ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan)

ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan)

ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan)

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let’s generate some community during isolation all right all of us are sitting at home were isolated it’s difficult we can create a sense of community so I’ve created this isolation challenge all right we’re gonna get in the best possible shape of our lives and we’re gonna do it in a couple of weeks and we’re gonna do it all while still bolstering our immune system so I’ve written out a diet plan and this is what I’m gonna encourage people to follow now I did post another video with a lot more details surrounding this same diet plan but going into the nitty-gritty of each and every ingredient I’m gonna move through it here pretty quick for the sake of this video because I just want people to participate and if you want more of the science there’s a video down in the description that breaks this down more so here’s the whole idea we’re gonna stay positive we’re gonna do this as a community this is all about minimal food variety and doing it on a serious budget all right right now there’s not a lot of food at grocery stores so we need to do what we can with shelf-stable goodness all while making sure we’re trying to keep inflammation levels in check and keeping our immune system healthy I’m gonna do three live broadcasts over the next two to two-and-a-half weeks supporting this whole programs me coaching broadcasts I cannot give you definitive dates just yet simply because everything is up in the air for everybody right now okay but what I want you to make sure you do is hit the bell icon that’s down by the subscribe button and then turn on all notifications not just personalized notifications and that way it’ll ding you when I do go live because I don’t want you to miss those live broadcasts I’ve also set up a Facebook group for those that want to join that I have coaches in that group but it’s also there for banter and it’s there just to kind of I don’t know complain and moan about what’s going on right like we can actually talk and commiserate a little bit and all be in that group doing live broadcasts throughout the day as well huge thanks to fat snacks for this whole challenge okay just to give you an overview when I do these kind of challenges it’s not easy to do and it’s helpful to have support from a brand so fat snacks has offered to sponsor this whole challenge so there’s special opportunity for people to get their hands on some fat snacks I’ll talk about that below but there and keto cookies so they’re really really awesome they’re like the og keto cooking anyhow huge thank you to fast next talk more about them what I want you to follow throughout this program I want you to have apple cider vinegar after whatever meal you can okay if you can have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar after each meal it will help you because it is going to help control that blood sugar which I promise you will help control cravings which is what we all need right now so we’re gonna go through breakfast lunch dinner when you talk about the fasting day and then we’re gonna talk about a little workout I want you to follow as well so breakfast is really simple okay we’re gonna do coffee or tea with a tbsp of ghee and a tablespoon of coconut oil and one scoop of protein on the side with almond milk or a scoop of collagen mixed into your coffee okay collagen mixes and coffee protein powder like whey protein or anything doesn’t really work as well again more details in the other video but if you just want to follow this directly here we go number two chia pudding these are different options for breakfast and I’ve laid it out like this because I know not everyone can get these things but the chances of you having options or having items within each option it’s pretty darn high okay so chia pudding super high soluble fiber gonna keep you super satiated 2 to 4 tablespoons of chia seeds alright 4 tablespoons of coconut cream that’s coconut milk in the can okay high fat high calorie stuff here one scoop of protein powder again whey protein pea protein collagen protein then 3/4 of a cup of almond milk that’s gonna actually be the liquid then it solidifies and then a quarter teaspoon of turmeric trust me it sounds crazy but it helps it so that the Omega threes get utilized you have to take my word for that there’s science to back that up ok put it in the fridge let it sit for 20 minutes boom you’ve got chia pudding great breakfast number three if you have access to meat and I will tell you right now the grocery stores around where I live are limiting ground chicken they’re limiting ground turkey but there seem to be ok with ground beef so 3 to 5 ounces of ground beef or ground turkey then you can take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to cook the meat that is to reduce the heterocyclic amines effect just trust me on that then we have a half a cup of spinach I want you to saute that down I say that because quite honestly you can get canned spinach but realistically most of the grocery stores are doing just a ok on produce right now trust me I’ve been checking it out smoked salmon as an all to the beef okay if you want extra protein you can