Is Coffee Bad for the Liver?

Is Coffee Bad for the Liver?

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so I had another question that someone wanted to know is coffee bad for your liver okay well actually and I’m gonna list the studies down below it’s a paddle protective it actually has the ability to protect your liver the liver is about 3.3 pounds the size of a football it’s located right here it’s one of the largest organs that you have second to the skin and it does a lot of things it filters toxins it’s involved in blood sugars it helps make bile its stores fat soluble vitamins its main job is to detoxify though but it has a total of about 500 functions and coffee has the capacity to protect liver cells and even decrease liver enzymes so what is in coffee that can benefit the liver it’s the phyto nutrients plant-based chemical antioxidants okay it contains a lot I listed several right here and they can help you regulate bile they have anti-inflammatory effects increasing vitamin D stabilizing blood sugars reducing insulin anything that reduces insulin is going to help your liver because one of the causes of liver damage is high insulin if you have a phytonutrient that can help minimize that damage it can improve the liver cells and it’s interesting because coffee actually has more antioxidants than tea even green tea and even red wine and if you’re thinking what about when they roasted aren’t they destroying the enzymes actually when you roast the bean you increase the antioxidants which is quite interesting but realize that when you grind the coffee bean okay and it’s exposed to oxygen you lose a lot of the antioxidants so if you’re going to consume coffee make sure that the time spanned between when you’re grinding the coffee and you’re actually drinking the coffee is not too long because oxygen can destroy these phytonutrients okay so now you get all the positive things about coffee there’s a few negatives okay number one caffeine caffeine can stimulate this sympathetic nervous system that’s the flight-or-fight that’s like activating your dreams okay so this can greatly decrease your ability to sleep and that can create a whole series of issues how much coffee do I recommend personally I would recommend doing one cup in the morning okay not before bed so if you drink in the morning obviously it will actually give your system and your liver a chance to break this down so you can actually sleep at night but if you’re drinking too much coffee you can get an over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system I mean if you ever see the long lines at Starbucks there’s people drinking coffee all day and all night so if you have fatigue and you’re tired all the time and you’re drinking coffee to stay awake you’re kind of covering up an underlying problem that you should fix and if you do have a Teague I put a link down below of what causes that so you can fix that but so many people are using coffee to stimulate and boost their energy but they end up wearing out the part of the autonomic nervous system and then they have issues down the road okay all right chemicals the coffee bean is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world so there’s so many chemicals that are sprayed on these coffee beans so just do organic coffee problem solved alright last point is this the more caffeine you consume the more depletion of certain vitamins specifically vitamin b1 calcium and potassium so if you’re consuming too much coffee you’re gonna have to put those vitamins back alright so that’s the end of the video and now I want you to comment below and tell me how many cups of coffee do you consume per day and how large are those cups of coffee so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About Is Coffee Bad for the Liver?.
Is Coffee Bad for the Liver?

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Cause of Fatigue:
Dr. Berg answers the question, is coffee bad for the liver. Coffee is hepatoprotective, which means it has the ability to protect the liver and liver cells and even decrease liver enzymes. The phytonutrients (or the plant-based chemical antioxidant) in the coffee are the compounds that can protect and benefit the liver. One of the causes of liver damage is high insulin. Coffee has a lot more antioxidants than green tea and red wine and when the beans are roasted it increased the antioxidants.

Functions of the Liver: (It has a total of 500 functions)
• It is involved with blood sugars
• It helps make bile
• It stores fat-soluble vitamins
• It’s main job is to detoxify

Health Benefits of Phytonutrients
• Help regulate bile
• Anti-inflammatory effects
• Increasing vitamin D
• Stabilizing blood sugars
• Reducing insulin

Negative Points about Coffee
1. Caffeine – It can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (Fight or Flight) that can decrease your ability to sleep.
2. Chemical – The coffee bean is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world.
3. Deplete Vitamins – the more caffeine you consume, the more depletion of vitamins (vitamin B1, calcium and potassium).

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