Is Tapioca Fiber Keto?

Is Tapioca Fiber Keto?

Is Tapioca Fiber Keto?

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I wanted to create a video in tapioca because I’ve gotten this question over and over and over again is tapioca keto friendly let’s take a look at it where does tapioca come from well it’s a starch that comes from the cassava plant and if you think about how many carbohydrates it has it’s quite high in fact the carbohydrates from cassava flour is 25% more than white wheat flour now if we compare tapioca flour not fiber which we’re gonna get to in a second with almond flour and we compare a fourth of a cup with tapioca you’re getting 27 net carbs but with almond flour you’re only getting three and that carbs so you could see that tapioca can get out of control very very fast but now I want to show you something that’s very very interesting because recently you’ll see this ingredient in a lot of so called keto friendly products or snacks or bars or powders or recipes soluble tapioca fiber it sounds pretty safe right and soluble tapioca fiber is the same exact thing as prebiotic tapioca fiber which is the same thing as organic non-gmo tapioca fiber well this may not be organic but it’s usually not GMO because they don’t grow cassava GMO but all these are very very similar if not the same now here’s the problem when you do research on this right here you’re not going to find hardly anything out there especially of the the glycemic index which you are going to find is tapioca fiber is a very big common source for I M o isomalt o illegal saccharide this is a common sweetener so called kita friendly fiber sweetener and a lot of the ingredients that you’ll see in fact I used to recommend it in one of my videos until I found out it creates some problems so I no longer recommend it I didn’t know it at the time because if when you did research on it it didn’t have some of the studies that they have now but isomalt oligosaccharide has the same glycemic effect as glucose and dextrose does so on the glycemic index glucose is at a hundred okay sugar like table sugar is between 65 and 70 so IMO is a hundred on the glycemic index it is way up there it will spike your blood sugar so when you’re consuming acai bowl tapioca fiber which sounds very very safe because it’s a fiber and in fact if i’m not mistaken they can even list it as the fiber which could be a hidden source of a lot of carbs and you don’t even know it now the reason that they use it is because it makes the dessert taste really great and sweet and it gives it a nice texture and it’s very very convenient because it comes in a syrup and it’s you can mix it up and it comes out beautiful if you’re making cookies or certain keto desserts the source of most of this is from China but the big problem is when you actually are using this ingredient it’s very similar to using just straight glucose or dextrose it’s not even that you’re using sugar cable sugar you’re using something that is worse than sugar so if you want to stay keto friendly and stay in ketosis I would recommend staying away from not only tapioca flour but definitely tapioca fiber and if you want a video on some better sweeteners check out some of these videos on the screen hey I just want to say thank you so much for your attention are you watching this content I really appreciate it and I would love your feedback as an unbiased review I put a link down below so go ahead and click it and tell me what you think about this content you 

This Post Was All About Is Tapioca Fiber Keto?.
Is Tapioca Fiber Keto?

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Tapioca fiber may be in your so-called keto-friendly products, but is it actually a keto-friendly ingredient?


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Today we’re going to talk about tapioca, and I’m going to answer the question, “is tapioca fiber keto-friendly?”

Where does tapioca come from?
Tapioca is a starch that comes from the cassava plant.

It’s actually quite high in carbohydrates. In fact, the carbohydrates from cassava flour are 25% more than white flour.

If we compare tapioca flour to almond flour, this is what we find:

• 1/4 cup tapioca flour — 27 net carbs
• 1/4 cup almond flour — 3 net carbs

There is an ingredient found in many so-called “keto-friendly” products called soluble tapioca fiber. Soluble tapioca fiber is the same thing as prebiotic tapioca and organic non-GMO tapioca fiber.

Soluble tapioca fiber is a big source of IMO, which is a common sweetener. I used to think this was fine, but I no longer recommend it. More recent studies show that IMO has the same glycemic effect as glucose and dextrose. It’s actually worse to use than sugar. If you want to eat keto-friendly foods and stay in ketosis, you may want to stay away from tapioca flour and tapioca fiber.

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Check your keto products for tapioca fiber, you may want to stay away from it if you’re trying to stay in ketosis.

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