Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hey guys welcome it’s Friday morning and we’re back again so can’t we have Karen in the house right we do hey guys so we’re going to talk about Kido and I’m gonna fasting today okay so we’re going to talk about that we’re also going to talk about when is the best time to do Oh Matt one meal a day we’re going to talk about the best pattern of in a minute fasting so stay tuned for that and also if there’s any medical questions we’re not here to diagnose you get with your doctor on that all we’re going to do is to help you to narrow in your focus on where to do research yeah this camera right here where did you research with you and your doctor okay so that that being said we’re gonna go right to a caller Diane how are you I’m good doctor Berg how are you hey so I heard that you’re I’m doing great thanks so you I heard that you are actually on the training program to be a keto coach so welcome this is exciting are you learning a few things yeah I’m learning a lot good it’s great to help my own practice of keto awesome and then eventually have a dance with keto but I do have a I’m a Pilates instructor and I have a studio so I have clients it was in that aspect and one of my clients is having some cognitive health problems she is eating keto and my question is what would be the best part of keto or intimate intermittent fasting to help her with that cognitive health so I think I think we can even bring her on right hey Jackie again I am here so I got both of you on the line here so so you’re coaching Jackie there’s some cognitive issues it’s not quite perfect yet and you want to know how to get the cognitive function better right yeah yeah so so let’s just define a couple things there’s different aspects of cognition there’s like memory there’s focus there’s concentration what specifically do you find that needs to be improved um so memory I have to repeat what you’re saying memory focus and concentration I’d say God it’s all three um focus because Here I am right now trying to take in said I’m on a radio show and I’m and I’m being asked a question and there’s things going around my house so how do I focus all right the thing that which is your question okay good and then the other question is have you implemented implement in a minute fasting yet well I haven’t done that the closest I’ve got to it is I have a bulletproof coffee in the morning and that may be like it’s all I’ve had so far today so but I will I will at lunchtime I’ll have something to eat or and it might be two o’clock but I will eat okay so here’s a couple things I’m going to mention especially this is this is very powerful for a cognitive function in a minute fasting is even more important for cognitive function than Kido you need to do them both but you want to work up to Oh mad one meal in a day if you really want to see some changes because what happens it’s kind of counterintuitive you would think if you’re not eating your your brain would actually be worse right you’d be like in this kind of a mini starvation mode that’s not what happens your body goes into this fascinating survival protection mode specifically your brain cells yeah the brain cells so the brain still start rejuvenating it’s called neurogenesis so you’re you group regrow new brain cells and so that’s really really important the area that of the brain that is kind of like the relay switch to your database memory system and they don’t really know know a lot about this all we know there’s a there’s a part of the brain that’s connected in some way and it’s called a hippocampus and the hippocampus gets destroyed with a couple things one is a lot of sugar in the diet carbs so thus the keto right but then in a minute fasting helps to reduce insulin so that over time is going to be your best bet but there’s one thing I’m going to recommend and this is more of a protective factor to that part of the brain that’s involved with your cognitive function and I’m gonna recommend doing higher amounts of vitamin b1 from nutritional yeast okay you do that I’m talking like 12 tablets a day I have nutritional yeast and then do in a minute fasting it’s gonna be good that’s that’s the secret for for a good memory Jackie alright thanks both for calling and then we want to go to Russell from Chicago go ahead Russell hey I’m doing good awesome my question is I went and got my homei Artest from the video I watched and I just wanted your opinion on it because I’m not sure you know they didn’t really know too much about it so they just kind of gave me the results so my glucose was 78 insulin was 2.6 so I did the calculation and my insulin resistance is 0.5 and from what they said that’s ideal does that sound right to you yes that’s pretty good cool so that’s yeah I’m doing two yields a day usually my first meal is way after noon but my question is so I’m I’m 23 and I’m about six deuce so for my age bracket pretty athletic can I get by with doing more meals a day and just be fine with that I’m doing 2 right now very good question Russell do you have any weight to lose I’m pretty athletic I’m maybe a few pounds I typically do aerobic exercise in the morning and that’s why I don’t eat so later because I want to let the fat-burning continue until you but yeah I could I could lose a little bit more weight good so I’m gonna I’m gonna put you on pause I’m just gonna give you my suggestion you know you’re pretty young you probably have a good metabolism you have a couple pounds to lose you’re doing two meals a day the question is should we go more meals since you’re young you know and you have a fast metabolism there’s so much benefit to intermittent fasting though honestly I would if I were you do two meals but I would do some really beefy meals I would do bigger meals add more fat to the meal and then get the benefit of in a minute of fasting because even if you’re young even if you’re not trying to lose weight it’s great for cognitive function I mean if you were like let’s say really skinny and you’re 18 years old I’m gonna save 3 meals or let’s say you’re 15 and you’re 12 years old and you’re you’re doing sports whatever three meals a day no snacks right but I think with you two meals large meals I think you’re going to get get way more benefit from that because the in a minute fasting is such a powerful tool okay so that is my suggestion all right we’re gonna go to Karen all right Karen okay good well first I will tell you how many people from all over the world are watching you yeah okay because they’re letting me know we have Minneapolis we have Tucson Arizona we have Iraq we have they were all bum-bum-bum here we have Sarasota we have Alberta we