Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] [Music] good morning everyone hello so we’re back in this finally getting some nice weather out there boy I tell you so hey anything that we say is not meant to diagnose you it’s just meant to educate you and to do you know so you can do further research Food for Thought and but before taking any advices check with your medical professional your competent medical professional right all right guys I mean what what’s going on lately we had the summit coming up it’s pretty exciting it’s very exciting we released a video on that that was a little cheesy cheesy and another word I didn’t I had no idea was so popular cringing crazy yeah and the cringe now we should let them know that some okay these younger people right made this and dr. Berg did a spot appearance at the end he’s not writing these songs you did you can’t take credit for the rap or directing or producing this video and so you know don’t think dr. Burks now going into writing cringy rap I thought it was I thought it was really funny agreed on the pit the avocado pit but you know what it was funny it was funny if you like that type of humor no catchy catchy tune we’re gonna actually just read some of the comments cuz I think the comments were equally as funny like one comment was nobody prepared me for this and if anybody what if any of you are wondering like what we’re talking about there’s a video I released it’s called the Kido rap song you can look it up here’s another comment can somebody can somebody be so it’s amazing how somebody could be wait a second yeah it could be so cringy yet totally awesome at the same time yeah i feel uncomfortable watching this we should have both of us on this shot here Steve you just read it okay be what we got okay good yeah the one thing I will say is most everybody loves the chorus writing the chorus and what is it no car no no car no carb high fat moderate program program that into people eventually a grab right it’s really hard to remember so some people thought it was great and someone thought some people thought it was beneath you an integrity issue look it was just funny it was a goof and it it got a lot of attention and and apparently the little jingle is stuck in everybody’s head which isn’t bad mostly good attention mostly good attention well I tell you what but but you can rest assured that dr. Burke’s not going into the rap business I’m not it’s my future I will be going into rap I’m gonna actually come up with a new rap song of course i you didn’t come up with that rap song okay I didn’t but I was gonna take credit and the girls are neither of the girls are his daughters I would know that I mean I would I probably would have been there oh yeah about that I’m gonna go Tori you look for some good social media questions okay is it and I’m gonna go to Tori that’s Seattle Washington hey Tori hey what’s your weird you so much for taking my call oh you’re welcome um I I really admire you and just appreciate all of your work and research I have had a lot of progress following news and July of last year but we’ll briefly I have type 1 diabetes silly act and a history of Hashimoto’s I also have no gallbladder so I’ve been following healthy you know and intermittent fasting I got the book of like a ton of your supplement I take electrolytes vitamin D the apple cider vinegar supplement I just got wheatgrass and I tried to take nutritional yeast the kind of struggle actually with picking those that I’ve plateaued on wheat and I started losing hair and having fatigue again and I’m also struggling to keep my blood Sugar’s steady especially after I have a hypoglycemic incident and I’ve gotten to where I you know I recognize that I can’t do hardcore exercise because it actually like shoots my blood sugar like out the roof and again I’ve had type 1 diabetes insulin dependent for 32 years I watched your video on nicotinamide I am that healthy type 1 diabetics and your suggestion to consider one a 2,000 milligrams or in searching what you’re looking a little bit more into it um I’m having trouble finding a good source for that maybe a brand the only thing I could find through standards process which I know you recommend frequently is like 15 milligrams um and I didn’t know if there was a particular version I’ve seen high besides I’m not sure if I’m saying that right I wanted to make sure that was the correct form and it’s usually listed as niacin and I didn’t know if that was the same thing I was told me you could provide a source and any tips or okay good so let’s talk about that for the couple of things I want to mention and this actually aligns with what I was going to talk about a little bit later so you don’t want to leave you guys want to stick around we’re gonna talk about autoimmune stuff and when we talk about type 1 diabetes that is usually autoimmune most of the time and so we’re going to talk about some just to make it really simple the mechanism and and some really good tips on what you should do that being said you’ve been a type 1 for a long time the diet for type 2 is exactly the same as type 1 because you’re trying to decrease the need for insulin that you’re basically injecting the because too much insulin creates problems we know that you don’t have enough but there’s some there’s some things I want to tell you about because you have Hashimoto’s which is autoimmune and diabetes type 1 which is autoimmune I’ll talk about this more later but one of the the types of things you should research is elect ins not lecithin or leptin elect ins lectins are protein molecules that plants have developed as a protective mechanism because if you know plants can’t run away they’re just from being eat like other animals and things like that so they’re stuck there so they have millions of years of time to create chemical chemicals in their chemical factory to you know protect themselves against insects and humans and animals which basically were kind of like a big insect right so speak first and it takes so you know when you consume certain plants and seeds and nuts or legumes whatever or grains which are not gonna do if you’re in Quito it may not affect you and let unless you’re sensitive but over time it can’t build up in your body and affect you and so a little bit later I’m going to talk about what foods to avoid but lectins is