Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] you welcome back we’re here we’re here it’s Friday yes again and Friday yeah welcome guys listen we’re anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you is just to give you education so you can do your own research this is not meant to replace your medical care okay now there’s today we’re gonna talk about three topics throughout the whole presentation so you guys want to stay tuned because there’s some really good information that you’ve never heard coming up later in the show and if you want to know about it and you don’t want to die of a terrible illness down the road or a disease you could have learned right here live long stay tuned because this could save your life now I’m going to mention one of the things I’m gonna bring up right from the get-go okay and this has to do with the main in anti inflammatory in the body out of all the medication or the groups of medications anti-inflammatories are at the top of the food chain so a lot of people have inflammation they have arthritis they have autoimmune and so you’re paying attention I’m paying attention I’m sorry someone had so pay attention a lot of people who have inflammation okay a lot of people with and so um so basically okay here’s the thing okay there is a hormone in the body can that is the main anti inflammatory hormones you know a woman that is main anti inflammatory hormone yeah that would be okay you don’t know okay okay cortisol okay because do you think about like the medication prednisone cortisone cream it printed cortisone injections it’s all it’s just gets rid of information right okay so Karen yeah if cortisol suppresses inflammation then why do so many people with inflammation have high cortisol that’s the question of the day that is the question we’re gonna be talking about that in about 10 minutes the answer to that so you just ponder that just chew on that Karen chew on that okay good so that’s that can I look at this now you can look at the social media okay good all right guys so I need to go right to Marie she’s been waiting patiently from Connecticut are you there Marie I am can you hear me yes what’s requests oh hi how are you good okay I have two small questions and then one that’s probably a little bit more in-depth okay I put tea in my hot water I mean I got lemon in my hot tea okay um fresh squeezed am i getting rid of all the benefits because I’m putting it in basically boiling water number two is I like to snack on sunflower seeds in the shell so I you know I probably go through a half a cup in a day but am I getting rid of all the benefits that I’ve been doing because I do eat it kind of throughout the day and the more in-depth question is can keto help with depression in a child a young child or is that not nutrition and it’s probably something probably I need to research more in-depth but not nutrition okay good so let’s take the first question Marie lemon realized that unless it’s right from the lemon you’re gonna get lemon juice and that’s pasteurized so you’re really not getting the benefit about him and see when it’s pasteurized it’s heated because it gets destroyed in August so exposed to oxygen so the benefit of lemon juice really is the citric acid which actually helps to prevent kidney stones and things like that so that’s one thing but if you’re taking regular lemon and you’re you’re squeezing it into this hot water that can basically lower destroy your enzymes and the activation and decrease the nutrients so so if you’re doing the lemon and you want to get the benefits of the vitamin C go ahead and don’t heat it out don’t put it in hot tea okay so that’s number one number two so you wanted me to hold all three of these questions so number two to do with snacking that’s right okay you have sunflower seeds all that long don’t recommend it because it kind of defeats the whole intermittent fasting when you’re grazing all day and snacking you’re never gonna keep you insulin low so so snacking is a killer even if it’s health foods nuts seeds okay you don’t want to snack so don’t do that all day long I think what you need is a little more fat at the meal so you can go longer without the need for a snack now as far as your child with a depression I will say this you know it’s a symptom we don’t want to treat symptoms my whole mission is to teach you how to get the core eating in so chances are you won’t even have any symptoms after that so regardless of whatever symptoms someone has if they’re not on the basic eating plan that says that’s establishing good blood Sugar’s providing nutrients lower keeping insulin normal then treating symptoms would be a waste of time so I would be pretty hopeful that by getting him on this basic eating plan that he probably won’t have very much depression after that that’s just my guess but I would definitely do it because the carbs create the blood sugar issue and that affects the mood okay good questions now we need to go to Kwame from California and I know I didn’t pronounce your name that well but is it Kwame are you there yes yes dr. Burke it is Kwame you pronounce it got one right yeah thank you so my basic question is I’m doing keto and I’m on three meals now even though for seven days 70 days I was able to do two meals because I had some downtime but now the primary issue is regardless of what I eat if I talk for more than one hour I get a hypoglycemic sometimes like feeling dizzy needing to eat and I was wondering the same is saying that can do to overcome that okay proof desk good question now do you can you just real briefly tell me what you would eat in an average meal average like breakfast that we eat for eggs omelette and then I’ll have four avocados and then in the afternoon it will be cauliflower with Kimber and then with olive oil apple cider vinegar and then also with our salmon about 17 grams of protein and then without four avocados okay and then I do the blood I do the blood blood sugar support the wheatgrass and all that okay and so what happens you start feeling blood sugar issues right in the middle like you can’t go for a long period of time yeah well I mean talking when I’m talking like if I have less if I have to do representation or if I have to talk to somebody for more than one hour okay I think do you ever get nervous when you’re talking no no I don’t get nervous okay so I think there’s a couple things I would do to improve I think your your you probably have insulin resistance and you’re not quite quite out of the woods yet I would I would do this I would beef up no pun intended your electrolytes primarily potassium and magnesium those two minerals majorly help improve insulin resistance so that’s what I would do the other thing that I think you’d probably need to do you’re getting