Is Coffee Okay for a Fatty Liver?

Is Coffee Okay for a Fatty Liver?

Is Coffee Okay for a Fatty Liver?

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so we’re gonna answer the question is it okay to drink coffee if you have a fatty liver okay well actually coffee has a lot of final nutrients that are beneficial to the liver so it’s not a bad thing for Fredi liver what’s bad about coffee is non-organic coffee if it’s not organic it is filled with so many pesticides and insecticides and fungicides and herbicides you want to avoid that because the liver is all about detoxifying chemicals and we don’t want to add them back in there these chemicals are very oxidizing which means they increase inflammation okay and then lead to cirrhosis now there’s different types of a fatty liver you have fatty liver that actually comes from drinking too much alcohol and then you have a non-alcoholic fatty liver and there’s different types one type would be just a fatty liver another one would be fatty liver plus inflammation which then leads to cirrhosis so there’s several types there’s several ways to figure out if you have a fatty liver ultrasound biopsy which is invasive an MRI is a lot better than a biopsy but an ultrasound might be the best way to determine if you have a fatty liver or not now if you look up information about a fatty liver it’ll say that fatty liver is one factor of the metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome or syndrome X has several things it has high triglycerides low good cholesterol HDL so-called good cholesterol a central obesity visceral fat that in your belly high blood pressure and high blood glucose but in reality if we add a fatty liver here all of these are symptoms of high insulin so if you have a fatty liver there are things that are really important and things that are trivial I’m gonna tell you the most important things that fat on your liver is not coming from eating fat it’s from eating carbohydrates and consuming things like trans fats and even vegetable oils like soy and corn that’s GML so the most important thing is to reduce your carbs especially fructose and any form the other thing that can really help you is something called choline you can get this as powder choline will strip the fat off your liver it just so happens that egg yolks are really high in choline the tain hydrochloride is really good for the liver as well of stripping fat off the liver a lot of greens as in vegetables can help you and then of course in a minute fasting keeps your insulin low so your body can use the fat off the liver as fuel so what happens with a lot of people is that they are consuming too many carbs they have high blood glucose and all this glucose has to go somewhere so it’s being converted into fat into the fat cell and there’s a point where your fat cells get so stuffed it leaks out and it spills over and around the fat cells and it starts building up around the organs and so the body will start shoving it into spaces around the the abdominal cavity around the viscera around the the belly and then also in the liver as well so we have this super saturation of fat throughout the entire thoracic cavity and in the cavity down here in your gut so when you see people with a belly you know there’s also that fat on the liver as well what’s interesting is that 9 out of 10 diabetics then are overweight have a fatty liver why is that well because they all have high blood glucose that’s why okay so in termina fasting very very important vitamin E is very important because the amount of oxidation that’s occurring with the high sugar okay so the high sugar is very oxidative to the arteries to the liver cells so if you take enough high-quality natural vitamin E that can greatly help reduce the complications of the fatty liver and definitely slow down the cirrhosis which is a scar tissue because once you have the cirrhosis very difficult to undo that and reverse that and you pretty much get on the liver transplant list when that happens so the best thing to do is to avoid that and prevent it so in summary the liver is a really important organ in detoxification so we don’t want to start putting more chemicals in there do your organic coffee personally I do coffee I do one small cup in more alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Is Coffee Okay for a Fatty Liver?.
Is Coffee Okay for a Fatty Liver?

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Today I want to answer the question, “is coffee okay for a fatty liver?”

Coffee actually has a lot of phytonutrients that are beneficial to the liver. So, it’s not a bad thing for a fatty liver. But what is bad is non-organic coffee.

Non-organic coffee is filled with chemicals you don’t want, like pesticides. These chemicals are very oxidizing, which increases inflammation. The liver is all about detoxifying, so you don’t want to add those bad chemicals back in.

The fatty liver is one factor of metabolic syndrome. Some symptoms of metabolic syndrome are:

• High triglycerides
• Low HDL
• Central obesity
• High blood pressure
• High blood sugar

But, if you add a fatty liver to the mix, all of these are also symptoms of high insulin.

If you have a fatty liver, the most important things you need to try are:

1. Choline (will strip the fat)
2. Betaine hydrochloride (will help strip the fat)
3. Reducing your carbs (the fat is coming from carbs)
4. Leafy green vegetables (great for the liver)
5. Intermittent fasting (keeps the insulin low so your body can use the fat for fuel)
6. Vitamin E (can help reduce complications and slow down cirrhosis)

The liver is a really important organ in detoxification, so don’t start putting those bad chemicals back in there. Drink organic coffee, and try to limit yourself to one small cup of organic coffee in the mornings.

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