Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Intermittent Fasting

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Intermittent Fasting

Join Dr. Berg and Karen Berg for a Q&A on Intermittent Fasting

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[Music] this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation’s capital it’s time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric Berg hi guys welcome back it’s it’s just before the New Year end we have Karen over here say hello Karen hello Karen good so we’re gonna answer questions on social media and take your questions you can call in if you want to call in the numbers eight six six five six one four two nine two we have a ton of callers been waiting for a while so we’re gonna jump right in and take your questions on keto and in a minute fasting and any other questions you want to ask related to health hey Dean you’re from College Park Georgia go ahead what was your question yes hi dr. bird’s-eye I would like to know I’m a 68 year old female mom and after working for 30 years I’d like to know I have an MRI god and I was diagnosed with the herniated disc and I heard your short video my son listens to you every day and I heard your short video on on the disc and the medicine you take and the magnin aids i magnin ii yeah i’d like to know how many you can take a day okay okay good so let me let me talk about that so for for ligament support oh sorry for ligament support for a disc support for tendon support manganese okay that’s the mineral that you need so I would get some manganese you don’t need to overdose on it just take whatever is on the bottle it’s a trace mineral so it’s trace minerals are minerals needed in very small amounts but you still need them so I would also you don’t want to take any one trace mineral for a long period of time so take it on a regular basis but then also add trace minerals with it so you want the whole base I would take liquid plant-based trace minerals with some additional manganese and you’re going to be good that’s gonna strengthen your back your disc your ligaments because these trace minerals actually work with proteins so they allow the protein to work better and you can build it back up so that’s exactly what you need all right good question Donna you’re from Atlanta u2 question go ahead yes good morning dr. Berg I’ve been doing the keto diet since March and intermittent fasting and I’ve reached my goal weight and I want to know how to stop the weight loss but keep my a 1 being long yeah good question first of all the a1c is going to be a reflection of how many carbohydrates that you consume so you want to keep the carbs down you don’t want to start going to the carbohydrate to actually you know maintain your keto what you want to do is you want to add more fat and that way your body will start to burn up some of the dietary fat and not enough of your fat if you’re thin and you’re trying to do this and you go low-fat and you’re doing lean protein and vegetables oh my gosh you’re gonna get really skinny so it’s really a flat reflection of adding more healthy fats so you’re really satisfied and you have enough for example myself I don’t want to lose any more weight so what I’ll do recently I made these keto bombs keto bombs are like healthy fat cookies and I’ll consume them right after a meal and I’ll do like quite a few but they’re small until I’m really good and satisfied and I can go a long period of time in fact the recipe is on my blog under recipes it’s called the healthiest cookie in the world actually it’s made with them grass-fed butter and almond flour and sugar free chocolate and it’s really delicious so that’s really what you want to do is add more fat but don’t forget to add everything else like a lot of vegetables and these good protein but that’s the that’s the thing you need to add all right hey Megan you’re from Georgia you had a question about fasting blood glucose go ahead hi yes um good morning I was wondering I have my fasting blood sugar has been around like 105 to 120 that’s kind of my norm and even when I go to bed it’ll be you know 110 or even 105 and still be that or be higher in the morning and I know the liver has a role in that and I was just wondering if you could explain that and maybe how to help with that yeah sure hey question Megan do you have any are you overweight no I’m actually almost underweight okay but I a 1 C is high though it’s 6.4 okay and have you been eating a lot of refined carbs in your past in my past but not now I’m actually getting ready to start keto next week okay good do you have any fat around your midsection no okay no I’m five six and a half and like a hundred and fifteen pounds okay so let’s talk about this you’re absolutely right the liver has a lot to do with this fasting glucose level there’s something in your body that’s called glycogen that’s stored sugar like when you when you eat starches like potato like a potato for example you have a similar thing which you have these kind of stored glucose molecules in a potato but in your body you can store glucose as glycogen so you have kind of a similar type thing going on in your body that you can use when you’re not eating so you you run off the stored sugar and then eventually you’ll tap into fat so one of the things that you’re running into is high a1c which is an average blood sugar for like three months so you’re just your Sugar’s basically too high and now you’re going to switch to the keto and M&M fasting hopefully and the problem is your fasting sugar is just too high so that does mean your liver is is probably an issue and even though you’re thin you may have a fatty liver or dysfunctional liver and if the liver is fatty or dysfunctional or you have insulin resistance it does not hold that stored sugar so then now we have this blood sugar issue because you can’t actually regulate blood sugars correctly that’s probably what’s happening so most of the store sugars in your liver a very small percentage of it is in the and in the muscle but it’s mainly liver so the liver is really a key organ and regulating this so as soon as you go on this and you start doing it consistently with the healthy diet it’s gonna come right down everything’s gonna fall in the place your blood Sugar’s going to come back to a good range like maybe 80 would be great and so you have nothing to worry about with that so but the point is yeah you’re gonna be eating healthy to be able to restore the liver you’re not going to do keto just to you know fix your blood sugars you want to do it to actually get your body healthy especially the liver so I think you’re you’re smart on that and I would just continue with the recommendations that that are on my website and also the videos so and you’ll be fine all right so Karen do we have any quick questions over there coming in why are my questions always quick a whole bunch of these people have a lot of question I have a lot of people to write but before anything we have to give a shout out right to Timmy and Coco adorable sent us this adorable tree ornament it says the most loved couple on YouTube and that and the little penguins are Karen and Eric so cute and Timmy and Coco Coco’s eight years old they are from Iceland and Coco is getting all the carbs out of her diet and she’s making the pancakes and the keto friendly food and her mom