Is Diabetes Reversible?

Is Diabetes Reversible?

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so i had a question recently can you actually reverse diabetes and the answer is it depends on if you understand diabetes okay because realize and we’re mainly talking about type 2 diabetes okay now type 1 is an autoimmune and i’m not going to make any claims that that can be reversed but i’m not going to say that it can’t be reversed with the right treatment but in this video we’re talking about type two the actual mechanism or the pathology of diabetes type two has to do with something called epigenetics okay so if you understand this then you can reverse diabetes type two the term epigenetics means above genetics so even if you have a genetic weakness that your family is passed on to you that can increase the risk of you getting diabetes epigenetics is about lifestyle and there’s certain things that you can do with your lifestyle and your diet and your stress level and exercise and things like that that you can control and keep these genes from expressing certain diseases so is it reversible well if you attack this problem at this level can you reverse it with medicine i don’t think you can you can just manage it and this is why the main focus of diabetes is the management of your blood sugars as well as minimizing the complications from diabetes so they’re going to give you medication and other advices to manage your blood sugars as well as give you other medications if there’s other complications that occur whether it’s high cholesterol high blood pressure etc my thought is this if you were to attack it at this level and really understand that diabetes is a blood sugar problem you have high blood sugars right and instead of trying to lower the blood sugars just lower what’s causing the blood sugar to rise in the first place which is carbohydrates it’s mind-boggling to me even when you look this up on a medical website or even you talk to the medical profession or you look under wikipedia and you find there’s very minimal emphasis on the key thing that the person needs to do to really put this diabetes into a state of remission so obviously if you lower the carbs you’re going to lower insulin you’re also going to lower something called insulin resistance if you’re new to my channel you need to watch the links below when we’re done here because these are all the things that raise insulin that then cause you to have insulin resistance that then cause you to become a pre-diabetic and then an actual diabetic etc etc so we want to reverse this by eliminating any and all reasons why you have high blood sugar in the first place so obviously you want to eliminate sugar refined sugar now it’s interesting if you take sugar cane with all its vitamins in there and you consume that so you’re having the same carbohydrate with the nutrients you’re going to have minimal side effects from diabetes so even though you might get diabetes you have very minimal side effects because it’s the vitamins and nutrients and trace minerals and phytonutrients that mitigate or inhibit the complications of chronic disease they lessen the symptoms so that’s interesting i’m not telling you to do that but you just should know that high carb diets especially when they’re refined in nature will lead to this problem right here high fructose corn syrup is is probably the number one i should have put it right here it’s very very void of any nutrients and it’s just it’s just terrible vegetable oils soy corn canola cottonseed oil they’re omega-6 they create inflammation they lead to insulin resistance this is huge right here starches the potato chips the french fries the rice the white rice all will create blood sugar problems certain medications like statin drugs beta blockers anti-anxiety anti-depressive drugs can actually increase insulin to certain diuretics and the big one is the glucocorticoids the steroids that are involved in all sorts of conditions that you’re trying to drop inflammation in fact i know of a gentleman that developed his diabetes after he took steroids from other some other condition so that’s a big one and then chronic stress can also lead to a blood sugar problem and eventually diabetes this is a long answer to a short question yes you can reverse it if you never want to understand it and number two if you attack the epigenetics as a primary cause before you go if you have a question about a product or you’re new to keto and you want to know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the us hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the number down below so you can call and get some help

This Post Was All About Is Diabetes Reversible?.
Is Diabetes Reversible?

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Of course, when the word “REVERSE” is used, we are talking about REMISSION. Remission is as close to the word cure we can get since medically this word is forbidden.


Insulin Resistance:

Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes? Here’s what you need to know.

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In this video, we’re going to talk about a question I get a lot from my viewers, can you reverse diabetes? The answer is: it depends.

We’re primarily talking about type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune problem. Type 2 diabetes is a problem that has to do with epigenetics. If you understand this, you may be able to do something about type 2 diabetes.

Epigenetics means “above genetics.” This is all about lifestyle choices, like diet, exercise, and stress. You can control and keep your genes from expressing certain diseases with epigenetics.

Most people don’t focus on the key thing that’s causing T2 diabetes—carbs. You have to lower your carbs to support healthy and normal blood sugar levels.

Lowering your carbs also lowers your insulin, which lowers your insulin resistance.

There are 7 main things that cause insulin resistance:
1. Sugars (especially refined)
2. High carbs
3. High-fructose corn syrup
4. Vegetable oils
5. Starches
6. Medications
7. Stress

You should always attack type 2 diabetes at its core by focusing on these seven things.

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