Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hey guys welcome back it’s what day is it today it’s Friday Friday I think it’s not this of October you know what that means my hands have been buzzing with it’s like data data just studying for this summit have I been putting a little time into it 5:30 in the morning until 10:30 at night I’m ready for a day to dump I want you to dump this data thanks so much knowledge and information just I’m all ready to explode so attendees are gonna get dumped dumped in a good way you know information I am excited are you a lot of fun stuff that’s gonna happen ever excited you’re gonna finally get to meet Steve the man behind the magic yeah it’s gonna be fun there’s people coming from all over the world yeah there’s I mean we had the ballroom and I think we got how many seats we have left like either 15 15 19 or something like that yeah we got the entire ballroom it’s almost filled up guys so if you’re gonna come you might want to think about it real fast the anagen we’re maxed out this is gonna be the largest Kido summit in the world in the world I thought you see us know what’s in the world that’s exciting and you’re gonna be a part of it in if you guys have tickets and you didn’t make your room reservations yet at a Gaylord you have to do that really fast as like yeah this is amazing it’s amazing discount and that is gonna expire in just a few days so we’re trying to extend it a little bit but there’s just no guarantee there so if you haven’t made them make them that’s right so today we’re gonna answer your questions so if there’s anything that we say it’s not meant to diagnose you check with your doctor this is just for research and for you and your doctor to get some more information to kind of focus on different areas so that being said yeah Karen I think I’m gonna go to the first question Derek from Queens good hey Derek how you doing hey dr. Berg how are you how’s everything Karen hey how’s it going in Queens pretty good pretty good yeah so dr. Berg my recent issue is that I found that I have a tear where my top of my stomach and esophagus meet so I kind of just wanted to ask you what I can do in regards to that and I do have some osteopenic edema issues swelling in the joints of the hands that’s kind of coming back and what I can do for a mutual valve prolapse okay then that’s that’s about it okay other than you’re doing pretty good that’s awesome okay so is it when you have tears or damage to the inner lining of any of your digestive system or respiratory system there’s a couple things that you want to focus on one wheatgrass juice healing fasting especially prolonged fasting also does some serious improvement with healing different parts of the body it’s like it gives the organs a chance to finally rest and it can actually you know speed up healing so there’s certain genes that kick in that go on this really fast healing mode so I would do those common those two combinations vitamin E is another thing that you want to focus on and maybe what you can do is that take some chlorophyll from the wheatgrass and just on an empty stomach just you know let it go through the esophagus as it’s going down the track and then just let it kind of hang out down there and do its job and then of course I would do fasting those two things mitral valve prolapse is completely a b-vitamin thing so what I’m going to do a little bit later is cover the relationship between the heart and nutrition so I’ll talk more about that at that point okay Derek thanks for calling hey Denise you’re from Kentucky how are you thank you good what was your question okay first of all I want you know I bought my VIP ticket with dinner hoping to talk to you about this oh so don’t get that out of the way good yeah okay so my 52 year old very healthy runner and a year ago this week I was diagnosed with the flu and given Tamiflu to later I tested positive for the strike because I was getting worse I was given an antibiotic that are weak funneling that these lures read very itchy patches showed up mainly on my torso then expand out to my legs my Scout right oh I was covered in it went back to the doctor she thought I had scarlatina so for like the next month I was on steroids so it kept getting worse I went to the dermatologist she says it’s got tapes arises so I did a painting bed and I use a topical anti-itch steroid cream and that helped and most of it has gone but I still have it on my lower legs and can’t get rid of it so then I did l-glutamine for three weeks got no difference I’ve been on a strong pot probiotic for a couple months no difference I’m taking your vitamin d3 and k2 and vitamin B’s and all your other stuff and you tell not getting in any difference but I am doing keto and I asked still no difference what else can I do okay so Denise I’m gonna share some things private with you when you get there for sure that I think it’s going to help you but just a couple gentle things right now for something like this I would do a high-potency vitamin D I would go up with the vitamin D and I’m talking like probably 75,000 IU’s of vitamin D with a good amount of k2 the vitamin D is quite interesting because it’s really a hormone it’s a hormone that is intimately involved with with the immune system it actually keeps viruses in remission and helps all sorts of skin issues it also helps the microbes in your gut so if you don’t have enough vitamin D then the gut can’t do its job and they need vitamin D so there’s this huge relationship and then you can have overgrowth of something from the antibiotic they kill off that and then it can actually grow on the skin so I would just go up and up from vitamin D until the skin starts clearing up but there are there’s a few things that I’m going to share with you in private at the event okay thanks for calling these all right Karen hey all right I was reading Oh so I’ll just ask dates yes or no no too sweet too sweet good coffee enemas yes or no I think they’re fine I think they’re fine occasionally it will help purge the gallbladder and kind of clean things out I’m not opposed to them I think they’re fine okay ya know on Facebook melody asks she’s got diverticulitis what can she eat well any type of the diverticulitis or diverticulosis or inflammatory conditions you know you you just need to do the basic health Aikido and if’ because the transit time how fast the food goes through the system is about 36 to 40 hours okay so rarely does anyone give their system a chance to fully clean out so that so you can go in repair