Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] yep good thing it’s 19 degrees and snowing and freezing roads you got to plug the mic in there can you hear me now can you hear me now all is good you want to start out oh look at this forgot to put the mic on I’m just gonna stick this thing on right here how about there so well good morning everyone and like I said it is wonderfully warm out here where are you 70 degrees hold my pen my security blanket okay thank you all right great so um there right good so Wow completely this is like this is just like the backstage the back scenes so you want to start over no that’s fine we’ll just dive right in I think Ruth Ruth business has been waiting for a while she’s from Texas are you there Ruth hello Ruth yes I can hear you fine how you doing yes we can hear you [Music] before my question updates I was the one who wasn’t able to get my life insurance because of protein in my urine and it turned out to be dehydration now I drink between 4 and 5 quarts of water a day and I did use the wheatgrass powder and up my apple cider vinegar a little bit just to be sure interesting have my life insurance oh that’s great that’s that’s a really good that’s a really good piece of data because um you know I’m I’m I’ve been telling people like it you know don’t drink unless you’re thirsty but sometimes people are not thirsty at all they don’t they need to drink something so I think that’s a good point aware of the urine of the urine there has to be the weak dollar versus the really dark brown that mine was right so now I know lesson learned lesson learned my menopause yeah my menopause hot flashes have gone away with the wild jam I take two in the morning two in the afternoon so I’m I’m sleeping through the night now before I was waking up every couple of hours but it was all cured with the wild jam Wow awesome my question today is for a friend she has a cornea hair cornea care that was repaired with a laser but she’s noticing some arcing in her other eye and she’s concerned that she might have one in the other eye what can she do to prevent this from happening in the future she’s a lifter so when this happens she can’t live for several weeks and of course nobody wants their eyes to be affected so is there anything she can do to keep her eyes from getting those cornea hairs yeah in fact I I had a really bad cornea tear so I’ve been through it I have the t-shirt it’s not fun there’s definitely some things you need to do it first of all in order to get a tear either there was an injury or they could have been in like a pre I guess a kind of a susceptibility to getting them and that usually is insulin resistance when the when someone has insulin resistance they have high levels of insulin they may not have high sugar they may but it there’s so many things that happen to the eye when you have blood sugar problems especially insulin resistance the eye gets sticky you start getting pressure in the eye you start having problems with the retina which is the nerve that connects to right into your brain so you have even dehydration of the lens and it’s susceptible to getting tears so you want to fix that you also want to take food high in vitamin A but not beta-carotene the more retinal which is basically cod liver oil salmon is good also sardines are good butter is great the other thing you want to take if you want to see some quick results is that there’s a product I don’t carry it it’s from standard process it’s called iplex you can find it on Amazon it’s awesome for any type of old eye injury you take it and it just seems to actually speed up the healing very fast I mean even if you have an abrasion or an irritation of the eye and you take this within literally ten minutes all the sudden you get relief so it’s called iplex there’s some standard process you can look it up thanks for your question Ruth now Karen yeah today yeah we’re gonna give three tips out cam 3 tips C so we’re gonna give three tips I may if I’m in the mood give a fourth tip depends on the crowd who shows up but these are these are really really important so if you guys are having any temptation to click off you’re gonna miss out big-time these are life-changing tips that you need to know this data so stay tuned we will be dropping these little nutrition bombs throughout the day talk yeah yeah okay I get what do we do do we have anyone coming from different places around the world all over the world I only wrote down so far Finland Russia Saudi Arabia I think all over the United States India Louisiana and we know Louisiana Louisiana is like a different country it’s a different country it’s a car entry okay and all of Belgium all over the place okay but we have a question first of all to tag on to what you were just talking about what can help floaters in the eyes well that’s usually a breakdown of protein in the eye it’s in your bodies in a state of like a catabolic state catabolic means break down tissue anabolic means building back up so you’d want to you know do things to improve your adrenals you want to do things definitely to you know get the basics in do healthy keto and in a minute fasting to help yourself with insulin resistance because if you’re in a blood sugar issue you have more breakdown of tissue it’s nothing new underneath the Sun you just need to put the basics in work on the adrenals and that should help but I will say depending on your age like if you’re 80 years old and you are living very unhealthy your whole life it could take more than a couple days to get rid of that problem so fYI fYI good okay and now here’s someone says eating very low carb of course we don’t really know what that means but they say they’re eating very low carb they have a blood glucose of 109 at bedtime and 140 in the morning mm-hmm yeah okay this comes up a lot and it’s called the dawn phenomena when you wake up and your blood sugars are high it just mean it just means this is a transitional thing it’s more of a the livers making sugar it’s called gluco neo neo meeting new Genesis meaning the creation of glucose making new glucose from the liver so what’s happening is your body’s trying to it’s going through this adjustment you haven’t fully got into a state of adaptability yet you’ve got to give it time the body I think the liver senses a low blood sugar so it starts making sugar and then the sugar goes high so you know it’s really kind of something you