Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hey guys welcome back we are here we’re here to answer your questions we have Karen in the house in the house my volume off okay good if there’s anything that we say that’s even remotely coming close to treating you or diagnosing or preventing any diseases we’re not trying to do that just it’s just for Food for Thought for you to do your research check with your doctor before taking any advice today we want to get through as many questions as possible we have tons of people social media we have tons of callers and I know that’s what you guys want to know but here’s the key thing keep your questions to one specific question I really can’t don’t have time in the setup to be able to go through your history and a lot of details so just give me your quick question and then we’ll answer it okay yeah sound good sound like a plan of action all right so let’s go to Al from Michigan are you there hey hey good how are you what was your question I’m great so I had a question about cholesterol actual months I’ve been working out four to five days a week performing hit cardio two to three days a week and I’m not doing Kido but my dice been mostly the same for the most part and the only thing that I can say has changes I incorporated intermittent fasting after watching some of your videos a couple months back so my last blood work so that I had an LDL level of like 160 but low triglycerides and a remnant cholesterol of like nine and my doctor was really trying to push me to take that but I’m like really again against it so what gets me is I also like lost weight like that gain muscle and my a1c was normal but I did have low vitamin D so I guess my question is just should I be concerned about my lb oh okay yeah thanks for the question in your history and a quick question you have I can’t tell you not to take statins all I can tell you is that you’re doing in a minute fasting has created some really good changes your remnant cholesterol is really low which means not a lot of cholesterol hanging out your triglycerides apparently her down but here is the thing that jumps out you’re not doing keto so that being said I think you should do ki doubt NIF because it’s the food that you’re eating is really really going to be determining if you have all the nutrients and not just about weight loss it’s about long-term health and then longevity so if you can actually apply healthy keto exactly like I recommend it I think you’re going to be safe but you know it’s one of those questions I can’t tell you not to take medications Thanks thanks to Al for your your question your quick question so let’s go to thank you you’re welcome far far off Farah you’re from Vancouver you had a quick question as well yes go ahead hi hi I have a question about the adrenaline cortisol support yeah can I take that I have I mean patients so I can I take that twice a day in the morning and evening that’s the time I feel most stressed out you know there’s two products that I have one is adrenal cortisol relief and the other one is adrenal advance formula the advanced formula is like really heavy-duty and you can take as much as you want there’s no side effects you can take through the day what before you go through stress you can take more you’re gonna feel like a nice little calm feeling it’s a little stronger the other one is for the regular person that is like not completely overwhelmed and that works really good too and you can there’s no contraindications you can take it you can take more of you today take more when you go through stress but yeah I wouldn’t worry about taking too much so let’s try it out I think it should help you alright good so now Karen yeah we’re gonna go to you you I think we have people coming and calling from all over the state I didn’t note it down but there’s people from all over the world Bavaria Germany in yeah all of you in the United States Canada I haven’t even looked because I started to find questions then why don’t we just go through so questions a few questions right that you were interested in taking up no and I made a note of them so let me go back here to the beginning begin at the beginning okay so I think it’s a davender de Vander from YouTube says hi dr. Berg I’m not on keto but I feel dizzy all the time my body is unbalanced blurry vision bloating it night blood pressure is normal if it is due to adrenal which test should I do and what can I do to stop it yeah okay so first of all get on keto okay because I knew that was coming yeah I knew that was coming I could answer that I’ve been in practice for 29 years and I’m working with all these people and I wish I would have knew what I knew now back then because I would have just got everyone on keto because if you try to start treating or patching up all these symptoms one by one individually without getting the foundation you’re not going to get anywhere I mean there’s so many remedies for dizziness and this and that I mean you I mean it could be any number of a thousand different things it’s just going to be expensive urine as far as you’re taking supplements and things like that get on the basic of keto and you’re gonna probably find most of those conditions are going to go bye-bye so that’s what you need to do standard answer keto intermittent fasting you read the book that’s right do the do okay good next one here Rebecca on YouTube my husband and I both get gas pretty much after everything anything we consume we do if’ low carbs healthy fats were very healthy and fit there are only 51 52 yeah gas is probably the biggest indicator of low stomach acid so but here’s the thing if you eat and you get gas right away and you’re on keto it’s usually going to be the sugar alcohols that you’re consuming especially if you’re both having gas and it’s usually you’re probably eating similar foods and you probably are doing the keto bombs or the little similar type things that have that sugar alcohols which they do create gas that’s probably the number one thing especially if you’re doing like chocolate those chocolate low-carb chocolate treats so if you’re doing that you’re gonna have to cut those out second thing is that of course if you’re not doing fruit will cause the gas and so will hummus that can crank ask certain vegetables can create gas specially some of the cruciferous unless you steam them that being said if you rule all that out it could mean that you just need to certify the stomach there actually is three common symptoms Karen that indicate low stomach acid and this is so important one is indigestion so if you have indigestion you eat and then just the food just feel stuffed and it’s sitting there you need some more stomach acid gas is one and then also heartburn or acid reflux so you want to take outside the