Is Kombucha Worthless? Kefir vs Kombucha for the Gut

Is Kombucha Worthless? Kefir vs Kombucha for the Gut

Is Kombucha Worthless? Kefir vs Kombucha for the Gut

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All right you go to la you're bound to see at least like one out of ten people walking down the street drinking a bottle of kombucha or you can be like lindsay lohan and claim that that's the reason your life's a mess so look i don't really know where to start with kombucha it's interesting in theory but i want to be able to take a .

Look at evidence-based nutrition evidence-based like stuff to really determine what's better kefir or kombucha like what's going on here well kefir obviously is dairy based okay it's like a kind of a liquidy creamy yogurt right it's drinkable yogurt whereas kombucha is made from water in what's called a scoby a symbiotic culture of .

Bacteria and yeast that they add into water and some sugar to allow it to ferment makes sense right okay well let's take a look at the research with kefir and in order to make this like a complete video i'm actually going to talk about yogurt and kefir because they're very similar and i want you to know the difference .

Between the two and then i'll talk about the kombucha piece okay so with yogurt okay dairy-based foods that are fermented are the only foods that can actually be considered probiotic right now okay so that means that they're the only foods that have clinical evidence demonstrating it can change the microbiome now that doesn't mean that .

Consuming something that's a non-dairy form of a fermented food is bad and i've covered that in other videos but i want to do a side by side here but before i get into the deep dive after this video check out thrive market they're today's video sponsor they're an online membership-based grocery store so they make it so that you can log on you can .

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Super easy at least does for me so they're a huge sponsor of this channel they have been for years and there's a 25 off discount link so you use that link get 25 off plus get a free gift so make sure you check them out after this video so the international journal of food microbiology demonstrated that having one serving of a lactobacillus .

Fortified yogurt for 20 days made a pretty significant impact when it came down to the level of lactobacillus within the gut now lactobacillus is a very important bacteria okay is what is called a lactic acid producing bacteria these lactic acid-producing bacteria can sort of have a cascade of positive effects they can affect levels of .

Proanthocyanins which can affect sort of how many antioxidants we make in our body long story short they have a long tail effect on the body it's the kind of bacteria we really want to promote now additionally a study that's published in the journal pharma nutrition demonstrated that four weeks of yogurt consumption led to a pretty significant .

Increase once again in lactobacillus and bifidobacterium with no change in the actual gut ecosystem negatively so it didn't like alter things a lot of times if you have one species coming in and dominating it's like throwing a wolf in a pen of squirrels it throws off like the ecosystem where now there's less squirrels and things like that didn't .

Seem to disrupt that which is powerful right we want more gut diversity without negative impact on the gut ecosystem so now you understand the yogurt side now what makes kefir different kefir is a more gut tolerant version of yogurt okay now kefir is unique is using non-lactose fermenting yeast and lactose fermenting yeast so two different kinds of .

Compounds two different kinds of cultures that are coming in hitting it from a different angle so it's like almost enhanced yogurt now kefir contains specific bacteria that increases the levels of galactosidase so galactoside is producing bacteria galactosidase hydrolyzes lactose okay that means that there's .

Less lactose in kefir than there is in yogurt which for people that have a sensitive gut could be very very powerful okay so a 60 increase in galactosidase and kefir over yogurt leading to about a 30 percent less level of lactose in kefir versus yogurt so if you're really trying to restore your gut yeah it might make more sense to go the .

Kefir route now what's cool is there's a study published in the journal of medicine and food that found that subjects that consumed 500 milliliters of kefir versus subjects that consumed 250 milliliters of milk ended up having a better result when it came down to h pylori eradication now with this study they were also utilizing antibiotics in .

Both groups so it was kind of an adjunct too but the 78 increase in eradication with the kefir group versus a 50 eradication in the milk group showing that kefir did play a role in restoring sort of that balance in the ecosystem within the gut so now we take a look at kombucha now we have to wonder if the reason that these dairy-based like .

Fermented foods are doing good because they have milk sugars and more like food and substance to feed on versus like a starter culture or a scoby put into water where they're just having to add sugar here's the interesting thing kombucha seems to have decent effects in in vitro studies now when it comes down to the in vitro studies they're .

Anti-microbial effects okay so we're noticing that it seems to be inhibiting like pathogenic bacteria in in vitro but the pathogenic bacteria like inhibition very likely couldn't be translated in vivo couldn't necessarily happen in humans the fact that like you can put kombucha into a petri dish and it has an anti-pathogenic effect that's pretty .

Cool but we just don't know if that's going to work in humans so are there really any clinical studies with humans no the research is pretty bleak now that may be because maybe it doesn't work and the stuff's not getting published or it could be because it's very hard to do and doesn't have the funding that say the dairy industry has .

To help support some of these things when you look at the compounds of kombucha obviously there's different forms of scoby but generally it's going to have lactic acid producing bacteria and also acetic acid producing bacteria which means just like kefir you're coming at it from both angles but the sustainability is the issue is it going .

To survive because usually what they have to do is have to add sugar into kombucha to allow it to sustain life and keep the bacteria happy so no real evidence there so when you're looking at apples to apples kefir is going to be better than kombucha especially when you factor in the sugar content right because most of .

The sugar in milk is going to be lactose and if you're breaking down the lactose by having the galactosidase that is hydrolyzing it then maybe you are having less of the actual sugar that's going to have a negative metabolic impact whereas most kombuchas that are on the shelf are going to be ones that are going to still have a fair bit of sugar like 20 25 .

Grams on some of them then when you look at one wild card that's called water kefir okay that's usually on the shelf next to kombucha that could be an interesting one because water kefir is utilizing the cultures that normally be used in kefir with like regular dairy kefir but applying it to water so that's the one that really doesn't have a lot .

Of research yet but could be promising if we can apply the same kind of benefits that we potentially get from kefir so in the order of how they work best seems to be yogurt with the most research kefir with a lot of research but also being better for people that are lactose intolerant or sensitive then we seem to have water kefir which is a .

Question mark with very little research but we can elucidate that it's good and then kombucha with very little research whatsoever so instead of lindsay lohan driving her car drinking a kombucha next time she should just eat a yogurt see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Is Kombucha Worthless? Kefir vs Kombucha for the Gut.
Is Kombucha Worthless? Kefir vs Kombucha for the Gut

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