want to support the liver one thing you could do as a little tip is take some outside of vinegar before you go to bed why because that actually improves insulin resistance and it seems to help the liver helps to stabilize blood sugars and yeah I tried to find that quote I couldn’t find it it’s a Monty Python No well yes yes it is but I wanted to find the original know who’s dude that’s Monty Python no it was a it was the original lady is the cook is the French cook Oh Julia Child yes she’s the original one who said it but I could not find that quote well that’s funny coming from her she’s she actually did pretty great show she was awesome so Karen um I just want to bring up one little side note um it’s not a tip it’s a side note this is a side note this is not a tip all right um just found a study that will really help people if they have pet mice Oh pet gerbils or hamsters so guys listen to this it says right here a high fat ketogenic diet causes hepatic that means liver insulin resistance in mice okay it’s just been a new study out ok so if you have pets and then our mice and gerbils and hamsters I used to have a lot of hamsters make sure you don’t put them on the ketogenic diet ok because that could that could we don’t want to actually create insulin resistance per the study yeah I mean this is really great that they’re looking out for our pets because you know you don’t want your nice to actually get a fatty liver but tell me more B’s alright you want to know more alright so let me give you a quota from the study that says it should be mentioned that the ketogenic diet used in this study as well as other studies in mice may differ from the ketogenic diet used in humans okay mm-hmm so basically did you hear what I said I did like don’t just started ringing I thought I had everything off uh so it’s it so what you said is that the ketogenic diet that are fed to mice during ketogenic diets studies can actually differ from the actual true ketogenic diet so that it appears to be studying though not using the ketogenic diet that you and I do you know what just blows me and blows me away how much we’re spending money trying to figure out um you know like giving doing my studies someone’s spending a lot of money on this yeah well let me just let me just tell you guys so if you actually look there’s so many side news articles based on this study it’s insane okay so what happens it’s idiotic because if you look at the diet that they’re feeding the mice it’s called a ketogenic diets right here you can look it up I’m in fact I’m gonna do a video on that today okay you have to cite the studies I will I’ll put a link down there this is the ketogenic diet it’s basically a dive for mice okay it’s basically 76 a modified high-fat paste ketogenic diet yummy so this is what they do they have the macros they’re talking about the macros that’s all about it’s all about the macro like the combination of protein so protein is eight point six percent that is 75 percent first of all the low in protein or thing and then they have carbohydrate three point two percent okay that’s good right so you’re thinking wow I got the ratios this is gonna be a great ketogenic diet it’s gonna prove that the ketogenic finally is very unhealthy it really cause insulin resistance if you ever hear that guys try to find out what they used as far as it deep-dive because they have a little button here called ingredients okay and this is the ingredients that they fed the mice lard butter but I’ll guarantee it’s not grass-fed corn oil okay it’s not this is not organic it’s GML that’s GMO casein that’s protein in milk okay it’s probably not organic cellulose mineral and vitamin I’ll guarantee it’s probably synthetic and dextrose that’s a synthetic sugar since fat and sugar yeah but not healthy fat and not healthy sugar so we’re basically getting a situation where if anyone consumed this diet of course they’re gonna develop into the resistance this is the type of crap that’s out there it’s just like misleading people and people like I haven’t said some doctors you know do articles on this is based on this little study and if no one read the study they would believe it oh I’m not gonna do the ketogenic diet we’re all about doing a healthy ketogenic diet on that note we need to go to Marcia from Texas go ahead Marshall are you there Marcia come in Marcia calling Marcia Dallas Texas Marcia the Dallas Texas Marcia okay so I’m gonna have someone try to contact let’s go to Barbara are you there from Centerville yeah Barbara yeah papers hi hello hi so my question was what to do currently sorry this is kind of intense extemporaneous so my son was found to have a goiter also called in my journey a fluid-filled cysts and we had blood work done we had ultrasound done and we’re waiting on the results from that and also had the fluid aspired and but my question is what do we do now I’ve had physicians say cut all of the thyroids cut half of the thyroid the fluid that came out was just clear liquid I don’t know what to do for him nutritionally at this point do I supplement with iodine I’m just at a loss okay well first of all before I send any anything that I say it’s not meant to diagnose your son or anyone just just I meant to give you suggestions to do your own research now question up does your son have any type of symptoms involving a hyper thyroid or a hypothyroid no he is regular weight and I backed that question to every physician I’ve spoken with they said the thyroid was functioning perfectly that he was not hypo or hyper and no antibodies were found either okay good and how old is your son 20 thick okay so I’m just I’m picturing this small little child was there anything that occurred just before it as far as it changing his diet I’m sure it’s been perfect his whole life but is there anything that occurred a change before he got this cyst right now he has been under a constant amount of stress its life changes for I would say five years and we’ve been watching that for a while and trying to help him through that as well but nothing that would be a less a hard left turn that would have been did what happened okay so I’m gonna put you on mute I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna recommend if I were you I would you seek help because deficiency of iodine can cause cysts in the thyroid and even in women and breasts so that’s one thing number two I would get him on the basic eating