Interesting Facts About Vitamin D

Interesting Facts About Vitamin D

Interesting Facts About Vitamin D

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hey guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about some uncommon facts about vitamin D okay I’m just very interested vitamin D so I create a video on it because I just think it’s interesting maybe you might as well vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium primarily by 20 times in your small intestine so without vitamin D you get a certain amount absorption but not near as much as if you have vitamin D that’s a lot of absorption going on there but a lot of times people don’t realize the vitamin D also increases the absorption of iron magnesium zinc and phosphate so these other minerals so it’s pulling a lot of minimal because of what it’s doing its mineralizing your bone and supporting the other tissues in the body with the minerals that you need okay so it’s kind of like a the dump truck that delivers the minerals to the right place okay but vitamin D has to be activated through an enzyme in your liver and in your kidney even the Sun that’s coming in you don’t really get vitamin D unless it’s converted into the liver the kidney so you need a liver and kidney to convert it and make it active so that means that if there’s liver damage kidney damage valley liver cirrhosis of the liver you’re on kidney dialysis chances are you’re not absorbing vitamin D okay it might be building up as a toxic thing but it’s not really doing its function also vitamin D is very important in controlling your immunity to viruses especially the lung okay so if there’s a respiratory virus but if you took some vitamin D that would put that thing right back in remission hopefully but yeah so controls the immunity especially in autoimmune diseases so if you have an autoimmune disorder where your immune system is attacking itself take vitamin D very important also vitamin D can turn off asthma symptoms really fast now the reason for that is that vitamin D is not really a vitamin it’s a precursor to making hormones specifically steroids specifically cortisol so basically it helps you make or sell there by you know helping be the anti-inflammatory effect of your lungs because think about what is the remedy for asthma it’s steroids it’s prendas oh it’s an inhaler so all you’re doing is you’re just naturally getting it from vitamin D now you’re building it back up vitamin D is important in making strong bones if your decision vitamin D your bones will be weak fragile they’ll fracture easily and they will little bend you’ll get both legs you have see people with both legs that’s about Emma d deficiency or even the bending of the spine some crookedness of the spine like come to punch back s vitamin D vitamin B also prevents musculoskeletal pain chronic muscle and skeletal pain so if you know people maybe your grandmother your parents that have always had this chronic pain and their joint to the muscle your stiff and achy start taking vitamin D okay get a lot of Sun as well so make sure when you take vitamin D you always take vitamin k2 at the same time why because vitamin k2 helps deliver that calcium all the way into the bone because if you only take vitamin d3 and calcium which is a big mistake because what’ll happen you’ll start pulling all this calcium bit up into the blood and you’ll get hypercalcemia okay so now what that means it’s like you’re getting a lot of soft tissue calcium we need that k2 to drive it in the bone so you want a combination of things how do you know if you have hypercalcemia increase excessive urination increased thirst insomnia nervous itching those are all symptoms of too much calcium in the wrong place and what’s interesting these are very similar to blood sugar symptoms as well like high insulin I wonder for the connection right so anyway I hope this was informative and put your comments below and thank you so much for watching hey I thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Interesting Facts About Vitamin D.
Interesting Facts About Vitamin D

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the uncommon facts about vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium primarily by 20x in the small intestine and it also increases absorption of iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphate to mineralize the bone and supporting other tissues in the body. But it has to be activated through an enzyme in the liver and the kidney. Vitamin D is very important in controlling the immunity to viruses especially the lungs and autoimmune diseases. Make sure to take vitamin K2 when you take vitamin D because it helps deliver the calcium all the way to the bone.

Possible Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency:
• Liver Damage
• Kidney Damage
• Fatty Liver
• Cirrhosis of the liver
• Kidney Dialysis

Importance of Vitamin D
• 20x increase absorption of calcium
• Increase absorption of iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphate
• Controls immunity to viruses
• Can turn off asthma symptoms
• Strong bones
• Prevents deformation of bones
• Prevents chronic muscle/skeletal pain

Vitamin D Deficiency
• Weak and Fragile Bones
• Bones Fracture easily
• Bowed Legs
• Bending of Spine

Hypercalcemia Signs and Symptoms: (Too much calcium)
• Increase excessive urination
• Increase thirst
• Insomnia
• Nervous
• Itching

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