It’s “Backed by Science” TRUST US

It’s “Backed by Science” TRUST US

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so today I want to talk about science okay you’ve heard the concept well it’s backed by science or you’ll hear the phrase well the science is settled you know we don’t need to keep looking at that because we already figured it out we’ve done enough research like for example on the whole concept of fat being bad and then now it’s good right trans fats are okay and now they’re not good or these drugs are safe and effective and then 30 years later they’re taken off the market in fact I’m gonna put a link down below of just this is just the tip of the iceberg a hundred and seventy six drugs that were considered safe and effective okay but now are off the market because they found they were quite dangerous okay here’s in just a few accutane they took it off the market because they found it crates liver damage after 27 years Seiler was on the market for 30 years that was for ADHD or a DD now what I want to know is how long did they do the studies initially to prove that they were safe and effective then we have DDS diethylstilbestrol this was used at a very powerful estrogen that was supposed to prevent miscarriages until they found it causes miscarriages 31 years later okay and then you had the little mite I don’t know how that got passed that created all sorts of problems with babies coming out with flippers for arms and all sorts of issues okay then you have per max on the market for 19 years then we have PTZ and metros all on the market for 48 years okay hey these things were backed by science so the main question is who is funding the study okay which many times gives grants to universities and then you have industry which then also funds the universities and then you have a few nonprofits to do research right here before 1970 the majority of research was done and paid for by the government but now between 71 and 85 percent of research is done by the industry and a lot of times industry will partner with the government to do research especially when we get into R&D so a lot of the initial R&D money for new drugs is sponsored by the government which really you’re paying for it’s your taxes of course you have drug companies that mark it up by a thousand percent making massive amounts of profit I mean one drug for Hep C cost eighty four thousand dollars for a three-month dosage in the u.s. in India it’s only five hundred dollars and then we end up you and I end up getting stuck with the bill for their research and then we allow industry to pay certain individuals who sit on boards and committees that regulate a lot of the guidelines in our healthcare and of course not to mention the medical journals which depend on industry money for their advertising but I think the worst of the worst is that industry is allowed to cherry-pick their data and not have to publish the studies that don’t align with what they want JAMA which is a Medical Journal found that when a drug company sponsors the research it comes out five to three times more positive than negative so unfortunately what we’re missing in science is a thing called Ethics comment below to tell me what you think about this if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About It’s “Backed by Science” TRUST US.

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In this video, I want to talk about science and the concepts of “backed by science” or that “the science is settled.”

For example, the concept that fat is bad, and now it’s good. Or, “these drugs are safe and effective” and then 30 years later, they’re taken off the market. 

176 drugs that were considered safe and effective are now off the market because they were found to be dangerous. 

A few of these drugs taken off the market are:

• Accutane – was on the market for 27 years
• Cylert – was on the market for 30 years
• DES – was on the market for 31 years
• Permax – was on the market for 19 years
• PTZ + Metrazol – was on the market for 48 years

So, who is funding the study? Before 1970, the majority of research was done and paid for by the government. Now, between 71 to 85% of research is done by the industry. The worst case is these industries are allowed to cherry-pick their data and don’t have to publish what scientific studies don’t align with what they want.  

So, really the big problem with research studies is what we’re missing from science which is ethics.

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