Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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good morning everyone hello we’re here Sunday morning and as a kind of a temporary change we’re just trying it out probably go back to Friday’s and anything that we say is not meant to give you a cure or diagnosis just this is basically for your own research for you and your doctor to look at to see if you want to you know take it or leave it take it or leave it good take it or leave it what else do we want to mention we want to mention that today I’m wearing white so I’m wearing are you sure you probably should not be wearing white on a camera these are the two things you’re never supposed to do when you’re on camera unless you’re wearing white in a bold print so we you know we should do we should actually wear green on the green screen and to see what we look like we’re just gonna be two heads we’ve got a bosses so we can’t yell at them huh I said you’re the bosses so we can’t yell I think we’re not dressing right it’s terrible I know I know so whatever so here we are in white and a bold print but it’s Sunday so we’ve already broken all the rules and but yeah I see why they say no big print it’s like Oh beginner that was unnecessary but all right well um let’s go let’s go right to the calls Antoine’s been waiting patiently from New York you had a question I think you said you’re too skinny and how do you gain weight are you there yes I don’t very high um well yeah I called a couple months ago because I had been doing kiddo and I F yeah but my cholesterol and remnant cholesterol had gone up significantly and you said it was likely because of my liver or gallbladder issues I followed your advice I think it works because I saw improvements in my digestion but in the process I lost a lot of weight even though I was already pretty skinny I added like some cheat meals like you know like half a pizza with chicken parm with no dessert like once or twice a week but I don’t really know how to gain you know some weight in a healthy way basically got it and how often are you doing in a minute fasting I was doing it every day this week I did it only like three four times okay so this is what I would recommend a couple things definitely keep in no snacking for sure try to go to two meals a day but but really to prevent the weight loss and then try to gain you’re gonna have to increase your calories for sure so each of those meals and it’s difficult because your hunger goes down so each of those meals need to be quite beefy no pun intended probably about at least 1,500 calories per meal but and then the other thing is going to keep your carbs keep the quality in you know but do the carbs maybe 50 maybe 60 grams and instead of 20 that’s really really hard because sometimes when people slip into the key dough they start going up with the protein and they don’t go up with the carbs enough so I mean if you want to maintain your weight so go with the carbs maybe so you can do probably um berries something like that and then and then you want to add exercise as well heavier weights to be able to maintain your muscle so that’s kind of what you want to do yeah if you go if you go off and do the cheat meals and throws up the blood sugars and not the best way to do it but it’s really going to have to maximize your carbs without going to high and do more calories good question now and then let’s go to fat Mia fat mom from Tennessee are you there hello hi yes thank you for answering my call my question is I want to start keto but the problem is for the protein part I’ve never really eaten meat or eggs mainly because since I was little I couldn’t really tolerate meat or eggs I would either get nauseous or throw up after I ate it and so now I wait 89 pounds because I have an illness and I want to start eating meat and eggs but I can only tolerate a very very little amount of lamb or and chicken I can’t eat but lamb it’s the only meat that I can only tolerate a little bit okay and so I yeah that I want to eat meat but I don’t know what else I can do to incorporate more protein and gain more weight right tell me about what a disorder or condition do you have I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am bed bound okay can’t walk did that happen after a certain stress event or something an infection or something um my rheumatoid yeah not really I mean I was stressed but I just woke up one day feeling fatigued and then from there on I it went downhill I don’t I haven’t been under control for my RA so it’s been really tough in that part and so then after I start stopped walking I lost all my weight so yeah okay so here’s what I would recommend definitely you’re on the right track with lowering your carbs and doing it a minute fasting those two are gonna help your inflammation it’s going to help the RA for sure as far as the digestion of meat I think you’re going to be probably safer with eggs but make sure that they’re high-quality and make sure that you take the tane hydrochloride which is the natural acidifier before you consume them so that way you get a complete digestion that being said next week I have something new that I’m gonna be releasing and it’s some keto aminos and let me just explain what that is because when you consume meat or eggs or dairy whatever and you’re getting the protein you really only get a very small fraction of that maybe 30 percent could vary you know 37 percent go down to 15 percent or 17 percent that’s what your acting as far as amino acids that you need to kind of heal your body this blend of amino acids are that I’m going to put out there is very interesting because you’re gonna absorb it a hundred percent all the essential there’s nothing going to waste so it’s very efficient it’s very good for rebuilding muscle it’s good for recovery there’s been a lot of research behind it and I think that would actually give you like what you need to repair but I think you need more stomach acid but you know experiment with that and stay in communication because I think I’d like to know how you doing over the next weeks or so and we can actually follow up awesome all right Karen where are people today where are they calling from where they coming from sunday is a good day yeah we have people so far first of all all over the United States of course Canada Florida Louisiana Texas Tennessee everywhere yeah worldwide Ethiopia Slovenia India Malaysia Iraq Philippines Holland Australia Israel Singapore Spain Finland Pakistan United Kingdom Hong Kong Greece Sweden Wow and I’m not done wow that’s so welcome from everywhere this is we love this well this is good this is good yeah good data yeah I have some questions too go ahead go for it all right and by the way what I’m going to be talking about throughout the day yeah I’m gonna focus on