Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] [Music] hey it’s on camera one all right Karen we got Karen here but you wouldn’t know oh there we are there we go okay hi anything that we say that even comes close to diagnosing you or curing you is yeah we’ll be using it yeah it’s just basically we’re not intending to do that we’re mainly trying to give you information so you can do research on your own body and it’s not this is just right this is just education so that being said that disclaimer there we have a lot of calls and I’m gonna jump right in Courtney is from Ohio and you had a question about prolonged fasting go ahead Courtney hi our so I just did my first 72 hours fast Wow and my glucose yeah thanks my glucose was staying in the low 80s and my ketone stayed around 2.8 range and I was feeling really great but I decided to break my fast because I had made it to the goal that I had have 72 hours but I’m curious how long should I stay fasting to get the maximum of hajji benefit well if you’re going if you’re going over like if you go in 72 hours like if you go over 18 it starts to kick in there and it’s going to continue to improve the more you do it 72 hours you’re going to get a lot of benefit from etapa G and so maybe you want to do is you want to do that periodically and some people that need to lose a lot of weight they just do longer fast and and so it’s really up to you and I think 72 hours is a great period of time to see some huge benefits with the top of G and I’m glad that you brought up this topic a because you know I always assume that everyone has watched all the videos that I have in the correct order but they may have not so for those of you to Washington that don’t know what the top of G means I’ll bring Karen in here to explain in detail what is a toughie G that’s a challenge question a little attitude in that question Danny well let me tell you a toffee G is where yourself actually regenerate cells and produce new cells Rock a self-cleaning oven Wow ding-ding for me gosh I can’t snap her um yeah so when you actually go you fast and you basically stop eating your body kicks in these jeans that starts to break down old damaged proteins and it breaks it down into the building blocks amino acid and then the body starts bill in those buck back up his new tissue so it’s the ultimate in anti-aging this is why when Courtney does this she’s gonna notice that like she’s gonna look younger every time she does that so we want to do that more often and I think we’re gonna start off because he brought it up Courtney we’re gonna start with the first quiz and we’re gonna have periodic was masked I know throughout this entire hour we’re gonna ask you we’re going to talk about a lot of stuff so you don’t want to miss this spider but the first question is what is the only vitamin on planet Earth that will activate a tappa G what is the only vitamin that will activate a tapa g-guys that is the questions I mean not a mineral right so go ahead and answer that question as we go on to Lisa that’s been waiting patiently from New York hey there Lisa I am dr. Berg and it isn’t it’s an honor to actually talk to you dr. Berg and as well as your wife Karen I just can’t thank you enough I I found you on YouTube a year and a half ago dr. Berg I was 55 years old I have recently lost 65 pounds with you lame above all Medi thank you I’m off I still have 40 more to go I’m off of all medications dr. Berg I was heavenly on antidepressants and anxiety pills dr. Berg I had suffered all my life from a very bad trauma from the age of two and a half years old on up through my life I’m 50 years old now 56 and I studied about how you did with the stress I brought your tool I you are like my Hippocrates the ancient Greek god of medicine to me and so I really faithfully listen to everything you say so that be said I my cortisone is my adrenal is really shot and my cortisone is is is really high right now in my life I had I had um Compton down and all of a sudden now two weeks ago a major event in my life has really brought a lot of trauma I don’t know how to I don’t know how to calm it down again dr. Burke okay so I’m taking all the supplements I’m I’m here’s a couple tips okay you probably are taking supporting the adrenals I’m s that you’re probably taking some nutritional support which is awesome you’re doing in a minute fasting that is awesome a couple things I think will help you especially if you’re you have this activation of stress get out there doing long walks and a regular basis you need more space that’s one thing you know do not watch the news and the other thing too is larger amounts of vitamin D will help you if you ever think people are deficient in vitamin D they kind of get depressed vitamin D is kind of it helps you increase your mood and it’ll help balance out chorus all to a some degree so I would take probably 40,000 IU’s of vitamin D and then at the same time take 400 micrograms of the k2 which we’ll talk about a little bit later in the show and mk7 version so I would take the D and the k2 but then I’m assuming you’re taking b1 if not take me one two nutritional yeast yeah that will that will just kind of keep the stress off you but you need to go on long walks every day through the day like at least an hour do a couple of those with these nutrients and then don’t change anything else I think that’ll help you at least so those great great success I’m so happy for you and stay tuned for more thanks Lisa alright Karen okay good so do you want the answer to the quiz yes okay so far not a lot of people are answering this but everyone oh not everyone so I’m getting C B’s and a lot of D Wow couple other miscellaneous but a lot of D well this is interesting because I may have released this video I may have not but I’m surprised these guys got it right but the answer is vitamin D D D is really important it’s coming up in every single show yeah as I’m studying about this these nutrients deeper and deeper like you’re getting a bigger understanding of what’s going on vitamin D has a direct connection to every single immune cell if you look at the symptoms that vitamin D relieves it’s almost identical to the symptoms that in a minute fasting and etapa G relieves inflammation is the big thing anti aging D keep decreasing your risk for cancer so vitamin D is really interesting and I and I just recently found out that vitamin D actually regulates the toff adji so there’s this connection now they don’t know if it’s because the calcium signaling they don’t know that but you know if you’re fasting and you get sun that would be a good