mode when you’re in digestive mode you’re gonna have a lot of inflammation a lot of polyps a lot of issues so you need to do longer fasting to basically clean out the gut so you can go and repair mode and that’s really what you need especially for inflammatory conditions the most potent anti-inflammatory thing you can do is in a minute in a minute fasting hands down okay yeah okay good one more okay so I think it’s Heber from YouTube asks can he do keto and I F if he’s hardcore athlete there’s there’s all these debates you know like oh you got you need more glucose yes you can and you should but here’s the thing you have to realize it takes quite a bit of time to fully adapt as a real top pro athlete some of these athletes that are fat adapted I mean it dariya added for a couple years till their bodies were very efficient and they I I think it’s a better way to go if you’re doing endurance sports like long like ultra marathons you’re gonna need some carbs because it’s it’s like not much but you’re gonna need some carbs with some fat it’s not completely zero carbs but those carbs will probably be something like quinoa or some on rye something like that but in general I think there’s not enough research long-term to really know the exact technology of it but you’re gonna have to experiment but I think you also have to give it a long time for your body to adapt but the problem is if you’re doing the carbo and switching back to keto you’ll never ever adapt your system to a full fat burning potential but but it does take a couple years all right Carol mm-hmm all right so now we’re going to be Anna from DC how are you Briana are you there I just wanted to know if you all thought that there was any kind of relationship between like your hormones or like any nutritional deficiencies that could arise from having your fallopian tubes removed mmm good question what did you notice after he had those removed well I just kind of removed in my last c-section in January so January 31st but so I haven’t noticed anything yet but I was just kind of wonder like will this affect me long term or of course the doctor says you know it’s fine but did you did they take out the ovaries too or the uterus no okay got it well good thing yeah it’s an extra piece of your body that you don’t need no just kidding so here’s my thought on that right so you know basically got the ovary you got the uterus and you have this little tube that connects and of course people do this so they prevent pregnancy I think you’re not gonna really see too much of a problem if you keep in your healthy eating plan the thing with with the surgery though in general is that the stress of the anesthetics with the adrenal gland the adrenal gland kind of Never Sleeps it kind of keeps working so when you go through surgery it can create kind of a trauma to the body and that can create vitamin C deficiencies and stress especially if you have multiple surgery like myself so what I would do is I would just continue what you’re doing and I don’t think you’re gonna have a problem with that because out of all the parts of your body that probably be the least of a problem because there’s not a clan it’s just a tube so yeah good question though those tubes out with wild abandon absolutely just take them out and if you need to put it back in just put them back in just save them in a jar yeah hey Rhonda you’re from Pennsylvania you had a question go ahead yes I am doing Kito and I asked for about a month and I lost 14 pounds I’m sure its water weight I have a lot of cherry angiomas is there any hope that they would go away after three years possibly you know that’s a good question it really depends it really depends on a lot of factors well you got these like they’re not tumors but they’re like red vascular things that grow in the body and honestly there’s not going to be a magic bullet for that that I’ve ever found I do think that over time it’s going to improve is it going to completely clear it out probably not but it’s going to reduce the intensity and improve it simply because when you lower insulin you greatly improve the vascular system what really makes those conditions worse is high levels of insulin and sugar so you’re going in the right direction you’re going to have to give it time personally I do not have the magic bullet for that one I’m always looking for things if I find it I’ll do a video on it but that’s a that’s a real tough one but thanks for your call Rhonda I wish I had some of the magical like there’s certain things that I’ve tried that work in like a high percentage of cases and that’s definitely a real tricky one all right what do you got okay good so let’s see well I have Michael who’s saying that he and his wife have been on keto for a week okay his wife gained three pounds oh wow okay you know what if’ well it’s very fat all that low carb is fattening food so that makes sense to me now what you did kidding here’s the thing when you lower carbs you’re not gonna gain fat however probably what’s happening and this happens often is the increase in vegetables especially the ones that can create bloating is what what’s behind the weight gain it’s fluid in order for your body to kind of consume and digest and do with a lot of these fibers it requires a lot of extra water and that’s really what happens it’s a bloating the extra water that’s kind of in there I would use this to really turn things around I would change your vegetables to these green lettuce cucumbers zucchini squash bell peppers okay just eat those in smaller quantities for a while okay and you might need to have like just a little bit of it and then watch what happens the way it’s going to come right down and then slowly start increasing that I think you may have a digestive issue that’s doing that but it’s definitely not fat because here’s the thing the whole fat burning process like people have this question what’s the secret to burning fat it really has to do with understanding one key enzyme there’s one enzyme that controls fat burning it’s the fat burning enzyme and all the different hormones that are triggered by different foods activate this one enzyme that dissolves the fat so if you could really understand what triggers that then you would have the secret to burning all the fat you want right what what’s the secret well the secret is and let me first it’s at the summit I’d have to if I told you I’d have to kill you but at the name of the enzyme is hormone sensitive lipase and I should probably just tell them okay okay go ahead tom