Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Keto

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[Music] this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation’s capital it’s time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hey guys welcome back it’s Friday morning we have Karen in the house gonna be helping us out with social media yeah so listen we’re gonna jump right into the calls and by the way if anything that we say is not to diagnose you or replace your medical care so it’s just for your own research so do your own research check with your doctor and enough said let’s go right to the Latricia I think it’s latisha from Washington DC she’s been holding for quite a bit go ahead Letitia you’re on the line good morning dr. Berg I want you today thank good great good good good I wanted to first of all thank you for the work that you do and the information that you put out for everyone and it has definitely been a life-changing experience for me I want to specifically talk about a video that you put out at the end of December about salicylate sensitivity and how it relates to eczema about a year or so ago I’ve had eczema for a very long time but about a year or so ago it got just horribly worse all over my arms I mean to the point where I couldn’t wear long sleeves in the summer it’s really really bad and then I just couldn’t figure out what was going on I tried everything wasn’t working and I stumbled on your video that talked about if your eczema seems to be getting worse oh it’s not getting any better it could be a salicylate intolerance so I started to do a little bit of research changed my diet changed my lotion change my soaps changed everything and my skin has cleared up 100% oh yeah even to the point where I’ve been to my primary physician they sent me to allergist dermatologists nobody could really figure out or even believe me when I said that these are the things that I did I haven’t taken any medication no topical creams I just eliminated these things from my diet and you know my lifestyle and it just cleared up and everybody was just absolutely but and as you know the salicylate this there they kind of show up in everything most vegetables all fruits so I pretty much eliminated that but the reason why I’m calling today is because I’m a little concerned about you know just staying healthy and was wondering what would you recommend as far as say supplements or things like that that I could possibly take to to stay healthy innocent no I have a question sure are you doing keto and intermittent fasting actually not keto because to be honest with you I’m I don’t know if I understand it fully but I have started the intermittent fasting where I I don’t eat after a certain time at night and I go all the way through and my first meal is normally not until lunchtime ok good so let me give you some tips ok ok so here’s the thing you had this skin problem you made some changes and some of you are watching probably curious about that you can I have a whole video on that so I won’t cover that but you had a lot of skin issues are inflammatory issues and the best way to drop inflammation you’re already doing doing great things you tweaked your diet and then now you’re doing it I’m in fasting which is one of the most powerful things to drop inflammation in the body and I’m talking about the skin dermatitis anything with itis can be improved so that’s great what the keto I don’t do like traditional just mainstream keto I do what’s called healthy ketosis let me explain the difference that’s basically Kido Kido with making sure you’re getting all your nutrients so when you say well what do I need to take get healthy well just from the food standpoint if you didn’t go to my website and just I have a little button at the top says keto and I actually tell you what you can eat right there you can actually go through that to get a better understanding to just to provide all your basic nutrients so that way you’re not consuming things that give you nutritional deficient especially for those people that have insulin resistance which is like the majority of the population they’re going into this with nutritional deficiencies and then if they don’t enhance their diet with especially nutritional yeast that’s a real key thing and potassium from the vegetables and other sources you’re gonna have key to flu key to fatigue key to rash and so if you study some of those pages that I have on this and even do the mini course I have on the site I basically show you how to get all the nutrients from the food that you’re eating and that would be healthy keto which is low carb but we’re not counting vegetables moderate protein and a little higher fat okay all right thanks for your call I appreciate that let’s go to Deb Deborah from Connecticut you had a question about chronic blushing correct didn’t recommended that I it’s been recommended that I get my g2 nerve cut to help with the blushing like your thoracic your second vertebra the nerve root the nerve yes and they said that it’s usually done for sweating but they said it’s also done from the blushing I just really don’t think that’s a good idea but I have tried the massage tool I’ve tried the adrenal support the advanced support and I just I do in a minute fasting I mean should I just go ahead and consider it strongly or well here’s a quote do you need more time you’re doing Kido right now – yes okay and what what frequency intermittent fasting are you doing ie alone noon and then again around 5:00 okay so here’s the thing with blushing that is a problem of the autonomic nervous system the sympathetic nervous system and it the sympathetic nervous system happens to be located in your back and the thoracic spine and then yeah honestly for someone to actually cut those nerves it’s a little bit drastic to cut those nerves because there are other things you can do so there is a video that you can watch I think it’s called weird symptoms if you just type of dr. Bergin weird symptoms it’s all the symptoms of the autonomic nervous system which is a dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system that’s the area that you need to focus on you did the massage tool that’s great I would push it to intermittent fasting too once a day that’s that would do and then the other thing that I would do is there’s a product called adrenal fatigue formula it’s advanced formula I would take that one and then I would do walking things like that and then just give it a little more time because um that solution probably is from my viewpoint only as a last resort but I think there’s things you can do and and then let