combination and if you’re actually not seeing the benefit of etapa g it could be your vitamin D is blocked which in which case what am i doing this too much in which case you need to take more vitamin D to fix that problem but I’m going to release next week a lot of videos in vitamin D but it’s a fascinating topic it’s almost impossible to get your vitamin D from food almost impossible actually it is impossible unless you’re doing maybe a good amount of cod liver oil and you can get it from Sun but just on your face it doesn’t really work you know in your hands you have to you know being a bathing suit or something like that so anyway that being said so we all need to go to the beach yes yes we do okay good so now here’s bev on facebook is saying why is her heart pounding in her throat and she has to take deep breaths well I would look at two things one it’s usually a potassium deficiency that usually comes after consuming a lot of carbs so I don’t know if you’re doing Congress maybe not but if she is then we know it’s pulling on potassium and the heart rate goes up vitamin b1 and potassium lower the pulse rate especially if you have that throbbing and then even at night in your in your ear remember the time that we ate a lot of carbohydrates in San Diego like we cleaned the place out they bring all those dishes we’re sorry shopping floor shopping for a wedding cake yeah and we went to about four different five different places and they you know they give you samples of like seven different cakes so we had already were already heavy into the diabetic coma and then we went to the the Italian restaurant where they had all the pasta we went inside we had the pasta we had the pizza we had to and we were here we were like the last people in the place and the waiter we were having a nice dialogue with the waiter so that you know how in restaurants they bring the the tray of desserts and you can pick one and then they bring you one they’re gonna shit all those out he said he said here’s the tray and it was it was a huge tray and there were two layers and he said here’s the tray I’m just gonna leave the whole tray with you guys you can you can taste whatever you wash I didn’t want to waste all that good food eighteen different desserts on there and we oh my gosh I had to tell my sugar so we’re driving home and I’m feeling my pulse rate just going boom oh why not well I did not sleep one minute that night you know little Dino it sucks the potassium right out of my tissues so anyway don’t do that don’t do that there is wheat there’s a reason for you yes one for the team there that’s right okay okay let’s go to Antonio from New York are you there Antonio yeah how are you dr. burr very well thanks thank you for and I gots question I’m doing following all your videos and I got a little total like three and a half years old she be like diagnosed with Lyme disease last year but they give it medication and the lines you fall away and being here she start with like a lot of fever again and we went to the specialist and they did so much Lopez already but they say she still got the line but she find a like vitals like a Eckstein bar in the blood and but she’ll be treating with so many peopie are I’ve seen too much like like three times already she’s on medication right now for three weeks but these people just keep coming coming and go every three weeks come and go okay I want to ask you if I it’s something I can do like not well oh yeah any sign in the oh here’s what you great you know here’s what you do yeah Eddie for this unfortunately she’s on antibiotics and that’s gonna slowly kind of wipe out her immune system so you want to put them back you want to put the probiotics back I’m gonna I’m not biased I have my own it’s a really good brand best it’s called it’s basically called from the bacteria probiotic it’s a very high-end name there but you give her about maybe a half a teaspoon in some water every night before she goes to bed build up that flora okay that’s number one you also need to get colostrum you can get it in a powder it’s really expensive get it anyway give her a little bit of that in some water before bed that will start to build up and repair the immune system from antibiotics colostrum it’s in a powder give the most expensive stuff they have because you want the high quality as grass-fed okay to stop the fever you need calcium lactate calcium lactate for kids will knock out a fever within probably 10 minutes that’s what you need and then I would also definitely give her a cod liver oil you can get it in a lemon flavor and that will start to build up the immune system that’s what you’re dealing with so work on that Antonio and keep her off the sugar thanks for your call all right we got a we have some good questions here yeah well um should do my shout out or just yeah do your shop now okay India Korea Singapore Philippines Indonesia United Arab Emirates apparently this week there is no one from the United States calling now is this North Korea or South Korea you know I can only assume itself okay because you know they’re not really big web I don’t know why they’re not listen to me on North Korea in North Korea maybe some people are thank you Steve maybe some people got it um also wanted to let you know that apparently there’s a vote going on and someone suggested you were the key to keep Dominator finally I won that a war out there super hero I love it and you should be one of the Avengers which we need to see that movie we will care okay back to business all in due time okay um yeah I have one here okay all right you look at that for a bit I’m sorry yeah I have one here I want to explain we talked about vitamin D let me just take a moment here to explain I mentioned vitamin k2 briefly but I want to just give you guys a real simple explanation of what about him and k2 is and why you need to take k2 with d3 real simple k2 is a fat soluble vitamin that activates two proteins one in the bone and one in the soft tissues okay soft tissues like like your joints like your more kidney like your muscle and your arteries okay so you got these proteins and in the bone that protein just attracts count now calcium so if k2 activates the protein that drives calcium into the bone and then in a soft tissue it repels this protein activation repels calcium so we’re basically with k2 it tells the calcium to get the heck out of the soft tissue and going the bone where it should be vitamin D does not tell the calcium where to go so you that’s why you need the k2 if you take a lot of vitamin D for all the benefits you could end up with too much calcium in the