what you need to look at to minimize damage control to improve your immune system to lessen the autoimmune situation now as far as the source of nicotinamide which is the type of B 3 which you know there’s different types you have niacin there’s other types each one has unique targeting effects nicotinamide handles pellagra it handle it with isoprene which is a b3 deficiency which affects your skin your brain your digestive system and also it helps the cardiovascular system and arthritis so it’s good for all those so the best source of that b3 is liver liver so you want to do a grass-fed liver do you think I’m listening no I mean actually I’d like to talk to science while I realize you’re looking at me and I’m so everyone well she realized I’m talking but but but fish like salmon high quality grass-fed liver will give you the you know the vitamin b3 complex that you need actually not the complex but the all the different B vitamins that including niacinamide that version so that’s what I’d recommend for you now you’re you’re struggling with your blood sugars I think you just have to give it more time because and follow what I recommend because over time you are going to improve and if you decrease lesson not lecithin lectins that will actually take the edge off the immune system but stay tuned we’ll talk about that more alright thanks Tori all right Judy you’re from Montana you had a question are you there hey I just love you guys you know seriously you’ve changed my life and this realm of Cato and I can’t thank you and that’s all that I was just sitting here just you know almost in tears because I have Siebel but here’s the deal I was operated on and they took out my a tier of synchro valve and they misdiagnosed me I should have sued I didn’t but anyways by six years of being so bloated that a six months pregnant looking and after being on keto and following the healthy I’m doing healthy keto been on it for just two months you know I haven’t lost any weight but inches and my question is what do I do for you know not having this either a single valve let me back up and tell you what I am doing I am doing garlic oregano berberine mean you know things like that and of course naturally the healthy keto but what would you recommend that I could do without that valve yeah well they do have some spare spare valves at the hardware store down the street you could get them repaired they’re not all plastic but here’s couple things for those of you that don’t know what the ileocecal valve it valve is it’s a valve that connects the small intestine from the large intestine have found the lower right side on the lower part of your abdomen and that valve is important to make sure that the microbes don’t back up because we want most the microbes in the large intestine 12 feet that’s the last part and then you get like like 20-something outfeed 23 feet whatever in your small intestine so we want to keep those separate so you don’t have that valve so you get some backup with the SIBO so I’m so glad that you dakedo because that’s going to decrease inflammation and the the real key thing is the intermittent fasting for you because we want to be able to clear out that digestive tract and give it a chance to heal essentially especially since you’ve had such a history of intestinal stuff you just have to be careful of what fibers that you consume you have to kind of play around with the different make sure you don’t do too much fiber I think that can irritate you but here’s my tip of the day and I don’t have a video on this maybe I should do one you want to do manual massage to your colon okay now you’re probably going what are you talking about any massage well you just basically take your hands and start manipulating massaging the areas that are in knots or tight or bloated and if you actually get a picture of how the intestines travel like where the the ileocecal valve is and how it goes ascending and then transverse across and down and start following that pathway with your hands with massage and work that out few times a day I think that’ll give you the most relief because you don’t have a valve so you’re gonna have to manually kind of keep things flowing in the right direction so in a minute fasting and basically manual type work that’s what I recommend Karen you actually know what I said that’s fine yes I don’t massage and I thought you know I think I was that in the stomach brights up massage I think if you massage the back I think that the body really relaxes you should practice that well thank you Judy appreciate the question all right Karen we’re gonna go right to a social media question good well firsts know Steve is hovering first I wanted to say haven’t done this in weeks I’m gonna shout out we got Rhode Island the UK Cyprus South America Canada Turkey Malaysia they all over the United States Belgium Canada which I said twice Serbia United Arab Emirates and that’s just off of youtube haven’t gotten to Facebook yet but that’s that’s a lot that’s a lot of world welcome yes welcome so much fun I’m also gonna say that at least on YouTube because I’m doing this yeah loving the video suggestions that you do go into the rap business and someone asks what the jingle was and I think that we should do it right now you do it no we’ll do it ready come on no car no carb high fat moderate protein no carb high fat no carb high fat good you’re good you gotta watch the guys watch it thank you yeah okay now I do have questions here getting to so so what my metabolic issues will someone see if they have high insulin so say they have this standard American diet and they’re having all kinds of body problems and they don’t know like we hear every single week we’ll have high cholesterol can I do keto oh I have blood pressure problems can I do keto I have heart issues can I do keto i have this I’ve autoimmune can I do keto a PCOS can I do keto I’m tall I’m short I’m all these things so can you just speak on that metabolic issue and high insulin with this standard American diet so that so people really get yeah good time yeah because you have metabolic issues you have syndrome X metabolic syndrome I maybe that’s what you’re talking about metabolic syndrome well just I mean lots and lots of questions that end up being this metabolic issues cholesterol blood pressure yeah so let me just touch on that so you