so what what will trigger it is a lot of things but that’s not as important as what blocks it insulin blocks it eating blocks it there is no way you can activate that hormone if insulin is too high you it’s impossible so in other words that explains what diet you should do immediately and you can evaluate any diet out there and tell you which one’s gonna work which ones not based on does it increase insulin or decrease insulin so I completely utterly forgot what what the question was but yeah I just wanted to throw that in there okay yeah all right so while you’re looking for another question yeah take we’re gonna go to Shanique from Stafford okay are you there yes good morning I had a question about your nutritional yeast I wanted to know how much protein isn’t it because on the sorry-sorry foods nutritional uses you know it has protein Brian it and and I was kind of wondering because I have several of your supplements like um why aren’t the other macros why aren’t the macros listed one day and my second question was I went to the doctor yesterday and because of um I feel like I’ve over worked out and I haven’t worked out at all my muscles are really sore I was sleepy all day and like sore stomach I guess and he said he think it was a virus can a virus cause you to gain weight because I’ve gained like three pounds in the last two days so have you tried the nutrient nutritional yeast yet I’ve used the sorry foods I just ordered your the capsule tablet yeah okay are you you just did you but you did you just start kita know I’ve been about two years now okay so I had so you’re going along okay and then all of a sudden you started you started gaining weight well just over the past few days my muscles have been really sore so I went to the doctor he says that he thinks it’s a virus the sore muscles and sleepiness you know feeling dream okay so I was wondering if that’s why I gained those a few pounds that I put on in the last couple of days okay so here’s my thought on them because I haven’t changed how I was eating right it’s potentially it could be coming from a virus that said that’s definitely a possibility especially if there’s a stress event there’s some other things to look at as well I would also want to know is there anything else that changed in your eating sometimes your body does need more b1 as far as protein in the nutritional you use tablets I didn’t list it in there because it’s mainly a B vitamin enhancement not necessarily a protein however it has a complete amino acid profile and great amount of trace minerals so you’re gonna get probably about 4 grams of protein per tablet you know on average but here’s the thing too if you take double up on that you should start feeling better if it’s a b1 deficiency b1 is like the spark plug that activates energy in the and the mitochondria in the cell so that’s one thing I would also look at potassium so if you’re if you’re doing all these things and then and there’s like no other reasons for this muscle soreness and you’re doing in a minute fasting – there could be an infection it could be a virus viruses tend to come out in the fall but it’s not quite fall yet but let’s just pretend it’s a virus then I would get a lot of Sun like today right you can get a lot of Sun I’m just kidding it’s overcast but increase your vitamin D that’s the best thing for viruses right now and decrease your stress but that’s without know anything else that’s what I would do good question though thanks for calling okay Karen okay good so Shelly is wondering she says she has a cholesterol problem can she still eat butter well here’s the thing I would really really love for you to research this data and cholesterol and what how it all works but first of all when you have butter you’re consuming saturated fat and if your carbs are really low you’re gonna be totally fine but if you’re actually doing I don’t know what diet you’re on whatever so if you’re doing adding fat to an already high carbohydrate diet it’s gonna make things worse but if you’re doing low carb adding more Babur up but butter will not increase your cholesterol I mean may increase the cholesterol going through the body but it’s not going to create any harmful effects from cholesterol and your body will process it a lot better too there’s actually no data zero that shows any relationship between eating butter and increasing cardiovascular risk at all there is zero data on that so I wouldn’t worry about it and I would definitely research up the videos on cholesterol so you can understand that yeah so so I have another one here go ahead Christopher from Australia he says he’s still gaining body fat around his tummy after five months with keto and I have one meal at night he’s on the adrenal kit tablets is it best to just heal the adrenals for now no no no you want to do a little more hardcore keto cut your carbs down more and do longer intermittent fasting and support the adrenal because the basics of getting the basics is even in the book that I wrote I always talk about the basic diet even before nutrition because if that’s not handled it’s really gonna take a lot longer doing the basic things like I talked about in Chapter whatever I don’t even know my book I think it’s chapter 12 that will decrease the stress right there from you adrenals so fasting believe it or not increases your tolerance for stress a lot he’s eating one meal a day so interesting and he’s still gaining weight or just around his tummy he’s gaining weight that’s getting fatter around his tummy it has to be vegetables it has to be bloating because there’s no way you can do one meal a day and gain weight in your stomach other than floating unless you’re eating things that really aren’t keto right so there’s a lot of variables out what in the the summit that hopefully you’re coming to I’m gonna do a whole section on troubleshooting which is very extensive it’s going to be awesome awesome but in the meantime go to my videos and watch the evaluations I do in other people just to get some tips because it has to be more of the vegetables that you’re consuming that you’re blo that are bloating you okay yep you eat a lot of vegetables yes I do so a lot more than before but you eat on a regulation see like Brussels sprouts like Brussels sprouts on a cauliflower green Bruegel ah I love arugula doesn’t use a fork she just uses her hands until the he’s dressing no dressing huh just eat it like a lot my salad it’s amazing but you aren’t doing good with that I’m impressed I’m impressed Karen okay cuz you know