us know like let’s say in three weeks how you’re doing and then I will create a video if you if you want some advanced techniques but I think these changes should greatly improve it all we’re looking for is an improvement and then we know that you’re on the right track alright thanks Deborah all right Karen we’re gonna go right to you okay good good alright well first I’ll do the shout out so far this morning just from YouTube we have New York Australia Ohio Ireland Oregon Boston California the UK and a lot more I didn’t get to so the first question here is from Samantha on YouTube and she says can you tell me some sources of omega-3 yes I can good I can’t so I just did a video on like likely sources of omega-3 like in sardines and canned tuna well in the pasteurization process where they heat it and then they put in a can they seal it and then they actually heat it again something called tort sterilization or something like that I’ll get the exact name but you’re gonna heat it with high heats for like two to four hours after that so the the problem is omega-3 fatty acids are very delicate to temperature and oxygen so you want to get it from either a really high source of fish oil like I like the virgin cod liver oil or just fish in general and you can actually cook the fish that you’ll still get omega-3 all the grass-fed dairy and meat have omega-3 fatty acids you can get omega-3 also from flax oil so that’s pretty much where you get it a lot of the fishes salmon will have it it’s in the fat so that’s what I’m gonna recommend okay good you like that answer I love it okay good good do you have any other questions yeah I’m gonna give you a couple questions okay great all right so here’s a question no-name how long before I see results of weight loss after I start keto well here’s the thing good question like I put someone on keto last week and they lost 5 pounds in the first day so then someone else might not lose any weight so it really depends on what’s happening to your metabolism and what if you’re also adding in a minute fasting in there which I recommend so and if you’re doing it hardcore then you’re gonna see more results but here’s what I would look look at as the way that you know it’s working not necessarily weight loss that’s kind of like a more of a later effect but the first thing you should notice is that your cravings will go away your hunger will lessen you’ll you’ll have less fluid retention so you will dump fluid right away those are some better indicators than weight loss but and then of course it’s gonna be late loss especially in your midsection so you’re gonna notice your waist waist are shrinking right Steve so yeah so you’ll start noticing especially if you’re a guy you’re gonna notice that in your stomach pretty fast but for women it might be energy so yeah okay that’s what how you gonna know okay good great do I get one more you get one more awesome okay so Jen on YouTube is asking does the green shake the kale shake break your intermittent fasting also address vitamins ok so there’s a thing called a kale shake you’re blending it with water of course if you’re adding barriers in there well that’s going to be a little bit more sugar so but if you put like flavored stevia or let’s say the electrolyte powder or the wheatgrass lemon-flavored I mean that’s going to be a a mild insulin spike very very small amount but because you have to realize anything that you eat will stimulate insulin but I’m not talking about chewing gum or vitamins or teas or liquids I’m talking about an actual cake it’s going to spike a little bit is it significant no it’s gonna bump here to keep toast just maybe a small amount but it will increase insulin a little bit ok and then she asked about nutrition right well just the idea of you know if they take supplements that question comes up all the time to the kale shake a green drink and supplements if I take my supplements in the morning yeah you know does that bump me out of ketosis here’s the thing yeah I have this video out many times and now well you all the supplements will not now there are certain supplements like that have sugar in them well that would be a problem but no it’s not going to bump you out unless your supplement is insulin which is a drug which it will bump you out of ketosis and hey by the way guys if you want if you’re in your car or you want to listen to us on the radio you can download the app called ok also anchor you can find our shows on those those apps and other apps as well alright so we are going to go right to Katrina from Myrtle Beach South Carolina they’ll head you to question hello good morning I want at least one or two of your videos every day yes I’m not 44 year old woman and I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix my severe food intolerances I have digestive issues bahding and bloating insomnia and I already gave up any gluten legumes nuts root through raw vegetables sugar and this is four years ago and this last week just gave up my beloved morning coffee cuz I heard it’s bad for the gut as well so in January watching your videos I began intermittent fasting and got up to where I was fasting 23 hours meeting one meal a day but I’m really underweight and ended up losing even more weight so I’m you know in his mouth I stopped that went back to 18 hours fasting a day and two kilo meals within a six-hour window so I break my fast with bone broth and wheatgrass powder the only food I’ve eaten though is homemade bone broth simmered with pasture-raised chicken broccoli and sprouted congee and my only H has been baked pumpkin with Himalayan salt and Kerrygold butter or sprouted congee cooked with cinnamon and homemade coconut milk and stevia I did have a call with you a while ago and you suggested I take grapefruit seed extract so I started that with the electrolytes you suggested wheatgrass unfortified you should nutritional yeast and also try to add apple cider vinegar sauerkraut you know that you suggested in your videos but I’ve had loose stools for two weeks the severe food intolerance has continued so I’m at a point of total desperation and continual bloating try go to sleep wait go to sleep belching wake up belching and I watched all your videos I can find on the gut I just really would appreciate your counsel um I do now like when is the best time to take the grapefruit seed extract can I actually survive with the so few vegetables and rrb any food except for wheatgrass powder drive leaky gut do I continue giving up almost all food including my beloved morning coffee right I would really appreciate your counsel okay so a lot of data but let me just kind