is really proud of her and her mom Timmy’s lost weight too so we want to say thanks and we’re gonna we’re gonna shout out to Timmy and Coco all day long okay great so I have from Facebook I have Naheed who’s asking about large fibroids and keto and weight loss and have you experienced any challenge with people with fibroids or is it it’s workable okay so one thing you have to know about fibroids it’s a tumor and and by the way anything that I say today is that it’s for your education it’s not meant to diagnose you will replace your medical doctors advice so it’s for you to do research and you’re in entertainment okay so I’m not going to claim any to cure anything illnesses but that being said a fibroid will grow when it’s fed its food and fibroids and tumors in general are very hungry for sugar okay even there’s a PET scan which basically inject radioactive this radioactive material in your body that goes through and it picks up areas of high level of sugar metabolism and that’s where the cancer is so a tumor being more of a benign type of a situation where it’s not malignant but which can turn into a malignant cancer it’s kind of like a pre cancer thing lives on sugar so keto genic diets are the absolute best thing to do to get that under control but on top of that they’re they’re very highly sensitive to estrogen so if you really want to be careful about consuming foods with estrogen you want to do organic and you want to do iodine type things like sea cow because iodine helps regulate insulin and that will be the best thing for a fibroid in addition to in a minute fasting and the ketogenic diet okay is that good that was quite enough answer I have another question okay yes and this is from Max moody on YouTube and the question is how does a high fat diet relate to building muscle well it’s not really the fat that builds muscle it’s when you cut the carbs out and then what happens is you start stimulating the hormones that activate muscle growth which is growth hormone and even testosterone and the way you do it is you keep insulin down and you also go on intimate fasting because that will also trigger a low blood sugar situation and then goes right into stimulating growth hormone in fact in a minute fasting Karen will stimulate growth hormone by 2,000 percent and lizard and individuals not in everyone but still it’s pretty high that’s compared to who who well the studies mainly are in men but yeah yeah but an exercise if you’re to do exercise intensely you’re only gonna stimulate growth on them by 450 percent so in a bit of fasting is going to be the key thing that the problem with in a minute fasting without adding more fat is you’re gonna have a hard time going from one meal to the next so that’s why fat is essential because it has virtually a very small effect on insulin other than just eating in general stimulates some insulin but the fact that it doesn’t mess with your blood Sugar’s like other macronutrients it’s what you need to do but just by sitting down and eat a bunch of fat that’s not going to increase your muscles yeah okay so now we’re gonna go do a question from sue from Indiana go ahead – yes thank you for all I can remember I have trouble swallowing capsules I get stuck in my throat sometimes for hours yeah that’s that’s pretty bad because then sometimes they’re sticky and then it gets stuck there and you’re like oh my gosh it’s a tablet sticking right there so I’ll give you some tips okay first of all what you want to do is you want to consume the capsules with food that’s how you’re gonna get them down the other thing is like regular water doesn’t seem to work but carbonated water is a little bit better because somehow it that fizz tends to bring it down into the lower part of the esophagus so I would add food when you’re taking the capsules and you’ll be good to go next thing if that doesn’t work just open the capsules up and put it in little peanut butter and consume it that way all right sue thanks for your question hey Larry you’re also from Indiana you had a question go ahead yes my doctor did an x-ray on my knees and I’m losing my cartilage in my knees because I’m a runner and what foods do I need to eat to repair the cartilage good question well Larry if you want to build cartilage there’s a couple things you want to consume but that’s usually not going to make a real big impact with you losing cartilage there’s a couple reasons why you of course you have wear and tear but you have also a chronic inflammatory condition that concurrent as well so to reduce inflammation and help you maximize the growth of cartilage which by the way revolves around a certain hormone called growth hormone we just keep coming back to the growth hormone growth hormone is incredible for protecting proteins and also stimulating the growth of the connective tissue in cartilage and discs and lent and tendons and ligaments so what you want to do the best thing is intermittent fasting that is hands-down the best thing and then Nikita why because that’s gonna bring insulin down it’s gonna enhance your proteins and your joints and not just the joints but the muscle but it’s gonna stimulate growth woman so in a minute fasting is what you need to focus on now as far as what to eat it just has to be a healthy diet of a lot of vegetables including like minerals in there trace minerals probably some sea vegetables to be good some high quality fish eggs all these really key nutrients because you want to look at not just foods to increase cartilage but you want to look at foods for overall health building factors in supporting your proteins versus like some people think well I’m just going to eval on a protein and that’s going to fix it it’s not going to work because you’re gonna if you have more protein than you can digest which is about six ounces per meal you’re gonna then stimulate insulin and then have a reverse benefit so that seems to be a sweet spot with maximized protein absorption at three to six ounces maybe seven ounces if you’re a big guy but not a lot but then if you go too low then you’re not going to have enough so you want to provide the raw material to build cartilage which is not just protein high-quality protein but the minerals potassium is very very essential trace minerals and even healthy fats because you need some of the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D and K so basically that’s a long answer to just basically doing the program that I’m recommending on YouTube the books that I have and you’re gonna actually do you’re gonna be very successful if you have inflammation going on the joint I think stinging nettle root is a great herb to take is a tea or a supplement to reduce inflammation I like that the best but other than that I wouldn’t do anything else okay Larry thanks for the question Lee hi you’re from Nevada you had a question about your 14 year old son go ahead yes hi 14 years old and he’s in his growth ears and we just wanted to come see which foods and supplements or exercise until the day we should we be focusing on to maximize growth do you want your son to grow taller he does oh he does okay yeah there’s a couple of things and I’m going to recommend that because I work with a lot of people over the years and there’s several things that you want to do you don’t sell this you can find it online it’s a standard process product and it’s