the average person America consumes 1.6 cups of vegetables per day that’s a lot monarch astok yeah just a little more than a cup and a half of vegetables really all day yeah but 150 pounds of sugar a year yeah that’s right that’s right fill in the void yeah that’s right yeah Rhonda’s been waiting for 34 minutes and one second my Rhonda are you there I am great ok you are great I have two simple questions one of them I can’t remember the exact thing that it’s called I believe glutamine so what cancer feeds on and love yeah I want to know what what foods that is in and should we avoid eating it and my other question is I am doing keto I’m not doing the intermittent fasting like I should know I’m getting back into that but um I have severe hair loss and I don’t know if that’s very menopausal or or what kasnian sure sure Rhonda ok so the first question about glutamine glutamine is an amino acid and unfortunately it’s well not unfortunately but it’s in pretty much every single food that you eat to know the meats and eggs and vegetables so for you to try to avoid that but for those of you that don’t know we’re talking there’s you there’s two food to two types of things that cancer can live off of one is glucose the other one is glutamine because it’s the amino acid so the thought is oh I’m just going to avoid both right well if you don’t have cancer you don’t want to worry about it because glutamine is a good thing just so happens these these uh cancer cells are they’ll just they’ll eat good things too they’ll eat glutamine so so you have to kind of when you if you have cancer you have to do things like a glutamine inhibitor or which I’m going to cover natural ones at the summit by the way or you can just do in a minute fasting longer and cut down the protein and have just the amount of protein that you need not anymore and that would be good so to prevent cancer you don’t want to avoid glutamine what you should do is just eat healthy right now doing them and fasting and then guess what the chance of getting cancer going to go down cancer does not living or tumors don’t live on ketones so so that’s that now as far as hair loss goes usually it’s going to be the B vitamins so there is a situation if you have unfriendly flora or bacteria in your gut and you can’t make the B vitamins that could be the reason why you your hair’s falling out in which case you just need to increase the amount of B vitamins so you want to take more nutritional yeast like double or triple the mounts and the hair should come back because the cool thing about nutritional yeast Karen yeah is it not only has the B vitamins it has protein amino acids and trace minerals all three trace minerals actually help activate the enzymes so to make it work okay okay good so thanks for your your questions Rhonda all right what do we got okay good so here’s a question about brand different kinds of brand is that okay to substitute brand for flowers when you’re baking on keto a good question it’s a cooking question I appreciate I think you can substitute it but here’s the thing bran is an insoluble fiber and it definitely does create some balking and things but it does irritate your gut okay but that being said like rice bran has tons and tons of B vitamins when you take rice in its whole form and you you take the hulls off which is the brand mm-hmm you’re taking all the B vitamins so you feed the hulls to the pigs and then you eat the white rice and you quit you get berry berry which is a b1 deficiency and you have all these pigs are pigs are healthier than you know berry berry for the pigs no berry berry for the pigs so is that a yes that you can use brand instead of flour yeah you can use it okay yeah consist I don’t know that so I don’t know what your name is cuz it’s a code word fiber is carbohydrate but it it does not affect the blood sugars so that’s fine awesome but we’re gonna be come on you want to do that also the other fibers from the vegetables as well careful yes okay good okay is this still our turn um you can have one more question okay because Denise love and I love that name and she’s regular because I always enjoy reading that name so she has a question she says she eats one meal a day her calorie intake is in the 900s and is this safe I love this next sentence I truly cannot fit any more food into my day I love that I know what you’re talking about sometimes we’re like oh god did we eat today what are we gonna eat do we eat standing up right are we actually gonna sit down and have a meal so I understand okay here’s the thing you the average person non overweight person consumes 52 tons of food in their entire lifespan in an overweight person a little bit overweight there’s another truck for load of food so 52 tons so how many pounds is that Karen well one time is what 2010 yeah so that’s you know a 300 no 140 something like that it’s over a hundred thousand balance of food pounds 100 over a hundred thousand pounds of food in your lifetime well okay so depending on what it is that sounds pretty sounds like fun okay so yeah you don’t need as much food as you think when you do when you do intermittent fasting at one meal a day your body starts to recycle and we cover a lot of the nutrients so the nutrient requirements go way down as long as you’re feeling good your hair’s not falling out you have energy ride the wave and keep doing it so I think you’re gonna be fine you don’t want to eat when you’re not hungry okay you don’t want and and here’s the thing guys if you’re doing the difference between fasting and starvation fasting is when you tapped out your sugar Reserve and you’re in fat burning starvation is when you tapped out your fat reserve and now you’re burning up your muscle and your organs so that’s when you’re getting all sorts of problems when you do fasting normally you have a reserve of nutrients here’s one tip Karen and I’m gonna get one tip today when you’re doing fasting you probably want to supplement with supplements and minerals and B vitamins just because we don’t know if you have enough reserve or not that way you can be totally safe totally fine and so instead of adding more food add some supplements to enhance it that’s my tip of the day tip in the day yeah okay okay so I’m gonna go to Luke Luke from Toronto how are you thank you I started watching your first video from 2012 up until today’s date and mixed it with one video with doctor such and Conda so instead of digging into this basically I’m only two months and yeah I mean you know I pat myself on the back for all this