Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] [Music] welcome back guys how are you yes last week was a bit of a disaster but this workweek we have we’re online so Karen is in the house mm-hmm and what’s new Karen this week anything exciting happening summits coming up that’s right got a haircut that’s exciting you did I got my ears Lord that was an exciting time but we have a lot of calls and just so you guys know anything that we say is not meant to give you a cure diagnosis it’s just meant for you to do your own research to get you know gather information and data and so you can focus on things that you may not be aware of and so you could maybe get some conclusions based on that anyway we have a ton of calls we have a lot of great content we’re going to talk about so stick with us through the whole show I think we need to go to Linda she’s from Ohio she’s been waiting for patiently Lenny are you there yes I am I what was your US but I’m hearing I’m hearing you hear my phone and and I guess that’s okay I want to say good morning to both of you I really look forward to you being on I’m 73 years old I have lost 62 pounds to I’d Monson three weeks wow that’s great Linda that’s Frank I only eat one meal a day and I’m very happy with that I am just now coming off this afternoon at five o’clock I will be coming off of 46 hours bath my I have two questions one is is this healthy to do these extended fast when you’re 73 years old my second question is I only have to lose about 20 20 or 30 more pounds at the most but I had this huge roll of fat flash skin around my middle and it shows through my clothes which really makes me feel like I haven’t even lost this way will this ever go away good question question I have for you is I are you hungry when you’re ready to eat or not no never hardly ever okay so here’s here’s a couple things is it healthy to do at 72 absolutely it is so healthy to do it is probably one of the most healthiest things you can do because it’s going to stimulate certain things in your body that turn on turn off inflammation and turn on things that will help you repair so your body is going to go and repair mode it’s going to increase the longevity of your life and as far as the extra weight you need to lose on your stomach this is the thing I would you’re doing one man meal a day I would take it to the next level if you have more to lose why not just go every other day one meal okay and because you’re not hungry just ride the wave and do one meal per day make sure it’s really good but every other day that is going to speed things up tremendously so you can actually knock off the weight because here you are you’re burning fat and then all of a sudden you eat so I would just go longer and it’s not dangerous just to make sure you take the right nutrients so electrolytes B vitamins and sea salt and I think you’re gonna be fine thank you so much Linda all right hey sue you’re from Indiana are you there yes I’m back great you have said I believe it you need to take nutritional yeast for B vitamins and then if you need additional ones take separate ones and they’re usually synthetic so I’m a nutritional yeast and in your recent video you had bloating take b3 so I got some and I got the wrong dose so I thought well 500 milligrams shouldn’t do too much to me and I didn’t just flush I was on fire so a week later I still got big red rash about six extra pounds of water weight of swelling and I only took one and what do I do now yeah I think III is part of the answer you want to take probably not more than maybe starting out like 50 maybe under milligrams but not 500 you’re gonna work up to it but you also have the other B vitamins like choline inositol those are really good for bloating and also they’re good for fat off the liver but the question I have for you sue is that how many times are you eating now what’s the frequency of eating twice a day okay not 20 and then are you bloating after certain foods or just in general I’m still working on my gallbladder I blow a little bit with vegetables and with too much fat yeah okay just so happens I’ll be doing a video on that today to clarify a couple things but here’s a couple things you should do especially if you have bloating you really want to get the digestive system to heal and the best way to do this is to go into one meal a day and the reason for that is that the transit time the time it takes for food to go through your stomach is a lot longer than people think for example take several hours just to have the food go right through your your stomach itself and then you have three different sections of your small intestine first one’s like about a foot maybe a little bit longer than that next one is like eight feet the next one is like between 8 and 13 feet long then you got the colon which is an additional five feet so you got this like 25 foot long tube that the food has to go through and the key is like how can you actually optimize this so you you’re breaking food down the way and your system is good the problem that I think some people run into with the added vegetables and the fiber is that that fiber has to go all the way through the small intestine to then be digested by the microbes and the large intestine because you’re a small intestine doesn’t really break down anything more than a couple percent of the fiber most of it’s in the large colon so you might want to just cut down the fiber for right now start building up your flora and then also heal the system by not eating so frequent and of course you can add the bile you can add the opposite of vinegar that’s going to be good possibly some enzymes but I would just at this point get your body used to it by just cutting down some of the fat and the fiber and and just doing in frequent meals and let your system heal all right thanks to appreciate the question and we’re gonna go to Karen what do we what do you back what do we have well first I just want to say we have people from all over the United States yeah I mean to me turkey turkeys nice United States but it’s closed right on the same planet it’s on the border yeah turkey Canada Ghana United States the UK Australia Iraq Italy Greece all over the place I am sure I’m missing all kinds of people but right to the questions because there are lots of questions today Lisa on Facebook said that she got a gastric bypass for reflux it is not helping do you have any advice I’m gonna try to keep it really brief but the gastric bypass for reflux amazing amazing because really the cause of gastric reflux is a valve problem because everything’s coming to that valve which could relate to low stomach acids or a problem with your insulin resistance could be your dream holes a lot of things so at this point I would watch my video on this I’m gastric bypass special Eggert watch that video and you need to start adding apple cider vinegar petain