add smoked salmon just make sure it is smoked sockeye salmon very important then two hours later optional snack fat snacks you can have a fat snacks cookie okay so one fat snacks cookie again I’ll put a link down below for fat snacks because they are the title sponsor on this entire challenge and you got to have a little bit of a treat in terms of this got a stay happy right lunch here are the options number one two times chomps six I’ll also put a link down below so you can get discount on chops those are like grass-fed grass-finished beef sticks then a half to one cup of frozen broccoli frozen is better trust me on this minerals vitamins are preserved better broth preferably bone broth with 1 tbsp of ghee melted into it so you’re making a higher calorie broth and then one ounce of macadamia nuts either on the side or in the soup the broccoli goes good in the soup too you’re basically making a again beef broccoli soup that actually tastes pretty darn good option number two one can of chunk light tuna okay plain and simple very very basic two tablespoons of mayonnaise hopefully avocado mayonnaise if you can’t get your hands on it not the end of the world a 1/2 a cup – 1 cup broccoli once again an alternative would be Brussels sprouts because it’s a higher vitamin C content 130 milligrams of vitamin C and a 150 gram serving epic epic amounts per overall serving size then one ounce of macadamia nuts once again or if you’re feeling frisky you can sub that out for one fat snacks once again if you just really just need a treat but I don’t recommend you do that every day number three one can of sardines hopefully in water but if you have to get it in oil make sure it’s all avoid and seed or soy oil if that’s the case throw it away go for another option okay one and a half ounces macadamia nuts 10 to 15 tabs of chlorella I say chlorella because it’s a way to get greens in if you can’t get your hands on things another thing would be to use like a daily greens like athletic greens or some other kind of greens powder that you like to use optional take out here’s the thing right now a lot of places are open for take-out but I’m also noticing a lot of people leaning on that more they’re using it as an excuse to just get takeout right now the could backfire on a lot of society right now restaurants are actually doing okay right now quite honestly their overhead is super low right now because they don’t have a lot of staff but people are still ordering takeout like mad we should really back down on that however optionally you could do a lettuce wrap burger as an option for take-out and have yourself a little treat I want you to take your supplements with lunch okay two to four hundred milligrams of magnesium these are my numbers you need to find your numbers if you want to follow my guidance this is just my personal preference and what I do I can’t give you specific numbers to follow two to four hundred milligrams of magnesium okay vitamin d3 you should be taking in my opinion vitamin C and then 300 milligrams of coenzyme q-10 all to help with immune function and antioxidant effect in the body then we move into dinner really quick what’s important to note a quarter cup of sauerkraut and kimchi or kimchi with each meal whichever one you pick okay very important that’s digestive effect that’s probiotic effect on your gut remember 60 to 80 percent of your immune cells are in your gut three to five ounces of meat once again I recommend butcher box Parmesan cheese because it’s aged and it’s not going to have as an inflammatory effect one cup of frozen veggies two tablespoons of almond butter and one to two tablespoons of flax which I know you can get your hands on right now this is stuff I’ve vetted out okay option number two again you’re making a salad this time if you only have like beef sticks to chopsticks chop them up put them on some salad do a couple tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and some lemon juice or something like that along with two tablespoons of flax or Chia drizzled on the salad super simple but it’s an easy salad that you could probably get your hands on the ingredients for number three one can of chicken so this is like wild Planet has canned chicken try to find a canned chicken that doesn’t have modified food starch but again a lot of people have this laying around if it does have food starch not the end of the world still use it in this case you’re gonna make a patty out of this so 1/4 cup of almond flour 3 tablespoons of mayo and spices and then you’re gonna make it mix it up into patties and press it down okay then you’re gonna broil it until it gets a little bit crispy then Brussels sprouts on the side once again probably about a half to a full cup of Brussels sprouts pre bed optional dinner here this is your treat you can do either two fat snacks okay or you can do six ounces of Greek yogurt okay six ounces of Greek yogurt and you can put a little protein powder in it now we’re gonna move really quickly into the fasting day and I’m just going to touch on this briefly if you want to do intermittent fasting and enhance your results you could potentially enhance your immune system even more because you up regulate what’s called cert three you up regulate different genetic processes in your body that activate basically the antioxidant effect of your body