vinegar for sure but there’s another product called betaine hydrochloride I have something that combines them together and you would take probably three to four maybe five before a meal or even after and you take that over a period of time that will its digestive formula and I wanted to put out soda vinegar powder and betaine how to Cora together because that will help build up your acid which I’m telling you if like if you have low stomach acid you’re not going to be able to break down the in extract that b12 which is very important and not only is b12 involved with anemia but neurological stuff that can literally be permanent some people that are deficient in b12 have literally stabbing burning severe pain to the point where it’s almost like debilitating I mean and it could be permanent and I’m reflecting back on some patients that I had a long time ago that I wish I would have known about b12 they were totally there’s gonna be twelve so no one now also in the gas department yes microbes and all the leafy greens can cause gas yes yes that’s right Karen that is that because you’ve watched my video on that many times yeah but the fibre if you overdo it with fibre and you’re not used to it and you have to kind of graduate go up you can it can’t only gas you out so also the type of greens that you’re doing if you do like leafy greens those are pretty safe but if you’re doing like adding all this new stuff kale that you’re not used to and mass amounts it could actually just create a problem because you don’t have the microbes to break it down so adjust that to your tolerance there we go all right good okay good and now I have one more yes give me a good one okay no oh I wrote it down mostly which is good cuz on Facebook they don’t have time stamps at least not that I can see so anyway Patricia on Facebook says she’s been doing lazy Kido for five months now she lost ten pounds but now she just can’t lose any more weight and she’s so frustrated what should she do well there’s a couple definitions of lazy keto like sort of keto no okay it’s like you’re not you’re just not measuring your your macros that is the technical definition which is different than dirty keto which is eating it whatever 7-eleven so what you might want to do is measure your macros and see where you’re at with your carbs and your fats I actually have a really really good video it’s on my website I’m trying to think where it is I actually know where it is but it has to do with there it’s like the person that’s tried everything and nothing’s worked it’s basically an upgraded version of my keto on steroids video but in the meantime because I don’t have it by the time it has go to my website and just search out there’s a search sparked on the top extreme keto or keto on steroids and watch that video you’ll get a lot of tips and that’ll get you out of it yeah there’s some more lazy Kido yeah there’s so many things you can do but especially if you like I have tons of videos on Plateau this morning I was going through the comments and I do guys I read all your comments not all of them but most of them I just don’t have time to respond every one of them and the reason for that is because 99.999999 nine percent of the time there’s the video on it so I mean I could just say search the video there’s a video in this video so what I’m finding is people are not doing a search dr. Berg with the subject they’re not because I have a video in it so and it gets tiring after a while just saying search that out and then trying me to go cut and paste the video I just have the time I know so but that’s good to know yeah I mean people a lot of people make small changes they lose some weight and then they they Plateau we hear it all the time so if it’s your Jun keto it’s just lazy don’t be lazy and let’s go to Karen from Florida hey there Karen hi doc I’m here and I have a question okay good I read but if you you must taste the bitterness to trigger certain pancreatic activities that is the beginning of the benefits that you receive from the apple cider vinegar I don’t like apple cider vinegar so I’ve been taking it in various elixirs that I invent to make it taste good do I need to have that acidic taste on my tongue and could I just taste it and then go to my elixir hey that’s legitimate very good question no you don’t have to taste the bitterness the bit the bitterness is not the element that makes the big change it’s the acetic acid that creates the big change so as long as you get it in your body any any how you can camouflage it you can hide it I would recommend diluting it not having a straight figure this draw you can take in a pill form it’s going to create the exact same effects so no need to taste the bitterness no suffering yep no need to feel the pain all right so Angela you’re from North Carolina you had a question about ozone what is your question yes are there any other therapies like ozone or is it just although any other therapies like ozone yeah yeah there’s um you can do have you heard of oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber oh yeah okay oxygen therapy and ozone okay no others now there’s there’s many different therapies what are you trying to achieve what’s your goal where would they help my cause sometime my ad jump would they help that in my shoulder ache sometimes okay if the I jumped like a twitching type thing what that is it’s a pH issue it’s really a calcium issue you have calcium building up on the nerve because your pH is too alkaline so we want to certify it takes an apple cider vinegar and that should mobilize the calcium buildup on the nerve boom problem solved and then you said your shoulder hurts watch my video on shoulder pain I have a ton of things techniques that you can do but you’re gonna probably find that your pain will go away with episode of immigrants a great anti-inflammatory and one last thing vitamin D is behind a lot of chronic pain so if you guys have joint pain of course keto and I off for sure but vitamin D add that in there say goodbye to the inflammation and pain as well good question alright Karen okay Cindy on Facebook wants to know how does she know when she’s replenished and raised her stomach acid enough to stop taking the betaine hydrochloride yeah that’s a that’s a really good question because you know it’s such a common problem yet doctors never test for your stomach acid there’s a I think it’s hidin bird test that it’s done maybe in Europe if you’re lucky there’s some it’s just like they don’t test for it and it’s there’s one test it’s an based it but they never check for that which is very crazy since it’s such a common problem but the way that you know is that you music you have no more indigestion you have no more gas you have no more GERD more no more heartburn the food digests quickly