Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] good morning on this Thursday a new new day finito it’s a different day that’s right guys anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you or cure you this is just for food for thought information entertainment whatever you’d like to do with information but you can check with your doctor before applying in any of the information it’s not her fault and Karen wanted to match him a chi today so we’re in the pink I dressed first you I didn’t know actually you wore this color so real men wear pink oh really yeah okay good so there’s a ton of questions did have a comment I wanted to mention right now someone on YouTube said you know it’s just too expensive to eat healthy you know might not even be worth it to them so what do you think is it too expensive eat healthy nowadays well I can tell you one thing that I don’t know the statistic but I know ton of your money is gonna be spent in the last year or two of your life oh that’s right yeah I think it’s kind of expensive to be unhealthy unless you have good at health insurance we told our lab right now yeah no okay so you know what what I think it’s worth it I think it’s worth it because it’s not just about the cost of Medicaid carrots it’s the basically of your life you know it’s your life it’s your time what is G it’s your quality to be tired all the time has inflammation immobile some people just live with that it’s like unnecessary right completely plus it’s not true what’s not sure that it’s more expensive to eat healthy well depends where you go if you go do what you get to burgers for a buck after oh that’s true so let’s go to sauce Solomon are you there seulement yeah Tennessee here’s a question go ahead yes hello yeah questions oh one yeah what can someone do for a collapsed lung and secondly my right knee continuously pops as I walk it’s not painful at all but it’s just it’s annoying how how can I fix it well from all my experience from fixing collapsed lungs over the years which I have zero experience now yeah I don’t I don’t know how you would treat a collapsed lung other than pump it back up I have no idea so I couldn’t answer that one we but as far as the knee goes I can’t answer that usually the popping occurs when there’s some in in the symmetry is not correct between the left and right knee and I actually created two videos on the knee you should watch them and go through step by step and I show you how to work on the muscles to get some symmetry between the left and right and so many people from either sprained ankle or falling on the buttocks when you start to you Jam your hip it can throw off the knee the balance between the front part of the muscles in the back and the side are all in sync and just one little injury control everything off and that’s where you get the popping or the grinding so I would watch those videos and do the technique if you if I could see you in person we can actually demo it but we’re not saying in person but you know what I should do now Karen I think I’m gonna actually do it video on how to balance the muscles between left and right that’s actually yeah I think that’d be a good video so stay tuned for that but thanks for your question and sorry couldn’t help you on the collapse lung alright let’s go to Gigi from Temple City California are you there yes hi good morning good thank you so I’m trying to get pregnant and I’ve been doing your keto I’m doing key to healthy keto and and the internet fasting since March 7th and I lost 40 pounds I was I was obese and now I’m just overweight and from an excel down to a size large I still want to go within normal range and get to a medium hopefully before I get pregnant but even I’m not wasting any chances so that up there an age and Imperia menopausal stage so I take with gratitude and I’m trying to keep my blood sugar low so that I don’t injure the baby and have a healthy pregnancy and so at first when I started doing kid I got off of my meds I’m touching diabetic and because I was worried I’d go to low and I could stay like that if I wasn’t trying to get pregnant so I reversed it but I’ve been trying to follow Jason song – and reversing diabetes and but I need the blood Sugar’s lower so I tried all sorts of supplements including yours and others and haven’t been able to do it so I went back on this but I’m worried about the insulin I’m very tired on keto and intermittent fasting anyways I’m probably not doing it fully right but I’m so it’s hard to me to exercise to lower my blood sugar which I like to do more of but and I need to I do dance boogie book let me give you let me give you some tips I’m gonna give you some tips on what to do okay yeah all right so you want to get pregnant the the most important thing right now is to start preparing your body for that as far as nutritionally so that baby comes out really healthy there’s a couple really well there’s several things that are really really important at this stage and also while you’re pregnant vitamin D crucial crucial could really prevent a lot of problems on the road DHA it’s an omega-3 fatty acid you can get that from many things fish oil but cod liver oil is a great source folate but make sure you get from nutritional yeast or you can get it from dark leafy green vegetables like especially the one that’s really high is the asparagus so the Foley you don’t want to take a synthetic prenatal because they’re gonna give you troll ik acid you want actual folate nothing fully that comes from food and then trace minerals okay those are the key things you need to and then of course with the Tres menos we have the iodine and they’re in zinc and things like that so those are crucial now I know you’re you’re trying to run into situation when you’re losing weight and the blood sugars still high but as soon as you start taking insulin what’s gonna happen is that there’s a there’s the side effects from insulin are the almost the same as high blood sugar if you take too much so the point is that you want to do something that minimizes the need for insulin you want normal incident and if it’s not really coming down you need to do the program strict more strict and actually by the book this book right here do it by the book by the book you’ve got to read the book so because there’s a way to