of only give you like the most important tips okay you know you have this whole digestive system have the stomach you have the small intestine you have the large intestine you have the gallbladder you have the pancreas now you said you have a digestive problem is it have you ever had ulcers in your stomach not that I know of I’ve been told at SIBO and leaky gut possibly but not really a diagnosed have you ever had your stomach scoped to look for some inflammation or anything like that no okay I’m just gonna put you in pause right there so we don’t hear the background and the the challenge that you’re running into is we sort of know we we have a digestive issue but we don’t know exactly what it is and we got people that’ll give you opinions so that’s kind of what you’re you’re trying to add stuff in there and a lot of things and you have food sensitivities etc it would be helpful to find out what is going on now as much if it’s a pain in the butt if this is such a chronic problem it probably wouldn’t hurt to get a scope to find out what’s going on with your intestines they can go in there and see if there’s some inflammation still scar tissue of your lining of your colon I would imagine there’s probably damage and somewhere in the digestive tract we just have to find out where it is and then once we know we can really go to town and know what to do but in the meantime the problem with you is that we you have sensitivities so one way to knock out allergies is to drop your pH and make you more acidic the problem is if we dump too much acid it might irritate if you have inflammation so we’re kind of stuck between rock and a hard place so you may want to increase more but betaine how to chloride and also upset a vinegar to see if we can get you more acidic to actually help food allergies in general that will help you the other thing that you can try is to you have a lot of different foods right so only eat like a few foods that one me he’ll to isolate what you’re reacting to that’s creating the diarrhea or the loose stools and then you can go Wow okay through process of elimination I can eliminate this lemonade this because you’re trying everything you don’t know what really what’s going to work I like the idea of in a minute fasting with you but you may just have to increase more fat to prevent the weight loss like coconut oil seems to be a safe one so maybe you go up with that if you can tolerate them okay thanks for your call I appreciate that so Karen we are gonna go to the first question okay for our viewers we have three questions here so I wanted to find out see if you guys there can answer this question since it relates to this person who just called good what part of the digestive system everyone is responsible for 90% of the absorption of all your nutrients okay good one all right so let’s see you guys if you can answer that as we go to our next call it’s been holding for over an hour from Clearwater summer you had a question go ahead you’re on the line hi good yes and I also appreciate you to your cooking advice has been very beneficial to me and my family so basically what’s going on with me I’ll give you a brief history I was two years old that’s when my parents divorced and I started getting ear infections and I was started on rounds of antibiotics just repeatedly it just went over and over and over again throughout my young childhood then I started getting strep throat and also you know more antibiotics then I had mono two times you still hear me yep okay good so then I had mono two times the first time I felt like it was no big deal the second time I felt like I was gonna die my mom would come home from work and I’d be asleep in the hallway on my way to the bathroom calling dad Alma um so then I had Candida and obviously that’s from the antibiotic but I’d never overweight I still was active I lived and breathed volleyball um anyway I then I I had my first baby when I was thirty years old she was giant she was almost ten pounds but it was a very healthy pregnancy she was all natural childbirth beautiful and it went pretty smoothly and then when I was 32 my little brother lost his life in a motorcycle accident quite suddenly and six days after that I found out I was pregnant yeah so that pregnancy went it was more uncomfortable than the first one but I was still it was still healthy like all the test results and everything were healthy it was healthy but the birth of him he ended up being a c-section it was because the cord was wrapped around his neck a couple of times and he wasn’t able to defend and then make my cervix to face so presently what what is the big symptom you’re having now presently right now okay so I want to give you two so I have a question you do you have this this little tool right here that massage tool yeah okay have you used it on the top part of your neck like right at the back part Hey is it maybe today Oh does it make you feel better okay good so let me just give you a couple really important tips okay mono Lauren is a natural remedy from coconut oil that’s really good to help keep virus is back on remission very important because you have mono twice and these viruses tend to come out and they can you actually even affect the thyroid but this little tool and I have a video on this for several things you’d put this in the back of the neck in it might seem like it would it be non sequitur but when you’re actually pressing on the back parts you’re actually kind of freeing up a lot of old tension that relates to the tonsils that’s kind of where mono of infects also if you go all the way down to the bottom part you will kind of improve circulation to the thyroid gland and then you have sore throats which would be the mid pack mid part of the neck so you would do all those points but it’s going to be sore in fact it’s gonna if you have a sore throat it’s gonna be twice as tender on the back part so you go lightly but hold this over a long period of time like five minutes in your neck in different places that’s gonna give you tremendous tremendous tremendous relief it’ll speed speed up the body’s healing process and I’ll find that just the I find that the function of the different parts of the endocrine system start to come up but that’s what I would recommend right now selenium is another really key mineral for Hashimoto’s but I think the best thing to is to watch my video on viruses I have several and that will kind of give you some tips and I’m sorry to kind of cut you off because we just have so many callers right now and I you just have a lot of important information but I just have to kind of balance out all the different