have this some so out of all the things that are at the root cause okay of health conditions insulin high insulin is the top on the food chain and I’ve done a lot of videos on this and I didn’t just come up with this I just keep I’ve researched extensively and it keeps coming up over and over and over you look if you research high insulin you’re gonna find like a lot of interesting data that’s connected to so many health conditions the top reasons why people die heart disease there’s even you know cancer there’s also high blood pressure diabetes now you’re saying wait a second I thought diabetes was not enough insulin well that’s type one no common type of type type diabetes is type 2 and that’s high insulin and high blood sugars but you know what rarely does anyone ever test high insulin so and you have this another associated problem called insulin resistance which basically if you think about if I’m talking to Karen right now okay and she’s ignoring me just ignore me and I’m trying to get her attention and I’m getting your attention if she’s ignoring me because she’s earplugs in I’m going to shout at her and say Karen Karen that’s what that’s the high insulin that’s the hormone thing because it’s not getting any feedback of a good acknowledgement to let me know that you’re actually listening so so basically when she acknowledged me I stopped talking well when you have the whole endocrine system if you have a hormone that’s too high you have like this resistant receptor that’s not receiving and so there’s no feedback loop so all the metabolic syndrome problems are if we just say you know like the top ones are hard diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol those are the biggies and then all the different connected problems that relate to that like even a fatty liver for example MERS Alzheimer’s a vision problems yes the four areas that high insulin targets and awesomes also high sugar as well because insulin is following the high sugar so number one it’s the brain and nervous system so you’re gonna you’re gonna be have all sorts of brain related problems Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s a brain fog and I can’t remember the other one dementia I’m just kidding and then neurological problems the fingertips the bottom of the toes they start getting numb and then you eventually end up gangrene and then you lose your toes and your fingers and your feet and your legs and everything else goes it starts to break down the vision you started having problems with the optic nerve the retina glaucoma which is pressure that also the that the cataracts which affect the lens opaque so there’s all these problems with the eye and then you have the heart the blood vessel so just think about insulin as a rusting thing it rest out the body the body tries to heal it with cholesterol and calcium and it blocks it up and you get plaquing and then you get a stroke and a heart attack so if you just lower insulin you solve so many problems now how do we know that’s true well all you do as an experiment you can just go on healthy keto and then I’m gonna fasting the two powerful actions that lower insulin and just watch what happens to your body you’re gonna notice all sorts of things will clear up but we always recommend the healthy version of keto in the difference between keto and healthy keto because you know I was watching I was really annoyed yesterday draws I wasn’t gonna give him any kudos I wasn’t even gonna say the name someone who will not be mentioned went on a channel that will be nameless and and started to talk about the dangers of the keto diet and then there was a really cool video done by Frank I forget his last name young guy and totally took this other doctor the back I mean new his research new says one guys is saying oh this research says blah blah blah and then Frank is like you know did you read the research then it’s totally misinformation anyway so there’s obviously keto and and then someone chimed you know I had a headache the entire time I was on keto so there’s there’s keto out there a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon to push keto things and keto everything and then there’s healthy keto so yes you have to get this book you have to get the books and understand but please differentiate in a really concise way what is the difference between keto and healthy keto in ten seconds well there’s basically this this battle between like oh don’t do keto do the sad diet or do my diet whatever the version that we’re recommending is just the healthy version it’s like you’re doing it’s satisfying all the nutrients you’re doing vegetables and you’re doing but you’re not doing potatoes you’re not doing refined carbs and so when anyone criticizes keto they’re using the version that they use back and way back when they did the dot the traditional keto which is the very low quality ingredients you know you’re using whether Crisco or bacon fat or lard whatever and and that’s basically what you’re doing and you’re not eating any vegetables and so that’s what they’re stereo ties in and and emphasizing which is total bull because no one’s doing that right now this study this study that I have it wasn’t even a study it was just it was going to be a study it’ll never be a study the link between a keto or low carb and which it was actually high carbohydrate high carbohydrate yeah I just think they were calling low carbohydrate yeah you know you have to understand it is even my hairdresser yesterday it’s like well what do I eat for breakfast I said I have an egg and she’s like but without the yolk right it’s called fatphobia there’s they did such a great job for decades really marketing marketing and then look at look at us as a nation and as a world I mean you’re talking about the countries that have the highest rate of Jews I bring your son bring it up okay so guys this is interesting we’ve already tried the low-fat diet we’ve already tried the low calorie diet for decades we know it doesn’t work but you should I just released this video Mexico ranks number one for the number one cause of death is diabetes in their country okay they have 13 million people with diabetes it’s 14 point 8 percent of their entire population Saudi Arabia they might only have 3.8 million people that have diabetes but that’s 18 point five percent of the entire population