plan healthy ketosis in a minute fasting why because you know we have a symptom in fact medicine is all about treating the symptom managing a symptom but they don’t really emphasize putting the basic food eating plan in and what’s neglected is the huge connection between what you put in your mouth and your health and so so many people after they get these basics simple eating plan implemented all of a sudden the symptoms go away magically so you don’t even need to treat it so because if we if we start giving him certain elements or nutrients and things like that without fixing the diet he may not see the changes so that’s what I would do if I were you and if you happen to get surgery I would highly suggest just taking out what’s what’s abnormal not the whole thing because a lot of times you also take out the parathyroid it creates a couple of complications with calcium and I mean you need your thyroid but you don’t need the whole thing I mean you can survive with partial thyroid so that’s just my thought thanks Barbara alright let’s go to this question okay good so what about shoulder pain on keto and if’ I’m assuming they’re doing keto and I have shoulder pain is the rightful website doesn’t say it’s probably gonna be on the right side more likely and that’s usually gallbladder you need to do more intermittent fasting you need to watch your nuts and not consume too many nuts because what happens is that will it has certain things in it like anti-nutrients one is called lectin and that especially in certain nuts like even almonds or peanuts and then you eat them and then what happens it aggravates the bile duct which is the connection between your liver and the gallbladder not even in the gallbladder itself the bile duct it creates an irritation there’s a nerve there it goes right to the right shoulder it’s a nerve it’s called the phrenic goes right through in here so if you have right shoulder pain you press on it press underneath your right ribcage massage it away then we know there’s something going on with that so yeah I would just get the basics in be careful of too much of the wrong thing okay and then someone writes in their mom has an a1c of 12 and an albumin creatinine hmm 380 do you know anything about well I don’t want to get into diagnosing numbers right no but but let’s just take the elephant in the room if you have an a1c if 12 normal it should be about maybe five point two five point three so they need to be less you know and I am well yeah like majorly because that’s like way off the charts it’s diabetes so you want to do healthy keto and I F and you’ll see a huge drop in a1c which is basically an average of three months of blood sugars okay yeah another one here can you do intermittent fasting or keto if you have chromes you need to do in a minute fasting if you have Crohn’s you need to avoid grains and gluten I would highly recommend to go get a food allergy test because there’s you know like if you go to the doctor they’re gonna be talking about well we’re gonna check the IgE s and the antibodies and blah blah blah and yeah but but what triggers this immune reaction what is triggering it it’s related to food and so you want to find out what you’re eating that you are allergic to and it could be something that’s that you’re not even suspecting it could be even like eggs could be I don’t know anything and so once you find that you eliminate it once you eliminate it it takes between 10 and 30 days to get rid of those antibodies that are your immune reaction so you’ll you might see a gradual improvement but you’ll see within a month you’ll see a great improvement when you do in a minute fasting that will speed up the results of the repair so the combination of avoiding certain allergies and fasting is is deadly powerful okay okay great all right did you know that’s that you know I’m not gonna lie I was watching I know you started talking person I have such confidence right you’re having a conversation with whomever asses don’t head honey I’m listening these guys have a question yeah go ahead I can multitask I know other couples never do that you said something about allergies and if it sags and don’t eat it and it takes a month you know in summary okay all right well I think I hear you with my right ear it’s going in but it’s not really connecting no I know connecting the dots well I’ll tell you what I think it’s time for the first chip care tip drum roll now no drummel please there this is just a really important tip and there’s a condition called neurasthenia neurasthenia and it’s basically a condition which is very interesting she’s actually checking her email are you not okay so okay counter s tinium okay so what that is it’s a condition where you have a loss of energy to the mitochondria in your brain and your nervous system your central nervous system idle calandria are the energy factories little energy sentry of the cell in my brain yeah the central nervous system so basically you you have a problem with energy production in your brain and when you say you I mean one you so there’s various symptoms that occur okay and it’s it’s involving your senses like you’ll be looking at a picture and it’s like moving a little bit or we’d be walking and the floor is kind of like moving a little bit or you look at you’re trying to read something and the letters aren’t quite stable okay or you might have a loss of smell or you might smell something that’s not really there and what the nearest inia and so it involves your perceptions but it’s a dysfunction of the brain okay and it comes down to one vitamin deficiency b1 no not on this one and I don’t think anyone’s gonna guess it so I’m just gonna tell people with it no let them guess we’ve really people okay guys see if you can guess the vitamin deficiency okay that causes this if you’ve been paying attention like I like Karen has okay okay look right now go ahead and give me I answer what do you think causes this nurse Tinian no googling and basically come back to you after I talk to Charles go back are you there Charles yes and there hi how are you yeah fine mmm my wife I’m fighting for my wife with fifty years old she gained weight about 24 years ago after several several vaccines before a nursing internship and then she has to stop every change was very bad and she got more than one 100 pounds in one year because of that after a few years try to do is waged with no no no we’re a