called the two atrophic tattoo atrophic after the pituitary it’s called pituitary often PMG okay and you can just do a search for it I would actually have them take one of those per day and what it does is it supports the pituitary the pituitary is really important in supplying all the the hormones for maximizing your growth and I don’t know if this is don’t don’t don’t quote me on this but I’ve put a lot of kids on this and they just seem to grow they just start getting there’s a growth spurt and even kids that are smaller of course you know there’s a limit to how you can help I’ll tell you can grow based on your genetics but seem to be every time i recommended this product for these children they just start growing especially if you want him to sign up for the basketball team I would put him up at two troph and PMG but what would stop the growth of a child would be to have foods that are deficient in nutrients so all the all the eating plans that I recommend and out of this book for ketosis in him and fasting is what he needs to do he doesn’t need to do anything different you know high quality protein eggs grass-fed beef things like that versus low quality protein powder a lot of vegetables huge amounts of salad are all very essential healthy fats in the egg yolk the avocado the coconut oil all really keep I would also have him take a really high-quality sea kelp because the iodine in there will also help growth as well and a lot of the other trace minerals if if a child is deficient in iodine they don’t seem to grow their growth is stunted so that’s another really important trace mineral but the two atrophic sea kelp those two supplements and put him on the program and of recommending and I think he’ll do quite well you want to make sure he doesn’t do the six meals today though just do three meals really good meals trying to have a snack because I was going to increase insulin and actually inhibit growth because insulin is the real inhibitor of these hormones especially growth hormone we’re trying to enhance growth from him I would also watch some of my videos on growth on them because that’s the hormone he needs the increase okay Karen over to you okay good so I have Karen on YouTube and she says she did a water fast for five days and on day four her legs started to cramp she wants to know she should add salt to the water but I think you’re probably going to say something different yeah if you’re doing water fast and especially if you’re if you have any type of insulin resistance or hypoglycemic issues blood sugar issues and you start going like four or five day fast your body could start utilizing you might not have enough stored minerals basically because insulin resistance allows prevents the absorption of these minerals so you’re just you’re experiencing a loss of trace minerals I’m sorry just electrolytes in general I would probably do the electrolyte powder I have to give you all the trace minerals which will help you but basically what you’re doing is telling your body you’re not quite ready to go that long with fasting especially if you get cramps it’s usually a potassium deficiency maybe go three days okay that’s what I would do but yes you do want to have more salts that will help you but generally speaking cramps are gonna be a potassium may be a calcium issue may be a magnesium issue possibly a sodium but not always okay you have another question I do I have Lori from Facebook and she wants to know will fasting help loose skin she lost a bunch of weight and now she has some loose skin and somewhere she heard about pickle juice and coffee and she just wants to know yeah advice if you mix pickle juice with coffee no that don’t mix this – that’s a very terrible but separately pickle juice is really good for your your system your your bacteria in your gut it’s a good acid coffee on the other end is another story but yeah in a minute fasting is the probably the best way to tighten up your skin because again out of all the things that stimulate growth hormone which is the anti-aging hormone and all the things that will stimulate etapa G which is recycling of proteins into new skin and muscle and ligament it’s intermittent fasting it’s the thing to do but now it she did the inter minute fasting and she lost the weight so now she’s got the loose skin you want to keep doing it I’m a bad thing for a long period of time yeah in fact that brings up one point Karen that you reminded me okay is that there’s there’s people that are getting they want to actually start exercising and so they they switch to this keto and in a fasting program and all the sudden they start actually exercise and they get tired they run it a gas and so they do carbo loading and they think they need carbohydrates as their energy source no they don’t what they need to do is do it a little longer to get into this point of true fat burning a true ketosis where your body is fully adapted and you’re not cheating here and there you’re consistently doing this over a period of weeks to the point where now you do a workout and you you have tons of energy why because your body can easily switch to fat-burning it doesn’t have to have this glitch in the system or you’re just burning up your sugar and then now we have to now you’ve cheated or whatever now listen it has to adjust back to the fat burning again it takes three days you’re fully in there you have lots of energy and then you’ll start seeing all sorts of really cool changes with your skin with your ligaments with your the tone of your skin you won’t have that sagging skin anymore you’ll start looking youthful because you’re in a real state of ketosis okay yeah all right so hey Chris you’re from California you had a question by terminal fasting in blood thinners yes go ahead what was the question yes well first of all thanks for taking my call I started keto and it had been fastened about three months ago I started with the sixteen eight fast I have done a 20 to 24 28 and now I mean one mil day that’s pretty high in fat some that gets is a 23 one yeah so I’ve like an hour window so anyways I want to try a thirty to five day fast but I’m on a blood thinner Eliquis and I’m on a high blood blood pressure medicine now I will tell you I’ve lost about fifty something pounds and my blood pressure has gone down tremendously so Wow I’m just wonder if I can do the you know and I don’t have to take food I don’t be food with the pills so can I do it fast and without any problem you think honestly check with your doctor I don’t think you’re gonna have a problem I don’t think it’s going to be counterintuitive at all are contraindicated at all because as you do this you’re fixing insulin resistance so your arteries the elasticity in your arteries the epithelial cell and the arteries will start to heal and so then you’ll have more elasticity you’ll have less blood pressure problems it should come down nicely then your doctor can wean you off that stuff it starves the blood thinners I’m guessing you might have had a clot or something or atrial fib or why do they put you in that blood clot in my leg in one night long no one the long gone though okay hey just as a side note Chris I think you there’s a there’s an enzyme called Sarah peptides do some research on that that is a really good enzyme you taken an empty stomach to clean up any type of extra proteins that you don’t want