Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] good morning everyone it’s Friday morning and we are here to answer your questions about anything well let’s narrow it down just a keto and I am intermittent fasting and anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you it’s just meant to give you education so you and your doctor can do your own research and then come up with your own conclusions how about that sounds good it’s good yeah yeah so we’re here and we’re here to answer your questions there should be a number down below but let’s just jump right in start we have a ton of callers and I have a lot of great tips for people no quizzes but tips okay so Diane from Canton you’re you’re on are you there I’m here good morning good morning first I want to say thank you to both you and Karen for all your help though your help in all your information I’ve been doing keto for a year and a half and following you I should say for a year and a half doing healthy keto and one of my problems that I have that I’ve been trying to heal with the keto is I tend to either get bronchitis or pneumonia and I’ve been doing much better but I did just go through an episode and I was on a 12 day course of prednisone with an antibiotic so I’m doing everything I can to help my stomach with that you know I’ve been doing the electrolyte powder and the wheatgrass powder and what I’m confused about is how I can help my adrenals after being on the prednisone yeah good question I personally had a lot of problems with prednisone I was on it for up alright every year since that in my 20s for poison ivy I would get it every single year so it’s highly allergic and it could really mess and really mess as a person up so here’s here’s one thing you need to do as far as the lung goes the number one nutrient that you need to focus on is the vitamin D higher levels we’ll be talking about that today like definitely the therapeutic dose for for d3 it’d be at least 20,000 I use probably 30,000 or even more that supports the dream it actually gives the adrenal more help and it also helps the lung as well the other couple things that I would recommend for the adrenals would be if you find some colostrum good high-quality colostrum you can get it in a tablet or a powder and use that a little bit each night that tends to restore the gut and it seems to kind of counter some of the damage from the prednisone so that’s one thing there’s a lot of other things you can do but I think those two would be the most important keep trying to get more sleep keep the diet in but I wouldn’t go crazy and just talking like just a ton of stuff so focus on that and keep doing what you’re doing because the intermittent fasting health Aikido is gonna ultimately take you to the next level thanks Dan alright Sonia from Chicago is here are you there son yeah yes I am how are you what’s your question hello hello um I had a CT done recently I’ve been having like panic attacks like an odd only in the mornings at odd times at randomly it’s not every day and so finally they said okay do a CT and my adrenal did have a small growth on it it is really small but it is causing these fantasy texts so I was just wondering what I could do to help that I do take your adrenal support I think you know for like a year and a half and just saying what could I do to help reduce to get if I can get rid of it I don’t want to have like surge or anything it’s really strong right couple things you know it’s all it all revolves around stress and trying not to activate the adrenal glands too much over to overdo it a couple things that would definitely do when you do intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting you take a huge stress off the adrenals just FYI your body seems to adapt better to stress it does not put your body in emergency state so hopefully doing that other thing that I would recommend is to start working on your gut bacteria your flora gut bacteria make a lot of things that relate to neurotransmitter and stress reduction including things like GABA and serotonin which we’re going to talk about that too and that should take a big stress off your adrenals but I would look at the gut flora and dive into the area of that I would also watch my stress webinar I go through a whole bunch of physical techniques that you can do to take the stress out of your body enhance your sleep for you it’s Goggin about it’s all going to be about you know enhancing the quality of sleep that’s the best thing to do for the adrenal more than anything and trying to make sure that your environment is the least amount of stress go for a long walks avoid those people who are connected to you that are you stressing you out and that’s really all you can do at this point but yeah I know I do understand what you’re saying it’s like you got this activation of cortisol production because the nodule is causing that but the last thing I think I would do is I would find a product online I don’t sell one that’s exclusively like an adrenal extract without anything else standard process has one it’s called whole desiccated adrenal I would take one of those before bed every single night okay standard process thanks for your call and Karen what do we got on social media this morning okay well I noted down where people are from cuz I started tell us right away this is pretty intense here Saudi Arabia Poland Luxembourg Panama Oman all over the United States of course Germany Iraq Pakistan Georgia England Bahamas Canada Wales and Arctic and or arc okay I think that’s a first wow that’s incredible South Korea okay that’s just for Korea okay no not yet okay well we’re hoping we’re keeping the hope alive okay so Lisa on youtube she lost 104 pounds well yes ding ding ding that’s awesome then she had to have three rounds of antibiotics the face tells it all and then she stopped losing weight hmm yeah I know about that over to you okay we’re trying to work we tried to get on periscope this morning I don’t know if it’s working maybe you guys can let us know try to pull periscope up no I’m not sure but we’re looking at pal okay you’re looking good okay exciting once it comes up okay I had a few comments on Facebook that you lost the sound okay so here’s the technical things now Lisa back to your your point about antibiotics and we well here’s the thing I may have if I’m not correct me if I’m wrong I may have released a video today in fact um maybe not maybe I’m releasing it tomorrow haven’t