I Eat MAYONNAISE Every Day – High FAT Superfood with Super Benefits

I Eat MAYONNAISE Every Day – High FAT Superfood with Super Benefits

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fun fact I actually got asked to no longer take the little mayonnaise packets from the deli section at Target because I would just go in there and just eat mayonnaise okay now this was before I knew any better that commercial mayonnaise was full of soybean oil but my point here is that 910 years ago when I was starting the ketogenic diet I was eating lots of mayonnaise I really was and I’ve lost you know 100 pounds eating lots of mayonnaise now of course I know better and I know the kinds of mayonnaise to eat but my point in doing this video is to say that I still eat mayonnaise just about every single day and I strongly consider mayonnaise a health food what’s funny is that when you look at the purchase habits of Millennials Millennials are buying twice as much mayonnaise as older populations it’s kind of funny because what that tells us is that the Millennials see that fats are not bad right but the older populations are kind of stuck in the way of hey fats are still bad so they don’t buy mayonnaise it’s kind of funny okay right because if twice as much mayonnaise being bought by younger populations now the R Mart group has estimated that mayonnaise is going to be at a value of thirteen point two billion dollars by 2024 that’s a four point one percent increase from 2019 to 2024 people are on the mayonnaise train and we have to get rid of this stigma that mayonnaise is bad mayonnaise is bad if you’re consuming a lot of the soybean oil mayonnaise and the low-quality mayonnaise that’s out there but mayonnaise is just a few simple ingredients I’m gonna break them down really simply okay we got egg yolks we’ve got oil which largely should be avocado or olive oil we’ve got vinegar and we’ve got some lemon and maybe some other spices salt whatever you want to put in there so I’ll break it down really simply as to why mayonnaise is such a health food I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications too all right egg yolks the first thing ed yolks are great because we’re not utilizing the part of the egg that is potentially inflammatory here’s my issue with eggs usually the white is great because it’s high in protein but the hard part is the white just carries a lot of the immunoglobulins and the sort of antibody effect for the growing chicken should those antibodies and should those immunoglobulins be transferred into us as humans and that’s questionable and that’s why sometimes people have an inflammatory reaction with eggs it’s not because the yolk it’s usually the white so when we’re taking the best part of the egg just the straight-up yolk then heck yeah we’re getting the good fats without all the potential negative side effects but we’re also getting the biotin and we’re also getting the choline which I am a big fan of so choline is a precursor to acetylcholine so it reacts with acetyl coenzyme a which therefore ultimately creates acetylcholine now acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that prompts synaptogenesis within the brain which is a simple way of saying basically it helps the brain communicate help cells communicate there are a lot of studies that show that when people are deficient in acetylcholine they don’t make the same connection with their brain in their muscles they don’t perform as well so for me being an athlete I really like it I really like feeling like my brain is connected with my body quite a bit more now of course we also have to look at the equation with vitamin D okay we can go on and on and on and on and talk about vitamin D but I think the biggest piece here is the immune system you see our t-cells which have an effect within the immune system of course they are our immune system have vitamin D receptors on them and when they notice a threat within the body they send out a signal to vitamin D and if there’s no vitamin D on hand they don’t actually attack the foreign invader so they send out this signal arm to vitamin D vitamin D activates the t-cell and then it neutralizes the threat so basically it leaves our body will help potentially victim to all kinds of threats that are coming in if then we look at selenium and I know I’m rattling on and on and on about egg yolks are probably getting bored selenium is cool stuff all right selenium is very critical for glutathione ins that glutathione is 100% dependent on selenium to actually become functional within the body glutathione is our body’s inherent master antioxidant it is our body’s built-in ability to neutralize oxidative threats okay so we need it straight-up it’s a powerful antioxidant and it does not get activated unless we have selenium and quite frankly you’re probably not getting a lot of selenium in the diet if you’re doing a keto diet you’re not eating your veggies and not eating your Brazil nuts so anyway it’s just something to note now the fun one that we really need to talk about olive oil avocado oil should be the oil within your Mayo if it’s soybean oil or anything like that I do not recommend that you go for it but there’s a lot of olive oil and avocado oil mayonnaises that are out there now okay like primal kitchen all kinds of