questions thank you summer I appreciate your question all right now we’re gonna go to Karen okay good Karen do you have a question I do okay now Daniela on Facebook said something about hearing that coconut was not Kido is coconut milk Kido and you have coconut oil’s can you talk a bit about coconut yeah you can do coconut but coconut yeah but you don’t want to do the coconut water you can do coconut oil you could coconut milk but not the coconut water why because it’s like 30 grams of sugar in there it’s like all the concentrated sugar that’s where avoid so even right from the coconut now if you eat a coconut raw you have all that fiber in there it’s gonna buffer that insulin spike but there’s coconut water in the coconut what if your oh I see yeah well that’s kind of a concentrated sugar thing so I mean in a pinch if you want some super hydration but just realize it’s gonna knock you out of ketosis okay yeah high in sugar okay and then the coconut milk would have to be unsweetened that is correct that is a good point yeah see ya thinking you’re thinking in that one you’re listening okay now Sadia brought up a really interesting point which is Ramadan if you’re Muslim yeah they fast for 16 hours a day mm-hmm so how the question actually was with you know how could I do Ramadan and have that aid in my weight loss so the answer is just doing keto and intermittent fasting right well it is a type of fasting so you actually are going to lose weight on that now we have we’ve had friends and staff members and things that are doing the fasting but they don’t do very well during that long 16 hour fast so what advice would you have for somebody doing that well that’s because our staff might need to learn how to do keto burn but now the the point is I’m just being sarcastic but the if you if you’re gonna lose weight beyond that if you do the rut of the meal so yeah we talked about intermittent fasting but like what are you eating when you’re eating are you just going hog-wild and just eating whatever no you have to do the keyed out like a healthy type thing so and you’re gonna lose weight so but if you have problems you know follow the protocols exactly how I recommend with the nutrition and so you don’t have any side effects yeah okay good okay good so hey listen guys if there’s a really cool mini course that I’m doing it’s called it in a minute it’s called insulin resistance mini course and there’s a link down below take the course because insulin resistance is the main problem that you have or at most people have and it’s be important to know about it because it’s kind of like the source of the problem so definitely check it out all right so now we’re gonna go to Dennis he’s been waiting for about an hour and then we and then we have to do the answer to the question yeah after this one okay yeah okay Dennis you’re on the line you’re from North Carolina Thank You dr. Berg for taking my call I appreciate the work that you do I am was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about six months ago and I declined to follow the script that my neurologist described which is Carla levo and it’s not widely known but that particular medication after about five years as a 50% rate of people acquiring d kinesia dyskinesia Wow from a bad side effect of the medication so I’m not really asking about the medication but anyhow what I’d like to do is find a natural food source that provides the the l-dopa but I’m concerned that you know it probably is going to be less effective than the medications but will it cause dyskinesia just like levodopa medication karpadito leave oh okay great questions so there’s there’s more things that you need to do you ready for this are you sitting down are you okay good there is a natural remedy that you should research for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s but me about Parkinson’s – and that’s just mind-blowing and it has no side effects and it’s called benfotiamine it’s a fat-soluble B vitamin you can get it from the health food store or online but benfotiamine is wonderful for neuro regeneration and protecting the neurons from damage of aging from different blood sugar issues it’s like a really important nutrient for repairing brain tissue the other key one is niacinamide which is the kind of a type of b3 which also cannot also help increase dopamine so but don’t really just look at trying to increase dopamine look at helping your body slow down the aging process slow down the damage that’s happening the degeneration in the brain by and focus on that in a minute fasting is going to be vital because that’s going to actually support neurogenesis which is the rebuilding of your brain you can regrow it and you a new brain and ketosis how the ketosis we we have a friend David who’s been doing this rot Ulis Iraq I mean this guy had Parkinson’s I’m like I looked at him like is that you in just a few weeks yeah his face I mean he was like he went from an old man to like he looks virtually normal now David if you’re watching so sorry about the virtually normal I mean it’s just it’s remarkable so he looks so much more and and he said to me it was just a couple of weeks and and I said oh my gosh you look so different you look so great would you trim your beard what are you doing and he said no I’m doing keto and intermittent fasting I said wow what are you what are you finding what are you feeling and he said tons of symptoms either dramatically lessened or gone completely these are his words it’s mind-blowing so so definitely do that standard thing and then also add in there that benfotiamine which actually reduces and prevents the plaquing in the brain so I mean just type type been throat to me and then Parkinson’s and start doing your research you’re gonna be like shocked that this is not effects no side effects and great benefits okay so that was the tip the tip of the day there yeah and niya said of mine also is good too thanks Dennis appreciate that alright Karen what kind of answers are we getting here well a couple of different answers but most of them said small intestine small intestine well do I have a drumroll you are correct sir it is the small intestine yeah so they get the prize the big prize yeah yeah it’s a small intestine that’s where 90% of everything happens all the digestion but you have you have a couple things going on you have the release of the enzymes from the pancreas you got the file coming from the gallbladder you have all the the microbes in there releasing enzymes to help you digest a lot lots happening in your colon Karen lots happening down there yep like 33 feet of this tube that’s in there so I