have there were people from all over the place and the comments are coming so fast anyway all over the world all over the world obviously I should be writing these down I don’t get paper anymore paper and pen are not issued to me anymore guys so but thanks for thanks for showing up okay so um I guess Minnesota that’s the land of 10,000 mosquitoes is it that was our backyard yeah right now yeah that too okay good so here we have I think her name’s Mattia says what do I do about right-side pressure under the rib cage after 30 minutes or so of walking she’s adrenal body type it says if Oh mad at 3 p.m. Kido with nutritional yeast electrolytes and wheatgrass anyway right rib pain anything underneath the right rib is usually related to gall bladder and again I’m not dying you check with your doctor this is what I would focus on with the help of whoever’s your doctor in yourself I would focus on maybe understand more about gallbladder function and probably lessening the amount of nuts and peanut butter that you consume because that’s usually the culprit it could be other fats too like you added coconut oil or external MCT oil to the diet that could be it too but if it’s under the right rib cage which I had that problem for 12 years that’s usually gallbladder liver and you just have to what really helps it is in a minute fasting and also kind of keeping your fats a little bit lower and definitely the nuts okay because that’s really what bloat you more than anything okay okay good and Betty wants to know how to deal with the keto rush all right Betty so the really the only reason you would get a key to rash is if you were going into the keto having a B vitamin deficiency but the key to rash if you take a look at B vadik classical B vitamin deficiencies b1 b2 actually probably b2 and b3 you get this condition called pellagra now I’m not saying a polygraph but basically one of the symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency is skin issues so if you just add more B vitamins in the form of nutritional yeast that should handle that and then also realize it’s a temporary thing as you adapt it’s gonna get better and better and better alright okay good and mani is eating quinoa everyday mani I thought we had to talk Manny so Manny that’s a grain so we don’t want to consume grains so we want to mix it if you want to do keto healthy keto that’s not on the menu was he just asking if you could have that you just said good or bad Oh we’ll give it a thumbs down bad bad I mean it’s not not like like sugar but it’s still bad right it’s actually very terrible so I have a question what about kombucha Karen what do you think kombucha it’s two grams of sugar or less okay good and that’s what’s hot it’s hard to find kombucha that now it’s two grams because most of its like six seven and so I think probably I would recommend kombucha if you are have a habit of drinking alcohol at night or wine some people like wine right they like to wind down so kombucha is the alternative to alcohol and because it can actually make you feel calm and relaxed just an extra tip there is a culture that’s – two grams of sugar per serving that’s one I found one yeah that’s the one you want it’s a hot pepper chili pepper I really like it sounds like that sounds like a plan and by the way don’t do it I had to drink the whole bottle drink a half of the bottle especially if you drink you’d be right before bed it seems to make you too acidic and then the pulse rate starts kicking in there so try to go to sleep with your heart pounding Bam Bam Bam so because you’re more acidic and guys stay tuned because we’re gonna give you a chance to win a free ticket at the keto summit right and what kind of ticket a free ticket a VIP free ticket maybe IP free ticket yeah that’s huge guys so you want to stay tuned do not click off this station because we might miss you you might be the one with the winner we’re working that out we’re working that out you know basis yeah we’re working that out right now okay we’re selectively looking at just random it’s gonna be a double blinded blinded study yeah and we don’t know we don’t know yet okay so we’re gonna go right to a isha from chicago aisha and hi Karen hey honey okay so my question is food sensitivities I it was a blood test and it said that I was allergic to apple cider vinegar nutritional yeast and coconut oil are there any alternatives to those supplements that I really really need help vinegar what was the other one nutritional wheat yeast coconut what yeah and ginger ginger – so let me ask you a question where was this a blood test was this a hair analysis yep it was a blood test for immunoglobin E and a immunoglobin G okay and those are what came they must avoid so what they’re basically checking in sensitivities because in order to be a true allergy it has to be a protein so let’s just call them sensitivities and by the way if you don’t consume them on a regular basis your body can then eventually adapt to the point where it might not be sensitive anymore so just a point on that now I think I’ve had the same test and I found that I could eat some of those foods without any reaction so if you don’t see a physical reaction you may still be able to consume it now an alternative to nutritional yeast would be sunflower seeds as far as your B vitamins and you might want to get a food based Nanni’s non yeast B complex because the purpose of the nutritional yeast is to get the B vitamins so that’s that’s one alternative coconut oil I mean you can just you know avoid that that’s easy outside of vinegar you can actually instead of episode of vinegar you can do believe it or not you can do a saw mikvah vinegar that’s one and that way you you probably will be okay with that ginger you know you’re just gonna have to avoid that so that’s what I would do if I were you thanks for calling all right now we need to go to Cheyenne from Arizona you had a questioned you’re losing too much weight right yeah yeah good morning dr. Berg good morning I am currently five – I was at 145 pounds I’m now at a hundred and five pounds and eating about a hundred I’m eating about 115 grams of fat a day and I’m doing all that I eat maile one meal at about 10 p.m. and I find that satiates me for the entire day I don’t want to lose any more weight I’d like to put on I’d like to be at about 115 to 120 of muscle hmm how much fat proteins and carbs do I need to eat good question and this is the problem this is one of the problems with keto is that it’s gonna help you lose weight here’s what I would do because you’re gonna have to probably even go up with your fat grams you don’t want to go up too much with your protein and you don’t want to