Is Red Meat Good or Bad?

Is Red Meat Good or Bad?

Is Red Meat Good or Bad?

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in this video I want to answer the question is red-meat actually good for you or bad for you now if you watch the news where you read the news or you’re on the internet you’re gonna hear that it is very bad for you it’s gonna cause cancer it’s gonna cause diabetes it’s going to give you a heart attack okay because there’s studies that show that right well the next time someone tells you that or you hear that or you see that in some article follow up and ask either ask the person what was the study you’re referring to or even if they actually do a an article pull the string and actually read the actual study because what you’re gonna find out it will be something called an observational study okay that’s based on a question here so it’s like asking a large group of people over the last five years what they ate and first of all how do you know if it’s the red meat that’s causing the cancer and not all the other foods that they’re eating okay so it’s actually ridiculous it’s not even a good study to do to prove anything okay and also they will never do Studies on grass fed red meat okay or organic red meat it’s always going to be probably on some processed meat and they’re not going to differentiate this because if they did they would find that consuming organic grass fed red meat does not cause cancer diabetes or heart problems so they won’t do that study so the truth is that studies don’t show this link okay now it is true that there are certain toxins or toxicity when you overly cook red meat or other meat okay but if you don’t overly cook your meat and you don’t deep-fry it and you’re doing it medium rare or rare you’re going to be in much better shape also if you add mustard to that hamburger or meat or garlic or rosemary or pepper basil oregano and other herbs you’re going to greatly minimize that toxic effect okay that being said I want to switch over to another situation in which read me would be a problem and that is this if you if you have too much iron okay too much iron is very very toxic to your body so I would highly recommend the next time you’re at your doctor’s office have them test iron because if it’s too high it can be very dangerous also if it’s too low it’s very very dangerous because iron is a strong oxidant so it oxidate things that kind of rust things out it can affect the the heart it can affect the brain it can affect the liver and cause cirrhosis it can even cause cancer now the problem with iron is your body has a real hard time getting rid of iron now if you’re a woman and you’re menstruating you’re going to be able to get rid of it every month but if you’re a guy or you’re postmenopausal you’re gonna tend to hold on to that iron and it could be a problem now there are certain genetic problems that even make it worse like this one hemochromatosis beta thalassemia and sickle-cell in which case donating blood might be a really good idea because you can actually get rid of the excess iron are you gonna feel a lot better now I put a link down below of a video that I did to show the symptoms of iron overload and what you should do but one of the remedies would be EDTA this is the key later and this can pull out iron it’ll pull out other minerals but you can put other minerals back in just don’t put back in the iron you may also want to modify what you cook your food in like if it’s a iron skillet for example you might want to replace that also check your supplements I do not recommend consuming supplements with added iron because you don’t need to do that if you want to get your iron in your deficient a little bit of red meat would be fine or actually liver will be fine but in the supplements they’re usually giving you the wrong type and it can be a bit toxic over time also if you drink a lot of alcohol or you’re an alcoholic that can exaggerate this problem even worse or if your food is fortified now if you’re doing the ketogenic diet you’re not doing grains so you don’t worry about it but if you’re new to my channel and you’re consuming breads and pasta and grains and you live in the US or Canada or the UK those are fortified with iron and that’s pretty toxic anyway I just wanted to create a video on red meat because it’s not a simple answer there’s a couple parts to it so step one don’t overly cook your meat step two do grass-fed organic just ignore these studies if you’re doing this right here because they’re not real studies and the next time you’re at your doctor’s office just make sure that you get your iron check just to make sure it’s not too high alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Is Red Meat Good or Bad?.
Is Red Meat Good or Bad?

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The Toxic Effects of Excess Iron:

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In this video, we’re going to talk about red meat. Is red meat good for you, or is red meat bad for you?

 Many of the well known so-called dangers of eating red meat don’t seem to hold up. 

I don’t recommend consuming any processed meats. I recommend consuming organic grass-fed meat. Grass-fed red meat is not going to cause serious issues.

There are certain toxic chemicals that are generated when you heat protein, especially if you heat it with sugar on it like barbecue sauce. It’s best if you don’t overly cook red meat because the more you heat the meat, the more chemicals there can be. 

You can also lessen these chemicals by adding:

• Mustard
• Garlic 
• Black pepper
• Herbs (basil, hot pepper, oregano, rosemary)

People who already have excess iron may have a big problem with consuming red meat because it’s loaded with iron. Iron can accumulate and become toxic if a person consumes too much. If you’re consuming red meat and you don’t feel well after, you should have your iron tested because you may have iron overload. 
Iron can affect the:

• Heart
• Brain
• Liver 

Genetic conditions that can make iron overload worse:
• Hemochromatosis
• Beta thalassemia 
• Sickle cell

Action steps:
• Don’t overly cook meat
• Consume grass-fed organic red meat
• Get your iron checked
• If you have one of the genetic conditions above, you may want to donate blood
• Avoid: supplements with iron, fortified foods, alcohol, iron cookware

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