one topic and that is stubborn weight people that have that last 20 pounds I want to lose it so I’m gonna covering that if you guys 10 pounds that’s the hardest is the 10 pounds we’ll talk about 10 to 20 we’ll talk about the 10 to 20 the whatever yeah yeah so we’ll talk about that throughout the show so if you’re watching and you’re thinking about clicking off you might not want to do that today okay go ahead what are the questions uh here’s one do the nutritional needs of a body change as you do fasting that’s a good question the it does it does in fact your body becomes more conservative it actually adapts and it actually you don’t require as many nutrients you definitely use up your reserve though so that’s the situation so you do need electrolytes and B vitamins as the primary thing now why do you need electrolytes and your vitamins electrolytes are vital for the heart to keep the heart in rhythm if you are going for fluid balance and even energy especially potassium and magnesium but then the B vitamins are involved in so many different biochemical reactions like making tissue this is why I like let’s say for example you’re a little low on the B’s and but you’re not completely low you could show hair loss because your body is going to shunt what it does have two vital functions so so if you have hair loss or nail changes we know that you just need to increase your B vitamins for sure – because someone was asking about thinning hair I just killed two birds see you did the two bird thing I like it so here’s another one yeah this is gonna be your favorite question of the day yeah Dennis asks he has muscle pain in his whole body and fatigue after eating bread what’s going on that’s weird you shouldn’t have muscle pain after eating gluten I’m sorry maybe you have yeah Brad knee of gluten right it’s gluten sensitivity yeah so here’s the thing if you’re doing bread realize that the grains are highly inflammatory for majority of the population sometimes or most the time it’s going to be the gluten problem could be a gluten intolerance it could and the allergies are hard to detect on that sometimes – there’s other things in the wheat – especially like glyphosate which is a herbicide that it’s traits problem so the point is that we basically are trying to get everyone off the bread okay because we’re doing recommending keto and in the fast you might be new so you might want to just you know learn how to do it I have stuff on my website dr. Burke on to show you step by step of what you eat but if you have inflammation you give up your grains it should go away the other thing that if you do intermittent fasting your information should go wave and more because all the the frequency of meals and sugars and all that that keeps you in a flame state but definitely a gluten is not the top of the list and people will go oh I’m going to gluten-free but there’s others then now you’re actually eating food that turns into sugar fast so we want to get rid of the grains now I you made me think of a question so pain is an inflammatory symptom right you’re talking about inflammation yeah what are other symptoms of inflammation any of the irises bursitis tendinitis arthritis rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis bursitis IRA Dittus like what’s that I like it information of the eye I mean you basically can have inflammation of any single every single organ and tissue of the entire body hepatitis what about liver cellulitis same thing is it just inflammation yeah of your cellulite Wow yep okay so yeah okay and here’s one more question before we go back to the phones is would you ever say that using vent Amin is acceptable when you’re transitioning into keto no no you don’t need that you don’t need that that’s a it’s a it’s gonna stimulate your nervous system in a bad way and yes it gets rid of hunger but it creates some long-term effects if you if you look that up you’re gonna find that it’s gonna create a lot of issues with your metabolism down the road so it’s a quick type thing where oh yeah it’s working you know what we what would be better is if you do our fasting T which actually will help your hunger more than I know okay yeah I think I do want to talk initially about this situation with this stubborn weight that people have so for those of you that are trying to gain weight just ignore what I’m going to say there are those people that no matter what they do they do with they will not lose the weight and sometimes they don’t even gain the weight and that’s called they slide into the setpoint thing where they let’s say it’s a 150 pounds they can’t get below at no matter what and it’s frustrating and you know usually female and it’s like oh wow why is my husband losing weight I can’t and there’s a lot of protests with that because they they’re eating good foods most of the time and they shouldn’t have to work so darn hard you know I know what you’re saying I’m living the dream so if you have this situation you you know don’t whatever you do don’t um you know make a decision when you’re under stress mode like I think I’m just going to go back to my brownies whatever we’ll go back to what I did before what you want to do is you want to just sit back and you know just take a breather and go okay what what’s causing this problem there’s something behind it and the real problem is the set point and the set point is a problem with insulin resistance you have severe insulin resistance okay and that’s the situation where you know the worst thing to do at that point is to go back to your old ways because if you just understand what insulin resistance is then you can handle it the number one biggest tool to just completely resolve this thing is in is intermittent fasting okay but the problem is that the way that you know you really have an insulin resistance is you can’t go for a long period of time without being hungry that’s like the biggest indicator it’s nothing else but that one symptom so we have a situation or to be able to get rid of an insulin resistance you have to do in a minute fasting but you can’t because you’re hungry too frequently you’re all hungry and that’s that’s the big hallmark the symptom of that so what do you do Karen what do you do if you have insulin resistance and you can’t go long because you’re always hungry but the only way to really fix it even more importantly than keto is in a minute fasting what do you do as you were focusing on my question you just that was a good question yeah yeah well one of the things you can do is just go past the hunger yeah you could do that you could eat a little more fat thank you that was I was looking for that I was fishing for that you gave me the right answer good job here alright so more fat now I know people are gonna go wait a sec wait a second dr. Barry that’s conflicting cuz