go up with your carbs but other than if it’s as long as it’s not over 50 grams so go up more to the higher end of the carbs 50 grams and then make sure those carbs are still like within the carbs that we recommend like berries you can do the carbs as berries you can probably get away with a green banana but just make sure the carbs are not above 50 and then probably some more hummus I think that’s going to help you the other thing is you want to start adding in weight training with this and I think that’s what you need to do thanks for your call all right Karen okay I’m ready for another question okay good so it’s different you know the colors they give quite detailed bit of information and most of these on social media it’s sort of like one like a little blurt out here right but I got a couple of comments on leg cramps and I know you’ve researched that quite a bit recently so there’s a cramping in the calves yeah okay so there’s a couple things about this cramping in the calf is typically an electrolyte imbalance and we’re talking about like potassium magnesium and calcium now occasionally Karen it could be sodium so which is you know don’t forget about that salt because when you dookied oh you need a little bit more Cecil but it’s usually and that’s why I recommend the electrolyte powder to actually kind of avoid cramps with high potassium so that’s what I would do now want to mention one more thing Karen about that because a lot of people have cramps but then like you when I had in my in my clinic they would come in in cramps but I’m looking at their their calf’s and it’s just swollen it’s like completely puffy and then you press it and it hurts like how I mean it’s like tender so that cramp is more fluid retention and edema and swelling and a lot of tenderness in which case that is a b1 deficiency so don’t forget about the b1 so when you eat a lot of carbohydrates in the form of breads pasta cereal crackers candy sugar things like that waffles pain yeah exactly we’re alcohol you will deplete your b1 and then you’re gonna actually have a you can have one of the big symptoms as edema in the lower ankle so by taking nutritional yeast or a good high quality B one you can remedy that okay so again I’m not diagnosing anyone I’m just giving you a general recommendation but don’t forget about the b1 okay all right all right yep okay good so Jodi says I’m doing if I’m doing one meal a day do I still have to get 10 cups of vegetables in there very good question and and I think we’re gonna we’ll probably bring this up right at this point too if you’re doing one meal a day it’s going to be hard to do the the normal 20 cups that I recommend I’m being sarcastic you’re not gonna be able to do 10 you’re gonna probably do I was just kidding you want to consume as much as you can and I think that’ll be enough because the quantities your body goes in this conservation mode it starts to recycle nutrients and you don’t need as much so for that I would actually allow your body to tell you but I’m telling you people are do one one meal a day they usually are doing leaves big salads without any problem I’m just saying if it’s a hard if you have a hard time don’t sweat it you’re still getting a good amount of nutrition you’re not going to lose as much as you think so all those RDAs that we talked about are a lot less when you doing everyday now what we want to talk about now Karen is the best time to consume Oh Matt okay that’s time so what’s your thoughts and considerations back well I’ve never heard you talk about that before that’s right and people say all over the map what’s working for them I kind of recall that you said any time whatever time is good for you but now I’m thinking that you’re gonna drop a bomb and say something new exactly well okay so generally speaking this is kind of not the most important thing but it’s it’s a it’s a factor that may help you if we look at the the time of digestion when would be the best time to digest food that actually goes along with the body you’re not biting the body and that go ahead oh well I’m just trying to think of the time when digestion is working its most which I believe is when you’re sleeping that’s right so you want to eat in the middle of the night right in the middle of them you wake up at 2:00 and you just start digesting you start eating your food right actually not quite no that’s not how you do it what you want to do there’s two parts of the nervous system you got well there’s actually three but there’s just mainly two you have the flight or fight this sympathetic nervous system okay that’s the flight or fight that’s the stress part and then you have something called the rest or digest system that’s parasympathetic okay so if you if you eat when that system is activated more you’ll get more digestion so you would not want to eat if you’re being chased by a tiger what would you write you wouldn’t want to eat if you’re exercising would you write well generally your your doing other things you’re not eating generally speaking right generally unless you’re eating on the run so he rehearsed that I did not I did not know I just came up with that one so you want to eat food when your system is most relaxed and the one of them oftentimes even know Karen your stomach is most acid in the morning at eight o’clock but you also have the highest cortisol level so my recommendation is to eat about 6 or in the evening 6 4 in the evening or later or a little bit earlier and that rains there so let’s just say late afternoon keep a few times on it ok 7 o’clock come in let’s just talk let’s just give it a number 6 6 or 7 that would be the best time eat believe it or not you’re one meal a day okay so now that we talked about when the best time to eat would be we’re gonna go to another question and a little bit later we’re gonna talk about the best pattern up in a minute fasting what do you mean pattern well times of eat and not eat like you have different patterns 18 hours of fasting versus 6 hours of eating or we know that’s right one meal no that could be more meals no I know I mean vs. means exactly good okay so I think we’re on the same track two train tracks let’s go to sha Leisha from Louisiana you had a question go ahead are you hi Karen they are very much thank you okay I was listening to you can we made the other day and somebody had brought up the issue of our breastfeeding and you said something about slowing the metabolism while I’m also breastfeeding I’ve been doing the keto straight for 12 weeks I’m eating within a four-hour window I need to be able to get the whole 10 cups and I do 10 cups of vegetables I literally have to eat like the whole four hours so I was just