soft tissues in the wrong place and I’m talking about kidney stones too so you need the k2 and the d3 I have a ton of videos on this but I hope now that everyone understands it all right okay now do you have your question yeah we have questions so say a little something about bioidentical hormones say something about biogenic or nuns like you have you have for females you have estrogen replacement therapy and testosterone in males you have testosterone my thought is this I don’t I don’t advise you to jump into it unless you’ve tried other things because think about it what makes the hormone is the gland if you actually take a hormone like that even though it’s bioidentical supposedly in theory it causes your gland not to produce your bypassing your gland like I want to know why you need hormones in the first place what’s causing the decrease in hormones that question is rarely answered right and when you start taking hormones there are always side effects because now the gland doesn’t have to make hormones so why don’t you try to get your glam to make more hormones first and then if you tried everything else and then try that but to jump right in there start taking hormones you you’re dealing with something that is very complex you don’t even know exactly what’s what’s going to happen and there’s so many unknowns so I’m not crazy about it Karen so with the the follow up question he does keto an intermittent fasting help you how much right absolu yeah it does especially as you drop the dominating insulin hormone all these other hormones start to come alive your fertility improves there’s so many things that improve in fact insulin is the main trigger to something called a flatter fight sympathetic nervous system so that’s why sugar increases blood pressure pulse rate all these other issues so just by cutting out sugar and I guess now is a good time to tell them the secret of this whole thing the main secret the essence it’s the one secret it’s just one big secret it’s so simple and this is what it is okay it’s on that now it’s basically this guy’s if you just we found through a lot of research that if you just fix your diet chances are all these other problems are gonna go away chances are ya good chances they’re gonna go good I’m good with that is the simplicity of this whole thing we fix the diet and all these other problems disappear it’s very simple I mean that’s really I don’t cure that’s that’s we can’t say it’s a cure it’s illegal to cure people in the state of Virginia you have to cross the border to Marilyn Marilyn to cure people nowadays right all right on that note we need to go to Amanda from Atlanta Georgia are you there yeah hi how are you I’m doing well thank you for taking my call my question is I’ve been doing the keto diet for like three weeks and I bought one of those keto mojo’s to kind of like check everything because I didn’t like the P strips I was all over the place right and I’ve noticed I’m sorry I’m gonna I was on a long walk so I started checking like my glucose and my ketones and I realized like in the morning my fasted glucose is like 70 and then after I eat you know like about two or three hours after I eat it goes down to like 30 and 20 and it went down to 23 yesterday so I said I thought it was normal because those are the readings I always get and my husband was like he like drinks Mountain Dews and stuff he always has like ninety and a hundred so I thought his was really high and mine was normal until I started researching it and I realized that mine is really low and his is really normal so I’m wondering what do I need to do to get those those those blood sugar numbers where there go where they need to be because I haven’t lost a single pound or anything yet I think this may have something to do with it question I have a big question do you have any blood sugar problems or hypoglycemia normally before you started this you know I go to the doctor every so often getting blood work and you know how they always give you those papers with all your information on it and it’ll say like low high you know different different of whatever it is that they’re checking it would always say like low but you know I never never said it no one ever told me hey this is a problem and I’m you know stay away from carbs don’t eat a lot of sugar whenever when your blood sugars are that low do you feel weird oh no okay so here’s the thing here’s what I think that’s happening in that I think there’s a problem with your unit your machine there’s no way it can go down to 30 or even 20 and you to feel fine I think there’s a problem with the machine now if you’re down to I’ve seen people do intermittent fasting and ketosis and they come down even like 50 and they still feel fine that’s totally fine because you’re basically you’re running your body on ketones and you’ve adapted so I think there’s a problem with the Machine and if you feel fine especially there’s a problem with the machine because the blood sugars should normally go down that low now that being said you haven’t lost any weight I know you just started it so what you want to do is focus on the other indicators like your energy your inflammation your cognitive function your stress level all these other things and then you’re close sighs so that’s like the most important thing but I would I would not trust that unit I think what I would do is I would also have some other people that you know maybe you can use that unit to test them to see what there is this and if everyone’s low then we know there’s a problem with the unit but yeah I think but realize that when you do this your blood Sugar’s will come low and that is gonna be normal but not that low because your body does make some glucose a lot of other other things thanks for your question Amanda I’m glad that you called this one guy here says my brother had 30 blood sugar I’m assuming and he was hallucinating Yeah right so when your blood sugar goes that low you there’s a lot of weird symptoms so yeah okay yeah that’s a glitch in the in the unit little tickle tickle well your honor in my throat while you’re handling that I’m gonna go to Lindsey from Upland Georgia California you had a question Lindsey hi hi how are you I love you guys thank you so much for everything welcome first question first question is I’ve been doing keto and intermittent fasting for about two months now and I’ve always had a history of ocular migraines but for some reason they’ve been really happening more frequently okay I don’t know I think it’s a hormone issue but that’s my first question so I don’t know what do you think about that and