you said if you’d more fat you’re gonna burn your dietary fat and I’m not going to Ramallah fat I understand that though our goal our first goal is not to lose weight it’s to fix insulin resistance first so then you can be able to fast longer and really fix your actually underlying problem okay so that’s so forget about the way it lost forget about long term healthy habits just focus on one thing and that is to be able to fast longer so you can correct insulin resistance keep your carbs low for sure and then you’re gonna see you’ll bust through that set point so that was tip number one okay well we’ll get into more things but I think that was I know I think that was a good advice myself let’s go to Luis from Minnesota are you there yes someday AJ hi you had a question hello hello hi yes I do actually yeah actually the question is for my fiance yeah so she’s been having this skin problem for more than several months now we’ve been a kiddo for over a year okay now we do you approve kiddo we have a kid out to the module at home and have blood sugar in between with lower 60s mostly low sixties and a ketones are between three and four most of the time we do festive 18 to 20 hours and then she also did a poll on she also was doing prolonged fasting twice a month for 40 hours plus but she was using too much weight so she stopped doing that okay now we also take your magician he is wheatgrass electrolytes d3 and k2 yeah what so take the bridging organic olive oil and then sometimes we are you – I’m studying for our mega trees okay so now this is the skin problem so when it first started it’s a classic are you started with keto rash I’m dark spots yeah so following your advice because I’ll call you before cup friends yeah big this could be it or a ship gone by this the dark spots a day how she decided to go to a doctor they gave her two creams yeah Heydrich hydroquinone yeah and also there are two creams and then it kind of helped but she scrubs to stop using them now she went redundant mythologist now she’s doing some photo therapy twice a week it’s getting a little bit but I mean not much the dashboard is speedy so Kunis I’m trying to find out I mean what can we do next and then some other we think that is happening just recently is decided cetera having Swanson even though she has low sugar and high ketones I don’t know how that is possible okay so I’m sorry so that’s let’s talk about that so you’re from Minnesota the land of 10,000 mosquitoes which is really close to Wisconsin I’m from so you have a lot of mosquitoes there so here’s here’s a couple things when you said the swelling in the feet usually it’s the low potassium and magnesium and electrolytes but if you’re having a lot of like electrolyzing you’re still rolling in the feet there is one thing that can do it and it’s usually vitamin b1 deficiency now you already I’m guessing you’re you took my suggestion with vitamin b2 which is usually the keto rash but if you’re taking all these nutrients and doing everything right and you’re stilling I’m a problem there’s another reason why you might have this problem and I’m going to talk about this at the summit so I hopefully hopefully you can show up next up you know this month it’s one of the talks I’m going to deliver is on absorption which is very interesting and a couple reasons why you can’t absorb is number one you have some gut problems and you don’t have those little villi that help you absorb but then another reason why you can’t absorb is you have a kind of a defective one of your genes which is a whole new topic and so you may have a gene for certain B vitamin folic acid that you’re not able to pull it in anymore I’m going to be releasing a video on folic acid which I think you should probably look into that because it could be a little genetic thing that you might just need the right type of B vitamin B vitamins and then I show you what to do but stay tuned for more on that but I think her problem is related to folic acid so I’ll release that in two days all right thank you for calling Karen what’s so funny nothing okay so did you have a question I have a bunch of questions good I also want to mention that people are watching from Canada the United Arab Emirates and Italy Wow well do you know what we are going to do do something in several months that we’re going to basically go to different countries and film and do the whole food thing so well we’ll talk more about what countries are going to go to but I think I would love to be able to you know one thing you actually research what someone eats but unless you go there in the country and you check it out and you see firsthand you don’t know okay so we have to have to go see it for ourselves yeah great what was your question okay good so I have a lot of questions so it’s okay if you don’t go into big detail these guys are asking lots of questions can you do keto when you’re pregnant you especially need to do keto I mean well if you do a high carb diet when you’re pregnant you are at risk of developing insulin resistance and even gestational diabetes which then the child is more risk of getting diabetes so you do not want to do high carbs if you’re pregnant the only thing you might want to watch out for is the in a minute fasting you’d probably want to do that but definitely healthy keto or sure very important be what the mother eats when she’s pregnant will basically determine that the future health of that child right but now when you say no intermittent fasting sometimes we get we tell people the intermittent fasting just means no snacking between meals so if woman is pregnant she’s eating three meals a day that’s that’s fine right yeah you wouldn’t want her snacking all day long and spiking insulin all day long well here’s the thing I don’t want to get into specifics simply because if let’s say for example I said three meals no snacking and all of a sudden she’s like craving something and and she wants to eat like celery or whatever I’m not gonna say not to do that because you know what if she needs something so I think to keep it very very clean I’m just gonna say you know what just focus on how the keto right now that’s all I’m saying care in you should eat when you need to eat thank you okay good that’s a good point all right so can you take the hair formula and the trace minerals together yeah that would enhance more of the trace minerals to enhance the hair formula for sure because these trace minerals are essential not necessarily in boosting your energy but your proteins they allow proteins to another topic I’m going to talk about at this summit which is fascinating well that gives me that makes that brings up another question so a lot of times you have people who want to build muscle mass right right or heal and we’ll talk a lot about proteins and how to get proteins but