hydrochloride it’s something that it’s together in one compound and start taking that before the meals that’s step one number two is you need to do intermittent fasting a little bit longer because that will allow the the digestive system to heal in a way that that valve will start closing more and more and more so those are the two things that unfortunately had to go through that there’s a lot more to it but watch my videos on gastric bypass okay next question okay good so Richard on YouTube how soon do you get into fat burning after you eat here’s the thing when you eat anything when the food hits the small intestine something happens where your insulin will go up a little bit depending what you eat so the more carbohydrates the longer it takes to be able to burn fat so if you were actually a really low carbohydrate okay you’re not too high with the with the protein you’re gonna you should go in the fat burning within like an hour after that but if you have a lot of fat itself in the diet you might be turning that into fat like ketones and not necessarily your own fat so just be aware of too much fat and when I mentioned that I’m always talking about if someone has a slow metabolism and they’re trying to lose weight and they’re adding all this extra oil and CT oil coconut oil butter that goes beyond just the fat that’s within the food that might be a problem for you if you’re trying to lose weight okay yes good so I want to say hello we added South Africa Sweden India Germany Kenya Morocco Syria I know some of these countries are on the continents I’m mentioning but wow this is amazing yeah good that’s incredible care and by the way we’re so glad to have you back we try our best to keep up with social media and I’m afraid we fell short of your standard and for that we’re very sorry and we’re glad you’re back Steve well good I’m glad to be back and represent social media these guys have really good represent we have another good question here yeah go ahead what kind of food or supplement would you take to support the lung ooh that’s a really good question okay so there’s a lot of different conditions with the lung you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is a lung is completely destroyed from maybe chronic smoking or maybe asbestos or some other other problem in that case you need to do a lot of vitamin D okay that’s for inflammation in the lung okay other things like pneumonia or bronchitis vitamin D that’s like probably the most important thing get a lot of Sun especially if there’s a SMAW or even allergies also you know if you’re getting if you have this chronic cough you ever hear people have this power loss yeah or they’re constantly clearing the throat they need a combination of a good quality calcium source calcium citrate would work with vitamin D but can only take the calcium right before bed because that can be low calcium it’s called hypocalcemia one of the symptoms is your larynx is kind of like irritated thanks for that demonstration okay alright so now Karen yeah I do want to mention you suggested that I maybe present one of the books that I’m reading now yeah the book a week yes the week I thought that dr. Burke should share the books that he reads because you know why why not why not you I don’t know what the word I’m trying to say are but if you you know like to study and like to know this stuff you too can have the same knowledge dr. Burke has if you can get through it so this is my this is my latest favorite book oxidants and biology now this is a hot topic nowadays right it’s food for thought a lot of them no pun intended yeah there’s you’re gonna have to if you want to get this book you’re gonna have to get a medical dictionary because it’s like there’s no pictures and it’s a lot of big words but it’s a fascinating book Karen let me tell you why because this goes into the oxidants that break down tissue and if you take like all disease chronic inflammation whatever it starts with this oxidation of the tissue whether it’s your insert of your arteries addition yeah that’s like rusting out of your tissue like from pollution eating too many junk too much junk food or sugar that destroys the tissues okay called oxidation then you’ve heard of antioxidants right heard of them okay those are the things that counter there are no words that that you know that commercials and vitamin companies throw around all the time and people just go oh I must need that that’s being talked about a lot I must need it but does how many people actually know what that really is and is that important it’s a lot like gluten now if you are sensitive to gluten not to get off the subject just making a point completely off I am completely off the subject now but if you’re sensitive to gluten you know it right but the number of people I talked to who are just like oh it’s gluten free like maybe that’s gonna help you lose weight or anything like that it’s just a lot of these terms that so I’ll always be here to make sure you define the terms for well thank you very much on that note I’m going to keep this really really simple in short I’m going to do a video on several videos on this because this book gets into some really interesting points you’re as far as the antioxidants you have a antioxidant Reserve and network inside your body in other words your body makes them pay why because your cells also make chemicals oxidants that kill off microbes and protect your body your body is constantly making these oxidants like even hydrogen peroxide for example it’ll make that to kill off microbes I have to knew that no hydrogen peroxide I used when I was a kid put it on a cut oh and it kills bacteria okay so anyway you have that right but your body makes all these antioxidants and the cell because if it didn’t you would pretty much die and they’ve done a lot experiments on this so this gets into some of the things that can increase your own I’m not going to give you the words internal reserve of antioxidants and one of the points that they’re bringing up which is actually quite fascinating is exercise but when people do irregular exercise it creates a tremendous amount of oxidation and it destroys the body it breaks it down but regular exercise than a routine basis is like super amazing and so it’s like there’s like obvious thing that actually builds up your network because your body adapts to the point where you you’re not listening I’m reading my social media guy okay sounds like I lost you it you this is I think it all started here this is the book he’s reading and if you have any interest in this good we’re gonna make sure that he brings more confusing books every single week you wanted it let me just kind of clarify this I just want to just hang with me just for a second okay exercise regular exercise I want a concept okay okay so you’re working out and you do it consistently your body will start building up this