also I’ve been on antidepressants I had my children and my daughter my youngest is seven I tried to get off last year and was off for about a year and had a horrible symptoms coming back with panic and anxiety I have a family history of all that stuff so I don’t know if it’s something that I actually need or I just really need to work on improving all the stuff that you always say like the bees and the adrenals and hormonal I’m sure it’s all yeah yeah I think the ideal scene is to work towards fixing the real problem and I would start with nutrition as one thing and I would definitely start beefing up no pun intended the B vitamins especially b1 ocular headaches are normally about me too so he probably need a lot of nutritional yeast for that so b2 is going to be important and another really simple thing that you can do is l-tryptophan on an empty stomach that usually helps but sometimes if you’re taking psych drugs you got to check with your doctor because they don’t like you to take the same thing so you check with your doctor on that and then also vitamin D vitamin D is like really key in higher amounts for any type of depression anxiety so I would jump all over that and start doing that now getting back to your question which had to do with the ocular migraines like I think you’re right it could be hormonal but if you take more B vitamins and the vitamin D you know I think it’s really I think what’s happening if you’re on a medication and you’re doing this those medications do suck out a lot of B vitamins so I would just put the B vitamins back in and that should potential Hamelin the other other thing that I would check is them when you’re on keto a lot of times people do spinach chocolate and almonds those are all high in oxalic oxalates with which then can create inflammation and arthritis and even headaches so maybe come off the high oxalate foods I have videos on that you can check that out thanks so much Lindsay appreciate your call and we’re ready for another question from Karen hey good okay here’s so Luanne thanks use me on Facebook who’s asking she’s got a lot of body heat when she lays down good bed mm-hmm she’s not saying sweats but you could probably tie that into night sweats night heat I don’t know if this is menopause because she doesn’t say anything about that or age or anything but said there’s no exercise there’s no hot showers there’s no exertion why would her body become so hot and then also maybe this is just a coincidence with doing it faster it doesn’t say anything else I don’t even know from what she says if LuAnn is doing keto NIF but she’s talking about feeling so hot and then also because I’ve had a couple of people ask me can you touch on night sweats like night sweats where you wake up and your clothing is soaking wet like you just got soaked in the showers well okay this sometimes these questions are hard answer because I need more data to evaluate but generally speaking let’s just pretend it is a hot flash it’s a night sweat those problems think about what’s happening when you go through menopause the ovaries go into retirement but they don’t completely shut down in fact it’s very very important to keep your ovaries as long as possible a lot of times when women have a fibroid or excessive bleeding they remove the uterus and the ovaries I think you should not do that unless you have something like you know very cancer but if they just take it out arbitrarily what happens yes it does decrease risk of certain types of breast cancer but it also increased the risk of dying from all causes so you’ve actually increased it increases your risk for all cause mortality so you can die from anything like you you basically understand that you know what mortality means now I mean do you I wanted to find that I want to change mortality I get all caused yeah from all all causes so if you lose your ovaries yeah you but increases your risk of dying from anything yeah I hit by a bus we’re not talking about that we’re talking about that heart disease things like that why is that well because you you have this sudden drop in these hormones and when you don’t have those hormones all sorts of things set you up for you know problems with the heart you need hormones doing it so it’s the 50% of all of your androgens are basically produced by the ovaries postmenopausal that’s postmenopausal so when you people think that oh I don’t need my ovaries anymore because they’re just like completely dead no they’re not they produce a good portion of your hormones even after menopause I think that’s a tip I bet you the majority people didn’t know that I never heard anything like that yeah well you need a video it’s the motto is save the ovaries yeah so what was the question again coming full circle we’re talking about night heat and night and the night sweats like okay drenching not just hot but wrenching sweat so what what do women take when they have hot flashes they take estrogen therapy why because what they’re doing is they’re bypassing the body and they’re trying to manipulate these hormones but in reality what’s happening you drop this progesterone and the estrogen drops too but progesterone drops so far the ratios are off so the best remedy is really progesterone cream for hot flashes night sweats now it’s like a natural yeah and if you really want to ultimately you know deal with this too and support it so it prevents hot flashes you want to support the adrenals before menopause because it’s really the weak adrenals that are causing these symptoms yeah all right that was kind of a long answer it was that was a lot that was good okay good so crystal you’re from North Carolina you’re from you have a question about children taking growth hormones go ahead yes so I just recently found out from my husband and his mom that my husband had some developing issues growth developing issues when he was younger they never really found out exactly what it was because by the time they actually took him to a doctor he had kind of started to show progress but he was rather short and I mean he’s grown in 30 now but he’s up like you five one but he was probably the size as he would say he was the size of maybe a five-year-old or yeah five or six year old in fifth grade now I have three children okay then same father and the younger two are on the shorter side you know that when kids go to the doctor they do the percentile and all that and I’m just trying to figure out I’ve heard you mentioned this before to another person but I couldn’t find that video what can I do so naturally or F nationally as possible help my younger – I mean I know he’s