Intermittent Fasting: 5 Reasons to Workout DURING your Fast

Intermittent Fasting: 5 Reasons to Workout DURING your Fast

Intermittent Fasting: 5 Reasons to Workout DURING your Fast

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working out during your fasted period has so many advantages there’s so many different things that go on inside your body during a fast it just makes sense to work out during that period of time now I’m not just talking about working out in a fasted State in the morning I’m talking about even if you’re intermittent fasting work out during your fasted window even if it’s towards the end of your workout I’m going to explain exactly why and this is going to help you get a stronger comprehension of what you’re really after with your intermittent fasting protocol or just your fasted workouts in general hey but first we have new videos just about every single day now a day so I want to make sure you don’t miss out and hit that red subscribe button but then also hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications know whenever I go live or post a new video I also want to make sure you check out put your box if you eat meat if you eat beef if you eat chicken anything like that you have to check out butcher box literally grass-fed grass-finished me high quality stuff for significantly less cost than what you pay at the grocery store so it’s a no brainer so meat delivered right to your doorstep plus there’s a special price for anyone that watches my videos so that link is down below in the description high quality stuff and it’ll all make sense even more when you watch this video so check them out after we go through the details alright here we go number one reason why you should be working out in your fasted state is something that you all want and that is more fat loss plain and simple when you are fasted you will burn more fat it all has to do with what is called your intra maya cellular triglyceride content what that means is you have fat that is stored inside your muscle tissue not just adipose tissue but in your muscles like actually in their weaved in with your fibers okay it helps with lubrication it helps with energy supply all this stuff now there is a study was published in the Journal of physiology ok took a look at individuals and it had them workout at 75 percent of their vo2 max ok so a pretty decent workout divided into two groups one was an overnight fasted group that’s it just overnight and the other group was fed okay they ate before their workout and what they found was that there was three times as much or three times more excuse me I had a little scratch there three times more intra Maya cellular triglyceride util is ashin with the fasted group so they burned three times as much of the fat that is inside the muscle tissue what does that mean the fat that’s in the muscle tissue will first get burned up and then your body will pull from other stores and put it in to the muscle tissue to get used again so it’s a cycle adipose tissue it’s a muscle to getting burned so now we’re getting burned and utilized three times the rate simply because we’re fasted but here’s what’s really cool glycogen resynthesis was three times more what that means is after the workout people when they ate ended up utilizing three times more in the way of the nutrients to restore glycogen so if you ate before your workout your post-workout meal was less effective okay whereas if you fasted before your workout your post-workout meal was ultimately three times more effective that’s powerful now scientists believe that it’s hormone sensitive lipase related what that means is basically the epicenter for all fat loss and lipolysis and fatty acid metabolism hormone sensitive lipase that epicenter gets activated when your fasted and when you’re working out it gets activated even more so it’s a double whammy effect okay so the number two reason you’re gonna want to be working out in a fasted state during your fast is you build more muscle okay it doesn’t matter if your man or woman want to build a hundred pounds of muscle or five pounds of muscle you will build more now it all has to do with something known as p70 s6k okay so we’ll talk about it but the European Journal of applied physiology published a study that broke it down really well they took a look at two workouts fasted and fed once again and they found that the fasted workout had a big increase in p70 s6k phosphorylation I’ll explain what that means in a second basically they found that because this genetic trigger was activated more it made it some of the post-workout meals were much more effective so basically it increased this p70 s6k post-workout after the post-workout meal so they found that p70 s6k helps with nutrient utilization helps us take in the nutrients right so what ends up happening is if p70 s6k isn’t that elevated our cells don’t absorb as much of what we eat post-workout but a p70 s6k is elevated we get more out of the protein utilization which means we get more protein synthesis so we’re talking two times as much p70 s6k which leads to two times as much protein synthesis after a workout that’s huge so the fasting group ended up having twice as much protein synthesis you have to be working out in a fasted state if you want your post-workout meal to really get you double the benefit so it’s almost like if you’re going to eat before your workout I may kick myself for saying this later but you’re almost better to not workout I mean you’re not getting much I mean you’re