Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] hello again hi guys were back how are you doing actually how are you doing um well how are you very well thank you very much yeah we are Wow so anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you is just to meant to educate you and to give you things so you can research does not ever replace your medical care alright guys so today is a special day we are going to release the contest winners for the best slogan so we’re gonna release that in a little bit okay so don’t don’t you know click off watch this watch this tonight because I also have three amazing tips and this is life-changing information I’m gonna tell you something you’ve never heard before and it’s actually very valuable so you want to stay tuned their educational they’re not quizzes but they’re educational tips and I will say one thing I’m gonna actually completely clarify and this will make a lot of sense for a lot of people is and it relates to keto being safe you know is keto safe because their studies Kerin that show that high-fat diets will increase your risk of heart disease okay there’s also studies that show that high-fat diets will lower your risk for heart disease so how can you have two out true facts you might can’t so I’m gonna explain something that will just completely and utterly clear it up once and for all and and you may have not heard this before so stay tuned we’re gonna cover this alright so I’m gonna go to Derrick from New York are you there Derrick good how you doing you know everyone listening here you know you did save my life and I’m very thankful for that in and you know that is an understatement I’m very very thankful for that oh you’re welcome and before before I get to my point I do have the Aikido hack I’m pretty sure you probably have spoken about this at some time but uh I think Oakley is the most powerful Kido food and it uh it basically stabilizes hunger and it actually stabilizes blood Sugar’s as well so for people who have any of these issues I’ve kind of found out that okra is a keto superfood mmm interesting that’s great data you know Oprah also is good yeah digestion the co-head right exactly absolutely so um you know you know my history and you know I’ve had some nerve issues in my hands and feet but uh I’m having problems with like like my bunions are like kind of spiraling out of control and but that’s not really an important one my most important thing is my right hand and basically I was having nerve issues it feels like things are just stuck and now it’s to the point where I did fall about two months ago I think I might have maybe had like a hairline fracture of something I’m not sure okay but uh like my pinky my pinky is kind of curving at the end and just all my nerves from my hand from starting from like my pinky all the way to the palm of my hand and to my wrist going to my forearm and all going all the way up to my neck and shoulder area I went to this Chinese medicine practitioner who’s kind of like who does acupuncture stuff and he said it was coming from my neck but there’s just something going on ever since I had that fall and to the point so I’m so I’m wondering is there anything what can I take yeah so I know in kind of mm-hmm yeah so I know that you you took the benfotiamine which is a fat type of vitamin because we we were trying to handle that and I’m guessing that’s not really handling but the fact that it’s on the right side gives us very good data and I keep right I ran into this a lot in practice over and over and over like why is it always on the right side and not the left side yes you had a fall that could have definitely jarred something your neck and you you should definitely find a good Carol to actually align your neck but I think there’s something related to what we talked about before it’s the gallbladder and the bile duct I want you to do an experiment today I want you to take a massage tool maybe even your hand and really massage underneath your right ribcage about an inch below it all the way down to the right side underneath like not just right underneath it close to the midline but all the way around work all that out and then observe the before and after sensation on your right hand because if that gallbladder if the bile duct is congested and there’s a back up going up into the liver that puts pressure on the phrenic nerve the phrenic nerve goes right up on the right side and it actually creates a tension in your neck that tends to cause the vertebra to rotate a little bit pinching the nerve plexus that goes down the right hand now it might sound unreal but it’s very common I’ve seen it so many times and all you do is you relieve and support the gallbladder do longer than in a fasting and presto the hand gets better so I really think it’s it is a nerve but it’s coming from the bile duct and the congestion around that area it’s referred pain and it’s usually on the right side I’ve had people had splints and you work on the gallbladder and bam it goes way but one way to know for sure is just to have someone do some visual massage on the gallbladder area and see if it gets better and chances are it will thanks Derek okay let’s go right to Michael Michael you aren’t you’re calling from Tennessee what’s your question I am good morning doctor good morning morning can you hear me yeah okay great I am a talked to diabetic I started pancreatitis back in April and I’ve suffered through that and then again had to go back in the hospital in October and I had pancreatitis again and had my gallbladder removed and since then this still been dealing with the pancreatitis and found you about two months ago and started the LT keto and doing the home I had no problems because you know it’s not been a problem not to eat one meal a day so I was 290 pounds back in April and I’m not like 210 the small Wow so yeah it’s great and everything I’ve been doing for you it’s been from you has been working very well do need nutritional yeast doing some supplemental bile salts now doing the cruciferous you know doing the potassium citrate doing doing all the things you suggested and which is working out great they don’t have a problem at all the kiddo everything’s great with that but all of a sudden every four to six days banker Titus’s pops up and I am stuck for three or four days this is my third day fasting because I can’t eat because I’m sick when the doctors say anything you do is digestive rest okay I’m just trying to think of anything you can think you can suggest to help me through my