significantly smaller than his class yeah okay and he’s in kindergarten so if you go to fourth grade there’s something really cool that you can do and it’s an it’s a natural remedy I I don’t sell it but you can find it online it’s a standard process product and I’ve recommend it to other people and it seemed to work very well and it’s called patoot Rauf in’ PMG Pitt – atrophic PMG give that give it a 1 per child one per day each day and maybe do three months worth and it seems to support the pituitary okay which is really intimately involved in then the growth hormones and things like that so if it doesn’t give you any hormones there’s no hormones in it but it supports that the – Ettore gland so you can maximize the potential for your growth that’s what I would do without you and then don’t put them on a low-fat diet they need they need foods that are really high in fat soluble vitamins like egg yolks fish oils like nah fish oils I would do cod liver oil and you can get them in pill so that’s what I would do and I think you know make sure the sugar is low and that will actually kind of maximize their potential the two troph in PNG okay all right Karen hashtag save the ovaries god damn we started it okay first of all can you put trace minerals and coffee in hot beverages mm-hmm yeah they don’t they’re not destroyed with heat because they’re old 70 million years old and around the block yeah okay so um speaking about trace minerals um you know our wheat grass juice powder I dunno it you know it’s grown on an ancient seabed I did and you know how old that that’s about is that provides all the trace minerals I don’t know that 715 million years old Wow this is an old bed yeah so this mineral still work even though they’re in millions okay so here’s a question can bhp what is that that is a type of ketone okay can that ketone side effects include vertigo from the inner ear calcium crystals you know this is one of the reasons I don’t have that data but I what she’s talking about is taking ketones mm-hmm and when you take ketones as a product you know she’s she’s feeling a symptom from that I don’t recommend taking him and she’s taking him and she’s getting the side effect I can’t tell you why all I know it bypasses your body’s ability to make your own ketones so I would just stop taking it and you probably will be better I heard you’re on my toes yeah make your own how do you how do you how this one increase their ketones what’s the number one thing diet and intermittent fasting okay what kind of what do you do in the diet healthy ketosis okay what what makes ketosis work low carb yes weight low carb high fat moderate protein Troy actually it’s just the low carb I know if you really want to produce ketones by okay I haven’t signed the jingle in a while that’s true large angle I like the jingles good baked on and Lucado it grows at a summit near you well why don’t we just bring up the keto summit that’s good it’s not coming up well soon I guess it’s relative three months hey wait at the end of the summer no oh you guys better get your ticket yeah hey you know what else what so you can talk more about the summit but I wrote myself a note because what’s Sunday summit day Steve you helped him mother’s day I’m glad nothing you know right now he’s making yesterday so Sunday is Mother’s Day so I think in honor of Mother’s Day we should give away a ticket to a mother for the summit wouldn’t it be fun why don’t we do one right now we can do it right now so if you are a mother and you want to come to the summit I wish it I think we should give her a VIP ticket okay all right so um if you are a mother and you want to come to this summit no this summit is August 31st at birth I’ll get pretty thirst August 31st and September first it’s over the Labor Day weekend so you can bring your whole fam to DC and stay in this amazing Gaylord hotel where it’s the cheapest room fee for the entire year we just got the absolute best rate and if you’re a mother you can let us know what put yes if you want to come if your mother if your mother welcome to come and then I’ll just we’re going to randomly randomly we’re gonna do a double blinded test but you don’t have to definitely be willing and ready to come yeah and you’re gonna have to all then do the shoutout and I will tell you where to email to get your ticket yeah okay all right good idea Karen yeah the summit you guys you definitely are gonna be blown away when you come to summit we have so many people already registered definitely consider coming we almost sold out Platinum is a 30-person limit you get gorgeous seats in the front you get we all have dinner together really lovely quito dinner and lots of other fun stuff and well 3/4 sold-out so what we want to do is have you let us know if you want to come so judges pick a name a Tran not yet because I need to go to a color but then you start trying to find you see they go so far away should I pick one from both Facebook and you’d you’re gonna have to because okay girls okay so en you’re from Sweet Valley Pennsylvania go ahead you had a question hi dr. Berg hi Karen hi yeah yeah my question it’s about my dad actually he back in February yet that injury to his hand it was a cross injury and last week they did a three-phase nuclear bone density scanned on his hand and they said that he has our acid D reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome yeah and I was wondering if you knew anything about that or if there was anything to help with it they want to put them on a ketamine drip yeah this is an easy solution you ready for this yeah okay I did a video on this RSD basically when you have a traumatic event to an extremity whether it’s a surgery an injury it can be debilitating like the pain can just be bad and and there’s all the different things are trying to do for it but I found that you can do an acupressure technique and you’re not going to believe this until you do it you’re not going to believe it until you experience this but what you want to do is you want to work on the opposite side the good side ignore the bad side of work on the good side so if your dad crushed the right hand you do massage on the left hand where exactly where it hurts on the right side you do a mirror image massage acupressure point and what you’re going to find is it’s going to be extremely painful on the good side when you press so go light and gradually you know do it within the tolerance but you start doing that several times a day on a daily basis over a period of a week you’re gonna find the pain in the right side it’s going to draw it up dramatically go down I mean