what you’re saying so maybe it’s a trace mineral issue absolutely these trace minerals and certain vitamins are the keys that make these proteins work and I’m talking about not just muscle or nail or hair but I’m talking about enzymes hormones things that repair things like DNA like all that stuff everything every body petition you have is mainly proteins and these proteins are magical magical machinery that swim they rotate they unzip like a zipper they walk they build I mean it’s fascinating fascinating it’s like and I’m gonna oh I’m gonna cover that with video animation at the summit and I’m spending basically six months on this one talk so it’s good it’s gonna be good I don’t doubt it you know no I can’t imagine okay so here’s another one it’s Gabrielle yeah she has diarrhea every time she’s done fasting so she fasts and then I’m assuming she eats yeah what what what I think the best thing to do is um I have a video on this so you want to go into it just very slowly when you come off fasting it’s better to have just a real small little food because your system is like it’s not really used to not eating and yet you know so it has to be able to go back and forth so have the smallest maybe just one egg or something for a while and then add something else don’t do this huge big you know because your systems like whoa it just dumps everything yeah all right one more here Oh actually I have three more can I do intermittent fasting and then still eat moderately healthy you mean like I have a video on the sword I’m sort of doing keto it’s sort of keto that here’s the problem with that you know is basically an all-or-nothing thing when you do a sword Aikido it bumps you out of keto that’s the problem so there’s a certain limit of carbs you can do but now you said something one time that if you could only do one thing the intermittent fasting would be yeah better right there’s levels of importance –is but you still need it both I’m not saying it’s it’s like it’s the only thing you should do you should like because if you don’t eat I’m fasting okay well you ventually have to come to food you know but it’s just a little more important than you know it really is because if you do keto even if it’s healthy keto and you eating keto bounce all and all this fat and all this stuff and you you like he’s still gonna raise insulin you’re still gonna raise it every time you eat regardless of what you eat so it’s better but it’s intermittent fasting is like a really important thing it’s it’s what it can do for your your system so let’s go to UM Rochelle from Chicago are you there I am hi can you hear me yes perfectly I owe it is so exciting to talk to you and Karen first of all thank you so much for everything you’re doing I wanted to per share with you how you helped me I have no no disease issues or anything like that but what I wanted to do is I wanted to solve wild weight swings that I had and what I had done was I had done ideal protein and I got great success with a lot of fat loss but it never sat right with me the processed foods and then after time what happened was I got very low vitamin D and high platelets and ultimately I wanted something that would solve the weight swings and what I found with that it wasn’t satisfying it wasn’t the lifestyle so hence I found teto and I up and I had been doing that on and off but I had never gotten the success that I had with Ideal Protein until I found you Wow and the key for me the key for me was what I call internet Kido versus your healthy Kido so the two critical things for me was the cruciferous vegetables and then slightly lowering my protein and the amount of protein protein that you recommend and say 50 to 65 grams you know is like half of what I was doing on Ideal Protein Wow so anyways I just wanted to share you know Minh uh for everything you’ve done for me I’m solving you know I don’t know what the health detriments are to yo-yo dieting you know wild weight swings 40 50 60 pounds but Oakland common sense tells me that’s not a good thing right and so I just wanted to thank you for your help there you’re welcome and and now to my question I have read in another source that women need insulin to make our hormones estrogen progesterone may be testosterone and so it was recommended to carb-load I know you don’t recommend carb loading and so I was wondering what your thoughts are on this is it we’re getting enough insulin just by how you know what are we eating one meal a day or two meals a day and you know through say 50 to 60 grams of protein question so what are your thoughts about the idea of carb loading your question first of all I just wanted to say what the ideal protein thing the the quality of protein I mean the low one thing about ideal protein is it’s very low fat and that makes the protein count the powder protein very irritating to your liver and so creates a lot of issues so that would be another point and but getting to your question I think that went and this is a confusion people have people think that if I’m doing keto I’m dropping my insulin down to zero or something like that no no no no no no you’re just bringing it to normal normal levels you’re not bringing it excessively down to a point where it’s lowered should be normally it’s not going to do that it just doesn’t your pancreas this doesn’t have to work so hard to pump out all this massive amount of insulin now insulin is what’s called a catabolic hormone so it it actually makes things it makes proteins and things like that it contributes to the synthesis of proteins muscle hormones things like that certain hormones like the thyroid hormone which is made out of proteins insulin is even made out of protein and other hormones you have steroid hormones are made on a cholesterol so you do need the protein but it’s false information that we need to carbo-load to improve if you have a blood sugar problem or insulin resistance when you carve a load you’re going to feel better initially but the real thing for that just support a female series of the endocrine system and all the hormones is some real high quality types of fats that you eat that will support the hormone system and definitely not lowering the cholesterol and I’m talking about the salmon talking about the cotton oil talking about seafood and also high quality proteins from fish and healthy meats and wild-caught in definitely eggs for sure eggs are the top thing but it’s not the carbs the carbs is not what’s behind the manufacturing of hormones and there’s no data out there that you can find in any physiology book that shows that these hormones need carbs at all so it’s just false completely false information and no I mean I’m just keep waiting for someone to give me the reference and or really the physiology and they can’t can’t do that the thing is like low-calorie