pancreas to you know I’m already letting it rest yeah and the only thing I can think is pain medication so question how do you know for a fact that it’s pancreatitis did they do a test or something they did yeah they’ve done it about my test they said it was I don’t know exactly what it was but normal was was down and very low but mine was five hundred and something mm-hmm a lot a source of it so it was definitely diagnosed as pancreatitis and it has been and they said that a sledge girl but her so they took that out my blood Sugar’s are was 82 this morning my ketones were 2.9 I’ve stopped in januvia a little over a week ago I’ve stopped one of the met Foreman’s I’ve stopped two of the starlings so I’m only taking one Mitch Foreman in one Starbucks today for diabetes and that’s it and my blood Sugar’s aren’t going up at all of course there’s nothing going in but still they’re not going up at all so you know I was on farxiga they said that was causing pancreatitis they took me out they had to put me on januvia so that’s a possibility to do so I’ve stopped that too but it hasn’t changed it in in a couple weeks so question of what’s your body lost all my leg what’s your biggest symptom pain the pain and pressure along the just about an inch above the navel about six inches wide was pressure to your left Russia the left side lift bad predominant left side predominantly yeah okay well let me just kind of give you my two cents of course I I can’t necessarily tell you what to do to cure it because I can’t cure anyone but here’s what here’s a couple things obviously you’re in the right track everything’s going well now you had this flare-up when they remove the gallbladder it puts a lot of stress on the pancreas because the pancreas now has to work really hard I think you’re doing all the right things I think what I would do is I would take things to help cool it down with I would take the wheatgrass juice powder just to help chill it out a bit which is very highly anti-inflammatory I would take also some high quality food based vitamin E okay that’s really good for that condition to support it and I the other thing that I would do is I would do manual I have a video on this is called gallbladder flush you can watch it but you actually manually work I would not press on the gallbladder I’d press on the right side and just do some massage to take some pressure off the little duct that sometimes gets lodged which then can back up into the pancreas that can cause the pancreatitis so there’s a little a pancreatic duct that drains into the small intestine so you want to massage just the digestive system to keep things flowing so you you may be able to help relieve that a little bit all right okay Mike thanks for your call Karen what do we got what do we got on social media hey good so one question here what would you recommend for somebody who’s getting tinnitus ringing in the ears okie-dokie don’t help it well there’s a couple things I have a couple of videos and tinnitus and sometimes it can come from something with mucus sometimes actually it comes from maybe a vitamin deficiency so if you started keto and you’re starting to get more ringing the ears I would go for the B vitamins and I would take something called benfotiamine which is a fats I will buy them and because if you look up the link between tinnitus and b1 deficiency you’re gonna see all this interesting day and they’re gonna recommend something called been thought to mean because that’s think about it like the nerves you have a nerve problem in the ear and with with blood sugar issues you can have you can have neuropathies and things like that or no rightousness anything itis is always be one think be one so benfotiamine is what i’d recommend because what happens you the need for me why don’t be one goes up a lot of times when you’re on keto okay okay good okay so I have another one here Brenda is asking and a few other people asking about getting vegetables in how can you do seven to ten cups of vegetables a day when you’re only doing one meal a day and you’re not as hungry as you used to be right you use someone else saying they’re impatiently waiting for that vegetable solution yeah we had to just go back and tweak things on tweak something that was missing the label now it’s going to be going in production real quick so just hang in there but here’s the thing when you do one meal a day you don’t need the same requirements for vegetables you don’t because your body recycles a lot of these nutrients so the need for nutrients goes down so you could probably get by with five cups of vegetables very easily so you have your salad and the other thing you could do is have your protein and then wait an hour and this to your saddle at some other time as well so salad really has so few calories so much fiber that it’s not going to create much of spike in insulin simply because fiber even though it’s a carbohydrate does not increase insulin it feeds the microbes which then can lower it in some because it improves blood sugars but it won’t increase insulin like other carbohydrates okay yes all right Karen I’m glad you like that answer so on that note let’s go to Matthew did you me oh you got another one I try to smoothly tradish you were just you’re just sort of like you know you’re dancing with that girl you don’t really want to dance with and then you’re like oh yeah I have to take this call right let’s call right yeah okay so let’s see we’re gonna go to Matthew California you had a question about psyllium husk powder yeah hi dr. Berg hi Karen all right you can hear me okay yeah Wow well I just want to say I feel very I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to talk to you guys this morning I’ll try to keep it short you know I started Quito about five weeks ago was probably hit my five-week period yesterday and I got you know I did a lot of research and I eventually you know I was messing with my recipes and adjusting and I found a recipe that required psyllium husk powder and so that’s how I found out about it I’ve made some like keto pancakes so I bought I went to the store bought it and I checked it out and it looked it was something I’ve never seen before and then about two-and-a-half weeks ago I came across your videos dr. Berg and I just could not stop watching and could not get enough information you know now I’m now I’m drinking you know lemon lemon juice with my water with apple cider vinegar with my water because of you every day and I’ve even started to use these husk powder with it also and I