wondering with the whole metabolism thing am I like wrecking my metabolism for the future or is that like a long-term concern that I have to have well I have a couple questions for you this do you seem to have good milk output is there any problem with your breastfeeding at all well since I started keto I may be like almost 3 ounces short then I was before but remember before I was eating heavily everything right so but after Tito I dropped down to maybe 3 ounces less okay but other than that I’ve been consistent for the whole 12 weeks I want you to I want you to experiment with a couple things okay so the first thing I want you to do is I probably want you to stick in just three meals because when someone’s breastfeeding they just need a little bit more nutrients so we want to just kind of plug in more and not necessarily jump into too much in a minute fasting that the the version of in a minute of fasting would be like three meals no snacks though but in those meals yeah include the vegetables you include the protein and definitely in the fat I think this will up your milk output but the the main thing I think would be helpful is to make the cookies with nutritional yeast or brewers yeast if you look online under Pinterest look under keto friendly lactation cookies I think they’re called or cookies with brewers East and you have you can make those and that will actually greatly improve the output of breast milk so there’s only two situations where I don’t recommend minimun fasting that would be if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding so but you can do a mild version which is three three meals no snacks okay you have anything to add to that I wasn’t even listening okay good we got it handled I’m dizzy reading okay thanks shall Leisha that’s right okay I don’t want to butcher that to that alright I want to go to Sharon from Pennsylvania you had a question we’re in Pennsylvania sherry Butler PA your Pittsburgh okay I was raised in Allentown oh that’s great that’s next acoustic that’s next to ku Stan right cuts to town good yes i i’ve lost 16 pounds since april on your plan awesome I had but Beth yeah I had blood tests back in March that showed a hormonal imbalance I’m very estrogen dominant matter of fact the person that evaluated me told me that I would end up with breast cancer unless I did something and so I found dr. Berg’s videos looking for a solution for estrogen dominance without having to do BHRT and so I think my weight loss will have helped my dominant situation but I do think that I should have somebody monitoring me and I haven’t had the best luck with female hormone specialist who what type of doctor should I be seeking out to help me through this problem oh that’s a good question I I think there’s a there’s a whole network of doctors now one of the top guys that I really like is dr. Westman dr. Eric Westman he’s Duke University does a lot of research he trains other doctors he’s a network of doctors he’s coming to my symposium so I hope you can come too and you can meet him personally but he has a lot of doctors around the country from Family Practice to endocrinologist to cardiologists that are now doing the ketogenic diet in a minute fasting what’s really cool about him is he doesn’t recommend medications anymore he actually recommends as his therapy the ketogenic diet so so he’s a really good resource there are other doctors also online like doctor doctor I’m drawing him Jason um yes it just went so he also I think you might be able to work with someone like that as well just to kind of get to bounce things off now there’s one also point about estrogen in general to help balance healthy estrogen levels there’s two things that you should research one would be everything about insulin because insulin could also can mess with your estrogen levels but then also seek help seek help is a dynamite remedy to help balance estrogen levels as well not to mention the cruciferous which you probably already know that in depth but Sharon thanks for calling and definitely look up dr. Westman he’s in North Carolina but he’s definitely coming into our summit all right thanks Sharon okay what do we do we have some good questions yes we do so DJ’s asking about Quito in Girt guard which is basically heartburn right this is the name they’ve given a nice they give medication for GERD so she’s got GERD and protein is making it worse and she’s wondering can she do keto okay it’s good so this is just like a general I’ve done videos on that the the best thing for something like to support that is just basically adding apple cider vinegar and also something called betaine hydrochloride and again these two remedies are meant for you and your doctor to research more on to actually acidify the stomach because if your stomach is not acid enough then you’re not going to be able to fully break down protein and if the proteins not broken down everything kind of backs up as a regurgitation the valve doesn’t close that valve on the top of the stomach does have sensors for pH and so normally you need a very acidic pH the mistake a lot of people make is they do an alkalizer and they alkalis the stomach with GERD and they feel better temporarily but then it gets worse so I would research the area of acidifier Petain how the chloride and apple cider vinegar alright good very good question says can you have apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach well it caused an irritation absolutely not because think about it your stomach is basically one two three episode of vinegar it’s one two three okay one two three years old one two three inches big right okay you got me on that one all right so one two three means on a scale of from zero to fourteen you have this pH scale that’s pH pH stands for the power of hydrogen which basically is the power of how acid something is come you can look at it how acid something is so so seven is neutral have you ever like a you know used like baby shampoo yeah okay it’s seven so it can get in your eyes and it doesn’t irritate you right okay that’s seven okay that’s neutral so if you go up with the pH comes more alkaline okay like calcium would be alkaline it’s a mineral lower the pH the more acid the higher the pH the more alkaline the lower the more acidic that’s okay the same bajor okay so if you go all the way down Karen realize that from a seven to a six is not just by one it’s by a factor of ten times is acidic so if you go like an earthquake its compounded right okay it’s sort of like an earthquake the point is that if you have a pH of one two three you’re dealing with a massive acid situation right and that’s in your stomach you typically take out the set