it doesn’t sit there a long time you can digest meat fine then you know you have enough okay great good alright you have anything else oh no go ahead okay so yeah me you’re from Georgia did I pronounce that right I guess that’s fine Jamie Oh gimme okay okay it’s okay uh hi dr. breeze I was calling because we’ve been doing that Kido actually my whole family including my daughter who they’d seen years old and it was 300 pounds at the time and it’s not going great we both lost about 30 pounds but I’m worried about her now because she actually gained seven pounds and I don’t know why and she’s got kind of hasn’t lost any more after that I’m continuing losing but she’s not and I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong I mean she was my main priority so that I could get her back in four I had to pull her out because of bullying so I’m really worried that I keep losing and she doesn’t um but the only thing that that we eat differently is that I’ll tend to eat more vegetables than her cuz she doesn’t like them and I’m she’ll still have like some dark chocolate she’ll melt it and have a little bit of that in the middle of the day so I don’t know if that could be it she has a history of taking antibiotics for years because she had urinary reflux I don’t know if that messed up something so I’m just really concerned and see what you know what advice you have in order for me to get her to losing weight again how old is she she’s 15 15 and how tall how tall is she she’s fight fix and then how much does she weigh right now she’s weighing I think it’s 277 and then she was weighing less she gained like seven pounds and now she’s just stuck there for like the past week yeah here’s here’s what I would do I would search on my video on keto on steroids and really bring the carbs down just a little bit more with her and definitely she’s gonna have to do sugar free chocolate at the meal not in between the meal the real important thing with someone like that is to make sure she gets the nutrients either you have to have to enhance it she doesn’t like vegetables and get it concentrated like the veggie solution thing to give the greens in there and then do more strict in a minute fasting for her because she has a bit to lose and that’s what’s gonna kick it kick it in high gear probably a probiotic wouldn’t hurt and then definitely get her finding some activity that she likes exercise so at that age you want to keep her very active that’s what I would do strict in a minute fasting with more without depriving her of nutrients that’s really the key so try those things I think that should help all right so I think I want to talk about one thing that’s interesting okay okay so you’re familiar with GMO foods right man soy corn oil all that right right but when you leave reading labels canola oil you know that’s GMO but have you heard about cottonseed oil yeah no one ever talks about that anymore okay I don’t think they ever did but cottonseed oil is also GMO I always got the idea was just a very cheap oil it is it is and you know where they get cottonseed oil from cottonseed yes the cotton plant okay so it’s kind of like they have to find out where to put this stuff this by-product but they make well with it very cheap very process deodorized bleached GMO so when you’re reading labels and you say oh good it’s no soy no corn no canola but it’s cottonseed you know and they said I would recommend getting an organic healthier like olive oil coconut oil something like that but you know it’s another GMO well you know what they’re gonna be coming out with very soon what the USDA just approved it edible cotton it tastes a little like hummus I’m not kidding why because it’s it’s gonna be people are starving in different countries it’s a weight of the world nutritious I wouldn’t I wouldn’t say that cotton yeah edible cotton GMO edible cotton well the government approved it yeah there must be you know it’s got to be good maybe when if you can dip it in your hummus and chew it I don’t know if it’s gonna kind of create a like a hairball or something I don’t know like oh yeah Steve’s eating a shirt right now you can actually yeah start chewing on your we’re really hungry right now I I just remember avoiding cottonseed oil because I used to get migraine headaches and that was known as a cause for headaches yeah he used to be in the Crisco too as a hydrogenated thing I don’t I don’t think they use it anymore but yeah so it’s just one another one of those interesting oils that you don’t really think about in a lot of times when you when you read labels it doesn’t even tell you what all it says well it might be this this or this well it could be if it might say it could be sunflower safflower or olive oil or it could be soy canola or there’s other things so you know they’re probably using the cheapest one right anyway Derek you’re back New York you had a quick question go ahead Yara hey what’s up dr. Burke how you doing hey Karen Hey good how you guys doing yeah my question is basically like the theme of today stomach acid my stomach acid is coming up again dr. Berg and it’s throwing me off of my Kido and I have I do really well but so my stomach acid came you know my history but it came from me actually going prolonged periods of time as you know without eating and so for example if I just if I get hungry and I don’t eat something right then and there it starts spiraling out of : just totally throws me off my Kido and everything and the last thing that I had was I told you about my younger cousin she has a condition called Emery Dreyfuss muscular dystrophy you told me you’d look into that and then kind of tell me you you know later on about it I was wondering if there was anything about that and that’s all I got today so you gave me two questions squeezed in another one I see how you did that yeah Derek I’ll have to do a video on that because it’s not going to be a quick answer to your question but here’s the thing with the stomach if you’re battling the stomach and you’re taking the between under chloride and you’re doing this realize that there’s some other factors involved as well and I’m talking about trace minerals specifically zinc zinc zinc if you’re doing long-term fasting and you have symptoms it could be you just don’t have the reserve of the zinc there is no real storage of zinc in the body and so this is the kind of like that the negative part of doing in a minute fasting if you’re not eating the right foods when you’re doing fasting like when you’re eating especially these trace minerals and I’m talking about think – you don’t store it so that could be one huge problem zinc is one of the best things for ulcers it’s also necessary to help build hydrochloric acid and it does so many other things that’s involved in like 92 thousand