If Sugar is so Bad, then Why is Fruit so Healthy?

If Sugar is so Bad, then Why is Fruit so Healthy?

If Sugar is so Bad, then Why is Fruit so Healthy?

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recently had another question someone want to know if sugar so bad dr. Berg why is fruit so healthy okay well first of all I never said the fruit was so healthy okay and it’s not part of a healthy Kido plan that being said there’s some several things I want to tell you about the fruit that we consume now our hybrids which means that over the years they created these fruits to be sweeter and sweeter and sweeter Honey Crisp apple for example has 19 grams of sugar I mean take a look at a crabapple it doesn’t have 19 grams of sugar so we’re consuming more sugary fruits okay that’s one thing number two fruits should be seasonal okay if you’re consuming all year-round that’s not really natural some people also don’t differentiate between whole fruit and fruit juice they say they’re the same but they’re not the juice is not not only without the fiber but without the nutrients because they pasteurize it they heat it and that kills a lot of the enzymes allow the heat sensitive vitamins so now we have basically pure sugar okay versus this which has vitamins and minerals phytonutrients and fiber so it is true that these fruits have these nutrients okay which are protective against DNA damage against the complications of diseases like diabetes for example however fruit has a larger amount of a certain sugar called fructose okay fructose does not go to all the cells in the body like glucose does it only goes to the liver a hundred percent of it goes to the liver what does that mean it means that it’s not going to spike your blood sugar as much okay and if you consume fruit and check your blood sugars and you go wow it didn’t affect my blood Sugar’s it must be good what you’re missing is that all that fructose is going to liver and the liver has to deal with it if you do too much it could lead to insulin resistance which will raise insulin so if the liver has to deal with too much fructose it has to put it somewhere so it converts it to fat and cholesterol and triglycerides so my advice is be the percent of the population that has a problem with blood sugars and pre-diabetes I recommend that you stick with a small amount of berries and not do fruit I mean if you think about what is diabetes okay diabetes is high blood sugar so why would we want to add fruit to that that’s going to add more sugar to a condition that is already too high in sugar anyway thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video hey if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About If Sugar is so Bad, then Why is Fruit so Healthy?.
If Sugar is so Bad, then Why is Fruit so Healthy?

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Someone was asking the question, “If sugar is so bad, why is fruit so healthy?” There are a few things you really need to understand concerning this topic.

First off, are fruits healthy? I never actually said that fruit is so healthy. Having certain fruits on keto is not a great idea. In fact, fruits are not a part of a healthy keto plan.

The fruits we consume now are hybrids. They have been created over the years to be sweeter and sweeter. For example, a honeycrisp apple has 19g of sugar.

Fruits should be seasonal. Consuming them all year round is not natural.

Another thing to realize is that whole fruit and fruit juice are not the same. Fruit juice is basically pure sugar, where fruits do have certain nutrients.

Fruit does have good protective nutrients, but it also has a large amount of fructose (a type of sugar). 100% of fructose goes to the liver. Fructose won’t spike the blood sugar as much. However, your liver still has to deal with it. Sending too much fructose to the liver can lead to insulin resistance, which will raise insulin. The liver will also convert the fructose to fat, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

So, is fruit safe for diabetics? Well, think about this. If you have diabetes, eating fruit is like adding sugar to a condition that is already too high in sugar.

The ketogenic diet and fruits do not mix. If you’re wondering what to eat on keto instead, a small amount of berries are a better choice.

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