look because I have it on automatic right now okay what video are released but the question is what would happen if you didn’t have any bugs in your body probably bacterial common bugs and that’s but you know better kills yeah oh you only by your friendly bugs well a lot of them so it leaves you open to a lot of things the influence of your microbes on your health is huge if you didn’t have any microbes you would have a severe a protein problem a protein because if because your bugs are involved your microbes are involved in manufacturing of meaning of neurotransmitters because they would work with your gut in making proteins that’s important detoxification I mean your mood is affected by the gut there’s a huge connection a physical connection with that and also your cognitive function so and then you have digestion immune system it goes on and on and on so people say well I had an antibiotic what do I do you need to actually put that flora back in even if you’re on antibiotic for one week you can mess you up to the fact where it’s going to be high to get back where you were for six months to up to two years it can really last that long so I’m gonna be doing a lot of videos on this I want to talk about this at the summit building your bugs your flora but it’s vitally important especially because the exposure to GMO foods nowadays it’s really messing us up so you need to find a good probiotic I do have one I’m not biased that mine’s the best but because it it survives the stomach acidity and that’s really the big thing is like how do you take something that survives that severe acid I have a liquid that will do that I would take a small amount before bed and then I would take take it over a long period of time maybe like start 1/4 of a teaspoon half a teaspoon and eventually a teaspoon before bed in some water and start to build up that flora your bugs yeah yeah there’s huge I mean as far as weight loss goes hey you know mice that actually are germ-free or sterilized they take the mike rizzo they did get obese Wow so you need the flora for your metabolism they don’t know exactly why I have some theories I think it like serotonin for example 90% of all your serotonin is made by here by your cells in your gut but it needs help from the microbes they’re intimately involved so serotonin is like it helps your pumping action of the colon your mood without serotonin you’re gonna have a lot of issues so anyway that was a long answer that was all right I’m sure Lisa appreciates it okay good do you want another question I want to go to Sanjay first Columbia Maryland are you there Sanjay yes I’m here dr. wood hi hi good morning good morning to you also care ok so I have two questions one is for my friend and he has good and hiatal hernia and he this good the problem started about two and a half years ago and it was kind of Rizal he was taking PP eyes and then he kind of stopped it but inmate flared up again and I had been to his house and I showed him how to do keto and interment fasting your way and he was doing good but his his family is doing actually great on that they have lost almost 40 plus bums Wow two of the people so but he he’s kind of stalled because he has hypothermia and he’s taking PP eyes again and he’s kind of confused like how how pts is lowered your stomach acid and all that and you say the opposite like increase your stomach acid by using a CV and all that so he’s kind of confused like how to how to resolve this and Nepal and then send him the exercise video which you have for the title hernia yeah to him to do it that way but it’s still not helping and that was the question for him and whatever you can suggest for dietary or exercise way let me talk about that and second yeah no III don’t want to take too much time but if it took it yeah yeah okay so here’s the thing Sanjay it is confusing because it’s conflicting it’s counterintuitive like wait a second I thought this problem I need you know more less acid right so I’ll take a an na acid medication but if you take a look at the side effect of the any acids one of the big side effects is heartburn Wow when angered so your stomach is acid for a reason and it’s really when you don’t have the right chemistry the pH of that stomach the valves doesn’t doesn’t close that right you get incomplete digestion and you need that strong protein digestion to make proteins and eventually break down the the protein and then make proteins and if you have a hiatal hernia you have a collagen problem so we want to acidify stomach now for him you you need you know realize it takes a lot a period of time it could take months and months and months and even into like five or six Petain how to chloride and how to Cork and outside of vinegar pills a day so that’s one thing the other thing you can do to speed things up is to take a really good probiotic to help the the lower part of the valve so that doesn’t create a distraction for the stomach those two things I think ultimately going to help because and I always ask people well I’m taking an acid well what’s causing this problem in the first place and and do you ever think that taking that’s going to correct anything and they never can answer because it’s a long-term thing there’s never a point where oh I’m cured I can come off the anti acid that’s a good point that you need to ask them this is the side effects and also the manual manipulation of working on the massage around your stomach I’m sure you watch that video is very very important but ultimately they need to do in a minute fasting and then they need to acidify the stomach thanks for your call now Karen you can go right into some questions okay all right good so let’s come back here on YouTube we have Fatima mm-hmm oopsie and her question is well there’s also Sahil Roy he says greetings from India is it true that your body releases incident insulin and fixed amounts as soon as you start eating and it takes another 55 to 60 minutes to release the next dose so I’m assuming he means insulin so he’s asking is it released in doses and is it actually released every time you eat yeah you brought up a really kind of a interesting question it’s a little complex but yes you have this double dose of insulin it goes up and then it comes down and kind of a wave of insulin or insulin goes in waves of release but the the the main point that I want to just talk about it’s like eating anything of any calories will increase insulin to some degree while