different enzymatic reactions but I would put the zinc in there iodine maybe a blend of trace minerals with zinc and see if that can’t help you but yeah we don’t store zinc but two billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc I’ll be talking that talking about that extensively at this thing called the keto Summit something up in two weeks summit well now that you mentioned that yeah by Derek talk to you next time I I was remiss last week and not bringing the list of exhibitors because this year not only are there gonna be a ton of great speakers but there’s gonna be a ton of companies it’s gonna be like a fair Kito fair so I’m gonna mention them and then if you know anything about them add okay okay kitto mojo yeah they’re they’re awesome they sell those the blood tests but they have a combination of a blood level glucose blood test as well as a ketone test two different strips but it’s a great way to evaluate your keto and your blood sugars at the same time cool kibosh foods love it yeah they’re gonna be there it’s like a pizza crust okay all these different flavor pizza crusts we did a review I think we did a review on them last year yeah that’s right yeah us wellness meats yeah we we use them a lot and they’re great organic I love their bacon I love their bacon mm-hmm great sugar free sausage Francis Oh sausage yeah it’s with the hot legs my freezers full of their stuff yeah okay love good fats I think they’re new aren’t you okay good yeah choco perfection perfect chocolate mm-hmm good stuff I’d love it good the ketogenic Baking Company no I think they were there but didn’t have samples or something last right anyway I don’t want to say what I think it is because I’m not sure hundred percent but they’re gonna be there but you can google it you can google it and find out about them kettle and fire is gonna be there Redman salt is gonna be at the summit select savory seasonings is gonna be at the summit guilt free goodies that’s actually a come alone company that bakes and you can order your guilt free goodies from them without guilt I I like them I don’t like to eat when I have guilt and they are good these goodies they are really good keto fasting tea is gonna be there you know fast tea and I think they’re gonna be doing samples almost all these guys are going to be doing samples and you know you can get on their list and stuff adapt your life is going to be there that’s dr. Westman ‘z group right and then brag brag is going to gift every attendee a little special gift and that’s gonna be really exciting awesome yeah awesome very good all right so a lot of you guys are actually coming to the summit yeah there’s a there might be one or two that might not come cutoff coming but um I think you guys should register you guys should sign up right now you’re kicking me under the desk yeah cuz I was trying to explain you’re explaining at the exact same time so same time so yes come to the summit go to the website make your ticket love to meet you guys we’re gonna have a blast we have all these amazing speakers we are it’s gonna be the largest Quito that we’ve ever had of course we only had two but still it’s gonna be larger than last year but it’s gonna be fun great data great information it’s gonna take your health to a whole new level you should definitely show up okay what did you want to say okay good well Deborah and a couple other people are asking on Facebook and I love it oh not not Deborah I’m sorry someone else eleven year old overweight what macros so if you have a young young child between a teen is it really any different program wise than an adult um no no it’s not it’s not going to be different from for a child now let’s say for example your child is very thin kind of super metabolism and let’s say they’re on the wrestling team and they’re on the football team and they’re like massively doing triathlons so if you do the version keto that a lot of people do they’re going to get so thin they’re gonna have to bring their carbs probably 70 grams and probably even do sweet potato or yams or even little brown rice because but as an athlete yeah yeah child yeah but we’re talking about overweight oh yeah then you want to do the same macros I mean this brings up one little point that I want to just tie in this because sometimes you get critics I know this is surprising you’re gonna get critics of keto or naysayers they’re gonna say Oh keto they’re mainly gonna say it’s gonna be dangerous it’s unhealthy give you side-effects whatever don’t ever ever defend that don’t even like try to just basically ask them one question what day do you recommend because they will never give you the solution what do you recommend this healthy what what’s your recommendation and what tight are you doing right that stops the conversation right there if they actually say well I I do what’s scientifically you know accepted and whatever if they go in that area what is that like I do what you know the AMA and the food pyramid I do what’s well accepted in the community whatever scientifically right I’ll say well tell me why giving someone sixty five percent of their calories carbohydrates is healthy so just get them to tell you how why taking two to three hundred grams of carbohydrates per day is healthy go ahead I’m listening and just sit there and see a daily allowance of sugar yeah like I want to know and then okay thank you any other reasons that they just will not have a conversation so if you compare what they’re recommending for carbs versus what we’re recommending we’re like we’re talking 65% of your entire calories carbohydrates we’re talking 5% so it’s such a difference and they’re saying that our our program is unhealthy I’d like to know what way you know so anyway system I think people don’t really want to some of those guys don’t really want to know about it they just want to kind of you know press your buttons well there there’s a lot of it’s just like the news there’s stuff moved to the news that is alarming I mean the same with the dog food information I got on my dog food it’s just alarming it was really alarming and it was pushed off I was what’s allowing I was told that the food that I give my dog which is really like origin or blue or something like that that has vegetables in it but a lot of meats and organs and things and by the way our dog also eats green peppers and cabbage I mean he likes those things we occasionally give him something like that back but that dog food was dangerous because we needed to go back to the grant because it was grain free and that we needed to go back to grain for these were boutique and fad diets with no history of anything and that they could lead to something so this was a very alarming and I was kind of reprimanded a little bit for feeding my dog told I should change