got a lot of action going on you got a lot of action going on down in your colon guy now it looks like I’m just sitting here but your digestion I’m cleaning my oven yes and the other thing is within a minute fasting it’s like a great healing for the small intestine because it takes the stress off yeah so hey listen we got a lot of calls coming in I need to get to Kevin Kevin’s been waiting for about an hour Saint Paul Minnesota the the state where you have 10,000 mosquitoes go ahead Kevin hey dr. bud so I’m in my car thank you for taking my call I appreciate all the work you do it’s hard to say I’ve lost about 20 pounds on keto can you guys hear me okay yeah I can hear you perfect okay so my question to you guys is I am pretty I’m I babble in breakdancing so that’s pretty much my passion and so how I would compare it to like an hour-long high-intensity interval training yeah and so yeah my question is what what kind of foods would you guys recommend for the best performance because I compete in there as well so let’s say before game day or competition day what would you suggest okay good good question you definitely want to do watch the videos on ketosis in a minute fasting you probably already watching him but here’s the thing if you’re performing and you’re really fully adapted you don’t necessarily want to eat right before you perform because you’re gonna spike the sugar and you kind of could run out of that sugar it’d be best to depending though if it’s an hour-long performance you just want to make sure that you’re let’s say it’s in the afternoon right and your first meal is that 12 or something like that it might be better on those days to eat a little bit earlier so then you have a full digestion of all those nutrients and so you’re not like in the middle of your body trying to digest different food that’s why it’s probably not good just to kind of eat right before you go on but the top foods that I would eat for endurance performance would be high quality eggs eggs will give you tremendous amount of nutrients and good protein and a lot of other things I would also probably stick in there a kale shake okay these are things that I wish I would have done before a wrestling match but of course I starved myself and then it had submarine sandwich right before I went out it’s like terrible so here’s you kale do eggs maybe a little bit of like a grass-fed high fat burger and maybe some pecans I think that would be a really good meal for you and maybe a little bit of avocado that way you get all these high density and density nutrients and it goes in there and bam I would also on the day that you perform I would do the electrolyte powder I have because you have all that potassium in there that will really give you the unfair advantage but now that I just revealed that now your competitors are going to be doing that too so that’s kind of your problem but thanks for your your attention Kevin watching the videos and I hope hope that helped okay let us know all right so Karen what kind of questions are we getting in social media right now yeah good we get any good questions we are now I have I saw someone gives some advice here yeah someone wanted to have an out meal yeah and another person said hey if you’re worried about the sugars just have rolled use the rolled oats or use a certain kind of oat yeah right so so I mean here’s the thing with oatmeal it doesn’t have a lot of vitamins and minerals I mean it doesn’t have a lot of nutrition and it’s a grain so it will break down the sugar faster so the problem is when you look at carbs look at the sugars but also look at the source of carbs that affect the glycemic index like for example fruits have a high breakdown in the sugar grains break down the sugar really fast of course all the regular sugars will do that to starches potatoes turn into sugar fast rice turns into sugar fast vegetables do not so you want to avoid oatmeal because it’s not going to help you I’m sorry even if it’s the what the difference is the even if it’s without the instan if it’s the not is not the instance the slow cooked it’s still going to be an issue it’s not going to help you get into ketosis it’s kind of like eating cardboard I mean it’s just like it’s probably not gonna kill you it’s not gonna help you break my fast no but it’s fiber but the point is the piece there’s just a lot not a lot of nutrition in cardboard there’s a couple things in oatmeal that are so called heart healthy but honestly you can get those benefits from vegetables way more than oatmeal yeah okay good okay okay and listen guys we have this Kido quiz questions time for oh okay I’m trying to figure out what they’re trying to tell me here so we’re gonna actually give you another question Karen for our viewers good so here’s the question you ready for this yep okay when losing weight what is more important exercising or dieting the diet part or the exercise what is more important to do if you’re trying to lose weight okay okay so this should be an easy one for you guys right yeah it’s exercise you what don’t give it away let them answer ok so I want to go right on to let’s see I can see by time here we’re gonna go right to Derek Derek you’ve been holding I think I know Derek how you doing Derek hey dr. Burke how you doing how you doing Karen hey hi hey by the way I also wanted to wish you a happy birthday how did you know my birthday was coming up my birthday no no yeah mentioned it a few weeks back on the webinar Oh my birthday is March 31st birthday is really ok it’s early or late it’s ok Wow I just don’t want to have anyone pinch my birthday cuz I like 39 is just getting wait so what was your question um dr. Berg actually before I get to like my own thing I have a have Aikido i F hack that I think works works for a lot of people I put it in the Facebook group a lot of people in there tried it and they all had success with it and it has to do with snacking because that’s basically the number one problem that I see everyone having with the keto and if’ and the thing that I said to do was to basically cut your protein I mean bring it down to three ounces instead of six especially if you’re a liver body type anyway and to just take your snack right after basically your meal and this is going to this is going to basically curb your your snacking either altogether or it’s you know it’s gonna improve it a great deal love it and with time that this is really effective and especially on weekends I would recommend they do it with their second meal like if they’re doing if’ and they’re only doing two meals a day I recommended doing it on the second meal and on weekdays it