Intermittent Fasting | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Fast | Fasting Tips -Thomas DeLauer

Intermittent Fasting | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Fast | Fasting Tips -Thomas DeLauer

Intermittent Fasting | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Fast | Fasting Tips -Thomas DeLauer

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we’re always looking for that next best thing right we’re always looking for ways to improve whatever we’re doing we’re always looking for that next little piece of cutting-edge science that we need to take it to the next level well what I’m going to give you in this video is five surefire ways to accelerate your fast I’m not talking like harebrained random fat loss stuff I’m talking about true scientific data that can actually help you get more out of your fast so without further ado five ways to accelerate the heck out of your intermittent fasting regimen but hey you are tuned into the Internet’s and leading performance nutrition and fat loss Channel new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos in between please make sure you hit that little bell icon because it will help you turn on notifications so you can get a little ping on your phone every single time I post a new video that’s gonna help you out alright so let’s get down to it without further ado the first one is high-intensity interval training during your fasting period whoa whoa whoa wait that’s a little extreme right okay I want you to flip everything that you know about kind of fat loss and all that stuff on its head for a second because the whole purpose of fasting is to actually put stress on your body the stress is what’s helping you burn fat the stress is what’s helping you adapt the stress is what’s helping you gain benefit so we actually want a hard workout we want to trigger more of that stress you see it all comes down to catecholamines that’s the operative word here I talk about it all the time right catecholamines are things like adrenaline and norepinephrine and epinephrine they things that we normally think are bad but they’re actually good you see the epinephrine the adrenalin that stuff that actually stimulates lipolysis that triggers fat-burning to occur and that’s exactly why when we’re fasting we have so much fat loss because adrenaline increases because we’re stressed out because we’re not eating at least physiologically maybe not mentally now when it comes down to high-intensity interval training we’re doing the same thing we’re triggering stress on our bodies so we want that quick acute stress it’s gonna allow us to burn more fat now there was a study that was published in the journal amino acids that puts this into perfect context you see they took test subjects and they had them perform at six second intervals with 30 second rest periods and what they found really interesting when they compared that to a control group that was just doing steady-state cardio you see during the time of their intervals they had an increase of plasma epinephrine levels by six point three X so six point three fold increase in plasma epinephrine levels and even more when it came to nor epinephrine norepinephrine they had an increase of 14.5 X so huge huge increases when it came down to their adrenaline response and guess what they had a progressive increase with every single interval that they did so for each time they did an interval they had more of a catecholamine response meaning ultimately they were burning more fat but things get even cooler you see we have more adrenaline receptors in our abdomen than anywhere else in the body which means that we have more potential to burn specific belly fat through fasting and high-intensity interval training so you don’t need much time you could trigger a lot of stress in a short amount of time during your fast so you just need five or ten minutes during your fast and it’s a surefire way to accelerate your intermittent fasting all right now let’s move on to number two okay this is an interesting one because it’s none that I normally wouldn’t be talking about too much and that’s increasing your protein intake during your eating window you see it all comes down to the thermic effect of food see the Journal of obesity published a study took a look at 12 test subjects and what they had these subjects do is swap out some of their calories for a 30% increase in protein so their calories were the same they just swapped out where they had 30% more protein than they were having before but what they ended up finding at the end of the study is that when they increase protein they ended up having an increase between 10 and 14 and a half percent when it came down to their thermic effect of food so their metabolism basically increased significantly because their core body temperature elevated to break down the protein now this is kind of old science ok we do know that protein allows you to you know get a little bit more of that metabolic effect and it simply comes down to the fact that it’s harder to break down about 20% of the calories that you actually consume from protein end up being devoted just to the digestion of said protein so again kind of old science but when it’s applied in an intermittent fasting way you get a double whammy effect you do need a little bit more protein at the end of your fast because you’ve gone the whole day without having approached so if you want to maintain some muscle sure you need a little bit of protein so might as well have a little bit more and also get the fat burning effect so what I would recommend doing is swapping out some of your carbohydrates for a little bit more protein if you’re not doing keto and if you’re doing keto maybe add in about 15% more protein but still keep your fats nice and high too don’t worry too much about calories that is not as applicable at the end of an intermittent fasting day as it is on a normal diet day the third way to accelerate your fast is one that you should not ever go without and that is utilizing green tea green tea in an unsweetened state during your fast is one of the most powerful ways to improve auto Fujii you see otology is that cellular recycling it’s where cells take old components of themselves and recycle them consume them set the cell becomes stronger now the journal PLoS ONE published a study that found that with green tea hepatic etapa G increased there is an increase in what are called Auto phagosome in the liver okay just by adding green tea now when you couple that with fasting which already improves autophagy you have a double whammy powerful effect at getting a little bit more on top of G out of yourself now it doesn’t just stop there because on top of you is great for longevity we all love that we all love feeling stronger being cleaner being healthier but it gets even better you see there is an improvement in what’s called lipid clearance and what this lipid clearance was there’s basically the body’s mobilization and movement of fat specifically through the autopsy process so basically through the autopsy process you’re getting rid of some of those fats moving them out of the cell and allowing this process to occur now lastly there is a big increase in what is called ampk now I’m not going to go super overboard in biochem here but ampk is something