so I went home and I did research on it and there’s no correlation well there aren’t dogs aren’t they raised and then are they supposed to can’t consume wheat and grains rice and oats staying in the wild they eat analysis Shoshana Shoshana sorry about that are you there Jim yes good morning dr. Berg and Karen hi I was diagnosed good morning with pre-diabetes about six months ago and we noticed that I experienced something called the Don effect with my fasting morning glucose and I started keto about a month ago and I’ve already lost about fourteen pounds and I’m off medication for that and I am doing intermittent fasting and I was wondering if there’s anything that I should be doing differently because I’m still having a little bit of that doll effect in the morning yeah and then if you have time if you might discuss berberine as a supplement thanks very much I really appreciate it sure that’s it’s an okay supplement for him and for insulin resistance honestly I’ve experimented with it I didn’t see like dramatic stuff compared to just getting in the health Aikido the what what you need to do to speed up the dawn phenomena which is just a transitional thing where you waking up in the morning you’re on keto and your blood sugar is high but you didn’t eat any sugar because your livers making sugar it could be the cortisol that’s mobilizing your sugar which is not a problem because it’s going to be temporary and you just need to exercise and then go and burn off that sugar but to speed things up this is what you need to do right here right in my face right here so you do the exact plan that I recommend because what I built into that is also tailor-made tweaks to it after you do the basic to your body type and you can actually start to speed up the results so I’m assuming maybe you’re already doing that and then if you are then you just need to give it more time that’s and you’re gonna find that Don phenomena is gonna go bye-bye but exercise will just burn off the dexstar sugar and your body just making it it’s gonna because the liver has to clean up all that fat on the liver and clean it out and it takes takes a bit of months so how much exercise what you need to do in the morning to burn though depends probably maybe a half-hour and walking or yeah oh and also Shoshanna you you win the award for asking a quick question yes that was awesome we appreciate that you even get a bell and in the thing about pre-diabetes so it’s just such a common thing like they say it’s between pre-diabetes and diabetes they say like 65 percent of population in the u.s. I think it’s like 75 I want to ask this one question because I started to as Deborah’s question on Facebook she’s been on keto and I off for seven months but her Energy’s gone really low yeah well that that just means that you’re running out of B vitamins you need more b1 b1 b1 nutritional yeast but which be happy one okay good question Karen keep him rolling let’s go to Alex from Florida had a question your mom had a kidney stone are you there Alex Alex will come back to you Kimberley from Florida you had a question go ahead yes hey dr. burns hi um so recently I started having some symptoms like really tight pressure in my chest my upper back and just staying nauseous all the time so I went to the doctor and they told me I had hyper kinesia a half function and got a bladder out if I said that right but and he basically just told me oh and I’m I do keto and I’ll do intermittent fasting I’ll take tons of your vitamins and stuff but he basically told me that it’s just my choice if I want to take it out and that was it like no like I don’t know if there’s something I can do the to help it I’m already keto in intermittent fasting am i eating something even keto that would hurt it or don’t ask you something like I’m so long question I have I’m assuming you watched all 35 of my gallbladder videos but do you have you did you do you eat a lot of nuts or peanut butter or nut butters no well I did um in the beginning of my starting Quito which was about a year ago but I don’t now just because I’m not a real big fan of it okay what about dairy yes I do eat dairy daily I try not to take in too much but I love dairy I love cheese right just trying to experiment just cut out the dairy and just see if that doesn’t have your gallbladder there’s certain things in dairy that could influence the deliver and the gallbladder and I’ve noticed that could aggravate it so let’s rule that out if that’s still if it’s still a problem then when I would recommend is watch my video on YouTube on the gallbladder flush which is not taking anything it’s like a manual on the opposite points to help facilitate more of a flow through that area but as far as I’m assuming you’re probably taking the gallbladder formula which is purified by all sorts but there’s one thing that I think eventually will help you which does take some time is to start to acidify your stomach and start to build the stomach acid up that seems to eventually help to regulate the gallbladder more than anything else long term but you could also maybe adjust your fats that also can actually you might not have the bile reserve to be able to digest some of these fats and then it constrain the gallbladder but thanks Kim we don’t have a quiz but I can I can talk about a few things okay I want to just give a shout out to blanca on youtube because that question that dr. Burks just answered would would be an answer for you too okay okay all right so I tell you what I don’t want to waste time finding quiz because I basically got to a point where I ran out of information oh so well let me see I wake up in the morning and you come in and I’m not awake what do I talk about immediately start talking about something what was it this morning immediately you were talked about seasonal oh you talked about children who were brought immune and that’s rheumatoid diabetes type one okay and the higher incidence it wasn’t a good morning it was did you know yeah there’s a high incidence of people with autoimmune disease not only contracting this condition but being aggravated certain times of the month hmm like January like February I was born in January by the way well that explains a lot that is good but here’s the point it’s the lowest vitamin D and you’re gonna have so there’s a huge connection between vitamin D and autoimmune even like children that are born in certain months are having more of a tendency to give these autoimmune because of the vitamin D levels that if your mom does not have a reserve of a certain nutrient it can set you up for risk factors and weaknesses which is just mind-blowing when you talk about when you look at it all makes sense you know which I’m going to talk a lot about this at the summit so I’m not going to give it away something