a lot of potassium obviously from the avocados but the fact that you can’t go longer means that you might need a little bit more and I would also add a different type of fat to see if that will help you to I would add saturated fat like butter or coconut oil and see if that and just add a little bit more fat to see if that doesn’t help you and then just give it a little bit more time that’s what I would do and you might need some vitamin D as well good question though all right Karen lots of great questions as hey do you know what I have to bring up a lot of people want to know when we’re gonna announce the new slogan I just want to tell you guys we have so many responses that is taking a while for us to get through it because that’s something we can’t delegate we have to literally you know read through each one of them we have hundreds so it’s taking a long time no it’s hundreds and we will get through them very soon we’re gonna work on it this weekend but IP okay yeah what’s thousands it was thousands it was thousands care billion right okay but hey can I say this date yes okay so I did want to mention for you guys we did pick a date for the Kido summit and in doing it we wanted to keep prices as low as possible and the date is drumroll so please pay attention it’s over the Labor Day weekend in September which is like 7th 8th and 9th I think so that weekend most people already have some time off DC is gorgeous that time of year so it’s the 8th and 9th because they’ll come in they’ll come in Friday know the actual date that it’s going to be starts at the Saturday 7:00 on Saturday 8 in 8 in 8th and 9th of September okay right okay good okay okay so it’s social media turn go ahead okay good so um Anna I think she was on Facebook was asking about platelets high platelets and Diet weren’t keto diet obviously you’re going to talk about keto NIF well what can be done okay so this this comes up a lot I think I want to just bring this up right now like oh I have high platelets I have high white blood cell I have blood in my urine I have like high liver enzymes like no matter what’s going on the first thing I’m going to tell everyone ever single time is are you doing the health Aikido in a minute fasting exactly like I mentioned in the book are you doing it because if you’re not that’s the first thing a minute I’m going to implement or tell you to implement because who knows what that could come from any number of things but if you don’t get the basic kind of the basic found yeah thank you that’s it it’s the foundation you are you’re not gonna actually you can have all these little stuff I mean you’re gonna be shocked to find out how many things normalize when you implement these things I mean it’s literally shocking why because so many problems are connected to high insulin so many things they’re connected so that’s what I would recommend I don’t necessary even like to treat symptoms until we’ve we know that you’ve implemented this for at least two years I’m just kidding well a couple weeks rolling right off of that why don’t you just list off on your fingers what kinds of metabolic diseases show up because of high insulin or insulin resistance well you have all sorts of things with the eye from the lens cataracts glaucoma that’s pressure in the eye you have retinopathy but with the the eye actual the nerve degenerates you have floaters for vision you might even need glasses I know that’s hard to believe some people need glasses and then you also have stuff with the kidney in the heart oh my gosh clogged artery stiffening of the arteries hearting of the arteries then you have a fatty liver not to mention a belly fat fatigue asthma sleep sleep apnea I mean mood issues dementia some people might even have a hard time remember what they where their keys are I know that’s shocking other classes right which is on their head so there’s just so many things that are connected acne I mean I’m like when I start digging into it I’m just like oh my gosh it’s like almost every chronic inflammatory condition you can imagine okay good so then rolling right off that got a question I get every week what would be the in one sentence the best way to get started on healthy keto and intermittent fasting well I think the there’s two ways I would definitely go to dr. Burke calm okay and there’s a button there at the top of the header of says keto if you press that button I basically literally you can read everything you’d ever want to know about keto it’s all right there on that one page we’re on the website that’s what I would do if I were you well and also you have video you have videos that say how to get started well they’re free little courses the thing is I’m just mentioning go to the kita thing because now I’m going to tell how to tell you where to find that video which might not be as easy at this point I’m just making some changes to make exactly I seems okay there’s a million in one videos on exactly how to do that also there’s a that book you can get hold of the book well this um this book in this book come together go to the site get it but this book actually I am gonna be changing the name but we’re gonna keep the same book but it’s it’ll give you everything you need to know and if you know if you’re serious about really doing it correctly you’re gonna have questions might as well just do it correct from the very beginning rather than try that like oh I I have this symptom now what do I do for that well that’s what we found that you’re eating the wrong types of fats okay yeah okay so what kind of foods give you vitamin D well at the top of the food chain cod liver oil and then we get salmon while caught salmon and then of course Sun now let’s say for example you don’t like fatty fish and you don’t like liver and you don’t like eggs and you don’t like to go on the Sun then what do you do mushrooms oh you eat mushrooms d3 k2 formula yeah you take the pill okay good well I’m on a roll here can I get one more one more and then I have to fly here okay good so so someone here is going through a divorce and they get increased hunger at night and sometimes two in the morning what can I do yeah so that means you have high cortisol the cortisol is a stress hormone and that’s going to release a lot of sugar and mobilize line of sugar and that’s what’s that’s what the person is going on so they’re gonna have to take more nutritional yeast and get in a tablet form those are the B vitamins take like maybe about nine a day you can chew them that will help greatly and then right before you go to bed there’s a little secret secret yeah you want to take take a little water it with about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar you could take in a straw but the opposite of vinegar will help the stabilize your blood sugars