I’ve had a keep I’ve had people coming to my clinic or a suicidal because they have this addition from a surgery and you do the opposite side and it gives them relief for the first time in yours so seek out my video on this so I have more information because you can do this on any part of your body but it’s called reflex sympathetic dystrophy thanks again all right let me do it all right let’s do it Ken okay good so on Facebook random selection we have Lily Lenihan Lenihan it could be Lina Han Lily you know who you are and you know how you say your name you won a VIP ticket to 2019 okay now and then on youtube I have Judith Judith Missouri I think it’s pronounced and you also got a VIP ticket now you two girls well done on being moms and you’re gonna email dr. Berg at dr. Berg calm and Maria is gonna help you she’ll verify your ID and all that verify there are mothers and verify that your mother’s you don’t have to send your three children to Maria your four children I think one of you has four kids rock on and good so those are VIP tickets for you girls and we’ll see you at the summit and Maria will help you out with that boss I like that yeah and as a side note next week guys we are gonna be in we’re gonna be traveling we’re gonna be doing Monroe we’re gonna do this show from my cell phone on YouTube only so Ollie all of you Facebook people go into YouTube go to the other side boom Jack we’re gonna do it live in a remote location okay and then a following following week we’re gonna be in a new studio so and no more background dogs buying vacuum cleaner and it won’t be the lot of the people um or guy or the the leaf blower guy anymore it’s gonna be so nice and quiet we have that wait we hope yes Rita I’m sorry ritika ritika from New Delhi India is calling hello hello hello dr. Berg hi hi Karen hi hi I’m really I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys in August nearly done all my bookings thank you I actually wanted to come personally and thank you because I was diagnosed with cancer five years back and I started teto four and a half years back and I’m cancer-free now yes and I just wanted to thank you for that and my question is so my daughter who is 11 years old she is overweight and I put her on keto for three weeks and she lost 6 kgs I just wanted to know is it safe for her to do it as she has still not started her menstrual cycle good question here’s what you do you just yes it is safe totally safe just make sure that she has all the nutrients make sure that you might need to give her like cod liver oil you might need to give her the nutritional yeast for the B vitamins the key is the nutrients now she needs to lose weight which is great but as long as she has the nutrients and the healthy fats omega-3 fatty acids she’s going to be fine because that’s really what it improves the fertility and also the ministration and the female reproductive organs so you want to just you don’t want to go a little fat you want to do high quality food since she’s gonna be fine awesome can I meet you in person yeah yeah we’ll get a picture and we’ll chat it’d be great time yeah great quite amazing salts people are experiencing alright so are we are we ready for another bit of information yeah okay this is a tip kind of a tip okay its discussion about microbes okay it’s about a topic that I talk dear to my heart um you know there’s there’s three types of microbes okay you got the mutual bacteria which basically they exchange with you they give you something we provide a home and then they give us the vitamins biggest immune protection they’re paying the rent yeah the exchange very good and then you have it’s called commensal bacteria okay now they don’t they’re not bad bacteria but the Greek word for commensal means come to the table so they will just kind of eat whatever comes through there and they’ll eat the food but they don’t really give us anything but they don’t create us harm so they’re kind of spectators and they sit back like though they’ll eat from the garbage can so you don’t really know it’s not taking anything away from you but if not make giving us I’m not giving you trouble either but we’re not gonna mess with them because they’re not creating harm I mean in a way that’s a little helpful I’m gonna be eating something yeah but there this should be coming up to the table and and then we have the the unfriendly microbes of Karen the unfriendly but it’s a very small percentage okay and what they do is they’re parasitic so they take and they don’t give yeah yeah and so they create all sorts of infections but here’s the thing Karen yeah there are some of these microbes that are good that double-cross us they switch over the good guys become the bad guys now it’s getting complicated really right well because I was all happy with the three kinds yeah they were identifiable and now you’re throwing in a zinger the good guys this is all new information and and what happens is some of these microbes switch over when you change their environment when you actually do this one thing that’s actually stress stress activates these microbes and they go to the other side they go to the dark side yeah they do and this has involved in a lot of autoimmune conditions where your your own cells are attacking your tissue it’s weird so stress is the thing to activate it so this is why you see they call the immune diseases in after stress events all the time big time right so there’s some good news to this story Karen it’s not all bad you bring them back we can and we can and we don’t even need to bring them back we just need to increase our army our diverse a diversity of microbes and we do that through in a minute fasting in a minute fasting change I mean really improves your microbes first of all they live a lot longer the good guys okay and plus now that you’re starving them off sugar you’re only gonna start with like the yeast and the candida you’re gonna starve them but you’re not gonna starve the other guys because you’re giving them fiber so what are yeast in Candia which which they’re the parasitic yeah certain ones yeah there’s this friendly yeast and stuff but we’re time talking about the candida the unfriendly they basically live on sugar so we can do them and fasting keto starve them off kill off the candida and then we can increase the diversity and the stress tolerance the microbes become more tolerant and we have more tolerance within the nervous system on the sort of the immune system which means we have less autoimmune because there’s always this like make break point of when it’s like this susceptibility to an infection you