diets with deficiencies of the nutrients that will create a problem with female body but if you go up with the fat and have high quality protein you don’t need the caramel Doug thanks for your question Tracy you’re from California you had a question how to increase stomach acidity right yeah I want to offer my thanks and warm wishes to you and your whole dr. Berg family of support yeah I I suffer from the intense stress which led to the demise of my mom in January of this year and I’m struggling to repair and and maintain some balance so my questions to you are relative to the acidity of the stomach I wanted to ask is it necessary to take well I drink apple cider vinegar regularly throughout the day because I know stress causes the alkaline stomach so when I do take when I drink the kale shake or the wheatgrass juice powder and the electrolyte powder I’m wondering are those alkaline to the stomach like you said lemon juice and and the electrolyte powders alkaline to the stomach and you said what was it one of those yeah I drink the apple cider yeah I drink the apple cider vinegar with lemon juice I’m pretty much throughout the day okay so I’m wondering yeah okay so it’s okay these are good questions it’s totally okay to do the electrolyte powder which is alkaline vegetables which are alkaline and of course the help side of the lemon is acidic it’s citric acid but it actually turns alkaline after about an hour believe it or not and then also opposite of integrals extremely acid so that I’ll counter that I think if you’re concerned about this or I don’t even think if you’re concerned on I think that it’s very very important on a regular basis to take something called the tain how to chloride it is in my digest formula but you can get it separately if you want but the Betina chloride gives you the chlorides to build the HDL which is a vital vital vital vital to help you digest proteins now when you eat like meat and eggs it goes into the stomach your your stomach acid is between one and three that’s where it needs to be if it’s not it doesn’t break the bonds of these amino acids so you get this incomplete died the protein digestion and ends up with a lot of problems further down into the track the what normally should happen is you break down the protein break these bonds and it starts to break down into smaller molecules and it gets absorbed into the intestine the small intestine but a lot of that protein should not end up in the large bowel should just be completely absorbed and then break down to the small particles of any Lassen’s and you rebuild it back up so hydrochloric acid is important in that and also killing viruses and microbes and absorbing minerals but to build up your stomach acid you need other things too like zinc which comes from seafood you need iodine you need potassium magnesium these are also really important into maintaining good stomach acids so those alkaline minerals I have will also help build up your stomach acid as well good questions Karen we’re ready for another question if you have one good yeah these guys are awesome okay I have a bunch of questions so first of all can you take the chocolate kale shake on keto diet yeah as long as that a meal is it’s it’s it’s meant to as an enhancement okay yeah okay good or dessert or dessert what about watermelon well I did a video on that don’t I mean okay so if you have a small amount of watermelon and it’s within your carbs you want to count those I’m not promise that but just realize that if you’re struggling with weight it just it does have some sugar in it so you know gotta watch that it’s so damaging in the summer yeah I mean you could try a little bit just I mean if you eat a whole watermelon it might spike blood sugars but it’s interesting because the watermelon if you’ve juice trying what you wake up in the morning if you have fluid attention all that fluid retention is gone completely gone so if you eat watermelon you’re fluid retention is gone you say the Rhine juice the Rhine so not that because I’m a bit of sugar and that sugar that it has is fructose sugar so even no fructose will not respite your blood sugars it’s gonna go to the liver and create yeah it will and this is the confusion people say I eat fruit it doesn’t increase my blood sugar yeah but you’re the fructose has a different pathway and it’s dealing with all this extra sugar so it creates a problem so it’s not all about Oh blood sugar interesting alright well that that throws a wrench into some people’s like reliable stable principles principles yeah I know I’m sorry what’s okay it’s good to know okay so several people on Facebook and YouTube are asking about hot flashes so can you just talk about hot flashes reducing hot flashes and surviving menopause I know you’ve done videos but yeah and a real quick thing the adrenals are backing up the ovaries and so your adrenals are weakling in the menopause you’re susceptible to getting this wave of heat and there’s I’m not going to get into why because I did videos on this but there’s a couple things you can do and it’s you can increase progesterone because that’s the one that’s really really low compared to estrogen and you can also do flax oil that will help you and then you can also do iodine okay in sea kelp that seems to help a lot of women with hot flashes and there’s a lot more to more on that I would just suggest watch the video because I don’t I’m like tempted to go into the whole axis and explain it but why not why why do that if it’s just for the video yeah okay good now while we’re on the subject of estrogen can you touch on estrogen dominance someone I was on YouTube I’m sorry I didn’t get your name loves your video on estrogen dominance and metabolic disease I just wanted you to say a little bit more about that well estrin dominance is really common because of all the chemicals in the environment mimic estrogen so you got the pesticides insecticides heavy metals in Western that joke so you have all these different things that mimic estrogen but also dairy products if they’re not if you do too many dairy products and you’re already estrogen dominant that can really make you more estrogen dominant unless you live in a country like Mongolia which has a lot of higher quality milk you know Mongolia Karen they actually when they milk these cows first of all they take the milk like six months before they get pregnant like in America we like it’s all year round and milking these cows so you’re basically getting milk from the previous pregnancy and they’re they’re pumping out like nine gallons of milk compared to my Golia which is only one point seven gallons so there’s a lot less estrogen if you live in those countries that it’s more natural in America that you’re getting a lot of estrogen so if you’re doing like cheese for example and it’s just