I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

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you’re gonna see me in a different light a different way right now okay because it’s something that’s been on my mind and something that i absolutely need to address okay people see me they see me on youtube talking about keto talking about fasting talking about just whatever right but they see me in this authoritative scientific way and they see me in a certain production way well they forget that i am a human and that i have ups and downs and all my life i’ve been judged i’ve been judged by being too skinny then i was judged because i was fat then i was judged because i was muscular now i get judged because i have circles under my eyes and some people make comments about from a from a genuine sense and some people make hurtful comments whatever the case is it doesn’t change the fact that i am perceived in this just different way than a normal human now this is something that i signed up for with what i do and i understand that but i am also human and will also have ups and downs and i’m not here to play victim and talk about all the terrible things and hard things that are going on in my life but when i see comments consistently talking about circles under my eyes or how i can’t be trusted because i look unhealthy right now for crying out loud isn’t that what makes me a real human because i have a high-risk pregnancy wife at home that is on bed rest and because i have a toddler that for whatever reason isn’t sleeping really well and because well maybe i have to read comments about the dark circles under my eyes that make it so that i can’t go to sleep because i’m worried about having dark circles under my eyes maybe it’s because there’s a lot of pressure with feeding a large team because i try to create a lot of content because there’s a lot of demand and i understand i can back off at any time and that’s absolutely self-inflicted but seeing what people say and being judged in every aspect of my life is going to contribute to me not being able to sleep yes yes i am not sleeping well because i wake up in the middle of the night worried about not sleeping because if i show up on camera and i have a circle under my eye people say i’m unsubscribing because you look unhealthy because you’re you have circles in your eyes you look tired why are you so tired like i’m some superhuman and i’m saying this because i know i know out there that people that are on social media that have to live up to the expectation of being a celebrity without being an actual celebrity are feeling this too okay and then you wonder why women have to alter their photos and men too and why they do what they can to to change how they look in social media it’s a tough tough world and again it’s something that we signed up for but i encourage everyone to remember that we’re humans but we have to get treated or we have we’re seeing like we’re celebrities but we’re not we don’t get the benefits of being celebrities we don’t get the huge paychecks we don’t get the hair and makeup yeah you know the reason i look the way i do on my videos sometimes is because i don’t use makeup and if i’m gonna have a circle under my eye and if i’m tired it’s going to happen but also my goals have changed people look at me and they say oh you’ve lost 10 pounds of muscle and yes you can see it in my face but are you going to judge me over that really i mean i don’t just i know there’s a lot of people that i hit that people just like they love the content they appreciate it and they really sincerely do but there’s a lot of people that just spit the hate but more than the hate it’s the subconscious just judgment that is happening you realize that this is exactly why i was overweight in the first place was because of just the the judgment that was constantly happening yes it would be easy to become an anorexic person if you’re overweight and people judge you yes it would be and people if i gain an ounce of fat i hear about it oh his face doesn’t look as lean oh his arms i don’t see the vein in his arms anymore he must be off of the gear or what really so my goals have changed in the sense that i have a family now i want to be able to roll around on the ground with my son and my daughter i want to be able to play with my family i want to be able to go to the park and not have my back hurt because i’m carrying a bunch of muscle i want to be what i want to be for my goals and if you don’t want to come along with me and you don’t want to see the research that i put out to help people you don’t have to the unsubscribe button is right there the thing is is every video that i put out is not a testament to what i do in my life the videos that i put out are there to help people and i mentioned this today on a podcast i like to help people and i like to help every person that i can whether they are keto vegan carnivore i don’t care because i don’t think that way i have my ideas on what might work at a given point in time and i get frustrated when people reign on something that is good research without truly backing it up the truth is is i might put content out there that speaks to a vegan community one day because i want to help them because i see the research and i can translate it well guess what i end up hearing on that i hear that oh he must have gone vegan because he’s got circles under his eyes it never stops now i know what you’re thinking don’t listen to the haters okay and i don’t but i still see it and i still hear it even though i don’t listen to it okay and anyone anyone that is human is going to be affected by that if it’s consistently in your life you’re going to be affected by it so something needs to change because i have never and i honest to god have never said this before but i’ve never been closer to wanting to just shut this down because right now the negativity in the world is so high that it’s impossible to combat it now i’m not going to throw in the towel there’s just a point in saying like i’ve never felt this way as much as i have right now trying to overcome so much negativity and so much judgment is exhausting it is so draining now again this isn’t about playing victim this is about being real and it’s about talking about my history and my past and you know what i am tired i am tired and yes i do have wrinkles because i’m a real human and i also abused the heck out of my body for years remember i was an unhealthy person i’m trying to make sure that i don’t ever go back those routes so yes i have wrinkles yes i have circles under my eyes and sometimes they will come and sometimes they will go and sometimes i’ll sleep and sometimes i won’t okay but i’m also committed to feeding my family committed to taking care of my team and committed to my passion which is putting the research out there so sometimes i’ll have circles under my eyes but it doesn’t mean that i’m on drugs it doesn’t mean that i’m starving it means that maybe i lost a couple pounds and i look a little bit different or maybe the day that i filmed the video which by the way i filmed them in bulk batches so sometimes i’ll film seven or eight videos in one day and it happens to fall on a day where tommy didn’t want to sleep so suddenly those videos that go out over the course of weeks mean i look terrible for weeks okay there is a level of production that goes into these things and if i were to shoot a video every single day then i would have some serious circles under my eyes so when i bat shoot content and the night before content is shot i don’t sleep well it’s going to reflect in my face if you sleep four hours tonight tell me that you’re going to look beautiful and shiny tomorrow it’s not the fasting it’s not it’s life and yes it’s okay to be tired and it’s okay to be stressed but you also have to understand that everyone around you is going to be experiencing that too thank you for listening thanks for letting me be real 