was trying to find if you had any videos about that and I couldn’t find anything so the reason for calling in today to see if I can pick your brain in that regard well okay so let me talk about that in fact you just gave me another great idea for a video because I’m running out of content I have to come up with new ideas right just pretty much some finite I covered every single topic but psyllium husk so there’s there’s a couple different types of fiber you got Seibel insoluble what does that mean but Seibel dissolves in water the microbes eat it they can ferment it which means you could get more gas from it psyllium seed is soluble fiber so not a problem you can use it your your recipes it’s not going to be an issue some people finally may get constipated from it because it slows digestion the inside the fibers speed up digestion like like an brand for example so here’s the here’s the little tip that I would recommend when you consume fiber especially if it’s soluble you meet your thirst goes up sometimes and you might get thirsty and that’s just going to allow you to make it gel more and kind of speed things up a little bit because if you don’t have enough water it could kind of not expand like it should and it could slow down your digestion where you have constant constipation so if you happen to get constipated when you consume it all you have to do is drink a little more water okay so but realize your body doesn’t really use it your microbes do but you don’t you use those fiber so you’re feeding your microbes and then it gives you healthy things from it it’s just all a matter of testing it out and see how your body reacts to it but it’s not a problem it’s not toxic or anything like that so go ahead and use it a good question all right math Matthew thanks for calling now let’s go right to Karen give her another question yeah my ration I want to ration out these questions okay good so let’s see so as a note I do mention names but sometimes you guys have codes code names here but I have a Joseph who is on YouTube we get his question mm-hmm his question is about hold on okay I’m gonna go on to a different one so savannas asking why does she have weak muscles if she’s taking in enough sodium now that’s a lot of information that you don’t have it might be too much information yeah that’s a good point because sodium does strengthen weak muscles for sure but there’s other things too specifically the big one is vitamin E if you’re lacking vitamin E your muscles will be weaker even like you can even do a test sometimes it’s like quite dramatic even if you’re lifting weights for example and you can kind of test how much strength you have and then go ahead and take some high-quality vitamin E wait for a few minutes and then try it even though it’s not fully digested you you will find that you are stronger with vitamin E so it’s a good thing to take before workouts but that’s what I would do and make sure it’s a food based vitamin E not some synthetic version of vitamin E ok ok good so a couple of questions on macros it’s the whole idea of what our macros and how how much should I focus on that and how do I sort that out macros macronutrients so you’re dealing you’re talking about carbs proteins and fats micro is the nutrients within the micronutrients are the smaller nutrients vitamins minerals trace minerals things like that ok so you want to know what kita what are the macros yeah so if you talk about percentages the protein is going to be 20% roughly the fat is going to be 70% roughly the carbohydrate is going to be 5% and the vegetables are going to be the 5 percent so the 70% calories in the fat 7 percent of total calories which is different than volume we’re not talking about grams you have 70% of your plate covered in fat no I mean fat has more than double more than double Karyn the concentrated density of calories than carbs and protein get more free money yeah so if you actually want to look at the volume of what that looks like on a plate if you envision a circle okay 1/4 of it will be the fat 1/4 protein and the rest is going to be a tiny bit of carb and then the rest vegetables vegetables that I recommend even though it has one of the lowest calorie amounts it has the most volume because there’s hardly any calories in salad I mean I think one cup of salad is like seven calor so so like seven cups is what’s up what’s four times seven now seven times seven is forty-nine calories so you’re dealing with 49 calories for seven cups of salad like that is so small where’s butter half stick of butter is like what 800 calories so if you’re trying to lose weight don’t eat that you’re trying to gain weight with that’s both good luck on that one right now somebody I think I’m channeling Joseph here from YouTube his question I think was about if you you recommend in a video that people with fatty liver shouldn’t count the greens as carbohydrates no because we want to increase we don’t want to restrict when they increase more greens and the total calories and carbohydrates should be or is it grams well the total grams of carbohydrates should be between 20 and 50 per day but we’re not counting vegetables okay good so that would mostly come in like nuts otherwise nuts it’s gonna be like hummus berries available and some string cheese things like that there’s like an egg has 0.5 grams of carb point 5 point it’s half of a gram ok and then what about the avocado that you were talking to me avocado and we’re talking about net carb so we take the total one cup of avocado is about 12 grams cup a cup or a whole same thing oh yeah if you chopped up an avocado it’s roughly about one cup because it’s see you take the seed out depends on the size your avocado but I’ll let you have this know with that I won’t will say that that’s true so 12 grams of carb but there’s 10 grams of fiber giving it a net carb of 2 carbs 2 grams of carbs which is minut right so you’re not gonna actually ever gain weight on carbs avocados carbs but it’s a lot of fat 77% of it is fat they run a fiber you could gain weight on avocados theoretically it’s gonna be really hard yeah it’s actually probably impossible now I’m gonna start I’m gonna give people the first because I’m gonna give you a quiz okay we’re gonna do a quiz now okay yeah all right guys so I want to ask you a question and the question is it’s related to the glycemic index what food or thing want to call it that item is the highest and the glycemic index what ranks the number one thing what’s the highest so glycemic index meaning the thing that