work that I’ve done and it’s hard it’s not easy but here’s the downside so after my month and a half I wanted to know what’s going on with my blood test so I go to my doctor and I show screenshot on my phone of my scale and she was like wow she was shocked of everything that I’ve accomplished and so I get my test results and because I can view them on my you know computer as opposed to just sitting at her office and I’m looking at my cholesterol is a little high I’m a little high on creatine chemists and then I’m high a little bit on the zinc but and then I just got a cold and this is because I mean living here in the city I got a cold and I’m trying to stay calm without of course I don’t have any ghrelin or like carbs you know but I don’t want any carbs I don’t wanna I stay with the sugar cuz I know it encourages like the bacteria while you’re sick specially but I I just wanted to basically again thank you and I want to know what I should be doing in this case like with this blood test because I just want to know that I’m under I’m on the right path I’ll only want to go down to like a hundred and sixty five pound 65 pounds so just like just like when I was a teen awesome okay so the interesting thing about this is that zinc is goes goes up when you do in a minute fasting in Quito which is really weird look why would think go up your body when you’re doing them in fasting you get all these antioxidants that kick in there they start doing their work to clean up and kill pathogens because the immune system is now has a chance for your body to focus on that so zinc does go up and also uric acid will go up those two things because uric acid will act as a an accident so that’s that’s all cool that’s you know to worry about that it’s just normal that happens in your body but as far as what you’re doing I think I would add more whole food vitamin C to get you through this cold I would also want you to watch my video on remnant cholesterol that’s way way more important in total cholesterol Remeron REM remnant cholesterol look that up I show you how to do the calculations and then you can figure out what’s going on but you need more data or more training on just understanding cholesterol and because it’s really all the fat cells have to release cholesterol when you actually lose weight so it has to come out it will go up it’s not a problem but we have to get that cholesterol of your body alright thanks for watching thanks for your question alright Karen okay a bunch of people different scenarios go on keto and then they have aches pains they feel tired so new keto not feeling great well now do so there’s a there’s two things if you’re doing the key to adapt ation and be in the beginning when you’re transitioning you’re gonna have q2r ask you to flu okay that means it’s lower key to flu that means you need more sea salt okay that’ll handle that just like that boom gone usually for the aches and stuff you need see here’s the thing when you actually go on keto you utilize different nutrients especially more b1 and potassium and magnesium so you need more minerals this is why we recommend like a good high quality electrolyte that should actually handle that right there because you’re utilizing more of these things now if you’re in a carbohydrate diet you also need a lot more b1 and things like that and this is why people are always deficient because you’re doing so many carbs and they get deficient in b1 b1 Karen yeah is the spark plug to the motor in the engine so if you’re doing all this fuel I mean you’ve cut your cut your long before right actually no I you have a video of me cutting them that’s right by an hour but you you probably used a lot more before far side okay good I cut the grass Indy well I did until we hired someone right all right we’re gonna leave it at that yeah okay so here’s the thing so the point I’m trying to bring out is that you gotta sleep yeah in your mitochondria the energy factory you have a carburetor in there okay you know the carburetors yeah okay good basically it’s a device that mixes a small amount of gasoline with oxygen or air okay I need out there yeah so it sprays in there this fuel and then the spark plug which is the bottom B one kicks it off and you get energy mm-hmm so if you do too many carbohydrates too much fuel you’re gonna choke out your engine you’re gonna flood the engine have you ever done that no but you like cut the grass okay well anyway it floods out if you’ve bled your engine yes your question in my mouth opens and then you answer so I’m just gonna sitting nod okay just just humor me I am so if we flood the engine but because we primed it too much it put too much fuel in there mmm that is exactly what’s happening with people that are tired on high carb diet just putting too much fuel with the oxygen is it all clearing up making clear that is did I go off this way somewhere what was the original question I have no clue all right okay so we could take a new one okay go for okay so here’s someone well drinking 16 ounces of celery juice kicked me out of if’ absolutely not I mean it’s you’re gonna break a fast because but it’s not gonna bump you out of ketosis too much hoses yeah cuz the the celery juice is like if you look at the actual sugars in there it’s so low it’s purely just like some nutrients fiber and water that’s all it is mmm yeah it’s like celery juice is really good for gout it’s really good for arthritis it’s really good for high blood pressure and it’s also good for insomnia if you have sleep problems did I have some celery today every day okay good witness okay good okay go ahead I’m gonna go to Margie from Pennsylvania are you there hi yes I am hello I’m how you guys good we’re in Pennsylvania are you from Edwardsville Oh where’s that it’s No near whoops Barry okay I’m from Allentown I like Allentown a shout out every once in a while anyway go ahead yeah your question my question is is there best to small ones is there anything natural that you can take for tinnitus and the other one is I was I’m taking black seed oil and I had gotten some and it was almost a color of olive oil then I ordered another order of it and it was like reddish I would have from the same place also and it was like reddish it I kind of went hmmm was wondering if anything was wrong with it yeah well okay so as far as the oil goes you’re doing a like black seed oil those things can range in different colors same thing if you’re doing food based you’re not doing something like very synthetic so they can I wouldn’t worry about the