do it and you just need to do it exactly correct the other thing is that it’s more important right now to put your energy into not rushing it but just giving it some more time to let your blood sugar come down and keep tweaking it and maybe doing longer in a minute fasting and then you’re gonna find that you’re diabetic situation over time will be better and better better less insulin resistance absorb more nutrients and a healthier baby that’s what I would do thanks for your call all right Karen yeah well first I’m gonna get a shout out so far all over the United States we also have people watching from Australia India Iraq Canada Ireland Hong Kong South Africa Spain Israel Portugal Colombia and the Netherlands and I know now that I said that I’m probably gonna mister country that’s okay I’ll do another shout out okay so Robin on Facebook is asking she uses apple cider vinegar and water but every time that she takes her digestive enzymes with ox bile she gets heartburn yeah you want to not take that before the meal you want to take your bile salts after the meal because bile is alkaline so it’s going to neutralize the stomach acid so if you that you still have a problem then don’t take it for a while and build up the stomach acid so you have more acid so many people are missing acid in the stomach and they don’t have the correct pH and that creates huge problems with absorbing minerals absorbing breaking down protein and a bunch of other things that we’re going to talk about at the summit which I’m excited about by the way folks are quick word some people on Facebook we’re not able to hear the sound others were so if you will log off on your Facebook and log back on you’ll be able to hear it so some glitch with Facebook but it sounded fine to YouTube’s great butt so if you can’t hear it on Facebook log off log back on and loud and clear okay all right perfect so yeah so basically take betaine hydrochloride and then build up and then try to add that in after the meal see if see if that helps you alright okay that’s good that’s an answer that is an answer all right anything else yeah I just got some more Singapore Philippines Vietnam Germany Australia Italy all tuned into you this morning wow this is great yeah and we’ve done a lot of preparation for this exciting summit a lot of you watching are gonna be there yes so can’t wait to meet you in person and we’re gonna have a blast it’s gonna be really exciting everybody’s starting to pour in to town just starting between today and tomorrow yep can be very exciting absolutely okay take fall and all Kyle here from New York get a question about your fat macros go ahead what was your question okay I noticed we’re about the same size and weight I’m about 60 180 I go 185 pounds so I took the keto quiz and and it said I needed to eat a hundred and sixty seven grams of fat per day is that right can that be right no what what quiz did you take my quiz quiz it was yeah it couldn’t been my quiz cuz yeah that I think that’s too much you know from these quizzes it’s almost impossible to really determine how much you how many macros you need there’s so many variables I am creating a keto calculator not done yet because it’s very complex I want to add a bunch of things in there but because you have these variables you have like your age your metabolism your digestion you have your hormones your thyroid how much insulin resistance you have and for you to have that much fat I think is a bit too much so why don’t you why don’t you try something like yeah what’s that how much do you suggest then in yeah how about uh how about a hundred hundred and ten grams sound good okay sounds good try that I will awesome thanks Kyle thank you yep alright let’s go to Morgan from Connecticut you had a question Morgan tell me what was your question being vegan and raw vegan and I was eating a lot of fruit at that time in my hair I cut all my hair off and my hair was growing really really quickly and then so when November of last year came and I stopped doing ‘through and I started doing something similar to keto I wasn’t fully keeled I was close enough my hair wasn’t really growing as quickly faint my nails they weren’t growing as quickly as it was before I got a cut it wasn’t healing as fast and so I’m my main question is because I know I watched a lot of videos about her and how I spike insulin and when I was robbing you know that began he had a lot of weight which was like okay I needed to something and now dad stopped getting through I have lost some weight with them like yay but I don’t know what to do with my hair now if you have and you don’t like you’re a woman you don’t like going bald there’s something wigs don’t like okay I understand yeah I do that well our wigs yeah so first of all the fruit thing the fruit that’s fructose doesn’t necessarily the fructose in there is not what’s making the hair grow it’s the minerals in the fruit if you actually consume foods that are high in trace minerals from a non vegan or animal products I think that’s going to help your hair more than anything plus it’ll give you the amino acids that you need so you need both protein high quality and you need trace minerals for the hair and B vitamins I would if I were you do shellfish because shellfish has some serious high amounts of trace minerals and way more than fruit and that’s to help your hair come back plus it as the protein and DHA which is an omega-3 fatty acid also I would do try to do ki tell like I recommend okay in this book right here because there’s people to do like I do a sort of a keto but you know I designed this book to actually make sure you wouldn’t lose your hair so my whole thing is like we’ll do it exactly like you should and you’re probably not going to have any problems there is one thing that I have is a new product that you might want to consider and it’s called Quito essential amino acids and I just want to mention this real quick because it’s a very cool product because it has just straight amino acids in the exact ratios that you need there’s a whole ton of research behind it and what happens when you take it none of well 1% of it is wasted but 99% of not just absorbed but it’s used to grow body tissue as compared to other proteins like the best being an egg is only forty eight percent forty