would be their first meal you see that brings up a point Derek because you have so-called healthy snacks you know you have like the beef jerky of the protein snacks they have low carb but they’re not healthy if you’re doing them in between the meal because every time you eat you spike insulin so just push them to the meal problem solved boom we’re good because it’s way faster yeah good good – exactly awesome and and basically I know you have a lot of clothes I’m going to get right into it I when you recommended last week what I do for the acid reflux I was doing all of them I was doing everything you mentioned the benefit of mean you said do a high dose I was doing 400 milligrams a day so I just bumped it to 600 the wheatgrass the wheatgrass I do every day I put it in a big bottle and I just take it with me everywhere I go and you mentioned a few other things Oh [Music] probiotics I was doing that one thing I found out that kind of puts a grapple hold on that on that valve also it’s melatonin mm-hmm but for me my thing is how can I my esophagus has a regular zeal I’m basically 41 centimeters down and so basically that’s the changing of the tissue right the cardial cells mm-hmm and I’m trying to you know heal that because I’ve had a lot of you know acid exposure on my esophagus and I’m trying to figure out what is the best herbs that I could possibly you know right I’ll put you know that could heal my esophagus somehow okay cool let me let me give you another tip okay okay you might be already taking Sarah peptides but that’s an enzyme that helps remove unwanted scar tissue in the body but it won’t affect your own proteins so it’s an enzyme maybe by silk worms Sarah peptides that’s a really good thing to take but for those of you that are listening about the sinkhole benfotiamine I’m gonna give you a little gold nugget and a pearl gold nuggets and pearls do you want a gold nugget these are the best the dr. Bert gold nuggets in pearl this is like really really big guys okay so if you guys if you’ve checked out check back in right now because this is important benfotiamine is a is basically vitamin B 1 and B 1 is a usually it’s synthetic right so we want to do nutritional yeast for our B vitamins but the problem is when you have insulin resistance or you’re a diabetic or you already have the symptoms of b1 deficiencies which is peripheral neuropathy damage to the nervous system the complicate all the complications of diabetes really is the b1 deficiency yes it’s high sugar and high insulin but in order to get the side effects from the exposure of to your tissues from high insulin you would always you first have to have a low vitamin b1 because b1 protects the tissues against the damage of high sugar and high insulin so the point is that if you have enough b1 in your body you’ll your side effects will be minimal so for those people that have like one side effect that Derek had I think was a problem with the neurological part to the digestive system that was my thought anyway in the bowel was in closing so like it’s called diabetic it’s called diabetic autonomic some dysfunction Aude it a problem with your autonomic nervous system and what happens if you take b1 in the form of been folks me and you can actually really improve that so it’s it’s really interesting so we have this powerful effective remedy with virtually no symptoms that’s really good for even dementia degeneration of the brain Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s and neurological stuff with the nervous system protecting the kidney the endothelial wall cell of the artery you can actually minimize the damage from that and so how do you become deficient and be one take a wild guess Karen I wasn’t paying attention okay I was just I knew I was watching and so I wanted to put your spot hey Alicia world look at least you weren’t looking at me we’re talking looking at you and they’re like in this rather had then you ask a question like I’m sorry I wasn’t listening so be one take be one know what you’re different you you you create be one deficiencies mainly by consuming refined carbohydrates that was the next thing and white rice brown rice has the B vitamins so also alcohol will do it but high carbohydrate diet and obviously refined sugars will do it too but guess what Karen guess what another what else will deplete you would be one pop-tarts met or men Oh metformin okay metformin the thing that people are taking for diabetes now in a met form and I’ll so I’m gonna say it one more thing and I’ll shut up okay okay so metformin has a black box label warning which means it’s really severe some slight complications you know you could get something called lactic acidosis which has a minor complication of dying 50% of time if you get it but they say it’s rare but there is a possibility you know you can get the side effect from lactic acidosis which by the way Karen you can actually remember really listening we reverse that within 24 hours by taking b1 Wow which metformin depletes you I mean it’s like the whole thing’s like so if you’re a diabetic if you’re not taking b1 you’re you’re really losing out you need to take that especially in the form of nutritional yeast and then though to mean okay watch my videos on that okay now I’m gonna shut up alright so where are we at are we with you is there a question isn’t it time for another question well we could go to another question if it is what is the best okay what is the best food for ulcers and stomach inflammation like gastritis what is the absolute best food for ulcers and information your stomach okay don’t say it okay okay guys answer that as we go to the call with that let’s see what then you gotta come to me because that’s right we’re going to you after this after we take a call from Quebec Canada Francine is on the line go ahead Francine I know dr. Berg thank you for all your great great great great video I love it okay well my question is I went on a water fast because I wanted to go on ketosis huh and so after a few days of water fast I was on ketosis so I went on the keto diet and then maybe I went I ate too much fat good fat too fast because I must have entered my liver I don’t know I don’t have any pain but my stool got loose and yellow really yellow so that’s unusual for months I had the yellow stool and I have a history of wandering joint pain yields and knees and elbow wandering all over and I’ve had diarrhea for let’s let’s see 12 years because of stress and probably gluten intolerance my mother is celiac I’m not I was tested but I know gluten and dairy them don’t agree with me so that’s about it god thanks for your your question