can improve that susceptibility if you do in a minute fasting and that is the beauty of intimate of fasting hmm now you said something that caught my attention because I mean I actually haven’t heard it too much recently but yeast yeast used to be like this massive situation we had better health care center in Candida and chronic Candida and people battling candy and and changing on diet because of yeast and there’s room when we had the health care center it was like a constant conversation that that came up so if you have a situation like this healthy keto and intermittent fasting can change the environment to eliminate that not cure it eliminate eliminate yeah well that’s a healthy that’s a tip that’s right that’s what yeah and so this way it will also if you actually from now on just avoid all stress never be stressed that again then you won’t have these good guys turning over and double-crossing you anymore that’s a you have to move to the what’s it called double cross rest it goes down or Sedona Sedona Arizona there’s no stress there apparently that’s what I heard the rumors out listen Dave from Sedona no Orem Utah are you there Dave yeah I’m here are you doing good how are you hey I just want to say happy Mother’s Day to you Karen and I’ve been doing intermittent fasting I did that last week okay for three days and then on but I must I mean I lost about 12 pounds of spray Wow when I started eating again I gained I gained weight again so it’s saying anyway you could do a video or tell me what you could do to like you know IQ if we introduced food without gaining all the way back like and then I applied without after doing I’m in a man fasting for long packing for a few days I’ll comment on that and I would I do you about I do a video on that it’s just it’s very interested in when you fast when you don’t eat you lose weight but then when you eat you do gain weight I know it’s like a it’s a phenomena that occurs but here’s here’s what I would recommend I think I suspect there’s certain things that you’re eating they they’re related to probably vegetables that are creating bloating I’m just guessing because you shouldn’t be gaining weight if you’re doing the correct keto in a minute fasting right here and by the way guys I changed the title of my book it’s virtually the same book I know a lot of you have this already so I’m not saying go out and get the new book cause it’s the same thing but the titles changed so if you don’t have this and you search it you won’t find this title anymore what it’s going to say it’s called the the healthy keto plan but in this book I show people how to do it right and I’m assuming you’re doing it correctly if you’re not get the book and do it correctly but the other thing is like if you’re you might want to do in a minute fasting on a daily basis maybe you eat one meal a day keep your carbs low and you should be maintaining that weight loss but I get the feeling though David that you’re eating something that’s bloating you and that’s in the vegetable area watch my videos on that okay thanks Dave Karen do you ever I love these guys they’re just funny every once in a while someone put something funny in and it makes me giggle okay good okay so okay so you know we just inspired a whole lot of yeast conversation but let’s take up this guy okay from India and it’s Kunal sir I am from India I have gallstone whenever I try to gain weight my golf gall bladder hurts but I still want to put on some more pounds without harming the gallbladder is that keto diet right for him it is but I think you have to realize what causes a stone a stone is a super concentrated amount of cholesterol but it’s not coming from the cholesterol it’s coming because you don’t have things in the cholesterol that keeps it free from forming and that’s bile salts and it’s also phosphatidylcholine I know it’s a long word and I will be releasing a video on that next week but the point is that if you take whole lean on a regular basis and a powder and you take bile salts and I recommend of course mine it’s in the gallbladder formula if you take those that should greatly help prevent the golf stones you also have to have enough bacteria in your gut to be able to do this as well so that’s the connection because you keep recycling the bowel if you don’t have enough gut flora then you can’t recycle the bile that’s important so it’s really a bio deficiency but choline is involved what you could do is you could just do this program and trying to do go crazy too much on the fat and that will also help because your body’s obviously not making that file those are some things that would do one last little pointer watch my video on gallbladder flushing because I show you how manly massage that area and that will help you as well manly manual manually manually manually manly yeah I was okay no a manly way massager – yeah massage in a manly way how do you do that then they’re like oh yeah yeah that’s what I meant I like it okay good I like it hey Jen you’re from British Columbia Canada you had a question go ahead oh hi all right so um my daughter is on some sort of contraceptive it’s not marina I don’t know what the other name is and it slowly puts a gesture on into her body and I don’t like it and I just I know she thinks I’m just a bit of a health freak but like is it I think it’s not safe to be taking something daily you know no I don’t think she’s taking I think it’s something that’s released into her body or something it’s like an IUD with it and anyways am i right to be concerned or not it and as it turned out she’s probably just gonna shut me down anyways even if I give her the good information right I totally understand the situation I’m not crazy about contraceptives um there’s always some drawback you know you have all these different things I think she’s if you’re taking a progesterone that’s a step up you know from the estrogen for sure some of the IUDs that they have our the copper wires those might be a little bit better but it’s all relative yes sort of pain she just she couldn’t stand the pain – then her guy Nene said okay let’s try this okay okay so if it’s for pain no no no I II D caused too much pain the copper IUD so she had that removed I got it okay and you know whatever but I’ve noticed is that she’s put on weight and nothing really has changed in her lifestyle or her eating habits but it just I think it’s the hormones there’s something there’s something off kilter there yeah you’re right and that’s one of the trade-offs yeah when you when you ingest hormones like that I mean one of the things there could be other you know and