eight percent of that actually turns in the body tissue the rest is either used for fuel or waste so when you’re dealing with a protein deficiency and which a lot of people have for various reasons which I’m not going to get into if you take a high quality amino acid blend you can drive it in there not waste any of it and have it directly go to things like hair nails muscle you take on an empty stomach it’s awesome and it has the highest it’s called utilization percentage or rate of protein nothing to do with absorption but just it goes right in like a rocket ship and you can use it so it’s called keto essential amino tight a kit before my workouts and it won’t spike your insulin good question now all right Karen I’m ready for another question okay good so one more shout out we also have Aruba Pakistan Nigeria Indonesia this is close to the highest number of other countries of why I’ve ever had this is great not cool yeah okay so here’s interesting question you have never had before okay are you ready for that yeah I’m ready okay how would you fix the lung that’s deflation how to handle a plateau now we’re just kidding there’s video on that and we answer that all the time okay how would you recommend cleaning the system from methamphetamine use well when you’re dealing with the detoxification of basically a drug or a poison it these some drugs and poisons inhibit enzymes that’s what they do and so what you can do to clean it out is support your own enzyme systems your own detoxification enzymes systems and there’s nothing better than the cruciferous family of vegetables that can do that and they’ll clean your liver out of course supporting yourself with all the nutrients is going to be essential to and eating super healthy keto of course but do it nutrient-dense type foods and so but the cruciferous vegetables I think would be a good detox to get started on that that brings up a question because sometimes we hear people say well should I detox before I start keto can this whole idea of detoxing is is really popular I wonder if I did a video and then if I haven’t I’m gonna do that today Karen because you write a note detox should I do detox I’ve done a lot of detox and I’ve gotten sick a lot of I don’t recommend detoxes unless you’re doing it supervised and you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it in a controlled environment when you take an herbal detox you’re just basically dumping a bunch of stuff out of the cells these poisons and recirculating through the body it’s very very it does is to process these toxins are stuck in your fat cells so I think the best thing to do is a very gradual safe way to do it as cruciferous because cruciferous will increase enzymes to slowly dismantle these poisons and turn them into harmless water soluble particles so you don’t get that detox reaction so it’s a real safe way of dealing with this that’s what I would recommend I like it and that would be for any drug any kind of toxin you’re tryna yeah any type there’s other drugs let’s say for example you had your poison with Aspen poison or something else you could take mercury you can take bentonite clay or charcoal not not the stuff that in your charcoal grill okay there’s more of a safer chopper you get from healthy store and those things help quickly counter poisons if you’ve been poisoned I would keep some around the house just in case you know never know when someone might be poison you just give him some charcoal boom save the life like that amazing you know I was I helped someone I helped save the life I was at I actually had a restaurant with someone and they I can’t breathe everything and I’m like I’ve never been in the situation where they just got some food stuck in their throat and they couldn’t breathe and I’m I’m just like rolling through what am I gonna do with this situation it’s your doctor I’m like you don’t remember these things in school it’s been a while unless you practice them so I quickly started to do it you know I started got behind her and I started to underneath her diaphragm and it didn’t work didn’t work so what I said is I said all right just relax and just let your throat relax and she did that and she started breathing again thank goodness I she you know you told me this story you know it was a fascinating thing what was everyone else in the restaurant doing watching nothing no I don’t think they knew what to do well that’s a good thing that you knew once now as they’re uploading the uploading the questions again I have more questions um I wanted to just I wanted to just mention one thing daddy just prompt prompted another idea for the video okay I want to do a video on tonsils and do you really need them or not yes you know extra organs well first of all anyone that says that you don’t need your tonsils and there are a lot of people who say that yeah probably is in the business of removing tonsils now I won’t mention any names but the point is that your body wouldn’t have any organs or tissues unless there was a reason I promise you so we just don’t have like oh yeah we have this extra game you need gallbladder we don’t really need that you don’t impound so let’s just take it up like the top seed your thyroid you don’t need your uterus you don’t need your ovaries when you have your tonsils out your risk for infection along of getting sick goes up so obviously we need our tonsils for immune system so it’s the first line of defense so I will be doing a video on that today Karen I do I do yeah actually I have all my organs I’m happy to say that’s a good thing that’s a very good thing I had a full deck yes you do that’s that’s good Karen okay well since we are taking off of social media here there’s a really general question yeah go how would someone speed up their metabolism assuming this person is doing healthy keto or wants to do healthy Cato well you can learn to speed up your metabolism by learning how to slow down your metabolism and and basically when you consume foods that trigger insulin it’s the carbs you will slow your shut your fat burning’ down so anything that slows or inhibits insulin production will speed up your metabolism so what will that be look how can you lower insulin not having sugar thank you not having biscuits waffles crackers chips ice cream cupcakes good mm-hmm and that