through the whole night now realize when you’re under stress like that you’re going through a stressful time you’re going to have a little more sugar in the body so exercise is important too just to clear off the excess sugar that you’re generating so you need to do long walks every day just to get rid of that excess sugar that will help cool okay yeah good now I can go to less from Illinois are you there yes thank you for taking my call sure yeah dr. Berg after what’s your last call I’m not sure if I should ask this question but it did have to do with some results from bloodwork I’ve been on keto about six weeks or almost two months but anyway I’m doing fine I don’t have any issues I got a weird response on my TSH my TSH has always been high and mighty SH come back at ten point three and of course the doctors I’m going to and that’s my second question I’m wondering if I could get a list of if there’s anything where I could find a list of doctors that you have trained it might be in the st. Louis area that’s kind of mine the second question but I’m just wondering if you could elaborate a little bit on the thyroid I think I saw one of your videos you talked about taking a tribe cytro Fionn TMG to kind of help remove some of those void antibodies but would you mind talking about that a little bit yeah just real quick did they find high levels of antibodies or not or don’t you know well not in this test this this was just kind of a basic test I’m not I’m 65 years old and this one was just kind of a basic test they didn’t test for anything but TSH and they mean they didn’t even test for T 3 and T 4 so you know now that’s why I’m not too excited about it but I thought I thought it might be able to do something it’s kind of like going to get your car fixed and well we got a red light going on but we we didn’t look in your engine you know we didn’t really look at the whole mechanisms there’s a lot of things that occur especially with hormones and here’s the big problem that I want to talk about less and I’m glad you brought this up now is that you can’t really evaluate what the heck’s going on just with your hormone levels if it’s high or low because you’re only looking at one little piece of the puzzle you’re not looking at what’s happening in the thyroid receptors for example is that thyroid siming hormone that’s coming from the pituitary down into the thyroid is it connecting to the thyroid is it making t4 is t4 then converting to t3 like these are all questions like so you really you can’t it just be like a guest right now so you need to get a complete profile look at everything and then do your evaluation or else you’re just going to be guessing and this is the problem in medicine is they don’t really look very wide they look kind of just at this one thing and then they don’t actually even look at the trigger like if you just started Kido and then we have high levels of thyroid Simonton hormone I would want to know what’s happening to your actual t4 and t3 because there is going to be a thyroid adjustment especially if you’re doing in a minute fasting because your your body is not eating as frequently and it doesn’t need to use as many hormones so there’s going to be like a shift the main thing I would go by is how do you feel do you feel good are you tired do you have your eyes bulging out is there Piper situation so those are the things that I would do but I would for right now go back get a thorough test and then call back next week all right thanks les because we can’t really evaluate it I’m sorry we need to go to Rhonda from Missouri are you there at Rhonda yeah I kind of do the long term well are you doing a healthy keto and intermittent fasting I am so so the biggest thing you you have to realize is that potassium is usually I’m sorry potassium is involved and high blood pressure is usually a potassium deficiency and guess where you get potassium do you know where you get potassium thank you very much the greens so what you need to do is you need to consume and I just actually clicked you off I’m sorry about that you need to consume more these things called vegetables okay or take and in addition you can Hance it with some potassium electrolyte powder that would be very good to take so I have I have one that has a thousand milligrams if you take two scoops you’ll get a lot of potassium and from that so that’s what I would recommend to see a nice change raft of that but this this this kit keeps coming back to this one point that I’ll say it one more time and then I’m going to zip it calm before you address your symptoms make sure your Kido your healthy Kido and your intermittent fasting is fully implemented correctly put the book yeah for the videos by the book by by the book like BY the book or be you why the book and this brings up I think I’m I think it’s time to talk about this first this first point that I brought up initially Karen you’re really ready I’m ready so so we have cortisol as the main anti-inflammatory right it’s very powerful it lowers inflammation okay so why the heck with someone with high cortisol have any inflammation in their body one person tried to answer this I think everyone was hoping you were gonna spit out the answer I mean there were a few comments but one person said sort of like insulin that the body then becomes resistant that person was correct so you can have you have insulin resistance right you also have corn saw resistance you can have resistance to pretty much any hormone testosterone estrogen thyroid hormones because the superior element to this whole communication chain of events is the receptor the receptor is the listener and then the gland is the talker so we have this talking and listening conversation going on but you also have this feedback loop that comes around and if I can an acknowledgment so if you ever talk to someone and you had an argument most likely it stems from this one of the person’s not listening or acknowledging which is listening and acknowledging criticism no I didn’t say I think I was just looking at the door over there so we know this we so what happens is that in the body if you have a lot of cortisol being pumped out because you’re chronically under stress or it could be a kind of a stress state that you might even not associated with stress extremely loneliness lonely chronic pain injury losses being stuck taking care of a sick parent or a sick child or whatever for many many years like there’s so many big events big life events like preparing for a wedding or so move or something or as she just so you have this whole thing where you have this this the body will protect itself against this high level of hormones so it starts to shutting down at downgrades so you have in insulin cortisol resistance now what happens the body’s