you’re eating but when you add carbs you actually Spiker a lot more so this is why we do in a minute fasting to minimize the insulin problem the the big huge elephant in the room is with everyone is they have too much insulin okay and and that’s what’s messing up the blood Sugar’s causing pre-diabetes and diabetes so we’re just trying to get people to get to a state where they can make normal amounts of insulin your body will generate sugar from protein and even fat and it’s called gluconeogenesis the production of new sugar so you don’t really need any carbs other than the carbs from the vegetables that we’re recommending yeah great okay so now Fatima she says hello every time I’m on my period my rheumatoid arthritis gets worse the pain is a hundred times more well what did you that’s the spike in estrogen estrogen can actually create inflammation if it’s too much this is estrogen dominance so she needs to watch the videos on estrogen dominance I think what I would do is I would eliminate any soy out of the diet I would eliminate dairy because it connects like act as a hormone I would add more cruciferous vegetables and I would get a product called estrogen balance that’s what I would do okay I’m just just the messenger can and speaking of cruciferous Anna wants to know what’s the difference between cruciferous and your veggie solution well cruciferous has a different different effect it has a lot a lot more vital nutrients it’s very estrogen it cleans the excess estrogen it helps convert it to the harmless one it also has a lot of nutrients it’s good for the liver detoxification versus the veggie solution is main mainly to replace your salad or vegetables if you don’t like eating it and it has a lot of phytonutrients carotenoids and it’s actually like almost raw but it has also a good plant-based source of protein it’s equivalent to whey protein as far as the amount of complete amino acids it’s a real clean product with very minimal anti-nutrients so it’s not going to have high levels of things like that you’d get in spinach so that would be the main difference and you’re taking more of it you’re taking two scoops a day which is equivalent to six cups of vegetables Wow yeah yeah and then one more question your Mohammed asks on Facebook is there a test for like lectin sensitivity yeah I think there is I think there is I don’t have a lot of data on the testing but I think you can test for that I think it’s a blood test it’s that I’m not mistaken lectins are those things in certain foods and vegetables and things like that that can irritate your your system some people are more sensitive and others I actually have a video and I cover all the low lectin boots you can check it out lectins are also in nightshades but you know honestly I’m not seeing a really big huge thing where oh I get people off lectins and the American recklessly get better I’ve not seen that yeah so that’s just my opinion okay so Karen it’s time for a tip at dinner yep so and the tip is this it’s on restorative sleep how many guys how many of you would like to get better sleep just say yes or no if you sleep like to get better sleep yeah would you like anyone raise your hand if you’d like to get better sleep okay and I’m talking about restorative sleep I’m talking about the type of sleep that when you wake up you actually feel awake which is a new concept for people feel good yeah so if you’re if you’re getting up more tired than you went to bed one yes if you actually need I know this might be shocking some people might need a cup of coffee in the morning you need coffee to wake up raise your hand if you have a problem like sleeping too the entire night you know let me know and also if you can’t get to sleep okay there’s one let’s see does it do we have anyone there we have a few people it’s pouring in okay so this is like a no-brainer and it’s very inexpensive it’s just really it involves around make you more vitamin D vitamin D and I want to has many different functions absorbing calcium but what it can do for sleep is huge there are vitamin D receptors deep into the central nervous system in your brain especially with the areas that involve asleep centers it actually will cause a muscle paralysis in the deep delta-wave sleep so you’ve heard of restless leg syndrome yes okay so you’re not going to be restless if you take a good good amount of vitamin D and this is why people like if they got a lot of Sun for example and then that night they sleep a little better because the Sun you know just gives them the vitamin D effect but you’re going to notice that if you have enough D and you to get the therapeutic dosage sometimes you’re gonna have to go 22:30 IU’s so that’s one thing but the other thing is like vitamin D will make it so you turn off at night a lot better so it’s your off switch because if you have high levels of adrenal stress and cortisol you’re like laying there you’re like not really sleeping so it’s all about turning your body off so you can recharge and vitamin D is the secret to that Karen good even for sleep apnea now we’re gonna take some more questions but then after maybe in about ten minutes I’m gonna tell you something else that’s vitally important because I know some people are gonna ask this dr. Berg what about the toxic effects of high doses of vitamin D how do I handle that well I’m gonna answer that coming up well surely so don’t go away right now right okay I need to jump right to Cindy she’s been waiting patiently you’re from Pasadena California are you there Cindy Cindy hey come back here Cindy come back to the phone okay let’s take another caller Cindy oh hello I knew you’re trying to get to the phone sorry about that I’m at work Oh oh no no no I’m cool I’m cool okay um I have question yeah I had a heart attack last year I saw taquito in April of last year watching your videos and stuff and then not really doing it full-on and then June I had a heart attack I had 95% blockage in my led so they put in two stents and then I remember thinking and really seeing that video about your coronary artery calcium scan so I said you know just for the heck of it I want to see if the blockages are the same as the ones that they told me I had they had they said I had one in my led one in my they’re complex and then one in another blockage and my I think it was the re T or something like that so I did it in September of 2018 and my score was 84 okay and where I had my stance it was the score was 27 and