Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] as welcome back it’s Friday morning we have Karen anyhow yeah and a lot of people in the house we have a lot of people house did a packed house that’s right now guys just just so you know anything that we say in this presentation is not meant to diagnose you hear you reduce your symptoms help you in any way Papa that’s related to any medical disease right if you happen to be cured by anything that we do or say nothing it’s not our fault right don’t mention our names right there that’s illegal to cure people there you go we cannot help you in any way this is just information food for thought and entertainment okay that was really that was hardcore today why don’t you um why are you looking for some good questions yeah I’m gonna go right to Courtney she’s been waiting for 26 minutes so hey hey Courtney you’re from Ohio how are you dang what was your question so I’ve heard anything that is sweet-tasting was like insulin is this actually happening good question no it’s not about the sweet-tasting it’s about the carbohydrate content so yeah so if you have for example of stevia it’s sweet it’s not gonna spike insulin we’ve tested this so it really has to do with how fast that carbohydrates turns turn into it turns into a sugar and also how it affects insulin even though for example on a sidenote fiber is a carbohydrate that won’t increase insulin of course it’s not sweet but yeah just the taste of it is not not going to increase insulin at all okay great oh you’re welcome okay hey Tim you’re from Toronto you had a question about that last ten pounds right that’s right hi hi how are you you’re welcome good thank you thank you I’ve lost 110 pounds that’s incredible September so is there something extra is there something extra I can do to help lose the last 10 pounds and how can I time you lose in got it okay so you want to tighten the skin lose it extra 10 pounds and you started in December member September so from September to now you’ve basically you’ve lost how many pounds 100 pound that’s pretty good that’s actually really good so that’s like thank you very much that’s like a prize yeah you should be proud so here’s the thing Tim here’s week you very much you’re welcome Tim so here’s a couple things need to do it’s all about getting healthy first then lose weight you’re in the process a lot of times you’ll reach these little plateaus that you’ll actually you won’t lose and what’s happening during these times is that your body is repairing something and then all of a sudden you start losing more so because the body considers getting healthy as a reparative action not necessarily just burning fat so I think you’re way above average and I think if you want to lose that last 10 pounds you’re gonna have to either lower your carbs a little bit more down the 10 grams per day and increase your intermittent fasting to the point where you’re doing one meal a day maybe even longer maybe every other day if you really want to take the next level and then you can also cut down some of the fat that you’re eating not terribly low but if you get it around 75 grams that should be the icing on the cake I’m sorry I don’t talk about cake that should actually help you the other thing I was going to mention is that to some people that are struggling you just have to realize that you got to give it more time you’re doing everything right maybe it’s not coming off fast enough but it’s sometimes it takes like a couple years to get your body healthy so just you know don’t like set yourself up for failure just realize it’s going to be a long term process and stick it out but eventually you will lose the weight and as far as your skin goes for that you want to do more in a minute of fasting that will actually tighten the skin and you’re gonna have to do some form of physical activity that we call that exercise so you have to actually work those muscles work the body to tighten up that skin all right thanks for your call Tim all right you need a little more time well I just want to know guys is Facebook up okay so I mean I have I have an interesting question here can you just take electrolytes and wheatgrass juice powder instead of vegetables electrolytes we press power well it’s set up here’s here’s the thing the I mean vegetables give you several things they give you the nutrients the vitamins vitamin C not all the vitamins they give you vitamin C vitamin E for example they’ll give you potassium magnesium and phytonutrients so the electrolyte powder does have a lot of those it’s good to enhance your vegetables it doesn’t have any fiber though I do really believe that people do need to have the vegetables also for the fiber content to feed the microbes you have you Hugh many cells you have in your body sure lots I have no idea you trillions you have a hundred trillion cells right yeah do you know how many microbes do you have 300 trillion thousand trillion a thousand trillion yeah I might be off by actually I might be off Pedro yeah but but here’s the thing you have a lot more microbes than you do yourselves I can tell you that for a fact so if you have trillions of microbes that are living inside and outside your body they have to eat to guess what they need fiber yeah so well what are the microbes on the outside of my body eat fiber well okay that’s a good point Billy your dead skin cells yeah I’m sorry to tell you no that’s good I think that’s cleanup stuff Ellie also they’ll eat some of your sweat sweat and your oil and your skin you want me to go into details yeah no okay no we’re good so what was the original point the original point which I’m not sure where I’m going with this but coming full circle back to what I was talking about there’s a product that I have called wheatgrass juice there’s another product people are wondering about this right here a veggie solution this is this is has the fiber in it so it’s basically its city originally for enhancement for your vegetables it’s called a veggie solution right the wheatgrass juice powder would be good for it more of a nutrient type of enhancement but it’s a little bit different because it doesn’t have the fiber right now if you have problems with your gut if you have what’s called SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth where you’re you eat anything and you have all these microbes that are gassing you out then you would be better – cutting out the vegetables for a month and letting your system reset in which case the wheatgrass juice powder would be really good because there’s no fiber so now that was kind of a deeper way more complicated I know question than I thought I thought you were gonna say no but eat the veggie solution when you dookied oh it’s if you’re enhancing your potassium and your minerals you’re gonna be pretty good but sooner or later you’re going to need some other nutrients but the whole point is the worse the digestive system is the okay I got it I got this camera right here right no read the camera it says let’s take a quick break okay all right hey guys you know what we’re gonna take just a few minutes we’re gonna reset that’s what they’re waiting for me we have to reset okay don’t go anywhere we’ll be right back I got three quizzes for you yeah stay put

This Post Was All About Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto.
Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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