gonna start pumping out massive amounts the problem is it doesn’t work it’s ineffective it doesn’t connect so you have this situation where you have high and low symptoms of cortisol yet you have all the symptoms of low cortisol but you your blood tests show high now the problem is like if you don’t understand this whole thing that’s going on you’re gonna give the person more cortisol and make it worse so that’s the that’s the point I was gonna bring up about this that’s like it’s very very important yeah because that’s really important to know about yeah you really have to look at the whole picture and stand back this is wait a second what is the trigger okay how can we actually eliminate the trigger even if you look online okay look up insulin resistance for example and you type on Wikipedia which we know all that information is 100% correct the first part of it right at the end it tells you the secret to how to fix insulin resistance right in Wikipedia it says avoid carbohydrate diets or not avoid it does go low on the carbohydrates cut down the sugar and your insulin resistance will go away so in that case Wikipedia is correct they are correct Wow okay I’m gonna get that out wow you got you just like you got that off your chest to talk about that months okay so now we need to go to Ruth from Texas hi calling to Becky again we like it when you buckets from Texas yes Ruth from Texas yes this is read from Texas but I have orange palms orange palms and I’m definitely keto for two years one meal a day drinking my seven to ten cups of vegetables I was drinking a lot of spinach and the parsley until I saw the vitamin D and calcium video which said that the lectins were not letting my calcium move I do have very cracked nails so I’m assuming it’s because the calcium wasn’t getting to my body from all the spinach I was eating I can’t really eat the kale so I was eating the spinach instead but I’ve changed to the red leaf lettuce and other fancy carrots a day no I don’t understand why orange because I don’t eat any carrots I just eat green vegetables now I do have some bell peppers for the vitamin C in the bell peppers and I eat drink lemon juice every day fresh lemon juice every day but I take all your vitamins and minerals like the minerals and the electrolytes and but I can’t think of anything that would make my palms orange the other question I had for you is a friend a good friend of mine had a pulmonary embolus embolism he’s been on keto for a couple of weeks now but I was wondering if there are any supplements that he could add or any tests that he could ask his doctor for to know that he no longer has to take the coumadin because he’s on coumadin so those are my two questions my orange palms my brittle nails and you know the pulmonary embolism okay well I think it’s time for another video why you have orange palms which is the real new one common symptom that a lot of people have it is no no that’s not right it’s only roots from text I mean the what comes up with that you know color and your and you anywhere in your body I’m thinking okay but number one or the purpose is a person consuming a lot of beta carotene from carrots no they’re not okay could it be liver possibly you know like a little jaundice possibly yeah well maybe it’s really really hard to know exactly what what I would probably do since it’s a pigment problem is I would since you’re doing so well and you’re feeling great and you’re doing everything correct I will just change up your vegetables to do less just different types of vegetables and see if that doesn’t help you because sometimes there could be some pigment from a certain vegetable that’s not being digested it’s being backed up in the skin that’s my wild guess now as far as Palmer a pulmonary embolism that person needs to do healthy keto and intermittent fasting hardcore because they have to lower insulin that would be the most important thing the other thing to do is to take a really high-quality vitamin E complex not a synthetic a real one that will actually thin the blood and help heal the reason why you got in the first place but when you go back to the doctor get a test coronary artery calcium test it’s way better than a cholesterol test it’ll give you indications what’s going on to the into the heart and the coronary artery and then see if they can work out whether they can come off of it or not brittle nails I think you’re on your road to success with that because you’ve just identified some of those lectins or you know anti-nutrients to mobilize calcium you also need vitamin F which is basically an unsaturated fatty acids like I would do like maybe a little flax oil or a little more fish oils to help mobilize calcium that’s what I would do if I were you but I’m I’m just saying just suggesting it thanks Ruth Ruth when you come to the keto summit next year you need to wear a t-shirt that just says Ruth from Texas yes and I definitely get a t-shirt I no longer have orange palms and okay good so what do you have any questions coming in yeah so here’s someone they have no thyroid okay they’ve been on keto for six months again assuming healthy keto and intermittent fasting but it just has been on keto for six months still having fatigue issues yeah well if you’re doing everything correct then of course you need to be vitamins specifically be one that would be very important there’s there’s something that I came out with to address that it’s called mitochondrial energy it’s pretty good because it’s it’s a very natural b1 and it’s not just any old b1 it’s extremely expensive b1 I couldn’t find one that even compared the to the quality so I I bit the bullet and I included that as one of the main ingredients but you need b1 is the spark plug to help ignite that mitochondrial energy that’s what I would do if I are you of an increase the amount of B vitamins that should help you okay now another question if you don’t have a gall bladder can that condition alone oh wait a second know what let me go back this person doesn’t have a thyroid and they’re tired yeah Oh ding ding ding do you like that that could well no just take the b1 but I think I would go to the doc and get your thyroid medication your hormones adjusted so I’m assuming you are on some synthroid or something I would get that adjusted because I think it relates to the actual thyroid hormone itself so you might need a little bit more and then the other thing is that you might want to consider getting a like armor which is a combination of like all the thyroid hormones together that you would take check with your doctor on that and and last thing would be to maybe take some purified bile salts support the gallbladder because you may have a conversion problem with that thyroid and in which case that could be when you’re tired