success and two years ago she began to do some fasting some juice tasks from dry fast and herbs things her and things like that and she does she does about 100 more than 100 pounds but after a few or last very long fasts she stopped and we can to to eat again and then there were the water of our body our go goes to went to her legs her legs were very very very swollen and and so receiver and then she has to go to the hospital to check where why why is that going this way and then she she discovered after testing that she had fatty liver so so and then she should try to do something about that so she tried to change to Quito and and try to find out to get rid of that and with no success and and then she she she discovered your video and and try different things and and took many of your supplements about with Christopher’s food with just to summarize summarize this one question really a little bit faster because we have like a lot of people yes is she still have various water as well as were swelling in their all over where they like it’s very severe edema or will ever I don’t know and she loves losing weight with the keto where LT Tito we’re doing a little doing so is there a reason why everybody will prevent to get rid of the water and get rid of the the fat is there something that preserve that even she talked about that Charles okay I’m just cut you off there because one thing I forgot to tell everyone if you have like a history and you want me to diagnose yeah I don’t have time to do that it’s just like very simple questions because I have so many callers around the world so I’ve Charles I totally got what you said and so there’s a couple tips one thing is choline for a fatty liver I think that will help a lot if you’re doing the ketogenic diet I would also look to see if you’re doing it correctly based on this book okay make sure that you’re doing in a minute fasting for someone like your wife I would probably have her do one meal a day for sure oh it’s called oh man now there are some things to repair that virus damage and it’s fall vaq a sedan find that in health a store that’s really good for the gut i would probably ever start taking that as far as the edema goes i think thats related to the liver so i think you’re not going to see changes until you fix the liver so that’s really about the healthy version of keto and choline okay a good amount of choline that’s what I would do thanks Charles alright good what do we got for answers Karen Oh answers we’re so beyond that we’re back to questions but answers came through lots I’d say the majority were d3 k2 there was some F b12 some people said minerals but I didn’t write those down so I think the d3 in the k2 were and b12 okay so I’m gonna give you one more clue Karen see if you can get it this common deficiency occurs if you consume excessive amounts of corn there’s a protein in corn that blocks this vitamin wow I’ve never heard those words come out of your mouth ever okay so that doesn’t help me it’s the vitamin b3 okay maybe not niacin no yeah b3 is intimately involved as a coenzyme in the mitochondria involved with metabolism and in energy production and I mean you it’s b3 is a very serious problem but I don’t think a lot of people have a class called a classical pellagra problem which is a severe deficiency I think it’s a subclinical and I think if you’re just slightly deficient you’re gonna have some of these things if you get really deficient you’ll start having dementia skin problems have a digression I’ve read some studies where high-dose dosages of niacin yeah really dramatically improve absolutely it lowers your cholesterol as well and it also helps to prevent diabetes type 1 in fact if I had type 1 I’d be taking niacin so so can you take vitamins and no flush or does that change you can take the no flush but the point is that you can actually take doses 10x comfortably what normal was so called normal you more than normal 10 times the amount and to actually improve certain conditions but you know if you happen to be sitting out in there and you’re reading a book and like boy these letters are moving around or you’re you know like things are kind of crawling on the wall like check it could be just the subclinical b3 deficiency now how do you create a B deficiency it’s either you’re consuming too many refined grains corn too much alcohol or you have a digestive problem that you can’t absorb it so in other words let’s say for example you have scar tissue in your gut and you just can’t absorb it that could be why you’re not absorbing it so if you take more but you can’t absorb it is that gonna help you yes you have to take more to drive it in absolutely Karen good good point there okay guys there’s two more powerful tips okay that you don’t want to leave we’re gonna be revealing these shortly so don’t go away glutes 11:30 do what I do one no cuz we just gave one yeah but you said you also had full a fourth one that was a sign I released the fourth one depending on the questions good enough that I’ll release it are the questions good enough but I need to go to Clara from California are you there Claire yeah cuz keep it as brief as possible I’ve been doing kind of fairly low carbs for a while but now I’m trying to do just like full keto but I separately from this I have a lot of pain and it started when I took part in S&M slash wormwood and like was eating like high fat at the time I just have all this pain I think it’s related to digestion that I’ve been told but it’s really hard for me to eat that and like I took ox bile and like vinegar and other stuff to like make it easier but I still and like a lot of pain from eating high fat I just wondered like what you’d recommend for someone that like wants to cut oh but has difficulties with that word even my file and things like that I was the pain it’s it it’s in my left side they tested to see if it’s my pancreas my pancreas is fine I think the liver was fine I don’t I don’t know exactly what’s causing it okay here here’s what I would do very simply I would go get a food allergy test in are you are you consuming any nuts or cheese yeah I try to limit the not yeah yeah if you actually just kind of knocked those out just just to assume that it’s analogy put those to the side and see if you get better because if you’re a lot of times people jump it’s just it’s just the fat but it could also be an allergy it could be something in the food