long list of things you say yeah and what about frequency of eating Oh eat less right fast not less eat less frequently thank you very important you that I know you do that was a trick question because I thought you were talking about kinds of foods I know but certainly intermittent fasting I know yeah good now what about Tonya on Facebook she had a question about the keto rash we get this often but it’s a b2 deficiency when you do keto because b2 is involved in the metabolism of fats and you are burning more fat if you don’t have an upbeat ooh you might end up behind dry and empty so b2 will handle the rash an MD but it could also be other reasons but I would try b2 first and it’s not necessarily like a detox thing but it’s one of the B vitamins wanted to divide it that being said we’re gonna go to Mike from Minneapolis Minnesota awesome are you there Mike hi dr. Berg hi um I just want to say first of all thank you so much she completely changed my life um I’ve been following your program since about April I’ve dropped 55 pounds Wow blood pressures back to normal oh yeah I see life in a totally different view now I see all the foods that we eat everything just it’s amazing how I feel life through different filters so to say and I have helped and kind of coached probably half a dozen people that are working on a – oh but um thank you so much there’s really has no questions on the human side that I have because I I get it I understand your program my question to you is which I think are do you know the answer is I have dogs and I have an older dog that’s on pain magnets medication is an older German Shepherd now with the inflammation and everything else obviously with how it affects humans what do you think putting a dog on keto it in a way where I’d have to study you know the dog’s vitamins and all but what dogs yeah we have our dog on keto and what you do is you the dogs are meant to consume meat and organ meats so there’s some types of foods that we get that have that and they don’t have any grains or any sugars or any potatoes they’re not meant to consume that there are some vegetables just a little bit no–you’re because dogs are omnivores dogs are naturally omnivores so they’re not just carnivores did you know that well let me ask you a question and sorry we’re talking about does Charlie like sweet peppers yes yes but in the wild a dog or a wolf I’ll guarantee they’re not gonna be eating bell peppers okay maybe I’m just gonna tell you they’re omnivores and yes we always pick a dog food and this is a little controversial right now there’s some weird things about it but we pick dog food that is grain free but they all do usually have some kind of little vegetable in it but largely organ meats well this is new information this is new information for me google it though I’ll have to check my dental but here’s the thing here dr. Google here’s the thing okay um these these dogs they they do well on without the all the carbs and also the here’s the here’s the big problem is giving your dog a lot of treats i mend honestly it’s feeding your dog once a day now you disagree you think maybe twice a day that’s fine but here’s the point he’s still I am once twice a day if your dog has arthritis I would go down to once a day and I would put some in a minute fasting in there and the inflammation should drop the other thing that you can help is add some omega-3 fatty acids and like fish oil not I wouldn’t do fish allowed you call them well that dog is going to really improve its inflammation greatly so that’s what I would you okay okay but again I’m not an expert in dog so you’re not a veterinarian no so I can only give my arch arch our experience and charlie is really vibrant energetic oh what about all that gluten in the wheat and dr. too and and they put waste products in there they put soy and you have animals now they’re on friggin antidepressants and getting injections for arthritis and yeah you have to look to the food so you know experiments see what your dog does best with Charlie does best Charlie does definitely likes raw meat not that he gets any but he likes it he’ll a knows yes okay good so now we’re gonna go to YouTube here um d will he says I’ve been eating seven to ten cups of leafy greens a day but now I have a lot of green diarrhea well what happens then I’m going to talk about this at the summit you can overdo it if you don’t have the microbe quantity and they’re not used to it you go too fast you’re gonna overwhelm them these microbes adapt quickly and if you get diarrhea you just obviously this the fiber in the vegetable you have two types you have soluble and insoluble this they’re both not the you both of them you can’t digest but the one that Seibel gels up with water and supports the microbes and they eat that okay and they they give you beneficial stuff and then the other part is that’s not soluble that’s more like roughage and things like that so what’s happening is you’re you you just don’t have that thing set up yet to handle the quantity of vegetables so I would start with two cups a day get used to that for a couple days slowly increase it to the point where you can digest more and more of this but the key with the vegetables is diversity different types and adjusting it to your tolerance but over time you can extract a lot of nutrients and and really fortify all the different microbes which will then help you with a bunch of other reasons because these microbes make they actually make fat for you microbes make fat fatty acids oh now I’m not a fan of microbes if they make fat no not that’s without for fuel and the the probably the number one fatty acid they make is called butyrate and butyrate is very similar to beta hydroxy butyrate which is a ketone they’re very similar maki molecules and they have different similar effects they both help stabilize your blood sugars they both are anti-inflammatory they’re both antioxidants so your microbes are happy to get that fuel from the fibre and then they give us this all the sorts of support and benefit and establish the pH but you kind of kind of ease into it mm-hmm all right yes great question here and it just slid away well here we’re talking no here we go yeah says from Gladys on Facebook yeah if you are an adrenal body type and an ovary body type without a gall