Is Fasting the New Antidepressant?

Is Fasting the New Antidepressant?

Is Fasting the New Antidepressant?

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now could fasting be the new
antidepressant I actually think so there’s minimal side
effects there’s a lot of positive amazing things that can happen your body
that go way beyond just losing weight and getting rid of your hunger but in
this video we’re going to talk about a study that I found but I’ll put the link
down below that’s actually very very fascinating it involves improving your
mood so in the study they found that the orexin signaling activity has increased
now what is orexin signaling activity mean orexin is a chemical in the body
that will increase wakefulness okay so you’ll feel more awake if you’re
depressed you’re not very awake so this is a very uplifting higher mood
sensation also this will increase dopamine which makes you feel better
also it’s associated with happiness because low levels of this chemical will
cause sadness and so many people when they start doing a fast and they get
past the first part where they have to convert into ketones just start feeling
really really good and they feel happier for sure so number two fasting can
increase endorphin release endorphins give you the sensation of euphoria which
is a pleasure sensation and also endorphins decrease pain a lot of people
get rid of their inflammation and pain when they do fasting there’s something
about pain that actually makes you depressed as well next thing that it
will increase I’m not going to give you a chemical name but it’s CREB dash T F
this compound signals certain genes that increase serotonin it’s been associated
with people with a major depressive disorder so when they test people with
severe depression they find this factor is low and fasting will increase it okay
next thing it increases is something called BDNF this is brain derived
neurotrophic factor basically what that is
it’s miracle grow for your brain it helps you grow new brain cells
so all these factors can be stimulated just by fasting I mean take a look at
the flipside the psych drugs are required to put a black label it’s
because there’s some serious serious side effects
not to mention covering up the real cause of the problem and as you start
taking it in a depressant you need more and more of it because it doesn’t work
as well and then you have to add another one and before you know it it doesn’t
work anymore so why not try something that is so safe that seems to be very
very effective and it’s natural there’s some other things you can do as well
fish or cod liver oil filled with DHA and EPA is known to have an
anti-depressive effect vitamin D is known to reverse depression choline and
whole eggs and by the way choline is in whole eggs okay because this is involved
in brain chemistry and there’s a lot of great nutrients in whole eggs that can
also improve your mood your curcumin is a very powerful antioxidant that can also
help and also there’s some research on a high-fat diet that can help someone
who’s depressed and if we take a look at the opposite effect on a low-fat diet
that’s when you actually increase the risk of depression and other cognitive
problems thus the ketogenic diet right if you’re new to my channel and you
don’t know how to do intermittent fasting check out this video I put it
right here 

This Post Was All About Is Fasting the New Antidepressant?.
Is Fasting the New Antidepressant?

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Could fasting be the new antidepressant? I think so, and here’s why.


0:06 Intermittent fasting 
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Today we’re going to talk about fasting as a potential natural antidepressant. There are a lot of positive and amazing things that can happen in your body from doing fasting that go way beyond just losing weight and getting rid of your hunger. 

I found a fascinating study that involves fasting improving mood. Here are a few things from the study:

1. They found that orexin signaling activity increases. Orexin increases wakefulness, it increases dopamine, and it’s associated with happiness. 

2. Fasting can increase endorphin release. Endorphins increase pleasure and decrease pain. 

3. Fasting can increase CREB-TF, which signals certain genes that increase serotonin. 

4. It could increase BDNF, which can help you grow new brain cells.

Other things you could do to potentially help with depression:
• Fish/cod liver oil (DHA, EPA)
• Vitamin D
• Choline 
• Whole eggs 
• Curcumin 
• High-fat diet 

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Thanks for watching! Consider giving fasting along with these other tips a try for their potential natural antidepressant properties.

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