okay now we can go back to the other question okay it doesn’t have a gallbladder doesn’t have a gallbladder wondering can that condition alone lead to diabetes well it depends on if you are if you change your eating right it really does because the original reason why people have their gallbladder out and by the way a lot of people who have the gall that are out also are pre-diabetic and I bet and that’s because one of the big causes of golf stones is high levels of insulin so will gallbladder out cause diabetes no but high insulin well so you got to change your diet so you can actually not end up in that boat okay okay good thank you do I get another question you get one more can oh okay here’s someone who they’re apparently on keto husband and wife okay I’m pregnant really really want to know what else can be done because they’ve had they’ve been trying and they’ve had eight failures and this and so they really want to know what specifically can be done beyond keto and intermittent fasting or how much like a pregnant woman how much keto and intermittent fasting can you do I think that that was a bit more of the question okay so you can I would definitely be going one meal a day for sure as a pregnant woman she’s not pretty if she’s pregnant oh she’s trying to she’s pregnant she wants to actually have it sustained in right not abort okay right um I think at that point I would not do one meal a day I would probably do two meals a day and just make sure that you’re you’re getting enough of your nutrients so you got to be careful because you don’t want to be cutting down your nutrients when you’re pregnant because that could be a problem I mean I’m not you may even need to do three meals a day you know the point is that you probably don’t want to do in a minute fasting but you can definitely do healthy keto you need to really beef up your fats your healthy fats a high quality cod liver oil healthy you know high-quality butters we found some really good butter you go through a lot of butter um I love that butter from Finland Norwegian butter I love you know butter from Ireland so I’m into butter but here’s the thing royal jelly is a good supplement to take take it also yeah also to take a really good vitamin E like for example food base by the mini tocotrienols that’s a part of the vitamin E complex because they found with animals at least that when you’re deficient in vitamin E you just you just don’t deliver you know your fertility goes right down so these are things that would do and then lastly but not least I would go on online on Amazon and try to find you could probably even find go to standard process comm standard process at a product it’s called obex p.m. you know it’s over trophic PMG get that product over trophy and PNG and take like 3 a day that just supports the ovary since that’s what we’re dealing with is we’re dealing with ovary we’re also dealing with the uterus but that’s what I would do if you were a pregnant woman if I was pregnant I was going to not say that but well you said something in there that confused me okay you said I would do at least I would do two meals a day but not intermittent fasting okay so I backtracked on that I would I would be careful about doing intermittent fasting because you don’t want to cut your calories down so if you know maybe even just do three meals a day unless you like completely not hungry and you know just and then do two meals a day but the point is that you don’t want to stay nutritious meals yeah I just don’t want to do anything that would decrease your nutrients okay did you have a second big point that you wanted to talk about yes I did Karen I did there’s actually two more points yeah I’m gonna talk about one now and I’m gonna save one the best for last coming up later in the show yeah the one well I’m not gonna even tell you what it is but the one I’m going to talk about right now is relates to GMO foods okay GMO so here’s the thing guys this is really really really really important most of the GMO foods have been sprayed with glyphosate which is a chemical it’s a chemical so here’s the data I need to tell you and it’s just the amount of glyphosate that is in our food supply and in our environment is way more than you think since 1974 there’s basically worldwide there’s been nine point four million tons of glyphosate being injected into our environment nine point four million tons let me give you a comparable what would that be like how many swimming pools how many 2300 Olympic swimming pools full of glyphosate and how much glyphosate can kill you parts well I can’t tell you that but I will say that it’s it’s very very small amounts that accumulate over time like parts per billion over time it accumulates in your body here’s the problem guys like you don’t really know where it is because they’re the labeling they don’t have to label it in America at least and and the amounts that are so called safe in America are really higher than three times higher than in Europe so it’s a problem I’m not going to tell you it’s going to cause a problem in your body I’m just telling you it’s not been researched thoroughly yet there’s a lot of unknowns there’s been some research like one long-term study that’s been redacted so which I think it’s it’s all political but the point is that it’s a time bomb and you can’t really go by the industry doing all the studies so you know there’s no like independent studies they’re very suppressor squashed and it’s not a lot of long-term studies the point is that you need to actively and aggressively start eating non-gmo foods so either it’s going to say non-gmo on the label or it’s gonna say organic but even that you probably you could be getting a small amount but the point is that you need to put more attention on reading labels and and I’m talking about even like meats you’re talking about they’re makin and that Kate bake like like you’d buy this bacon right it says all-natural nitrate free you know but it’s still not organic you got it or you have to have non-gmo because the grains that are fed to these animals are soaked in glyphosate so soy why our canola can you can you say cuz I know I mean can you say why that is or why did they do that I’m not gonna get into the intention or the motivation you probably know what it is but you can figure it out reading between the lines but the point is that there’s just so much inner environment and the research is suppressed and it’s just like this huge huge elephant in the room that it’s gonna it I think it’s gonna create a lot more problems so you just need to started doing or game your homework do your homework you know argument in organic and non-gmo as much as you can now the cool thing is too that you can also take things like healthy cruciferous vegetables for example