bladder which type would you address first started perimenopause last year hot flashes believed to be estrogen dominant based on the ovary type symptoms also diagnosed with lupus in 2010 but okay so in this book right here I talked about how to do the body types and mesh that into the key to plan and what I talked about is you always start with the basics hopefully if she started with these a basic plan that everyone does it’s just key Dale and I up do you know for two weeks and then you phase into specifically what weakness you have to tweak things but given what you have I would put some more emphasis on the adrenal because you have an autoimmune issue and that’s probably the more senior information that being said you also need to put more energy into doing in a minute fasting which will really drop the information and that’s where you have all the collateral damage from these autoimmune is the inflammation so I would do the adrenal support that and if you don’t have a gall bladder they do have some extra ones you can get you can buy them and insert them become in different different materials titanium and things like that I’m being very sarcastic now you you want to take purified bile salts so you can just add that to the mix and because you don’t have the bile and if you know the bile it’s gonna be hard to pull in these nutrients especially DHEA and that’s DHEA is basically all about brain health making you smarter and also making sure that you have you can see better so the vision brain give you some brain cells who couldn’t use a couple brain cells trust me I’m always looking for a couple brain cells yeah well maybe I can find them where or that guy can find his gall bladder in the parts department all you have to do is you have to take DHA and you have to take you have to basically do keto hopefully and in a minute fasting though it’s like Miracle Grow for your brain you have a better memory better learning capacity and things like that so you could also and this is kind of a little cool thing is to take some MCT oil mm-hmm don’t take too much and recently I’ve been experimenting with it I’m finding my sleep is better if I take it before I go to bed just like a half a teaspoon because you would think you just have all this energy but it actually just feeds your brain what it needs to increase oxygen because the brain prefers ketones now if you’re already in ketosis you’ll be getting ketones but maybe you have instant resistance and you’re not getting the quantities that your brain might want so if you just like take some extra put in your blood and your brain will suck it right up and you know your brain will be happy you have right now you could also get nutrition from the brain by eating brains but I’ve never tried that it’s not ham sounds sounds good I hear it tastes like chicken I don’t know I just I don’t think I’ll be able to do that no it’s like tongue I hear tongue is really good but I just would you have another question because we were wrong we’re workers have a problem with the phone so if you guys are trying to call cuz I see some comments here about the phones it is true there is a glitch with the phones today it rarely happens but today it’s happening so I think it’s davender on YouTube I think he watches every week or are often if this is the same one how would you recommend to fix motion sickness is there something you’re sure tional you can do I don’t think it’s a nutrition deficiency I think that well it depends if you’re actually having it when you’re not moving like let’s say you’re in your car you need to look at in the far distance and focus on an object that should handle it but if you have like a motion sickness when you’re not driving and things like that that usually is some mucus in the inner ear usually coming from the station tube but there’s kind of maybe some bacteria coming up through the throat and that normally should go away if you avoid milk products and you avoid sugar and by the way if you know people have this chronic sinus or chronic tonsil issue which I’m gonna do a video today on that just get them off the sugar including milk sugar and watch it and prove and also of course zinc will help in vitamin D those are the two nutrients that support the immune system better than anything else I know okay all right now here’s one from well no name on YouTube how to fix cracking nails yeah there’s there’s a couple minerals that are involved zinc is important folic acid is also important you could actually have a problem with the omega-3 fatty acids as well so you really have to kind of look at what it could be because the combination to build connected connective tissues which is like your nails here and your you and your skin has some connective tissue in there your ligaments what you need is a combination of trace minerals okay maybe even iron too and you also need protein obviously and that usually can happen because you don’t have enough stomach acid or you need the omega-3 fatty acids and it’s really weird because if you have a deficiency in either one of those it can create that symptom and you don’t really know which one it could be so you have to kind of you got to ask yourself like am I getting enough trace minerals well where’d you get trace minerals from seafood do I eat enough fish or seafood no okay good and that could be it or am I getting enough DHA where’d you get that from well you can get that from seafood you could also get it from fish but so you just kind of want to just scan things and see what it could be or just take all three good listen at that note on that note clothes are back up friend from New Jersey get a question about keto can I do keto with surgery explain what you’re asking I about a year and a half ago I had a weight loss surgery it was the sleeve where they take out half of your stomach right yeah so I’m only eat about four ounces at a time I pretty much partied after 60 pounds I was hoping to lose more than that so I said it healthy keto with my husband he’s lost 22 pounds in eight weeks and we bought your book in your supplement and I’m just wondering if there should be modifications that I should make because he’s he continues a day but I find that I’m getting hungry but he’s like I can’t snap because then I create insulin and I just don’t know if