processed cheese and you’re thinking and the problem what gets you is that the restaurants because you’re they’re not doing you know what grass-fed organic and also the the type of milk like if you do goats cheese or sheep cheese it’s so much better and you’re a-peein she’s so much better but the regular cheese I’m sorry it creates some issues with estrogen hmm no I said something and I’m really stuck on go ahead that in Mongolia they they get milk from cows six months before they’re pregnant yeah yeah I have a simple mind so I don’t have any milk until I’m pregnant the house is different so before they are even pregnant they produce milk and you can milk them yeah everybody knew that everybody knew that but me okay well I found that very interesting and I’m I’m fascinated that you know so much about the milk in Mongolia this is an area I want to go to eventually and I want to just sample their cheese so that’s awesome yeah I want to I want to go there that’s definitely a place to go if you want to keep your estrogen in check check good well one more we have anyone from Mongolia I was just gonna ask I haven’t seen anyone from Mongolia but now’s the time if you’re from Mongolia and you’re watching let me know well while you’re doing that I need to I need to come back to my stubborn weight loss topic we’re talking about tips and so there’s a couple of more tips number one please please do not get your information from people that are not really credible and what I mean by that is the credibility meaning some people that get really good results versus oh I have a certificate I have a certain diploma in this credential when you do Google searches and dr. Google and you’re trying to find true in for health information the way they rank it is not necessarily in truthful information it’s based on credible you know how many degrees you get whatever and so you have these sites that are credible but I’m reading the stuff the first two or three or four pages of Google and I’m like wow this is what people are putting out there it’s not the correct information so just realize be careful about where you get your information like when people say well I’ve heard that okay where did you hear that well from a neighbor I read it from some magazine like okay well where do you think that I saw it on the Internet you just have to be careful where you acquire your information yeah that’s tip number one and then now that and the other thing is you know well we ran into the most is people are doing that and it’s not working right so that’s your second test if if you if you do find that and you use it and it’s not working then just be really quick to know that and that’s different to some people think that healthy keto is not working but as an example we spoke to some lions we know somebody who had some issues and maybe they’re not losing weight but they’re sleeping for the first time so you’re you are gonna see positive results but if you see nothing that’s your tip just realize there’s a way to fix anything and instead of giving up just keep looking for that piece and that’s one thing I try to do on the videos as they try to give other pieces the problem is just finding some of these pieces in thirty five hundred videos but the next thing I want to say Karen is that here’s another tip and this is an important one if you’re trying to handle your stubborn a problem and you have some other health problem sitting on the side fix that first because I did talk to someone on the phone recently and they and thing that really threw him off was their menstrual cycle two weeks very very heavy and they just blew up like a balloon and it just threw him off I’m like okay guess what that is totally gonna interfere with your ability to this way so of course the key to bombs that she was eating we’re all dairy so she needs to replace the dairy fat with something like coconut oil or something like that or nuts so we can go non-dairy to fix the cycle so there’s like you just seem to know these relationships and but that’s a very important okay what other health problem it could be some inflammatory like the gal that had two rheumatoid arthritis well okay well you need a lot of vitamin D and you need to watch my intermittent fasting videos all the autoimmune diseases which are a is one of them you know watch my videos on that number two could be a sleep disorder okay we’ll fix that for sure or you have a thyroid problem or a digestive problem those are things are gonna stop you fix that come back to the weight it’s gonna help you trust me okay so sherry are you there sorry get a question oh great hello good morning Yes Doctor hi um I was diagnosed earlier this year with pre-diabetes with an a1c of 6.4 which as far as I’m concerned is diabetes so I started really working on this with keto about May I’ve been doing fairly well and I started to do some extended fasting because I wanted to see how low I could bring my glucose down I am eating to my meter I follow your advice with keto I can’t eat more than 20 carbs so I get between 10 and 20 cards I even count my my vegetables what I found was the first 48 hour fast I get is my glucose went down to like 76 or something like that I’ve done a couple more since then and recently before day what I’m noticing is on the last two extended I’ve done the sugar the glucose tends to go up the longer I am fasting and it’s just really confusing to me when I say go up the highest number I’ve seen is like 109 and it’s like what I don’t get it good good is that yeah this is a great question you just gave me another idea for a video but let me explain why that is okay like how could your blood Sugar’s go up when you’re not eating any sugar or any food it doesn’t make sense right well guess what your body makes sugar and it’s called gluconeogenesis and your liver is making the sugar and why is it making the sugar because it needs a little bit of sugar but the fact that it’s higher than it should be is nothing you have to worry about other than realize that your liver is still in a transition phase it could be something going on like with more it could be some fat and liver it could be you’re still still in the insulin resistance it stays where your system is still cells the problem with that your body has to overcompensate because let’s say for example your when you do keto or if’ your blood sugars your insulin comes down but if you still have insulin resistance your body is going to not necessarily get the right signals and it could overcompensate and make a little more sugar there’s nothing to worry about it’s not coming it’s not going to create damage but over time that will improve it just means that your system is still in transition mode and it’s still correcting something the thing you could do to get rid of that extra extra glucose is go exercise