Is Whole Wheat Bread REALLY Better Than White Bread?

Is Whole Wheat Bread REALLY Better Than White Bread?

Is Whole Wheat Bread REALLY Better Than White Bread?

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hi guys dr. Burke here in this short video we’re going to talk about the difference between whole-wheat bread and white bread is there a difference well let’s first talk about the glycemic index that’s the scale on how fast these foods turn into sugar and raise your blood Sugar’s okay basically they’re almost identical there really is no difference they’re both highly glycemic so they actually turn into sugar pretty fast and they also will increase the bad cholesterol so that’s one thing so when people tell you oh yeah half whole-wheat is gonna it’s very low in the glycemic index it’s really not it turns into sugar pretty fast the thing about whole-wheat because it has more stuff in it is less refined sometimes they have to put more preservatives in there too to make it last longer or mold will set in or bugs will come in to start to set in there so that’s another problem and then also both of these things have gluten and gluten is the things the protein wheat that really destroys the intestines and gives you all sorts of types of illnesses like celiac and diverticulitis and Crohn’s and all these digestive inflammatory conditions so gluten is highly inflammatory and it can affect your joints arthritis and especially your gut right here also whole wheat has a phytic acid phytic acid is a chemical that prevents the absorption of minerals calcium magnesium potassium iron all these minerals that are supposedly in that wheat bread it are going to be blocked so if you were going to eat bread Ezekiel bread is a lot better so that’s a sprouted bread so at least that gets rid of this it has less gluten and it’s asking a little lower on the glycemic index even though I don’t recommend it I mean if you’re going to have some occasionally it’s a lot better Ezekiel bread you can find it at any grocery store in the frozen section but it’s a it’s a sprouted bread okay now as far as the nutritional profile even the whole wheat bread what happens is they grind it into flower and that flower has to sit on the shelf and within six days you lose a lot of the nutrition so unless you’re going to grind the bread yourself and make the bread chances are the nutrition profile is not as high as you think all right yeah and as a side note if you enjoy these videos if you’re getting benefit from these videos that I’m doing I really appreciate you clicking the link below and leading me a unbiased review on Google+ so click the link below and just share what you what you think about the videos and how it’s helped you thank you so much 

This Post Was All About Is Whole Wheat Bread REALLY Better Than White Bread?.
Is Whole Wheat Bread REALLY Better Than White Bread?

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Dr. Berg discusses the difference between whole wheat bread and white bread. There is not much difference between the two.
Ezekiel bread is better, but if you’re trying to lose weight, hold off. Both white and whole wheat both have the same glycemic index rating. Both will also increase your bad cholesterol. The gluten that creates so many problems are also in both.

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