that is released in your body whenever you’re having to tap into your body’s existing stores okay example whenever you have gone without eating for a period of time and your body starts to use fat that’s stored or starts to use carbs that are stored it’s relying on itself and it has to increase AMPK AMPK cascades into a bunch of other great things that encourage more fat loss and encourage a bunch of positive effects exactly what we’re looking for with fasting so when it comes down to green tea and fasting you probably know of dr. Jason Fong now dr. Jason Fung is pretty good friend of mine and honestly he’s published some amazing articles when it comes down to intermittent fasting and long-term fasting but he also created something known as peak T crystals okay these things are really cool I’ve talked about them in other videos there’s specific fasting T’s so they are formulated by dr. Jason Fung for the very reasons that I was explaining case of the increase in ampk the improvements in Auto Fuji and the cool thing is is these RT crystals okay so it’s not like it’s just a typical TV these are put into crystals so you can just add it into even cold water or hot water and it just mixes instantly and you’re getting all the benefits so the cool thing is they have a ginger form so a ginger green tea and then they have a matcha so you can pick whichever one you like but the cool thing is it’s in that crystal form so it just mixes right with water and makes it easy so the cool thing is is that dr. Jason Fung actually reformulated the matcha version so now it’s using super high-quality ceremonial grade matcha with super high levels of l-theanine in it now if you’ve seen my videos i’m the–and you know that Fenian helps calm you down so that means during the fast you’re not gonna be as antsy it’s gonna be easier to abstain from food but also he added peppermint into it so by adding organic peppermint you’re also getting an additional appetite suppressant with some calming properties so it’s really nice for people that are unaccustomed to the taste of matcha which can be pretty powerful because it has that essence of mint in it so it makes a little bit easier to get down kind of tastes like mint green tea ice cream so super powerful stuff it’s gonna help you get through your fast in a significantly easier way so I want to make sure that you check them out they’re down in the description we have a special discount again for all of my fans or anyone that’s watching this video and they’re also doing an autopsy fasting challenge in February you’re gonna want to check them out and keep your ear close to the ground on what they have to come here in February so again after you’re done watching this video check them out special discount you honestly don’t want to miss these they’re going to improve your fast whether it’s a long-term fast or an intermittent fast all right now let’s move on to the fourth one which is good old-fashioned apple cider vinegar you see there’s a lot of reasons to like apple cider vinegar when it comes down to fasting it all comes down to the acetic acid side of things there are actually some studies that found it’s the acetic acid apple cider vinegar that really has the magic you see acetic acid has actually been shown to improve gene expression of very specific genes that end up affecting light geneq enzymes so what that means that apple cider vinegar and the acetic acid that’s in it ends up turning on sort of a genetic switch to allow more fat metabolizing enzymes to appear so we’re really affecting it at the genetic level which means that you’re fascinating just became more powerful simply by adding that into the mix and a CV is okay to have during your fast as far as I’m concerned now the other cool thing we want to factor in with apple cider vinegar is the increase in what’s called uncoupling protein one uncoupling protein one has really been just discovered in the last few years or at least really investigated in a more deep sense you see what uncoupling protein one does is it takes white fat and converts it to brown fat white fat is just the storage form of that okay it’s not cool it doesn’t do anything it’s just there in your body making you look pretty much unsightly okay around fat is all about the thermic effect brown fat actually has metabolic activity it’s brown because it has blood flow so it’s darker it keeps you warm it’s actually what allows you to stay insulated in a true metabolic sense so if we can migrate some of our white fat over to brown fat we actually improve our metabolism and uncoupling protein one is at the root of that so that’s exactly why apple cider vinegar is so powerful during a fast and last but certainly not least number five is going to be utilizing a sauna during your fasting periods again back to the root of trying to instill extra stress in the body we need the stress but fasting is more than just the stress you see the stress triggers what are called heat shock proteins the whole idea behind heat shock proteins is they allow the body to sort of consolidate what needs to be taken care of basically these are proteins that are released that tell the body hey we’re under stress so here we are as a protective mechanism to help scavenge free radicals and make it so that the body really prioritizes what it needs to do so what’s really cool is that heat shock proteins chaperone amino acids so what that means is that it’s going to preserve your muscle mass how does this accelerate your fast well more muscle more metabolism which means you’re gonna burn more fat during your fast so you don’t want to lose your muscle so heat shock proteins from fasting take amino acids and they put them to the right place so they actually save your muscle they make it set the amino acids go to the muscle and actually trigger repair that’s why saunas are so powerful after work out so you want to do your high intensity interval training then you go sit in the sauna and you have a perfect combination there it really does just come down to trying to trigger stress these heat shock proteins sense that there’s a lot of heat so their whole goal is to protect they okay this person is definitely in a serious time of stress let’s do what we can to protect preserve and make it set there’s no other harmful stuff going on so these are like the most amazing soldiers you could possibly have in your body but they only get activated when you’re under extreme stress so it’s kind of like having the Special Forces that only get sent out whatever there’s something that actually needs them it’s like SEAL Team six for your body they go out they scavenge free radicals they protect your cells they protect your house that’s what you want but they’re also gonna chaperone and shuttle the amino acids to where they need to go it’s like a hostage situation that’s getting taken care of the amino acids that are being held hostage elsewhere get chaperon it’s a really amazing metabolic war that happens in your body that actually allows you to burn more fat and feel better hey as always if you have ideas for future videos let me know and please please please help support this channel by taking advantage of the peaky crystals that you can get down in the description below look forward to seeing you next video and thanks again for watching