there’s a difficult guideline I should be following yeah so because what happens when you have the sleeve you’re you’re not having the full capacity of usually stomach and you part of the intestine sometimes depending what they’re doing that to help you absorb the good thing about this is that you are born with a lot of extra tubing and piping in your digestive system so you can get by with without the full plumbing source be but with you I think going into this and just understanding what happens with people that had gastric bypass you want to enhance with definitely trace minerals purify bile salts other minerals and vitamins because because that’s really the kind of liability of doing that number two I think you want to increase your your fat so you don’t have to eat as frequent but I would do something that doesn’t require a lot of gallbladder and liver help and that would be the MCT oil and or coconut oil okay I would do that so we want to eat a little bit more fat if you can tolerate it so you’re not so hungry the cool thing about intermittent fasting is that your requirement for nutrients goes down so I think you’re on the right track I would continue keto i would just refine it with MCT oil or coconut oil and those nutrients and then maybe beef up some of the fat no pun intended and there’s one last thing I think you would benefit from if someone has like gastric bypass or a liver damage or kidney damage or they’re anorexic or bulimic they’re usually deficient in protein well amino acids not just protein that product I have which is called keto essential amino acids is really good for that cuz it’ll drive in the amino acids without having to break them down without wasting them without turning them into sugar so you’ll get them for a full repair and you don’t need as much you just need smaller amounts so that would be my advice thanks Fran alright Kevin you’re from North Carolina you had a question go ahead yep hello I had thyroidectomy four or five years ago and after that every time that I eat and thing that has a lot of sugar or just even blueberries at this point I get very sticky skin and my endocrinologist couldn’t explain it I also have a neurological condition so I asked my neurologist about it and he had no idea either I’ve been doing the healthy version of keto for about a year and I just thought maybe you might be able to shed some light on it yeah question ahead did you have Hashimoto’s or did you have like a hyper thyroid why did they take it out I had thyroid cancer I have a lot of hypo followers in the family and most videos Hashimoto’s okay all right so Kevin what’s interesting about hypothyroid problems is that the great majority of hypothyroid like ninety ninety-five percent there it’s Hashimoto’s which is actually an immune problem it’s not even a thyroid issue and so even taking too much iodine could be not good but it’s usually not even a deficiency of iodine it’s a deficiency of or it’s a reaction from the gut or low selenium could actually trigger that or low vitamin D can also be a problem but here’s what I would do if I were you I would start taking foods high in selenium that would be a shellfish or take it as a supplement you can take Brazil nuts as well but selenium is really awesome because what it’ll do especially even though you had your thyroid removed it will give your body what it really needed and it helps to detoxify excess hydrogen peroxide in the body that mess other up other organs it’ll decrease inflammation but selenium and the other trace minerals that’s what I would I would go in that direction and I think that should help you and guess what sugar depletes selenium and zinc so if you actually do the shellfish you’ll kill two birds with one stone alright thanks for your question Karen over to you good hey so lon D is on Facebook you know this morning she’s gonna be at the summit Karla cool okay good so she has a question she says hi guys um she has a client because she helps people with keto and I have have a client that does extreme exercise marathons primarily keido’s really helped handle his I believe the word is supposed to be biking and he recovers well but he still has less of a which she puts in quotes as a fast burn with races on hills and less strength and lifting okay so I guess it’s the intensity he also has IBS so they have to carefully balance his fats especially MCT and coconut he is big race coming what can he do well when you have IBS I’ll be talking this about this at the summit you inhibit the absorption of nutrients so you don’t get the nutrients and you definitely don’t get the protein that you need so that would be an example of I would recommend those amino acids and the one also the B vitamins the B vitamins will give more energy especially like b1 b12 and it’s probably the gut is not allowing it to absorb that now as far as the fats go the cool thing about MCT oil which I would highly recommend using that if you’re working out fact I’m I’m taking it I really love it because it it bypasses the whole gallbladder thing you don’t need bile to absorb it you don’t even need enzymes – you don’t need pancreatic help you don’t need liver help this MCT oil goes in like a rocket ship and some people have to go light with it but if you take that before a workout your body can use that as energy and MCT oil is not converted to fat it’s used as energy so if he’s kind of dragon that’s the fat that he wants to use to get his energy up with the help of B vitamins and with the help of amino acids now why would you have to be careful balancing as fat if he has IBS well because other types of fat might not be able to be absorbed because he has that that lining that is inflamed so like all the fat side with vitamins and they go three fatty acids and you might have a problem with bile salts too because you have 95% of all the bile salts are recycled in the gut so if he’s not recycling these uses deficient a bile then he takes fat it’s like it’s gonna hurt his stomach yes so there’s a lot going on there but if he does in a minute fasting that should eventually help the gut heal okay yeah all right good Harvin Harvinder Harvin from Kansas cuter question yes it’s about my son he’s 11 years old and we’re a vegetarian family he never tasted soda or no juice no junk food at home but