that you’re eating that you’re allergic to I would definitely rule that out because you’d be surprised how many people are allergic to that I would probably cut out the nuts and dairy and see if that doesn’t help you the other thing that you want to do if you tried the but the gallbladder formula or some bile you want to start focusing more on the stomach take more like Petain hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar and pills take more of that before a meal to help you digest and then the last thing is like are you doing in a minute fasting yeah I do sixteen eight and then I’ve done like longer fast but those are partner yeah I think the fact that you it’s harder to go longer tells me there’s probably insulin resistance you’re gonna probably see the most relief when you can shorten your window to three to four hours of eating because you’ll have your give your your whole system a chance to reset and heal and you’re gonna start feeling better and better and better from that there’s either a problem in the gallbladder the bile duct or in the intestine something’s it’s something that’s causing that so those are some things that I would do okay okay thank you you’re welcome alright so now let’s go back to Marcia from Dallas are you there Marcia hello Marcia okay go ahead what was your question okay yeah okay I recently had surgery and I was in the hospital for two weeks and basically was strictly on IV had no food in take it off and now I’ve been trying to do the fasting and following the keto diet but any and two weeks ago I went and had silver and a b12 drip of my age you know I I’m just not getting my strength back and that concerns me and I was wondering if you have some ideas suggestions I finally just in the last couple days starting to get an appetite back since I was released in the hospital three or four bites and I was done you know okay so I’ve been trying to eat you know what would give me some energy yeah and and still eat properly right well question what surgery do they do in the hospital I at my age I Christmas Day my appendix perforated great so I had I yes and it was it was a mess you know like I said I was in the hospital for yes and I had just went down to Dallas to surprise my daughter for Christmas and that the joke was on me right let me give you some tips Marshall okay because that you brought up a good point the fact that you have fatigue tells us that there’s something your body’s trying to tell you something we don’t know what it is you could have fatigue from some and different things but I’m glad that you’re starting Quito I’m glad that you’re doing in a minute fasting because I think over time that’s going to help you given the fact that you you lost your appetite I would probably add apple cider vinegar to each meal and you’ve put in some water and drink that down to start to get the stomach more acidic that’s really really important and I would only put in my body high quality food like fish especially salmon I would do small probably salad probably want to get used to that and and probably as far as supplements go you definitely need to be vitamins so get some nutritional yeast because I think the B vitamins are probably the single biggest thing that will cause fatigue and it wouldn’t hurt to get some electrolytes as well without sugar so I have a lot of data on the website about that so B vitamins electrolytes and then do the keto give it a little time Marsha and I think it’ll you’ll pull out of it the fact you had a appendicitis tells me there’s your diet probably needed some help a long time ago but now it’s time to put the health stuff back in there thanks Marcia all right Karen okay we have a couple questions before your tip yes go ahead does it matter tea coffee water what beverages when you’re doing intermittent fasting yeah of course it does matter I think if you’re gonna do coffee stick to one you know cuz coffee can actually pull out nutrients however it’s completely getting rid of coffee it’s not gonna send some people there’s some benefits to coffee that’s all I’m gonna say but make sure it’s organic but not too much of it because it’s gonna stress the adrenal tea is fine ideally if you do like naturally decaffeinated tea that would be awesome for fasting and then water and then take your electrolytes like kita fasting day yeah I would recommend that for sure okay good and then here’s the interesting question yeah do you know or could be Dyna okay my 16 year old got a rash he’s been keto for six months the rash doesn’t itch it just looks bad but he does eat low carb tortillas which is not keto I mean a low carb tortilla is probably six grams of carbs just wonderful like the question is like what’s the ingredient on a kid what I would do is I wouldn’t necessarily look at a especially with a rash I wouldn’t look at some nutritional deficiency it’s more like a reaction to some food allergy something he’s eating I would keep a log and I would probably eliminate certain things and see if it goes away because I mean especially if you’re going out to dinner you’re having something different even the so called low low carb just because low carb does not make it healthy and I did a video on that there’s all sorts of ingredients that are supposedly a little car but they give you reactions digest reaction and also low-carb often means lower carb like a lot of the ice creams out there are low-carb they’re not Lokar they’re low work hard six grams of sugar five grams of sugar yeah in ice cream so if you have same with tre eating two or three is it GMO corn yeah that’s what I would do okay okay okay I think we’re ready for the next we are this is gonna be basically a question for you guys okay what vitamin deficiency is behind scoliosis knock-knees I know and bowed legs okay again bowed legs okay guys so see if you could give me an answer for this one what nutritional deficiency is behind that okay you let me know and I’ll come back to you come on guys I’m counting on you okay so Susan your are you there Susan yes hi how are you fine thanks thanks for taking my call I’m calling my husband and I both started keto and we did the test and he is a hundred and fifty percent the adrenal problem and I was just so happy to finally figure this out but my big concern is that he had to be 20 plus years ago he had one adrenal gland taken out and the other one does have a small non cancerous tumor still in it