simple answer yellow stool which is not common but if you have it that is a bile deficiency so you need purify have bowel salts that’s what I would do if I were you because that’s going to help you break down the fats so if the stool is pale or a light colored like that and it can even create some serious cravings to carbs too but that is a simple bile deficiency go ahead and take some after the meal and see if it doesn’t clear it up okay all right Karen you want the answers I want the answers okay so we have a lot of people saying fermented food sauerkraut apple cider vinegar before you give the answer I want to I also want to contribute you okay see if I’m right yeah okay now go ahead okay cabbage this is my answer okay thanks for that answer it’s cabbage cabbage we know how I know that yeah because you live with me what the cabbage has vitamin you vitamin u yeah vitamin you how many people okay yeah how many people have ever heard of vitamin u well look it up no I’m just not thick I’m not making this up cam well you got about him in a and B and C and D and E ha does it go to Z I don’t know I don’t think so okay here vitamin H biotin but cabbage M has a factor as a couple different phytonutrients but it’s basically really good for peptic ulcers and inflammation in the stomach you can take in the form of sauerkraut but sometimes the coleslaw that you buy is loaded with sugar so if you’re doing coleslaw make it yourself but that will also be good it’s really just calms down that stomach so it highly recommend consuming more cabbage for that okay Karen yeah and by the way there’s a link down below for a course for insulin resistance check it out guys it’s a great little course I think that it can help you alright so what kind of questions do we have on the social media okay we have on Facebook I think it’s chastity is asking about her eight year old who is showing some signs of a supposed diagnosis I won’t mention but restlessness high energy difficulty focusing is are some of the symptoms of this diagnosis but she wants to know what could help her child good question mm-hmm very good question yeah all you’re describing a B vitamin deficiency very simple when when kids consume food it’s usually refined foods they’re gonna create beef the item efficiencies the B vitamins calm the nervous system down it’ll chill out the child like that so it’s a nutritional yeast I don’t know make some no sugar cookies with nutritional yeast in there to get it in his body but that’s what he needs put them on keto the only thing with kids though you don’t want to do too much of an intermittent fasting unless the child is obese so maybe just do three meals no snacks but put those snacks as a dessert make sure they’re keto bombs that’s what I would be doing but the B vitamins and of course also maybe the electrolyte powder – the potassium will help but that’ll calm down the nervous system all of us and their focus is better yeah so that’s another another really important topic I want to do more videos on that for with kids it’s such an easy problem to solve yeah yeah okay okay all right do we have another question yeah so what about pale skin and dry skin well that’s easy just go out in the Sun and you get a sunshine I knew you were gonna say that yeah well a pale skin could be advanced form of anemia because the person doesn’t have enough iron because maybe their stomach is not acid enough or they’re not consuming enough foods with iron and I’m not talking about like a vitamin I’m talking about like high quality meats and eggs and things like that so that’s how you get the iron don’t ever get you invited like a like a synthetic version of the iron or I mean I don’t want to get into that but it’s a lot of stuff is it’s not the right kind so that’s one thing but the other thing is pale and you said dry skin right that would be an essential fatty acid deficiency so if you were to have healthy oils or healthy fats like avocado and some coconut oil and flaxseed oil that should clear up any type of dryness like that if it doesn’t that means you need bile salts because the gall bladder needs some help okay I have a question to add on to that yeah so if I have a significant problem with dry skin or any of these other problems is the food going to make the correction or do I also need to take some kind of supplement well the food is going to [Music] is normally going to handle it no sometimes if it’s really bad like let’s say you have liver damage or a fatty liver cirrhosis of the liver then you need to enhance it with these other additional things like for example I have a history of bad liver because my diet wasn’t is the greatest growing up so so I have a really high quality cod liver oil so I’ll take that as an oil so just because I think the capacity of my liver isn’t a hundred percent okay yeah okay now I have a question Karen yeah I don’t think I ever answered question number two which was what is more important losing weight exercise your diet oh my gosh so what kind of answers are we getting from that can you find actually remember anybody answering that question did you guys answer that question yeah they did Karen can you dig deep into this yeah I’m digging deep well I’ll tell you what for time let’s have the drumroll and I’m gonna tell you guys right now and the answer is diet but exercise will only help you 15% 85% of the benefits of weight loss will be from your diet so if you have this idea I can eat what I want I’ll just go and exercise well you’re gonna have to be working out really hard to compensate for your diet because it’s a much more powerful of hormonal in trigger with different foods that you eat and also avoiding certain foods then it is exercise let’s say for example Karen you were consuming some your carbs a little too high right maybe you had some juice or I don’t know alcohol or whatever and then you’re working out well did you realize that you’re not going to burn fat for at least 48 hours so it doesn’t matter if you’re exercising or whatever it’s not gonna work because the hormones the dominating effect of your food will override the workout that you’re doing of trying to burn off calories hormonal II so should someone exercise yes but it’s only going to contribute 15% which is not that much but I highly recommend doing it it’s a it’s a new concept for people okay okay yeah alright good so I answered that question now I need to go to Carol she’s been waiting for a bit Houston Texas you had a question go ahead hi doctor very pleasure to speak I love your videos as well I can have a two-part question and I’ll try to make it quick sort of my histories died at