Is it Bad to Crack Your Own Neck?

Is it Bad to Crack Your Own Neck?

Is it Bad to Crack Your Own Neck?

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in this video I want to answer the question is it bad to crack your neck okay you see people all the time they’re cracking their neck here’s the problem in your neck you have joints that are either hyper mobile that means they move too much okay usually in the mid part right through here and then you have other joints that are hypo mobile they’re moving too little they’re fixated so when you just yourself most of the time you’re gonna get the wrong one you’re gonna be adjusting the hypermobile joints and it’s going to get looser and looser and looser and it’s gonna cause the need to continue to do this over and over and over and over again now I got interested in Chiropractic College when I was in ninth grade my grandfather was a chiropractor he graduated in 1920 never met him and I don’t even know what chiropractors were so his ninth grade was in wrestling hurt myself mother took me to the chiropractor so I laid on this table I didn’t know what to expect he gave me an adjustment I got this incredible relief from this pain that I had so I set it pretty quickly and started talking to him about it and I decided right there I want to do this because the amount of a relief you can give people so I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor when I was nine great so when I got into school the last year you basically had to practice on each other so for the next year we became human guinea pigs for getting adjusted and of course when you first start out you don’t know what you’re doing so I have a lot of people working on me that are doing it wrong and it basically took me two or three years to recover from having severely hypermobile joints in fact I remember one time my roommate adjusted me the wrong way and my sinus got clogged up so I went into the clinic and had someone readjust it the other way and it just cleared right out so my viewpoint is this and I know that sometimes chiropractors get a bad rap you know once you go you also have to go but if you find a good chiropractor that is honest that knows what they’re doing that is very competent that can only adjust what you need to have adjust it there’s nothing better I remember after I graduated going back home and going to visit the chiropractor that used to work with my grandfather so he’s been a practice for something like 65 years right he’s an old-timer and he’s still in practice he’s pretty much treated everyone in town so I wanted him to adjust me and he laid me down he just put his fingers right down my spine went in there it was the most incredible treatment that I’ve ever had from any chiropractor so if you can find someone that’s competent it’s definitely gonna be worth it but here’s my viewpoint if you have to be treated over and over and over because that your T bro segment is not staying in place there’s usually something else going on either nutritionally or with the diet or referred pain if the gallbladder for example is a problem that can refer pain up to the right side and literally pull these vertebra out of place if your teeth aren’t fitting right because you went to the dentist and you have some teeth work and now they don’t quite close right that will put tension on your jaw and your neck and it can throw off the entire spine so there’s a lot of problems that can be referred there’s a lot of inflammatory things can happen for mold injuries this is why we do intermittent fasting in ketosis so instead of cracking your neck I would do more stretches and if it cracks in the process of stretching that’s totally fine anyway thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Is it Bad to Crack Your Own Neck?.
Is it Bad to Crack Your Own Neck?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about neck cracking. I want to answer the question, “is it bad to crack your own neck.”

In your neck, you have joints that are either hypermobile (move too much) or hypomobile (move too little). Most of the time, when you adjust yourself, you’re going to adjust the wrong one. This will cause you to feel like you need to keep popping your neck over and over. 

If you can find a competent and honest chiropractor, there is nothing better. 

If you have to go back for a chiropractic adjustment over and over, there may be another issue. It could be something with your diet or from referred pain. For example, if your gallbladder is a problem, it can refer pain up the right side and pull certain vertebrae out of place. 

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