so they’re they have the highest percentage per capita of people who have diabetes the US has 30 million people with 94 million pre-diabetic and we have like nine point four percent no one did that I see her I think this is a lot lower than normal let me finish China has a hundred and fifty million so they ranked number one for the most total people per country okay so it’s not the percentage it’s just the number of people 11.8% okay lower percentage but just they have like 150 million people have diabetes this is all not unnecessary India 69 million at 7.3 percent of their population the point is like just think about the the simplicity of it what is diabetes it’s a disease of high sugars not even a disease it’s a body’s failure failure to adapt to blood sugar so you have high sugar so why in the world would you want to add more sugar and carb to the diet that’s what I’m gonna try to figure out and it’s insane all they have to do is cut out the sugar but the experts are recommending more carbs so Ellen if you listen to doctor I’m not going to mention he made a really funny point that people are more on the keto diet which we know is the exact opposite you guys know it’s the exact opposite you’re not cranky it’s it was I just I listened to that and I thought wow because you can you can sit on a couch and say absolutely anything and here’s somebody who just markets anything that’s gonna bring a buck and and get him funding I think anyway that’s my rant and I’m done thank you okay Rhonda you’ve been waiting patiently you’re from Missouri go ahead what was your question you have said that we can lose at most eight and I want to know is that including if we exercise if I were to up my exercise I’m just going to exaggerate to make a point say I walked four hours a day yeah could i potentially lose more than eight pounds a month this is a really good question and I want to answer it kind of quickly but it’s kind of a long answer so I’m going to do the quick version because it’s um I know a guy that did the Biggest Loser okay and they were exercising eight hours a day okay now if you Calculon calculate in the amount of calories that they’re burning and the calories that they’re eating it was like he was on like 1200 or 1500 calories per day yet ate hunt of exercise he should be losing close to fifteen pounds a week okay with that much exercise but there are weeks he was only losing one to two pounds how do you explain that what happens is the body will then ideally on most people the most you can weight you can lose is two pounds if you add exercise maybe it’s a little bit more you just have to experience but what happens is this as you’re losing weight and you’re exercising you’re you’re burning up your stored glycogen and your body can then make more than your blood Sugar’s might drop and the more important thing to focus on is the type of calories that you’re consumed and the effect that it has on your fat burning hormones so if you go low-carb okay and you don’t go crazy with the fats but you have some fats and moderate protein what what will happen is hormonal e you’ll burn the most fat with that combination if you carbs are too high your body will not let you tap into your own fat so you’re going to be tapping out your stored sugar now you’re going to be really starving and forced to snack and eat so the key is not necessarily the the calories but your metabolism and insulin that’s really the key but to answer your question without going too deep it’s about two pounds a week for a healthy person could it be more with exercise yes it could be could it not necessarily though according to what we’re experiencing thanks Rhonda all right and then Karen we’re gonna give you a question on you have one in social media sure go ahead so what could the keto diet do for someone with a low sperm count trying to balance things out well first of all we know that high insulin makes both women and men infertile so when you actually do high carb can you have high insulin like even like in a diabetic for example your fertility goes down the drain so you no longer are fertile okay so even like you take let’s just take for example PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome they have a problem with high androgens okay where’s that coming from that’s coming from high insulin insulin is converting to antigens so that high insulin is making them infertile so what can you do go on keyed out and I’m in a fasting you’ll actually so many people become more fertile and women get pregnant the other thing is like you want to make sure you do nutrient-dense foods and don’t go low-fat go healthy fat and sufficient amounts of fat there is going to be a new speaker that’s not advertised yet that’s coming to our summit who’s gonna talk about PCOS and infertility with women it’s gonna be very interesting too but as far as sperm count now it’s a surprise so yeah with sperm count it has a lot to do with hormones and eating healthy in and it’s not just one thing you know you’re not about a man a vitamin C and and trace minerals like zinc also will help okay okay good all right so now we’re gonna go to may adopt from Canada MoDOT hi hello Karen hi thank you so much from the bottom of my heart I really love you guys and you have changed a lot in my life and my husband as well awesome yeah dr. Berg because I love Kido I enrolled in the coaching program and I mean almost halfway to finish it yeah yeah so I was a pre-diabetic person and I almost hit eight and I was able to reverse it into 4.9 and that’s a yes yeah so my problem I mean my husband’s problem started last month he followed me with my Kido he started on September and his numbers was like 11 plus 12 and plus so he started gradually to get to lower then the medication and he was he was having I mean he used to have like two pills from Jenny meant and to appeal from diameter on and on first of January we were able to reduce it into one pill per day for gentlement and half pill for diametric and he was doing fine the numbers went down to six six points something and it was really great so I just advised him to stop having the diameter on you will ask me why you didn’t go to the doctor he didn’t have an access for for-4 doctor because the insurance plan will be starting after 15 days question yes that’s my question like the problem started on 1st