appreciate that awesome I think I’ll get some more here Jim I’m rounding a German to get this okay it’s going up he just going up but we need we just got another one yes we need a lot more to get it by what time is it in the next seven minute seven minutes we need we need 4,000 people to quickly go and sign up I just subscribed 300 times okay can you open different accounts and no we just want real people yes okay now before it gets too late like last week I need to give away a VIP ticket okay I mean if anybody wants to come everyone wants to be there it’s gonna be the event pay your own transportation and hotels but you get a VIP but you get a VIP ticket what does that mean so there’s a regular ticket that gets you in you get a ketose summit bag full of goodies and if you’re a VIP ticket you get closer seating with desks which i think is very nice is worth it right there to sit and be able to put your drink on a desk and take your notes and stuff like that you get more stuff in your goody bag mm-hmm you also have access to the Kido buffet dinner which is gonna be a very nice dinner on Saturday night your your one meal a day if you’re all mad one milla day that’s right that’s what it means right and then also you’re gonna have access to the meet and greet room where during the breaks you’ll have access to all the speakers yep right so why don’t you well I was gonna say well oh I don’t know we might be out of platinum tickets or there might be one seat left let’s do these because I think we’re out I’m not gonna give it I just wanted to mention it maybe that the Platinum I think there’s one seat left and that’s the Platinum dinner there’s not because we already we already closed it down on the website just FYI okay VIP so if you want to go and you want to free VIP ticket then say yes I want to come put your name and what state you are living in okay and then in a couple minutes I’m gonna randomly pick someone sounds like a plan and since you started talking we had 45 people subscribed see so well done guys so I appreciate that that’s the that’s the most we’ve ever had in two minutes so we can have even more people that would be great race yeah how many I would like to know that their name so we can wish I could see their names I can actually acknowledge these people we can just say thank you for subscribing yes and by the way guys I’m gonna be doing more routine q and A’s and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to send out a notification of different times of the day that I will do two q and A’s okay but the only way you’re going to get that is if you subscribe because I’m going to because you get notifications you’ll be notified so that’s one advantage to being subscribed is to find out one other the Q&A so I can actually talk to you the problem is that there’s so many questions coming in here I can’t get to everyone so we’re gonna have to do more of these throughout the week and I’m willing to do it but only if you subscribe yes and that brings up another really good point some people get frustrated because they can’t get their questions answered on social media but you have to know that if you go on to the website is dr. Burke com or if you go to dr. Berg’s the YouTube channel there’s probably yeah at several videos answering your question there’s almost 4000 videos I believe at this point in time on just about everything you can imagine so if you didn’t get your question answered here then you just go to the YouTube channel dr. Burke channel and then behind that put your question or your symptom or you know a skin or high cholesterol gallbladder in and all these videos will come up you’ll find answers there Stacy you’re from central Wisconsin are you there yes hi my question is in regard to prolonged fasting yeah I’ve been on healthy Keogh for eight months after three months I introduced il I’ve lost 20 pounds which was my goal I’m 60 108 pounds and feel great right I’d like to explore prolonged fasting for greater auto feed Enif it yes is it safe for someone like me who is already selected and does not want to lose weight yeah even even a thin person stacy has quite a bit of reserve it’s on your body probably a thin person has at least 60,000 colors of fat to to run on so you’re gonna be fine especially if you do it periodically I do have quite a few people that are very thin doing this because they want to experience the benefit they just don’t do it as frequently let’s say they maybe do it once a month and they go for 72 hours that would be enough and that would be very powerful it’s very safe and I think that the benefit is the benefits are huge for for anyone to do this and yeah I think that would be that would be something to do good idea thank you you’re welcome hey NIC you’re also from Wisconsin from Milwaukee about 20 minutes from where I grew up in Kenosha how are you I am wonderful hello great so let’s say you had a question about visceral fat yes so I’ve been keto since September okay I am down 86 pounds Wow but I still may have a lot of visceral fat and a little belly still saying a little bit what could I do to help get rid of mr. FET yeah how many meals per day are you doing right now I typically do too recently I started doing oh man and I also do I try to keep my fat at 65 to 70% with 25 to 30 percent protein I think that’s great and then question I have is are you hungry when you have to eat that one meal a day or when you eat are you hungry before that you know I don’t eat until my body tells me okay stomach is growling and I feel hungry okay good so a couple things you can do Nick to take it to the next level you may have seen this video or not if you haven’t I just created one and it’s basically how to burn the most fat webinar and in that presentation I talked about what to do I think you’re doing everything great I think just you want to pick up the pace just realize though the visceral fat especially if you had a lot to lose it could take it just takes time and your body first gets rid of the liver fat and if there’s any fat on your liver that has to go first before you see it on your gut you may want to just keep pushing things to one meal every other day and even if you’re a little hungry it might be best if you want to do this heater every other day is to have a little bit of um MCT oil just as kind of a temporary thing to get you through that and you can also add exercise when you’re fasting but there’s a difference between having a little hunger in your stomach and hunger pains and also feeling weak and blood sugar like your you feel like irritable that’s when you have to eat but if you feel a little hungry yet you still feel strong and you don’t have to take I suggest you push through that and go a little longer because your body is kind of adjusting and it’s probably trying to mobilize some fat you just need to work on that machine a little bit more so those are some things that I would do is mainly focused on pushing that intermittent fasting longer thanks Nick and I’m also assuming that you are taking the nutrients to support the insulin resistance as well Trisha you’re from Michigan you too question go ahead yes yes not at I am I usually tell people I’m three years old I just passed ten six times but at any rate I find that my um lower legs are swelling is it because of the sugar or and I have been trying to cut it out to minimize that or is there something else I could do it’s the sugar it’s the circuit because water is attracted to glucose and sugar so it’s following the sugar so as soon as you get this sugar out of the diet I mean I will observe people restaurants in different places and I look at their ankle sometimes and it’s like they’re just puffy and they’re just like all this water retention you just want to go up to them and go I’m sure you are you eating but I don’t do that but I will say that you get rid of the sugar and that fluid will go bye-bye and the other thing to do is to have more vegetables to increase the potassium to also push out this fluid those two together I think you’ll be fine good question now well I want to point out something before I mention these these winners that someone said they have searched high and low in your videos and you don’t have a video on sweaty hands Karen you are absolutely right I don’t have a video on sweaty hands in fact I should probably do one today shouldn’t I that’s a probably a common problem we’re always looking for videos to do that haven’t already been done so thank you for that and you will have your video on sweaty hands really super quick last question and then we’ll go to the winners nutritional yeast bring them out canker sores oral like um only if you maybe have an allergy to it or something like that but typically it should fix canker sores on your mouth because there was things Inc in there so yeah okay okay good so what I did today is I actually didn’t pick a winner I picked two winners I picked one from Facebook one from YouTube I just randomly scanned and picked the first name that I saw so on Facebook it is a gal I believe named Susa hanai from Finland awesome so Suze I I hope you’re coming Finland that’s great and then I love the YouTube winner Jason Jones from Indiana and you know what we’re gonna call him that’s right Indiana Jones exactly I’m very excited to have Indiana Jones coming and Susa from Finland so you guys congratulations on your VIP tickets and what I want you to do is email Maria at it’s dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm she’s gonna have your names and then she’ll get your ID from you and set up getting you your VIP ticket so that was dr. Berg at dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm just so you know dr. Berg is not at the other end of that email I pretty much stay home all day and I’m checking my email so if you ain’t into it and I will respond and we just we’re closed guys we’re close we’re getting there so keep subscribing we really appreciate your attention have a wonderful weekend we’ll see you next week [Music]

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