color but as far as tinnitus I did two videos in tinnitus there’s two different things you can do there’s a remedy and there’s actually two three videos in tonight there’s actually a technique and you can look it up and you’re actually it’s it’s it works like pictures all the time you should watch the videos and try that technique the other thing you need to know with tinnitus is that that could be a nerve problem neuropathy type problem and that could come from low vitamin b1 because when you’re low and b1 because you had a history not now of high sugar high carbohydrate diets you have all sorts of nerve problems you have peripheral neuropathy and the fee you know the riotous you have problems with nerve in your eye like you like the retina so you can also have it tinnitus so what I would do is I would take Ben vote to mean if these other techniques don’t work it’s the fastest I will be one and see if you can’t get some good improvement from that okay thanks for your call all right we need to go to comment from Fort Worth Texas you had a question about the gall bladder go ahead hi dr. Byrd yes first of all I want to say that you weren’t answer to prayer last year I was not losing weight and I was eating healthy but I came across your videos on insulin resistance and that was my issue and it helped me tremendously yes I’ve lost a weight I’m still very slow and taking it off but I’m 68 years old and I weigh 130 pounds no attitude around my middle thanks to your insulin resistance right diet but I don’t I had my gallbladder removed in 97 so I wonder what the effects are on metabolism or digestion in not having a gallbladder and what can I do to kind of act and let me also say I’m a clinical psychopath and I recommend you to all my clients yesterday I had a client having weight issues and she listened to you on the way home and she said I have an adrenaline problem she texted me so thank you for being there you’re an answer to prayer but I don’t have a gallbladder so what can I do okay so you just need to find out where it went and get it back I’m sure you could do that and have them just replace that they have spare parts but the gallbladder it the problem you’re gonna run into is a deficiency of bile – not a hundred percent but just it’s going to probably be 50 percent before it was 100 percent now fifty percent if you are consuming enough of the right foods you may be okay but the things to look at are fats I have a vitamin deficiency problem because bile helps you break down the fat side of vitamins is to help you extract them from the food so vitamin A so vision problems at night when you’re driving that I would look at that there’s a problem just add some purified bile salts there’s something I use called gall bladder formula that works good but you take that and it’ll start to increase the absorption what I did to my vitamin D in k2 is I added purified bile salts I don’t even know if you did that so you have this product of the thoughts I love item ins with bile in it so it just pulls it right into the cells automatically so it’s a kind of a unique combination there vitamin e k2 all key with like joint stuff heart calcium in the wrong place so if you start having problems with that then you know you need more bile also omega-6 by the acids if you start getting a Kunis or inflammation then maybe you need to add some bile but in general I think anyone that had the gallbladder out needs to at least occasionally start taking some bile but the reason probably you’re thinning your hair which I noticed on the comments here is the if you can’t absorb vitamin D because there’s no in the file and you don’t have enough vitamin D in the body the microbes will start to become deficient because they actually need that vitamin D and they make the B vitamins so that could be another indirect way you could be thinning your hair so I’m just looking at the connecting the dots there but thanks for your call over to you Karen okay good so I’d like you to clarify for these guys the relationship between the vitamin D now you just talked about D and k2 and bile mm-hmm how does calcium lose calcium have to do with that whole formula well you have important yeah especially but but with vitamin D if you can’t absorb vitamin D and you can’t absorb as much calcium calcium gets absorbed through the ins mol intestine with the help of vitamin D if you don’t have vitamin like vitamin D helps you absorb about 20 times that’s a lot 20 times absorb calcium yeah so know if you have lower amounts of bile now we’re going to be deficient in calcium and that’s gonna have leg cramps you’re gonna have problems with going to sleep at night insomnia I mean there’s this a whole series of calcium deficiency problems I think most people though have too much calcium and it’s plugging everything up because think about when someone gets older they get stiff they have joint joint deposit like calcium deposits cataracts they have kidney stones it’s just everything they become like a stone so and I think partly they’re just doing too much carb and partly they don’t consume enough vitamin k2 because they’re not consuming enough healthy fats because these fats other vitamins come from fat so the worst thing you can do is go on a low-fat diet okay okay good that’s what I wanted to know now these guys is there so much thing a such a thing as too much violin what can you do there’s been a couple of questions mm-hmm yeah if you have too much sometimes when you have the gallbladder out they they leave this it’s kind of like the tube is just too big and it’s all draining out so they get even take a tube no no that you needed to but channel intestine but the point is that then you have too much bile and now we have diarrhea we have a whole you know the opposite problem looks you could also have a get a hyper thyroid issue because you get more conversion of the thyroid hormones because it needs that bile for them to be converted the point is that if you have too much bile you’re gonna have to get with your doctor there is a medication substance I don’t think it’s toxic that you can take the slow dad down because you don’t want too much bile also that disrupts the floor on your god I’m telling there’s a huge connection between your microbes and bile because microbes help you recycle the bile so if you don’t have enough microbes you can’t recycle I mean it recycles it I think it’s like four to at least six six times a day it gets recycled if not more if I’m not in the second but it’s also like 99% of all the bile gets