This Post Was All About Intermittent Fasting | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Fast | Fasting Tips -Thomas DeLauer.
Intermittent Fasting | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Fast | Fasting Tips -Thomas DeLauer

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Intermittent Fasting | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Fast | Fasting Tips -Thomas DeLauer…

HIIT Cardio to Spike Adrenaline:
A study published in the journal Amino Acids had 12 healthy men complete a resting control trial and a trial consisting of ten 6 seconds cycle ergometer sprints interspersed with 30 seconds recovery, in randomized order found that with sprinting, plasma epinephrine increased 6.3-fold, whereas norepinephrine increased 14.5-fold at the end of sprinting. The significant catecholamine response to HIIE is in contrast to moderate, steady state aerobic exercise resulted in small increases in epinephrine and norepinephrine. With each sprint in a HIIT program, there was more and more release of norepinephrine and epinephrine. While HIIT creates a robust catecholamine release (epinephrine and norepinephrine), regular aerobic exercise causes a small increase in epinephrine and norepinephrine release. As we know, these stress hormones are known to drive lipolysis, and epinephrine in particular drives release of fat from muscle and subcutaneous fat (the fat beneath your skin). In fact, there are more adrenaline receptors in the abdomen than the subcutaneous fat, suggesting that HIIT may be particularly good at getting rid of abdominal fat.

Higher Protein Intake & Thermic Effect:
TEF, or the thermic effect of food, is basically the energy expended by the human body to process food – it’s also known as specific dynamic action (SDA) or dietary induced thermogenesis (DIT). The thermic effect of food can vary quite substantially, but protein is actually the hardest food for your body to process and utilize. While carbs are made up of simple sugars, which break down relatively quickly, proteins are much more complex molecules. The process of dismantling these chemical bonds and reducing the proteins to their component amino acids takes longer, so protein foods take longer to digest. Therefore, your body wastes around 20% of the calories in protein in its processing and the release of heat. Pepsin is the active protein-digesting enzyme of the stomach – when pepsin acts on the protein molecule, it breaks the bonds that hold the protein molecule together, called peptide bonds. Since we know that the prefix ‘poly’ means ‘many,’ a polypeptide is many amino acid units joined together. These polypeptides then move into your small intestine, where digestion will be completed by additional enzymes. In the small intestine, pancreatic enzymes that we previously learned about, called trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxypeptidase, go to work breaking down the polypeptides. These enzymes enter the duodenum via the pancreatic duct and these pancreatic enzymes are helped by the brush border enzymes. Brush border enzymes are special enzymes found on the microvilli of the small intestine that complete digestion. The peptide bonds holding the polypeptides together continue to be hydrolyzed, or broken down, and result in smaller units called peptides.

Fasting Teas (Green Tea) – EGCG & Autophagy:
A study in the journal PLoS One found that EGCG increases hepatic autophagy by promoting the formation of autophagosomes and by stimulating autophagic flux in hepatic cells. EGCG increases phosphorylation of AMPK, one of the major regulators of autophagy. Also observed that lipid droplet within autophagosomes and autolysosomes and increased lipid clearance by EGCG.

ACV – Enhanced Fat Loss:
The main mechanism by which acetic acid intake suppresses body fat accumulation is believed to be due to the up-regulation of fatty acid oxidation. In one study, researchers analyzed for SREBP-1, an enzyme that regulates gene expression of lipogenic (fat manufacturing) enzymes and PPARalpha, a gene that regulates fatty acid oxidation, in the liver, where almost all acetate in the portal circulation is metabolized. Researchers found that PPARalpha gene expression in both the high and low-dose groups was significantly up-regulated. Uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2), which plays a role in thermogenesis (metabolizing fats to produce heat) was also elevated

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