he’s keep gaining weight he’s there like five two and then he’s around hundred thirty pounds already and that worries me okay I don’t know the only pets he gets from dairy and that’s it and you you want to you want to keep going with being a vegetarian or a vegan or a vegetarian we’re vegetarians that we do use dairy and that’s a yes okay you want to continue that or are you willing to try other things right no we will be continuing okay so a couple things that are really important for your your child I did a video on how to do keto being a vegan a vegetarian it’s not easy but you can do it the problem is that you keep running into higher months of carbs it’s in so many things so you’re gonna have to watch that video and apply that information to try to keep the carbs down get your protein and get get the right amount of fats that being said I would highly recommend you do eggs you can do eggs right being a vegetarian not necessarily just dairy which is milk products so but DHEA you can get from algae as a vegan that would be very important DHA I would get a plant-based trace mineral for him and I would also make sure he’s taking enough vitamin D and b12 make sure you get that methylcobalamin because that’s the one that he needs just to make sure there’s no deficiencies with that and then I would watch the video and try to enhance his diet I would also recommend by the way that those keto keto essential amino is for him it gives me no assets are a vegan blend actually I lied most of them are all but one are vegan okay and the other one is it’s made from a bacterial of yeast type of fermentation but if you’re willing to take that I think that will help get the protein which is a hundred percent of absorbable so then he doesn’t have to worry about trying to fulfill that amino acid profile because so many vegans are deficient in protein unfortunately we need them you can’t build a protein tissue unless you have all the essential ones and you can do it being vegan I’m not saying you can’t but it’s more difficult but thanks for your question and now we’re gonna go to Karen but I have a question on that so he wants she’s maybe asking about doing keto but why would he be gaining weight or we’re assuming it’s just the hidden carbs and vegetarian diet it has to be because if you’re being a vegetarian it’s that there’s a big difference between a vegetarian being plant base or eating vegetables you could be doing grain oh right pasta that’s tough so he needs to cut that out and then hey sugar what causes sugars you know that’s you know so the point is that you want to cut down the carbs because that’s causing the waste it’s spiking his life okay and then also so little fat really it sounds like just the fat that they’re taking in is in dairy yeah fat I mean the most important ones because he could be doing like flax and walnuts and nuts and things like that and getting the precursor for the omega-3 which is DHA or EPA but and that’s these these precursors called ala don’t convert well so you might convert if you’re lucky zero to four percent so that’s why DHA is very port in a growing child and even a baby and even a pregnant woman because that actually will form the future brain and the influences IQ and a whole bunch of other things in the retina turning light into electrochemical energy okay there that being said let’s go to Terry in Kansas City Missouri hello dr. Burton I’m so excited to be on here I started Quito is July 4th and as of today on 25 pounds now Wow physically my question is dealing with the fact that I’ve recently been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and I’m just wondering if you had any recommendations as they caused this really horrible vertigo and which throws me also into an anxiety attacks and it only happens like twice a year but they’re terrible and I’m just wondering if you have anything for that so I have a question do you have any type of history or current problems with sinus infections or throat infections um my finances bother me all the time but not infection I’m not had any infection I just I sneeze a lot yeah so chances are this is coming from something going on in your sinuses or in the back of the throat that’s going through the station tube and there’s probably some mucus in the inner ear so you could take a couple drops of garlic and put it in each ear each day to help kill any type of microbes is a natural thing but the real thing is hailing the sinus issue so I would watch the videos that I have on that how to do it like a nasal sinus rinse and then also of course get off dairy sugar of course and I’m assuming you’re doing keto by the book by the book by my mom and by the book you do it by the book so I would do that and I would also add in there a good amount of zinc and vitamin D for allergies and sensitivities and you might need to actually get an allergy but those are some things that I would do and I think that’s really behind the veneers good question all right Karen yeah ready for ya I’m ready okay glad I I was reading girls not paying attention that’s fine because I’m not gonna quiz you okay until later okay here’s a question about gout use a key to an if’ yeah so some people have a flare-up of gout when they do especially when they do in a minute fasting and the reason for that is that uric acid acts as an antioxidant in the body so it has a purpose of killing off stuff and I’m sorry not killing off things protect you against oxidation but it’s part of the immune system and so you get to interment fasting you get the spike of your cassock and end up like cocaine because you have this gout so the best way to counter that Karen is to just shift the pH just slightly more on the outside so take potassium from potassium chloride or potassium citrate would be better lemon juice actually will help consume more vegetables maybe even calcium citrate or magnesium citrate or calcium magnesium so we want Elk alkalized type things to counter this acidity and that should go away because the the gout situation will York acid levels will go down if you just shift the pH if you check the pH usually in the urine you’ll probably have been like a like a five and you want like a six okay okay that’s the tip of the week okay good here’s another one this guy has hyper Kali Mia so you’re gonna