defense mechanism against all this oxidation so that’s really cool regular exercise so exercise the moral of the story is exercise and read this actually no it’s not just exercise it’s consistent regular exercise over a period of years that’s the key nurses right versus this periodic exercise that is actually does not help you as much harm you it can because it breaks down tissue with the oxidation the point is the benefit of long-term consistent exercise which is come it’s a subtle stupid little obvious thing but if you keep this in it’ll actually help you in greater ways that you probably even thought but there’s one more thing I want to add to this they talked about melatonin is a real powerful antioxidant but not taking melatonin I was gonna say I thought you were supposed to take no where do you get melatonin apparently produce it right how in your body we’re gonna narrow this down we’re gonna produce it through sleep but I thought people took melatonin to go to sleep right but it’s triggered melatonin is triggered from darkness so when you go to sleep so you have the high levels of melatonin melatonin is a very very powerful antioxidant and so this brings up to my last little tip of the day in this little section before I get into more tips that you you basically like a good night’s sleep or a really good nap before a workout can really help your your body and I really think it has to do with the antioxidants because every time I take a nap and I workout I’ve noticed this I can just go up hills I can just go for hours but when I’m tired and exercise oh my gosh I can’t go very far so anyway that’s your little tip and I’m and I’m glad that I lost you at oxidants I think it’s time to quickly go to Terry that’s been waiting for Minnesota you’re there Terry yes hi hi hi yeah I’ve been on your feet all intermittent fasting here for no I don’t know folks six months roughly her soul and I’m 65 and I lost around 45 to 50 pounds good oh yeah and I got down to my weight where I was comfortable I even went more which I didn’t you know feel quite as good and look as good so if I stay around 180 pounds I’m pretty good 185 late like you said for yourself too yeah anything lower Annette and I don’t so any help got my a1c down from 8.4 down to 5.5 wow that’s great yeah and but I ended up getting damaged such as losing the let’s just say the fat and muscle that was bother me in my thighs and in my butt and matter of fact the skin folds I guess between my legs and stuff mm-hmm when you sit and something would pinch you know it hurt and stuff so one of your videos back in 2013 I’m sure you can remember all your video oh absolutely I watch but you recommended peaking um if I can pronounce this um ISIL I said leucine leucine and valine yeah and so I found a product and I’ve been taking that and in two capsules per night although it does not pay this you supposed to take it during the day but in your video says at night to take it before you go to bed I gained that I guess you could maybe see I if you could really quick I’ll give you the question because I’m a lot because I have to gift it at one question yeah go ahead it helped my my butt and my inner thighs and so filled it up but it also filled all my gut whoo so my belly is getting bigger I need to shrink that down okay so this is what you do cherry thang I do I’m constantly getting new information and updating things and some of the earlier videos I was missing some pieces of the puzzle later the videos are better to watch I will be doing a video on that one topic because when you take individual amino acids without that all of the essential at one time you won’t have all the raw material to build tissues in fact you might even have some of that convert to fuel and even can spike your sugar that’s probably what’s happening so what you need is their really complete amino acid product instead of those and I think you’re going to be fine because that way your body will use all of those essential amino acids as rip hair and none of it as fuel I will be doing a video coming up on that so stay tuned for more on that teri thanks and you brought up a good point Karen that when you eat protein people think like oh all the proteins can turn on my muscle well like maybe 37 percent of it is everything else can either go to go to waste or fuel but not repair of tissue so you really got and I’ll do a video on that but the point is that all this protein people are consuming they think oh yeah it’s just gonna build my muscle now it’s gonna put some stress on your kidney if you do too much all right what do we got well I did want to say that also joining us with Singapore’s Switzerland Finland Romania Ecuador Mexico Palestine Wow and Argentina Argentina I think that’s Wow Tina that’s really cool yeah good okay good so someone asked quite a while ago I don’t have the exact question here but her son is getting is falling asleep randomly in the middle of the day nice yeah well here’s the thing that I would do I would obviously make sure that he’s on keto cuz a high sugar will do that will make you go to go to sleep really fast and also b1 b1 it’s great for it was something called narcolepsy which is um just falling asleep while you’re driving or just randomly but I think I would put him on in a minute fasting in Quito and that’s the real answer to these issues now is narcolepsy related to sleep apnea yeah it is related because they both have to do a sleep but they’re from different families there’s two separate problems but they are related because there’s a problem that I can get into it’s money time when you’re interesting no I mean she just just brought it up so I wanted to say if it was separate okay good alright good so let me take another call Silvia from Richmond right down the street are you there yes hello how are you good are you doing good today I watched all your videos and take your supplements and I’m great on the keto oh that’s great so um I had a question on I had a question on seed oils because it’s a bit confusing I know they’re highly inflammatory yeah and I’m trying to make some homemade mayonnaise mm-hmm and I hear that olive oil and avocado oil don’t really taste that great and the mayonnaise and I have to have my family eating this so I was wondering is there any organic seed oils that are safe to consume because we’re not cooking with them we’re just using them for salad dressings and mayonnaise okay so with the mayonnaise um it’s okay to do a little bit of safflower and sunflower oil if they’re cold Express expeller and organic I think that would be fine but as long as you’re also in addition on a regular basis taking the omega-3 fish oils cod liver oil just to counter that because that is heavy on the omega-6 that is the big problem and people do a lot of that but on the salad you do olive oil that would be important I have mayonnaise that uses avocado oil no it