and they still but they’re refusing to take it out just because of course the problems that it would cause to lose both of them mm-hmm so we are following the adrenal quito one for him I’m just wondering is there any certain way that we should be doing this anything extra that we should be doing with us with this condition like what else we can do for this well that’s a good question this is this is one of the reasons why I wrote this book because it goes into body types and you know you have not everyone just has a weight problem they have all their issues so the adrenal is probably a real common one and if you have doreen or weaknesses going into this and you add the keto you might need other things to support that but I will say this the fact that you’re on keto and in a minute fasting together will greatly reduce the stress on your adrenal glands immediately okay the other thing is the nutrients the adrenals need a high quality of vitamin C not synthetic but food based so you want to get a food based vitamin C the Drina also needs a good amount of potassium so that would be a lot of vegetables it would be very important the Drina ‘ls also need a lot of sleep long walks are really good for the adrenals to lower stress it’s all about keeping the stress low so do whatever you can to keep the sleep really good and this and the stress really low there’s a great product that i have called sleep aid which i think would be beneficial and then there’s something called course adrenal in cortisol relief which is kind of during the day and then take the sleep aid at night that that seems to work good I personally take that and I can go to bed pretty fast right mm-hmm like I can just go BAM I’m out and after I mean I take this with the 20 minutes I lay down the next thing I know I’m waking back up because the quality of sleep will help the adrenals get the twenty minutes later that you’re waking back out what the 20 minutes later them you said I’d go to sleep BAM in 20 minutes later I’m waking back up they don’t want to do that next thing you’re napping when I take it 20 minutes before I go to sleep then I wake up in the morning in the morning see I left that out I was going to get all the questions here so I thought I would I would ask yeah so those are some key things there’s a massage tool that you can work on the adrenal points that really helps as well that you can just pull stress of the body and you’ll see that you’ll just like feel really stress free from that and lastly nutritional yeast because the B vitamins very important okay thanks Susan alright Karen what do we got for answers we got a ton of answers B’s Cal all kinds of things but I think the number one answer is vitamin D and some people are saying d3 if you answered vitamin D and which is d3 you are right okay so well done on that guy’s you are correct it’s vitamin D deficiency so here’s the problem Karen yeah if a person is pregnant yeah in breastfeeding I’m sorry they just delivered and they’re breastfeeding right the amount of vitamin D in that breast milk is not very high in fact it’s only going to satisfy like 1% of your RDAs so that means that you have to get Sun or take cod liver oil and if a mother doesn’t know that and they also and the child is deficient vitamin D here’s some of the symptoms you’re gonna have sweaty head yeah your head’s gonna sweat that you just basically gave the fourth answer but okay that’s fine so you have sweaty your head just starts breaking out sweat how many kids have that so many kids have that you can also have sleep problems and you can be colicky because think about it vitamin D is great for bone pain muscle spasm especially low back pain if you have low back pain you should be taking vitamin D we ship the muscles in the back are tight it’s a vitamin d3 deficiency one of the best sources of vitamin D is cod liver oil don’t go cheap with that do something like virgin cod liver well that’s the best now I just want to say you know my mom as I when I was growing up my mom said that when she was growing up every single day she was raised during the Depression but every single day 1tsp of cod liver oil and then they made this cookie called tasty yeast and it was basically nutritional yeast and then they probably added some sugar or chocolate or something like that to make it but every single day nutritional yeast and cod liver oil I think they’re copying me and you know what she really is she health problems later in life but really she wasn’t sickly or have had a lot of metabolic issues I mean if a first sign of a cold you take that color of oil don’t ya cod liver oil is that gives you a nice balance of vitamin D and vitamin A so if you want to see in the dark vitamin A is what you need to take so anyway so we got that data on the way good now listen guys we have one last question okay this one is I saved the best for the last oh this has to do with now I’m not gonna say just has something to do with something you have to find out but you don’t want to click off that’s the technical he’s being technical now yes something to do oh yeah but I am getting a couple people asking how can they share their success stories with you I would love to see your success stories I do have a link it should be in some of the videos but and I don’t have it memorized so I tell you what just sent it to dr. Berg and dr. Berg calm because I want those success stories before and after pics yes that’s and if you wouldn’t mind Karen yeah um I have an itch right there you scratch my back I’m really appreciate ya right there thank you very much okay it’s driving me crazy okay good now I can focus okay alright so now we’re going to Robert from Miami are you there Robert yes I am how are you hear me good good let’s get to my question I just recently had a blood test after going keto for three months basically what happened was my doctor wanted to put me on a statin right away because my LDL shot up to 200 and he said I’m at a higher risk for a heart attack and I always had high LDL always between 120 and 140 HDL is about thirty thirty which is low they actually shot up to 42 and like last year I went from – 200 – 200 well used to be 220 to 65 there’s gonna be a little history the reason I went Quito is but there’s like my triglycerides I’ve always been high around 350 and they drop down to 106 Glenn keel so I don’t know what to do if I should go take the statin or get off the keto