yeah that that’s your sugar it’s the measurement of the potential of glucose going up spiking okay so how fast it spikes your blood Sugar’s what spikes your blood Sugar’s more the most any other thing good thank you for clarifying that and I just want to let you know a 100 is gloop here glucose it’s above that above it are you above it something’s above it okay something spikes your blood sugar more than pure glucose yeah so what are we getting we got celery sugar corn celery okay Agathe Agathe juice popcorn multi dextran maltodextrin honey honey what what bread carbs potatoes processed sugar well I’m ready to get my answer right watermelon banana it’s multiple dextran ding ding dings about that right it’s like between 105 and 136 I know it’s it’s way higher than table sugar its way or higher than glucose and you know that’s in a lot of supplement Karen it is let me tell you I want to stick that in everything let me tell you how you know much money they just that one ingredient actually sells around the world it’s it’s over two billion dollars per year so it’s in so many it’s cheap it’s a filler yeah and it’s it does it’s not even that sweet it acts as a preservative it’s in medications vitamins it’s in certain flavorings meet the label it’s in a lot a lot it’s an infant formula yeah so if like when you consume alter dextran which is a carrier for other things when they spray certain things specially powders you are getting something that is very high I mean glycemic index which it means it’s gonna spike your sugars very very high do you want that no you don’t want that so read the ingredients and if it has it in there I’ve waited so yeah so it’s quite quite deadly for blood sugars it’s actually even they use it as an insecticide it stops the breathing of certain insects so if you have any pet insects don’t feed them the malted action but it’s really really unsuspecting things I mean there are things then cities yeah if you read the label you’ll be shocked at how many things that’s in things you think are good for you even keto so-called currently and also the electrolyte stuff it’s a health food yes yeah and everyone and guess what they make it out of care Multi dextran I would say GMO corn you are right yeah they also make it a potato and they make it a wheat which also has quite phosphate so yeah it’s from GM L so you know it’s exposed it’s sprayed with glyphosate so the trend Karen is that they’re trying to do multi dextran GMO free that’s the trend right now because people don’t want the GMOs but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to spike your blood sugar that doesn’t solve the sugar problem no okay so let’s move on I got two more really powerful tips plus we’re gonna reveal who the winners we nurse now with an added s there for the slogan that they’re gonna win a free t-shirt and a rhythm some products over a course of a year I think we promised them I I think we did okay yeah yep so that’s exciting yeah I can’t wait for that because it was weeks we’re reading these guys the reason it took so long 718 people we had to go through 718 people yeah and like the handfuls of people put like answers and then we had a team of people reading these things and laughing and highlight everyone basically it’s but a lot of creative people um I think I need to take a caller I’ve been slacking you hey Sam you’re from Texas you had a question go ahead hello hi Sam I hi dr. Berg I love their videos I watched I watched plenty of videos the last count intermittent fasting yeah and if I what does it mean if I have higher anxiety because I drink a lot of coffee and during intermittent fasting if hiya if I have a higher anxiety does it mean I’m nodding to doses or and in conjunction how important is blood ketone testing and a lot of small questions I have a low-end CV an MC edge so is there something I can take like supplementation why’s that I can get my MCB and MCH okay so let me just answer these questions so the so I apparently may have missed the video on coffee mentioning the quantity of coffee that I’m recommending which is one small cup because if I were to do the coffee that I used to do or probably what you’re doing I would feel that Charlotte that jittery feeling because if the coffee stimulates the called the sympathetic flatter flight system and your adrenals are kind of activated specifically adrenaline so that’s what you’re feeling is it throwing out a keto I don’t know I don’t think so but I will say you need to cut your coffee down and also to reduce those symptoms you need to take the nutritional yeast tablets that I have which is their unfortified you take them to the day and that will instantly make you feel better with the jittering because that actually calms that nervous tension down very nicely so that’s one thing so and this is why when I recommend keto and I fi was recommend two things B vitamins from nutritional yeast and potassium from electrolytes you need all the electrolytes to but the potassium will help the other condition that you mentioned so I would get that in electrolytes because that will support the cardiovascular system and the rhythm of your heart and it needs anything that’s going on with that how important is to check ketones I think it’s really important in the beginning because it’s good to know if you’re in ketosis you can get some inexpensive your in strips you know just check them and then the benefit of checking the blood ketones is that you could figure a lot of stuff out you could find out why maybe you’re plateauing you could find out if there’s some food that you’re eating that’s throwing a lot of ketosis that you’re allergic to possibly so it’s a great research tool but the fact that the urine might not show as you adapt doesn’t mean you’re not in ketosis just means that you’re not wasting any ketones your efficient you’re burning them but the blood ketones are the most accurate even more than the breath breath ones alright good good questions wow these guys have some great questions Karen I’m ready for a quick question you got one not a quick one it’s very slow long drawn-out question that I have all right here we go okay anyway Debbie on Facebook she has Barrett’s esophagus and she wants to know how to increase the stomach acid without agitating the problem well I would I have videos on this I would in the video that you want to watch as I’m GERD so you want to take attained how to chloride an upset of vinegar together and you want to take that before the meal you want to certify the stomach the other thing