and just burn it off and I think you’ll be fine good question I will be creating a video on this hey Mike you’re from Central Washington State you had a question about baby aspirin right yes I want to eat your opinion on taking baby aspirin to prevent preeclampsia okay so this is a great question that I just want to just tell you I can’t tell you not to take it or to take it because it’s beyond my scope but I think it might you know it does thin the blood okay for sure there are other things that are natural blood thinners I have done videos on this one is vitamin E and one fish oil but if you’re talking about preeclampsia you need to watch my videos on that I’ve done videos on that and do some research into vitamin b1 deficiencies by immune deficiencies in toxemia from pregnancy and also preeclampsia that’s a vitamin b1 deficiency and I think you’re going to find some fascinating data on that and if you can take enough b1 when you’re pregnant you can actually really improve that problem thanks Mike Karen I think we’re ready for a question if you have one I do I do Cindy on Facebook says that she can tolerate apple cider vinegar no problem but when she has lemon juice she gets heartburn why would that be well I think because lemon juice does turn into that I think her she hasn’t called alkalosis she’s a little bit too alkaline and if you take if you’re already bordering on too alkaline and you take lemon or any type of citrus it turns into alkalinity in your body and you’ll feel like worse you might feel aching joints you might get a little allergy you might have a little acid thing going on so that’s really what’s going on behind that interesting so the acid in a citrus like lemon turns alkaline yeah it does after better now because it burns into an alkaline ash type of substance but I think what we should do mention the summit and I want to tell you guys and we’re running down to like at the end of the month already and I know a lot of you are already coming and I can’t wait we can’t wait to meet you but also a lot of you are on the edge that you need to and we need to push you over the edge to come because the amount of knowledge you’re going to get from this is going to literally knock your socks off I am going to be to doing two talks we have dr. Westman is coming jackie Burstein Thomas de Lauer’s coming our Cummins dr. Mercola is coming to cardiologists Logan’s been Bickman is coming he’s the professor at Brigham Young and also a doctor naturopathic doctor pot iguana yes Nadine Oh Nadia Nadia pot iguana she’s coming she’s going to talk about infertility so it’s gonna be pretty cool the event and we are just probably nearly running out of rooms by at this point because we have we are having a logistical issues I’m having to go to the hotel and rework this space which is really exciting we’re really happy about that but I’m having to go back and juggle the chairs and things like that it’s gonna be really really really hot and if you if you like this platform and you like to tune in to dr. Berg and you like to watch the videos you want to be at this summit because last year we didn’t have cardiologists a lot of people ask about heart situations and things like that these guys can answer those questions this is their their realm and they deal a hundred percent with keto and Jackie Burstein is she’s worked with women through all stages of everything she was voted probably the the favorite seminar last year just because of how real and how applicable her her advices were to to life Thomas de Lauer we get a lot of people asking about building a body and fitness and weight training and things like that and he’s really the guy on the internet for that and keto and why don’t we give away a ticket that’s such a great idea okay we’ll give away a VIP ticket yeah so if you’re interested if you’re interested just type yes I want to come and only do it if you really are gonna if you think you really would definitely come yes I’m gonna come your name and then where you’re from so and then we’ll select it you know we’ll select one and before the end of the show yep it’s gonna it’s gonna be how it’s going to be the 31st and if you wanted information just go to dr. Burke on there’s a big old button at the top check it out and get and get set up a lot of people are coming for the whole weekend because it’s I think it’s funny Labor Day weekend it starts in August this year which is Labor Day usually that’s in the first weekend of September so any mitten maybe that’s the first weekend of September Labor Day a lot of people are coming for four days five days they’re gonna enjoy the hotel DC is awesome that time of year this time of year and it’s actually I don’t know about three weeks from now cuz it’s three weeks from now that’s time is a run tickets it is beautiful right now in DC yeah Elizabeth you’re you’ve been waiting for 54 minutes so I am ready for your question you’re from Fort Lauderdale Florida go ahead huh Elizabeth hello hi hi I’m just Melek first of all I want to thank you for all the information I’ve been gathering I’ve been with you for over a year oh great and I’ve lost all the weight I’ve lost all the weight that I want to lose which came down to a hundred ten pounds Wow I haven’t been measuring but I’ve been doing healthy Aikido with mostly everything organic and grass-fed beef and stuff and I feel fine except now suddenly the last few weeks I’ve been getting not exactly bloated but for the first time in my life I seem to be semi constipated and I’ve been eating an awful lot of fresh salad I’ve been eating more than about 10 cups mostly fresh kale and you know other lettuces and things so I don’t know if I should cut down on the Cal is it possible to have too much kale yeah yeah that’s a good question because I ran into that too I said well I’m just gonna take the next level if if a modern I was good more is better so the think about all that fiber in kale is a different type of fiber than lettuce Lee if it’s romaine it’s it’s more hearty and those fibers do not get broken down until they end up in the large intestine so they got to travel like I don’t know 18 feet 18 feet so they have to kind of get through all that stuff so if you’re doing this huge bolus of fiber it has to go all the way down until the microbes finally get a chance to break it down and you may not necessarily have the capacity to do it so you might want to back off slowly increase it over time but the thing with kale if you do a lot of it too much just make sure you take some seek help for the to counter any potential depletion of iodine but yeah i think i think you basically just have a little too much kale and it’s a different type of vegetable like if i do too much of a cruciferous I might have to steam in it and I’m you’re probably doing it wrong so so you