she should definitely I mean you know everybody’s gonna make their decision on that but one of the things she should do so she can decide is read the insert time you’re told she’s read everything all my body but I can there be losting a fake psyche down the road like I’m 19 20 years from now XYZ it happens yes there is problem with that and that would probably if she’s willing to look at that that would be great but could just make her wrong and she might just resist it so I would just kind of use a gentle touch and nudge or you know here and there have you ever heard of a lady cue stick oh okay so oh there’s a lady cue stick it’s a little it’s a microscope and you can get them in their little tubes and a woman could put their saliva on it look up into the light and it if she’s fertile day 14 it’ll have a fern pattern of like a fern leaf and then there’s also if it doesn’t have that fern leaf then she’s she’s not ovulating she’s monocular so basically they can show you in the saliva a three-day window it’s not super spontaneous activity I mean you have to write it have to do some something less convinced it’s like 99% accurate yeah so anyway that’s just another option just keep educating her with a real gentle touch don’t make her wrong she’s trying to take responsibility for herself and that’s a plus you know but that’s the best you can do yep thanks Jen appreciated Mother’s Day okay now we do have a couple callers and I do want to just mention this one I have another quiz guys I have another quiz here it goes what vitamin is deficient in ninety-eight percent of all patients with heart failure okay there’s been such a theme today so it’s not one that I already said nobody know so go ahead and answer that as we go to Sarah from New York she’s been waiting patiently and hi hi Sarah hi dr. Berg how are you Greta Carrie hi hi my question is that I’m gonna increment fasting from last two years it cures my asthma and also my I was pre-diabetic but the problem is that my son he’s 12 year old and has hemoglobin even sea levels just came before it was five point nine and I repeat the test again and now at six he has Tourette syndrome and also anxiety and I would like to know that if I can hurt him on interpret fasting because we almost swims and I’m basically from Pakistan and we were already fasting during Ramadan so it seems like he can do that easily but on the regular days I wanted to know if I can do that or not okay so this is what I would recommend Sarah not only intermittent fasting and I would recommend doing healthy keto and put put him on a bit more vitamin D may be some k2 with some cod liver oil B vitamins are gonna be important for him all that’s going to be really key but it’s not just in a fasting do the Celtic you to within a minute fasting and I think that should actually help him greatly because it works in adults so it’s gonna work in kids as well alright so Karen look what Derek had a quick question yeah and Derek are you there dr. Burke how you doing happy mother’s day Karen thank you I definitely like to come to the summer it’s actually on my birthday so that would be kind of a great birthday gift to myself yeah awesome great to meet you yeah my my question is about just what I’ve been dealing with the recently its circulation and I got some varicose veins too and they’re kind of popping out but um my feet and legs they just they’re just in pain and I can’t really really move around I went to a hockey punch on Anna Cairo that you told me weeks back to kind of exceed out and they said my hips were off and things like that but maybe there’s something else going on here I’m taking the taken off pic pic Channel how’s that you recommended life yeah and for to mean you name it like all your supplements I’m also taking except you told me to wean off a little bit off the vitamin D in k2 okay so this is what you do Derek I think the biggest thing with varicose veins it’s an estrogen problem but it’s not necessarily estrogen that you’re getting from the food as much as your body is making extra estrogen from your testosterone and so there’s an inhibitor that will stop that whole enzyme from converting and it’s it’s called aromatase inhibitor basically you can use stinging nettle root that’s one and also the cruciferous I would just beef up that no pun intended and that should actually help lower the estrogen will it reverse it I can’t tell you that but it’s more some more exercise would help but it’s definitely a it’s a it’s a problem that it’s hard to undo but you can definitely prevent it from getting worse thanks Derek appreciate it and I hope to see you at the event we need to go to the answer to the question okay so we got mostly e mm-hmm okay too we got some a we got some B okay so the answer is B what vitamin b1 B what what was that so vitamin b1 is so important because if you don’t have b1 the heart starts to enlarge and it creates problems with everything and by the way guys this is an extra added bonus tip if you have a hyper thyroid I’m talking a thyroid that is working in hyper speed a lot of the complications is heart problems b1 significantly reduces the complications inside of from hyperthyroidism so if you can again be one will significantly reduce those terrible nasty side effects from hyper thyroid condition so anyone that’s a hyper thyroid needs to be taking b1 immediately and because also hyperthyroid actually it burns up the b1 it burns up b1 in your body and leaves you high and dry it’s a lot of side effects good tip guys that is and that one was free free free the next time we see you guys will be in a remote look at this and on the road following week you’ll say phone because you’re repeating everything is then right following week the following week we’re gonna be in a new studio we’re gonna be in a new studio which would be really cool we’re taking Bob with us yeah we have Bob here right here wave goodbye so we’re gone from this studio divided into a new studio dark hall and guess what guys I will not have to use my markers anymore the reasonable mark as a new board to get all over everything your are you clarify everything everything everything like they cater me so no more markers it’ll be on it’ll be like digital markers I’m excited about that I can’t I can’t say yes you’ll be excited or that will be exciting I’m repeating you alright have a wonderful good week we’re supposed to wave cinterion all in to us waving so we’re gonna wave see you on the road I want that sound effect again Steve ready wow this Holly cool come to Steve [Music] you [Music]

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