diet and go go fat again I do have a family history of a really bad family history of heart disease so I questioned those with a moderate are you are you maybe are you consuming a lot of fat right now or not well I was well yeah yeah I mean I have been I’ve been eating a lot four to six eggs every morning a lot of you know fatty chicken and organic grass-fed beef okay in that format taking product are you having anything that you’re eating that you shouldn’t be eating as far as carbohydrates I don’t think so I mean the only thing that I that that I know of that has carbs is the coconut flour that I’ll make a mud cake cupcake with or carob powder carps in there but other than that I’m not doing any you know you know potatoes sweet potatoes I mean okay okay so this is Rob I would okay I would this it I would recommend I would suggest you look up Dave Feldman and you may would be is called a hyper responder which basically you you know you’re there’s some I’m not going to get into exactly the technical part of it but there’s some interesting data that he has on this exact problem because that’s what happened to him and he actually goes through how he lowered it there is some alternatives to statins that actually apparently work just as good red yeast and niacin if you use that you might be able to counter this effect but I think it’s going to be really important to understand some more data from Dave Feldman especially in relationship to the the type of LDL that you might have and getting more of a deeper test to see if that is the real dangerous LDL sticky small dense little ones were or the buoyant fluffy ones so I would recommend that do that and then call me back and tell me what you find okay thanks Rob okay Karen yes do you have a question I do if you’re diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver is that is that too late to make changes and hope for any change in the liver it’s getting to the point where it can be too late if you don’t change fast dramatically I would think yeah cuz I don’t know what your situation is I don’t how much cirrhosis but there is the point of no return like liver transplant list yeah cirrhosis yeah I would listen if you’re on the liver transplant I would get on keto so fast and in a minute fasting to try to minimize the damage control who knows you don’t know you could actually possibly improve that situation maybe not perfectly but to the point where you might not be on the list but the fact that you have cirrhosis tells me that you had inflammation in the liver and you haven’t done in a minute fasting or healthy kedo to prevent it so now that now you’re just kind of backtracking and trying to repair that and cope with it so and all those that are listening you need to get out of healthy keto in a minute fasting so you can prevent this right here because this is once you get it it’s like it’s hard to reverse it but you can improve it I don’t know if you can reverse it though now you know you said inflammation the other thing I think is really important to mention is a lot of people have body pain or this you know there’s a lot of different names for body pain and all of this stuff but inflammation is handled with keto and I have yeah yes and and there’s so many problems with inflammation especially even like cancer spreading into inflamed areas inflammation is a great indicator that something is wrong and also the absence of it tells us that things are really going right for you so you know get on keto I have all of a sudden inflammation goes well you know something good is happening in your body I mean even myself when I was 28 three years ago I basically had and inflamed spine all the way down my back and my fingers and I’m like what’s going on 27 years old 28 years old like what is going on and I had no idea but now looking back deep fry night I wish I can go back in time and tell myself the dookied oh you know what I think I know a good way I think we’re it’s time for another video no way yeah I’m travel yeah I’m gonna work on that I need to go to Robert from New Jersey are you there Robert I am here hi how are you well good my time machine is not working but when I get it I’ll let you know yeah well let you know we’re working on it we’re in Jersey um so like I’m in Central Jersey on the shore sounds river actually a question when I I I do have a lot of oxidative stress but when I was doing Crossfit etc and I was around 205 pounds you know muscular I’m Paul and fin six-foot-four and as time went on I did go through a benzodiazepine withdrawal unfortunately and that created even more so I hear that the Kido of course through many of your videos which I thank you for our neuro plastic that they do help with a lot of things leaky gut leaky brain when I started Kido I literally could not stand up for a number of periods of time so I would stand up and getting massively dizzy and so I was like okay maybe I’m not eating enough so then I would do more nut butters use almond milk try to make shakes out of those fat bombs etc section you know this sorry so the thing is I would still lose weight and I can’t afford to lose weight and right now I’m 167 mm-hmm guy I’ve lost from 205 down to 167 so I kind of said well maybe I maybe I need carbs maybe I need carbs so that’s where okay I might ask my question do you still have the dizziness when you stand up I do not at bed have you I’ve been doing uh like brunch details God have you ever had heard one of my videos on this condition called pots yeah okay I’m very familiar with that came literally about maybe four months ago I came out of nowhere okay did you start taking b1 I take a methylated B complex okay that I’ve been doing a tradition at the nutritional yeast to so I like either one good so there’s a couple things I would recommend I’m gonna put you in pause I’ll tell you what I would recommend there is a product that I created to help that and the type of B wanna have in there is quite unique it’s called mitochondrial energy and it’s basically exactly addressing that issue that you’re talking about you might want to try it but here’s the point the adrenals are involved if you stand up too fast and let’s say the blood can’t go up to your brain you need to support the adrenal and it sounds like you’ve pushed yourself and now you’re in the you’re recovering but you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place because when you dookied on