recycled so therefore if you don’t think microbes you’re gonna run on a bile and a lot of people don’t have enough bile so how do you increase your microbes well you want to do like fermented foods like pickles coleslaw sour kraut sauerkraut not coleslaw sauerkraut I was thinking kimchi a good probiotic and just eating healthy in general but here’s one little thing Karen you people say well I don’t take many antibiotics and they don’t realize that glyphosate is an antibiotic do you know what that is glyphosate is in all the Jim hmm which you don’t even know if you’re getting it because they don’t have to label it in the grocery store and filtered water these days tap water your restaurant water and then you say well I don’t eat food from the grocery store I don’t need I don’t drink tap water okay will you ever go out to dinner yeah well it’s in it’s in commercial animal products they use soy and corn GMO unless it’s organic so it’s hard to escape it so the bottom line is that you just need to create enough health reserves so you so you just survive better and not be paranoid about everything you’re eating all right okay so we’re gonna go to Tara she’s been waiting for a bit from Stafford Virginia go ahead Tara hello Malkin yeah I can hear you yes okay I actually just wanted I started the I started Aikido and the intermittent fasting probably about a month end now and I noticed that my brain fog is really really bad to the point where you know I’m at work where I cannot articulate myself or get my words together so it you know it’s kind of scary so of course I want to revert back to you know eating carbs when I’m doing okay but I just don’t like that feeling so what can I do to improve that okay so are you consuming any vitamin b1 I’m not taking any supplements oh I don’t know I guess through vegetables because I do eat a lot of salads and growing vegetables yeah this is a run no I’m not taking any supplement this is a real easy solution for you ready for this yeah vitamin b1 that will solve your problems very fast you need some b1 go out get some b1 and 100 milligrams and you also then need to get nutritional yeast because you over time you want to have the complex from nature those two together will knock out brain fog faster than anything that I know and you’ll be like in it like within about four or five minutes to be like wow I just feel focused now and of course I’m assuming you’re doing some protein during the day too you’re not just doing completely just vegetables right yes I am doing some protein cause you know I do eggs because I just eat lunch and a dinner so I do some eggs I do – no I do steak yes so I do get a little protein and he just needs to be B vitamins that’s all you need especially b1 and you’re gonna be good together all right sounds good thank you so much you’re welcome all right Karen um what do you think should we give away a free standard ticket to the summit or not yes because we don’t have any more VIP seats okay all the VIP and the platinum seats are gone but we have a small number of seats left I say we give another one away I hope this is what I suggest we do what if it’s if it’s okay with you I’m the organizer yeah what I suggest is if you guys want to win a free ticket and why don’t we have them just type in if they really want to come okay number one and they actually email us that way we can just pick it in an hour and then we just pick someone okay so let’s do this okay if you want to come to the summit next weekend like I know email dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm and put why put a free ticket in the sub in the subject and then just put your name address phone number yeah we’ll have your email yeah just type that you would like to be so to win a free ticket that’s a little pick will pick someone from there and then you want to ok so just do that yeah I think everyone if you if you say I would definitely come yeah okay good now let’s say you want to be considered for a free ticket you want to win a free ticket all your contact information so that we can get you and then with the free ticket winners we need address and all of that so we can verify you when you get here yeah so so don’t don’t necessarily type in the comments just email us raptor berg at dr. bird calm right out any dots it’s just although everybody really wants to anyway but yeah just email us directly and then we’ll pick from there sounds good hey guys guess what I completely forgot if you want to take the Kido at my new Kido quiz click the link below okay link below Facebook it looks like it’s through messenger you just type it and you can go ahead and take my key but of course wait we’re done okay don’t right now yeah like everyone’s news right now but there’s a link down below this is the keep my new key they’ll quiz and I’m gonna see if it how smart you guys are see if you’ve been watching the videos or not and see if you get a hundred on your test mmm yeah this will be interesting and so I’ll be grading all of them this afternoon okay have a question so Cathy on Facebook is asking what does yeast do now you’re talking about the nutritional yeast he’s recommending I’m sure so what does it do why do you keep saying take it yeast is one of the best natural sources of B vitamins so we need B vitamins when we’re doing keto and it’s so important so important the more I studies i mean i have pretty much every textbook on B vitamins you could possibly imagine the last Kindle book was like $80 is crazy but it was awesome I read it on a daily basis but the B vitamins are very important so the problem is most be vital manzara made from petroleum so you’d want a natural source nutritional yeast will provide that but it not only has the B vitamins Karen yeah it has the amino acids complete profile that’s protein it has a ton of trace minerals I mean it’s perfect and there in teeth there so there’s also brewers yeast but that does not taste as good as nutritional yeast but I love nutritional yeast I like it on salads it’s kind of cheesy it’s kind of cheesy and nutty in it and sometimes I just have spoonful of it even though it really sticks to your teeth and your molars and you’re working on it for the next half an hour but something about it I really like mm-hmm and I just wanted to tell people the summit there’s going to be eight speakers including myself and so we have dr. Westman he’s from Duke and this county he’s a medical doctor his only mode of treatment is the keto diet he doesn’t use drugs incredible zach bitter he won the record for a