Important Tips on Reading Labels

Important Tips on Reading Labels

Important Tips on Reading Labels

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hey guys dr. Berg here listen I had another request about how to read a label how do I read labels so I’m going to do a quick little video and just scan through very quickly of what I focus on when I read labels I have my staff bring in a lot of their food which they consider totally healthy we’re just going to dissect it and take a peek so let’s go right to it so I’m going to go through some of these foods here’s some chicken right here so the first thing that I’m going to look at is the sugars this is one gram okay that’s cool and ingredients chicken breast meat water seasoning dextra that’s the synthetic sugar I don’t like that one okay so they got dealt a black pepper crushed pepper garlic onions I’m getting multi dextran I don’t like that soy sauce who knows what’s what’s in that soy another soy sauce dextran sounds a lot of kind of additional sugars but this is cool because it’s like one gram of sugar so you know I may eat it I don’t know but I had my staff bring all their food in they wanted me to evaluate it so let’s now talk about bacon okay so we got bacon here and here’s some bacon the first ingredient is pork water sea salt cane sugar cultured celery extract spice extract okay so it does have sugar in it but look at it a zero sugar so it must be less than one gram that’s pretty good I like that let’s take a look at this sugar free dry rub uncured pork bacon endorsed by paleo okay so no antibiotics okay that’s cool let’s see in the back Sugar’s zero so we got pork sea salt spices black pepper or feta gray nutmeg white pepper mace allspice okay so this is this is good this is good I mean I would like it if it was organic but still this is low sugar so this would be cooked good let’s go this year we got organic now look at the trailer it says organic vegetarian diet feed like that’s something special like would it be like animal feed but with a sheet like what would they do if it wasn’t vegetarian diet feed but the point is that they’re probably feeding the animal that the turkey some corn and soy but the good thing about this is if it’s organic that means it’s non-gmo feed so that’s a plus point no growth hormones added well I like that free-range which actually means nothing this is organic turkey breast and sea salt so this would be totally totally fine okay salad dressings okay Bragg’s this is the one that you got to read the first thing I look at is the sugars this is four grams of sugar so I higher than I would like with two tablespoons that’s actually I try to find one that’s a lot lower but this is what I want to look at mainly in the dressings what kind of oil so this is outside of vinegar purified water Organic mango purity that’s where the sugars coming from organic rice starch I don’t like that that’s probably a thickener apple juice concentrate I’m just scanning there’s a lot of different juices in here okay so it doesn’t have soy oil or corn oil or canola that’s cool so this would be totally fine unless you try to lose weight which it has the sugar so I probably would try to find another one that doesn’t have the sugars but the point is that you want to look for one without the soy oil okay mustard yellow mustard is is pretty safe forgot distilled vinegar mustard seed salt American spices perfect this is not a problem when I look for fishes fish not fishes fish the first thing I’m looking at is wild-caught I will not consume farm-raised so while caught is the best cod salmon so that’s what I’m going to do with that now as far as soy I’m sorry sour cream dairy what I’ll do is I’ll I want to look to make sure that it’s organic because again you have this cow that is fed soy and corn that’s GML so if it’s organic cream it’s non-gmo so that’s cool so this is all organic so this would be totally fine great sour cream okay let’s look at the Heinz organic tomato ketchup well at least it’s organic that’s good right but if we look at the sugars it is four grams of sugar but look at the serving size one tablespoon so that’s like four grams per tablespoon that’s a lot of sugar and you can see it’s from organic let’s say King now organic sugar so it doesn’t say it’s from cane sugar so it’s probably from beet sugar or something like that but who knows what when it’s from but I mean this is better than regular ketchup but still it’s too much sugar okay mayonnaise is another one that I want to talk about from Trader Joe’s and they have these at the health food store the cool thing is this brand mayonnaise has safflower oil egg yolks water lemon juice – still vinegar salt organic sugar they have the sugar in there mustard black pepper citric acid most of these mayonnaise has sort of soil but let’s look at how many sugars zero grams so this is very very small amount so this would be fine to consume so this is thank goodness that someone’s producing non-gm L a low sugar mayonnaise now get to the cheese we got the cheddar cheese right here the good thing from cows not treated with rBST that’s a hormone okay that’s cool but the other thing is that because it’s not organic that means that these cows were probably fed soybean and corn that’s GMO so that but they’re not added adding hormones so I would not this cheese okay because of that shot because they are exposed to a lot of that now here’s a Trader Joe’s has a lot of different great cheeses from other parts of the world and here’s an organic cheese that’s pasture raised that’s that’s the key word is pasture raised that’s what I want so this would be a good cheese I’m not going to look at sugar in the cheese I mean let’s see if we could see if there’s any sugar in here probably not let’s see sodium protein it doesn’t even count e carbs zero zero carbs yeah so you know it’s worried about that this is totally good this is another one that’s pasture raised carry goal they have the butter as well from Ireland I like this there are certain types times in the year that they do use a little bit of grain but for the most part they use agrestic cows I like to choose I feel really good on this cheese when I consume it okay and let’s see this is a product called true whip so it’s B natural no hydrogenated oils so okay we’re going to look at the sugars two grams per serving sides which is two teaspoons if you notice that mainly I look at sugars that’s like the main thing I’m looking at I will look at carbs as well and deduct the fiber to get the net carb if there’s some food that like I’m trying to look at but this one has zero fiber so let’s see what this with types of sugars they got the water tapioca syrup I don’t like tapioca syrup palm kernel oil I like that cane sugar units they’re adding a couple different sugars there tapioca starch soy yeah I don’t really like this the sugars are kind of low but still I would prefer a different type okay now this here is sunflower seed roasted it’s kind of like they they grind this down instead of peanut butter they have the sunflower seeds I do like this a lot just safflower oil peanut oil and sunflower seeds and salt I love it yeah this would be totally fine this would be great as a kind of a your fat yeah okay let’s see the pickles now the pickles a lot of times they put that hidden sugar so let’s let’s take a look cucumbers brine water distilled white vinegar salt garlic dill grape leaves this is perfect it has zero sugars a lot of these pickles have sugar but this one is totally fine yeah this would be really good to consume right here so I just wanted to kind of go through a couple labels just to give you an idea of what I look at when I read a label I constantly labels so make sure it’s very low sugars from organic wild-caught grass-fed pasture-raised that’s very important and and then also with the dairy just make sure if you’re going to do dairy make sure it’s organic okay so put your comments below

This Post Was All About Important Tips on Reading Labels.
Important Tips on Reading Labels

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