that I really want to talk about now that I can’t so I’m just gonna withhold that Karen okay thanks for spilling the beans of one of the things I was going to talk about well you know I was being very sarcastic but I’m trying to get to as many possible questions go for it and you just list them here and I’m gonna go right over here to Alex are you there Alex are you back nope okay I’m gonna okay so Alex I know you’re asking about a kidney stone for your mom so here’s the thing did a lot of videos and kidney stones I recently by Dateline if you search the last video that I did on kitty soon as I finally said you know what I’m gonna put all this information in one video so watch that video because there’s a lot of things you can do one of the most important things is you want to consume enough liquids like about two liters minimally maybe three and then will happen you’ll never get this super saturation of calcium or oxlips there so you can just completely avoid a kidney stone just with that alone but of course avoid the spinach rhubarb you got to cut down on your uber I like pie when’s the last time you I liked it so lemon juice on a regular basis increased something called citrates which actually prevent this the forming of the stone but just watch the video I have just too much data on that and then I am from New Hampshire I think that’s how you pronounce your name I am Liam sorry I am doctor hi dr. Burke for as well first of all I just want to say you’re the man you vote you help me excuse me you’ve helped me more than most of my specialists so that’s a plus awesome my question is I got really really thick about I’m 22 I got really thick about four months ago and the doctors weren’t really able to find out what it was and I got really really sick I couldn’t eat or drink hardly anything for almost two to three months and now I’m back to the point where I’m eating full meals again and I’m eating essentially my same capacity of food and I’ve gone up JumpShip of limited all added sugars and gone way more organic and vastly cut out the carbs and pretty much eating your meals I’m your high protein and then your vegetables in the afternoon but the problem now is I I lost about 35 pounds and I’m wondering it seems like I’m having an absorption problem now and my GI specialist basically said you know you have mild gastroparesis you have some slow motility in your small intestine that’s the only thing they’re able to really find um but he said that shouldn’t be causing my absorption problems but I basically lost 35 pounds and I was sick and now I’m eating full again and I’m not gaining any of the weight back okay and now I’m also becoming anemic so it seems like I’m my hair is thinning my skin doesn’t feel strong my teeth don’t feel strong so there’s an absorption problem somewhere and we’re not really able to fund what it is and I’m just trying to I’ve been trying to eat way better and include apple cider vinegar and I don’t know and I’m just trying to wonder what your take on that it kind of seemed okay so I think first thing you should come to the summit because we’re I’m gonna be talking one of the talks is about malabsorption there’s a lot to this you probably are going to need fish for anemia depending you know well actually for most of the name use whether it’s b12 or iron you’re gonna the amount of stomach help that you might need is going to be a little bit more than outside for this you might want to do straight betaine how to chloride and even take something like 12 1012 pills before you eat it’s not going to a great things it’s going to speed things up so you get the pH right in your stomach you talk about what’s coming called gastroparesis which is the sluggishness of the digestion we need to start by acidifying the stomach and that does take months of consistent doing this to get this thing corrected it sounds like you pretty much had the same diet I had when I was your age and you need to start building up the reserve there is a really good blood test that I’ll have to post a video on that you can send out get it done it’ll actually measure all your nutrient deficiencies off of your white blood cells it’s quite amazing you can just see what’s what’s what’s missing because with you you’re still you need more data figure out like what’s going on because you’re still in on the mystery but I would start with the stomach acid get more data with more testing but make sure it’s vitamin I would do a trace mineral for sure and that does take more time to work and then start to go as close to what I recommend is possible and make sure your take the B vitamins and the minerals and I think that should handle it what about the veggie solution would that absorb faster than if he’s trying to get salads and vegetables or yes it does it does go in pretty fast but I think there’s a pH problem more than anything and there’s something it could be in the small intestine but I to get this I would have to do like an hour kind of history to get all this data so I don’t want to I just suggest come to the summit because I’m gonna cover malabsorption recover nutrients it’s gonna be very vital okay what do you got well I’ve been just listening to you it was a very that was a really cool question well now I know what to talk about tomorrow morning when I wake up not that I looks dead it’s important to continue tomorrow morning when I wake up before my owner open its no I’ll give you maybe a little seminar on that okay Melinda you’re from Florida you had a question about extended fast on keto go ahead yes dr. Burke and hi Karen yeah I’ve I have autoimmune disease I have Hashimoto’s I’ve got adrenal fatigue I am singing integrative and doing IV chelation and a bunch of other things for heavy metal toxicity I had initially lost in 2015 went from 290 to 160 doing a candida free diet from my integrative prior I now but I started gaining weight due to stressors and went up to 226 started the intermittent fasting about 2 you started doing more of extended fasting cuz I got a life up and it says you have five stages of fasting that you can as you exceed 72 hours you can start rebuilding some of your immune cells I yesterday I finished 140 hour fast wanted to go longer couldn’t do it the body just wouldn’t do it want to know what your thoughts are on that well I think I know what you’re trying to do because we’re the extended fast are really really beneficial for autoimmune stuff and so that’s going to help you and so you’re doing the right thing you’re actually going as long as you can then you’re backing off make sure that while you’re doing that you’re taking nutrients just because your body does not store a sink for example and other nutrients it’s not a fat soluble like vitamin and so what happens if you run out and then you need think