I thought that was odd because for me having a heart attack I thought it would be higher right right so anyway I’ve been doing keto and everything and eating better and all that stuff thinking I’m going to take another scan to see if there’s any difference and my car after my third cardiologist cuz one told me that it was just hereditary basically you know no matter what you do you’re still going to get blockages another one told me you have to be on statins and I remember you said if one tells you’re on statins you get rid of that doctor so I did because I don’t want to be on statin and so now I’m on my third one and he’s saying that I shouldn’t get another scan because it causes cancer so that’s basic question is that and would I be at risk if I take another one so here’s my opinion that there’s two cardiologists that are coming to our summit you should show up and this is the day that I got from these cardiologists so it’s not my opinion and the the of the cat scan that you’re getting actually has a very very very low radiation compared to other other cat scans there is a small amount of radiation but it’s very minimal you should even look it up yourself so you know so for him to say causing cancer well if maybe high dosages over a long period of time the second thing is like for those of you that are trying to wondering what we’re talking about there’s a calcium coronary artery calcium scoring thing you can get it to test not terribly expensive very valuable and it should be zero sometimes it can go up to a thousand it’s really measuring the calcium buildup in the arteries and the calcium comes in there mainly from inflammatory conditions they’re building up from damage on the inside of the artery so it could be that you might you have a little bit of calcium buildup okay but you have more plaquing other types of things like maybe fibrous protein clacking with some cholesterol plaquing which could mean that you didn’t create the lesions that your body needed to dumped out as much calcium matrix but more of some other things so there’s different types of plaques there’s different types of clotting and apparently you yours isn’t like exclusively calcium so you don’t necessary so I would I would continue to take k2 I would probably find a doctor that’s working a little work work with you and actually can do another scan see what it is but the fact that you’re in Quito is going to reduce the insulin so you can actually eventually heal the arteries but here’s the thing it does take a long time it could take years to really get that your arteries in check with that but you do want to add exercise you want to do like a healthy version of keto but the main thing is keeping your insulin low I would do this test if I were you Homa ir that measures the actual insulin and that’ll give you a little more data that you really you’re looking at so that’s my opinion and I hope to see you at the summit Cyndi coming in August 31st thanks Cindy all right Karen okay so we’ve got to help Bernadette what’s happening every other comment she’s posting that she has to know do you continue the same percentage of macros regardless of weight or calorie intake I am obese but losing with all a total of 1200 calories a day still support lean muscles will it still support lean muscle sparing and reduced fat percentage so she’s doing a calorie thing yeah yeah I think that’s an important question because you need a certain amount of calories to maintain muscle density but it’s you really don’t it’s not the calories it’s the macronutrients in the calories it’s the type of calories you need enough protein you need a moderate amount of protein you actually don’t need as much as you think that you need some so that’s one thing you also don’t need the the carbohydrates you don’t need those at all you need me healthy fats so you could if you focus on the micronutrients and even some of the macronutrients you could get by with a thousand calories and not create any problem in your muscle density at all because when you do intimate of fasting guess what and all the studies that they’ve done with the amount of calories you need don’t play into the calories so you want to do calories um you don’t we started with the frequency of eating you want to do infrequent eating so your body then is more efficient and you can start utilizing those calories in the amount of calories you need actually goes down so this is what you need to do go by your hunger if you can gradually go into the cinnamon of fasting 2 meals a day and eventually one meal a day and you’re not hungry and you’re seeing the benefits and you’re still maintained you’re strong and you’re have energy and you have no cravings don’t even worry about the calories focus on getting the nutrients but that’s what I would do because I think it doesn’t really matter like oh well I’m at 1,200 calories or a thousand or 1,400 it’s how you feel and that means it’s actually working so watch my video on the intermittent fasting and then also the protein loss that you’re actually getting you’re getting your increase in growth hormone on that but you open up a good question that does take a bit more time to answer thanks for your question and let’s go to Kimberly she’s from Alabama she had a question regarding urine strips hi Kim hi how are you great about the kiddos the urine strips that if it’s all the way over to the right on the coloring that it means that you’re dehydrated I’ve heard some people say that you need more carbohydrate anymore electrolyte I’ve watched a couple of your videos that say you know after a while that they’re not accurate but is there any truth behind what it means if it stays over to the right for almost three weeks okay so you’re talking about like deep ketosis like like the first three weeks that I was in know as far as when you say let me just clarify so when you say all the way over to the right you’re talking about the color bars being deep purple yes okay okay so let me just answer that real quick so all that means is you’re burning you’re actually actually burning fat and you’re in ketosis a lot stronger than you would if you’re on the left as far as dehydration goes it doesn’t mean you’re dehydrated at all that does it’s not measuring hydration or dehydration I don’t know who told you that it’s just about ketones now do you get dehydrated and ketones when you’re in ketosis you could if you’re obviously not drinking the right amount of fluids and you’re