in your body like little little pieces of sticky you know cloths or whatever so do research Sarah pepper taste I think you’re going to find some great stuff there and there the one that I would recommend I’m not going recommend a brand but you needed in higher dosages like at least a hundred and twenty thousand I use okay so take that but as far as what you’re doing I think you can eventually come off the medications with the help of your doc and I think you’re on the right path but you know if you’re doing 23 hours and fasting you can see a lot of positive benefits with your body if you can do that and there’s nothing better that you can do for your body unless you’re you know in addition to what you’re eating the quality of food nutrient-dense foods so I think you’re on the right path I would just ride the wave and keep going Chris thanks for your call hey Tim you had a question you’re from Los Angeles go ahead what was your question hey doctor by the way you do a really great show I mean really enjoy it you’re very very professional listen potassium as you mention a lot is very difficult to get but I know that cream of tarter for a teaspoon is like 500 grams of potassium which seems to be a lot so I make a morning shake you know with the kale and spinach and all that stuff and that’s what I drink you know around noon or so but to add extra potassium can I put a couple of teaspoons of that is like a thousand milligrams of potassium in addition to everything else that’s in the blender yeah good questions him I don’t like that source of potassium I mean it may work temporarily you can get a potassium citrate in a powder form that would be a better form i i have something called electrolyte powder that i use it as a thousand milligrams of potassium citrate and it has all the other minerals too so you’re not just taking Benassi ‘m you’re spiking it with magnesium the trace minerals little calcium a tiny bit of sodium with no sugar and it tastes good so that’s one thing you could spike it with or you can just buy some potassium citrate and spike it but anytime you do one specific mineral at high dosages over a long period of time out of the normal complex you start throwing off other minerals and that’s the only little catch-22 I just don’t like the source potassium in cream of tarter but that’s so that’s what my recommendation thanks Tim I appreciate it okay Karen okay well first of all I want to thank all the Facebook users because that’s really ramping up and people really love Facebook and make sure that you share so people know that we’re available on Facebook and I just think it’ll be fun everybody should push the heart right now see how many hearts go across I just think that’s gonna be funny but yes we have from Facebook doctor yes ears asking a question does l-glutamate break the fast absolutely not no it’s not going to be a problem in fact any supplements that you have are not going to break the fast and the other thing is that so yeah you don’t worry about supplements but let’s say for example if it’s a carbohydrate supplement like like if you go to the GNC or wall green well there they have like ensure or they have these glucose supplements well that’s gonna break the fast for sure and I’m not talking about that as a supplement I think that I would not even recommend that but the point is that if you take any of the supplements it’s not gonna break the fast it’s not enough carbohydrate so you don’t to worry about it alright Shelly you’re from Washington State hi how are you I’m 46 when years old Hren I had a hysterectomy a complete hysterectomy when I was in my early 20s I went over 20 years without hormones about four years ago I had about 30 pounds of rapid weight loss I haven’t been able to put it back on I have a lot of muscle wasting loose skin I’m trying to rebuild my body I’m concerned about intermittent fasting should I just do keto till I rebuild my body okay so question the real important question Shelly what part of Washington state are you from I live in East when it sorry you broke up what was that North Central Washington okay I practice in Lynnwood Washington for six months but it just rained too much I couldn’t take it so I moved to California for a little bit okay you’re breaking up a bit you break it up okay so here’s what you should do Shelly if you’re and this is really common you went through an early menopause situation because you had a hysterectomy in your 20s this is a really good question from any anyone who’s watching going through menopause and you’re female and what’s happening is your adrenals now are gonna have to take over take up the slack of the ovaries the ovaries are going a retirement and now the adrenals have to kick in there so many women have a situation where now they end up with a higher fat ratio than muscle so they lose muscle why because the cortisol goes sky-high and that’s the nature of the adrenal and stress so you can have to realize that it’s gonna take a while to build that back up it’s kind of like when you’ve asked you a process and you have thinning of the bones well atrophy is thinning of the muscle fibers so you’re gonna have to build that back up so in a minute fasting is gonna be crucial to build that back up and you would think that not eating as frequent would you would lose more muscle it’s just the opposite you’re gonna protect your muscles grow more muscle because you’re gonna stimulate growth form them doing Aikido is essential keeping the carbohydrates low and having really good nutrient-dense things and then then you’re gonna have to add exercise in there very slowly and gradually over a long period of time to start stimulating the muscle to get it to grow and you may hit plateaus when you’re doing this because as you grow muscle it’s heavier than fat so even though you’re shrinking you’re gaining more muscle mass the weight is Plateau don’t worry about that just go by your strength go by your overall health and just keep doing it because it could take up to six months to a year before you start seeing some significant change thanks for your question Shelley all right Karen okay good so we have Lauren on YouTube and she says this time of year her hands and her feet are always freezing even though our house her apartment is cranked up with the heat so what can she do diet wise that will change that I know sometimes just on keto that can happen that you can get cold right right well first of all you live in Alaska so you need to move down to the Mojave Desert that will help you know it’s like here’s here’s the other thing that happens during the winter yes you have temperature changes other variables could be that you just start intermittent fasting you are going to get a little colder it doesn’t mean your metabolism is slowing down it just means that your body is adjusting to this and it’s becoming more conservative so it’s it’s not generating a wasting Heat that’s becoming more efficient I’m sorry so that does happen now the other thing that you can do is start taking vitamin D because one thing you’re not going to get now is a lot of sunlight even if you did stand outside in the winter and try to get some Sun in your face it’s not gonna happen you’re not gonna get enough vitamin D so you want to start taking in a supplement to start to bring back in which you’re missing from the winner and that hormonal