have to explain what that is because I don’t know what that is is it okay to drink potassium every day now he has high potassium in the blood which is interesting I done videos on this and obviously if you have hyperkalemia you know don’t want to start spiking up here your potassium because you already have too much but I’m just really curious like why he has this he’s drinking potassium every day too yeah I’d probably avoid that for right now usually people have hypo potassium problems but here’s a hyper hypokalemia how would you get that I don’t want to get into because that’s a whole set it’s a whole video right now but I will say that you want to avoid potassium foods and also counter eat the counter minerals so the counter mineral would be sodium and start consuming more salt of action topic of sodium and potassium work work and opposites so beefed up no pun intended your salt and then maybe cut down some of the potassium but watch my video on hyperkalemia it could be Karen now tear up that question it could be a problem with the kidneys but that’s usually rare that’s very rare could be a problem with the liver but that’s rare so now you have me curious I’d love to get a full history on just to see what what’s causing that but we don’t have time for that but anyway that’s what I would do like more salt okay let’s go to Cindy from Irvine California you had a question about something go ahead hi dr. Berg and Karen why some people had sticky sweat and some people had watery sweat well I just hate that one my sweat sticky but I do it I didn’t know that well situation I really think you have this sebaceous gland in your skin and it releases an oil and it releases a little bit of fluid to protect you and if it’s too thick or you have too much oil I think maybe that’s what’s causing the stickiness that could come from an imbalance of essential fatty acids so what I would do because first thing is I would make sure you’re doing healthy keto exactly like I recommend in the book by the book literally by the book and then I would also start to make sure that you’re taking enough of the essential fatty acids and current what foods could one eat to increase more these essential fatty acids omega-3 fish good and that’s the precursors are in nuts right good let’s heard you say that a minute good well as some shellfish and fish don’t be shellfish can you say the real fast shell shelf selfish selfish gosh that’s a weird word shellfish and selfish just sounds so similar but it’s so different I mean I said about my shellfish just an interesting version it’s a very interesting but that’s what I would do also I will say that high levels of blood sugar problems will cause a problem with that with that gland overproducing you also might need a more vitamin A which well what’s the best source of vitamin A Oh vitamin A I don’t want to give that away let’s have that be a quiz what’s the best source of vitamin A social media okay let’s see what you guys have let’s see what you can because we have three more minutes and we’re actually a source of anime and we really apologize for anyone who couldn’t get through because of these calls I don’t know what happened but we are gonna find out some happens sometimes find out what happens sometimes your network goes down sometimes your computer goes down so I hate that I don’t know how we function in life without that but it happens but we have great support on that we had a whole team working on it and we have buttons and pulled levers and got it back and but we do apologize as a production staff man next week Friday by the way we’ll be back on a regular schedule we want to make sure that we really lean on the callers and help make up for our lost time so and apologize and if there’s any any upset I will give you Steve’s in a phone cell phone you can call him directly you can complain and drag we’ll take your call lines are open it’s kind of like the complaint department where you have a little piece of paper all right Karen what do you what do you have as a question what well actually where’s know there’s a lot of answers here these are great okay so look we have eggs son cod liver oil oil carrots cod liver organ meats carrots apples kale cod liver cod liver cod liver cod liver carrots eggs sweet potatoes carrots cod liver carrots cantaloupe and it goes on kind of like that pumpkin green pepper cod liver cod liver cod liver cod liver Cod oh okay thank you Karen so the theme the number one food that has the most vitamin A is actually beef liver however called the biographer is very very high – okay so all these eyes are correct now you can also get vitamin A in eggs yes popular answer especially in the yolk part not the white part and you can get it liver oh yeah definitely be careful though because think about vitamin A it’s really awesome but not in large amounts you don’t want too much so polar bear liver is probably the most toxic if you have too much you can literally die from that so don’t consume too much polar bear liver but here’s the thing cod liver oil is how my favorite polar bear liver in their refrigerator that’s my next question okay Karen okay here’s the thing if you’re doing kale and vegetables that they’re defining is vitamin A but it’s really not vitamin A it’s a precursor survivor a lot of minute beta carotene and you have to convert it and you’re not gonna convert very much it probably maybe 4% 5% so you’re not getting the best source of vitamin A retinol which is the active version from from greens however that being said I still recommend consuming them because we need that beta-carotene for other things there’s a lot of benefits minerals vitamin C and also beta-carotene in general it’s a great thing good so Vicki yeah on YouTube says have a successful summit Berg family good wishes from Costa Rica awesome is 12 o’clock but I’m gonna take Cindy’s call sitting over the edge did did that answer your question I just want to make sure oh okay yeah thank you very much okay have a good one that being said Karen yes it’s time it’s time to wrap it up it’s time to head over to the hotel have a wonderful weekend we will hope to see you at the Sun I hope we see you guys otherwise we’ll see you next week yep have a great one okay bye [Music]

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