of vinegar you’re you’re probably getting like five maybe four if you’re lucky it’s not as acidic so it should go down fine unless you have an officer or inflammation in the stomach so if you drink the upset of vinegar and it feels worse then don’t do it because obviously there’s some years there’s some irritation there there’s possibly an ulcer okay okay all right we got through that one keep you on your toes yeah can’t use words these guys don’t understand I know well here’s the other thing I want to talk about now Karen when is the best or what is the best pattern of intermittent fasting should you do in a minute fasting once a day twice a day she do it every other day she you do once a week okay so the intermittent fasting you just mean certain number of meals no snacking in between right because there’s different patterns like some people are weakened intermittent fasting people they don’t need for a whole day and then they eat what they want to the week and then they don’t eat for a day that’s their pattern so they eat whatever they want well it depends sometimes they do sometimes they good I’m just talking about intermittent fasting now I see ok so here’s my thoughts and considerations when you’re doing it once a week or you’re doing every other day I notice with those people that they have a lot of hunger issues they they never really fully adapted into this keto state because they keep being thrown off okay and so I’m gonna recommend guys the best pattern is not to do the weekend in a minute is to do it consistently every single day so you can get broaden get used to it now that being said let’s talk about the pattern should you do one meal a day twice a meal there I mean two times a day three meals a day I can’t talk today so what do you think Karen what’s the best pattern for people well I think that they should start on a gradient and they should start with if they’re eating six meals a day then they should maybe try eating you know four meals a day with no snacking in between and then when they’re able to do that then they go to three meals a day with no snacking and then two meals a day and shorten the amount of time in between meals gosh you got that one right again isn’t that shocking geez that’s incredible that’s incredible character almost as if I hear it all the time like almost I’m living it yes yes okay so here’s the thing Karen yeah um the goal is really depending on I’m sorry let me just back up care the type of intermittent fasting should be based on your goals okay if your goal is to lose weight okay then you want to shoot for one meal a day if your goal is just to maintain if you’re 18 years old if you’re 16 years old and you’re an athlete don’t do one meal a day like I think probably three minutes a day would be fine so it really and then everyone’s in between there so that would be the answer to that question okay good now I did have a question on that when you were talking to I forget her name from Louisiana she’s breastfeeding her her window is four hours right what do you think about that I think that’s a small window for someone who’s breastfeeding that’s why I said have three minutes a day oh I wasn’t exactly okay but the point is that this that four hour window is great for everyone else but if you can go longer without eating and then cut that time of eating down down down it’s like you get a lot of benefits with your cognitive function with your heart with with the body tissues so that would be the goal okay okay you guys stay tuned because someone is gonna win a ticket a VIP ticket and I’m probably going to need some help from a Purdue to help us select this special individual to come to the summit now Karen what what’s a seminal about like why should people come to the summit producers loved that question yeah uh well oh that’s the microphone oh well some it’s gonna be awesome it’s gonna first of all be packed with all kinds of experts who are working with keto and intermittent fasting in all different ways every day their lives and these guys are real pros so it’s not just dr. Berg although we’re all coming to see dr. Berg right it’s not just dr. Berg it’s the guys in all different professions and you’re gonna get different kinds of information and different viewpoints from these guys it is gonna be a blast uh there are gonna be there’s gonna be special adventures there’s gonna be door prizes there’s gonna be all kinds of ways that you can really learn and understand and not just more understanding for yourself but you’re gonna be able to help other people ten times better than you already are as a result of attending there are special things throughout this summit that will help people become pros in helping others whether you hung your own shingle and you’re you’re a coach Aikido coach of some kind as a profession or as a hobby or whether you’re a mother or someone in your church or amongst you that brings up a good point because I’m really seriously thinking including a section for mothers and how to get kids on keto what do you think about that you think that would be important for mothers yeah but the mothers that’s right so so let’s just survey what do you guys think should we bring up the topic of how to introduce and get your kids eat healthier is that something of interest how do you get your mother’s it will all say yes how about get how to get your husband to eat healthier with that five thousand dollars or ten feet for you guys who watch the how to get your wives to lose weight I’m gonna do one on how to get your husband’s to lose weight yeah I can’t wait for that one it’s gonna be hilarious so yeah Karen I can’t I I just see where that’s going already yeah I probably won’t do one you should you should anyway we’re digressing we’re digressing seriously so you know everybody’s saying yeah of course absolutely see here’s the deal is that kids are our future and obesity is such a situation child diabetes is such a situation I mean it’s epidemic it’s epidemic in this country what’s the number one were you telling me about the number one health issue in America doctor cause death oh well right there’s that yeah but then you have heart and then you have cancer and then diabetes complications is in the in the list right but yeah it’s a metabolic age but 65 percent of the population is either pre-diabetic and diabetic unnecessary this is insane yeah this is this is insane it can’t just be some genetic issue especially if someone changes their diet and goes on ketogenic and intermittent fasting and resolves that now we’re not treating disease here we’re just trying to grow healthy bodies and I would think that it is a major major point of attention that we we make