e is going to help you warm up a little bit so because if your vitamin D D deficient you will get cold okay Karen okay I have another one and we have to say again just in case they’re there watching from Iceland Timmy and cocoa thank you Coco’s 8 years old and she’s learning how to eat right by watching dr. Berg and using our recipes to make pancakes and things like that so good job girl keep it going so we have on Facebook Sandra is asking is all of this information in your book now only and only partially it’s enough no just want to show you this is if you go to the website these two come together you can get an Amazon but you don’t get this you have to get this separately so this is a really quick way to jump in and just learn the basics has pictures takes 45 minutes read this study it start then fill in the blank with this right here this book has a lot of information it’s a new updated recently and this brings up a point I just did a seminar in every single chapter it’s 19 chapters that took me a long time that’s an exciting because an exciting product because I had to read this book again and I actually was quite impressed I was like wow this is a pretty good book what you read your book yeah it was it was a lot of great day tonight here because I took me seven years to initially create this and in another thousand hours to upgrade it but then to read it again I was like well someone actually read this they would get a lot of great data you should read it I 157 images I’m waiting for the movie well I have it on video now okay but this is I haven’t like it’s gonna be like a new product it’s not not that expensive you I’m not gonna post it quite yet it probably probably on the first or the second of January it’ll be ready maybe it’d be ready tomorrow I don’t know but it’s it’s coming up real soon but it comes with a USB and you’ll be able to download the files the audio files onto your cellphone you can listen to it when you’re we are you drive driving walking what you can hear dr. bury me in the noggin 24/7 you should have one of those little pillow microphones then what you could do is you can actually have access to the videos as well online so you can watch all the different chapters and the summary of all the different things that you need to focus on for those of you don’t want to watch it but the audio is cool now it does just go to Android but you can get a little adapter for five dollars which we also sell and then you can watch on your iPhone so that way you have different ways to access the audio which is gonna be very cool so that’s kind of a new thing that it’s gonna come down the pike so I’ll sound it tuned but I hope you appreciate it cuz I took a long time to do those videos so we’re gonna go to Gale from there Ochs Indiana you had a question go ahead [Music] so just I’m excited I’ve been fond y’all for so long so this past year I went from 289 down to 208 graduation I’m really excited but we have come against two situations – I have two questions if I could the first one is I am a truck driver I’m 48 years old I have great health and my salads I packed them big just like you say and I bring my little tuna packets and all my delicious toppings for my salad it’s a good salad and in three or four days it’s all rotten and I’m out there for 10 days and so all my money goes down the drain and stuck eating these fake hamburger patties at these checks that’s because I don’t know what else I’m gonna eat are you saying that the truck stops don’t have huge salad bars consistent iceberg lettuce unless you find this that way and then you can be like I can say can I get three quarters of an inch and one quarter iceberg that’s the best salad I can get when I’m on the road generally speaking so I I have a question is it possible that you can put some type of mini refrigerator or freezer in your truck I don’t know absolutely we do My partner and I it goes to but it just doesn’t keep well so I know the cat will you have sorry yeah go ahead well here’s the point yeah you can use the cruciferous as a way to enhance and the wheatgrass juice powder that will actually give you a nice boost for sure and you’ll feel a difference on that but what I would do is if I were you is I would pack your freezer with frozen kale take it out blend it with water to the way because we have a freezer filled with frozen kale and you could pack it down good into right I’ve heard that yeah and then you get you shake so you drink your salad so that way it stores a lot longer can you have a blender though yeah you can have a blender you have electricity right yeah yeah so I can so dude the freezer and then the other thing that I would do is that if you’re traveling around the country of course you got the main roads you ain’t got the trucks stuff you know and I know you’re probably on deadlines but maybe there’s strategically you can plan out certain stores along the way that our bigger grocery stores that you could go to this salad maybe it’s off the beaten path sometimes they have that it might delay your trip but what I would do is I would freeze that kale if you looked at our freezer right now it is just packed with frozen kale that’s probably two months old and it’s still good you just put it in the blender add water put a little berries blend it up and you can drink your salad for the whole day but then dr. Berg what about also the wheatgrass juice powder yeah yeah you can add that as well but you still need to have some salad but I do know salad is very perishable what about what about making kale chips like baking drying no because then you you’re gonna heat it you’re gonna kill the enzymes okay thank you so much for following us Gail I appreciate that so we know we have we a from Tennessee get a question you’re diabetic right yes I am thank you so much for taking my call sure I’ve been a diabetic for quite a while and I’ve been following the a DEA recommendations and end of September I was admitted to the hospital with ketoacidosis and as soon as I got discharged I found your videos on YouTube and I started on keto diet immediately and about a month and a half ago I switched over to intermittent fasting with keto and I’ve been doing once a day once a day and my blood sugar went from an average of 260 something to about 122 and I was doing really well and about almost two weeks ago I got up one morning and my sugar was really high it was probably about 170 180 and um I was alarmed you know because it’s been down to 122 or even lower and so that has been going on for almost two weeks now every day and I’m still doing the Kido I’m still doing the iaf I’m sticking really close to your eating recommendations you mentioned that protein from three to five ounces per meal and I only do one so I usually stare on for five getting my vegetables I’m doing your potassium I’m taking decayed magnesium calcium trace minerals whatever I can put in there but my blood sugar is still high and I was doing some search online they were saying that sometimes your liver has a excess of glucose that they dump out periodically and I’m just wondering if that’s what’s happening to me or is it something else that I need to address okay I’m up yeah and also I’ve had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago and I’m 51 going on 52 years soon okay so I’m not really sure if that has anything to do with it what’s