of February when he stopped the diametric so his number went up to 11 yeah so basically we had to bring it back and now he’s taking one full dime Ekron and one Johnny iment my question is what’s going on why it’s stubborn and he’s on keto he’s only on eat remitted fasting but unfortunately he’s not doing oment anymore because he had to take like one pill morning 1 pills afternoon so what’s coming on well this brings up a really good question with the amount of effort it takes to have someone even come off medication if you’ve been on medication for a long time and he’s been up to like 11 which is very very high sugar people have this idea like man should it be like 3 months should be 3 months I should be handled honestly even if you’re approaching the age of 40 or even like 38 like we are your body sometimes a tick could take some time and this is like a really important point because I don’t want to set you guys up for oh it’s going to be a miracle three months handled you’re gonna be in shape and everything’s gonna be great I’m gonna give you just a realistic target for your husband and even people trying to get in shape you really start have to be thinking of yours instead of months because especially if you’ve spent so many years destroying the body or being in that state it takes some serious time to undo it so don’t think it’s going to be just a quick fix stick with it for just I would have a goal of three years three years to just work do healthy and then evaluate from the beginning to end you’ll see wow it’s very as you get older it’s like it takes a lot longer I would just keep hanging in there and I think you probably got him off the medication too quick so you have to just kind of gradually tweak it into the point where his body can adapt to it but it does take time it’s frustrating I wish it was longer but that’s what happens when you get over the age of 35 like ourselves so thanks for your your call all right Karen it’s time for a quiz question okay we’re quits yeah we have a quiz for everyone okay so we’re talking we’re on the topic now Karen of kidney stones okay and the type the most common kidney stone is the oxalate stone calcium oxalate stone all right so there are certain foods high in oxalic but what I want to narrow down is the nuts okay yes you have different nuts with different levels of ox let’s so the question for everyone which what would be the top nut that has the lowest oxalate amounts don’t look it up just try to guess Google yeah what is the nut that has the most ox list which has the moat the least effect on kidney stones okay go ahead and type your answer yes can I told you that’s right you guessed it right okay so go ahead and guess it guys and we’re gonna take a question from Christian from Canada you’ve been wait waiting patiently for 40 minutes each negative of the test is fine and waiting for CT scan it on he’s been among ketosis I’m blinging fasting 12 to 16 hours I’ll start cutting enema I’m trying to see how apology and boosting the immune system it will help me by taking in the meantime pancreatic enzymes Corsa T in vitamin D vitamin C trains in 210 Cal creamy mushrooms to boost my immune system plus I do the food week protocol you guys are so social experience I’m against conventional things emo and so on even some otherwise how to boost even better through keto fighting so let me give you a few tips I’ll give you some chips for car some for cancer there’s a couple things you know low sugar low sugar that’s a car that’s a keto healthy carb do it healthfully make sure the vegetables that you consume are cruciferous those have a lot of anti-cancer properties so that would be very important on a regular basis I would also make sure you do intermittent fasting a lot longer than you’re going right now one one meal a day that’s what I would recommend and do weekly periodic so you’re going in like 48 hours just because the even the lowering calorie effect and the fasting has huge benefits for healing and repair and I think that would be good for your immune system the other thing you want to do is you want to keep a very low stress life because the problem with cancer is the fear and the stress and the cortisol and the adrenal do whatever you can to try to go for long walks and reduce your stress at your environment very very very important to get more sleep and but I think your your best bet is to watch my video that I when I interviewed dr. Seyfried and there’s some great research being done on this and to build up your immune system to try to fight this as best as possible and not feed it last thing I would mention is make sure the vitamins that you’re taking are don’t have they’re not GMO they they’re really high quality okay thanks for your question Karen what do you got is an answer Wow we have everything accepts the answer a lot of people saying macademia a lot of calm and a lot of almond okay which is interesting alright I’m general drum roll please and the answer is macadamia nuts oh it is yes that’s number one that’s that that’s the least amount of oxalates guys so and then the one that if we go back up from there pistachios have the second least no I told you it’s remember people didn’t get it right yes good job on the macadamia nuts macadamia pistachio and then pecan and then walnut okay the worst the worst nut to eat if you have if you have your stone former mixed down like a Mason no if you if you’re just a a hyper oxalate absorber or a stone former get a lot of kidney stones basically as well yeah what is it um almonds yeah that’s right Oh number two cashews what about lug nuts this cannot be good for your kidney I agree with you dude stay away from the lug nuts I want to give another tip guys said because what happens when you eat these nuts you have these oxalates that can absorb through the intestine and go into your blood and end up in the kidney okay and and I’m not talking for everyone I’m talking for those people that are pre kind of their stone formers they have a history of problems so this is what you could do if you add some cheese like like goats cheese or sheep cheese because I’ll talk about that a little bit – why – you’re nuts what will happen that calcium will bind with the ox –let’s and it will no longer be absorbed so you can have spinach well spinach would be that one of the highest vegetables b1 yes