This Post Was All About I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc).
I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Before I Decide Not to Post this video… it’s time to be honest and raw with a few things. I’m doing this so that I DO NOT shut this channel down.

I’ve spent my entire life being judged, and it’s helped me to grow into what I am today. I would never change a thing.

But I feel that it’s time that awareness is made of what goes into creating content and being a personal brand. It’s something that we sign up for when we do what we do, but it’s not a one size fits all approach.

We’re held to standards that are entirely impossible to uphold. If I’m seen enjoying a meal with my family, I can be ridiculed and called a liar because what I eat doesn’t line up with ONE OF MY VIDEOS.

I’ve received all kinds of threats to my life, my family, and daily threats to my character, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from doing what I do…. Because I enjoy doing it and I know it is MY PATH.

I have the guts to be vulnerable. To show when something irks me or truly cuts me deep. I do this because this Is not the 1800’s where it’s cool to suck it up and be a tough guy. To me, showing transparency is the opposite of weakness.

I hope that this can help people get through rough times and understand that even those that seem so powerful around them are human too.

Thomas DeLauer is not a machine. I am
A human. A human with a family that I love and with a history of my own. I’m not some A List celebrity that gets a fat paycheck and a security guard.

I’m a self made authority that uses his own funds from his previous day jobs to make this all a reality and to help people. It often bites me in the behind, but when it all comes down to it, I know the world needs this.

So yes, I will be tired sometimes. Yes, I will look like I just woke up from underneath a pontoon boat in lake Havasu sometimes. Yes, I will even get sick sometimes. It doesn’t mean I am unhealthy. If anything, it means the opposite. It means you’re seeing a REAL Thomas DeLauer. Not some fabricated, polished, hair-and-makeup phony.

So like me for my wrinkles, my dark circles, my sometimes dehydrated face or not, but stick around for the content, because that’s what I’m here to deliver.

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I Need to Vent! Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

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