I Have Low Testosterone… What Happens Next?

I Have Low Testosterone… What Happens Next?

I Have Low Testosterone… What Happens Next?

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More specifically, you want help with I Have Low Testosterone… What Happens Next??

This Post Was All About I Have Low Testosterone… What Happens Next?.
I Have Low Testosterone... What Happens Next?

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Last month, I was feeling under the weather so I went to see my doctor to get some routine testing done, and decided to turn my results into a video to share with all of you. As it turned out, my testosterone levels were in the lower range, sparking some concern from people. One such person, Derek, who has one of the leading YouTube channels when it comes to hormonal health, More Plates More Dates, created a video dissecting my results and made some very good points regarding certain biomarkers, particularly my testosterone levels. So the day after he made his video, I headed to get a more thorough test done to look at even more biomarkers, such as luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, to see what was really going on. So today we’re going to cover my NEW lab results and Derek will be joining us to give his opinion on what my next steps should be! Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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