does not taste the same but it is edible but I will say that we did try the avocado oil mayonnaise and nobody wanted to eat it well you know if you go to the grocery if you go to the grocery store I mean 99.99% of all the mayonnaise is made with soy oil so that’s the one you want to that’s the big one you want to avoid so I think I would do the expeller sunflower or the safflower oil organic good question though alright let’s go to Teresa she’s from Indiana are you there Teresa yeah hi oh okay dr. bird I am having a lot of health problems right now I have cellulitis in both my legs I’ve been off work I’m a single parent and I’m really going through a lot um I had diabetes I tried keto and I got really sick like the second day I woke up I was like out of reality I was nauseous I was throwing up I didn’t know if that was key no clue or if that was something related to my diabetes so I was scared and I stopped it and I really need to do keto to lose weight yeah and get you know see if it’ll help my diabetes but you talk about what yeah so I I do understand you got a lot of body issues going on especially this diabetes and you know here’s the thing with with keto the probably the most important thing is to first study exactly how to do it right here’s the book right here just because if you do it incorrectly it can give you more symptoms the way I designed it is to make sure you do it right so you don’t you have the minimal transition symptoms which I think you’re having I think you should start this on a very low level step by step and the first thing I would do is just start cutting down here carbohydrates that would be step one and increasing your vegetables so if you do that not go crazy with you know not eating and all this other stuff then you’ll jump in there but I think what you need to do is to be able to understand the most important things first okay and then focus on those and the number one important thing is not necessarily increase your fat it’s to decrease your carbs that’s number one cut out all the carbs or all the refined carbs step 2 is also especially with the diabetic is to start beefing up the nutrition no pun intended with with vegetables and salads so if you just do those two things for a while get used to it you’re going to start to pull out of this and then make sure you don’t snack so you slowly make these changes so your body’s used to it but I promise and once you do this correctly you’ll start to adapt and all of a sudden you’re gonna do better and better and better and better and the need for your medication would be a lot less check with your doctor on making this adjustments but that’s really what you do watch some of my videos that I the simple ones that I just kind of give you some basic things that I think that will help alright Karen okay we got well it’s interesting esmeralda on facebook says how do you pick the questions for the media how can I get some questions to my some answers to my questions just keep asking there’s probably thousands that come through an hour this is the sick this is a good point some people I know are getting upset sometimes when they go why didn’t you answer my question even on a regular video I have literally three thousand questions a day I can’t get to them I can’t get to them what I’m trying to do is create videos now here’s the big thing that a lot of people don’t know unless they see what I’m gonna say next which is basically I have a video on every single question you have I can spend pretty much all day just referring into a video so what you have to do is go to the browser type dr. Berg and whatever subject I promise there’ll be a video on that point you just don’t realize it yet I do have a video on that just have to find it yeah and we are working on better ways to find those videos but right now just do a search on that topic you’re gonna find it and everything warts plantar fasciitis and the accidents yeah many many things someone had a question Karen about coconut water is it okay to drink right so I have a video on this by the way but I’ll just tell you the answer right now if you look this is the most important thing guys look at the nutritional labels and go the first thing you should look at is the sugar content not even the carbs this sugar okay if it’s above zero or two depending what it is like don’t eat it coconut water has 17 grams of sugar even though it’s natural even yeah it doesn’t matter if it’s natural unnatural there’s still sugar in there so yeah it has electrolytes but you’re doing it a lot of sugar in there and someone else had a question what about watermelon okay what about it what about it well it has about and I’ll do a video on this today but by the way this 12 to 13 grams of sugar per cup yeah but it’s natural yes it is and it’s definitely better than an apple and a pear which has like 19 grams of sugar someone just asked about a pear parents actually are comparable if not worse than an apple depending on if it’s really really ripe or not yeah so it’s like unfortunate is too much sugar on keto it’s not the best thing to do but it’s fruit it has vitamins but it also has this sugar and by the way teri was just asking about the summit and I’m really excited about it too Steve were really busy talking about fruit over here okay yeah well in a bit in a thumbnail sketch that someone who’s coming up next month the 31st and 1st of September okay and there’s different different tickets different memberships you can check that out yep the way you find is you go to dr. Burke on this little button at the top it says this Aikido summit you can’t miss it we have amazing speakers Thomas de Lauer’s coming he’s gonna speak an exercise shoe cardiologists that are keto friendly who else logan’s need is coming I keep forgetting to tell people about him he has a YouTube channel to talk about brain cancer in his experience dr. Westman she works at Duke University he’s been around keto for longer than pretty much anyone but he also works with Jacqueline Smith who also worked with dr. Atkins Jack Jacqueline Ibrahim nut Smith that is going to talk about some really good practical things because she was actually on our survey voted as the number one best speaker so she’s coming back she’s cool she is um she’s not as medical as some of the other guys were this year you know the speakers are really gonna be making sure they’re not giving misunderstood words and a lot of you know talking over anybody’s head at all but she she just had a lot to say to the average person good practical advice a lot for women for mothers is this really well received I mean everyone was well received but she was the favorite yeah Nadia um her name is she’s a naturopathic doctor Nadia wanna I keep I it’s kind of a unique name I’ll come back to that and also we have I ever come in ever comes as a coming he’s from Ireland he has a great sense of humor he’s funny