so alternate day fasting so you fast every other day and every other day you’d fast for 20 hours which means you’re gonna on your non fasting day eat normally just like this if you do eat carbs Adam to dinner but otherwise just eat just like this okay then every other day that you do fast you’re gonna fast until 3 to 4 p.m. ok then you’re gonna break your fast with a shake or chomps or lean meat no fat when you break your fast ok then 1 to 2 hours later you’re gonna choose one of these lunch options ok that’s all you’re doing ok and you’re gonna add sauerkraut to it but you’re gonna increase the volume of food by 25% so what that means is if you were to normally do let’s just say hypothetically here one can of chunk light tuna you’d probably do a little more than a can ok you do a can and a quarter more can and a half you’re increasing everything by 25% simply because you’ve been fasting most of the day you need to get your calories in somehow ok and that’s pretty straightforward sauerkraut like I mentioned and then pre bed give yourself a dessert treat 4 ounces of yogurt add some protein to it and it’s unsweetened yogurt and add a fats next to it it’s like ice cream if you put the yogurt in the freezer for a little bit and let it get kind of crispy and kind of cool and then put a fat snacks cookie in it you feel like you’re treating yourself pretty good you have to have a little bit of variety and a little bit of life in this like crazy ordeal that we’re in right now then for the workout session this is what I want you to follow me keep this very abbreviated but I want you to do at least have something in a fasted State no matter what you have control of your schedule right now no variables no social obligations nothing crazy right so you can do this in a fasted state I want you to do upper body high-intensity interval training if you can get your hands on a kettlebell or get your hands on some battle ropes all I need you to do is 15 minutes 10-15 minutes of upper-body hit okay so you just gonna do if you have battle ropes do some crazy battle rope motions and then rest for a minute and then do some more if you have kettlebells do single arm kettlebell swings and get that upper body movement going because that puts more of an effect on the cardiovascular system because is it’s harder for your heart to pump blood into your arms in your legs because you have more sort of vascular pressure okay so that that means is your heart has to work harder heart rate gets higher studies have shown you get more of a heart rate up with upper body hit so if you’re just doing bodyweight stuff at home it’s a lot easier that way then every hour I want you to make a mental note to do as many reps as possible with push-ups just drop that’s what I’ve been doing okay I’ve been making jokes that everyone’s gonna have over developed shoulders and overdeveloped chest because everyone’s doing push-ups right now but every hour just drop and do as many as you can there’s no excuse not to and then on your fasting days feel free to follow the workout that I posted last week okay I posted a full body workout that’s just using dumbbells or a kettlebell super easy not the coolest workout in the world but it’s something that you could totally do on your fasting day with minimal equipment and then I want you to use this time to take 15 minutes to do some foam rolling this is what I’m doing I’m doing a lot of mobility work this time if you follow this structure things will work out and I do encourage you to check out fat snacks I do encourage you to get them because honestly hey they’re a brand that actually has inventory right now be it’s a heck of a better sweet treat than a lot of the other options that are out there and see they’re big supporter of this whole challenge and I want to give back to them plus they’re making it easy for everyone to get them ok right now we have it right at our fingertips to make good choices do not let stress get to you we have got this so make sure you’re joining that Facebook group that’s linked down below okay it’s down below in the description make sure you’re joining in for the live broadcast and follow this in document tag me on Instagram do this have some fun with it we’re gonna make it the best challenge ever simply because it’s impromptu and it’s what we all need right now so I’ll see you at the next live broadcast and make sure you’re rockin it 

This Post Was All About ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan).
ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan)

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Let’s all do this together and stay in shape during this chaos!
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ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan) – Thomas DeLauer

Despite this chaotic situation we find ourselves in, our diets – and our spirits – shouldn’t have to suffer. So that’s why I’ve created this 30-day isolation weight loss challenge that we can all do together! We’re all sitting at home and it’s difficult, I know. So for this, I’ve designed a limited food variety meal plan, with a workout + 3x live streams during which you can interact with me to bring us all together during this difficult time. Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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