not taking the electrolytes which I always recommend doing it so yeah you don’t to worry about that and no you don’t need to take more cars because it’s actually working you’re in deep mitosis so whoever told you that is just misinformed good he really wants a new Kido he has recurring Gow over and over and over and the doctors have told him to completely stay away from Kido is that something to wear if you were to try to do Kido the uric acid would go up temporarily and then it would fix itself because of the change in diet and if so is there anything that you recommend that that people could take to help adjust during that time so that it doesn’t cause flare-ups yeah people that have gout most of them are producing there the problem with gout if they’re not able to release the uric acid it’s not it’s not the amount of uric acid that they’re producing it’s the they can’t release it because there’s kidney damage that’s coming from the insulin resistance which need to be fixed with keto you should watch my recent video on gout and uric acid I just released a really good one you should watch that have your husband watch that to get the facts on that keto does not make it worse in a minute fasting will raise your uric acid a little bit but all you have to do is take some potassium citrate boom problem solved and you it’s not going to create more gout it’s actually going to help you because your Cassatt is there to work as an antioxidant and by the way people that have high levels of uric acid can yeah have a lot lost less rates of getting MS and autoimmune problems so you get some benefits on that how about that and then one last thing when you do the urine strips it’s really good to use in the beginning when you’re in Quito but when you become more efficient and you burn up the ketones then you need to get a blood monitor keep down blood testing kit all right cool okay so I have to say something yes Karen tell me Ruby yep is our son’s fiancee is watching wow yeah how are you review australia’s and how in hi Ruby yes it must be probably the different time zone so hopefully it’s not a morning okay good I hope Ruby you’re doing Kido I hope you’re you’re following through we had that talk remember Christmas time had their talk yes okay okay so on to a question yeah okay good so a question came up from Sandra what nuts are okay and then another fellow which I didn’t notice name on facebook also asked he uses a couple different nuts he thinks it helps him sleep so he eats the nuts before he goes to bed so what what you thought on that it’s a nutty question Karen but let me just explain when you’re doing cute oh one of the things that you want to focus on is keeping your oxalates low okay okay ox let’s low right because like because what happens when people do keto they could eat spinach chocolate almonds and a lot of other nuts that are high in oxalates and then they they get some issues sometimes okay so look what you’re probably asking me Karen is what nuts have the lowest amount of oxalates right well that wasn’t what I was thinking but if that is the answer to your question yes or the question then that’s what macadamia nuts are good and pistachios those two nuts are the best they have the lowest amount of oxalates the highest is the almonds okay and then like I said last week you’d also be getting that in almond flour if you tend to use if you’re a stone former then what you want to do is probably nothing at the home and flour and if you do it don’t do a lot of it and then drink a little more water because what because the stone is a super concentration of the urine so anyway there’s a lot I have a lot of videos on that I have a lot of videos on that okay I can’t okay but I think it’s time now to tell people how to minimize the dangers of the high vitamin D toxicity that everyone talks about nowadays first of all very dangerous it’s very rare that’s gonna happen and you would have to have very high level of amounts of vitamin D for a long period of time if you check your vitamin D and it’s a between 300 and 450 then you might have a problem okay but it rarely will it ever get that high but here’s the thing there’s really only one toxic effect from vitamin D levels when you’re taking a lot of it and it has to do with not vitamin D it has to do with what it does to calcium that’s all so the only danger of taking large amounts of vitamin D is too much calcium in the blood okay so there’s real simple things you can do to minimize that damage control because here’s the thing there are so many benefits of vitamin D in higher levels what they recommend for vitamin D is only like 600 to 800 I used per day but that’s developed or suggested just to prevent rickets you know and children but to get the therapeutic benefit of vitamin E you need to do like twenty to thirty to forty thousand I use or even more so this is what you do Karen make make note number one you take k2 k2 k2 is like the brain of calcium it tells the calcium where to go but d3 just kind of doesn’t tell it where to go it just increases the blood k2 are driving into the bone number two you just avoid dairy for a while hello problem solved you’re not taking dairy you knock it into calcium and then you’re not worried about it okay number three take magnesium and if your stone former drink more water problem solved simple okay how’d you like that too that was actually I thought that’s a very good – very good I actually like the typicals you cured my back problem with 40 it’s illegal to cure people nowadays well here’s the deal I hurt and now I don’t so whatever you call that I’m glad I left after steroids after oh that’s great Steve I appreciate it I’m sorry that you’re cured me thank you did not care that was there’s a coincidence that he took that D and he feels better hey I have something to say go ahead okay good so you guys know the summit is coming up the Kido summit the healthy quito summit 2019 dr. Burke style at the Gaylord do we have any into Washington DC August 31st Timber first so we have last year we had will calling them exhibitors mostly because the hotel does yeah and last year we had a handful of them and we’re gonna have a lot more this year so it’s exciting so some of the exhibitors will be choco perfection this is a pretty seriously good chocolate really good right this is all Kido kibosh foods that’s k-b oh Sh food mm-hmm okay okay keto mojo our buddies that were there last year keto testing kit you know testing