Identify Arsenic Poisoning Through Your Nails

Identify Arsenic Poisoning Through Your Nails

Identify Arsenic Poisoning Through Your Nails

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did you realize that you can identify arsenic poisoning through your nails arsenic which is a very potent carcinogen has affinity for keratin which happens to be in your nails so the presentation would be this transverse or horizontal whiteness or a band across your nails I realized that that’s just one indicator and unless you actually get tested you’re not going to know for sure but this is definitely one symptom so if you have this go get a check there’s other symptoms too that can relate to arsenic poisoning skin issues like a red rash or swelling warts abdominal pain nausea vomiting diarrhea muscle cramps headache peripheral neuropathies which is either a pain or tingling or burning on your feet or your your fingertips and this could also be caused by diabetes but arsenic poisoning is one of the causes now the important thing about arsenic is to differentiate between the two types of arsenic you have inorganic arsenic in organic arsenic now this word organic is a different definition than if you were to buy organic food okay organic food relates to food without pesticides or insecticides or even antibiotics when we’re talking about organic arsenic we’re talking about the arsenic that is naturally in the soil okay it’s a different type than the inorganic which is man-made organic arsenic is it is in the soils and it’s pretty much going to be in all vegetables to some degree however it doesn’t accumulate in the body like in organic and it’s a lot less toxic and your our bodies generally can deal with it much better but this is the problem right here inorganic arsenic now take awhile guess what country is the world’s leading user of arsenic since 1910 this is a hint right here it’s the u.s. of course so in America we use a tremendous amount of arsenic we’ve used 1.6 million tonnes of arsenic that’s a lot of poison put into our environment and that can come from many different sources pesticides insecticides they used to put it in fertilizers with the chicken byproducts I think they banned that in 2015 but don’t quote me they might just he’ll be using it then we have rice 70% of the arsenic that’s in our environment is from rice especially brown rice rice has grown in a very wet environment and apparently that environment or that condition allows the rice to poll this arsenic into the plant so if you’re consuming a lot of rice you could potentially have higher levels of arsenic but of course if you’re on the keto diet you know to worry about that and then fruit in fruit juice contributes to 18 percent of the arsenic exposure and of course if you’re on keto you’re not consuming fruit and definitely not for juices and then you have the vegetable family which is giving us about 24% of all the arsenic but realize that if the vegetable is organic and not grown with insecticides pesticides that type of arsenic is probably mostly organic so it’s a lot less toxic fish also has some arsenic or organic arsenic in very very small amounts and there’s a couple natural remedies that can also help detoxify arsenic the biggest one is alpha lipoic acid and then choline and then the B complex I would recommend getting the B complex from a natural source like nutritional yeast that’s unfortified or unenriched alright that’s a wrap and thanks so much for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About Identify Arsenic Poisoning Through Your Nails.
Identify Arsenic Poisoning Through Your Nails

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If you aren’t eating organic, you might be consuming too much arsenic.

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0:05 What is arsenic?
0:12 Identifying arsenic poisoning through your nails
0:30 Other symptoms of arsenic poisoning 
0:54 The two types of arsenic 
1:45 The World’s leading user of arsenic 
2:07 Sources of arsenic 
3:26 Natural remedies to detoxify arsenic 

In this video, we’re going to talk about arsenic. Did you know you could identify arsenic poisoning through your nails? 

What is arsenic?
Arsenic is a very potent carcinogen. 

Identifying arsenic poisoning through your nails:
You might notice a horizontal white band across your nails. 

Other symptoms of arsenic poisoning:

• Skin issues—redness, swelling 
• Warts 
• Abdominal pain 
• Nausea 
• Vomiting 
• Diarrhea 
• Muscle cramp
• Headaches 
• Peripheral neuropathy 

The two types of arsenic:

• Inorganic arsenic (man-made)
• Organic arsenic (naturally in the soil)

The World’s leading user of arsenic: 

• The United States  

Sources of arsenic:

• Pesticides
• Insecticides 
• Rice (especially brown rice)
• Fruit/fruit juice 
• Vegetables (if it’s organic it’s less toxic)
• Fish (has organic arsenic which is less toxic)

Natural remedies to detoxify arsenic:

• L-lipoic acid 
• Choline 
• B-complex (nutritional yeast)

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