you want to do is you want to do the acupressure that I cover in a video called gallbladder flush which will help to it’s really good for any type of stomach issue including hernias stomach hernias and things like that and you’re working the the soft tissue around the stomach underneath the rib cage and I should I walk how to do it so search the video on gall bladder flushing okay manual flushing okay okay okay so then I have I think it’s man who’s asking they are tired after eating they’ve been on healthy keto for five weeks yeah but tired after eating okay so it could be there two things what’s going to give you energy is to be one so you want to take more B vitamins but let’s say for example that doesn’t work it could mean you still have insulin resistance in which case the nutrients aren’t getting in the cell fast enough and I will say it takes a long time to get that handled you have to be perfect for a long time you can’t have the weekly cheat days there’s something else that you also want to check and that’s really stomach digestion you want to takes an upside of vinegar maybe before even after you eat and see if that doesn’t increase the digestion because if a lack of digestion or lack of stomach acids will cause fatigue after you eat okay good all right Karen yes I’m gonna take one question and we’re going right to the next point here which is going to be very interesting very very interesting because I’m going to talk about after this question why pasta won’t necessarily spike your blood sugars so stay tuned after this question because that’s a juicy question there hey Dan you’re from Florida how are you hey there good dr. Berg I love your show Karen how are you are you good thanks I’ve been following your diet plan and watching you and everything for a couple months now since January I’ve lost over 30 pounds that’s great but hey dr. Berg I have a history of kidney stones I also have a fatty liver gall stones the doctor has me on a diuretic the hydrochlorothiazide and potassium citrate thousand eighty milligrams twice a day and he’d tell me to drink tons of water you know enough to float the Titanic and I know I’ve heard you say that you know you shouldn’t be drinking that much water and I I don’t really like the diuretic you know I’m kind of having to pee all the time and everything I’d rather take the apple cider vinegar or something but I’m just wondering you know how much how much water should I be drinking can I substitute apple cider vinegar for the diuretic you know I just I have a real fear of kidney stones because that’s worst pain I ever had and I was worried anything I put into my mouth fit it is it gonna cause a kidney stone you know how much calcium can I have that type of thing so dry okay so a question Dan are you do you have any symptoms of gout no no okay good are you doing in a minute fasting yes alright now I’m doing the 816 okay 816 okay so here’s a couple tips I’m gonna give you Dan there’s a product that I don’t I don’t I don’t sell it you can find it it’s said there’s I think there’s only one company sells it’s called hydroxycitric you should just take that on a regular basis that’s that one of the best things to dissolve the crystals of the calcium oxalates Jones okay so that’s what I would recommend you’re taking the potassium citrate I’m gonna recommend you may already be taking my electrolytes but the reason why I recommend taking mine is because you don’t want necessarily to take one mineral over a period of time you want to take the whole blend so I mean you can buy them individually but I have all the electrolytes in one container and they all have sit rates so you increase your citrate which actually will help prevent still information so that will help you a lot now the fact you’re doing in a minute fasting means that you you may possibly as if you’re prone to getting stones have a uric acid stone okay that’s different than a calcium oxalate stone so how do we deal with that because your casa does go up when you fast you just want to keep your your pH from getting too acidic and that way will prevent the crystals from coming out and forming in the kidney because it’s bit damaging in the kidney so and this can actually help you two different ways so when you get up in the morning because I’m guessing you you’re fasting all night long in the morning you’re not eating take a level teaspoon of baking soda in some water with all the electrolytes dissolve it up nicely that will drop increase the pH make it slightly more alkaline and that will kind of chill out any uric acid buildup in the body from fasting and it’s also great for gout if anyone else go out as well don’t take it right before you eat just take it once level teaspoon not heaping in the morning when you wake up in in some water and yes if you’re prone to kidney stones you need to be drinking more water I wouldn’t worry about what I said about you know not drinking when you’re not thirsty you just need more water you just need to keep that flush to the point and the way you know if you’re taking enough water it’s like your urine isn’t so so dark you want it’s draw color if it turns out clear that means you’re taking too much water cut back so those are some things and then add some lemon to that drink I mentioned all right thanks for your call Dan all right Karen okay Carrie now bees now you just call it a game well while you’re drinking that water I think I’m ready for to answer this okay okay so I’m gonna talk something so so you guys had check your your blood Sugar’s I’ve gotten a report back from a lot of you that say you know like I can eat pasta and my blood Sugar’s don’t spike doctor bird so therefore how do you explain that one okay sorry as she was drinking while I was gonna ask her so I want to talk about why your blood Sugar’s won’t necessarily spike on pasta me explain that so first of all they won’t initially spike because the wheat and pasta is different than the wheat and bread so these they use something called Durham which comes from the Latin word which means hard wheat wheat so it’s a very dense high protein wheat in the lower and carb but it’s higher dense is still a carbohydrate and so of course the protein in its gluten which we don’t want you to consume anyway because that’s gonna irritate your whole system but the point is that because the way it’s processed and made it’s different than fluffy bread that breaks down real fast and spikes your blood sugar this won’t but if you check your blood sugars Karen yeah in two hours or even a three or