and I hope they brought water to a hundred times more units than they had last year because they sold out in the first 20 minutes and then we know us wellness meats is gonna be there again yep are we ordered from them all the tall all the time it’s the best there’s some seriously good butter too oh my gosh mm-hmm everything check it out and then a company called love good fats look there you go we need to look into that more they’re new for us I like so we’re gonna be letting you guys know the top-level exhibitors that are going to be there and we’re gonna work to make a lot of fun for you guys so that you can have a lot of options in quito land you know you have to keep your options open Karen all right I need to go to Dave Dave you’ve been waiting patiently for the day yeah I’m here can you hear me yes yellow okay good good hey it’s me again I know I was this morning I had in a flamed um apparently you know well I was talking to you about my inflamed um pancreas what’s the best way to take care of that yep yeah I think I’m the most important thing for a pancreatic problems especially inflammatory conditions pancreatitis one of the common things and I don’t know if you’re on a medication to check with your doctor on this one point if you’re on medications there’s so many medications that will create that inflammatory condition so that’s number one but typically you want to avoid omega-3 fatty acids you want to avoid things that create inflammation of course you want to avoid sugar that think about the pancreas is the warehouse for the manufacturing of enzymes okay so anything that you’re eating that doesn’t have enzymes are going to put stress on your body like cook overly cook foods refined foods you want to do more raw foods with enzymes like in vegetables okay things like that that will won’t we don’t require as many enzymes that’s what I would recommend and that should help you Dave thanks for calling all right so Lee Ann you’re calling from Ohio you had a question go ahead hello great yes yes first thank you dr. Berg and Karen you guys are wonderful thanks for all that you do we all appreciate you so much oh you’re welcome thank you all right I do have two questions if we can get to it the first one though is about I’ve intermittent fasting so I’m only eating two meals a day but I’m taking all of your vitamins and supplements and I’m taking the electrolyte powder the raw wheatgrass powder so it’s hard to get things in since I’m a leading twice a day so there’s like limited time in between so what I’ve done is I’ve combined two scoops of electrolyte powder two scoops of raw wheatgrass in about 24 ounces of water in between lunch and dinner is that okay or is that all too much all at one no it’s totally okay these things are very low calories it’s not going to interfere with your fast you can combine them take them together like ah I’ll do the week like this morning I did the wheatgrass and the electrolytes put it together shook it up boom I’m good good great okay may I go on to two yeah go ahead all right I’m trying to get my husband to eat healthy my husband is a tall lean does not have any problem losing weight doesn’t need this kind of a thing but and if anything I would consider him a liver body type he has no physical ailments whatsoever every time I try to get him to start eating healthy because he can eat junk and get away with it he gets chronic how ptosis if you give him a vitamin or supplements a couple days in a row or raw vegetables or any fruit he gets such bad chronic halitosis we have no idea why this happened but if I take him off of everything he goes back to normal do you have any idea what this is about well I have a question what in a very quick way tell me what is he eating now on a regular basis regularly regular food well regular food that I give him but then he like eats candies and pies okay and bread he’s lots of carbs okay so here’s what’s happening and then you add this you know the fibers and things like that it’s really a microbial problem his system has adapted to running on certain types of fuel and he doesn’t have the microbes and it’s probably some excess fermentation and gas and things that are not being effectively handled with good digestion I think the best thing to do with him is get some of my liquid probiotic and start taking them because that’s gonna actually build up the floral that’s going to give him the capacity to start breaking down these new foods which you might have to do on a nice gradual you know shift over time but it’s really has to do with his fermentation or his ability to digest in his microbes also I would take some of these microbes dilute it in water and use it as a mouthwash through the day I’m telling you I’ve taken this stuff and I’ve dumped it into our sump pump and it takes the odor out within hours like completely gone it’s the great deodorizer it’s also you can use it unmold in your house I mean it’s a pretty good cleaner but it’s really microbes that’s all he needs and that’s what I would recommend thanks Liam yeah this this I have a question to follow up on there so you’re saying that because he’s operating on this different kind of food he has situations so is this like when he starts eating the normal food he just can’t process it or is he released now the toxicity and stuff like smokers when they stop smoking they say oh I stopped smoking my gums are bleeding but that was because the nicotine or the cigarettes where it’s not a detox it is basically he when you actually eat a certain everything that you eat your microbes are adapting to like it’s developing new microbes and new enzymes to break food down so it can be very very wide as far as diverse your body adapts to whatever you’re eating on with the microbes so if you stop eating certain thing it’s like these microbes certain Americans go away so it’s a complete universe in your gut of all sorts of like a could be like a movie just fascinating actually well we’re gonna have to make that movie with our new green screen work on that for sure let me just go to Jane and then I’m gonna give give you another tip okay okay Jane are you there okay go ahead what’s your question okay yeah so I’ve been watching a lot of your videos I absolutely love you I’ve learned so much so I know that you normally say that you have to get healthy first before you lose weight so yes I have a couple of complications like I have Nia I feel like I’ve been stressed out in the last