he’s he has a lot of great information Ben Hickman is coming mhm okay he’s gonna he’s a professor at BYU and he studies ketones so he has to come hmm very interesting and also dr. Mercola is coming and he has a lot of great new advanced stuff that’s coming out even before his new book so you’re gonna be able to get get that information a hot off the press yeah not even off the press yeah and and I will say though we will be I mean we have like till next month but we will be running out of rooms really fast so you want to get signed up pretty quick and we just can’t wait to meet you guys in person and we just it’s just such a great community great group we’re gonna have a blast so definitely come and enjoy yeah the group last year was unbelievable I wanted to take them out what you wanted to take a mom yeah it’s a big love fest great exhibitors we’re gonna have a lot more exhibitors this year yeah yep samples for you keep emojos coming Lots and we should have the list actually good I think I wrote it down somewhere but I don’t want to flip through it right now so I’m going to come back to that question let’s go to this person right here Romina yes Romina okay are you there hello hello you’re from Connecticut go ahead you had a question yes hi I just had a question my daughter’s suffering with suffering anorexia was hospitalized last January 2018 for a couple weeks and she seems to be coming out of it and had gained some weight however she’s very interested and trying Tito but my concern was is that gonna trigger her off with her so seediness anxiety depression i just worried that all like to try to help her with it she must have helped me on keto – we both want to do it but is there is there gonna trigger anything off yeah I think it’s gonna I think it’s gonna do the opposite I think it’s gonna not trigger her off I think it’s going to help the key though you’re going to reduce the carbs what’s going to happen is your the the blood sugars are going to be much better and her mood will be much much better her cognitive function would be much better so you start cutting out the cars but I would also add in there a good amount of vitamin b1 with all the B vitamins very very very important for someone that with those issues and also give her some vitamin D at least a hundred thousand I use those are the things that I would I would do and watch them my videos on topic because I do cover that and you can you guys both can do it and support each other I think you’ll have a great success thanks for your question Sara you’re from Santa Barbara California yuuna question go ahead yes hi hi hi can you hear me yes I might feel like I’m talking to a couple of rock stars so I’m actually calling regarding I’ve had lupus since I was 13 and subsequently have had several kidney transplants I am also a rock star because I keep going and making my life work for me and I have felt really good since I started keto about six months ago however because now I’m on dialysis and have been for three years and have been taken off the transplant list because they told me I needed to lose 40 pounds since I started keto I’ve lost 25 and I’m doing I feel really good however I have to watch my potassium and everybody’s always saying you have to have tons of potassium right and I can’t do that because it doesn’t process through my body and so I actually end up taking binders for potassium which diagonals so counter-intuitive a keto diet what do you feel about that and what do you feel about people on dialysis doing that what would stage or what level are your kidneys right now is it stage 1 2 3 4 5 I mean my kidneys don’t work at all I don’t have kidney function I’m on dialysis to stay alive right and I’m thank God for it yeah I mean I haven’t stage renal failure oh god no I okay I got it that was the missing little piece of the puzzle okay Sarah in this situation and a good person to consult with would be Meaghan Ramos who’s coming to our summit because she works with dr. Fung who is that extra that’s us yeah but here’s the thing that would be the only time you really have to modify the key to diet because you’re right you can’t do high potassium foods so you’re stuck between a rock and hard place you also can’t I guess do certain amounts of phosphates and other things as well so you’re gonna have to modify it I but for the most part I think what would help you the biggest thing is to try to find those nutrients that your body can deal with as well as lowering your carbs because the carb the carb is would really just you know refined carbs would just destroy the kidney left and right the other thing that I think will help you greatly Sarah is the intermittent fasting because that will drop inflammation and that gets into repair mode that’s going to be your your real key thing to help with probably the original lupus thing is the fasting I’m not sure if you can do vitamin D but this is a topic that kind of goes a little beyond my expertise but I would I’ll have to do more research and even do a video on this but those are some things that I would do right off the bat thank you so much Sarah all right Karen okay we got a question yeah we but I we also added Peru Venezuela Madrid Norway Honduras I I think this week is more than ever all over the world using yes so thanks for coming doing it June June tuning in tuned in and yes okay good so um deidre on facebook she’s she’s saying she has very very bad knee pain can she do keto well depends on what knee but oh absolutely of course you need heating you know and in a minute fasting because that’s going to drop your inflammation your pain for sure now there’s some great videos I have I need pain you should search it and I actually have a video on what to do for right knee pain and one what to do for left knee pain okay so pretty so check that out do the technique and get results get relief okay so someone is asking has sunken eyes and dark circles and says I am doing everything that you said I don’t really know what that is because we don’t know how many videos this person’s really watched her are they doing Kido and I have for what the other circumstances are but let’s just say someone came to you and had dark circles and sunken eyes what would you recommend well there’s a couple things I would look at right away because you have the Venus the Venus supply you’re gonna see a lot of veins and things and if you’re anemic if you’re low in iron that could that could do it but not always it could also be a low vitamin D levels it could be something else but I I would have to get your history and really dig in to find out I do know that a lot of people during the winter they start having these dark circles because they don’t have enough vitamin D so getting out there and getting Sun is going to be very very beneficial on your face that’s really all I have with that ok yeah ok so I think it’s on Facebook