that help to detoxify that of the body and there’s other things too that will help detoxify fulvic acid and humic acid you can get that as a supplement will help to detoxify that as well say that again Kovac or humic acid helps to detoxify glyphosate glyphosate this system but also cruciferous will will help as well all right so that’s number two I thought was life-changing information that was life-changing information right there you heard it today this we hear of the third tip coming gosh very soon guys don’t go away yeah I need to go to Nancy are you there I’m from Colorado I am can you hear me yes sorry I got you on speakerphone so my husband can hear as well okay I know she’s husband Jim he’s a devout follower I series one that got me on Quito through you so Wow I’ve actually got a million questions but I’ll try and narrow it down as I’m doing this I’m finding that there’s more and more factors involved in getting the whole healthy picture so you have to get the sleep you have to get the exercise everything right now I’m focusing on my glucose my blood sugar level I’ve been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and I had gestational diabetes twice so I’m watching my blood sugar levels I bought myself a little machine my fasting levels are terrible when I get up in the morning my blood sugar levels like 132 it’s been as high as 155 in the morning okay it goes down after I eat which to me is bizarre because I would think that it would go up when I eat but it’s the fasting that I’m really worried about getting lower I’ve been doing keto for a few months then yeah three to four months I guess I’m trying to be very good I’m down to two meals a day I usually eat somewhere around noon to one o’clock is my first meal and then I’ll have a dinner I do have coffee in the morning with my almond milk and it’s a coconut almond milk combo and anyway sorry distracting me trying to get me to speed up here so I’m trying to figure out what to do to get my blood Sugar’s down I found some supplements that are supposed to help with with insulin resistance and I didn’t know if they’re really effective and when to take them and like I said I’ve got a million questions for you and I’m trying to be nice but I mean let me just give you a couple tips okay real quick a couple tips number one I can’t really tell you about other supplements but I will say to support the healthy blood sugars there’s one that is a really good that that I recommend it’s my own product is called sugar blood sugar support formula and the reason I recommend that is because I just recently added an additional ingredient which is pancreatic extract which you’re not gonna even find any products out there without it that ingredient and I looked at the research is pretty amazing so that’s one thing that I would do I would do the electrolyte mix because you want to increase the potassium I did a video and I think it might have been 10 things to improve resistance because that’s what you want to focus on I would just personally watch the videos that I have on insulin resistance and you’ll find that video and start following the list I think you’re on the right track you just have to give it more time make sure your your keto is perfect but the fact that your blood Sugar’s are higher when you’re fasting just tells me that you’re in a transition phase and your liver is probably making a little bit too much sugar so you want to keep working on the liver and you just got to give it more time add an exercise for sure Nancy that way it’ll run off this excess sugar and it’ll speed things up other than that I think you’re gonna be fine okay good keep going yes and and you have a lot of questions make sure you read the book and watch videos cuz a lot of those questions I’m sure answers right yeah I actually try to handle every single possible angle of every single question and so there’s a lot there at this the matter of just finding it so Denise from Kentucky is is on the line hi Denise hi dr. Byrd how are you today great I had a question regarding I have a family member who’s trying to switch over to keto diet but unfortunately whatever they do try to switch to a better diet they have gout flares yeah and I was hoping you could tell me what the best treatment there would be there’s a couple couple things about gout that are actually quite fascinating its uric acid problem and uric acid believe it or not on the body is an antioxidant yeah so when you do in a minute fasting sometimes you have this spike up of uric acid but then it comes down with more time the quick thing to do with gout symptoms is to alkalize the urine a little bit because the acidic nature is where you have this release of these crystals that are forming in usually in the big toe and in the kidney and the problem is like what’s happened in the kidney is in the big toe in the joint is also happening in the kidney so these little crystals are literally scraping and irritating the lining of your joint unfortunate in creating inflammation and it can flare up so you need to on a regular basis take potassium citrate this is why all of the minerals that I put in my electrolyte powder are sit rates and they’re all alkaline so that’s that’s a no-brainer you just take a couple scoops of that each day and that should keep the symptoms down the other thing is you don’t want to be careful about doing too much protein you’re going to avoid things that increase uric acid like chocolate and chocolate and things like that or like sausage organ meats there’s a whole series of foods that are high in purines and then just kind of keep your protein moderate not too high do more greens do more lemon juice and that’s what I would do if I were you I think that will help you greatly but it’s all about keeping the urine from being a little too acidic okay so we just have to make it a little bit more alkaline with that potassium citrate that seems to be an easy fix thanks Denise all right Karen we’re gonna go to social media right now awesome here’s one hi please I need your answer can nitrogen gall stones be dissolved and take them out from my gall bladder my doctor said I have to take out my gall bladder because the stones are based on nitrogen well I have no clue if that’s good if it’s gonna if that’s possible I don’t know how big your stones are I don’t know what your condition is but this comes right back down to something new I’m going to tell you probably never heard this before implement your basic keto healthy keto plan and in a minute fasting first okay and see if that doesn’t just help you there’s a couple things that will help to reduce gall stones one is purify bile salts you can take gall bladder formula you take some purified bile salts and then that will help over time but you want to be