five years taking care of my family I don’t have any children retain care three nephews and my mom and it’s just a lot on me and so my cortisol levels I know they’re high because ever since I turned 50 when I turned 50 I was fine but six months later I started I feel like I was gaining a pound every day and I try not to eat and I feel like nothing was working and then I went to the doctor and I took a couple of tests and he he at first they thought I had Lyme disease and so they gave me like antibiotics and like two rounds of oh my god was like some type of steroids so now I’m just like trying to get my body back in health and then certain medicines he put me on I have my sugar level at 7.7 and now I’m trying to work back down so the only good thing I got back from the doctors that I like don’t I’m no longer experiencing high blood pressure which is great but now I have a situation where I have a 7.7 cuccos issue and now I have right okay and it’s hardly wait so I just need to know my question really was what type of I think I’ll have you a journal body tight because it’s really like in the midsection yeah okay so here’s what you do James ready for this are you sitting down it’s very simple out of all these complexities and these things that you’re focused on you just need to focus in on one thing right now and that’s going to be lowering your insulin what does that mean well watch the video and find out I show you how to do that you need to implement the basics of what I talked about I have a start here video step 1 step 2 watch those two videos implement that actually today as far as your stress goes it sounds like you’re an adrenal body type but I wouldn’t focus on that yet you need to get the basics in and I have you know this right here you should get it and then the other book you can go to my website but but here’s here’s the thing because very quickly I have all these calls and you vitamin b1 nutritional yeast will instantly make you feel stress-free and then of course the d3 with that will will help the sleep so then you can recharge so d3 is like the icing on the cake and then b1 will handle the stress so we got stress and sleep together those two that’s what I would focus on right now and just get the basics your you probably talking about your a1c seven point seven all that means is your insulin is a little too high and you need to do I said focus on dropping your blood Sugar’s down okay thanks for calling the rest of these are going to have to really be one question yes yes questions here we have summit questions we to get to those all right on your mark get set go okay so real quick I just wanted to mention one tip and this is like I’m just gonna that’s not really yeah but you know here’s the problem people are like commenting my feet are shrinking on kedo okay and I’m concerned because they have to buy new shoes and it’s expensive yeah I I didn’t worry about that but I did go down a little in size yeah and the reason for that guys is that before your feet were swollen you had edema and that that’s because wherever the sugar goes water goes so if you’re if you have sugar in your body you’re gonna retain fluid this is why I diabetic when they pee out the excess sugar guess what they lose water so they have to they have to pee frequently they’re thirsty frequently that’s one of the symptoms because the sugar so once you get rid of the sugar what happens is you lose the flu win okay very good act good that’s a simple tip good that’s all I’m gonna say about it okay good so I am going to spit out that the keto Summit this year is in Maryland you’ll fly into Reagan Airport it is at the Gaylord hotel and if you want to buy tickets which you should platinum level is over 50% sold out a lot of VIP tickets happening go to dr. Burke calm it’s right at the top check it out I have a lot of buttons we’re we’re looking forward to meet all meeting on it you guys and you know you you actually watch us on YouTube and Facebook but it would be great to actually meet you and you’ll see on in that link you’ll see all the guest speakers because some people were having questions about the names of doctors and things like that you’ll see all the gift speakers and we’ll be adding the exhibitors as they as they sign up so you can get all the data there yeah check it out let’s go to Selena Selena from Dallas Texas you’d a question about polycystic yes liver disease yeah good morning how are you doctor we’re doing great Karen hey Alec I have been diagnosed with polycystic kidney and polycystic liver disease and I’ve been watching several videos and you talk about kidney disease but it’s not specific to polycystic kidney and the the potassium intake on the keto diet that’s one that concerns me so I wanted to know is this safe for me yeah good question very good question you don’t Diana yes okay so here’s the thing the only time you wouldn’t want to take potassium is when you are stage four or five kidney disease it doesn’t sound like you’re you’re in that boat what you have to realize is potassium is protective to the kidney it actually protects the kidney what causes the cysts that you’re you’re in your livers and you’re delivering your kidney is your body’s trying to obviously trying to protect you from toxins and things like that there is a high level of risk of getting cysts and high levels of insulin I would focus on reducing your insulin and then go back and get a recheck because you should see an improvement so keto is probably not just safe for polycystic conditions but necessary because it takes the stress off the kidney and the liver what messes with your liver and the kidney is high levels of insulin from the high carb diets thanks for your question all right do we have a we want to go through another question yeah I have I have three actually maybe you can answer them in one sentence Wow this is it we’ll try it okay why not give you the answer first okay how do you get rid of quote-unquote alright old lady facial hair okay Mountain you you want to drop insulin because that’s raising your androgens so insulin Kido here keto is the answer healthy ketone terminal fasting okay here’s a little more complicated so the challenge is on Lori from Facebook she’s been on keto for eight months but her morning glucose continues to go up it was 86 now it’s 106 but in the afternoon it’s normal is there anything to worry about called the donphan um dawn dawn phenomena and what that means is your cortisol