your loose too much weight so I would stick with about 50 to 60 maybe 70 grams of carbs a day but not go over that and you can do that in the form of berries and you know maybe some other other type of carbs but I would I wouldn’t go to anything sweeter than that but if you actually do that it’s your carbs a little bit higher and then you take your eating window and you have it not too close maybe you have it like eight hours between that way it’s like you’re you’re not doing it hardcore but you’re still doing two meals a day what you’re gonna have to do is you’re gonna have to eat more calories so you’re gonna have to have a little bit more fat you’re gonna have to have a little more a little more protein and then improve your digestion and then start to slowly maybe do some low level exercise so but it’s a combination of increasing your calories keeping your carbs a little bit higher and doing more like weight training eventually to kind of keep you from losing anymore okay Rob but I think bb1 is the main thing you need right now thanks for your call all right Karen I got time for a quick question Romania it’s the tip it’s time for the tip almost time for the tip we got about 90 seconds I was planning on the tip well I’ll tell you what you’d look for the okay what about headaches in the morning headaches in the morning well just stop drinking alcohol at night so you’re not hungover oh no that’s a it’s usually a blood sugar issue and it’s a transition transitional thing I will guarantee the night before there was something that maybe you ate that you shouldn’t have eaten so I would for headaches in the morning I would slam dunk really healthy basic keto and a little bit of IEF and slowly gradually in go into it but not go crazy with the in a minute fasting because I think there’s a bout of hypoglycemia that’s causing the headache especially if it’s in the morning okay and last supplements or any suggestion for kids who do not eat vegetables stay tuned another two weeks there’s a substitute for vegetables that were coming up with that’s the absolute best which is uh the protein in this is comparable to weigh the Omega threes just outweigh and anything that I know and the amount of final nutrients incredible and you can actually drink your own salad so that’s all I’m gonna say because I haven’t finalized that so give me two weeks on that hey okay so I need to go to Danny from Olympia Washington are you there Danny yeah all right Jagr great you did question I guess with your mom as a hiatal hernia yes okay and I was just wondering what you know if you suggest she has a lot of acid reflux and a lot of discomfort yeah okay so this is what I would do Danny there’s a video that I have it’s called gallbladder flushing it involves manual work around the lower ribcage I think I would watch the video and apply that to your mom on a gentle basis and that will actually give her a relief because it it pushes that kind of external pouch back into where it should be but the other thing is like you want to get her to take more acid like in the form of either betraying how to chloride or episode of vinegar there’s some some tablets I have called that just + or formula if you want to do that but she needs more acidifier what that’ll do it’ll make the stomach really nice an acid and then she’ll have less acid reflux and she’ll have more tone in the stomach that’s what she needs because she’s lacking in tone but I owe her Nia has really come from a situation when you have low acids and then the acids squirts up because you can’t close the valve alright thanks Danny and then Louise from Florida are you there yeah hi what was your question my question is and me and my wife is doing that is and kiddo yeah and my blood sugar is going a little bit too low yeah like in the fasting it’s like 59 yeah and when I like between 70 72 I want to know if this is normal okay do you do you feel bad do you feel bad or do you feel okay and now I feel a little bit of headache and okay heart patient like yeah the first thing I would do is I would go go I would get more information about how to do it correct I want to make sure you’re doing it correct but if you’re not you might need to tweak some things I think you need more volume like more potassium to increase more fluids as well I would add more sea salt there’s so many variables here but if your blood sugars are going down too low I think you you need to support either the adrenals of the liver but I would go back to the basics and find out what you’re missing because something something you’re missing with that thanks Louise so Karen we are ready before the last tip okay now this relates to improving your metabolism there’s a common thing between consuming butter hog and grass-fed and vegetables that relates to improving your metabolism and speeding up your weight loss and there’s something related to butter and vegetables what is that thing see if you guys can so are you saying there’s something that they have in common yes something they have in common that improves the metabolism butter and vegetables yes so let’s see who can get it right this time yeah so butter and vegetables now what a butter and vegetables have in common that aid your digestion yeah no not digestion Oh metabolism Oh metabolism if you were listening listening closely okay people I’ll give you a hint okay it improves insulin resistance your vitamin A Okay Kay come on guys a and potassium the potassium is not a vitamin oh you didn’t say it’s about it has to be a vitamin no I didn’t say it’s a vitamin it’s not a vitamin glycerin okay yes Karen you got it right because I’ve been listening okay I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt yeah butyric acid is the microbes basically eat the fiber and they spit out this butyric acid which actually improves insulin resistance which actually help reduce insulin help you lose weight because the stubborn weight metabolism is insulin resistance that’s the underlying thing and then guess what butter has butyric acid so this is why you should put the butter on the vegetables on that note guys have a great weekend thank you for coming I hope you’re staying warm and for those of you that are in Saudi Arabia turn turn on the air-conditioner after local guys stay off the roads today and we will see you next Friday alright guys have a good one yeah [Music] you

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