your take okay are you taking my week crap my nutritional yeast tablets I’m not but I do the UM 145 nutritional yeast powder okay that I got from Amazon okay good so here’s what you have to do take more of the powder okay because the nutrition use has the B vitamins take like six teaspoons of that powder a day okay you can get them in tablets if you want but just you just do to keep doing the powder you needed a lot of that nutritional yeast now in this situation there’s several things that I would do you’re doing great everything’s good but it still needs to come down I would go get a test an a1c and really measure and see if your a1c is coming down also is your waste coming down are you plateauing the fact that you had ketoacidosis means that you had some serious diabetes going on at one time and in that what that is it’s a very unhealthy way to get into ketosis where your your pH is so acidic it could be very damaging to your body so you want to quickly start alkalizing the body because it’s so acidic and you’ve probably got through that fine but now you’re doing a lot better your prompt you’re completely out of that situation and now we have to do to tweak it so what I would do is I would add more nutritional yeast I would also add exercise into the mix exercise is another great tool to take your insulin problem to the next level it’ll actually help help your blood Sugar’s it will actually help even reverse insulin resistance it will help stimulate the muscles to work better with to sensitize glucose so that’s some things that would do I would also add probably some seek help into the mix because trace minerals are really essential as far as you having a hysterectomy or going through menopause that that’s another little factor because probably even the liver still needs some work or your your adrenals are really causing the spike in this blood sugar so you may want to do the acupressure technique that I have online to help your adrenals and that will help so either that’s going to solve it or supporting liver with something like some type of liver nutrient type thing I think will be a good liver nutrient you can do the cruciferous vegetables that would be good milk thistle would be a really good herb to take and then that way you’re either gonna drop it that way or it’s gonna be the adrenal I think it’s your liver or adrenal that’s still an issue because you sounds like you’re doing everything else right okay so just give it more time check those two things and one last thing about the American Diabetes Association which is incredible because they do not acknowledge this relationship between sugar is causing the diabetic thing they’re still undecided of course they’re sponsors and partners with the food industry in the drug industry unfortunately but in 1971 the ad a recommended about 40% of your calories coming from carbohydrate but then in 1984 they spiked it up to 60% of your car behind your calories should be carbohydrates so they went 45 to 60 okay and then in nineteen and then in the 90s they recommended that they said well you can be more flexible and add a lot more sucrose to this plan to be able to be part of that 60% carbohydrate well if that’s giving the basic information that everyone’s filtering down they don’t have a chance to get rid of their diabetes they’re just going to be stuck so now they’re stuck with managing their blood Sugar’s with balancing their calories of blood with their medication and then all the list of medications they’re gonna get so unfortunately it’s very bad information and and there’s the so called experts so story had to go through that but I’m glad that you have the truth right now so thanks for watching and I’m glad that you’re doing better hey Steve you’re from San Francisco you had a question about bulletproof coffee go ahead yeah I’m 52 years old and started your ketogenic and intermittent fasting suggestions in October I lost by Thanksgiving I’d lost thirty pounds Wow so I was doing really well I did break the diet plan over Thanksgiving unfortunately but I got back on plan but then I seemed to stall I like I plateaued and I’m wondering because I just saw a video that you put out about bulletproof coffee that you suggested it in the beginning it was good to extend your fast up until your first meal but if I continue to drink some of that coffee between my meals and does that count as snacking it depends my sabotage in my home it depends on what’s in the coffee how much coffee but yeah if you do that’s why I always recommend doing one cup of coffee because if you start adding more coffee you’ll even affect like you all of a sudden you get a little hungry what happened with that you got the caffeine that stimulates the adrenals there goes cortisol and there goes insulin spike and now we we’ve dropped the blood sugars down and because we have a release of sugar through the liver so yeah coffee anything more than one is not going to be good for your blood Sugar’s yeah [Music] does that count with ki as well if it’s caffeinated yeah that’s right not as much less caffeine but I do like a naturally decaffeinated tea so yeah okay cuz in between my meals sometimes I drink a throw to tea and that’s caffeinated it’s a licorice root yeah so try to find something you got then yeah thank you very much you’re welcome thanks Steve and I just wanted to say I want you guys if you’re on Facebook or YouTube to definitely share this information if you’re on facebook go to youtube if you’re on youtube go to facebook cuz i have different information I even have some new videos on Instagram so you can go there and check that out it’s just new content and then I also wanted to bring up one thing that you may be interested in I’m gonna be starting on Facebook kind of a closed group that we can invite you it’s gonna be a keto and intermittent fasting lab where it’s like almost like a research thing where we can try different things and share different results if you want to participate stay tuned because I’ll give you more information real soon but I think it’ll be great to present ideas for people to test out and then have a large group of people to try things and then see how it works we can all learn from being guinea pigs I’m sorry just like being people that can participate in this all right so stay tuned for that Karen do you have a quick question if you have a quick answer I have several questions all right okay so this is quick Gaul I believe it is from YouTube asks what is the healthiest sugar yeah well stevia would be the best sugar actually they’re asking sugar actual sugar actual sugar which form of actual sugar is the healthiest well that would be a simple answer zero sugar but here’s the thing you have sugar that has vitamins with it like sugar cane actual chewing on sugar cane would be the best thing because you’re getting a lot of potassium there’s a lot of potassium sugar cane the problem is you probably won’t get cavities and you probably won’t even get diabetes but still it’s it’s not something I’m recommending but refined sugar is really really bad molasses would be really really I mean comparatively speaking better so I’m gonna say I’m gonna go with molasses okay but no answer no well I’m gonna add I’m gonna add to that I’ve got stay away from Agathe okay because that’s like nanny that’s worse than almost of high fructose corn syrup