spikes mostly in eight o’clock in the morning so you’re you’re releasing a little more sugar the way to solve that is to give it more time and take apple cider vinegar in the later part of the day or maybe even right before bed and not just straight just do one tablespoon in a glass of water drink that down maybe an hour before you go to bed so you can then urinate before you go to bed and then if that should improve the situation but it’s it’s in that you’re in the transitional phase and your liver still needs some work you may you may just need to stick it out longer but it’s not an issue and in the morning if you want to see a drop in that just exercise in the morning burn off that extra sugar what laughing that was about five six seven okay let me do it quicker okay and now here this is gonna be really quick how would a 51 year old woman start keto after hip surgery and I would say that you we could just do this how would a 51 year old woman start keto after fill in the blank okay next question well when you have hip surgery a couple things that you need to be taking in this situation you need to be taking a good mineral builder a bone builder not just calcium and then vitamin D for sure that’s gonna be that’s going to be a necessity make sure you have the vitamin D with food in the morning and then the other thing is boron that’s a really good thing we could I would just take all the trace minerals together you want to start repairing that but if you take enough vitamin D it decreases the risk of getting fractures and it helps healing of the bone but you need the K to Karen to make the bones really solid so don’t forget the K – I did a video on this on osteopenia and osteoporosis what to do that’s what I would watch there you go alright Lisa you’re from Riverside California you had a question you’re missing your organ yes hi when I eat greens or veggies of any type I get diarrhea and I know that that’s probably actually the doctor said because I don’t have a gallbladder and it’s leaking into my small intestine and so I would subscribe to medication that causes me to get really bad hives the medication helped the diarrhea but I can’t tolerate diet any suggestions yeah I think what I would do is I would I would support the missing gall bladder by taking maybe some purified bile salts or even the gall bladder formula right now I would take that and I would cut out the greens for about a month to six weeks but do keto with everything else but just not the greens because we can’t have you doing having diarrhea because it’s going to lose your electrolytes you’re going to have all sorts of issues on a rare occasion when people have the gallbladder out they produce too much bile and that’s what creates the laxative effect if that’s your case then you don’t want to take any bile salts because bile salts create a laxative effect so that’s the only catch-22 that you need to kind of evaluate but yeah and then the other thing is as you put the greens back in I would try vegetables that you haven’t tried before like maybe a little zucchini or something I don’t know maybe you try that but try some other vegetables that that are different and see if you have a problem with that but down the road okay thanks for your call so is she if she has too much bile and she tries the bile salts worse she’ll obviously have more Diaries so you stop that immediately and then nothing else to remedy other than staying away from the greens well well here’s the thing that without a gallbladder usually don’t produce in a file and she’s getting diarrhea from the greens so tells me there’s the I think there’s a fiber issue there it’s not the bile salts but the fact that she doesn’t have a gallbladder tells me that she probably is gonna benefit from some bile salts but I would do one thing at a time because I think there’s two separate problems all right we’re gonna go to Nico Nico from Fort Myers Florida are you there yes hi hello hi I had a question I was on chemo I’ve been on keto now for about a month and a half and I’ve always had high triglycerides and low HDL I’ve lost about a week in my triglycerides went down a lot but my one concern and question is that uh my HDL actually went below 40 it was 32 and it was never like that it was always like 41 or whatever so I wanted to know how do I read just arrange my HDL okay so you can actually leave or not eggs egg yolks will raise it HDL is not even cholesterol it’s a transport cargo ship that’s actually taking the cholesterol from the cells and bringing it back to the liver which means that you might not be needing is much transport back to the liver from recycling because your cells are using it up as energy and other things repair so I think I probably wouldn’t where he’d worry too much about that but I would definitely start taking some eggs speaking about eggs where we we did the duck eggs and you didn’t even know they’re duck eggs you’re like what are these jumbo jumbo it was the biggest egg but I mean they were really good but it just looked like regular eggs I thought these are a little large yolk we had like five dozen at the farmers market they have the best eggs and the duck eggs are like huge so I’ll do four of those things that’s that’s a lot of egg yolks but they’re good I like them yeah okay good Hey question here I can’t read the name because it’s written in another language but his son and craves soap his desire to eat soap and we talked about this a couple weeks ago these cravings for strange things and you did a video right yeah I think um I think that it’s a very cleansing thing to crave it now I think that I that’s kind of a soap as a detergent I think he needs bile salts which are it’s like a detergent as well that’s what I think that’s going on I would give him some purified bile salts but you know man just for someone to crave soap of all things this is such a repelling thing like I you know when your parents put Mouse’s it’s over okay that was totally unnecessary okay cannot be controlled I just we need to change take the video camera engine sound change doesn’t work yeah tie his fingers together so he can’t press the button well let’s go through that right now all right on that note wait the one effect we do need the echo ready what a tent are you gonna do is see a cow attend the ITO summit guys have a great weekend we will see you next week okay thank you for your call vehicles [Music]

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