Is Exercise a MUST for Keto Success?

Is Exercise a MUST for Keto Success?

Is Exercise a MUST for Keto Success?

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hey guys I’m back in today we’re going to answer the question is exercise really a must for keto ok well first let’s talk about weight loss diet like an a healthy keto plan contributes to 85% of your progress with weight loss ok and exercise is only going to give you 15% so it’s a very small percentage but there is benefit in to doing exercise to actually hit your goal however exercise has a lot of other benefits alright number one it will increase oxygen okay to your brain to your heart throughout the entire body that’s kind of important it decreases stress it’ll increase your fitness okay your dexterity your performance if you’re doing a specific type of sport alright number four tone it’s gonna be really hard to get tone if you’re not exercising alright number five is one of the most important points and that is overcoming atrophy if you’re female and you’re going through menopause you probably experienced this thing called atrophy it looks like fat but it’s really a loss of muscle so many women as they’re going through menopause experience atrophy due to the adrenals not backing up the ovaries if the adrenals are overworking and they’re already tired going in the menopause they have this spike in cortisol and cortisol is a very catabolic hormone in other words it breaks down muscle protein mainly in the thighs and the butt and it converts that into fat around your gut a lot of times this appearance of cellulite is really not cellulite it’s actually a loss of muscle protein so you’re gonna have to exercise over a period of probably a couple years to reverse that it’s important to know that because if you think it’s just fat and you’re doing the die over and over you’re gonna be very frustrated because you’re not going to see any change so you have to actively work those muscles over and over over a period of time and because the adrenals are involved your recovery is is very very important too so when you exercise you go through a certain duration of exercise and a certain intensity in a certain recovery so if you have an adrenal problem you’re going through menopause the key is to keep your duration or time of exercise very short your intensity very high and your recovery very long okay so that’s the pattern that you want to follow versus getting on the treadmill for a long period of time moderate intensity short recovery so you’re not going to see any change with that so it’s also important not to over train so if you’re working out like once a week to start out is actually really good and then twice a week not even three times a week unless your recovery is really really good so I just wanted to bring this point up right here so it’s impossible to get muscle mass if you’re not exercising so if you’re trying to put on muscle mass exercise is going to be essential blood sugar improvements exercise helps insulin resistance so that’s another benefit alright number eight exercise helps sleep I know when I exercise I sleep so much better alright number nine joints flexibility getting rid of stiffness vital I know between the ages of 25 and 43 I did not work out much myself and I got really really stiff I neglected that exercise and now that I’m 44 you know implementing exercises really helped my flexibility and I’m being totally sarcastic because I’m 54 I’ve been exercising for a bit of time okay so number 10 blood flow in general so not just exercise but all the nutrients in your blood you’re going to push that through the body you’re gonna push it through the kidney through the liver through the brain to the heart so that’s a benefit and lastly cardiovascular benefit the heart is a muscle so if you’re working it you are going to exercise it it’s going to improve now I know this might be hard to believe but some people actually have a resistance to exercise that they don’t even like it in fact they might hate it okay for those people I recommend walking maybe they like dancing so that would be something they can do hiking is a really good exercise and I think for most people hiring a personal trainer is a necessity because a personal trainer can really push you a lot further than you can push yourself alright guys thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About Is Exercise a MUST for Keto Success?.
Is Exercise a MUST for Keto Success?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question – “Is exercise really a must for keto (ketogenic diet)?” Diet contributes 85% of the progress with weight loss, and exercise is only 15%. But then, there are benefits of exercise for your weight goal.

Benefits of Exercise
1. Increases oxygen
2. Lowers stress
3. Increases fitness
4. Tones
5. *Atrophy
6. Muscle mass
7. Blood sugars
8. Sleep
9. Joints / stiff
10. Blood flow
11. Heart

If you have an adrenal problem, the key is to keep the duration of exercise very short, the intensity very high, and the recovery very long. It is also important not to overtrain.

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