bitch cheese spinach don’t cheese right cuz spinach has a very high amount of ox lights as well and so do beet leaves these are really high unfortunately you know rhubarb I’m sorry you can’t do the rhubarb anymore hi my salad does it change no it doesn’t cook it no but if you ferment it you lower lower it you lower the lectins no we’re talking about ox lives I mean ox lips yeah you lower the Ox lips if you ferment it yeah fermented vegetables are really good for you so ox let’s so we’re gonna be talking a lot more of that in future videos because it’s a hot topic right now Karen it’s a hot pocket right now hot topic yeah okay guys so I have some additional interesting information as we talk about this more and I just wanted to mention one little thing I forgot to mention this in the docs let’s okay yeah and there’s a good question here I want to add on about that okay dark chocolate unfortunately sign Docs let’s so if you’re gonna do chocolate you better take some cheese now you can do you can do calcium citrate how about Cheesecake Kido chocolate cheesecake yeah now you’re talking that that makes sense okay good I didn’t think about that well what about someone asked what about almond milk um I don’t know about almond milk but unfortunately I think if it it’s from an almond yes unless you do imitation almond almond no no not gonna do that these are some good questions they are everybody’s got good questions today Sabrina you’re from Indiana you had a question about LDL go ahead yeah yeah sure taking my call um I’m in Quito and I f for 18 months I’m off my blood pressure thyroid triglyceride and acid reflux med and I lost 45 pounds Wow hey I feel great according to Tom neuroticism Michael anything to do with Aikido right sorry that’s right my blood work is all good except for my LDL that went up from when I started it was 70 and now it’s 151 mm-hm my triglycerides are 103 my HDL is 52 the cholesterol is 224 so I went and had NMR lipid profiles yeah yep I’m not real happy with it and I don’t know what to do they’re both high the LDL P and the LDL see and I’m just wondering what to do to reverse it I’m kind of discouraged and the more I read about lowering it the more confused I get yeah my LP my LP IR score is 74 everything on there is just about either above high normal or below low normal low low yeah okay so let’s just talk about that this I’m gonna try to make this a quick answer because it is a confusing topic at our cicchitto summit which I hope you can show up I have two cardiologists that are coming and I’m going to be talking about LDL and cholesterol it’s going to be fascinating these are guys that really they they’re they’re in it hardcore dr. nadir okay which you should look up dr. nadir cardiologist look up some of it on his some of his videos because he talks about LDL extensively and he’s a really good person to you know learn from also dr. Brett shear is coming in he’s from with the San Diego but he also does consulting you may want to just consult a cardiologist I mean that would be hot and you can get more data from these guys since they’re on the medical side you’re gonna find that the LDL for certain people called hyper responders it does go up but it’s not as bad as you think there’s some additional data but it is confusing because of their throwing out all these huge words and I don’t want to give you in those words I just want to tell you some of the purposes of LDL it’s a boat that’s carrying cholesterol and other things to help heal the tissues to help repair the tissues it’s not just to you know clog up your arteries so especially if you’re getting all these other good indicators and all these other good benefits and then you have this one LDL for right now I’m just going to say watch both those cardiologists there videos and get the data and come to the summit and then I will put out some more videos on this just to kind of clarify but it’s kind of a longer answer that we can’t get to but thanks for your call all right Karen are we ready for another question I mean it from you know from from you yes all right good so here’s another question about lipedema aka saddlebags on the legs okay any suggestions to reduce the development of that well first I will talk about that – yeah first of all um yeah saddlebags you’d be surprised that it’s um it’s not just all fat there is a lot of atrophy going on to muscle especially if you’re getting close to 40 50 years old because when you go through menopause you get all of atrophy where the muscles start losing tone and it just all falls apart and it happens to sag on the outside so essential consistent exercise with good recovery low carb high fat moderate protein essential intermittent fasting essential but I think what a lot of people think when they start off is I’m just doing a diet it’s not coming off I’m living losing the top part but not the bottom part well you’re going to have to do exercise for a period of time if you have atrophy which most women do over the age of 48 you’re gonna have to realize that it’s gonna take some time to rebuild those muscles and handle that situation and I would again like I mentioned before have a goal of like three years mhmmm not three months it’s not gonna happen our bodies take it takes time takes time you figure the amount of years that the body I mean you know kids grow and you see bodies growing and at a certain point it may be in their 20s or yeah probably late 20s you know the body really begins to decline it’s no longer growing its beginning in a way and you really have to work it’s all about the decay right was dying well you know it’s happening anyway I hate to say it but the body is aging right what does that mean it’s aging and and you have to just work that much harder I can say from people I know people I know I mean you especially women right your mom working and there’s all these other things that are more important and you’re not exercising or building your body on a daily basis so diet is just one part of it and it can take years to really reshape but it definitely happens it definitely can happen with regular exercise and yeah and it does take years that’s times the I guess the motto is age gracefully I don’t even know what that means gracefully like I think aging gracefully is more of a state of mind than it is a physical object I always just I didn’t