sure that the children in this country are growing healthy bodies start from an early age 3 why we’re gonna do that children’s book that’s right three point four trillion dollars a year on medical care okay three you know what a trillion is it’s a thousand billion so this three thousand four hundred right three thousand and four thirty thirty four hundred million dollars crap it’s a line okay so my math is my worst subject but the point is that there’s a lot of people not getting well from a tremendous amount of money being spent and there’s over four billion prescriptions a year that’s thirteen drugs per person basically what I’m telling you is what’s missing in health care is the health part is it health and you guys need to actually the truth is that you you need to create your own health you can’t like wait for someone else to do it right there’s no is there there’s always a chance that was gonna be that situation where you need a variety of help you know you need a variety of things is it surgery is that medicine is it whatever I don’t know but you can’t avoid the growing the healthy body I mean that should be it shouldn’t be a distraction in your life it should be a part of your life you’re here you have a body and the number one point in your life should be seeing that you’re growing a healthy body I’m not saying you know live the most sterile life in the world and you know people talk about oh I can’t fit in socially and we fit in socially we go out to dinner we have company you know travel whatever the thing is you know it shouldn’t be this exception oh this week I’m on keto this week I’m gonna tomorrow I’m gonna do Kai do keto two days a week I’m only gonna focus on growing a healthy body three days a month you know you’re gonna get what you get you’re gonna get a sick body you’re gonna get and then you’re gonna wonder you know how how do I fix the sick body so especially with children it should be you know like the gal in Louisiana and these mamas that are are putting attention on their bodies and trying to figure out you know how can I help my kids eat the right things you know I’m I feel like I’m on a podium right now but I just think it’s I mean that we get as many questions as we get obviously because America and people all over the world are waking up to the fact that oh my gosh I can control this I can grow a healthy body regardless of my age and I want to know everything I possibly can a lot of people already have a lot of serious serious body problems and that’s what the summit’s about is basically teaching you guys how to do that right growing a healthy body not you’re hearing your diseases or addressing diagnosed user telling you what you should do with your medicine we don’t deal with any of that both speaking about disease yeah George had a question help me diagnose it with the disease he wants help hey George are you there I am right here okay good so you had a question about a disease right yes our peroneus disease so um I was recently diagnosed with it and I just wanted to know what your recommendations would be to help me this is the perfect question the perfect timing George because one thing I can’t do is actually help you yeah just these are all disease at all so this is what my suggestion George I would highly recommend you get in the basic eating of healthy ketosis and in a minute fasting and then go back to your doctor and see see the updates on what happens to this because regardless of having any symptoms at all I always recommend going back to the basics have you implemented the correctly the healthy ketosis and fasting yet I have and of course regrets having been regressed okay so back on the wagons you do this George just try this okay try that for one month based on this book get in the basics just get in the basics okay let your body change go back and let’s see what happens to that situation that’s all I’m saying alright I just I can’t necessarily give you any advice on medicine but thank you for calling and that just aligns with what we’re talking about is perfect timing George alright so now I need to go to amico amiko from Atlanta hi yes hi dr. Berg I’ve been following your program for the past three months pretty strictly you know lost 21 pounds Wow yes and I have a question about the blood glucose level I’ve been checking my glucose level and the ketone level with a blood test every morning first thing in the morning and lately I noticed my glucose level is between hundred two hundred and ten and and then the ketone level with those slightly lower than before I’m stealing ketone the above 0.5 but a little bit lower than before so I just wonder you did something that I need to concern about about the glucose level it’s a good question here’s what happens when you have your insulin resistance for many years okay what happens you have insulin resistance where your body starts making more and more insulin and that’s usually what happens with a lot of people they have high insulin and that’s what’s creating the problem you’re getting a keto doing in a fasting the insulin should come down it’s gonna come down insulin is a push down force that pushes the blood sugar down now that insulin is less you no longer have that push down force that your body is so used to and the sugars will come up a little bit as a temporary adjustment to this whole thing it’s not a problem you just need to give it more time keep tweaking things until your body fully adapts and heals okay I did a video on this you can check it out all right so now Daniel you’re from Danielle from Rhode Island right okay yes great so I asked my question was a first of all hi dr. Bergen hi Karen um well following you I’m obsessed actually I’ve been doing your program for about a month I feel great but I also like many other people are pre-diabetic my last actually I ate about three o’clock yesterday afternoon and around 7:00 last night just had a plain salad with olive oil I work second shift at 1:30 this morning my glucose was 93 which was great got up this morning it was 110 haven’t eaten anything and right now it’s up to 138 should I expect wait it continued to change okay so I so this is a another example of what happens when your the body starts to heal the insulin goes down the volume of insulin goes down you probably didn’t even test that to see if that’s high but chances are it was high now it’s going down so now the sugars are going to start to higher it sits in the this is what happens during the adaptational the other thing you can do to actually speed things up is add exercise because the exercise will just burn off the extra sugar I do not think it’s a problem I think you should just keep going