Ali says she did a long fast yeah like a six days yeah and no weight loss wow that’s fascinating that’s unusual right it’s unusual I I did have a patient like that once and she basically no matter what she could actually exercise like massively I’m talking six hours a day and still not lose weight and no matter what she just never lose weight so for those people what usually find when there are babies when they’re little kids their parents put them on a diet or they ate a lot of sugar and it set them up for a really bad situation later in life with instant resistance so let’s say for example Karen worst case scenario I should do a webinar on this let’s say worst case scenario you have hypothyroid condition your metabolism is terrible you’re going through menopause you had your gallbladder out then you had your thyroid out and you’ve been on every diet known to man and you basically have no metabolism whatsoever what do you do well I’ve had a patient like this and what you have to do is get into Kido okay get your body adapted and one thing I did notice with this lady is that she had no appetite because she was basically in fat burning but she had a lot fat to lose and you really didn’t see it and she when she was doing it she was gaining some muscle so we had this like net net of zero weight loss I mean just it was just really minor what I would do if she’s not hungry because I would do longer fasting and I would just do longer than six days yeah and I would also do make sure she has all the nutrients the person who actually fasted the longest fasted for 385 days not that you’re recommending that not for everyone now if you if you have it medically supervised and you’re taking the nutrients you can fast for a long long time and some people need to do it to be able to fully kind of tap into these genes that turn on to help repair and heal and eventually lose weight so so I mean that’s just a crazy long time I know I know but that would have to be medically supernatural okay but here’s the thing your body when it burns here’s the thing you’re you have an average person not you I keep have to clarify that that’s has about a hundred thousand calories of storage fuel I’m sitting on the body and they only have a little bit of sugar so I got a couple days I got a couple weeks what happens you tap out the sugar and you’re not gonna just instantly go to losing your muscles that comes after you lose the stored fat so your body was designed to use fat as your stored fuel when you’re starving and when you’re fasting and believe it or not people are so used to eating that they don’t realize that you can actually fast for a long time and be totally fine okay okay all right sorry sometimes I get to reading oh I’m your question the next because I want these guys well someone didn’t ask a question about the keto rash and we’ll answer that right now that is a b2 deficiency b2 riboflavin okay all right nutritional yeast help we’ll help you with that let’s go to Elia from Washington here you see right down the street there spelling them phonetically for you that’s really really nice preciate that I appreciate that are you go these are hyphenated names that’s pretty cool yes I am hi dr. Berg hi how are you very good thank you I’m calling on behalf of my father who is 72 years old and he has for years had several chronic gastrointestinal pain for three years now he’s in constant pain and he’s been to every doctor we can think of from the head to the toe and he’s the picture of health but it’s not he’s now he weighs 120 pounds he has constant tingling all over his body and he’s has hypersensitivity to what it seems his internal organs even you know when he goes to the bathroom he’s in pain when he eats he’s in pain he’s an extremely bland diet and our question for you is what is your recommendation I mean again he’s 120 pounds that I joke with him that now he needs to eat air and you know right now because again he eats super healthy so what do you reckon okay this is a special case and this is what I would recommend these cases and I’ve actually I’ve seen them quite a few times were you that you start putting them on is even a healthy diet and with vegetables and it just tears them right up because they might be sensitive to lectins and also oxalates and all sorts of good things and they just can’t handle it because they have an internal weakness the problem is the fasting is going to be hard to do because they don’t have enough that they’re so in this case this is when I would advise a carnivore diet and I would do it healthily with some organ meats eggs and salmon and things like that and not do any fibre whatsoever that’s what I would do right now and then maybe probably he’s going to have to just take some enzymes and maybe between how to Cora D even help down that help digest that some of that protein but that would be something that I would advise if you have this severe digestive problem alright thank you so much for your call all right let’s go to a tip from Saudi Arabia are you there yeah alright doctor hi how are you yeah yeah hi doctor great thanks yeah I’ve got a problem with my sperm analysis I’ve had my tests done mm-hmm and I’ve got like 1% of morphology yeah okay and also my progressive motility is 15% I had the report back and it says my WBC’s are between 12 to 14 HF HPF it was recommended for a simmer a seminal cultural analysis something I’d like to know because my morphology is very low which is on 1% what can I do to boost this here’s what and what can I do to improve yeah here’s what you should do what you need to do in research and folk is basically zinc it all revolves around zinc zinc is probably one of the most powerful trace minerals to help you with that condition and in proof fertility both in men and women and motility and also even prostate gland but you also have to look at what will deplete zinc diarrhea also not having a strong stomach acid do doing too many refined carbohydrates and so you want to be in Quito and if’ for sure but actually beef up your zinc no pun intended I won’t even take get that from the foods I would actually get that from a supplement and probably get in a blend of other trace minerals as well but zinc is what you need to do and probably a little bit of vitamin B as well that’s what I would do if I were in your shoes alright thanks for your call all right so what do we got you can ask a question about this I can’t even read it my oh my what was that what myomas yeah specific medical questions you want me to start getting it no but i you know i wanted to ask you if i could ask that because sometimes i mean the reason the reason we’re saying this is that he specifically asks me not to ask medical questions or questions about medication because that is not our zone yeah dr. Berg let me answer about this ok get on keto and I first and then reevaluate because there’s so many