Intermittent Fasting & When Do I Exercise

Intermittent Fasting & When Do I Exercise

Intermittent Fasting & When Do I Exercise

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hey guys I had a question about intermittent fasting and when to exercise okay so let’s just talk about this for a second you know the whole goal is to drain out the excess fat that you have right other goals would be just to feel better and get fit but maybe mainly people want to lose weight and so they’d start adding in a minute fasting ketosis and they start adding these things typically the big mistake is adding too many things too fast in other words trying to go to two meals a day run off the bat and exercising on top of it and they crash and burn so I think the the ideal indicator to know if you’re doing it right is how you feel when you start to exercise and you actually go through it your legs heavy do you feel tired do you feel like I can’t go on or do you feel like you have to reserve it you can do it that’s the best indicator to know that you’re being able to handle it as far as the timing goes I don’t suggest if you’re doing cardio or interval interval training to do it early in the morning if you’re going to wait if you’re in the fast period because you’re going to deplete your glycogen Reserve and if you’re not ready for it you have to adapt to it you’re going to feel you’re going to get really hungry okay and you’re going to feel light-headed hypoglycemic type reaction so I always recommend doing the exercise unless here really really fit just before the meal during the the eating period okay between the first and second meal the first second and third meal or just like me I exercise right after the the last meal of the day okay that’s perfect because you have the glycogen reserve you have the food there to satisfy so you have the energy to work out okay now this is are you going to burn more fat verses here versus here there’s a couple studies and you can burn a little bit more fat if you workout in the evening because of the the sleep cycles okay it’s not that significant so but it’s a little bit more some people need to add more protein when they workout like they’re not doing any any protein at all so when you workout you break down your protein you’re supposed to build up if you don’t have the amino acids if you don’t have the protein there you can feel a little bit weird so you want you may want to adjust the protein a little bit or even add a meal if you feel really kind of ravenously hungry and you can’t handle your just going too fast okay that’s all so some people add creatine okay so which is a it’s a it’s a supplement that you can add to improve recovery I like it it’s good if you want to actually improve your recovery if you’re trying to maybe develop more muscle mass you can add that and it doesn’t necessarily have to be with the meal okay I hope that answered that question and put your comments below hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you report

This Post Was All About Intermittent Fasting & When Do I Exercise.
Intermittent Fasting & When Do I Exercise

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Intermittent Fasting and when to exercise. The big mistake is to do things too fast. Adding exercise on top of intermittent fasting too quickly can cause the crashing of blood sugars.

As far as the timing goes. I do not recommend high-intensity interval training or cardio too early, instead of waiting until just before you eat, during the eating period or just after is best to prevent a major drop in blood sugars (hypoglycemic symptoms) and severe hunger.

Some people need more protein when they work out. Or add a meal if you are not ready yet and even add creatine to improve recovery.

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