these Whole Foods brands there’s a lot of different ones here’s the thing healthy monounsaturated fat that sure is linked to higher HDL levels lower LDL cholesterol levels that’s all great but the big cool benefit that I want to talk about is the oleic acid that’s in it oleic acid converts into something very cool within the body via an enzymatic pathway it converts into something known as foley aleph-null Emine okay now Oh Lilith nylon mine activates what is called PPAR now this is all just jargon and I’m not trying to just sound smart I’m just paraphrasing here basically what it does is it activates uncoupling proteins in the body that dissipate calories as body heat so uncoupling proteins take calories that you take in and dissipate them as heat so literally could be helping you get your core body temperature up which could inadvertently help you burn more fat clearly a good thing not a bad thing but additionally if you’ve ever had olive oil or avocado you know that you feel very calm afterwards if you actually are in tune with your body and there’s a strong reason for that because the oleic acid in the oil and a phthalimide bind to what are called trpv1 receptors which therefore release oxytocin which is known as the cuddle hormone if you’ve ever hugged someone and you know that feeling of just relaxation you get that’s oxytocin and oxytocin has a cortisol blunting effect which means it helps calm you down so really cool stuff by the way if you want to try some of these really good healthy mayonnaises I did put a link below down to thrive market okay the rive market has all kinds of different mayonnaise that you can try and I’ve created keto and fasting bundles so if you’re doing a low carb diet I have a specific grocery bundle work I put my groceries together in a given box and that makes it really easy for people to watch my videos the hop on over to thrive and try the things that Thomas de Lauer would recommend so they help this channel out a lot they provide my viewers and provide my audience with all kinds of great deals so I do want to make sure that you check them out down below in the description if you want to try some of these cool mayonnaises that I’m talking about so after you watch the rest of this video though okay additionally we need to talk about acetic acid for a second now there’s not a lot of vinegar in mayonnaise but my point in doing this video is to break down one by one what mayonnaise actually is and I want you to be able to tell me okay based on what I’m telling you does this really look like a bad food is mayonnaise really unhealthy because when you actually break it down ingredient by ingredient by ingredient individually these things are pretty darn good for you so vinegar largely acetic acid is very good at helping our energy sensors within the body known as AMPK AMPK is the energy sensor so when we are devoid of calories and we don’t have good energy coming in AMPK elevates in the liver and the muscles and things like that to say uh-oh we don’t have enough fuel coming in so we need to make sure that we’re utilizing fuel from our body instead of fuel that’s not coming in right so this is a really powerful mechanism within the body but we need certain foods to help up regulate AMPK and it just so happens that AMPK gets activated or elevated by acetic acid which means that it helps the energy sensors within our body so if you’re doing keto and you’re trying to encourage your body to burn its own stores of fat vinegar might be a really powerful way to do that but in addition to that it down regulates ampk within the brain so if ampk is upregulated within the brain if it’s advanced in the brain it actually makes us hungry but if it’s suppressed in the brain and elevated in the liver it makes us satiated at the brain level but hungry at the body level that’s exactly what we want right we want our body to be hungry so it’s eating its own fat but we want our brain to be perfectly satisfied that’s the benefit of vinegar and that’s why I’m always talking about apple cider vinegar and this and that and yadda-yadda going on and on and on so you break down all these ingredients you’ve got some pretty good stuff and that my friends is why I get kicked out of Target when I go to the jelly section and steal a pack of the mayonnaise so continue to eat your mayonnaise it is a health food and for once I think the Millennials have it right alright I will see you in the next video and thank you very much for watching 

This Post Was All About I Eat MAYONNAISE Every Day – High FAT Superfood with Super Benefits.
I Eat MAYONNAISE Every Day - High FAT Superfood with Super Benefits

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I Eat MAYONNAISE Every Day – High FAT Superfood with Super Benefits – Thomas DeLauer

I lost 100lbs eating LOTS of mayonnaise, which people generally think is a no-no as mayo gets a bad rap. In reality, I ate packets upon packets of commercial mayonnaise during my weight loss journey (before i realized what was in it, of course). Still… to this day… I eat mayo every day! Why? Because the right type of mayo, made with the correct ingredients, can be VERY healthy for you. Let’s dive into the science and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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