there’s a lot of questions on individual health problems and things that I I think that if you went on keto and if’ that would probably be cleared up and I think that should be said over and over and over again okay I’m just you’re just the messenger I understand I’m just a messenger I’m just trying to get these people some answers here okay well in the meantime as you’re scanning for some easy ones now let’s go to Jim from Chicago Jimmy there yeah hi guys are we doing good good good hey I just want to thank you first off for everything I got into your videos last summer and lost about 30 40 pounds got back to under like my college swimming weight so how feeling pretty good I’ve been going with it from then on but I I I really like it and my I had a physical everything went really well I’m just trying to stay ahead of there’s been like some heart disease in my family I’ve been doing a lot of like steak and hamburger meat cuz I know it’s got more fat in it but is there anything else that you would suggest maybe like even staying away from that or any other protein sources there that you would recommend yeah good question the only thing I have and I actually eat a lot of red meat and hamburger steaks I actually do offset that with fish salmon and one of the reasons I like there’s more omega-3 fatty acids in that and also do a lot of eggs and it has a lot of other nutrition but the only drawback is that if you have a problem with iron and you’re doing a little bit too much that couldn’t iron is is real toxic to men especially you know cuz they’re not men straining you’re not losing that blood but menopause woman 2 is also in danger of having too much iron so that’s one little tiny point but that being said for you I would add more vegetables and salads with that but here’s the cool thing Jim if you want to protect the heart you just want to stay in ketosis and I think you’re doing a great job because those ketones will help bypass the damage that the insulin is created and the glucose and feed the heart directly the the brain in the heart love ketones and it’s one of the best things for the heart you should come to our summit because we have two cardiologists who are going to be discussing this topic and they’re like they do heart surgery they’re gonna actually give you some insights on the heart and what food and the benefits of what this can do but it’s it’s the best thing for for supporting a healthy heart that I can even imagine even like the arteries from being so stiff and if you have the minerals from the vegetables that will support also this the elasticity and the flexibility of your arteries and the electrolytes for the rhythm of the heart as well so you hit it from different angles I think you’re gonna be in good shape good question Jim all right here’s a question yeah go ahead should I be taking Vicki this is Vicki on Facebook should I be taking purified by assault with a history of Graves disease and coal hear this yeah here’s the thing if you have I know it there’s one condition that you don’t want to take bile salts and that would be a hyper thyroid condition like in grapes because bile salts help to convert the thyroid hormone so it’s going to speed up the thyroid so no you don’t want to take those but here you have a Gulf down so you can use other things I watch my on video on all the let’s see yes ELISA I don’t even know if I was like 13 things to improve your bile reserve in and I give you the foods to improve the output of bile and also fix the gall bladder and stones you want to do Quito and if’ and you don’t want to go low fat because that’s not good you want to eat foods high in choline egg yolks and and I just stood up actually I don’t know if I released that video yeah I may have if not I will be in the next couple days but those are the things that I would do okay yeah well I see someone here is saying you can’t make it to our summit in Chicago lucky for you neither can we yeah we can’t make it’s not in Chicago it’s not in Chicago it’s in in DC Maryland Maryland which is you know just right outside of DC it’s very very easy to get to DC I mean I don’t know where this person is whoops I don’t know where this person is that’s texting from them I remember like in the late 90s we drove past this the most amazing hotel it’s called a Gaylord hotel a national National Harbor I said that is an incredible hotel we went over that I think we walked through it I said someday I want to do a seminar in the Gaylord hotel so here we are doing the seminars at the Gaylord hotel which is the premium best hotel in this area so it’s actually the only hotel but no it is the it is the best so you need to it’s it’s not going to be in Chicago this year it’s not in Chicago but yeah so we’re hardly saying anything about the summit well why don’t you say something about it I guess I just did say something about this didn’t you yeah it’s um I think that the main the main thing is this a lot of you guys have already gotten success and a successful action that I have is you always want to do things to strengthen successful actions if it’s working you strengthen it you want to get more knowledge and build on that this would be a great investment in your future health and just getting all the data and you’re going to learn stuff that is not on the videos and you have a chance to come back with amazing additional information just to you know take your health and to it to a whole new level right I was gonna say I think most people that came last year most people were either practitioners or people who were really in they waited there were some newbies there were some newbies and it was a great orientation and they really had a lot of confusions cleared up but a lot of that guys were just like I’m doing this I’m changing my health I’m helping my family I’m helping my church I’m helping my kids and they really they were able to take it to a whole new level there there was such me at this book filled with people just writing all the benefits that they got from from the summit so a lot of our health coaches are coming as well and we have actually over I think it’s eight to nine thousand health coaches did you know that yeah yeah I’m gonna have them all calm and these guys I have a trainer program for health coaches I have two courses one is Aikido and I have coaching program the other one is just a health coaching just take both the coaching courses but a lot of them are going to be coming and now they have a tool to really help others so and you’re gonna get a lot of information and these doctors that are coming these people who are coming there a lot of them don’t have their own you know internet outlet they’re professionals in their field but they don’t have videos and and books and things like that I mean obviously dr. Mercola Thomas de Lauer have their outlets but some of these guys don’t and they’re just experts in