even four you will see the spike at that point so it’s digest slowly it won’t spike it initially but you’ll get a bigger spike it’s going to your system slowly I wonder it should research that no no you should so the point is that I just wanted to answer the question and and just prove this to yourself guys if you don’t believe me if you think I’m just you know kidding around go ahead and check your blood sugars when you eat that pasta like every hour over the next four hours and you’re gonna see like wow it doesn’t spend all this and now it’s going up like what’s happening here so this is why it will it will throw your ketose they’ll throw you have a ketosis and it will cause weight gain okay okay alright that was tip number two and I had another one Karen that is the most important which is the most powerful the most valuable to you what is it about well it’s about that high-fat thing I talked about yeah you were you weren’t listening you weren’t paying attention you weren’t interested loved your last interest I was like that when you talk to spaz and weren’t you listening and they go no I lost interest but stay tuned as well because we’re gonna reveal the winners the winners of the chicken dinners now the winners of the slogan that will get the kita slogan I mean it’s gonna be this is some pretty cool people are people are asking how they can submit a slogan and how they can win free stuff but that it’s over no but we will have a lot of other content will have other contests coming up here stay tuned yeah in fact in fact every month I actually reveal a winner just being a subscriber so if you’re not subscribed subscribe now and you have a chance to win some free products and it’s really interesting you like I just assumed that everyone that watches my channel subscribe but only like one-third of the people that watch my videos now watch your videos all the time but they’re not subscribed I don’t know maybe you need to tell us why you don’t subscribe I have no idea actually we don’t want to know okay so hey Fred you have a question I do dr. Berg and Karen are you doing my wife and I we’re big time into intermittent fasting and keto one of the the things I’d like to talk about though is seeing that your of physical therapy specialist is about snoring and sleep apnea and breathing when you’re overweight and specifically if you know about the practice of mean of mewing and also Beauty Co breathing I don’t know if that’s you’re familiar with that I’m familiar but I don’t have a lot of data on it okay gotcha I was just wondering a mewing is practical reposition your tongue and you know basically trying to get so that you don’t you don’t breathe through your mouth you breathe more toward your nose through your nose and you take a breathing is the like the taping of the mouth just though there’s a practice of not breathing a lot of through your mouth but more your nose if you’re not familiar with the practices I was just wondering as far as like what’s healthier breathing through your nose breathing through your mouth especially you know at night when you know you’re sleeping yeah good so since you brought it up front and probably the reason I haven’t got into it I really recommend to deal with sleep apnea from a diet standpoint there’s a little there’s a lot of theories floating around there but I’ve been very successful helping people simply getting on healthy keto and then a minute fasting people say oh it’s weight gain well no no it’s actually insulin resistance insulin resistance messes with your nervous system and part of the nerves there’s a cranial nerves 12 cranial nerves 10 cranial there’s what I’m talking about 12 and 12 cranial nerves and there’s one nerve that goes in the back of the nasal pharyngeal area right back here that becomes affected when you have high loads of insulin and that starts creating a little bit of an atrophy or a sluggishness with the tissue behind the sinuses and it can be obstructed so you don’t have the airway so then people cope with it with all sorts of mouth guards and breathing apparatuses and all sorts of things so if you just do healthy key to them and fasting over a period of time you should improve that condition then foe to mean is a good vitamin to restore the nervous system but when you’re sleeping the ideal scene is to breathe through your nose you know ideally so because it’s a it’s like a humidifier and it’s a filter so that’s what I would recommend for that but definitely keep doing what you’re doing because I think eventually that should solve that issue for you thanks Fred all right Jim you had a question you’re from Pennsylvania good morning doctor good morning mrs. Berger hello yeah my question is I’ve been on keto for five weeks I’m 59 years old and lost 20 pounds so far and I admire your videos you everything you’ve said has come true Wow my concern is when I hit my target weight which I’m away from it right now I I weighed in at 266 I’m at 246 okay so when I hit my target weight I’m concerned about being able to maintain and stay on keto now what would I change up if I no longer have fat within my system well that’s a good question Jim in fact I’m at that point now I don’t want to lose any more weight I noticed that cuz your aunt you ran out of gas and use explaining that you were trying to figure out a way because it seemed like you couldn’t eat enough you know so yeah and it’s working and I’m gonna tell you what I’m doing that’s working just to maintain it and still and you because the key is like how do you do in a minute fasting I mean and still maintain your weight because you’re good at you lose a lot of weight within a minute fasting what I do is I try to keep it for maybe five hour eating window and I make it okay to eat through that window maybe even three meals but of course the middle meal is usually my salad so so you just had you do have to eat more calories I personally because my metabolism is pretty fast I have to do about 3000 up to make a little bit more per day so it’s like I’m not even hungry though so it’s a pain in the butt so to eat that much food and I know my wife’s like you suck but the point is that you want to add more calories and I’m talking about fat calories and you want to stay at your your 50 grams of carbs so you go up with the carbs don’t go above 50 but right around 50 so you can have some berries some other things with that I will kind of rotate my fats like I might do a good amount of butter one day the next day I’ll do a whole cup of olives and then I might do the next