hundred miles he averaged seven-minute miles I’ve never done a seven minute seven-minute mile in my car when he comes we’ll go jogging with them and see if we can keep up with them so Zach bitter we have Nancy here yeah I’m just so I’m right now my head is like so into the data like I’m just like ready to dump the data but anyway we’re gonna be talking about a lot of amazing topics but basically what I was trying to say is trying to train us I’m trying to say that we have the top speakers on the planet on keto there it’s gonna be awesome and in a minute fasting okay so we’re gonna talk about that too and there’s also some really fun exhibitors that are gonna be there but leave that as a mystery it’s a mystery okay that’s zip it Karen doesn’t talk about that but it’s really cool and and next Friday we are gonna be at the event doing this show live yes we are yes we are surprise how are we gonna fit that in we got it covered yes we’re gonna be there setting up as of Thursday we’ll be back tyreq yeah it’s gonna be a thanks guys the Gaylord hotel clue me I was gonna wear you know sweatpants with my hair sticking up in a ponytail like this so we’re gonna be at the Gaylord yes the same location as where the some is gonna be nice so um yeah it’s gonna be pretty cool so will works maybe we’ll pull in some of the early birds there that are coming but we’ll talk about that hey Tina you’ve been holding for awhile you’re from Indiana are you there I hear you think your music I think that means your daughter was on keto and you had a question oh it’s on the phone are we on hold yeah a tailor Tina you just come back I’ll have someone check on ya we’re gonna go to Pam from Illinois she’s been waiting hi Pam hey how are you guys hey hey hey I’m gonna make this real quick because I know you like short questions but I have seat tenderness and feet burnin I was diagnosed with the lime co-infections the BZ and bartonella Wow okay are you yeah are you still going through it did you do something to kind of handle the life I have cleaned out my dental fillings dealt with mold cleaning out all my symptoms and things have gotten better but the see tenderness and the burning is is everyday okay are you doing kiddo NIF yet yeah okay okay this is what you need to do Pam these spiro kites these microbes tend to invade the the nervous system and they start to create damage to the they actually caused the your immune system to create the damage to the nerves so to repair the damage you need specifically you need been vote to mean in high amount I’m talking like go get some benfotiamine but four times the amount take it to the day and that’s what you do it you can do this also if you have nerve damage from like peripheral neuropathy and the feet from chemo or some infection or from diabetes it’s all the same thing then thought to me okay that’s what you need and that should help you greatly okay Pam thanks are you there Tina I am okay good hello hello your question hello hi can you hear me yes Monica I can good quack what was your question hear me oh yeah we can hear you fine okay my daughter just recently told me she was pregnant but she had started keto does she need to quit completely quit that now good question no she needs to continue it because it’s one of the but the key is like you want to do a healthy version of keto that I promote those a lot of vegetables a lot of healthy fats it’s totally fine the only thing you probably don’t want to do is do intermittent fasting but yeah keep doing the keto because it’s really really healthy some women unfortunately don’t have the data about nutrition and they go off to do some higher carb thing and that’s really what creates the deficiencies it shows up in in the fetus and the developing baby so you definitely want to stand up because it’s a really healthy way to consume food and to grow a healthy body I would also add in there the B vitamins the fat Seibel vitamins the trace minerals very important also vitamin b1 and the reason for that is that there’s a condition called eclampsia and it’s very very damaging I mean it’s out it’s just 2 b1 deficiency if you consume that you’re going to be fine the trace minerals will help the child grow really really healthy seek help would be very healthy and then I think I think your daughter will have a very healthy baby okay I appreciate that because I didn’t see I’ve watched many many of your videos and I haven’t never seen anything about pregnant saying I told her I was kind of callin an ass yeah so I appreciate you taking my call you’re welcome and I do have some videos on it not many probably one or two but you have to do a search and then make sure that she gets the data from my book not just the videos because I have more complete and the video you might just get hardly answer but thank you for calling Tina have a good one wow you did it I did it you got through all those calls and we have three seconds left that was amazing yeah I timed it that’s great chuckle yeah yeah now what do we do I guess now we just tell people yes you’ve sang wave goodbye no we just listen don’t forget to email dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm subject is I want a free ticket name address phone number if you think you can absolutely come to the summit and want to win a free ticket it’s a general seat ticket also if you’re coming and you haven’t booked your room yet make sure that you book the room because those that special price is going to end any day oh also if you’re coming really you should come on Friday we’re gonna have I’m gonna give you guys the general agenda Friday is early registration from 4:00 until 8:00 and we really encourage you guys to come Friday and register because registration will open 7 a.m. on Saturday and we start real sharp at 8 o’clock you want to avoid the long line you want to avoid we’re gonna do our best to get everyone in really fast but come register Friday crash enjoy your night get up early Saturday and Sunday we start plastics in the morning sharp on Saturday because I get up at 5:00 he would if I didn’t say no so 8 o’clock we start and then there’s the lunch for the VIP and platinum guys and then Saturday night is the semi-formal Platinum dinner and Sunday we go until about noon 12:30 and then the VIP Platinum’s have lunch again we’re gonna have a blast so I really hope that you guys fill those few last seats and we’re so excited all right have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week [Music] you

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