their field and they’re especially the medical doctors they’re gonna talk about things hot iguana Nadia pod iguana pastor lastname a naturopathic Nadia pond iguana how can you forget that great me I know I know but anyway so these people are experts in their field and they’re like Oh things you know some of these guys are medical doctors and they can address things that you’re not going to address that’s right so it’s really important yeah you get the skinny on that yeah you’re gonna you’re gonna get the meat and potatoes on that you’re gonna get the whole enchilada it’s gonna be the icing on the cake that’s right all right so Dennis Costa Rica you had a question go ahead hello dr. Bergin pleasure to talk you’re now in and I was very very excited knowing that I was able to get through the phone line after cuz you a bunch of different times before and I gotta tell you I love you guys you’ve changed my life and and I highly appreciate that I do have a question that’s very concerning to me right now I have pain on ketosis on the plan for over a year but the last couple of months have been a roller coaster and and that roller coaster does include a little bit of carbs I feel a high whenever I eat something with carbs in it it’s a weird high because it lasts for for 30 minutes and then it goes away and then during the week I go back to my ketosis plan but in the weekend has been again ruff what could possibly happen to my body if I allow this to continue I don’t really want to do that because I love ketosis I love it okay first what happened buddy yeah so other than a very very painful torturous death other than that you’re gonna be totally fine don’t worry about it now I’m just kidding here’s the thing when you’re doing the carbs and especially if you’re doing mostly keto and you start to fix insulin resistance you’re gonna have more sensitivity with glucose so it’s going to create a more of an effect so it’s kind of like like alcohol for example if you haven’t drank in a while and you drink a little bit you can get drunk really fast right so I’m not looking at you and looking down there you were just thinking it but here’s the thing what you want to do instead of the glucose those cheat days that you’re doing you want to do MCT well that won’t give you this bike in like this you for feeling but it’ll give you more energy and that should be your the thing to do not necessarily glucose because dr. Westman last year talked about this when you start doing these periodic cheat days you you actually really create you mess up your arteries it creates problems inside the arteries and one of the problems is once you do this it is hard to go back to these lifestyles without some consequences I don’t know your your history I don’t know your nutritional levels I don’t know anything about that but the point is I would if you’re going to cheat on something I would do MCT oil and maybe berries that would be a good thing but and you know also didn’t tell me what your cheating was so I mean is it brownies is it candy bar or something like that you want to definitely avoid that all right Dennis on that note it is time to say goodbye No Oh what no what well first I want to say Philippines in Japan Singapore in the house and it’s midnight in Singapore right now that is really incredible and appreciated that directly that you are up at midnight and and hanging out with us the other thing is that a couple of people are asking about the summit because we just need to mention and I need to pick a winner really quick so we’re gonna go over if we need to do this okay so first of all I’ll tell you or I’m gonna give away a VIP ticket right now and you need if you can come to the summit wherever you’re flying from this is just the summit ticket by the way but if you want to come and get a VIP ticket just type in yes your name and then your where you live like San Diego California or whatever the VIP ticket gives you a little more access to the speakers and a special room that you can go into to chat with them and also there’s other things like a gift bag and there’s a better seating and there’s a there’s a whole series of things I was just going to talk about oh no it’s good you’re you’re doing it so there’s general seating and that’s the the best price point but then you have VIP seating and that is nicer seating it’s closer up it’s good you’ve got table you’ve got more stuff in the in dr. Berg health Aikido summit bag which is going to be cool this year also the meal people are asking about the meal this year it is going to be a Saturday night buffet for a VIP ticket and platinum ticket holders last year we did the lunches and the only thing with that is our group is does a lot of intermittent fasting and almost nobody was gonna eat breakfast and then a lot of people went to lunch but it was not what they normally would have done so tonight I’m not tonight this year tonight to solve that we’re doing a really nice big brunch Saturday night for the VIP and platinum platinum I think there’s only one seat left for platinum you’re sitting right up front you’re sitting with all the speakers you have a platinum a very very nice dinner with dr. Berg and I on Friday night and before you pick a winner mm-hmm I will say that what’s really really nice about promoting and following in a minute fasting mm-hmm is especially if you’re trying to round a budget is when you do social activities and they come to your house you just like Oh everyone’s not eating so you save a lot on feeding your family and friends never thought about that on that note you just had to throw that in there he’s kidding around sorta anyway so I and then the other thing to the VIP and the Platinum tickets of course you have during every break there is a special meet-and-greet room with beverages and where the speakers are so you can have some one-on-one time with the speakers if you’re VIP or platinum ticket holder so it was just the blast last year the speakers were swamped those are really good reasons to get at least the VIP ticket so now I am going to pick someone okay tell me one or two – okay that means it’s going to be from over here and I am just going to say oh it’s just so random okay sorry I know you guys are waiting I’m just gonna sort of put my finger on one I’m not gonna look here oops oh that is in Drabek from Clifton Park New York congratulation and now what I want you to do is email Maria at dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm I will tell her also that you won and she will get she’ll verify you and make sure you get your ticket and stuff like that okay and so text below that you heard me on this and we’re gonna give away at least one VIP ticket every week from now into the summit so we hope to see you next week all right have a wonderful weekend we’ll see ya real soon [Music] you [Music]

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