for the immune system for repair even know when you’re doing fasting your body does start developing more antioxidants just from that alone but I think what you should look into too just as the icing on the cake without the sugar and that would be vitamin d3 I would take more of that I would take minimally 30,000 IU’s there’s no consensus on how much someone needs as a minimum and there’s a lot of conflicting data on taking too much like it being toxic the side effect from large amounts of vitamin D don’t have to do with lot of vitamin D and to do with the calcium that could build up but if you just cut down your dairy and get the benefits from vitamin D therapeutically because you may have certain issues with absorption of vitamin D and but the benefit of vitamin D for autoimmune and inflammatory stuff is off the charts it’s every single immune cell has a receptor provided in D so that’s the area I would go into and then take the k2 with it minimize the dairy and then that way you’re not going to have a calcium problem that you get the benefits of that thanks for your question all right Karen looks like we’re ready for a lot of questions we’ve got a lot of spare time here okay all right well a couple of people are asking about the summit so I figure we should just say that you can go to dr. Burke calm and there’s a summit video or you can google healthy keto summit dr. Burke healthy keto summit either way you can find out where it is it’s close to Washington DC just across the river in Maryland flying to Reagan National yeah and someone else is asking about the keto fast tea you can look at that also on the dr. Burke comm website yeah that that’s basically you know it’s just gonna help you fast longer and your thoughts really gives you the antioxidants it’s a you’re gonna find when you because when you’re fasting it’s hard not to have anything so and you don’t want to be drinking coffee you don’t want the caffeine so you drink this Besim tea and you’re just gonna be more comfortable it’s something to do while you’re fasting and it’ll extend your fasting now I can’t find a question but someone here said breaking the fast is more important than the fasting itself is there any well I I’m guessing your point was you probably have to put importance on breaking the fast as an important thing not that it’s more important than fasting but just that you have to know how to do it because if you do prolong fasting and you sit down and have this huge meal with all these fats like like you’re used to doing like if you’re doing like one meal a day you’re gonna have a problem because your your body is getting too many nutrients too fast and it can create these shifts with electrolytes and you can kind of get even get sick so you want to go light use into it testing loli Karen yes you should have told me that before my video yes that’s my Pat answer okay I’m gonna start sending you to my videos alright as your human any more questions I’m gonna go to Emily from Connecticut yeah had a real interesting question go ahead it’s on menopause in cortisone hi good morning dr. Berg and Byron how are you I’m having a real hard time with my menopause and I’m taking everything that you said I’m on my nutrition Elise I’m doing electrolyte every day at the finest vinegar I bought the adrenal Corozal support and I didn’t think it works so you said try the I saw fluffiness I did that it seems to be okay I’ve been admitted myself to the hospital cause I didn’t understand what it was going on and I had the doctor do a hormonal tests and some full-blown menopause now and I want to know what I can do to improve it because it really had me in a mess literally here okay and I don’t know what else to do with the tightness in the chest the throat the feeling that comes over me and stuff like that now did you have all of your any contact have you had any of your hormones tested yes and they told me that I’m Olly I asked to do it and then he call me back and tell me that I’m in full menopause I’m just on 52 right and did they show you your hormone levels and how low they no he didn’t which get that rip no because I you I look at your video yeah get that room get that report and get the actual data see what hormone is low like is it what bottom now is the progesterone is the testosterone is it estrogen let’s say for example your testosterone is like zero because you want to find out what’s causing all these issues and you also probably want do a test and cortisol to see what’s happening with that as well to find out what it is and you’re trying to you just take the hormones look at the normals and see which one is the greatest departure from the normal and focus in on that I just released a video if I’m not mistaken on menopause you know what I don’t think I really is that video I’ll release it tomorrow there is a very well researched herb that can help people with the estrogen deficiency now i think i did release that you should you should look at video up and then and get that herb because it’s been thoroughly tested in and with great benefits for menopause and it’s from thailand don’t get an imitation one from from some other country because it’s only grown in two it places in thailand but watch my video on that that is specifically for women that have low estrogen and need to raise it so that’s what I would recommend okay thanks alright Karen okay is kombucha okay yeah another thing about kombucha read the back the label because some of it has like six seven eight nine 10 grams of sugar yeah that’s too much I realize also kombucha is very carbonate or don’t shake it and explode and don’t drink the whole thing because you can really get a little too much acid like I did and I just couldn’t sleep for a day or so so just drink half of it at a time and do it with water but it’s a really good thing for your digestive system I would look for the ones with two grams of sugar that’s really hard to come by a lot of them are our four five six grams of sugar but it’s also really easy to make and you can just let it sit for a long time so that there’s no sugar in it if you like it a little sweeter add a drop of stevia okay from your experience is there anything that you can do to assist in eliminating calcium buildup anywhere this one is asking around the heart but calcium builds up all over the place right yeah people tend as they age they start to get calcium in the wrong place soft-tissue the the big one is the vitamin k2 you need more vitamin k2 it comes in micrograms I like the natural version is called MK 7 but so you need that k2 that’s one thing that’s really really important I did some videos on calcification of the body so you can watch that the other thing that’s important is that you’re not taking the type of calcium supplements like calcium