Insulin Resistance & Vitamin C Deficiency

Insulin Resistance & Vitamin C Deficiency

Insulin Resistance & Vitamin C Deficiency

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hello dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about insulin resistance and vitamin C okay the relationship insulin resistance causes excessive amount of production of insulin so you have high insulin that’s a pre-diabetic State and it’s diabetes as well that will deplete your vitamin C reserves okay so vitamin C deficiencies not only can come from not consuming enough vitamin C from your vegetables but it can come from high levels of insulin okay so the primary target for vitamin C deficiency is the vascular system okay so take a look we got the blood vessel here and what happens is you have this little lining around the blood vessel it’s called the epithelial wall epithelium it’s a very tiny single cell wall of cells that allows exchange between the lymphatic system right on the outside of your blood vessel the function of this epithelial wall is fluid filtration so it filters fluids like electrolytes and fluids and if you think about it goes through the kidney and you filter blood as urine so this is what lines it as well to allow for the filtration so it’s a filtration it’s a blood vessel tone mechanism so basically has receptors for measuring blood pressure so vasoconstriction and vasodilation so that’s probably why insulin resistance will cause high blood pressure and a lot of people white blood cell defense so you have this lymphatic system here this is like the immigration stamp of approval so if it goes through there and you don’t get down stamp of approval from immigration you get this immune response and it creates inflammation in all sorts of a cascade of issues and really what happens when you become insulin resistant you create a problem with vitamin C so vitamin C can no longer build the collagen in certain places so therefore we don’t we have a little break in this cell this little wall right here because the collagen it’s all collagen then what happens we have an immune reaction and then it’s called a lesion it’s kind of like leaky gut but in the arteries so we have number one vitamin C deficiency that comes from high insulin and then we get the immune reaction inflammation and then it’s signals a band-aid from the liver called LDL it’s called bad cholesterol it’s not really bad it’s just LDL comes in there and starts to form a patch okay and then you have Caleta you have a calcium that comes in there that helps and other connective tissue and that’s really the chain reaction of events that happens when you get a clogged artery but it starts way over here unnecessarily people are targeting cholesterol being the villain it’s not it’s late in the chain of events it’s trying to help you and if you have any questions or confusions or doubts that it’s not cholesterol watch the video that I put down below that will explain it because your body makes 3,000 milligrams of Cluster every single day so you don’t even eat a fraction of that and so it’s that’s not the culprit it’s the refined sugar that’s like insulin that then create this whole cascade of problems this little wall right here the endothelium actually has properties that are anti clotting factors okay so what those get disrupted again it sets up the whole body to form a clot right here but it all stems from the slide of your C deficiency and if we take it earlier it’s high insulin so again it could be that you’re not consuming enough vitamin C from the diet or it could be this sugar okay so the foods that are high in vitamin C are the Greens of leafy greens of salads bell peppers have massive amounts of vitamin C chili peppers parsley cabbage even organ meats okay not that you’re going to eat that but that has vitamin C so you really want to get the best of both worlds you want to get enough at and C from the diet and you want to cut out the sugar another symptom the vitamin C deficiency is would be bleeding gums or like your gums are swollen peri down disease or spider veins I’ll do I’ll do a separate video just on that so number one fix insulin resistance and number two get enough vitamin C from your diet I’ll put some links down below if you if you need to know how to fix and some resistance thanks for watching hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About Insulin Resistance & Vitamin C Deficiency.
Insulin Resistance & Vitamin C Deficiency

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Dr.Berg talks about insulin resistance and vitamin c. Insulin resistance causes excessive amount of production of insulin, so you have high insulin and also cause vitamin c deficiency. Primary target for vitamin deficiency is vascular system. Vitamin C deficiency will decrease collagen formation, bloating, bleeding gums and spider veins. You want to fix insulin resistance and eat more greens, bell peppers, chili peppers, cabbage, parsley and organ meats to get vitamin C.












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