know what that meant right after the next question we’re gonna talk about autoimmune stuff so you don’t want to check out you want to stay on this channel Karen we’re gonna go to Pam okay I’m gonna find questions okay Pam are you there so so far you’ve been batting a thousand with me on my problems so real quickly I am 55 years old I am on thyroid meds I’m on keto and intermittent fasting with a 4-hour eating window window but I was on emulsified damn and Sam femm II I felt great but I switched to your estrogen balance and I’m taking 3 on an empty stomach in the morning but I’m still getting cold and then I get very warm so what can I add to that to help that so what you need is a complete vitamin E complex especially if you’re kind of in that menopause and there’s some hints of night sweats or hot flashes whatever in temperature issues really you want to support the pituitary and hypothalamus with vitamin E I would get something with tocotrienols and tocopherols not just to cough you want the natural complex that’s what I’d recommend okay and then now we’re gonna talk about the autoimmune ok so Karen yeah I need your full attention here so so autoimmune this is a situation normally your immune system should have the ability to differentiate what I mean by that is you have this army this police force that shouldn’t be attacking its own self right so its ability to differentiate between your own tissue and a foreign entity that’s a pathogen of virus okay or even a food that’s bad for you so with autoimmune your body loses the tolerance for that it can no longer differentiate so it ends up attacking itself so you would basically have this situation in your bodies making these immune things that are against itself antibodies against self and that creates a state of inflammation and then that keeps you from healing and you have a lot of different autoimmune conditions to almost every tissue in receptor and hormone and that you can possibly imagine through the body so doesn’t sound good no so there’s a kind of a fairly new but not really since I guess the 70s kind of theories on what causes this and I want to talk about that’s called molecular mimicry certain viruses and bacteria and even plants as part of their survival mechanism have developed ways to look like our own tissues so they can blend in and hide and be camouflaged and not get attacked they’re trying to write under the radar so if you look at the like just the series of like proteins for like maybe a virus versus the thyroid tissue they might have a section that’s almost identical so what happens now your immune system has to Nell would be really smart to identify like which is which so it’s not it’s not as simple as like oh yeah well just you know do this to do that is when you have stress when have a weakened system because you have vitamin deficiencies or you have you get older it it predisposes you to makes me more susceptible to getting on an immune because you have things that can speed up the process for example and under some want to bring up lectins in different foods these are proteins that are like little little things that irritate and cause damage to our lining in our gut your gut is about if we just take someone’s intestine and lay it out on a table it’s about the size of a tennis court but it’s not oneself thick so Wow as soon as you break through that you get leaky gut now you’re right in the immune system you’re in a lymphatic system and your immune system is like I attack so when you start breaking the holes through there and certain proteins get through there this is where you have a situation in your body starts attacking the wrong thing because it’s similar and it starts developing autoimmune to certain tissues and now you’re like in this situation and by the way as a side note if you get pregnant those mechanisms turn off autoimmune turn off which is interesting interesting yeah so anyway so the solution is the solution is to if we have an autoimmune problem what you want to do is you want to try this experiment okay just lower your your the foods that are high in lectins and see if you don’t improve okay because it takes a layer of stress off the immune system and I want to just rattle off and I’ll do a video on this as well it’s actually already done I just need to release it but I’m gonna rattle off some foods that are high in lectins so you can avoid them okay and you do your own research but I think it’s a really good helpful tip to help people that have autoimmune actually one out of every 13 people have an autoimmune condition hmm yeah okay so these are and I’m not going to get into the unhealthy foods because you guys are already on keto and you’re eating healthy talked about the ones that are so-called healthy vegetables and things like that of course the top of list wheat germ is actually very very high in lectins wheat germ gluten but we trip who would ever think right corn is very high peanuts cashews soy but these are the ones that are you may not realize Pease sugar snap peas legumes green beans chickpeas like in hummus love green beans soy which we know about soy beans lentil in sunflower seeds chia peanuts cashews potato so I have a question have they always been high in lectins or is it yeah they have always been high but when you’re younger like you can your basically your system is strong enough to deal with these lectins it’s impossible to have a hundred percent free lectin free diet we’re just trying to decrease them right now because we’re certain people there’s have damage and they’re susceptible to if they’re like they have a weakened system it can really aggravate autoimmune conditions especially like RA and Hashimoto’s and things like that with arthritis okay then we have cucumber especially the seeds of the cucumber anything with seed is like a problem zucchini pumpkin there goes the pumpkin pie eggplant now these are the nightshades eggplant tomato bell pepper and you have chili pepper so if you were just to avoid these guys you know mommy I know but here’s the thing it may give you the relief that you need to actually get through this because there’s other other vegetables that are low and I will give that list out in fact I’m gonna get a one page on this I’m not done with the list I’ve white oats well if you’re on keto you’re not even doing this oats wheat quinoa rice