most of my life and I’ve been overweight or obese for most of my adult life as well and so I spent for hypothyroidism as well as Hashimoto’s symptomatic of Hashimoto’s not all the time but I started the keto diet along with is I’ve been doing is a little before during Kido but I started in January I’ve had some relatively good success so to speak I have a lot of weight I need to lose but I’ve kind of stalled for the past two months I lost about 28 pounds and that’s trying to it do my intermittent fasting it ranges between 16 8 fastening or 24 ok so I’m not really a wish I should say that as well I don’t follow don’t weigh my food and I do look out for my carbs but I guess from that very very strict I’m going to run through some a series of questions very very fast so just answer me really fast ok ok hold are you I’m 48 ok you have any sleeping problems yes ok do you give me a quick thing what would you eat in a given meal I usually will have a salad for lunch if I eat I eat 1 to 2 mils I’ll have a salad or dinner it would be a protein let’s say pork chops baked pork chops and vegetables broccoli okay are you craving any triggers or carbs very infrequently I’m not really all that hungry very much I guess because of fasting not really okay are you are you finding you’re not huh not as hungry anymore you know Madeleine graze it as it was okay as your waist is your waist shrinking even though you’re not losing weight I use your weight waist getting smaller it is okay so here’s what’s happening Carol I think what’s happening is your your body is you’re preserving more muscle protein is growing it’s a little heavier and so that will offset the weight loss but so you’ll be shrinking but the weight loss will be may be slower so I think it’s working I think we could speed it up though I think you need to fix this I’m gonna recommend my sleep a take one before bed that should put you right into a wonderful sleep if in the combination of the massage tool on the neck points and your adrenals I think that will help your sleep you’d be surprised by getting a good night rest how much more weight you can lose and speed things up so that’s the tips of the tips of the day for you okay Carol thanks for your call all right and just for those of you you’re in our for those of you out there that are a member of our exclusive membership program in Aikido lab you’re going to be just stick around we’re gonna be doing a live presentation right after this for about 15 minutes or maybe a half hour depending on what group you’re from so don’t go away but I do want to get to someone that’s been holding for a bit Susan from Pennsylvania you had a question about elevated triglycerides go ahead hi dr. Berg can you hear me hi yes hi thank you for taking my call today for the last two years my cholesterol and triglycerides have been elevated and that runs in my family my primary care physician is telling me that I may be her one and only case of familial hyperlipidemia I refused to accept that two years ago she wanted to put me on a statin medication which I have refused and she’s been working with me we have decreased the cholesterol and by I went on a low-fat kind of low carbohydrate diet I kind of combined it together eliminating some sugars but she wanted me to be on a vegetarian diet because of about that I had with melanoma about seven years ago so I’ve been doing some things and some numbers are coming down but when I went on the low-fat diet I started craving carbohydrates and that elevated my traxxas all right and so you know now I I started to add some fat some coconut some butter some more fish and oh my goodness I triglycerides that then went through the roof so now I’m in a little bit of a quandary you know I help me okay let me tell you a couple things to do okay make sure that your vegetables are really really high get a very specialized test that measures your type pattern a and pattern B cholesterol you have to you have to really find out where you can get that done and then you can see if it’s really dangerous or not or you have to worry about it secondly I would get something called red yeast extract which is a natural form of you know statin without the side effects I would also get that gall bladder formula to help you kind of break down more fats as their process to the liver those are things that I think I would do if I were you just so you have a peace of mind what’s going on and just keep in to keep the sugars down keep doing a minute fasting but just realize that as the fat is burned a lot of the triglycerides that are in your fats they’ll have to come out as well so that could be the temporary spike possibly because you’re dropping the carbs right but yeah you’re increasing the fat but you’re also dropping your carbs all right Susan thank you for the call now we’re gonna go to milah maila from San Jose California you had a question hello dr. Abbott thank you thank you for taking of my call so my current helps our condition is I have been diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa so I’m pronouncing it right it’s a chronic skin condition and also with rheumatoid arthritis so my doctor suggested not to stay away from all of dairy products all nightshade vegetables he included avocado in it for some reason and then all grains so so my first question is how do I treat this skin condition you know with diet and then second is I’ve been watching all your videos I am on intermittent fasting already I want to start keto but are there any good suggestions to get protein into my diet with you know with no meat that I could take and then no fast so I’m just thinking what are the options for protein and fat if I want to start keto ok so I have a video on the non-animal sources of protein and fat you can look under keto vegan online to get that data but here’s the thing you definitely need fat and you need to add the protein in do keto because the combination of intermittent fasting and healthy keto is going to drop the inflammation and greatly improve your skin the other thing you need to do is really increase the potassium which is large quantities of vegetables because potassium is essential to help handle or improve rheumatoid arthritis ok but I think you’re on the right track you just need to get a little bit more data on the proteins thanks mala alright Karen so we made it through all these questions another week yeah so guys we appreciate your attention thanks for listening and calling in stay tuned for next week and we’ll be back for more questions and hopefully good answers alright have a good one you

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