might want to switch it up do more of a salad for a while and then kind of ease into it thanks so much Elizabeth for your wonderful comments and keep going alright and let’s see I need to just talk to Chris from New Mexico are you there Chris yes I’m here oh great you had a question yeah so I’m I’ve been doing keto for about four years I like the coined phrase that I heard a little while ago internet keto and I ran across your protocols around February the end of February and I started implementing your protocols and started implementing an intermittent fasting and started losing the weight that I wanted to lose I’m down to around 204 pounds so I’ve lost around 40 pounds and I but I have not lost anything in my weight you know I can feel it in my you know what pants I can feel it in my shirts but my belly I haven’t lost any any size in my belly I do a lot of exercise because I’m a wrestling coach and so I mom and three days a week I’m in the wrestling room I still go to the gym and stuff like that but still cannot lose any size or see any change in my belly any suggestions yes are you are you how frequent are you doing in a minute fasting I do in a minute fasting at least two to three days a week okay I’ve gotten to the point where I can go all the way down to just one milla day and I try to stay within the the 70% stat range okay and are you finding that you’re able to go longer longer without being hungry yes do you ever eat when you’re not hungry not usually I I’m snacking I was able to get rid of the snacking and get rid of get rid of all the desire needs that I had that was causing me to want to eat so well great so let me just kind of I’ll give you a couple tips and love that your ethnic wrestling coach that’s something that would I personally would just love to do as a side if I had a little more time because I was a wrestler as well but here’s what you do just realize that it is working but you probably there could be more fat and liver the body will go after the fatty liver before it goes after the midsection you want to speed that that up what you have to do is you have to do more strict in a minute fasting and so you might want to even better if you actually go up with your fats and be consistent at home at every single day of the week the exercise is definitely going to especially wrestling is going to beat up everything but as far as the belly goes if you want to get that thing off quick I would go even I would go ohm at every single day of the week and then I would do maybe two of those days I would go every other day yeah one meal and what will happen those are speed things up and you will lose your stomach because this that’s just what a lot of people need just speed it up so but that’s unfortunately some people they lose the stomach as the last thing but it will come off and that just reminds me that our friend Liz was saying just last night yeah she was on keto okay for a year and three months mm-hmm on keto and the stomach did not budge and she did not lose any weight now her blood pressure or her diabetes diabetes her blood sugar was off the chart 200 it’s like down to like know she told me yesterday it’s been normal for two months yeah totally normal eyes over to her yeah it was it was over 200 so here’s an individual who had a ton of weight to lose but she had a lot of metabolic issues and she was you know oh I need to lose the weight but she had huge metabolic issues on keto for over a year and the body was really really healing now her blood Sugar’s are normal she changed to Oh mad yeah one Milligan boom yeah she started now she’s down 17 pounds and yep that’s what you do some people honestly need to go one meal every other day and that’s really for people that have really bad in some resistance but just realize I mean this you know our bodies were not designed to eat every single day we’re way back we basically ate when we had food and we it was like all over the place so some days we ate three times a day and other days we didn’t eat for two days so our bodies are designed for that let’s go to Vicki she’s from Arizona Gilbert are you there Vicki yes you had an interesting well oh hello go ahead what’s your interesting question hello hello can you hear me yeah you hear you fine okay can you hear it I’m good morning to both of you good morning yes very well thank you I only just woke up because I my boy sounds like I’m a guy but anyway I’m 64 years old I’ve been hearing intermittent fasting for almost a year and the issue just covered is ants there’s a lot of questions but my question was when I’m doing my fasting if I brush my teeth or do the coconut oil pulling will that interfere with my ketosis will that knock me out of ketosis absolutely positively no it will not affect your ketosis at all there’s not enough calories to go you know with that small amount I would not worry about it I would say use a natural toothpaste not that conventional ones that actually have sugar right but oh good perfect yeah don’t worry about it you can do the the oil pulling coconut oil not a problem go for it okay I appreciate your answers I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet I know I’ll have to do I’ll do a video on that for you so but oh yeah awesome thank you listen we’ll see you okay well I didn’t pick a winner what’d you pick – all right okay I pick two winners the from Facebook and one from YouTube so on YouTube we have Torrance Donovan from New Mexico congratulations Torrance and on Facebook I have iris Khalid or pelota and she is from the Netherlands right so we have we actually the people who have been buying tickets recently have been from all over the place more recently everyone’s waiting until August so iris and torrents what you’re gonna do is you are going to email someone by the name of Maria and you’re gonna email dr. Berg at dr. Berg com she’s gonna get your information here that you sent and she’ll verify your ID and things like that and she’ll get you your VIP ticket yeah and we’re really looking forward to meeting all of you guys who come and wait and for those of you there on the edge we’re gonna push you over the edge come sign up and let’s get your ticket actually today so we can get it all set up it’s really a great time because not only are you gonna hear all these different speakers but one thing we didn’t anticipate last year is what a network keep the attendees had built just on their own I mean people the friends that’s right meet family you’ll meet family there but it was just really cool to watch the attendees build these networks of friends and people that they stayed in touch with and things like that so big support system awesome have a great weekend guys we’ll see you next Friday Friday again on Sunday have a good one okay bye

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