corn popcorn which is the corn right peanut oil cottonseed oil which is in so many things sunflower oil and canola so basically they are eating what well here’s the thing meat yeah that’s this is why when you in a minute fasting one of the benefits you just eliminate boom a lot of these triggers and boom you start feeling better and I’m not saying this for everyone i’m just saying for those people that have all don’t mean you should try to eliminate these and just see if you feel better right now I’m not telling it’s gonna happen but I’m just the messenger suggesting something that you may want to try and if your autoimmune disease goes in remission don’t mention my name here we don’t my name never cure anything I can get in trouble if I care anything so I stay away from the key thing I’m just trying to hello it’s illegal to cure things in the state of Virginia it’s illegal to cure things in most places now I was gonna say something it was so incredibly profound and important that everyone was just gonna go home oh and I completely forgot was gonna say okay but here’s a question my liver and spleen is enlarged and I did keto for two months and I got pain in my upper left side of my abdomen doctor suggested it’s too much fat please suggest how to continue keto because I feel good other than that well the spleen is on the upper left-hand corner so I don’t know what’s reading I think you know just sent an experiment just try to get your fats down to like 75 grams like just lower and see if that doesn’t handle it the only thing that I’m thinking of is let’s it’s possible that maybe your pancreas is overworking it doesn’t have the enzymes to break down the fat possibly but you know I will say that you know when you do keto and people start doing a lot more butter and oil certain people just they’re not haven’t adapted that yet so they can’t pump out enough bile and an enzyme to break it down so there’s a point of your limitation you just can’t do unlimited fat I need to go to David David’s been patiently waiting Dave are you there yeah again great welcome hey so I yeah I think you I just need to talk to you I’m at an assisted living facility and then you know they’re kind of thinking about how to managing food but he can only do what they’re told told what to do government wise or what they can do anyways for my I have been on keto and I kind of got all through it a little bit for this week and I want to get down I need to get back on but the thing is I’ve been plateau for six weeks now and the only thing I could have food why neither ask you have got patty cheese or a salad and that and sometimes they can offer protein without carb and that’s the only thing I can manage so I was wondering what I could do to get back into ketosis and what I could do include wise about don’t being on a ketogenic diet okay I think the easiest way to do this and if you were a member of the membership side I have I have a new updated video that I put up there called keto on steroids updated you can go to that and that will totally solve that problem but in the meantime if you don’t if you’re not a member subsided do have a an older version which is not as great but it’s good but it’s called keto and steroids research that video and I basically show you some strategies to speed things up if your plateaued ok key though on steroids look it up thanks Dave hey Susan you’re from Oregon you had a question go ahead good morning dr. Bergin Karen but I want to thank you so much for making this Collins show available to us this is not my third call I am 61 I’ve been doing keto and intermittent fasting for 20 months oh man I had some days and my I’ve got two questions there is a hard mass or a lump or something at the base of my index finger and also at the first joint as my index finger I wondered what to do about that and also as I lost weight with keto shall we say I’ve unearthed some wrinkles that were there it was like oh no wrinkles what can we do about the wrinkles and the the lumps on my hands okay so the lumps on the hand I think that potentially could be trigger finger type things we have these adhesions that build up and the only thing I found on that was it is that related to insulin resistance as far as therapy I have not found anything that gets rid of them honestly if they’re painful you can press on the opposite hand exactly the mirror image and press a massage that will help but you know you may need to go to go to someone who specializes in that and see if they can’t take out that scar tissue but there’s this little bundle of scar tissue that grows around the tendons on the hand that’s what it sounds like and it’s I’ve seen it a lot I just have not found a solution to get rid of it okay the next question is wrinkles oh if you’re doing a healthy Kido and and you start you know losing weight there’s a couple things that you can do okay number one just make sure you doing the healthy version of keto which is very very important because that’s gonna you don’t want to do what’s called dirty keto and do low-quality foods the other things I would increase a little bit more salt in the diet too because you do lose salt and there could be a like almost like a dehydration type effect the last thing I would recommend is to work the area of your body as far as the muscles go with exercise vigorous exercise walking to get more circulation that’s really what I would do for the collagen effect and there’s gonna be more tips coming soon but that’s all I have for you right now Susan because we got a run thank you so much for your call and we wanted to say guys thanks for watching excited to we’re excited to finally meet you at the summit because you all it’s a mandatory meeting at the summit mandatory meeting roll call we’ll look her yeah we’re gonna be sharp on Saturday morning and I dropped the the fee so now everyone can come so normal a few it was like 500 now it’s down to 300 so we picked the Z weekend of the year that had the cheapest room rates yep so and you already have a day off it’s Labor Day weekend most people already have a day off yeah we got some awesome make a whole weekend of it it’s a gorgeous by the time of year in DC and and we can’t wait to meet you yeah all right guys on that note have a great weekend we’ll see you next time [Music]

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