carbonate you don’t want to do that you want to just you know take the k2 is going to be the biggest thing and start eating healthy generally to help balance this calcium out because usually the calcium is coming in there to heal something or patch them as a band-aid and if you’re actually not handling the reason why calcium is accumulating because it’s not just about calcium and I’m talking to like too much blood sugar issues or sugar in general then that could be what you need to solve first you don’t need to have your body patch up something good I just found my favorite question yeah you’re waiting for that go ahead does the keto diet work in Australia no no no no no no only in countries like India the u.s. yeah Mexico France I think didn’t you have another question that you’re gonna ask me it was of course the keto diet works in Australia Australians are stubborn people so they may not give up certain things but there’s a question you said you’re gonna ask me it was something like um I want I want to lose weight but I don’t want to do the ketogenic diet what do I recommend was that one of them no no I did ask you that one that was the first one I asked you that it was I’m not thank you I thought it was a different one okay so here’s the question you want to lose weight you want to lose weight fast uh-huh but you don’t want to change your diet and you don’t want to do the keto and you don’t want to exercise I don’t want to give up any dairy what do you do other than chop off your leg oh that was my answer yeah you can do in a minute fasting but if you don’t if you want to eat five times a day and you want to eat what you want anyone lose weight you know I can’t help you hey John you’re from South Carolina go ahead yes and hopefully in about ten weeks I plan to donate a third of my liver and I’m concerned about my post-op nutrition I’m 59 years old been doing keto for 20 months and I have a low ferritin and that’s another issue but when you have what would you recommend post-op nutrition fighting some of the hospital diets yeah yeah bring your own yeah I think you’re gonna need a really high quality trace mineral and also what I would do especially for iron yes high quality beef liver but also seek help seek help grown on or actually in a really healthy environment it has not only the vitamins and the trace minerals but protein as well there’s great iodine there’s a war there’s like ten times as much calcium is in dairy so you’ll get a lot of the trace minerals that way and then the other thing too is that you need the fat soluble vitamins so you need to start at a good healthy virgin cod liver oil I would also that will give you the vitamin D in the vitamin A and then I would also do a good nutritional yeast to start building up these out these B vitamins and all this is going to help and I know what I know what you’re going through because the food of hospitals is going to be so high in carbs so I would do trace minerals minerals B vitamins and a lot of salad and vegetables for your vitamin C and then I think that way you’ll donate a real healthy liver it’s hard to find a healthy liver nowadays well and that is so amendable that you are doing that that is outstanding and I will be interested to hear how that goes so definitely call back and we wish you and the recipient all the best and that amazing that is a selfless activity for sure that’s right now here’s a question for you a lot of people call asking about diseases and things like that what kind of nutrients would you recommend to heal a broken heart you mean like a law after a loss yeah I just I think the the best thing is the is some heart extract no youyou need B vitamins specifically b1 would really be beneficial but a lot of bees and uh probably nutritional yeast it just takes the stress out and then go for a long walks get a lot of space this is really important for teenagers to and vitamin D teenagers yeah vitamin D is for depression yeah depression school is so stressful some people have trouble with bullying there’s a lot of different ways that you can experience loss and stress learn martial arts actually is very very good but yeah so you know in everyday life you know people are running into this stuff all the time job loss spouse loss losing Steve’s hair as he’s trying to get us to end heartache all kinds of things and that isn’t just you know something you have to suck up and and write out but you should be doing nutrition to help through that yeah and when you do health Aikido and if’ what happens it does stabilize your movie brings you up for various reasons which I’m not going to get into because of time right now because it’s already passed but the combination of that and the B vitamins and the vitamin D and the long walks looking long walks are going to help you greatly yeah do you want to mention one thing last thing about the Sun I have to mention this summit because there’s still questions coming in about it go to dr. Burke calm you can learn all about the summit it is only at the Gaylord in Maryland which is right outside of Washington DC you’ll fly into DC it’s Labor Day weekend it’s gonna be a blast it was an absolute love fest last people were just the best people I’ve ever met in my whole life so we really encourage that you come yeah and by the way last year the vendor booths I’ve never seen this at any you know convention like that are packed with people so obviously the people that come what they’re offering is very very pertinent to quito lifestyle and intermittent fasting because I’ve never seen such long lives and I’ll tell you what that’s why we packed in so many more vendors this year I’m sure because what a grand success yeah that was really really great and the vendors by the way it was great for the attendees because they had all of these resources not just how to test their blood and ketones and all of that stuff but all and this year you know food choices and things and this year there’s just so much more for you but on the flip side the vendors who do nothing but go to conventions and quito cons and this and that told us afterwards that they had never attended a convention with such educated attendees and we’re over 85% of the people were actually in ketosis when they did ketosis testing and well I think that because we have so many people from YouTube and Facebook watching videos oh so they’re coming they’ve watched a lot of videos and that is my goal is just to educate people so they have all the data so that’s I’m really excited about that having you guys be thoroughly educated and that means that you’ve been watching those videos so on that note thanks for the great comments yeah we’ll see you next week have a great weekend see at the summit [Music] [Music]

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