because it has like 97% fructose which will totally put you into an insulin resistant situation okay okay farinelli now for a quick answer Facebook Cheryl is asking about melatonin how do you feel about using melatonin to get to sleep yeah it Milutin is a hormone by the pineal up in your brain and and the melatonin basically is stimulated by darkness so it actually helps you sleep a problem is when you take it long-term you kind of in activates your own pineal that’s why I don’t recommend taking hormones unless you absolutely need to because it’s gonna it comes with a package now all the sudden you need more and more to keep to keep the same effect so what I would do is instead of taking the Lehtonen honestly I would there’s a there’s a couple things that I recommend a regular basis and their base it’s my products that I have one is the the sleep aid formula I take that often do I take that can every day every night every night yeah it’s I take one but a half hour probably of sleep and ma’am I go right into a sleep there’s no melatonin there’s nothing in there that’s gonna make you feel groggy there’s nothing addictive it’s just a blend that I figured out really helps the adrenal chill out so you can drift off into a sleep and I’ve went through many different formulas so that’s probably what what I would recommend instead of melatonin because the melatonin it works but initially you’re gonna take more and more and it comes with the package okay now that leads right into my next question what are your thoughts and I know you’re not a medical doctor and this isn’t medical information and this is all opinions and things like that but what are your thoughts on hormone replacement therapy okay my medical opinion on that yeah here’s the here’s the problem with and this is really interesting question because people say well I’m deficient in a hormone I had a test I’m deficient so naturally I’m just gonna take hormones to replace it it makes logical sense but what they don’t realize is the endocrine system is a very complex system and as soon as you add in this hormone this other hormone shifts and also hormones are communications so the more hormones that you take it’s going to inactivate the gland that makes it especially the thyroid so if you’re taking a hormone externally that your body’s not having to produce then your glands can go to sleep and then now you need more and more to create the same effect I’m not recommending it unless you’ve tried everything else and then maybe but it comes with a package you’re gonna know what you’re doing and the other thing is why don’t why don’t you just support the gland support the gland that makes the hormone that way you’re not in activating the whole hormone system and I’ll tell you honestly the the endocrine system there’s there’s no one that that I know that if just reading through all the even the endocrinologist they don’t really understand it yet they really don’t understand it so anyone says I’m an expert in it well it’s so many unknowns it’s so complex yeah they know some data but the data them using as as soon as you start taking hormones you’re gonna inactivate the gland that makes it so that’s enough for me to say well let’s just try another way like why did it go why do you need hormones in the first place why did the glands shut down that’s the question graduate okay good I I know you want to take a phone call don’t you well I do I have one more on Facebook I think this is a good one Joan is asking she’s been on keto for about four weeks she lost weight steadily she just recently after breakfast started to feel nauseous or nauseated and is feeling sleepy mid morning and she’s not losing stomach fat 65 years old what is happening did I miss something did she doing in a minute fasting she’s been on keto so that’s a good point she doesn’t say she’s doing intermittent fasting she says keto yeah see keto in itself is high fat low carb moderate protein so let’s say you do keto and you’re and you can’t digest all that fat it’s gonna put a big strain on that gallbladder and you’re gonna feel nauseous the nauseousness is the gallbladder symptom so that’s probably what’s happening so I would naturally give the gallbladder rest by doing in a minute fasting and that way you can eat less frequent and not have the situation now what happens when you even do in a minute fasting your body starts burning fat and now all that fat from the fat sale Karen has to come to the blood and come out to the liver so now you actually have a lot more fat being processed by the gallbladder and that alone can create nauseousness especially if you don’t eat enough vegetables okay so if you actually what I would do is I would add more vegetables do intimate fasting and you should be fine and then make sure that you’re not eating unless you’re hungry because there’s a lot of people that get in the fat burning also now they’re not hungry at all but they’re still eating three meals a day or even two meals a day I would go to one meal a day just eat when you’re hungry well it’s hard to with social situations and the holidays and things like that well so I understand I’m just saying um this understand I’m just the messenger you know what I’m talking about I’m just the messenger okay okay all right now I’m gonna go to roll up from Chicago you had a question about the best supplements for polycystic ovarian syndrome yeah um I I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome years ago and I did some reading on it I know kind of you know what kind of diet I should be on and on but I just wanted to get your input about supplements and I don’t know if this matters but they just find fasting glucose and it was 72 so I guess that means I’m a nun and so it was just my PCOS I’m not sure good question okay so let’s talk about this I like the fact that your blood sugars are that low because usually what causes polycystic ovarian syndrome which by the way is a situation where your androgens are going very high okay so that’s a male hormone so you get facial hair Ella pshew alopecia which is hair loss and then midsection weight so what I would do if I were you I would do seek help that would be a really good one for the ovary and see if that helps you but just realize what’s really behind most cases of PCOS would be high insulin so even know your blood sugars are that low the doctors never test insulin fasting insulin levels so think about it let’s say the blood sugars are low and you have hypoglycemia well what do you think’s happening to the insulin it could be high pushing the blood sugars down so you so it’s really still a problem with high insulin so I would actually go get a test for for fasting insulin and test that and that’s high then we know you need to support high insulin with the keto in a minute fasting but also as far as supplements go chromium is really good potassium is really good the B vitamins are really good to bring down high levels of insulin so that’s why I have a keto kit it has the electrolyte powder the B vitamins and the wheatgrass that’s really good to support healthy insulin levels okay thanks for the question no that’s a really good question Jennifer you’re from Ireland go ahead you had a question um thing happens I’m an element under cater to meet the head we’re both at the age of 29 and after two weeks are we so our half going crazy like Sir