getting a caloric burn and you’re setting the pace for yourself so maybe that’s not true but the reality is you get a heck of a lot more so it almost makes a Fed workout seem useless number three you get to take advantage of less fat cell sensitivity what does that mean well there was a study that was published in BMC genomics a while ago that found that you’re less likely to store fat in the morning so what that means is that in the morning your muscle cells are very insulin sensitive meaning your muscle cells will absorb all kinds of cool things proteins carbs what you want right whereas in the evening your fat cells soak up a lot more so in the morning your muscle cells commandeer most of the absorption your fat cells actually don’t take up a whole lot so it’s a lot harder to build or gain fat in the morning than it is in the evening so if you’re in a fasted state and you workout then you are more than likely going to be having that muscle sensitivity which means when you do eat your post-workout meal you have less likelihood of a little bit of fat going to storage let me make some more sense of this after a workout if you get a small amount of omega-3s like again let’s say you’re eating good quality grass-fed grass-finished meat that’s high omega-3 okay if you eat that post-workout the small amounts of omega-3 that’s in that meat actually triggers an exponential amount of protein synthesis omega-3s trigger muscle growth and protein synthesis quite dramatically normally you wouldn’t be able to get a whole lot of that in because fats tend to store when your insulin sensitive so normally if you were not in a fasted state your post-workout meal would have to be exceptionally exceptionally lean because the fat would very likely get stored if you are fasted you have more flexibility after your workout it means that therefore you can utilize this Omega 3 trick you can have a little bit of fat with your nice grass-fed burger okay you can this increases protein synthesis multiple times through therefore lets you build muscle but also keeps you lean in a process that normally would cause you to not be lean okay now we talk about auto fuji okay autophagy is big with fasting it’s a buzzword and quite frankly it’s overused al-tofah G is a powerful thing it is our cellular recycling we’re worn out parts of a cell essentially get recycled in a survival of the fittest sort of mechanism so it’s really cool stuff and it’s a big benefit of especially a longer term fast now the journal autophagy found that exercise induces autophagy within the peripheral regions of the body so we’re talking peripheral cells like skeletal muscle and liver things like that so exercise actually induces it predominantly cardio do your cardio in a fasted state okay doing cardio in a fed state is like I can’t even find a comparison it’s just not worth it like you get a caloric burn that’s it but you’re not getting a whole lot of metabolic benefit okay so exercise induces on top of G but it does so by decreasing coenzyme a coenzyme a ends up making it so that you metabolize nutrients when you’re fasting you don’t want nutrient metabolism you want your cells to be forced to go into Auto Fujii so if decreases in coenzyme a get you there then great your body’s gonna recycle cells versus trying to find nutrients also have a decrease in mammalian target of rapamycin that is the anabolic hormone okay that turns us into storage mode that decrease in mTOR turns on auto G import is the opposite of autopsy so if we decrease mTOR we increase that safa G then we increase a and P kinase so yep protein kinase what this is is it’s like the regulator that determines if you have fuel or not so if we have an increase in a and pk the body says oh wait there’s no fuel so we have to start storing or utilizing fat rather so it’s a very good thing as far as fat loss goes bad as far as otology goes and lastly if you’re trying to get a mental benefit from your workout long term not just for the day then you need to be doing a more intense workout in a highly fasted state it is like trust me you won’t ever turn back like the cognitive ability that you gain from it is so cool so hit already improves BDNF okay it does so by elevating a lot of lactate sling that in a second but if you do that in a fascist state that’s exacerbated even more so the Journal of Medicine and science and sport published a study they found that vo2 max increases were not correlated with an increase in brain derived neurotrophic factor but lactate levels were what that tells us is that it wasn’t about the intensity of the workout it was about the ability to cope with the stress of the intensity so the longer people were able to push it through an intense mode they had more brain development significantly more brain development we’re talking in 13 to 30% more huge and all has to do with the lactate levels if you are in a fasted state you are going to have to put up with more stress it is all about adaptation ladies and gentlemen if you deal with the stress your body gets stronger plain and simple so the ability to deal with the stress will end up giving you more brain-derived neurotropic factor which leads to neuroplasticity new neural connections new pathways making you sharper smarter calmer cooler collected but more Auto Fujii less fat sensitivity more muscle building and once again more fat loss so as always thank you for watching and make sure you’re keeping it locked in here on my channel don’t forget to hit that subscribe button see you guys