in the direction you’re doing and then add some exercise in there the drop just to clear out that extra sugar and I think you’re gonna be fine now one thing I want to mention Karen a normal healthy person only has one teaspoon of sugar in their blood okay a normal healthy person diabetes is one and a half to two teaspoons of sugar in the body that’s how subtle it is but the average person consumes twenty-five to thirty one teaspoons of sugar so what is wrong with this picture so realize that we’re so used to the carbs as we do this you know there’s going to be an adjustment phase and your body’s going to adapt to it it’s a protective mechanism so guys the most important thing is is to keep your sugar out of the diet and just keep doing it give it another time but yeah I think you’re gonna be fine with that Danielle thanks for calling okay so give me a question woohoo I just read a really spicy question I’m not going to ask that one okay it was a big firm a controversy one we’re gonna stay out of that all right but you could probably assume how we feel about all things I I mean like I said there’s a time and place for everything you got to see you got to chase the money line okay I said I was gonna say anything that’s on there you go okay um sorry I’m I’m listening to him go ahead take a call and all I’ll nail down a question let me go to Leonardo from Bakersfield California which i think is close to lancaster yeah alright yeah that’s because I I actually practice there for a while which is next to the Mojave Desert okay I’ll let her know what you what’s your question well I’ve been doing keto for eight months intermittent fasting sixteen to eighteen hours of fasting and two meals a day I eat my meal my first meal is at twelve o’clock and then I eat dinner around 5 to 5:30 and I’m starting to see hair loss on the side of my hair on my head what are your recommendations I do drink B vitamins with the nutritional yeast your trace minerals do i of protein or yeah yeah that’s what there’s a couple things involved with hair loss and you’re doing the right things the B vitamins normally should handle it if that doesn’t the trace minerals that should handle it if your protein is low maybe increase that a little bit and maybe you need to increase the digestion of your protein okay but that being said there’s one more little thing that happens more in men for a different condition and there’s there’s a remedy that I always recommend it’s called stinging nettle root which is really good to help balance certain hormones in the body and you can watch my video on that because I talked about that but that’s one remedy I think would be good as stinging nettle root okay all right thanks for calling all right okay okay so we didn’t know this but there is a winner we got a winner we have a winner awesome right and I want you guys to know that the winners are random and it is going to be from phones from Facebook and from YouTube so everyone should hang on and today we’re going to do two winners Wow yeah awesome I am going to I have a game okay okay good so pick line three this is Erica you’re not gonna answer her question because we’re not gonna answer that question Erica but you want a VIP ticket yep oh I have a bell I have a bell somewhere oh wait let me do it again Erica from Texas our producer hands me a note and it says it’s the cactus lady it took me a while to remember that cactus sorry Erica that’s gonna be really it’s gonna be really nice to meet you in person yeah bring some cactus could you have a little bit of enthusiasm awesome thank you so much for staying like we’re gonna we’re gonna just stand don’t go anywhere don’t go anywhere I’m gonna get your information okay okay we’re excited to see you at the convention awesome I just wish you a little more excited about expressive I know she’s know how you really feel such a Wallflower I don’t think yeah okay well that’s great it’s always nice when someone’s excited about really excited about it’s gonna be exciting about it it’s gonna be mind blowing okay you know what else is very interesting that we put these tickets on for the premium tickets right for the private dinner and thing like that and our thought was you know we’re just gonna get a really tiny handful of people who are interested in that and I’m kind of surprised because actually a good percentage of people are buying these tickets we’re actually gonna have I’m creating the dinner and it’s gonna be a intimate dinner it is going to be a very very nice affair you may even want to bring something lovely to change into yeah we’ll be contacting everybody who gets those pre premium or premier premium premium tickets what a platinum platinum ticket is what it’s called but anyway I’m excited I’m excited to see how many people have responded to that and we are gonna have really a beautiful evening on Saturday night yeah and I’m working with the hotel there are some really cool things for everyone else to do right in National Harbor and into DC and into Old Town there’s water taxis there’s buses there’s fans there’s there’s are some really cool stuff going on so I think everybody’s gonna have a great day yeah and from my viewpoint my goal for the people coming is to have to go away with the understanding of exactly you yourself not someone trying to spoon-feed anything but have the knowledge of how to get massive amounts of energy through the day high quality sleep so you wake up feeling rejuvenated low stress tolerance hit your ideal weight comfortably without any any barriers at all and be able to have the knowledge of how to exercise and how to do all these things without have anything interfering so we’re gonna produce that exchangable product for you of a healthy body and the ability to help other people you’ll probably all be ending up acting like moderators on earth yes we do many great mini dr. Berg coaches out there so we want to get more people to help other people basically all right we need to go to pray Veen from New Jersey Praveen how’s that hi I have been doing the ketogenic diet for two months and I checked I was actually diabetic so I checked my blood tests 15 days back my diabetes came down from six point nine to six however I had a hyperthyroidism last year for a couple of months and it showed up again so I’m wondering if I should continue doing it or how do I treat it should I treat it here’s another good question here’s a couple tips for you and your doctor to do research on since I can’t diagnose any diseases okay so a couple things with hyperthyroidism you don’t want to take seek help okay number one you don’t want to take iodine and you you are saying hyper right yeah okay yeah you don’t