Is Your Computer Destroying Your Vision

Is Your Computer Destroying Your Vision

Is Your Computer Destroying Your Vision

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did you realize that your computer could be destroying your vision an average person will spend over seven hours in front of their computer and digital devices and I’m totally guilty I probably spend maybe 12 hours a day in front of my computer so this can really affect your vision and it could affect your vision from several mechanisms okay one is the LED light this artificial light is not full-spectrum it is very specific to a blue light which is a short high-energy wave which is very irritating to the eyes and LED lights can actually raise cortisol they add stress to the body just like the other lights that you have in your house that are florescent that can increase cortisol I would highly recommend that you replace some of your lighting system around your office with a full-spectrum bulb that can actually decrease some of the effects from the blue light also I would recommend getting some eyewear that can filter out the blue light at least 50% of it and you’ll find there’s just a lot less strain when you actually on your computer I would just get the one that’s none magnified the one that is just a filter for blue light all right the next point is the ciliary muscle of the eye so here’s the front of the eye right here and here’s the lens there’s a little muscle called the ciliary muscle there on both sides that help to shape the lens to help you focus so you can focus in near or far now when you’re sitting in front of your computer close up the ciliary muscles are in a state of contraction can you imagine contracting your muscle for seven hours that would create a lot of fatigue wouldn’t it well just think what’s happening in the eye your lens is being abnormally shaped because of the imbalance in the contraction and relaxation so here’s what you need to do go outside at least a half hour a day and start looking at objects in the distance okay I do this all the time I go for a long walk but when you walk sometimes I’ll see people there actually have earphones you’re looking at their cell phone they’re listening the music they’re in their head but what you want to do is you want to just look at objects in the distance okay for at least a half hour or a more that’s going to provide relaxation very simple it’ll help take the strain out of the eye the last point I want to bring up is carotenoids okay carotenoids are phytonutrients there’s certain pigments in certain colored vegetables cruciferous it’s in squash it’s also in egg yolks now the plants use the carotenoids to protect against certain light sources like the Sun well when you have enough carotenoids in your body it can also help protect the eye against the UV radiation from the Sun as well one thing I noticed is a lot of people wear sunglasses when it’s sunny all the time and that’s fine but just realize that you need some Sun that goes into the I not like staring at the Sun but enough Sun to help recharge the pineal gland you’ll find that you’ll sleep better you might want to try that if you have a habit of wearing sunglasses all the time alright guys that’s it for this video thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed 

This Post Was All About Is Your Computer Destroying Your Vision.
Is Your Computer Destroying Your Vision

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Did you realize that your computer could be destroying your vision? In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how this problem occurs. An average person will spend over 7 hours in front of the computer or any other digital devices which can affect the vision in several mechanisms.
1. LED Light – It is very similar to blue light which is a short high energy wave – not full spectrum. It can also increase cortisol or stress in the body.
2. Ciliary Muscle – sitting in front of the computer and focusing on the screen causes the ciliary muscle to contract.
3. Carotenoids (Phytonutrients) – Plants help protect itself against radiation. If you have enough carotenoids in the body it can also help protect the eye against the UV radiation from the sun as well.

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