This Post Was All About Intermittent Fasting: 5 Reasons to Workout DURING your Fast.
Intermittent Fasting: 5 Reasons to Workout DURING your Fast

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Intermittent Fasting: 5 Reasons to Workout DURING your Fast – Thomas DeLauer

1) More Fat Loss

You’re exercising with your insulin and leptin levels at baseline, allowing for more fat burning to occur

Perfect study for this section is the intramyocellular lipids one, which shows the big difference between the two:

Study – The Journal of Physiology

During F but not during CHO, the exercise bout decreased IMTG content in type I fibres from roughly 18% to 6% area lipid staining

2) More sensitivity Post workout in order to build muscle

You can enhance this effect by working out fasted, which results in greater increases in p70s6k


Study – European Journal of Applied Physiology

Found: Increased p70s6k phosphorylation during intake of a protein–carb drink following resistance exercise in the fasted state – fasted training group saw a bigger increase in p70s6k

3) Get to take advantage of less fat cell sensitivity

Weight Lifting & Insulin

A study from the journal Diabetes found that strength training increases protein content of GLUT4, insulin receptor, protein kinase B-alpha/beta, glycogen synthase (GS), and GS total activity

Specifically, found that strength training for only 30 min three times per week is enough to see increases in insulin action in skeletal muscle

4) Cardio Increases Autophagy

It’s well known that fasting increases markers for autophagy (don’t yet have a direct way of measuring autophagy) and cardio boosts markers for autophagy as well

A study from the journal Autophagy found that exercise induces autophagy in peripheral tissues, such as muscle, liver, pancreas and adipose tissue, and in the brain


Fasting & BDNF

BDNF levels can be different in different places – you have blood BDNF levels, CSF BDNF levels (CSF is cerebrospinal fluid; a clear, colorless body fluid found in the brain and spinal cord) and BDNF levels in various brain locations

Fasting has been shown in many studies to increase BDNF – in fact, a study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry found that intermittent fasting increased the production of BDNF by 50 to 400%, depending on the brain region

Exercise & BDNF

Exercise induces neurogenesis, or the creation of new neurons – the new neurons are created in the hippocampus, the center of learning and memory in the brain

At a cellular level, it is possible that the mild stress generated by exercise stimulates an influx of calcium, which activates transcription factors in existing hippocampal neurons

The transcription factors initiate the expression of the BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) gene, creating BDNF proteins that act to promote neurogenesis

Thus the generation of BDNF is a protective response to stress, and BDNF acts not only to generate new neurons, but also to protect existing neurons and to promote synaptic plasticity

It has been shown that physically active people recover from mild depression more quickly, and physical activity is strongly correlated with good mental health as people age


it’s been shown that HIIT leads to greater increases in BDNF than LISS as it places more stress on the body:


A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise looked at the effects of HIIT vs LISS on BDNF levels in 15 volunteers

On separate days, two subsequent 30-min endurance rides were performed at 20% below the VTh (VTh – 20) and at 10% above the VTh (VTh + 10)

BDNF values increased from baseline after exercise at the VTh + 10 (13%) and the GXT (30%). There was no significant change in BDNF from baseline after the VTh – 20. Changes in BDNF did not correlate with VO2max during the GXT, but they did correlate with changes in lactate


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