want to do iodine you do not want to do gall bladder formula you don’t want to do by uh purified bile salts because all that will speed up the thyroid okay I would research the area of more cruciferous vegetables which have a tendency that may be kind of bind up some of the excess thyroid hormone so do cruciferous vegetables but you your blood sugars are doing better your body is getting better I think your body’s justed adjusting to something and I would just tweak it and if you came down from a 6.9 to a six you’re in the right direction I would just kind of like get with your doctor and do research in that area okay thanks for calling okay I have the game right I worked the game out for the for the random ticket winner on Facebook in YouTube go for it okay we’re gonna do we’re gonna have a winner every week but because we did callers two weeks in a row you know social media guys I have your back so we’re doing a winner on this platform of course we can do only one so it’s Facebook or YouTube so this is what I’m going to do dr. Berg I’ve randomly assigned the platforms and then I’m gonna ask the viewers a question okay so I want you to pick a number one or two – okay that’s Facebook so if you’re on YouTube jump on Facebook you can have two ways to win game now what I want you guys to do is if you absolutely would attend if you won the VIP ticket I want you to put a yes down on Facebook right now okay and dr. Berg I want you to pick a number between one and forty 27 okay all right guys so as your as you guys are answering I’m gonna go right to the next question how about that okay so hey Kate you’re from Phoenix Arizona you had a question go ahead yeah but it’s cat with a cane yeah okay I got a cat anyway a couple of things I wanted to find out first of all just a real quick thing where is the seminar okay it’s in Maryland but you would fly into Regan and which is very close to it’s actually in DC so it’s it’s it’s kind of like you have DC and then you have the Potomac it’s right across Potomac right in Maryland right on the edge there so it’s in Maryland well that’s a little far but the other question I had a couple questions now if you’re going on that is it Tito and I am for late what was that Paquito and the inner movement and fasting is that for life oh this is no this is a total for the rest of your life great strategies to start over yeah okay my real question by the way Karen you read a lot to your hubby’s shoulders thank you okay I have maybe two and a half or so I had the pain under my right rib and I went in and they know you have gall bladder you know and I said oh okay well what we do about it well we’re gonna take the gall bladder out and I said oh no you’re not and so anyway they said well when you have real problems then you’ll have it out and so I found out why I have the gall bladder stones and gall stones rather and anyway so I stopped eating all the greasy stuff and I also have a low thyroid but when they check the gall stones they said I had three of them and one was like 17 millimeters it sounded really big and so is this with this Dido and me in a minute back thing what will that help with it well what first of all if we take a look at what in a minute fasting does it gives it gall bladder a chance to heal so you’re not constantly going like this – it also Kido is low sugar because guess what when you raise the carbs in the diet and the sugars you actually increase insulin and insulin high insulin is behind golf stones okay so so both of those together will greatly help balance that system in the body and one more point if you also add some purified bile salts you may actually find that that might help the stones because the deficiency of bile salts can also cause stones in addition those that bile salt also helps the conversion from t4 to t3 so you just might possibly kill two birds with one stone improving thyroid function and dealing with the gallbladder well thanks Kate a cat I’m sorry thanks for your call that was great all right and then we’re gonna go to Lisa from California you had a question about food allergies go ahead I did thank you very much I have mine disease and food allergies insulin intolerance that you got etc can I get my body to be able to tolerate more foods such as chocolate fat bombs through keto snacks and help with food allergies I tend to find that when I even have that key to approved snacks that I get leg cramps yeah I think I think what happens if we talk about allergies in general it’s an immune problem the hands-down the best tool to help the immune system is in a minute fasting because it really resets the entire system it allows the immune system to really be rejuvenated so I think that would help you the other thing that you want to do is add good flora in the gut ‘i’m effective microbes you can look up PM and that’s one of the best probiotics you could take you take it before you go to bed and it starts to build up the flora the whole colonies and your gut and that will help you increase your ability to just build up a good healthy immune system the the fat that you are eating probably could back up the gall bladder then back up the liver and that’s probably what you’re noticing so I think the intimate of fasting with some periodic fat bombs will be totally fine but you may want to add some gallbladder help or support in the form of purified bile salts to help just digest that because the liver might be compromised alright thank you so much for calling Lisa all right Karen what do we have for a winner here okay well first of all we have a couple of people who thought they knew this system and so they were just like yes yes yes yes I love that you’re that excited about coming and I’m sure we’ll see you anyway but I do have a winner here and I really hope that you make it and the winner is Tory carro Cory so what I need you to do is to how are we gonna do this guy’s okay call call the office seven oh three three five four seven three three six that’s seven oh three three five four seven three six and ask for Maria and we will tell her your name so the rest of you guys don’t call her and tell her you want a free ticket because she gets approval straight from us but just keep playing the game and we really appreciate all you guys that really want to come especially you local guys you should be signed up already what what you’re not okay okay guys all right Tori I don’t know where you’re from but make your flight or your fill your tank exactly all right that time are you wrapping up is that what’s happening have a great weekend huh we’ll see you soon okay you don’t wan brother and sister [Music]

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