careful not to go completely low fat because saturated fats trigger bile so you want to just do healthy keto and I’m laughing here because when she’s supposed to be listening on social media or constantly coming over here I am I am putting attention on social media laughing because someone typed I did everything Karen said and I lost 25 pounds and kept it off for 18 months okay overtime gonna give you the mic you obviously are getting all the results here no this is one person I must have said something good maybe they meant to say dr. Bergen Karen yeah I don’t know I mean I’m just you know hey but I did have another question here oh no it wasn’t a question it was another good piece of feedback Lizzie said her husband used the ketogenic diet and reversed his two eteri damage not interesting yeah well that makes sense because you’re basically you’re supporting the endocrine system you’re actually straightening up the endocrine system which has been messed up and you’re going to put these communications right back in alignment so you’re going to normalize a lot of endocrine flows so thereby probably a lot of things that are growing that shouldn’t be growing there are going to normalize so that makes sense yeah I just wanted to read that because okay okay here’s here’s one that’s pertinent to right about now because regardless of when you’re watching this it’s wintertime a lot of people getting the flu and stuff I’m just recovering from stomach flu diarrhea vomiting fever what is the best break to her the fast I guess you’ve been not eating with hoses going on which is good because fasting starves or how to break the fast hold okay how to break if you’re just that’s sick and you’ve just you know been vomiting diarrhea yeah so here’s here’s what you want to do when you’re actually breaking the fast you want to make sure you don’t eat especially if it’s a prolonged fast you don’t want to eat a lot of food you want to start off with just a little bit wait some time a little bit more because you can overload the system also you want to do fluids like electrolytes especially if you’ve had either diarrhea or vomiting so you want to put those electrolytes back i think apple cider vinegar to be good because if you lose your acid you know that would be a problem so opposite of in agree with water electrolytes that would be the best thing and that’s pretty much the basics maybe some you know broth soup some chicken noodle soup or something I’m just kidding have a real healthy type of soup hey we’re gonna go to Susan from Oregon are you there I’m here I’m not sure that my sure that I’m here or not alright great good morning good morning what was your question I am a 61 year old I’ve been I’m keto and intermittent fasting for a year and a half lost all my pain and inflammation thank you so much and I realized that I have a fatty liver and your videos say it may take about three years to detox your fatty liver so what I want to know is am I on the right track what are the symptoms the body associations that you should be expecting to feel as your liver is detoxing good question I think it boils down to if you’re doing also I recommend all these the vegetables as well because the vegetables and even like even some of the fats like from the egg yolk you have choline choline is also in the cruciferous so when you’re consuming that that’s going to speed up the cleaning out of the fat from the liver and that’s really really important as the liver is coming on the body you got to make sure the gallbladder is is really good so there’s no backup like let’s say you had constipation that would be bad because we want this fat to come out and huh and actually have the bile help to detoxify some of the liver stuff that’s in it and as the fat cells are released or the fat in the fat cells are released you have also chemicals and stuff that are in there they have to come out so it all comes out through the gallbladder the point I’m trying to make is that you want to keep in the basic things that I tell you and then give it more time but you can add choline to speed it up there’s so many people that have a fatty liver that don’t know it how would you know well you need to do an ultrasound and if you look down right now everyone looked down after gut and you see this bulge sticking out in your midsection what that is that’s a spillover of fat from the liver that’s spilling out around the viscera or the organs so even though you can’t see your liver and you might not notice that I think it’s really really important to the next time you’re at your doctor just to get an ultrasound of the liver just to see how much fat is in the liver because I think it the awareness of knowing that is important and then over time the improvement of that because when you have fed on the liver eventually it creates more insulin resistance and it also creates inflammation and it creates cirrhosis eventually so it could be totally prevented by doing healthy Kido and then fasting but it does take some time so I think I would just hang in there Susan I think you’re on the right path you just the way that you’re gonna know that things are improved but if is the stomach is your stomach shrinking then you know for sure and an ultrasound might help Thanks okay so we’re gonna go to Carol from Canada Ontario where it’s nice and warm are you there oh absolutely it’s breathing I would side today very cold dr. Berg first of all I just want to thank you you’ve changed my life absolutely so my journey started at the end of my pregnancy which was six years ago I was fine I was 134 pounds always active never had any major health problems so anyways at the end of the pregnancy I was you know here we have a maternity leave that’s a year right so I wanted to work up until a week before I had an infection so I wasn’t feeling well and you know didn’t want to treat with antibiotics got worse and worse went into an earlier labor and I was diagnosed with pneumonia so this is how the problem sort of started after I had the baby I was feeling okay but within six months one one day and had breast milk the next day I wouldn’t very exhausted right so they chalked it up to depression I’m not depressed you know kind of not fighting but you know adamant saying something’s wrong so after I pressed for some answers and we finally did a full panel my thyroid was completely out of whack a few years down the road I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and then also with lupus so two autoimmune disorders so here I am suddenly from my norm of you know 135 pounds roughly up to about 210 can’t shake any weight up and down going to specialists all over tweaking my thyroid medications trying everything I can you know trying to do these crash diets to see if I can lose the weight because