day I’m a lot of like pecans and you want to just try to figure out the calories so you have more calories and you have the two meals and that’s how you’re gonna maintain your weight and that’s the secret if you need to add a little more food in that eating window go ahead and do that but then you have you have 20 hours you can fast so you get the benefits of fasting with the benefits of maintaining keto just more calories well thanks Jim that was a good question all right Karen yeah what do we got so Terry on YouTube brings up a really good point here he’s saying he’s interested in detoxing apparently mm-hmm and he’s asking about bentonite clay diatomaceous earth charcoal for detoxing and do these break the fast but it’s also an interesting question we get a lot of people who are curious about detoxing and they think that they have to detox and do something special to detox so why don’t you we got to realize guys that a lot of these toxins are fats Seibel which means they don’t flush out with your cleanses that you’re doing they’re not going to flush out they’re not sitting in your colon no waiting to be you you you want to pull out these poisons very slowly you don’t want to don’t you want to take you don’t want to take herbs to dislodge them why do I say that because I personally was a human guinea pig for detoxes for many years and I would literally be in bed for weeks because of with with this toxicity and these histamine reaction it’s not worth it it’s better to build up your health reserves you have to be very healthy to detox and also the other thing is like when you consume cruciferous vegetables you are slowly detoxifying without the side effects because it does it boosts certain enzymes to cause a phase one and Phase two dismantling a poisons through your body the other thing is when you do intermittent fasting you’re detoxing because you’re going in at otha G and your body is recycling their proteins and detoxifying viruses and microbes so that’s like really really key so I but if you if you wanted to do detox and you wanted to something to kind of soak up some of that toxicity you can do bentonite clay you can do charcoal but don’t do the charcoal that you’d use in the backyard for your barbecue that’s the wrong charcoal there’s yeah get it from the health food store it’s a different type of charcoal and diatomaceous earth is that that’s that actually is a good that’s a good detox as well it’s a good key later it helps to remove poisons I’ve actually did a video on it so I like damage to earth and I also like it because it actually cleans out microbes from your body and it kills the pests around your house yeah kill two birds and even give it to your dog give it to ya you can give it your – don’t give it to your pet insects if you want to them to survive Karen I’m ready for the last tip of the day alright this is this is very interesting guys I’m glad you stayed this long because this is very important if any of you’ve checked out check back in right now cause I need your attention a hundred percent okay stay with me if you’ve had a beedi stay with me so this is very confusing to people there’s these studies that people keep saying oh yeah high fat diet causes heart disease okay and there are studies out there that say that okay and there’s also studies that say the exact opposite high-fat diets will not increase your risk of heart disease so how can they both be right next message yeah one of them so here’s the data here’s the day that you need to know and this is the most important thing so if you learn anything today this will be the most diable thing it is not healthy to do a high-fat diet if you are doing high carbohydrates and you hear what I said only do a high-fat diet if your carbs are low because when you add high cars with high fat you create a worsening of the situation just because you have high fat in your diet doesn’t make it healthy because if there’s other things in there it can make mess you up and this relates to the studies that they do on mice and they had the so called high fat diets that they’re claiming cause the risk heart disease first of all those mice they’re given high-fat diets are giving a high fat high carb diet at the same time they don’t tell you that unless you read it secondly they’re using mice that are prone to heart disease and diabetes right from the get-go they’re genetically modified so two of giving him fat in causing diabetes and in heart disease so they’re in like of course like I would like to know who genetically modified those mice to be susceptible to getting diabetes and I think it’s probably someone that wants to show a study a certain way I won’t mention any names but the point is that the data that you need to know is that you can do high fats very very safely if you keep your carbs low and that’s an important data that you need to take home to the bank you can take home home you can catch the bank take it home and take it to the bank yeah that was all completely ugly places oh gosh that was bad okay I’m gonna I’m gonna answer two calls and I’m gonna reveal the winner yeah of the chicken it’s okay Rita are you there you’re from Delaware go ahead you had a question hi thank you so much for taking my call I just you know want to say first of all thank you so much for all the videos they’re amazing and I watch them very very frequently and you know try to follow everything that you’re saying I’ve been keto on and off for years and recently you know following your videos I start doing intermittent fasting and so I had a question about that I I’ve been trying to cut out coffee because they’re like my coffee with a lot of cream and I want to make sure that’s not messing up my fast from the evening so I’ve been drinking like a combination of the electrolyte powder in water with apple cider vinegar but I I wanted to see two things about that first of all that was safe to drink like a big jar I take these jars to work you know the big ball jar is full of that concoction but I drink it over a few hours and I want to make sure if that’s actually safe to do especially you know for my teeth and then I wanted to see if I could add the wheatgrass powder to that I just I don’t want to break my fast but I’m trying to use that kind of as an energy source so that I can try me drop the coffee I don’t like it without cream well I I would I do that this is what I would recommend you can mix it together if there’s absolute vinegar probably have a straw that would be better then just to drink it but it it will not break