Paul such a happy but very strong sometimes it woke us up we couldn’t even sleep we ate lots of matcha tea with lots of carry lots of potassium we really made sure to to follow your advice but so this happened and then we got scared and we stopped and now my boyfriend still have to dislike high pulse and I was wondering what did would you want and how can we take this good question yeah okay so I just did a video on high pulse rate hi Paul straight can also come from a b1 deficiency so you need nutritional yeast okay you can get in a tablet or get in the powder nutritional yeast is the best source of be one that will bring the pulse room down it could also be low potassium now you’re adding all the vegetables which is great so but you may need to add but potassium on top of that to bring that down even more and then the last thing that you want to check would be the inability to digest some of the fats which I know if it plugs up the gallbladder that can also raise the pulse rate so look at maybe cut down the dietary fats maybe or we’re add in a minute fasting to space it out so you’re not straining the gallbladder either nutritional yeast a potassium that should that should help you okay Jennifer dr. Burke yes we have to wrap up soon but I’d wanted to ask you about your new year’s resolutions is it do you have does the dr. Berg dream for the future is it always about nutrition is it about what lettuce you’re gonna buy well ma you want to talk about my new I just like my advice on it no we want to know about you okay so as far as myself good I mean honestly I I don’t have a lot of bad habits so I’m not going to necessarily have to give up what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna step it up with my exercise and really take to the next level and I’m working on it I want to be able to do a lot of pull-ups sit-ups all the basic things so that’s really my goal for this year now I did bust my elbow my shoulder and now really what’s what I’m rehabbing which is taking a lot longer than I would like so let’s ask what would be your New Year’s New Year’s resolution Karen but what do you wanna uh looking forward to seeing you next week that’s a wrap no I think for my New Year’s resolution you know I say this all the time I’m not naturally fit I’m not naturally thin I’m not as disciplined as the good dr. Berg so I need to be more disciplined and be more disciplined with my intermittent fasting I think is the thing and I too you know we are working out now we are getting stronger and I want to do a pull-up without it with no assistance you up there I wanna do push-ups and pull-ups I just want to be really physically strong I want to be leaner so I think the key to that is I probably have to just be more disciplined with my internet and fast I like that okay good and also we have Steve over there’s gonna be starting Steve first we’re Harry Harry’s already on the program but he’s gonna be more he travels a lot so that’s an issue we tell them what their news resolutions that and then what I want everyone I’m gonna take call it the last call from Derek but what I want everyone to do if you wouldn’t mind is type in the comment below what you’re going to do is your resolution I want to know about it we’re gonna read all the comments today cause there’s a lot of hearts cuz that was awesome Facebook rocked the hearts that was hysterical okay Derek here from New York go ahead you had a question dr. Burke thank you very much and happy healthy New Year to you and Karen as well thanks dr. Berg I spoke to you actually last week in regards to my situation I’m not on the keto or the intimate fastening and that’s due to just what I’m going through I do have your book I do have the gallbladder formula wheatgrass I have a gallbladder situation that just manifested recently some sludge in the gallbladder and you told me to take some bile salts but and I do have your gall for me along with some other bile salts other people gave me now I’m not really thinking of taking that but I wanted to get your advice I do have some minimal erosive in the duodenum and minimal erosive and try tiss I do have your wheatgrass I just started drinking that just for the stomach lining I also do bone broth for that but my main issue with the gall bladder is that I feel like I’ve been constipated and I feel like that’s really what what’s kind of backing me up and in a video that you did where you say it’s kind of like the chicken or the egg where constipation can cause you know congested gall bladder or bile deficiency could be the reason of you know the constipation because it lubricates the colon so I kinda need help here and I know I also don’t know what to eat I also been on a low-fat low-calorie diet which is not good but my meals are basically you know I’m trying to kind of do something like like your program but it’s not really there I don’t know if I can eat eggs avocados because I heard that could be symptomatic people so I’m eating basically salad with salmon you know three times a day i was i was using chicken and turkey not turkey you know like real turkey organic everything organic yeah I just don’t know what to do give you some good advice okay okay alright so what I’m gonna wreck what you have to realize is if you have constipation and you have sludge in the gallbladder then we know you’re deficient and bile so now you’re taking bile salts which is great because deficiency of bile will cause constipation if you take too much bile you loosen up everything in your in your gut so at this point if you still are constipated with taking the bile salts I would go to this store and get a laxative regardless of any type of consideration you have because you’ve got to keep the bowels going to keep the draining of the the gallbladder flowing through there you don’t want any stuck flows in your liver or your body now the big thing that you’re missing is the intermittent fasting because every time you eat you’re increased insulin insulin is going to create more sludge in the gallbladder what stimulates the bile is saturated fats so I don’t even want you to start adding more fats to this unless you’re eliminating and you’re going I think the first step would be do intermittent fasting do it just do two meals a day and try to keep them at 12 and 5 ok 5 o’clock I think if you did that you would have a lot of benefits and you can do the active pressure on the gall butter too then after you’re doing in a minute fasting then start adding a little bit of like egg yolk and it’s not going to create more of a problem it’s going to stimulate your own livers ability to release the bile and I would stay with that for a long period of time keep the vegetables high the inflammation in your colon that you have is going to be healed as you do intimate fasting because now you’re gonna drop insulin and that’s going to really speed up the healing of the lining of the colon with the wheatgrass is going to help that support that as well so those are the answers that I would recommend and thank you Happy New Year thank you Facebook YouTube share share we’re gonna help you next year as much as we can have a great new year we’re gonna see you next year okay don’t do anything don’t need anything I wouldn’t be okay okay right back on the program alright guys have a great one [Music] you

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