that’s what I thought maybe if I lose the weight I’ll feel better you know so Carol I have a question other question are you doing like the healthy ketosis in the manifesting that I recommend or are you not on that now no I am so I just started so in December I had my full panel done again by my family physician horrible my you know my thyroid everything was off off the rocker I’ve been watching you though since about October 2018 so anyways I thought you know what one night sat here I have a you know five-year-old girl I never have the energy to do anything with my family right never have the energy mister a few times as well you know just a lot of things and I thought you know why I need to jump in this what this guy’s saying really makes sense it’s resonating with me I’m gonna try it basically went through the pantry a lot of which is bad but I join ated all the pasta but you know all of that all the stuff that we were we were used to eating 30 seconds left try to no problem so I just wanted to let you know I been trying in two weeks my everything went back to normal so it was a while to lose weight but now from December I started at 191 pounds and just recently I’m starting to lose the weight I’m 174 now my doctor is totally on board she’s been doing the urinalysis for me and now I’m in a higher state of ketosis it really works I just want to tell other people that have these autoimmune problems you can get over it and I’ll be redoing my screening for lupus and March because it’s almost like it’s undetectable right now so it’s really amazing about changing your diet cleaning your vegetables just eating really well and the only thing I do take is a b-complex and also extra b12 well this brings up the point you’re welcome and here’s this is the point I’ve been telling you like if you’re given these basic things your body will change for the better and that’s your perfect example so well done and thank you for that success that is amazing so we have Leslie I know I need to go to Leslie and then we’re gonna talk about this last vital piece of information okay Leslie are you there hey yeah so after doing Kito’s since july and i lost 45 pounds in about five months well about a month ago I had pretty significant hair loss like Harrison ting and so I kind of backed off a little bit I wasn’t sure what was causing it so I stopped the intermittent fasting kind of was a little bit more lenient on my macros not bad I mean I still stayed on the keto diet but probably stayed under 30 carbs a day 30 grams I started taking collagen powder I started taking B complex and vitamin in my hairs only growing back but I’ve also started working out like strength training mm-hmm because I was running have muscle atrophy no doubt I mean it really affected my hip so I stopped running so much so that’s when I started doing this strength training well since then I’ve completely sought out on my weight I’ve gone back to you know do my carbs under 20 I’m grams again since my hair’s grown back but I want to build muscle I want to keep my hair and I still want to lose about another 15 pounds but I didn’t know how I need to adjust my macros because I am working out more I am definitely hungry or more and so you know the traditional new tree the nutritional people will say well you’re not getting enough protein you’re not getting enough protein well I don’t know how to do that on keto I do not get too much protein to have enough okay good this relates to this last point I’m going to bring up so you this is like perfect time your couldn’t time it better so thank you for bringing up this question so let’s let’s talk about this so Karen there’s one more piece of information that I need to share with people and that is basically the people that like want to know do we do we need more carbs to grow muscle and body protein like hair and nails do we need more carbs for that have you ever heard that before yes yeah so people are doing carbo loading and they’re just like oh yeah I got to build muscle gonna you know you go to GNC and buy all that carbohydrate in protein or do you need to consume more protein to build more muscle mass that’s another question okay so I want to I’m gonna do a whole video on this but I do need to spend a couple of minutes explaining this one point this is very important we don’t need carbohydrates to grow muscles or hair or body protein carbohydrates are not a requirement to grow anybody protein what is a requirement is growth hormone you need growth hormone do you need insulin yes you also need insulin you don’t need carbohydrates but you need insulin you need normal insulin the problem with people is most people 60 to 70 percent of people are insulin resistant which means they have a lot of insulin but it’s not working for them so right there that’s going to decrease the protein that goes in the muscle their hair the nails the collagen everything that’s why diabetics pre-diabetics have like let aloose skin and things like that so we need growth hormone that’s the most important thing because growth hormone is the key hormone that makes everything work and helps your tiny energy factories make body tissue so now that leads us to the question is how do we increase more growth hormone do we add more protein not necessarily you want to have a moderate amount of protein you definitely do not want to go low protein do we need carbohydrates no we need to do less carbohydrates and we to fix the insulin resistance so now our proteins will be going in what stimulates growth hormone the most is what Karen out of all the things what would stimulate growth hormone the most intermittent fasting and exercise she knows all the answers yes she is correct and out of the intimate of fasting and exercise which one is that is the one that stimulates it more exercise I don’t know why I’m here actually yeah so in a minute fasting basically will increase by like up to one to two thousand percent exercise will stimulate it between four and seven hundred percent so sleep will do it getting some more sleep keeping your blood Sugar’s from going too high will increase growth hormone also moderate amount of protein keeping your Sugar’s low because when you increase too much sugar you notify a growth hormone that but for the caller you might want to add maybe up to eight grams I’m sorry eight ounces of protein in a meal and see if that doesn’t help you but to build protein you also need other things like vitamins and minerals from the food you also need the trace minerals too so that’s one point I want to tell Leslie you might need trace minerals on that note guys thank you so much for watching you great questions have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week [Music] you

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