your fast you can put the wheatgrass juice in there you can put the electrolytes you can put even a little lemon in there it’s not going to be a big deal at all and I actually in the morning I do a mason jar and I’ll do the electrolyte powder I’ll do the wheatgrass and I’ll do some upside of vinegar or sometimes and I’ll shake it up really good I’ll drink that what is that huge mason jar there must be 20 ounces is that 20 ounces it’s a court it’s a quart right no it’s more than that it’s probably to court I don’t know I don’t know how big it’s just it’s huge okay it’s this big but but then I don’t drink like throughout the day that’s like I think that’s all my liquid so just because I’m not thirsty doesn’t mean I that you shouldn’t drink but that’s what I would do I think you’re doing fine grita and I would just ride the wave keep doing it it’s not going to be a problem at all but thanks for watching my videos and I appreciate the call alright good so we’re gonna go right to social media and see if there’s a question no you need to take this next call alright sorry about that social media but alright we’re gonna run out of time alright so maybe an idea Nadia Nadia thank you very much for taking the time to answer my calls it’s a little complex I’m gonna try to simplify it it’s a two-part question I was diagnosed with Graves disease when I was 18 weeks pregnant about four years ago I was losing I lost a lot of weight within like a two-week period it went into remission after I had my my daughter and it was fine and then I started gaining weight about a year and a half ago I was told that I still had Graves disease even though I was gaining weight I also started losing my eyebrows part of me I have a cold sorry and my hair began to get really brittle and start kind of falling out that’s one thing the second part of my question and I suspect that it may be related just based on a couple of the videos that I’ve watched that you’re in dr. Berg I have an issue and I think it might be an estrogen dominance issue I’ve tried taking birth control pills I’ve tried sorry when I’ve been pregnant occasionally I’ve had a few symptoms and I’ll explain it so birth control pills when I’m pregnant and also occasionally one had my period I experienced the following symptoms and it’s not all the time I get migraines numb hands and my mouth it gets really none and I feel really nauseous so that happened for my period maybe once or twice a year with each of my pregnancies adopt and at least one or two days throughout the pregnancy and then I can’t take birth control pills because when I tried it once that’s exactly what happened so I just wondered if you could perhaps point me in the right track what’s a related yeah it sounds like you know you are estrogen dominant and the estrogen so if you take birth control pills when your estrogen dominant that’s gonna make things worse because you’re already have too much estrogen and there is a huge connection between high levels of estrogen and thyroid issues but usually hypo so when you have graves which is a hyper it’s it’s that’s usually it’s like yes it’s the thyroid but it’s really an immune problem and that’s usually triggered by stress which could come from pregnancy so really the stress is the key factor the trigger of the whole thing so supporting the adrenal would be very very smart if I were we thought you had focus on that and then also there is a great product it’s called estrogen balance and dim and dim is a concentrated cruciferous that helps to helps balance estrogen in the right way it won’t necessarily give you more estrogen or take anything away but it helps balance the ratios are good and bad I think that would benefit you greatly because with the autoimmune problem that you have and the thyroid issue that you have it makes it difficult to absorb nutrients because especially with the thyroid it’s just it’s like it tends to prevent the absorption of nutrients because the the thyroid hormones are are basically they go into the DNA of all yourselves so it controls a lot of stuff with your metabolism the last point I want to make is normally Graves is hyper but you have you’re gaining weight so that’s like you have hypo symptoms so it’s a little confusing so that’s what makes me think you should probably go to the adrenal and support that and continue to do healthy keto and in a minute fasting hardcore and I think ultimately that’s going to give you the solution that you wanted okay now Karen we are ready to reveal the keto slogan guys if if you didn’t know we did a contest and we’re gonna contact the winners so the first winner the first winner of the day for the slogan is keto fast repeat yes you don’t have the names of the people no because I quickly just jotted it down but we know your name we know we know who you are no we’re you so the first one Kito fast repeat and I like that because it included the in a minute fasting simple it’s the point it’ll be a great t-shirt yeah so that’s maybe a ball cap yeah something I like something yeah let’s say maybe you you did that and you’re watching okay yeah okay so the next one back and forth but this is one of dr. Berg’s favorites go ahead said spit it out burn baby burn Kido inferno I like that I really like that it has a ring to it does unless ring burn baby burn keto inferno it just the music is immediately in my head with the lights and by the way guys speaking about burn baby burn keto inferno we are gonna be releasing very soon data about the keto summit and a really silly funny rap fire our two newest yeah video stars it’s just these video stars are not his daughter it’s it’s crazy it’s just crazy it’s fine it’s funny it’s funny it’s it’s quirky it’s funny it’s it’s so stay tuned to go to to what what’s that place Sundance or place in France yeah okay the last one the last step okay the winner oh I like this one we made this one up didn’t we [Music] [Laughter] okay I like this one don’t blame butter for what the bread did I like that right I could just see a whole animation with that yeah a little like bread butter in handcuffs you know with the bread kind of like yeah don’t blame the butter for what the bread did I like it so we got three slogans were there gonna be t-shirts so anyway guys thank you for watching thanks math weekend next week we’re gonna go early we’re gonna go all right instead of 11 it’ll be 10:00 Eastern Standard Time in the morning okay good all right have a great weekend guys okay bye [Music] you you

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